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Rex Ryan: Dolphins offense loaded

I had to go pick myself off the floor before I could get around to posting this so please forgive the delay. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan was just on a conference call with the South Florida media and he was routinely interesting. The guy simply has a compelling way of grabbing and keeping one's attention.

But ...

Sometimes Ryan shoots past the the line separating saying things that are interesting and saying things that are just crazy. He was clearly in crazy territory today when he called the Dolphins offense "outstanding" and "loaded."

"The Miami offense is far from being poor," Ryan said. "That's an outstanding offense. You have two great running backs, a young quarterback that always plays great against us, for some reason. I was hoping they'd bench him for our game. To be honest with you, you have the big wide out, Brandon Marshall.

"This is a team that's loaded."


To be real with you, please understand the Dolphins are ranked No. 29 in the NFL in points per game. Some fans and media (me included) believe offensive coordinator Dan Henning is not doing a good job. And quarterback Chad Henne was benched earlier this season, if only for three plays.

And Ryan expects us to believe he believes they're good? C'mon, man!

If Ryan truly believes the Dolphins offense is loaded then he must think the coaching staff is doing a terrible job with that talent because the results have been poor. Ryan doesn't thinnk Miami is terribly coached. He said as much.

So, he was just blowing smoke, right? 

To his credit, Ryan turned off his coachspeak filter later in the session when he was talking about his own defense. In fact, he was extremely hard on his No. 8-ranked defense.

"We have to play better, there's no question about that," Ryan said. "We have to tackle better. We're not making any plays. We're not getting any interceptions. We're just out there. It doesn't seem like we've been as successful. I think we're eighth in th league in defense which is poor for our standards. We have to get it going better. Our communication hasn't been great ..."

 So it sounds like the Miami offense is poised to pummel the Jets defense, right coach?

"... this is a big challenge this week," Ryan said, "but I think our guys will respond, I really do."


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I must get rid of the comma button.. Sorry fellas for the gramtically challenged post.


I can understand your frustation, I don't know how old are you but I been around miami A LOT. jajaja.



Is that simple.

For that reason i would change henne easily, because a good qb can take us where a good team can't, plus, i can't see much more problems in miami, the D is better than average, carpenter is awesome, o-line problems SURE, but you can't invest more money on this area you can only train better. WE NEED LEADERSHIP.

Ryan and Flacco made it to the playoff first year pros and check out this years falcons.

Freeman and Bradford are way better than henne
and they are rookies (freeman played only 9 games last year)

Mccoy started to look great, against good teams.

All young all much better than henne, all with better records and in some cases not better teams.(i know rams don't but come on!, they are the rams).

Sanchez may struggle but he's better as well.


We have to bet our chances once again in the draft.

Nick Saban was a DB guru and he drafted J Allen. Just saying

Shaun Murphy
D Thomas
J Jerry


He's what I am saying...I will support the crew that we have....I am not trying to replace Henne with Mcnabb this year.....but...if he somehow lands here next year I woudn't be mad....and another thing to chew on.....If I am a HC in this league with my job on the line (sporano) and I somehow manage to survive this year...am I gonna put MY future as a HC in the hands of Henne, a rookie, or a proven VET....I'm going with the VET

being here in the nj/ny area rex was singing a different tone mon and tues. he went as far as comparing his team's lost to the 85' Bears mon night lost...

I'm telling ya'all the weather is going to be a major factor in sunday's game.
running game will be the primary game plan due to high winds with rain/sleet.



Kris, yes I am in way over my head, which is why I was turned down for several GM jobs. I go by what I see, not what tv analyst dinkle-doinks have to say, and McNabb does not look like an upgrade to me at this point.
You apparently did not comprehend what I wrote. You asked my opinion, which was not to do nothing, it was to give Henne another year considering the draft options at QB are not in our favor, nor do we have many draft picks. To quote a previous blogger - we don't need to replace Chad Henne with another Chad Henne, give him one more year before selling the farm for a top 5 pick. Patience really sucks sometimes but it is often required.


Something secret and wonderful must have happened during that meeting...Its possible that Tony may have 'saved' Rex right there during that one session!

Whatever happend...Ryan has been shown the light!
The Jets coach has STOPPED publicly trash talking his Opponents -- and has abandoned his Bully-style press conferences in favor of a
"Kinder, Gentler" disposition.

