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Rex Ryan: Dolphins offense loaded

I had to go pick myself off the floor before I could get around to posting this so please forgive the delay. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan was just on a conference call with the South Florida media and he was routinely interesting. The guy simply has a compelling way of grabbing and keeping one's attention.

But ...

Sometimes Ryan shoots past the the line separating saying things that are interesting and saying things that are just crazy. He was clearly in crazy territory today when he called the Dolphins offense "outstanding" and "loaded."

"The Miami offense is far from being poor," Ryan said. "That's an outstanding offense. You have two great running backs, a young quarterback that always plays great against us, for some reason. I was hoping they'd bench him for our game. To be honest with you, you have the big wide out, Brandon Marshall.

"This is a team that's loaded."


To be real with you, please understand the Dolphins are ranked No. 29 in the NFL in points per game. Some fans and media (me included) believe offensive coordinator Dan Henning is not doing a good job. And quarterback Chad Henne was benched earlier this season, if only for three plays.

And Ryan expects us to believe he believes they're good? C'mon, man!

If Ryan truly believes the Dolphins offense is loaded then he must think the coaching staff is doing a terrible job with that talent because the results have been poor. Ryan doesn't thinnk Miami is terribly coached. He said as much.

So, he was just blowing smoke, right? 

To his credit, Ryan turned off his coachspeak filter later in the session when he was talking about his own defense. In fact, he was extremely hard on his No. 8-ranked defense.

"We have to play better, there's no question about that," Ryan said. "We have to tackle better. We're not making any plays. We're not getting any interceptions. We're just out there. It doesn't seem like we've been as successful. I think we're eighth in th league in defense which is poor for our standards. We have to get it going better. Our communication hasn't been great ..."

 So it sounds like the Miami offense is poised to pummel the Jets defense, right coach?

"... this is a big challenge this week," Ryan said, "but I think our guys will respond, I really do."


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@ Derek from the last blog..

My writing style must suck because in no means did I mean to attack you...I was just clarifying my postion...

As for Mcnabb being a stop-gap...i agree 100%....thats what I think we need him to be....next year I would let Henne learn from him and be the back-up (henne)....and the following year I would draft that QB to either push Henne to be the starter we need, or replace him.....thats what I would do....

and as far as woulda, coulda, shouda's I would have drafted Legarret Blunt....he went in the 4th round...after we picked...I never understood that.....he Ronnie Brown only younger.

Posted by: Kris | December 08, 2010 at 12:04

Dear Mr. Salguero

Two offenses postering to who will suck the least.

He's simply not giving Miami any bulletin board material. He's been humbled by the Pats.

It's being reported that Hartline and Al Harris are out for the year.

Dear Mr. Salguero

My Holiday wish

I would like to see Mr. Ross run the Dolphins like Donald Trump does The Apprentiss.

It would be awsome sitting there watching Mr. Ross belittle Dan Henning then say...your FIRED.

My early guess is Coach Nolen with be season one winner which will give him another season to go along with a new cast of coaches and G.M.s.

It would also be cool if Mr. Ross could wear a really bad toupe piece just like the Donald.

It my not be a traditional way to run an NFL team but you can't argue with Trumps success.

Soiled :)


It's actually easy to "get"...every time Ryan talks too much trash the jets get whooped and score below 10 points...when he says stuff like he did about us..well you see their record. What I said here "is for the most part", I'm not saying there is science behind this or that it is exact...

Mark in Toronto,

From the last blog.....I fogot about Hernadez....So far He trumps Blount....but Blount is speed and power...just like this FO wants....he was a projected 1st round until he sucker punched a player from an opposing team after a loss....Charater flaw...and you KNOW we can't have that on this team

Well, he's KINDA right. We do have plenty of weapons. (Not sure about Henne)

There is a disconnect somewhere


Read between the lines. He never said specifically that Dan Henning was doing a great job. The entire league know this. There is good talent on this offense. Rex didnt lie about that. He may feel a better OC would get more out of it.

Kris, either would've been nice editions. The Edds pick confused me since we had such a need at TE and we needed depth at RB more than depth at ILB at that point. I guess Ireland wanted an excuse to cut Crowder too.

our running back are far from great. I don't know which is the greater priority in the draft, QB or RB.

al harris? he's done. Hartline it hurts, however no harm's done since we are out of the picture. With bess, hartline and marshall miami could have one of the best wr corps in the nfl. We have to draft newton.

A DC could get more out of our offense!

