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Ross to consider many things, including $$$$$

The Miami Dolphins are not a disaster. Let's get that clear right from the top.

The team was a disaster three years ago when Bill Parcells was hired and he, in turn, hired general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Tony Sparano. In the last three years, Miami hasn't won a championship, but neither has is it become a stagnant organization.

The Dolphins are probably four or five starters from being a Super Bowl contender -- a quarterback, a running back, someone in the defensive backfield that is a dynamic playmaker, a speed receiver, and probably a really good interior offensive lineman.

[UPDATE: Some of you are noting that four or five starters is a lot to ask. Really? Miami's defense this year has a new NT, SOLB, MILB, WOLB, and FS. It would be five new starters if first round pick Jared Odrick had not been injured, which would have put him at RDE and Starks a first-time starter at NT. And the defense went from tied for 25th in the NFL in points allowed to tied for No. 9 currently. Miami's offense is 29th in the NFL in points scored now.]

It is against that backdrop that owner Stephen Ross will decide in the next couple of weeks whether to retain Ireland and Sparano or cut ties and search for a "star" head coach. A "star" coach, by the way, almost certainly comes with his own choice for a general manager, which is why Ireland is in play in this scenario, and his own staff.

Ross would fire Sparano only if he believes he can improve the situation with that star coach, I'm told by one person familiar with the owner's thinking.


Because, at its roots, this decision on a coach is a money decision. Ross hates losing, which is good reason enough, but beyond that, he is bitterly disappointed his grand plan to make Dolphins home games an experience and an event has been spoiled by the fact Miami finished 1-7 at home this year.

It doesn't matter how many concerts, celebrities and face-painters you have at the stadium on game days if the team on the field doesn't win. Fans cannot go home happy without victories. And those that go home frustrated, upset and angry are apt not to come back.

Beyond that, the fans Ross wants to attract who now have reasons to stay away are likely to continue finding other activities to fill their game days.

So Ross is apparently under pressure from within his own circle to make a change.

Those people are telling Ross that a star coach will reinvigorate the fan base, increase season ticket sales, and ultimately help Miami win. Notice the order I just gave you. Some of the business-marketing-partnership people talking to Ross see the business side of changing a coach first and the on-field result as almost secondary.

Money is first in their minds.

So, again, money is a major variable in this coming decision. Well, here's a money matter Ross should weigh before he makes his decision:

If he fires Sparano and brings in a "star" coach who then brings his own general manager type, the cost is going to be exceptional. Ross will be on the hook for paying the final year of Sparano's contract (approximately $3 million), he'll be on the hook for Ireland (approximately $2 million), he'll be on the hook for Bill Parcells ($4 million), he'll be on the hook for assistants (including Mike Nolan), and he hasn't even started paying the folks that will be actually working for him.

Ross will have to pay that "star" coach and that will cost approximately $6-$8 million. He'll have to pay for the new GM, which will be another $2 million or so, and of course, he'll be paying for a new coaching staff while stay paying off the contracts of the assistants still under contract that the new coach does not retain.

Do the math. Changing administrations could cost Ross between $18-$24 million.

No big deal, you say? Really?

Are you aware Ross moved heaven and earth to try to work a $7.9 million relief on his stadium debt payments recently? I'm not saying he's counting his pennies, but I am saying he's not going to dismiss having to possibly pony up $24 million to make a change without some serious thought.

The argument from the business people might be that Ross will make back the money in season-ticket sales. The Dolphins were slightly over 50,000 season tickets this year and believe a new "star" coach could push them another 6,700 to 10,000 more, depending on who it is and what moves the new guy makes in free agency and the draft.

That is, of course, a short-term view of the situation.

It should be noted when Jimmy Johnson took over from Don Shula in 1996, season ticket sales jumped by about 7,000. And the next year they fell back by about 5,000.

