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Ross skips out on postgame locker room -- again

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano or general manager Jeff Ireland or both have a problem -- and it has nothing to do with what you think.

It doesn't have to do with the fact quarterback Chad Henne is inconsistent and both are tied to Henne as the franchise QB. It has nothing to do with the fact no one in Miami's defensive backfield can be trusted to catch a potential interception delivered directly to the hands. It also has nothing to do with the fact the running game, around which the offense is supposed to be built, has been absent the entire season.

Those problem pale for Miami's top football men compared to this: Owner Stephen Ross is clearly not happy.

And Ross makes the final call on both Sparano's and Ireland's job status.

Ross was at Sunday's 13-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns at Sun Life Stadium. But when the Dolphins lost, he made himself scarce. Unlike other games in which Ross goes from his suite to the team's locker room, Ross skipped the trip on Sunday.

And it was at least the second home loss after which Ross skipped joining his team in the locker room after the game. He wasn't there after the shutout loss to Chicago Nov. 18. So that's two consecutive games after which Ross does not go see his team.

This, by the way, may not seem significant to you. But how the owner's feels about his team is something the football people must be keenly monitoring if they want to enjoy some sort of job security. And it is clear those absences are a sign of disapproval.

It doesn't end there.

Ross is clearly not happy with Miami's 1-5 home record. That record is terrible for any team, but particularly frustrating for a team that has managed a 5-1 record on the road. Clearly, if a team can win on the road, it should be able to manage some wins at home as well. If that isn't happening, it suggest they are under-achieving at home. Certainly, Sunday's loss to the previously 4-7 Cleveland Browns suggests that.

And that is bad because Ross wants his home games to be fun and entertaining and an event. He has spent many resources -- celebrities, concerts, noise, etc ... -- on making home games a bigtime experience.

The problem is all the appetizer and side dish stuff loses its meaning when the main course, the actual football team, is not palatable on its home turf. What's more, the Dolphins are not only seldom successful at home this year, they are boring in the process.

The Dolphins are averaging 16.3 points per game at home this year. They are averaging 19.5 points on the road.

That is not good. And it is especially not good when the owner is so keen on entertainment and showtime and offering people a compelling reason to attend games.

That leads me to the next issue: The Dolphins have two more home games at Sun Life Stadium this season. Never mind whether they win or lose those games against Buffalo (Dec. 19) and Detroit (Dec. 26).

The fact is neither one of those games is sold out at this time. The fact is, barring some unexpected series of events, neither of those games is likely to sell out in time to avert the local television blackout.

That sets a bad tone, folks. Home games that are not sold out make the owner (more) unhappy.

And that is increasingly an issue for folks like Sparano and Ireland.

[I'll be discussing this very topic on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, today from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. I'm sure the other local morning hosts that read this blog for material will pick up on this, but I would encourage you to listen to me directly so I can share other tidbits on this topic with you. Armando and the Amigo is on 640 Sports in South Florida.]


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Craig - as LaPhinsfan mentioned. Josh had Brady, without Brady he sucked. We really don't know how good Josh is. I say he is too young and inexperienced to take a chance on. Youth is good, wisdom is better.


Nolan may be able to coexist with McDaniels but I highly doubt Marshall will. The first time Marshall cries about not having the ball thrown to him its on between he and McDaniels.

Ross may have to first promise to trade Marshall yet again. There would be a lot of mixed feelings about that in Dolphins land.


Belichek doesnt have to worry about being to tightlipped in his interviews. He such a boring interview the reporter want to let him go as soon as possible.

Ross has absolutely no reason to complain. HE GAVE AWAY THE HOME FIELD ADAVANTAGE. The Dolphins used to dominate home games in September because other teams would wilt in the hot weather. This moron asks the league not to give the Dolphins any hot weather home games.

In a league where teams have to fight for the smallest edges, the Dolphins' idiot owner gives away a legitimate Dolphins advantage just so his old lady friends won't be too hot at the game.

What a hypocryte! He gives away the home field advantage and then complains when the team doesn't win home games.

Please sell the team, Ross!


I'm not sure you can Josh sucked without Brady. He certainly sucked as a head coach but we're not asking him to be a head coach. Take a look at Kyle Orton's numbers this year and tell me he hasn't helped him. Also, don't forget Matt Cassel had a pretty great season with McDaniels as his OC when Brady went down for the seson. Of course Brady is incredible but I think McDaniels deserves some credit too. He was highly thought off as an offensive mind in the game before this debacle in Denver.