Marc, I can see his point re: Henne - he has done his part when facing the Jets. Played 2 excellent games and managed another pretty well.

Still before the Pats game Rex said he feels the Jets were the better team. Hmm....What a difference a 45-3 score later makes!

Rex's Farts make more noise then he does.

Good thing is Ryan's right, for whatever reason, Henne has played well against the Jets. Bad thing is, Sanchez has played well against us too! Another defensive battle. Hope Nolan's throwing passes for his guys to catch ALL WEEK!!!

Rex is right...we have talent on offense.
Coaching on the other hand is something to be desired.
Maybe we'll be suprised this weekend?
One thing to consider is a big storm is forecasted to hit the northeast Sunday afternoon into Monday morning.

I think Rex Ryan just proved he knows nothing with that comment. Well, we all kind of knew that but, this was the icing on the cake.

I really Hope Marshall plays this week or else we're going up against 2 really good DB's with Bess, Moore & Wallace......OUCH!!!

Reports on the SS suggest Jerry is now being moved to RT (experiment or necessity) cause Carey is gimpy. Boy fella's, this one might be over before it even starts LOL


Ronnie Brown can be a great back whenever he decides to come out of the alcohol induced brain coma. Otherwise he runs the way he was arrested for driving in GA. Like he's under the influence in a bad way. Ricky still shows occassional greatness and can strike at any moment.

McNabb??? Are people drinking early today? Two of the more successful coaches in the league, Reid and Shanahan are no longer high on him, he is well past his prime, and he is the guy that is going to come in and HELP this offense? Mind boggling any one would think so.

And the reason we don't have 2 great backs?... because without a qb no one can run, ask Chris Johnson this year. Ronnie and Ricky would be great with an average.

Out of the 31 teams in the NFL, how many qbs would you rather have than Henne?... considering browns have 2 (mccoy-delhomme), titans (collins-young), raiders (campbell - gostkowski), 49ers (the smiths, jaja wish they were as good), panthers (clausen, moore), lions (sttaford , hill).

That makes: 37 QBS.


How much would any of you would prefer???

Please tell me I'm not alone.

you are lord...sorry cam is not the answer.

Methinks that Big Rex is having to eat some humble pie this week. I don't believe we are loaded in the least bit. We're dysfunctional! It starts with the OC and Head Coach. Let's give them an F and a D, respectively. Our running backs are over-rated. We have a TE who shows up for one game and then disappears for long stretches. Let's call him average at best. Then we have a diva WR, who game in with lots of gusto and energy and has sulked for the past 4-5 games, while the team has struggled and his production has fallen off. We have a couple of guys in Hartline and Bess who give it a good effort every week but at the end of the day, again are just above-average. A young QB, who is afraid to make mistakes and gets roasted by the fans and coaches everytime he sneezes incorrectly and lastly an offensive line, who with a few exceptions, are nothing but OFFENSIVE.

By the way...if you want to look at one of the key differences between us and the Pats, the Pats offensive line have played together for 5-6 years. Look it up! Us?....it's a revolving door, every few weeks. For a coach, who worked as an offensive line coach and a GM who is supposed to be on the ball, these two guys should be ROASTED for that!

McNabb is too expensive an option for a guy in his only SB experience chucked his pregame meal at the most crucial time of the entire game. I'll pass!

Lord, I think you're off your rocker. Ronnie & Ricky would be great if they had a QB? How about an offensive line that could run block instead?

Ricky WAS great once. Ronnie was never great & never will be great. He is what he is, an average to above average Rb with a history of injuries.

YEAH!, and you can be tu check this out.... LORD PayuengsnwingSIOUS.... i know he's not the answer, but... hope is the last thing to die...jajaja. So, new qb, new hope another 3 years... I'm running in traffic now.


Let me be clear....future HOF.....played with garbage most of his carreer......once he got a great wide reciever they set records....went to the NFC championship 4 times...SB...one time.....and once again has complete garbage in DC....name his recievers.....

But more importantly 0x80.....what your plan...you lose credibility when your only plan is to bash others.....what would you do? put it out there

In all honesty I expect Henne to do well against New York. He did earlier this year when they played.

