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Rex Ryan: Dolphins offense loaded

I had to go pick myself off the floor before I could get around to posting this so please forgive the delay. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan was just on a conference call with the South Florida media and he was routinely interesting. The guy simply has a compelling way of grabbing and keeping one's attention.

But ...

Sometimes Ryan shoots past the the line separating saying things that are interesting and saying things that are just crazy. He was clearly in crazy territory today when he called the Dolphins offense "outstanding" and "loaded."

"The Miami offense is far from being poor," Ryan said. "That's an outstanding offense. You have two great running backs, a young quarterback that always plays great against us, for some reason. I was hoping they'd bench him for our game. To be honest with you, you have the big wide out, Brandon Marshall.

"This is a team that's loaded."


To be real with you, please understand the Dolphins are ranked No. 29 in the NFL in points per game. Some fans and media (me included) believe offensive coordinator Dan Henning is not doing a good job. And quarterback Chad Henne was benched earlier this season, if only for three plays.

And Ryan expects us to believe he believes they're good? C'mon, man!

If Ryan truly believes the Dolphins offense is loaded then he must think the coaching staff is doing a terrible job with that talent because the results have been poor. Ryan doesn't thinnk Miami is terribly coached. He said as much.

So, he was just blowing smoke, right? 

To his credit, Ryan turned off his coachspeak filter later in the session when he was talking about his own defense. In fact, he was extremely hard on his No. 8-ranked defense.

"We have to play better, there's no question about that," Ryan said. "We have to tackle better. We're not making any plays. We're not getting any interceptions. We're just out there. It doesn't seem like we've been as successful. I think we're eighth in th league in defense which is poor for our standards. We have to get it going better. Our communication hasn't been great ..."

 So it sounds like the Miami offense is poised to pummel the Jets defense, right coach?

"... this is a big challenge this week," Ryan said, "but I think our guys will respond, I really do."


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Craig M, that's a GROSS overstatement. Even with Manning throwing all those picks, he's also thrown a ton of TD's, and looked pretty good doing it!

Please never compare Henne to Manning again, at least not THAT Manning, maybe Archie...


I don't know but in my experience these guys that write ultra-clever tend to be, well, different.




Lol DC you are going to get yourself in trouble. Maybe we can get Ted Ginn's family for some speed!!! LOL! Oscar are you out of work? I don't think the Herald is accepting applications for editors right now, so stop trying to prove yourself on Mando's blog.

The Dolphins are FAR too banged-up on offense to be considered "loaded" at this point. Their best player (Long) is playing with one arm and missing blocks that he would easily make when healthy. Carey is playing on a bum leg. Hartline (who was really starting to come on) is out, and Marshall will likely be gimpy if he's back.

Yes, you put Brady in there and they'd be MUCH better--agreed--but the injury issues are very real, too, and limit what can be done.

Healthy, though, with a better QB this probably would be a very good offense (at least potentially)


Don't feel bad. I mentioned taking a look at Alex Smith for qb competition IF he finished the year strong. Really meant more of a competition/back-up role.

Lord Pombius Steve Young rode the bench he was considered great actually a HOFamer now if I'm not mistaken.

Joe, you're far too kind

Long, Bess, Davis, Langford, Merling, Henne &

Langford is average, Merling is average AT BEST, Henne will be lucky to be average, Misi, average

Wake, Dansby, Marshall & Starks

Starks had ONE GOOD YEAR

Dansby has been great, but, still hasn't lived up to his own hype

You did forget POLITE, who is NAILS, and FASANO, who is pretty good

Craig M, yes Peyton has had a rough 3 weeks, not sure but I think he has mostly rookie receivers? But aside from that, can't see going there. Consider Peytons last 10 years, he has carried the offense on his back several times (several MVPS) even while losing pro bowl running backs and recievers. They have been one of the top three offenses for a decade now. I say an awful lot of it is him. Had Henning been the OC there, Peyton would have done just as well, that is my 'guess' anyway.


