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Sparano has no endorsement but gives one to Henning

Tony Sparano has not seen Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is some time and consequently has not received any assurances he will continue to be the Dolphins head coach in 2011. But, in case you're wondering, he is endorsing offensive coordinator Dan Henning as his guy.

Sparano was asked during today's press conference if he has met with Ross recently.

“I haven’t visited with him, no, and that’s not my problem right now,” Sparano said. “My problem is to get ready for the Detroit Lions. That’s what I’m charged with.”

For the sake of clarification, I asked Sparano if he's received any sort of endorsement or assurance from Ross that he will be the Miami coach in 2010. He has not.

“I just need to get my team to get ready to play this week," he said. "That's what I need to do. Everything is else is beyond my control. Let someone else deal with it."

Sparano must deal with picking a coach to run Miami's offense in 2011. I have reported previously that most people in the Dolphins facility expect offensive coordinator Dan Henning to retire. But if Henning were to get a wild-hair idea about returning in 2011 after his unit finished 31st in the NFL in scoring (where it currently ranks), Sparano sounds like he'd be fine with that.

“I think that Dan Henning, for Tony Sparano, has been tremendous,” Sparano said, using the often fatal third-person reference to himself in his speech. “I think the guy has done a wonderful job during my time here. I look at the entire body of work, you guys just look at the last three or four games.

"I look at the whole body of work and this guy has done a tremendous job. He’s the same guy that we were all talking about, ‘Man oh man, he finds the ways to use the personnel to the best of their ability.’ That was you people saying that not me. So I would tell you for Tony Sparano Dan Henning has been tremendous. It's easy to point blame, fellas, and I get it. it comes with the territory. That's the way it goes. I need to do a better job. Tony Sparano needs to do a better job.”

Here's my thinking: Sparano went overboard to defend Henning. I don't believe that was by accident. And I hope he fully intends to see Henning off with a gold watch or whatever the Dolphins give their retiring assistants who had terrible seasons.

Ultimately, Sparano will be judged by whether, in fact, Henning returns next year. I believe if he makes the pitch to Ross that he just made to the public about Henning, he will lose all credibility with the owner. I don't think that will happen. I think, I hope that was just for public consumption.

I just wish coach would realize we're not stupid. Dumb, maybe. But not stupid. We understand he's saying something that ultimately won't mean squat. So why say it and hurt your credibility?

... Unless, of course, he actually means this stuff with the zeal he used, in which case I would seriously worry about this franchise's future.


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See ya, Tony. Keep it up, Parcells will surely do his best to set you up somewhere for being such a wonderful, loyal puppet.

The fist pumper has gone the way of the dark side...........

Oh boy, cant wait to see if Miami can score more then 160 points next season....

He also defended Pasqualoni and then fired him immediately at the end of the season.

With the exception of Nolan and the defense this team has been out coached in all aspects of the game.

the menace is back ,another beautiful day is wasted .

Send henning and Sparano to Canada. they need to learn in the pee wee leagues first.

I know he's gotta practice political correctness & not throw his coaches or players under the bus. BUT, based on those little snippets , I think it's clearly evident that Sparano is clueless.

He only has to watch what the offense is doing on a weekly basis to know he hasn't been tremendous. If he can fire his ST coach for poor execution, he can be critical of his offensive coordinator. That fact that he isn't shows the Tuna's men will stick together to the end.

Hopefully, the end is in 2 weeks.

Sparano is the problem. I'd say its 50/50 sparano and Ireland are back right now. Henning will be gone next year for sure.

You should have asked him your offense is 31st in scoring in NFL. Don't you think the OC has something to do with that?

Armando...this is perhaps the most hilarious post of all time....right up there on the level of Mr. Soild Bottoms and Odinseye respectively...keep them comming my friend...keep them comming.

Happy Holidays

If they were Fin's fans they would tender their own resignations immediately! Henning, Sparano, and Ireland are only there for the paychecks1

If Sparano was his guy Ross would be defending him. He is staying as far as possible away from him.. With Parcells gone there is no need for Sparano and Ireland and Henning. Ross wants a new GM and coach.

Sad - for all our injuries and lackluster play we should still have 3 or more wins. Playing not to lose is killing this team and the offensive playcalling is clueless. If Sparano doesn't lose his job for Henning's offense, he may lose it for the awful offensive line we managed to piece together. We should be closer to what the Jets are than Cleveland or Detroit. How long to the draft?

With this time, even when you're winning you're losing. Our offense is pathetic. I guess he's too blind to see that?

Here's what Parcells brought to this organization:

Paul Pasqualoni: FIRED
Bonamego (a holdover): FIRED
Ireland: MIXED

Can Ross wipe off the Parcells era once and for all? Parcells has proven that he can coach - but not manage FO. Seriously, are we going to have to wait till next year to see that Sparano is a fraud? Can't we just expedite the matter and get rid of both Henning and Sparano in 2 weeks?

His entire body of work? You mean when DAVID LEE gift-wrapped him the wildcat that took the rest of the league 1.5 seasons to figure out?

And when they did...

I'm in the camp of bringing Sparano back next season. The players play hard for him each and every week. However, if he has any intention of bringing back Henning next year he needs to be fired before the words are out of his mouth. this team needs to get back next season and it's not going to get any better by bringing back the same pieces and plans that didn't work this season. Time for some dynamic and aggressive like Nolan for the offence. Anything else and it's 'see ya later, Tony'!

Well, I'm not necessarily against keeping Sparano. But if he really wants to keep Henning around, then I say they both need to go. I'd like to think that Sparano is lying than that he can't see how bad a job Henning has been doing this year.

