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Ross to consider many things, including $$$$$

The Miami Dolphins are not a disaster. Let's get that clear right from the top.

The team was a disaster three years ago when Bill Parcells was hired and he, in turn, hired general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Tony Sparano. In the last three years, Miami hasn't won a championship, but neither has is it become a stagnant organization.

The Dolphins are probably four or five starters from being a Super Bowl contender -- a quarterback, a running back, someone in the defensive backfield that is a dynamic playmaker, a speed receiver, and probably a really good interior offensive lineman.

[UPDATE: Some of you are noting that four or five starters is a lot to ask. Really? Miami's defense this year has a new NT, SOLB, MILB, WOLB, and FS. It would be five new starters if first round pick Jared Odrick had not been injured, which would have put him at RDE and Starks a first-time starter at NT. And the defense went from tied for 25th in the NFL in points allowed to tied for No. 9 currently. Miami's offense is 29th in the NFL in points scored now.]

It is against that backdrop that owner Stephen Ross will decide in the next couple of weeks whether to retain Ireland and Sparano or cut ties and search for a "star" head coach. A "star" coach, by the way, almost certainly comes with his own choice for a general manager, which is why Ireland is in play in this scenario, and his own staff.

Ross would fire Sparano only if he believes he can improve the situation with that star coach, I'm told by one person familiar with the owner's thinking.


Because, at its roots, this decision on a coach is a money decision. Ross hates losing, which is good reason enough, but beyond that, he is bitterly disappointed his grand plan to make Dolphins home games an experience and an event has been spoiled by the fact Miami finished 1-7 at home this year.

It doesn't matter how many concerts, celebrities and face-painters you have at the stadium on game days if the team on the field doesn't win. Fans cannot go home happy without victories. And those that go home frustrated, upset and angry are apt not to come back.

Beyond that, the fans Ross wants to attract who now have reasons to stay away are likely to continue finding other activities to fill their game days.

So Ross is apparently under pressure from within his own circle to make a change.

Those people are telling Ross that a star coach will reinvigorate the fan base, increase season ticket sales, and ultimately help Miami win. Notice the order I just gave you. Some of the business-marketing-partnership people talking to Ross see the business side of changing a coach first and the on-field result as almost secondary.

Money is first in their minds.

So, again, money is a major variable in this coming decision. Well, here's a money matter Ross should weigh before he makes his decision:

If he fires Sparano and brings in a "star" coach who then brings his own general manager type, the cost is going to be exceptional. Ross will be on the hook for paying the final year of Sparano's contract (approximately $3 million), he'll be on the hook for Ireland (approximately $2 million), he'll be on the hook for Bill Parcells ($4 million), he'll be on the hook for assistants (including Mike Nolan), and he hasn't even started paying the folks that will be actually working for him.

Ross will have to pay that "star" coach and that will cost approximately $6-$8 million. He'll have to pay for the new GM, which will be another $2 million or so, and of course, he'll be paying for a new coaching staff while stay paying off the contracts of the assistants still under contract that the new coach does not retain.

Do the math. Changing administrations could cost Ross between $18-$24 million.

No big deal, you say? Really?

Are you aware Ross moved heaven and earth to try to work a $7.9 million relief on his stadium debt payments recently? I'm not saying he's counting his pennies, but I am saying he's not going to dismiss having to possibly pony up $24 million to make a change without some serious thought.

The argument from the business people might be that Ross will make back the money in season-ticket sales. The Dolphins were slightly over 50,000 season tickets this year and believe a new "star" coach could push them another 6,700 to 10,000 more, depending on who it is and what moves the new guy makes in free agency and the draft.

That is, of course, a short-term view of the situation.

It should be noted when Jimmy Johnson took over from Don Shula in 1996, season ticket sales jumped by about 7,000. And the next year they fell back by about 5,000.

When Nick Saban, the hot coach at the time, took over in 2006, season sales actually fell by 2,000. And the hiring of Parcells as the Football Czar didn't help one iota, as sales fell off the table after 2007 from 54,646 to 46,131.

The point is the hiring of a big name doesn't come with a guarantee that ticket sales will soar. And when they have soared in the past, they have leveled off the following year.

So the season ticket argument is a short-sighted one, if history is to be believed.

Think about that. Stephen Ross probably will.


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Yes I realize by going ALL IN! to get our QB means no speed back....no young talent added, and he won't be playing for at least a year....but that is the price you pay to have your QB for the next 10-15 years

Sorry, but you've been exposed.

Ben Volin merely CONFIRMED that you fabricated a fight between Henne and Marshall.

It's amazing that you continue to embarrass yourself this way after ADMITTING you "weren;t sure about Henne" (in other words, MAKING UP the whole damn thing)


Escarole is delicious, by the way. So is Swiss chard, which is usually abundant this time of year in the produce section.