When Nick Saban, the hot coach at the time, took over in 2006, season sales actually fell by 2,000. And the hiring of Parcells as the Football Czar didn't help one iota, as sales fell off the table after 2007 from 54,646 to 46,131.

The point is the hiring of a big name doesn't come with a guarantee that ticket sales will soar. And when they have soared in the past, they have leveled off the following year.

So the season ticket argument is a short-sighted one, if history is to be believed.

Think about that. Stephen Ross probably will.


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yes promichael and also hired a stud gm. there gm has made amazing moves, ireland wont do that

im not saying we dont need a qb kris. i want henne gone. point is we can win with an avg qb also if we have great other things

I might(and just might) agree with you, promichael. This upcoming draft was supposed to be all about offensive players, now who knows? At the same time, you cannot butt heads with a wall. All these new rules favor the offence and if you do not see it and take advantage of them, you're behind the Times.

draft blackmon first rd. then a rb in the third

Bill...an average QB will only take you so far....of the QB on my list earlier (playoff teams) watch wich ones get bounced out first....my money is on the ones with no star by thier name.....

I understand you like winning football games, but I a desire to win the ultimate football game..and not once in 15 years because we don't address the QB situation for 13 years....I want to win 3 times in 5 years...because we have the one of the better players in the game at the most important postion in the game.

We can agree to disagree Bill...we did it respectfully and thats the way to start off the New Year....none of us have all the answers....or our names would be Bill Belicheck...ot in your case Cowher

True Oscar...if these guy stay...they need to draft some dynamic offensive guys....

It looks like in the AFC EAST you will need to be around 11-12 win every year to make the playoffs.....so that means you have to be able to score....

12 wins will get you in for sure...but it may not be enough to win the AFC EAST....I woudn't want to be in these guys shoes...

What coach would?

go fins!

I only wanted you to be steady, Sonia...ohmy, ohmyy.

Baltimore will probably go 12-4 and and be a wild card.....its not getting any easier.....

Then they will go on the road and lose to the 9-7 Colts and all the fans here will be calling for the firing of Jim Harbaugh (HC) and the lynching of Cam Camron.....they sound alot like us....except they win....WTF are they complaining about

john harbaugh. wish we would hire jim harbaugh. soon they will have 7 teams make the playoffs and play 18 games.

ohhh...i always get them cofused....i started to just say Harbaugh

Tony will get the ax mid seaon next yr nolan will get interim and we will see a new coach in 2012 which will be a rebuilding yr

tonys gone in a few weeks

On this new years day, I offer a gift to Chad Henne. A gift he needs to watch over and over. Watch and learn as Dan Marino scanned the field UNrobotically, let the play develop while the ball was already in the air, look off defenders, lead his receivers, trust his receivers and most of all, take chances down field. The last one is important because that is where it is usually Mano e Mano. He has a fifty percent chance that's as good as it gets for Henne most days. Also a gift to you guys, my fellow Dolfans, to help realize how good we had it and of how good it could eventually be again. Keep the faith! Happy New Year!


No good Coach worries about the SB. Mainly, get the best personnel possible and teach them to execute. The rest....

Yahoo sports repoting that Tony gets the axe...Armando making the case that he stays....I'm not even sure Mr. Ross knows what he wants to do....I am sure about this...every minute after 4PM on sunday that Tony isn't fired means he is closer to being brought back...So time is of the essence on these things

my guess is hes gone by next friday

Does not matter, the Air is clearer.

The New York Jets drafted Vernon Gholston sixth overall in 2008. He was supposed to be a relentless, overbearing, quarterback-attacking machine. Gholston enters Sunday's regular-season finale against the Buffalo Bills still searching for his first NFL sack.

Since Gholston entered the NFL, 636 players have recorded at least a half sack. Among that large group are 110 undrafted players.

things will get worse on sunday when henne does what he does best and throw picks and overthrow all his receivers. henne needs to do what he needs to do on sundays, but his time will be over after sunday anyway.



The only cost of changing coaches is the cost of the new guys. You pay the current guys regardless of whether they stay or go.