I, for one, am AMAZED.
Obviously some personal growth taken place here.
Maybe the LAP BAND surgery has changed his Chemical Balance...(or maybe he has been playing Michael Jackson's 'Man in the Mirror' CD each night before he goes to sleep!) Based on his old personality...we've witnessed a SHOCKING Transformation!
Arrogance has been replaced by Sarcasm!

Now if the Dolphins can just find a way to actually BEAT THE JETS with their newly-minted HIGH POWERED OFFENSE then my happiness
will be complete !!!


I guess you and I disagree on Henne because I still think he is going to be a very good QB in this league. All you have to do is look at the first two year numbers for any of the QBs you want to take a look at: Brees, Elway, Aikman, Favre, Manning.....there are others. It's not fair to EXPECT your young QB to carry the team and that's what some of you guys expect him to do.

You don't see problems on our team? Let me count the ways: no consistent running game to speak of, an ever-changing offensive line, lack of a consistent pass catching, game-changing TE, a consistent ILB opposite Dansby, a NT we can count on game in and game out, a WR who can stretch the field, a consistent and dangerous return game, lack of continual breakdowns in the secondary and a OC with some imagination and creativity....and that's just off the top of my head. And you guys want to draft ANOTHER QB in the first round!!!.....get a life!!

Actually X080...you do go by what TV analyst say...because like me you have no choice...you can't watch every game and you can't form YOUR OWN opinion/watch on 32 teams and more players than I care to do the math on...you can however...listen to the radio, watch the NFL Network, ESPN, or whichever your favorite media source is, talk to friends....let it all swirl around and formulate your best "EDUCATED" opinion.....

Futher to my point...if your watching the Dolphins how many redskins games have you seen.....probably not many but yet you still have an opinion on Mcabb

Once again you come with your flawed argument...and not a ring of truth to it.

I told you...your over matched

Depending on how he looks in the last four games, do you give UFA QB Alex Smith a look as competition for Henne?

The offensive line is the first thing that needs to be addressed. It won't matter who is playing quarterback if this unit doesn't improve next year. This is where we should be focusing our free agent eyes on. This way we can draft a dynamic playmaker instead of a safe, boring offensive lineman in round 1.

Craig, look at all these signings, draft picks or trades ONLY on the o-line & think about the fact that Jake Long is the only one will survive another purge. Unless Sparano & Ireland stay, then they will defend their mediocre acquisitions.

First 3 all Cowboys rejects mind you!

Mcquistan, Procter, Berger, Jake Long, Alleman, Ndukwue, Sattele, Smiley, Grove, D. Thomas, Trading UP for S. Murphy, A. Gardner, J. Jerry, Incognito, L. Murtha, N. Garner...

I know I'm missing a few like Feigna, Koppa, Ghiaciuc etc but that list should make everyone sick. All the millions of $ & wasted draft choices. I honestly don't know how anyone can defend these bozo's running the show.

To call them Scmoe's would be an insult to myself.

Since when has ANY coach ever come out and said "Well, our opponent is really struggling right now with a bunch of injuries and personnell issues. We're the better team and should beat them easily."

For God's sake, the Patriots could be playing Albuquerque Mime College and you'd be hearing how "dangerous" they are and how you can't "overlook any opponent."

This is just typical coachspeak. There's not one that doesn't do it.

Not news.


You're right!! To be honest that list is reason enough to get rid of them all. I thought they actualy knew something about OLs? Unbelievable!! Wasted picks and signings and effort.....so bloody sad!!

UTdolfan...don't say it.....those that have limited reading and comprehension skills will somehow mistakenly think you are talking "facts" and not "what ifs".

Craig M....DC Dolfan...DB...Derek...Aloco and others who I was able to have a conversation/debate on the merits of the actual conversation.....that is not meant for you in anyway.....got run....hit all the bloggers later for more great debate!

But, if you mention other signings or draft flops, you will probably want to kill yourself.

Wilford, E. Green, Pat White, Pat Turner, P. Merling, C. Crocker, S. Smith....tell me if you've had enough yet...

Kris, unfortunately you are a person that accepts your own conjecture as fact. You really don't have any idea how much I've seen of McNabb or where I get my opinions from, yet you choose to draw conclusions from your own false assumptions and conjecture. Flawed argument? We come here to share what we think, but nobody knows anything, all of our arguments are flawed. Draft experts and guru coaches are wrong just as much as everyone else.