Hey dennis, are you having a bad day? Did somebody run over your dog? Wife left you?

Calm down dude, it's just a blog.

It is the stuff of comedy, agreed.

And a big THANKS to Ben Volin for confirming that you fabricated a story about Marshall and Henne "nearly coming to blows."

Please make up another whopper soon, friend. Very entertaining!

not really, that's why you throw him in there right away. for example sanchez, freeman, bradford. that's if they do not get a qb via trade or fa of course.

Cravin Morehead?

Who's his OC - Hugh G. Reckshun?


I get the nature of blogs. People run with all kinds of goofy stuff with little basis in fact.

Sometimes it needs to be called out, that's all. I don't have any real animosity for a guy like ALoco at all. I just caught him in a fabrication---doesn't mean he's not a swell guy otherwise.



Keep Tony. Get new OC and let him do his thing. Quit playing not to lose and trust in your players to go out and win.

It is that easy.

ALoco, I seriously cannot believe you're belaboring this.

Your "source" didn't confirm what you were saying AT ALL. All that Ben Volin reported was the same words Marshall was quoted everywhere.

There never was any fight between him and Henne...never was any incident where they "nearly came to blows."

YOU were the one who made those claims, with absolutely no basis in facts.

You have even admitted as much by now saying you're "not sure about Henne."

Dude, I don't dislike you at all. Maybe you even have some need to make up stories---maybe it's fun for you.

The bottom line is that you and I both know you took the Marshall quote and turned it into a much bigger scenario that never actually happened.

It's fine if you don't want to admit it (even though you actually already did)but I'd suggest moving on to save further embarrassment.

And Happy New Year (I mean it!)

Cam Newton in the first, most explosive player offensively next (RB TE or WR), interior OL next. Bring in Mcnab as bridge to Newton. Trade Henne if any value.

I am with you 100%
Armando wrote an article in October talking about Miami's 21-21 victory at Green Bay.
Then he said Sparano didn't know if he would be back for the "2010" season.
Yesterday, he said Sparano defended C H A D H E N N I N G he said Chad Henning. I have no clue who Chad Henning is

The Dolphins had a 21-21 victory over Green Bay

Didn't know if Sparano would be back for the 2010 season I think this is the 2010 season.

Years ago, Armando wrote that Cam Cameron should be retained if he won "ONE GAME" but he said "How can you keep a coach that has zero wins"

Armondo takes the time to personally emails from drunk folls that call him a moron or an idiot. It seems like Armando gets his feelings hurt easily and needs his mommy to tell him he's ok. If he finds it necessary to reply to someone who calls him a moron to say he isn't..well then he is a whimp

Also, I see what Armando is doing. He is kissing Tony and Jeff's butt in case they aren't fired and come back next year he wants to stay on good terms thats why he's kissing butt now. If Gruden or Cowher are hired, Armando will do a quick 180 and say it was the RIGHT CHOICE and praise it. Mark my words! Also, Armando is a writer NOT a football person has he ever been a scout,assiatant coach,executive?????? He knows NOTHING about the game of football he just writes. Its time for a change and Jeff Ireland is the one who really needs to go as she made the poor draft picks like Pat White,Pat Turner, and all of those undersized De's projected as lb's in this draft and didnt bother picking a TE,RB,QB,wr/kr. I think everyone should go Henning,Sparano, but Ireland is the main one. Also, Mr. Ross isn't going to ask Armando for advice ok? Armando will praise Ross's decision regardless of what it is.

I can see it now

Thursday Jan 12,2011
By Armando Salguero

Just saying.... If he falls to us.

we'll see if ross is smart or dumb. depending on what he does. if keeps sporano and ireland he will be smart, if not, he is an idiot.
keep this thig going and we will win.



OK, then. You be sure to update us all when that article finally appears. Maybe by March or April you think?

excellent article
as a friend of an owner from another sport,armando,you have correctly analyzed how they think--ross may very well desire to fire this current group but if the money numbers place him deeper in the red-ross wont take that chance!!
we all hope as dolphans that the owner will do anything to make the team a winner-but this is not reality--these guys think as business people first and foremost with rare exceptions such as mark cuban who just wants to win at all costs!!this win first attitude is not prevalent with todays team owners--it is second to the financial issues as well summarized by armando!!

I'm 90% convinced Sparano stays, and am ok with that for the most part. Guys like Cowher (and certainly Gruden) don't excite me at all.

Besides, I think the team has (usually) played hard for Tony. He's not the reason we're saddled with poor QB play.

The team needs a lot of tweaks but not complete upheaval.

I have urinated in some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the world.

I am ok if Tony stays, provided changes are made in the personel department.That starts with Ireland. No, it's not Tony's fault Henne sucks Tony didnt have a say Parcells and Ireland drafted Henne. Would you trust Ireland and his group of clowns (scouts) to draft the next qb after Henne and especially PAT WHITE??????