To answer one thing that Dying Breed was saying on the other blog about this Draft being QB heavy. I believe it is, Breed. Clearly you disagree. And that is cool with me because getting people to go my direction is never my intention. I gave my reason why trying to gauge college QBs by who they play and where they play is a bad idea way back on the other blog. Most of the issue with QB's and I am certain that scouts would say the same... is you are looking at the intangibles, leadership ability, being a capable field general. Having the trust and confidence of your team.. then proving to them their confidence is warranted..... From what I have seen, read and believe to be true just from gut feeling/experience... Luck & Mallet are your top guys, they IMO can start and win in the NFL. I do not see them falling to Miami... You may think me nuts, but the guy I would like to see Miami target is Stanzi out of Iowa. He will go late in the first or perhaps even fall as far as the third round.
Is he an "Off the bench" starter as soon as he arrives... I don't know, and neither does anyone else for that matter. I do BELIEVE he can start and win in the NFL... and I believe he can be had at a place that Miami can afford to bring him in. He at least gives you a starting point should Henne falter... one that does not include used merchandise.

As far as FA goes.... I have NO faith what-so-ever in ANY of the used car selection at this point in time...

We may luck out in one way should next year not happen in the NFL... we may just have 2 NFL Drafts before this team plays another down after 2010...

And that would not be a bad thing at all....


Here's what I'd like to see:
- Henne checks from a run play to a PASS play
- Sparano overrules Henning on a play call (obviously, won't see that)
- a Miami INT
- a TD drive on either the 1st drive of the game or 1st drive 2nd half.
- Fasano without that "lost" look on his face.

That would be a treat!

Why is NOBODY asking the question why we haven't had a single game where a running back has rang for over 100 yards this season? I think that's atrocious!! And I don't put it all on the running backs. I put a lot of it on the coaching staff and the GM for constantly fiddling an re-arranging the OL. What a shambles!! Can't wait until McQuistan is out of here! He's never an NFL player!! Great job of evaluating talent guys!!

DB....If Mcnabb is cut by the Skins...he won't be expensive....he can probably had for somewhere between 3-5 mil a year...thats chump change for a starting QB.....How much is Chad P. making...and he has only played 2 plays.

Mcnabb needs that ring to solidify him....we need a new tutor for our young QB....Defense is getting set...WRs are in place......we just need the Key to make this thing work

I love Fasano's facial expressions when Henne misses him on a pass. I wonder what Henne is thinking when Fasano dropped all his passes last year & earlier this year.


Mc Nabb is not coming to miami EVER. If released... he'll sign with minnesota.


Please tell me how many will you choose, I'm still waiting for your numbers, on how many over Henne.

Kris, first let me suggest you have a cup of chamomile tea. It calms the nerves.

Second, you are talking about the McNabb of years ago, not the the McNabb of today. He lost out to both Vick and Kolb. Shanahan pulled him on a 2 minute drill. Can you read the tea leaves friend? Even TO said he was too out of shape to last in the SB.

What would I do? When there is no better option then your current one, do nothing. Focus the draft on offense, if a clearly superior FA QB comes our way in 2011, grab him, otherwise give Henne another year, reevaluate his performance then along with the 2012 draft options.


lol @ joe schmoe's comments....but on the serious side....thats the problem with Henne...he has lost his respect and not just from Marshall, but Fasano, Hartline, and before the end of the season probably Moore and Wallace.....respect and confidence at least 60% of the battle when your a starting QB....

CraigM, article on the SS says Jerry is now working at RT cause Carey is gimpy & Jerry has lost the job to Mcquistan LOL

We can't evaluate for sh*t, that's been pretty obvious. With the 25+ transactions that have been made on this o-line in the last 3 years, can you imagine that the only permanent guy is Long? That's grounds for firing.

RB should be first in the draft for the phins,then maybe QB or TE.Nolan will take care of the D and ...well they play with the O-line anyway so who knows what will come of that.How much have the phins paid for their O-line anyway?I think alot and still don't run the ball!

kris, if you think Henne's inaccurate, you'll flip your lid watching McNabb. One thing he's great at though, is the long ball. But touch? Not with Donovan. I've seen him throw balls 10 feet over a TE's head (like a 6-4, 6-5 TE too). He's not mobile anymore, so wouldn't be much better than Henne there.

You're right that he has nothing in DC (these folks are all excited about Anthony Armstrong), but I think Andy Reid knew he was done and let him go to a division rival. And he's 34 going on 60.

I'd rather stick with Henne than another veteran with maybe another year or 2 in their tank.

Stick with Henne, draft a QB (lower round), try to coach him up, see what Henne does with a new OC and another year of experience, and make your decision on Henne at the end of 2011 (after 3 years they should be able to tell if he's the one or not).