You are correct that's why i said this

"don't consider anyone sitted for a legend" like aaron rodgers or STEVE YOUNG"

Joe, sorry but you have to include Sean Smith, yes he has warts and plays soft for his size- but this year nobody has abused him in the passing game and he is excellent value for a 2nd round pick. I know this isn't popular opinion but we are 5th in the NFL in pass defense this year and the entire secondary and Wake is to be credited. It is a colossal improvement over last year where we ranked near the bottom.

Smith is every bit as good as Vontae - they are just different. Smith covers better, Vontae tackles better. Has any outside receiver had a big day on Miami since Smith took over? These two ARE the new Surtain and Madison and nobody has even noticed.

And Clemons is better than Ryan Clark. Ask Boldin

I believe Darryl nailed in on the head... Our Offensive line is Offensive....

You can trace much of the Offensive mediocrity straight back to the O-line.

I am NOT impressed with Chad Henne, I am no fool either. There is not going to be a rookie come into Miami and start over Henne unless we somehow hit the jackpot with Luck or Mallet. Chasing after Vets is a Loooooser sport when it comes to QB's... But chasing after good FA O-line guys is damn smart.

Miami WILL lose one of two Running backs unless I am totally off the mark. I suspect we keep Ricky. Truthfully that would make me the happiest of the two if losing one is the deal.

"BEST CASE"... if there is a season next year... and Miami cannot secure a top QB, would be to get a Top RB, Fish FA for O-line material similar to Dansby in rating and quality. Get a Guard and a Center. (I prefer a top notch expensive ass center who can play another 7 or 8 years) Draft a QB like Stanzi in the High 3rd (should he fall that far) or try and trade up to him. In the 4th Round draft a RT or TE, Fish for depth from there on out... Trying to be specific is impossible, you take the best player after 5th round. ONE SORT OF PLAYER I believe Miami should look for is a fast return man. Specific to the cause, yeah, maybe he play's some WR some day... But fielding Punts and KO would be his one reason to breath.

That sets Miami up like so..

You have youth and development at QB behind Henne. Of course there is a Bench guy just in case Henne goes down.

You end up with Veteran talent at the O-line & Depth.

LT....Long + Murtha
LG.... FA New Guy + Incognito
C...... FA New Guy + Berger
RG......Jerry + Feinga
LT......Carey + 5th or 6th round Pick

TE... Fasano & New Pick + 1 guy on PS

You could flip the LG & RT and bring in a strong FA Guy at RT... leaving Carey off the bench and then draft a RG to go in behind Incognito. I really think Incognito has grown up. He could have drawn a few UC penalties and has walked away. Another year in this line and he may just break out... He is capable of being very good.

I'm not trying to prove anything. If you are a professional then do it as a professional!


You're nuts...The only time I see SEAN SMITH is getting beat on crossing patterns

He's a BUM, same as last season

I am NOT giving up until the end of the Game on Sunday.

Marc, I did say the last 4 were very iffy at best. Funny, you picked those 4 out to comment on LOL

I give no props in raiding Dallas leftovers as accomplishments. It's not like how they found Bess & Wake. Polite & Fasano were in the league & Dallas didn't want them. They fell in their lap like Penny. They went to a well they drank from before.

Fact is, Miami's FO is marginal. With that, so is our talent level & record. It's pretty simple. If you have to STRUGGLE to find 7 or 8 really good guys on your team of 53, you can't expect that team to be any good.

To some here, expecting more than 7 or 8 guys in 3 years is blasphemous. No wonder we suck! Without accountability, there will never be improvement.

hahaha Mcnabb? really? really? do some of you people even watch football ill take henne as he is now and even without getting any better over mcnabb hahaha unbelievable

CRAIG M look:

I have to go to lunch so to finish let me tell you this.

I agree with you about dan henning he may be to conservative at times.

However, I can't remember a breathtaking throw made by Henne in 2 years.

All average throws, good enough for a team that features Ravens or Bucs defense (trent dilfer and rob johnson won SUPER bowls), but not enough for a competitive team TO BECOME A WONDERFUL TEAM (and by the way defenses like those ones are 1 every 10 years).