Sparano could be done with his interviews sooner. He just takes 5 minute to say absolutely nothing on each question asked.

How would you like to be lost and Sparano was the only one around to give you directions buddy?

And DB,

Isn't that EXACTLY the problem with having Marshall on this team. The guy thinks of himself first and the team second. I don't care how talented the guy is, that not a guy you want as the leader of your team.



Dont really like discussing Marshall. If this blog is any measure then about 50% of fans love Marshall and 50% hate him. There seems to be no inbetween when it comes to Brandon Marshall by Miami fans.

But I'm personally indifferent to him. I can take him or leave him.

That Team was flat. I wonder why?

That Team was flat. I wonder why?

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 07, 2010 at 12:17 AM

I figured it out.
That's what oscar Mayer Wieners do to you.

Mike: (@ 12:03 AM)

You're Right
...and Its not just that...







Football Fans go to
Football Stadiums
to watch FOOTBALL!!

The OWNER has no one to blame but HIMSELF !!!!

As much as I hate seeing the pats win, I love seeing the wets lose!

I don't think any of sancheezebags INT's were tipped. straight horrible throws.

I think they should cut him and let Brunnel or some rookie take over.

What's that? Oh, Santonio and Braylon bail him out and make him look good. I see, and Tomlinson too? You don't say. Huh? No way, his center is a pro bowler too.



To answer your question, NO, I'm not as dumb as I sounded.

I was just trying to make sure you could understand it.

No need to thank me, I work with the handicapped on a daily basis.

For at least two of the last 4 games I'd like to see Clemons get work at Strong safety and Jones at Free safety.

I would also figure out a way to have wallace and Moore on the active roster for the rest of the season.

Jake long should've been put on IR immeadiately following Sundays debacle.

Of course the dolts running this team are still letting Grandpa Henning call plays. They probably won't do any of the above.

LOL @ "Grandpa Henning"

I know what you mean Yazzi.

I laugh at Grandpa Henning all the time.

Well, I do when I'm not crying.

Ross shouldnt be happy and i would be pissed as he!! if i had a stake in this team right now, at least something good is coming from this debacle, Hennings gone, we all are pretty safe to say that, however if i was sparano, i might want to update by offensive line coach resume cuz if there is no football next year, there may be no head coaching job for him in 2012. Henne better start calling his agent as well cuz with sparano goes henne's career in miami. Glad the fans dont buy the tickets and i hope to god the games get blacked out becuase we havent had anything to cheer about in a long, long, long, LONG time!!!!! Except for wee york getting wasted tonight, that was fun to see!!!!*lmao*

Dang it!
Where is that Justin Beiber loving Mark Sanchez?
When I find him he better be bent over and ready to go.
I'm going to do to him what the Patriots did to me.

Here I am Rexy - in the ladies' room.

Of course i would take a 45-3 loss and be 9-3 right now as oppossed to 6-6 and no hope left.....just sayin!!!!

Oh there you are Marky.
Okay - let me get my Rob Ryan wig.
We can be lesbians lovers.
That's what the Patriots have made of us.

Rexy - who gets on top?

Doesn't matter - just let the estrogen take over.

Parcells made his biggest mistake in Miami right of the bat. Whether or not Henning was intended to be a temporary stop gap or not, biggest mistake.

His second biggest mistake was drafting a QB to run Henning decrepid offense. Pennington was a good move because everyone already knew his skillset and it fit with Hennings philosophy. But to draft a kid with an entirely different skillset and try to "force-fit" him into Hennings offense, clossal mistake.

A great example of the point I'm trying to make is Don Shula. Philisophically he was known as a smash mouth, 3 yards and a cloud of dust type of coach.

When he drafted Marino and realized the strengths of his skillset, he had enough brains and football knowledge to not try and force a square peg in a round hole. He adapted and did his best to surround Marino with the right tools.

I'm not trying to compare Henne to Marino. there's obviously no comparison. The point is, if you draft a guy expecting him to be your franchise QB, you have to build your team to suit his strengths.

Hennings senility, ineptness and most of all his ego has left him inflexible at this state of his career. He's incapable of adjusting his philosophy to fit the talent available to him.