Besides, the Redskins shouldn't be trusted with analyzing QB talent, they kept John Beck and got rid of Colt McCoy. BIG MISTAKE!!!

I think Rex Ryan is loaded..WTF.

Derek- The Fa list of quarterbacks next year is not very attactive. I made a point last night that unless we could make a move for Andrew Luck, Henne should keep his spot. My thought was that Henne deserves to be evaluated 1 more year, and that if he fails most likely he, and the remaining FO will be gone, and they would make a move to take a QB, in what will be a deeper 2012 qb class.


I disagree with you about McNabb being the answer. As someone else has said, if offensive minds, such as Reid and Shanahan don't see it in McNabb any more, that's good enough for me. Are you telling with all the other garbage going on with this team do you honestly think that McNabb is going to come in here and win football games for us. I don't see it happening.

I think any of you guys who want us to draft a QB in the first round next years are completely and totally nuts!!It's a complete and total waste of a pick!! You're going to give up on a 25 year old QB and draft another one, while we have many other needs and holes to fill. If the Dolphins do that I'm throwing in the towel on this team because they will NEVER be any good.

Let's see if Marshall is going to show his elite status against Revis - or if he's going to drop more balls.

Well craig I wont throw in the towel (just cause I'm stubborn)but I agree that other holes need to ber filled.Mark Ingram anyone?


You usually have some good things to say on here and I quite like reading your comments but you are completely wrong on Donovan McNabb. I don't care how many Championship teams he took his teams to, he always had a strong supporting cast and the Eagles on both sides of the ball, were always a well-coached team. McNabb didn't do all that by himself. And this is besides the point but I don't see McNabb as a HOF QB. A good QB, yes but in my mind, not a HOFer.

Agree with x80.
Mcnabb is over the hill and a waste of $$.
Henne can be productive with the right coaching.
move up and draft a QB next year to challange Henne in training camp...may the best talent win.

X080...your argument is so flawed I don't even know where to begin....so lets try.

You tell me to forget about the Mcnabb of years ago....then you bring up the Mcnabb of years ago with the TO comment.....

Mcnabb didn't lose out to Mcnabb and Kolb...He was traded by the luckiest coach in the NFL right now...Andy reid...HE CHOSE KOLB and would have been happy to see Vick rot on the bench and run WC......In short....REID MADE THE WRONG DECISION FOR HIS STARTER...NOT ONCE BUT WICE THIS SEASON. He named Kolb the starter initially when Kolb was healthy enough to play...LUCKILY...he changed his mind.

Shanahann days are numbered in DC...he is embattled deeply with his players and constanly makes the wrong decisions...from benching thier 100 Million dollar DT....to benching Mcnabb.....the latter of which NO ONE AGREES with....not ESPN, not NFL Network....but apperantly you do...and I doubt you really do.
(as we speak...ESPN radio (640 AM...is reporting Shannahan's jon may be in trouble)

and your plan to "DO NOTHING"...means that I have wasted my time posting this to you cause you obviously have zero idea how much trouble this team is in......

and for the record....Derkek asked a HYPOTHETICAL question...and we/I gave a HYPOTHETICLAL answer.....you came on here with with the dumb drinking comment.....if you don't understand that...then again...you are in over your head.

With Hartline out, they will triple team Marshall, who is already gimpy with a hammy. Going to be up to Bess on Sunday and maybe one of those rookies WR's will get to show us if they should be on the team next year.



How the heck can McQuistan be starting? I just think that's ridiculous!! I really have to criticize this regime for some of their evaluations. Carpenter at LB was a beauty too!! They've missed a lot in the draft and FA and with some of the guys they have brought in. Pretty sad really!!

And Pay, I know he's not everyone's popular choice but I would be fine with drafting Ingram in the first round.

If Jerry doesn't pan out, that goes squarely in Sparano and Ireland's arse. there were a ton of quality players when Jerry was on the board. And Sparano is an OL guru? Atrocious.

Clearly NOBODY thinks Mcnabb is the Answer....

How's this: I'm in NJ, I can take drive over to Jet's training facility in Florham Park, put out the White Flag of defeat for Sunday and save everyone the heartache, save the team some money for a new player contract with no need for hotel, meals and plane trip! Honestly, it's not a problem! I'm right in the area. Like dropping off a pizza, I'll be in and out!

Don't worry Rex. you defense will have a field day against our Max protect offense from henning


Agree with all you said about the Redskins, but that was Colt Brennan they let go, not McCoy.

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