To all the Marshall haters:

NO, NO, NO... you have it wrong. 3rd most drops? That's as misleading a stat as Henne's that say he's a good QB. Marshall had four drops that were his fault. Four. The rest were because Henne overthrew, underthrew or threw behind him. Did you folks watch the games this season or do you just read the stat sheet on ESPN? By your standards, then, Henne is as good as Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Colt McCoy, etc.? Come on. Stats only mean something when taken in context.

As for Cowher or Gruden. Not my bag. Dungy, yes. Garrett, perhaps. Nolan, perhaps.

(Sadly,) I think Sparano will be kept on, Garrett will be brought in as OC (please, not McDaniel - although he and Ireland would make the dynamic duo of inappropriate behavior - and talk about making BM unhappy!), Nolan (if they can keep him) will get a pay raise.

Henne will be kept because of the lack of choices out there but will compete.

Draft and FA-wise, if Ireland can pull his head out of his patoot, he'll look for interior line help - and, possibly, a RT and move Carey (although I like Jerry), a speedy WR to compliment and free up the Beast, a speedy, lateral runner (if Sheets isn't the answer), a pass-catching TE, more depth at corner, more depth at safety (or a starting FS, with Jones going to SS to eventually replace the aging Bell). I like the idea of trading down for more picks. Our organization is abysmal at stockpiling picks. How do the Pats continually do this?

I do not think they will draft a QB. They should, but, if Sparano is still here, Henne will get the call, again. Maybe they bring in an Orton-type guy to compete. A lot fo people are calling for Kolb. I haven't seen enough to justify the picks this would take. We lack picks so badly and I'm not sure they give up more for a guy who isn't named Manning/Brady/Brees.

Mando, true, you say "only" 5 players. But man, you're talking some of the HARDEST positions to acquire true quality. 4 out of 5 (RB's can be found low round or FA)
I would be satisfied with a stud TE and real QB of the future.
Well, OK a speed receiver too. LOL

Happy New Year to you, and all here, except Jests trolls.

presented with your well thought out comments regarding Ross's options and the financial consequences, if I were he, and as the NFL is first and foremost , to MOST owners a business, I keep Sparano, a couple of coaches, and cut my losses that way.
However, I'd hire a truly experienced and SUCCESSFUL GM. Seems I've said this next statement the last 5-6 years, but THIS DRAFT will be determiner of whether we become a real player in the NFL, or another 3-4 years pf being an also ran.

When games are on the line and you're down by a TD with Two minutes left a running game won't win it for you. A QB wins it. A good to great QB not an average one. Henne has no feel for the position. He plays with zero instinct or pocket feel. He can't feel pressure and never let's plays develop. Over half of passes completed for big gains in the league are thrown before the receiver web makes his break. That means throw the ball before the WR is open. Trust the play and player. He doesn't ever do that. He is not even average and never will be. Period.

it is not that easy to get 5 goog starters especially a qb, there are at least 10 to 12 teams going to be looking for a franchise qb next year

The reason we lost home field advantage is because we don't have a home field. We have a bar, restaurants and clubs. These "fans" are busy doing other things and partying and not cheering the club. The real fans can't get a ticket that is decent under a 100 dollars. I have season tickets for 36 years and every year more and more stop renewing and I am at the 25 yard line dolphin side! People can't afford it. We are true blue fans and have sat thru mostly bad for 35 years. But paying 250 just to get you and your spouse in the door with parking is ridiculous. Watching all the corporate people around you and the clubbing going on upstairs takes away from the game. Bring back the real fans who real and scream and live and breath Dolphins. That's what will get us the results he is looking for.

You didn't mention that without a new contract all of the coaching staff owuld be lame duck coaches. Something I'm sure none of them wish to endure! Buyouts for less than their contracts would be practicle & feasible thus reducing Ross' out of pocket expenses.