I guess all we know is that Henning is definitely out, and rightfully so. I'm sure he'll simply "retire" next week to save the embarrassment of being canned. It'll be interesting to see who comes in. Kubiak would be the obvious one but it's looking as if Houston may retain him.

With personnell, it's probably likely Ireland gets another year if Tony sticks. He's certainly been better than Spielman was (at least not giving away high picks for awful players like Lamar Gordon and AJ Feeley) but definitely the offensive side of things hasn't gone well at all.

Not many options (at least great ones) out there to upgrade at QB but obviously they have to make every effort.

I try to be fair about guys but Henne has convinced me he'll never be the right guy to get it done.

I should say I would be content with Tony if Ross hires a new GM. Let that GM access the coaching situation and decide if Tony stays or not. I don't think Ireland and his sraff have the courage or smarts to know how to trade up in the draft. IOts going to take several high draft picks which Jeff doesnt like parting with.but what does it really matter.they waste the picks and half the players don't make the team anyway....Pat White.Pat Turner.The TE from Momouth, those were wasted and third round picks so what does it matter if we trade those to move up. The patriots are not the best team in the AFC by LUCK they have tons of picks every year and know how to use them correctly!

I have urinated ON some of the nicest hotels, bars, and restaurants across the world.


That was YOU turning the Ritz-Carlton into the Spritz-Carlton?

Nice work.

Hahaha, can't take credit for that one but it was me that seemed to activate the sprinklers at the Monte Cassino hotel in Las Vegas in August 2007. Apparently the hotel got tired of being pee'd on and fought back.

Agreed on the Pats.

It's not as if they hit on all those picks. Their success rate actually isn't significantly better/worse than most teams. But the fact that they stockpile so damn MANY picks obviously increases the odds of hitting on a few guys in every draft.

The haven't wavered from that formula in years and why would they?

Another thing the Pats (and Steelers, for that matter) do is have VERY boring offseasons. Rarely does either make a huge free-agency splash or engineer a big trade. It's kind of the opposite approach most fans desire but it's also the best one. Stability works much better than Redskin-style chaos and throwing good money at damaged goods.

If Henning retires the SPORANO SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATLEY AFTERWARDS...I mean minutes after the retirement announcement....MINUTES!!!

Because to me that meant that YOU SPORANO...as the CAPTAIN of the ship..allowed our ship to be run into an ICEBERG by a senile old man who had no stake in the future of this organization.....

When this offense was ranked in the bottom 3 for the 4th consrcutive week (who knows how many weeks ago that was) you should have took action and tols Henning that "he need to spend more time with family:....or "Henning is stepping down due to health reasons"....Your inability, or worse yet UNWILLINGNESS TO ACT should be what seals SPORANO's fate within MINUTES of Hennings supposed retirement!

It is so wonderful and soul enriching to hear these beautiful stories of public urination.

Even though I have been arrested and harassed NUMEROUS times by cruel and vicious police agencies throughout South Florida I shall not be deterred.

GOD ALMIGHTY asks that I urinate in public and I shall not deny Him or the public this wondrous spectacle.

Happy New Urine!

Why do I suddenly have the urge to pee?

HBCU Classics All-Americans

QB Matthew Johnson, Bethune**
QB Stanley Jennings, Albany St**
RB Walter Sanders, St. Augustine
RB DeAngelo Branche, Norfolk St
RB Frank Warren, Grambling - broke Walter Payton's rushing records
WR Raymond Webber, UAPB
WR Ronnie Childs, Albany St
WR Lennel Elmore, SC State
OL David Mims, VA Union
OL Johnny Culbreath, SC State
OL Mike Mavromichalis, Albany St
OL Natiel Curry, Bethune
OL Josh Harrison, SC State



Is that the plan....HENNING RETIRES AND POOF....SB BABY!!!!!

Great piece, Armando. Ending the year in style. You put your competitors to shame.



Dennis, agree with the Pats doing the right thing by trading vets for picks. However, we don't have the pipeline of 30 year old studs they do in order to do this. For all the flak the administration gets, they do draft pretty well - not always in the biggest area of need - but good players nonetheless. If we keep these guys under contract and keep drafting well, we can do the same in a few years. Won't thappen this year though - unless it's a D lineman.

Where's Faberge Davis?

"Ross hates losing"
Then he should start having 1 pm starts in home games in September in October in the heat. Historically, that's been a huge advantage.

It's all about the QB. Having a speed receiver is overrated (see Ted Ginn Jr.). The Patriots and Colts don't rely on speed WRs and they put up plenty of points.