Henne has issues with basics, pocket awareness, deep shots, slant shots, you can see it on video, yes he has a cannon arm but the touch is just not there. Also his feet is not that good. This are the most complicated things to develop in a starter qb BECAUSE THEY WORRY ABOUT THE SYSTEM MORE, backups have more time because they practice on THEIR MOTIONS MORE TIME.

I'm sorry for not being hopeful enough but i been here since DAN LEFT THE BUILDING and nothing, I NEED THE HOPE OF A NEW QB.

Fair enough Joe, but several others from Dallas DID NOT pan out...

Mark in Toronto, I saw a slow ass TE in Ben Watson school him on a 3rd & 10 crossing route for a big 1st down on a td drive. The fact is, the man doesn't want to tackle. Watch Benson's TD run in the Cincy game. He ran up the wrong hole with Benson in front of him letting him walk in the endzone so he didn't have to lower his shoulder. He had him dead to rights, looked right at him.

I rewound live TV to show my wife what's wrong with my team and she said "That guys a pu**y). If she can see it, you can brother. Let's not mention how he ducked away from Forte all night vs Chicago giving up at least 40 extra yards. Part time players do not constitute good draft picks. Sorry.

And to the person who mentioned Clark & Boldin, go back to every game and watch Clemmons late on deep passes. Almost every game he is bailed out on overthrown balls or ducks like vs. Oakland.


I don't know where you get your facts from but let's correct a few things. First of all, Henne did not ride the bench for two years. He sat the year he was drafted, not because 'he wasn't up to it' as you said because the regime thought Pennington gave us a better chance to win and they were correct. As you know, Pennington lead us to an 11-5 record. So you're certainly not going to bench Pennington the next year, after he's taken us to the playoffs and won a division. Besides, the thinking was that Henne would learn more watching Pennington and observing him from afar and working on things in practice. All good thinking. Then, I think it was 3-4 games into the season, Pennington is out for the year and Henne takes over. He played the rest of the year and lead us to something like a 7-6 season. Pretty good start for the kid. He starts this year and after a pretty flat team effort against the Ravens, the coaching staff decides in an effort to try and spark the offence to start Pennington. Well we all know how that worked out. You then, incorrectly, go on to say that Henne was benched for Thigpen. Wrong again!....it was Pennington.

Again, I'll say that 26 is not old for a QB, regardless of whatever scale you are using (he's actually only 25 right now btw). Also, you talk about what QBs have been on the bench for a couple of years? Steve Young for one. Perhaps you've heard of him. Went onto the Hall of Fame. Other QBs to start learning, while on the bench? How about Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Matt Shaub, Aaron Rogers....do I need to go on?

Lastly, listen to Peyton Manning some time about who he considers the MVP on his team. He's said on more than one occasion that it's Dallas Clark. We don't have a Dallas Clark on our team. We don't even have a Benjamin Watson.

How about these STEALS we've passed on in FA/trade since the fraud took over


Where did half of them go? Oh, that's right our division rival


Agree with everything you said, just wondering who you have as the bench guy at QB to come in if Henne flat out fails or is hurt. There is an article on the Herald listing UFA QB's. Not too much there.

Maybe Rex is just being nice!Why would he say anything negative, Rex has already been fined for the birdie. I truly believe Parcells hired the wrong man to coach the Dolphins, Rex is not afraid to go for it on 4th down, it could be in the 1st qtr when the score is dead even.
Too bad Sparano is frighten by his own shadow, and I'm sure Dan Carpenter will score 12 points in this game.

Oh, it was Mark with the Boldin comment. Well Mark, I'd like to add, try to reference more than 1 play in your assesment of who is better (Clark/Clemmons).

Go back and watch the Pitt game and see who was late on the Wallace TD. In Oakland totally bailed out by a late duck by Gradkowski but beat later by a smaller Jacoby Ford deep completion. Why? He was late. Go Back to the Cincy game where the almost INT / Owens TD, he was trailing and the ball was underthrown by 2 yards. He was also beat on a long pass later in that game because he was? You guessed it, late.

There are a few others but why bother. Clemmons is not starting caliber FS...at least not yet.


NaYeah he had some dropsys in the beginning. But name me some games Fasano was "horrible" in recently. He's caught everything, including a TD from Thigpen at that. Not to Mention another TD last week. Need to figure out more creative ways to get this guy the ball. There are far more worthless TE in the league. Give this guy a better system and he flourishes even more.