I live in Ohio and only get to watch the Dolphins on TV. When watching games on TV you can usually get a feel for what's happening in the stadium. Here's my observation. Joe Robbie Stadium is an enormous complex and was state of the art 20 years ago. When watching, the stadium is typically about 75 - 80% full; places like Philthadelphia, Pissburg, and NE are usually running over with fans.....so, while watching I come to the conclusion that the team is not well supported locally. Why is the team not supported well locally? Probably because the game results are not favorable to the fans of the home team. Also, while watching, I see alot of jerseys and shirts of the away team being worn by fans in Joe Robbie.....away fans come out when they have a feel that they're going to win. When I first moved to Ohio, I went to Indy and Cincy to watch the Dolphins; why...because I had a positive feeling they would beat the Colts and Bengals in those games. I'm tired of hearing the freakin JETS chant in Joe Robbie!!!

So, you want to make money with the Team, the get committed to winning, and winning at home! Then when I watch games on TV, I see a full stadium; filled with fans that make alot of noise and love their team.....that what we want Mr. Ross; A team that we can count on to not embarrass us on or off the field and a team that wins at home.

From a marketing standpoint, a Dolphins is a very marketable mammal. And just look at how much Cardinals "Stuff" was purchased just 2 tears ago when that lowly franchise decided to get good for a year or two. However, we don't want just one or 2 years we want to perpetually be a +500 team....just like we used to be under Shula.

So Mr.Ross, what do the fans want?
1. We want ownership to prove to us that you're committed to winning NFL football games; and not running a circus
2. We want consecutive/perpetual winning seasons, just like we used to get under Shula and Robbie
3. We want to have confidence, that when we pay money to come to home games or go out to a sports bar to watch the game, that we'll not have to leave embarrassed; and hear on the way out of the facility that BS JETS chant....or Nah, nah, nah, nah, good by...from the away team while we leave our stadium
4. We want to call Joe Robbie "Our Stadium" as in not on our Home field....we want to experience home field advantage!!!

What do you get:
1. A filled up stadium. Filled with local fans, and fans flying in for games. flying in from places like Dayton Ohio and Berwick PA.
2. We buy more Jerseys and hats, and other "Stuff". Not just for us but for our young kids. And people buy us stuff.
3. You get to feel pridefull of what you've built and provided to your fanbase
4. You make alot, alot, of money

So, it's not cowher, or gruden, or parcells, saban, johnson, or any other big name. It's getting committed to getting your organization to field a better product. You have to get these guys to not just come into work. but to put 110% of themselves into their work and output. The output these guys are producing is flawed; it's because of how the assembly line is configured, and that the QA department is closly tied to the assembly line.

If Ross loves stars in the ownership ranks then he should hire one for the sideline (i.e. Cowher, Gruden, Santa Claus..) Having a no name coach and a bunch of mediocre talent around one or two really good players (i.e Marshall, Dansby) isn't a recipe for success. Find a real quarterback, and it doesn't have to be the next Joe Montana, but a recognized name. Hell even Kyle Orton would excite me, at least he knows how to look off DB's. Please dump Ronnie Brown!!!! We need a real running back with some speed. Brown is so slow and plodding. We have Polite for short yardage and Ricky for a change up but we need a fast back that can actually break one and not "always" get caught from behind. Let's try one more thing, change the lame ass uniforms. My god, the plain stripes, the wimpy over abundance of white and the teal just isn't intimidating. New England, Tampa, Denver and Seattle all changed theirs a few years back and each one ended up in superbowls. I know this sounds crazy but what if it works...

how about chad pennington as quarterback coach or OC? just a thought

getting ready to give up my season tickets after 21 years. they are if you can beleve it rasing prices to season ticket holders whose lease is up


No change in Miami Dolphins coaching staff and front office? Let's see, 20,000 season tickets lost at an average of $2,000 per ticket per year = $40,000,000. That's boku money, but that still doesn't include money lost in purchases at the concession stands. That's even more boku money.