Even if you're not a Henne fan and regardless of whether or not he's the answer, the one indisputable fact is, Hennings was and currently is, Parcells biggest mistake since taking over the Miami Dolphins.

Thanks Bill, it's a real tough job improving a 1-15 team(sarcasm). Thanks for bailing on us before the job was half done. Most of all, thanks for getting us an offensive coordinator thats to senile to be a greeter at Walmart.

Bill Parcells, you're no Don Shula by any stretch of the imagination!!!!

well guys i think we see how far are dolphins are away from being an NFL elite team on par with New England. Here is a Pats team that is supposidly rebuilding?. What a rebuild when you can be 10-2 and looking like the class of the AFC.

Matching talent for talent against the pats, i think the dolphins beat them in most areas except the biggest area, that being quarterback. This guy just has IT. Not the fastest or strongest armed guy in the league, but ive never seen anyone smarter in disecting a defense and exploiting their weaknesses.

Never gave Brady the type of credit he deserves, but this season with guys like woodhead and ben jarvis green ellis and whoever else, this guy doesnt miss a beat.

Im hoping Henne can be half of what Brady is, but im not hopeful that will occur. Miami needs to cut this passive draft nature and make the trade up to get a luck or mallet. Cmon Ireland, Sparano and Ross. Make that aggressive move that gets us that next franchise QB we can ride to success for 10-15 yrs.


Anyone would rather be 9-3 instead of 6-6.

The fact is, we didn't get blown out like the wets did tonight. Not only that, the wets squeaked out the three more wins than we have in overtime against weak opponents.

Even with the special teams implosion, New England didn't spank our arses like they did the wets.

Other than a lot of luck and some bad officiating the wets aren't any better than us. That Cleveland team that WE LOST TO put a BEAT DOWN on the New England team that totally embarrassed Rexys wetsies tonight!

Just saying...........................

Ross should sit down and confer with the Williams sisters, Jimmy Buffet, Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony, and figure out how to get this team turned around.

Great Idea goheat.

They can get Parcells in on a conference call, but only as a CONSULTANT this time.

Then when they get us turned around, Bill can bend us over and F_CK US AGAIN!!!!

The owner is a joke the Stadium is a bigger joke. Bring in some real FB people get the sevice captins who use cell phones and do not do a dam thing the hell out of there. Anyone who spents $$$$ on these fools are nuts. Spent your $$ at the Heat or if you want to see some good football and a good run Stadium drive over to Tampa Bay to see the Bucs.

Ross sell the team back to a real owner Mr H.


Honestly, this is the most boring team I have watched in a while. I don't even like this team! Im hoping for a player strike next year... that way we can all start fresh. The ghost of Joe Robbie lives on!

I'm in total agreement w/DC Dolfan. I grew up in Miami, went to games from 9 yrs. old-college..best games and years were in the Grand Dame herself the Orange Bowl. THAT'S the kind of team and fans we need. Live in NJ now and the Jets and Giants fans show up to every game no matter what the weather-This is lacking in S. Fla. Fans showed up when they played in the O.Bowl so weather didn't keep them from attending games then. The Dolphins need a new coach to put a little a lot of fear..you want to play in the NFL, you have to show me and the fans why we should give your the priviledge! You make big bucks so show us all you deserve it! I'm convinced our O.C. is an idiot and has plays as old as I am-those plays are NOT for today's NFL player. I liked Sparano but if he's not able to get these players spiked up, sorry, your time is up. One thing about N.E., those players have TOTAL confidence that their head coach and coaches will have the plays that will be successful--that may be what's missing here also...confidence in the coaches.

I have always thought Henne was a good quarterback but not a great quaterback that can get you to the super bowl. He does not have the fire and desire to win it all.
Just look at Tom Brady butting heads with his linemen and Big Ben playing with a broken nose. They both have the drive and desire to want to win. Henne just acts like it is no big deal to throw 3 interceptions. Look how Peyton reacted to throwing those interceptions against Dallas. Bottom line Dolphins need a quarterback that is not afraid to get in other guys faces when the team is not playing well, a.k.a like Marino.

Ross wants a SUPA bowel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aaaaaaaaaaght! I guess he's really impatient.
The doofins have some good pieces, they need a few more good drafts

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