Go for it Jakester.You can also put in a 2 wk notice for Sparano and Henning when you see the owner Ross.
Please tell Mr.Ross not to hire Wandstedt,or any Wannabe.


ROB JOHNSON won a Super Bowl???.....I must have missed that. Did you mean BRAD Johnson? Yes he did. Goes to show you don't have to have an elite QB to win a bowl.

You said you haven't seen any breath-taking passes from Henne in two years. Did you forget the bomb to Ginn last year against the Jets for a touchdown? How about the pass to Hartline earlier this season? Or how about the pass earlier this season to Marshall against the Vikings. I am sure there have been more but I am forgetting them. The fact there hasn't been more is not Henne's fault but the lack of plays like that being called by Henning.

i see the pats are working out jake grove. too bad we didnt resign him;he's better than berger. he had a "nasty attitude" but it probably came down to money. we really overpaid for vernon carey;he cant move.


I don't hate Fasano and I agree he would be better with better schemes. I think he's be better with another complimentary TE opposite him. One of the kids that NE added this year would have been ideal but our regime flubbed that one too.

Ryan is wrong....O-line is awful, R.Brown seems to have lost it, Marshall is underachieving. This offense is not clicking, is there some talent? Yes. Do they scare anyone? No.

Keep playing it safe Tony, scoring is overrated!

Where can I gets me some good bisuits and gravy? I loves 'em.

Lawd have mercy, when I is done working on thermodynamic propulsion systems I loves me some biscuits and gravy!

Craig, when you have to refer to any year but this year to quantify weather Henne threw great passes then there is something wrong with that...he just doesn't have that "it" factor. He's a career backup man, just accept it...

BTW guys,

There was an awful lot of talk on here before the draft last year on who the Dolphins should have picked. Some guys wanted Dan Williams, others wanted Morgan who went to Tenn., others wanted the LBer who the Eagles took and some wanted Jerry Hughes. Most of these guys have completely fallen on their faces or been injured. Hughes can't even got on the field for Indy and has like THREE tackles all year. It's just goes to show what a crapshoot the draft can be!

Lord you are correct my friend forgive me I'm at work and can't read through each post thoroughly.

No matter how Henne turns out the rest of this season IMO the fins have to draft a QB in the 1st Round, if Henne bombs the rest of this season then this really is the time to do what it takes to get Andrew Luck, if not see who falls to us in Mallet, Newton or Locker.
Running Backs are available in later rounds as are Tight Ends.
If Ronnie Brown is not resigned, its a lock he ends up in New England as Belichek as always been an admirer then we'll see what we let go, again.

I;m sick of the Dolphins trying to get good players on the cheap, when it comes to Qb's it just doesn't work unless your name is Brady, my guess is Romo;s time is running out in Dallas too.

BTW guys,

There was an awful lot of talk on here before the draft last year on who the Dolphins should have picked. Some guys wanted Dan Williams, others wanted Morgan who went to Tenn., others wanted the LBer who the Eagles took and some wanted Jerry Hughes. Most of these guys have completely fallen on their faces or been injured. Hughes can't even got on the field for Indy and has like THREE tackles all year. It's just goes to show what a crapshoot the draft can be!

Posted by: Craig M | December 08, 2010 at 03:03 PM

Don't you know the blogging rules?? Never, EVER remind fans that they are actually wrong about players 95% of the time and DEFINITELY don't ever bring up "can't miss" draft guys who they were LIVID went elsewhere (and bombed).

Remember, convenient amnesia is what it's all about.


I don't agree with you. Put him in the right situation and he'll thrive. I am sure there were people who didn't think Drew Brees had 'it' and they were wrong. I'm sure Tampa thought that Steve Young didn't have 'it' and they were wrong. I'm willing to give Henne more time under a different OC and a different system before I give up on him. To go and draft another QB in the first round in April is ludicrous!

Henne does play the jets well I think it's cuz they are agressive

Craig, Hughes was drafted for the future. He isn't gonna get much play time behind Freeney & Mathis. That pick was made solely with the future in mind.