Ireland needs to be held acocuntable for the way he's handled the O line. The constant resources being pizzed away on this unit - and still it's our #1 need going into this offseason??? If he got it right even on his 2nd try - we would be able to add pieces elsewhere, instead we are exactly where we started - $150 million dollars and 4 draft picks later.

Truer words were never spoken Joe. I've been saying this from day ONE with these CLOWNS. They flat out STINK at talent evaluation!

Parcells is a hack and a thief

OK I'm gonna give Henne another shot in this match-up against Sanchez.

Odds are he will play well considering his "on again off again" track-record.

Its an "on again" rotation....we'll see.

21-17 Miami

Mark, it's NOT just the o-line. What about other positions?

3 years and we have succesfully found 0 TE's.

In 3 years we have successfully found 0 RB's.

In 3 years, we have found NO replacement for Crowder.

In 3 years our offensive line is as bad as it was year 1.

In 3 years...oh you get the idea!


It's all very sad!!....it's grounds for dismissal in itself.....and Parcells was a part of all of it too. I have to think his stint in Miami will tarnish his image and I don't care if he was a big part of getting us from 1-15 to 11-5. He left without taking us further.

Jajajaja, oh Craig Craig.


Based on that let me tell you this:

First, Henne is not "a young qb" anymore, he is a regular starter and has to be judged by that, he will be 26 next year and will enter his FOURTH season.

You mentioned Elway, Aikman, Favre, Manning. Ok. let me show you.

Elway in 3 years: SUPER BOWL LOSS. "THE DRIVE"
Aikman in 3 years:From 1-15 to SUPER BOWL WINNER, 2 PROBOWLS.
Favre in 3 years: 2 PROBOWLS, 1 PLAYOFFS.
Manning in 3 years: 2PLAYOFFS, 2 2ND ALL PRO, 2 PROBOWLS.


Pick a couple of organizations that you admire. Then follow their local blogs and sport sections. You will see they all miss on a lot of draft picks and signings. It is not easy, nor automatic. Draft selection is almost as confounding as jury selection. It takes luck to have more than one solid draft every few years.

With that being said, I must admit the state of the oline is tough to swallow considering how much was invested in it. Investing in injury prone players like Smiley and Grove was a mystery to me.

I really actually like Fasano..

Just another victim of crappy playcalling. He has caught everything thrown his way this 2nd half of season. His number just doesnt get called much anymore. You would think he would be Henne's main target considering Chad cant see 15 feet in front of him.

UT, thanks for the correction (Brennan).

Joe/Mark, I know I'm hoping against hope here, but what if we land an OC end of season, who has a great (or whatever) system. They'll know what they need. And maybe that will give Ireland something to work with (instead of these last 3 seasons where the only direction from Henning was probably, "as long as he takes credit for my mistakes.")

TE/ILB, Oline (which, sounds like you guys blame Ireland for that, while I blame Sparano, since he's a friggin' oline position coach), I agree, not very strong drafts in the past 3 years for those positions (well, besides Long).

But Joe, I'm not sure they were really looking for RB help until this year. I mean, last year we were 4th in rushing. Any sensible person (certainly me) thought we'd be good this year at that position. How wrong I was.

The Fins need OL in the draft. A center that doesn't get man-handled constantly would be my first round pick. Ronnie is good for a couple more years IF there is blocking. Many fans are miss guided into thinking it is the skill positions that are bad... IT IS THE O-Line. Granted Henne needs to play better, and Marshall getting hurt hasn't helped things, but the real weakness is the line of discards other than Carey and Long.

Exactly cinq, I don't expect evvry pick to be all pro or even very good. However, that is a lot of money and resources to be spent on an area - apparetnly the first area that needed to be addressed by this regime. I don't blame them for not pursuing RBs because that was a tem strength when they took over and they had to address other weak areas. I don't actually think we need ANYTHING on defense - it's a great unit.

TE is what it is, I would've liked to see something added and it could've been added last year however, they went on to miss on another OL pick it seems and add another ILB when we already had 3 proven NFLers to man that position. Now, that's dumb!!

MickFins, I agree 100% - I've been saying that all year.

DC, we need OL, we need a RB, frankly don't care if we add a TE because our WRs/TEs are not that bad - our OL and primary RB IS that bad.

