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Preparation for Lions Wednesday: The highlights

Another day, another dollar for the Dolphins.

Here are some highlights of what is happening:

ILB Karlos Dansby (toe) missed practice today. Coach Tony Sparano said he simply wanted to rest the player.

Quarterback Chad Henne, he of the 14 TDs and 16 INTs, apparently has a pretty good grasp on his 2010 production so far.

"It's been up and down," Henne said. "Tough road. But at times I felt I've improved on a lot of things from last year -- some decison-making. But there is some good improvement I feel I've made and some strides. But there's stuff I have to work on and I'll evaluated in the offseason."

Henne offered somewhat of a better explanation why he didn't agree with Brandon Marshall when the receiver apologized to his defensive teammates after Sunday's 17-14 loss to Buffalo.

"I just keep relating back that you win or lose as a team," he said. "Obviously, offensively we could have done things better and scored more points and executed better. We're disappointed we didn't score more points and didn't execute, but apologies to our teammates ... I guess I don't know if I'd let a defensive player come in here and say something. I wouldn't accept that. I just think we win or lose as a team."

I believe Henne means he would not require or want an apology from a defensive player if, at some point, the defense played poorly and the offense carried the team.

In case you're wondering, Henne is expected to be the starter for Miami the last two games of the season, barring an unforeseen situation. Sparano is apparently thinking he wants to give Henne more chances to improve.

"I think you to continue and develop Chad," Sparano said. "We'll see where we are in these football games. If there's a point maybe you might be able to do something like that, you think about it. But right now we want to continue to develop Chad."

Speaking of the running game ...

Sparano was asked today what he believes is the biggest problem with the disappointing Miami running game.

Second-level blocking," he said. "I think we've been able to block them good through the first level. I don't think we've done a good enough job blocking linebackers ... I think the second-level blocking is where to me is where we've had the biggest struggles."

Sparano says the Dolphins haven't suffered minus runs to any worrisome degree. He cited some statistic that claims the Dolphins have had the third-fewest negative plays in the NFL. I have not seen any such stats. But it's getting past the defensive linemen that Sparano says Miami has problems.

"It's the difference between a 3 yard run and a 7 yard run," he said.

Of course, that says nothing for the third-level blocking that turns 7 yard runs into 57 yard runs. Haven't seen enough of those this year, either.

The longest run by Ronnie Brown this year is 51 yards. His next longest run is 17 yards. The longest run by Ricky Williams is 45 yards. His next longest run is 23 yards.