I actually thought Miami should have taken Dez even though they got Marshall. Those 2 guys together could have made this offense dynamic..although Henning would probably not showcase his talents. Dez or try to trade-up and grab 1 of those safeties.

Frankly, maybe I'm old school but I think Sean Smith's primary job is to cover people and he's good at it - so is Clemons. If they weren't, we wouldn't be #5 in the NFL in pass defense. As far as missing tackles and some completions that happens to everyone.

And Ryan Clark getting beat for a 1,000 TD reception is ok, but Sean Smith losing his footing and giving up a 10 yard completion is the armageddon?? And that does not even factor that Clark is at his peak at 29 and Smith/Clemons are still kids.

Pitt 24th in pass defense, Miami is #5 - nothing more needs to be said - spending a pick/money on defense of any sort right now is pure stupidity given our practice squad interior line and lack of big plays in the run game.


There were guys on here who SWORE Hughes would have immediate impact from day one. Rob in OC (where the heck did he go anyways?), swore the LB from Michigan, who the Eagles drafted would have double digit sacks this year. EHHH.....NO!!

darrin stevens......thanks man....I needed that laugh!

What about the people that wanted:

Dez Bryant
Matt Ryan
McFadden (Both)


Not claiming to have supported any of them (I don't follow college)...Just saying


I don't want to see Crowder back next season. If Epps can step in and play well then fine but get Crowder out of here. He's unreliable, doesn't make game-changing plays and disappears for long stretches. I don't want to hear out run D is better with him in the lineup. He's a fraud! I'm also not sold on Clemons but maybe we find someone through FA.

Mark, you're twisting it now. We were comparing Clark & Clemmons, not Clark & Smith. Safety to Safety, friend. I bet if we reviewed the tapes, we'd find Clemmons has been beat ALOT more than Clark. I just rattled off about 5 situations just off the top of my head where Clemmons has been beat & you mentioned 1 for Clark.

I don't know how you can say Clemmons is good in coverage. Guys get beat, sure they do. But Clemmons is late on almost every deep throw. He has been saved, by bad passes hanging giving him a chance to recover.

Seam Smith, tackling is part of his job & the fact is, he doesn't wanna do it. We can debate it all we want. I don't think a starting CB should be ducking away from contact with RB's unless his name is Deon Sanders. You're crediting a guy with half as*ing it.

Regarding stats..who really cares? This team SUCKS on 3rd & long & that's all pass defense. Look at the games the pass D has excelled & when they haven't. They're really good against the Browns & Bills but suck against Pitt, Chicago & the Jets this season. Stats are for losers.


I also have question marks regarding Sean Smith. He does a poor job when it's his job to cover the TE, falls down too much, doesn't make picks and loses concentration and gives up big plays. He's under the spotlight until the end of the season.


Really good post at 3:16pm. I feel the same way with a lot of what you said.


Couple days ago Colts GM Polian admitted he made the wrong pick and should have taken OL Roger Saffold instead.


I saw that. I think it had more to do with the good job Saffold has done this year and the state of their offensive line that anything Hughes has been unable to contribute this year.

Fact is Joe, Sean Smith does play free safety on thrid down - when there is the most pressure on your secondary. So, to add to the fact - he plays a couple of different positions in addition to playing very good coverage on 1sst and 2nd down. The guy is a good player - keep in mind he was almost a 3rd round pick - you guys expect him to be as good as Vontae? That's a bit unfair. There's a reason Vontae was picked ahead of Hakeem Nicks and Clay Matthews (with validity) and Sean Smith was picked over a round later.

The guy is a keeper and to be fair to him - he took a lot of flack and came back fighting for his posiiton and has merited his playing time this year. Give me the same secondary that finishes 5th in the NFL in pass defense and don't change a thing and I will be happy.

UT, yes, because their O-line is a mess and not because Hughes sucks. Their oline needed to be addressed not because Hughes sucks. He barely plays because he is behind 2 pro bowlers.

I'm not defending Highes at all but Polian didnt screw up cause he took Hughes, it's because he ignored the oline disaster they have this season.

