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Rex Ryan: Dolphins offense loaded

I had to go pick myself off the floor before I could get around to posting this so please forgive the delay. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan was just on a conference call with the South Florida media and he was routinely interesting. The guy simply has a compelling way of grabbing and keeping one's attention.

But ...

Sometimes Ryan shoots past the the line separating saying things that are interesting and saying things that are just crazy. He was clearly in crazy territory today when he called the Dolphins offense "outstanding" and "loaded."

"The Miami offense is far from being poor," Ryan said. "That's an outstanding offense. You have two great running backs, a young quarterback that always plays great against us, for some reason. I was hoping they'd bench him for our game. To be honest with you, you have the big wide out, Brandon Marshall.

"This is a team that's loaded."


To be real with you, please understand the Dolphins are ranked No. 29 in the NFL in points per game. Some fans and media (me included) believe offensive coordinator Dan Henning is not doing a good job. And quarterback Chad Henne was benched earlier this season, if only for three plays.

And Ryan expects us to believe he believes they're good? C'mon, man!

If Ryan truly believes the Dolphins offense is loaded then he must think the coaching staff is doing a terrible job with that talent because the results have been poor. Ryan doesn't thinnk Miami is terribly coached. He said as much.

So, he was just blowing smoke, right? 

To his credit, Ryan turned off his coachspeak filter later in the session when he was talking about his own defense. In fact, he was extremely hard on his No. 8-ranked defense.

"We have to play better, there's no question about that," Ryan said. "We have to tackle better. We're not making any plays. We're not getting any interceptions. We're just out there. It doesn't seem like we've been as successful. I think we're eighth in th league in defense which is poor for our standards. We have to get it going better. Our communication hasn't been great ..."

 So it sounds like the Miami offense is poised to pummel the Jets defense, right coach?

"... this is a big challenge this week," Ryan said, "but I think our guys will respond, I really do."