As far as the playmaker in the secondary....I told you they should have traded up to get Berry last draft. Odrick plays a position at which the Dolphins are stocked. Misi is average. When you see a guy that's going to be a great player for ten years at a position of need, you find a way to get him.

i doubt the whole wr group is behind henne. they should be smarter than that, but maybe they have to say those things at this time.

mikejohnson, they could also have stayed where they were and took earl thomas. he's been fantastic as expected. odrick better be good.

Mortensen on ESPN is reporting Nolan as a strong possibility for Denver HC.

It would be a shame to lose him if it happens but congrats to him if it does.

Kubiak being retained, one less option.

Anyone who doesn't realize this is a business FIRST is kidding themselves. Wayne H may not have won a trophy, but it was a fantastic investment, he sold the team for 100 of millions profit even shortly after a 1-15 season. Winning is secondary. Sports is entertainment, no different than the movie stars and musicians and red carpets, entertainment and nothing more. Ross didn't plunk his money down to win, he plunk it down for a 5 - 10 year investment just like a piece of property.

0x80 = dying breed

i know bringing in a new head coach wont automatically mean we will win but for the people who want to keep sparano arent you getting sick of watching this guy get outcoached and mis using timeouts and so on almost every week and when a game is tight at the end he looks more lost than wanny did i personally dont want change for the sake of change i want change to have a better head coach and theirs plenty better out there

0x80 is not DB, sorry to disappoint you.

Wow... so many posts and this article has only been up for a few hours. As much as I hate watching my beloved fins loose, this issues does come to coaching. That being said, this team is close and a few plays here and there and you swing at least 4 victories and this team is in the post season.

I think Sparano should stay, the OC its time. As for the QB, Henne is done, Sparano knew it and had it not been for that fluke play CP would be playing and this team has the 4 wins to finish 11-5 or 10-6. People make the argument the WildCat is dead, but I love the wildcat and because of the '08 season every time I see RB back there, I get excited for a 10 yard run and a change in pace enabling playaction and deep passes to Marshall.

Therefore, I suggest in the offseason, Sparano stays Henning goes, Henne goes and we bring back CP, because an early drafted QB cannot be expected to win in the AFC East, not with the Pats, Jets and looking forward Bills.

Asked Thursday whether his performance with Henne can go from good to great with more time together, Marshall said he's ``not sure.''

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com

Aloco may be a "different"....but the latest article from Miami Herald does give the perception that Henne and Marshall are not on the same page....and Marshall is "not sure" if they ever will be...sounds like he wants a QB change....and before you start with the MARSHALL IS A DIVA crap...read the article....the last time a player gave his HC this much love....Randy Moss was smoking Bill Belicheats POLE in a MIN uniform

hahahaa, placing this team in Chad Pennington's hands? Sure you rather not have a crystal vase back there? They are equally as durable.

BTW....i'm back on the Randy Moss to Miami camp....I think this season has humbled and will play exceptional for any team lucky enough to sign him....he will tear up the league for the next 2 years....If we can get him I say GET HIM!!!

If you are referring to my posting, yes I am advocating for CP because the team needs a leader at QB and someone to show how its done. When you see the sideline cameras on good plays and bad plays CP is there mentoring, not someone like McNabb pouting. Yes his arm is not Mannings, or Marino's, but it is safe to say its better than any of the other 14 QB's since Marino.

If we want to "play to win the game...." Then get Herm Edwards for HC!!!

I never in my life playing or watching football have ever seen a man so happy after getting field goals, most coaches get a little upset "settling" for 3 tony loves it and that is reason number one sparano has to go

Dude, at this stage of his life, his arm is not even as good as his wife's

Anyways, guys it's been a great year - despite the disappointment on the field - that will get better.

I'm out,

Nappy New Year to you and yours!

God bless!

Many People think that what they want is for the best of their Team. More times than not, that is not so.

I can't imagine that Ross wants to be on the hook for that amount of money going into an uncertain CBA. But really, the answer is so obvious...replace Henning with an energetic OC (not Josh McDaniels because Nolan needs to stay) who can work with what we have and draft / look to FA for what we don't. The main reason to keep Sparano is a simple one: HE HASN'T LOST THE LOCKER ROOM. No one is calling HIM out. Things don't have to be that drastic.
The QB situation needs to be addressed for 2012. Oddly enough, it was addressed this year when Henne got his shot. When it was time for Sparano to make a change, who knew putting the veteran back in would result in Pennington getting injured on the first play. So then guess what, our back up plan wasn't there so we went back to Henne.
Sparano prepared for a lot of contingencies and if it weren't for all the injuries in the preseason and in the first weeks, we would have been covered going into the post season.

I like Nolan very much, and hate to loose him, but it may be a good thing. It may help Ross make his decision slightly easier! Sparano looses both cordinators and I am almost certain a new special tema coach will also be hired. Sparano is going to have some tough questions to answer to Mr. Ross!

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