Mark, you cling to stats as if they matter. LOL You want stats? Go look at QB's on good teams when they've played us and look at their stats. Flacco, Sanchez, Brady, Rothlesberger. 5th ranked pass Defense means jack diddly poo.

Against good teams & QB's who don't miss, we suck. Against bad teams, we're great. You make it sound like S. Smith is the savior & reason we climbed to 5th on pass Defense. I don't think you'll find many to agree with your position.

Fact remains this, Clemmons is not a starting caliber FS. He's always late over the top. In time, he may be, but he sure ain't right now. He has been saved by poor QB play to say the least. Smith is a chicken sh*t who refuses to tackle with decent coverage skills. There is a reason he got benched...it was for not tackling. You can dismiss that part of football, but it's a pretty big part of the game.

He is a Fat Bass-tard, That would be a troubled functioning fat fish...


CRAIG M: I can see you are blindfold with Henne, I'll let you have it. I've seen enough backuo qbs in Miami, I can take one more.

Yes it was Brad, my mistake on typing, and if you read it completly it says also trent dilfer.... yes both won a super bowl ring, MARINO? zero, are they better?? NO CHANCE IN HELL. by the way, i mentioned their defenses who are 2 of the best defenses EVER!

Miami doesn't have that kind of firepower.

You want to pick up more guy for OL, fine, but trust me Henne will be a carrer back up also, the bomb to ted ginn? jajajaja.


Brady has 5 of them WEEKLY.

Sorry to break your heart.

Yeah, a Rob in the Oc reference... He loved him some Brandon Graham. Hasn't worked out yet. We should feel lucky that Misi has played as well as any rookie OLB drafted last year.

Look at the list of free agent offensive lineman. It is deep. This is the best way to start to improve our team. Start in the trenches, and work out to the skill positions. Now that Tuna is gone. We no longer have to be held hostage by prehistoric draft philosophy, or be too scared to choose an electric game changer in the first round.
We need to do better as far as rookie production next year. To be competitive, some of your draft picks have to produce more then ours have. These players are picked to fill holes, and when they can't play because of injury, or inability. These holes remain unfilled, and the team suffers.

Sean Smith has been playing well overall---especially the last few weeks.

Here's what happens in a situation like that. First, fans make up their mind about a guy and start to see only what they want to see (either good or bad). Second, when the overall team is struggling, they tend to become angrier at specific players rather than the bigger picture..regardless of whether that player is actually at fault or not.

Fans are also horrendous draft analysts and even worse prognosticators. Raise your hand if you were beside yourself when Miami passed on Brady Quinn. So many were sure he was going to be "great" and the guy is a complete dud so far. Can't even stay on the field with lousy teams.

Not that I'm any better at it, mind you, but I don't delude myself into thinking otherwise.

The simple truth is that if you put ANY of us in a coaching meeting or a draft room we'd be laughed out of there within two minutes.

Don't kid yourselves otherwise.

DD, but if Ireland stays, he will stick to the philosophy. He is a disciple of the one we know as Parcells.

I've said it a few times on this blog in recent weeks, Miami needs to sign Ryan Kalil as a C & Daryn Cooledge to play LG. Move Garner to RT if Carey is done.

Plenty of FA's this season. There will be a lot of FS & DB's available. Micahel Bush @ RB or Deangelo Williams for that Home run factor if he isn't franchised.

Darrin Stevens,

You make a good point about fans making their minds up about certain players but Sean Smith stinks. He is so so in coverage, not a play maker (nor does Miami have in their secondary), and of course can't tackle my daughter.

I do remember fans wanting Brady Quinn but I wasn't one of them. It's funny, I actually was on a friend of mines' University's campus sports show just for a good time. We did a draft breakdown that year. He asked me who my biggest bust would be and honestly #1A was who else but Ted Ginn and a week later we drafted him and 1B was Quinn. I have whiffed on many other guys trust me. So not saying I know it all but them 2 I was sure of.

Its funny, Parcells said when a team hits the weight room hard and heavy it definitely cuts down on the injuries. Watching the emrgency ward of our roster especially over the last 2yrs Mr. Parcells I'm so confused!

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