Yeah, look how often the Steeler, Pats, Colts, and Ravens miss (rolls eyes)


ENOUGH SAID what?....what was your point?

First of all, I believe Henne has only started 24 games, that's not even TWO years yet. So based on your standards, the guys we talked about wouldn't even have made it to all their achievements. That verifies my point. Young QBs take time. And if you are saying that Henne is old at age 26, then you my friend are from another planet!

Take a look at their TD and INT numbers after TWO years. Very similar pattern to Henne's. Give him an OC he is more comfortable and I bet we get different results.


I hope we know who our new OC will be well before the draft, especially with the belief we will go offense this year.

Marc, that's not entirely fair. Colsts missed on Ugoh, and both their running backs who were all high picks. Peyton manning covers up a lot of deficiencies.

ravens, that's another story all together - I love the way they draft.

Pats miss a fair bit but when you have 50,000,000 picks, you can afford to bat .500.

what really scares me about the regime is their signing penne for almost 6 mil. he did help(???) henne with the dink and dunk offense i guess. we took a big arm gunslinger and now he shoots corks out of a pop gun. we had too many guys in henne's ear;could end up like john beck. paralysis by analysis.

Yes, Ozzie Newsome has built that team into contenders TWICE!

Armando, are you eating sh-t or just plain smoking. Who the hell is going to believe you with all these monumental errors in your writing? Chad Henning indeed! Pay attention, Man!

greg z,

I think with Beck, it was more paralysis by fear. He looked like a scared rabbit out there.


You are kidding me about Fasano. I think you need to go back and look at all the easy catches he had dropped this year. And the TE is the safety valve for the QB or at least should be. Look at how much Manning misses Clark. Half the time Fasano can't even get open and therefore isn't even an option. He's not a starting tight end in my opinion and we missed some good ones in last years draft.

DC, When Ronnie is always injury prone and Ricky was OVER 30 when they got here, they SHOULD have been looking sooner. In fact they tried, then gave up. They drafted 2 guys year 1 so they MUST have saw what I saw. However, years 2 & 3 as they get older & more injuries, not ONE draft pick? The lack of vision & poor signings/draft picks is inexcusable. They border on incompetence.

Cinq, GOOD to GREAT franchises don't miss like this. Sorry, they just don't. In this years draft alone, NE found 2 TE's, 2 LB'ers & a good looking CB. 5 good looking players in one year!

We have found MAYBE 10 guys in 3 years via the draft? And 10 is being generous. Is there any confusion as to why NE remains the class of the NFL for almost a decade and we don't? We haven't had a DECENT, let alone, good draft since the late 90's for christ sake!

These guys ALL need to go. The 80's protype is extinct. Draft FOOTBALL PLAYERS, NOT size or conversion projects!

Not surprised by the comments> Ryan is simply trying to keep his D focused for the task at hand. By saying the Fins are loaded on offense, he's hoping his guys will take this game seriously and not look past them. The Wildcat is coming back...

Rex Ryan is a slick customer(as his Father was).

Lol to be honest I think Rex got the message from Tom and Bill and he is still chewing on that humble pie. That game monday night was a statement to Rex that he needs to shut his damn mouth and do something first. I like this side of Rex and hope the Fins can muster up some damn pride and do something on Sunday!!! GO FINS!!


I think better schemes on offense would help Fasano work himself open more often, leading to more targets, better stats.

Definitely not Clark, but more of a qb's best friend.

Oscar you obviously don't get why he put Chad Henning therefore you are not worthy of posting on this blog. It was not an error mando did that on purpose. Good one Mando I got it and it was funny.

Schmoe, there is a flip side to what you are saying about NE. It's called Tom Brady. Guys like him and Peyton raise the level of entire offense. How good would those TE's look on our team? Don't know. Peyton wins MVP's even when his star receivers go down, he just makes the new ones look like stars.

cinq I agree completely Tom Brady rarely misses open receivers. But I do think scheme does play a factor on how a young qb develops.

Yes, Marc, I've come onto this blog plenty of times to drum up a campaign for Matt DaCosta of the Ravens front office (Director of PP). He's sat on Ozzie's lap for a while now and is young and hungry - 40 years old.

Parcells was a decent drafter in his time but not as good as Ozzie. He knows!

Still trying to figure out how what Ryan said is any different from what pretty much every coach at every level says. They ALWAYS build up the opponent regardless of how good, bad, or (in Miami's case) mediocre they may be.