That was the thought with the D last year Mando. The O actually carried us last year. I hope it's as simple as you stated here 5-6 players? We did good from a D perspective last year, I doubt we can do that 2 years in a row. Plus, we got nothing to trade (Brown is worth nothing this year). It's the entire OL at this time, one OL isn't the solution either!

I think Sparano's done, the $24 million is nothing when you look at lost revenues in commercial products. One big name player can make all the difference like the Heat with three big stars. I say, he has no choice and you're right it's all about the Benjamin's.

That's my two cents.

I am not renewing my $6400 season tickets for 4 club seats.

Morono and Ireland can't handle the job so I refuse to keep wasting money in this pathetic franchise.

This teamis in the perfect position to rob peter to pay paul. This is a very good defense that could loose some key pieces and would experience little to no drop off. If Yeramiah Bell were to be traded, Clemons could be moved to SS and Jones could start at FS. If Channing Crowder were traded, Dobbins could step in and fill that role admirably. That leaves Culver and Amaya as reserves and AJ Edds or a late pick to back up Dobbins. Mike Nolan may have some pull in bringing in Champ Bailey, which would give us a playmaker in the secondary and provide depth. I also really like Mike Mohammed ILB from Cal. He may slide to 3rd or 4 th round because of height. He could start immediately, nonstop motor - hard hitter -nose for the ball. Starks could be traded. I stay starks because he provides the most value without loosing too much. So lets recap: resign Soliai, Dobbins, and McDaniel - trade Starks Crowder Bell for picks to fix the o
E Langford Baker
T Soliai
E McDaniel Merling Odrick
WB Wake Moses
MLB Dansby
ILB Mohammed/Dobbins
SB Misi Edds
CB Bailey Carroll Ness
FS Jones Culver (late pick)
SS Clemons Amaya
CB Davis Smith

What do you guys think we could get in picks for these guys? I say in order of value: Starks Bell Crowder
Package two of them to a weak defensive team like Houston?
2nd, 2nd
1st and 4th?

We should also get a pretty high comp pick for loosing Taylor and Porter, right? 3rd or 4th?

Bell and Starks- 2nd
Crowder- 5th
Comp for Taylor and Porter - 3rd

1 Ryan Broyles WR OU
2 Marcus Cannon OG TCU
3 Mike Mohammed ILB Cal
3 Noel Devine RB WV
4 Vai Taua FB Nevada
5 Kyle Hix T Texas
5 Secondary Depth
6 Lee Smith TE Marshall
7 LB Depth
7 DL Depth

If Ro$$ cared about winning he never would of cost us our "Home Feild Advantage" by pleading with the NFL to move games from 1p.m., so it would "improve" the fan experiance. I don't give a damm how hot is if we are winning games. Do you think Buffalo would turn the heat on in December?

The staff is the problem. PERIOD! Henning calls plays like he's in the little leagues. Ireland has no eye for talent at all. And Sparano is jumping up and down pumping his fist on a friggin field goal, all because, once again, they can't get 6 in the red zone!! Ross, you are making a big mistake if you don't clean house and if you retain these bums, the team will still be a non contender and the ticket sales will drop even further. Can you spell BLACKOUTS!!!!!????

OH sorry. I'm so pissed right now I forgot to mention that other bum Henne. NOT a starting QB in the NFL. DRAFT a friggin real QB! Does Matt Ryan ring a deal you nimrods!?

DC....NO WAY....and I am rarely this definitive on a subject....but NO WAY is SPorano brought back.....write it down...take a picture....cut and paste...SAVE THIS POST!

At the very least Sunglass man is gone!

I guess every one went to bed and left me holding the last post....well....skip it...i'm going to bed too

i'll agree with that Bill...but we even getting a Vet to steer the trip for 2 years or so.....we still need to draft our future....and the better we do during the season the futher away we get from him....unless Ireland REALLY gets deep in the books and finds us the next STAR from Delaware....

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