I think coaches have been doing this since Roman Times, actually ("those guys have fast chariots and will be dangerous")

Rex is right. The Dolphins ARE loaded on offense. They just have a bad offensive coordinator and don't have a great QB.

If Tom Brady and Chad Henne magically switched places, the Dolphins would have the best offense in the NFL.

Marshall and Bess are pro-bowl caliber. Ricky and Ronnie have both been to the pro-bowl. Two good tackles...decent interior line. Besides the Cleveland game, the pass protection has been outstanding.

QB is THAT important in the NFL. Your offense is only as good as your QB. The Dolphins are loaded except for QB, TE, and the interior O-line. Imagine trying to game plan for Marshall, Bess, Ricky, and Ronnie. Who do you focus on?

I think you mis-heard Rex...he said the OC is loaded when he's calling plays. Gimme another Jack and Coke!

I have read it 6 times and for some reason I can't get it. I hope you don't mind slow guys like me posting on this Blog.


Manning hasn't looked very MVP like in the last three weeks with his lack of supporting cast. What does he have, like 11 INTs? That's the thing everybody forgets....Henne can't do it by himself. Like Manning has endured this year, we've had NO running game in Miami this year and the lack of production out of the TE spot has hurt both teams do. Indy and Manning just look VERY ordinary this year and I don't know who just said it on here but scheme or no scheme, you have to have the players to execute.

bigt160, you forgot your ,

How do I say this without sounding like an imbecile? I actually wish, no...miss...no, hope, we acquire some elite speed personnel like....Ted Ginn, Jr.

I didn't say I want Ginn, I said elite speed LIKE Ginn. Don't get it twisted (my rep is on the line).

Craig, 26 after 3 years is old baby... Now, 24 games?? yes, he has not started more BECAUSE HE'S NOT UP TO (i can agree injuries ok), he was not ready to play the year before!!, he was made starter because of the injury of pennington TELL ME HOW MANY GREAT OR GOOD QBS HAVE BEEN ON THE BENCH FOR 2 YEARS!!!

An don't mention anyone sitted because of a leyend was playing like aaron rodgers or steve young.

He's been benched!! FOR TYLER THIGPEN.

An by the way, the names you mentioned so easily are HOF players, please choose more wisely who you compare henne with.

Or should i remember you what DAN THE MAN did on his 2nd year?

And what about ryan, flacco, sanchez, freeman, bradford, etc..


Plus, stop attacking miami with no sense, Fasano can perform as good as they need him to, Manning doesn't miss clark as you may think, take a look at jacob tamme numbers, IS THE QB WHO MAKES RECEIVERS GREAT.

You want to change fassano and the ol and dan henning. JUST CHANGE HENNE.

Ok, In 3 years, this is what this franchise has brought in via the draft process. These are what I consider good draft selections.

Long, Bess, Davis, Langford, Merling, Henne &

7 & the last 4 are very iffy. For sh*ts n giggles, I will throw in Wake, Dansby, Marshall & Starks as FA signing to bring the tally to 11. If 11 guys in 3 years is good progress the Ireland supporters, you shouldn't be unhappy with where this team has been for more than a decade.

The Colts didn't miss on Addai. He was very good his first few seasons, he's been hurt. Brown isn't bad either, their o-line is in bad shape THIS season, not every season like ours.

We can talk about guys like Sean, I won't try to tackle you, Smith. Chris, I'm always late over the top, Clemmons. But the fact is, these kinds of guys are NOT good draft picks & certainly not great draft picks.

After all, Smith was benched for Jason Allen & Clemmons was the 3rd option going into the season. (Rolle/Clark). Top end of drafts, we suck & the Pats & Ravens don't. That's why they compete for a title every year & we don't. You can put the blinders on & ignore reality, but that won't hide the truth.

DC Dolfan....I agree. I was actually going to ask if anyone thinks the WR from Pitt would be a good fit for this team next year. Yes, I know we have other needs but he's be dynamite on this team, as another target for Henne.

Somebody said you can't win without an elite QB. Is Sanchez elite? I don't think he is. Jets are 9-3 Is Flacco elite? I don't think he is. Ravens are 8-4. You CAN win in this league without your QB being elite. Henne can win in this league with the right OC, a running game, and an OL who can give him protection. I'm convinced of it.

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