Craig M,
I think sparano needs to go also. he's an offensive coach and I bet a lot of the plays henning calls have sparanos approval. I really think its not just the OC is the offensive philosophy. Sparano needs to also.

Tremendous? Really? Tremendous?

Ya I agree keep sparano get a new oc I think the only reason he hasn't canned henning is cuz of the history between oc and parcells

The mere fact that sparano has not shaped up henning, or overruled some of the idiotic calls tells me he has to go.

very sad.

I would like to see henne with a new oc maybe draft a qb in first round if henne still is robo cop

Sorry Craig, but it is time to get the stench of rotting tuna out of Miami once and for all. Bring in Bill or Jon, the players are pro's they play for whoever is there, Sparano is a never was and never will be, just one of the Tuna's minions.

I think you folks are wrong calling for Sparano's head. I think CONTINUITY is as important as talent. Sparano is liked by his players, and has done a reasonable job on the field. Dan Henning got run out of Carolina for running the SAME OFFENSE has he is running in Miami. Sparano, as head coach, did a great job in getting rid of Pasquolini, and he has gotten some crap handed to him on "roster churning" for Special Teams folks.

Ireland is the one I just don't know. How much of the decisions made over the past 3 years were his? Yes, there have been the Wilfords, the Jake Groves, and the Justin Smileys. But there has also been the Pennington, the Carpenter, the Wake, Bess, the trade for Marshall, Long. I don't think you can fire him over Henne alone- it is a crap shoot on QB's at best. Heck, Shula couldn't find a running back his last 15 years.

So, my vote (for what that matters) is to keep both for at least another year...

Ya maybe keep him as a o line coach

I seen the whole body of work and henning needs to go. I supported sparano all this time. Now he needs to go. He sugar coats everything and is to political with no guts. Plays not to loose. Been a dolphin fan all my life. If sparano, henning or robot henne return next year I won't look at a single game cause I know what the result will be..another pathetic season. Hope Ross does what he has to.

If real coaches are available, Ross would be foolish not to talk to them, this offense has been a fiasco.


You don't know that. It could very well be that Sparano let's his co-ordinators run the game and call their own plays. He may let them have complete carte-blanche when it comes to running the game. It sounds like, at least from what's he's saying publicly that he has a lot of respect for Henning.

And the fear is, that if you bring a new HC in, he rips EVERYTHING up and starts over and that MAY include bringing his OWN DC in to run things or running a different scheme. It would all be too much change, especially with a lockout looming at the coaches not having access to the players during this time. It's a recipe for disaster.

Keep Sparano for an O-line coach?

Our O-line, the supposed strength of the team has been TERRIBLE. Long is playing with an injury and they still suck

Sparano always defends his players and his coaches. Did you expect anything different? Bottom line is Ross will decide on what needs to be done. These 2 can only wait and see.

Ireland has to stay!!! and Nolan too!! WE ARE NOT UNDER CONSTRUTION PEOPLE!!!

Just need a qb or rb that can spark the offense, i agree henning must go, and maybe sparano too, they are too conservative.

But this team has had conservative coaches all the time, Wanstead, Saban and Cam were conservative minds.

So you only get what you ask for.

We can dream about getting Cowher but that is as far as changes we have to make.

Wade Phillips was liked by his players. Look at him. What with this mamby pamby like crap? Most of the players hated shula but they respected the hell out of him. Same with parcells when he was not a sag titted fraud and actually coached a super bowl winner.

Eros was the only guy here to see it for what it is. It is the HC's job to keep the team focused and together. It would be completely idiotic to through Henning under the bus now. he did the same with Pasqualoni and Bonamego but fired them both - wisely. Sparano has no problem making the smart decisions - sometimes too late.

Why trash a guy who you know is leaving anyway? Sparano might have spoke differently if he knew he had to fire this guy at the end of the season, but since he doesnt, why throw him under the bus?

Now should Henning decide he wants to stay, and Sparano lets him, then they both need to go..

Matt in NC,

Great post at 2:04pm. I'm in the same camp as you on the matter.

Expect Carl Peterson to take this team over in the next year or 2 and probably put some fool like Shottenheimer in. Sparano/Ireland are as good as gone.
Cowher is a pipe dream...he will not go anywhere without a decent QB currently in place.

I like Sparano, but I don’t see how anyone can defend his decision making because as the head coach the buck stops with him. Henning is predictable because he has his hands tied by Henne’s deficiencies. The guy doesn’t want the ball in his hands with the game on the line. That wild cat play call is a result of Henne having no spine with the game on the line.
Ronnie Brown is a bust he has been a bust as a number 1 running back. If not for a gimmick play Ronnie would be a complete bust. This team has NO speed on offense! We either have the worst Coaches or we are overestimating the talent we think we have on offense. In my opinion it’s both.

The fact that he was ok with the Wildcat call on 2nd & 10 under 2 minutes shows he is not HC material. Instead of trying to make plays to win the game, he was Ok with making plays good enough to be lucky enough to tie the game.

This team & QB have been finding it hard enough to win without the coaches inept decisions putting them in tough situations. The Sparano experiment is OVER.


The players may have liked Phllips on Dallas but they didn't play for Wade the way the players play for Sparano. They didn't practice in Dallas hard enough and it showed up in the games. He may have been a nice guy but he didn't demand the effort the way Sparano demands the effort. If you don't play and practice hard with Sparano you will see the bench (see Jason Allen, Sean Smith, Vontae Davis, Jerry, Clemons). That's how we roll, baby!

Yes the CBA will throw a wrinkle but I bet if Ross can get Cowher he'll break it up this year.
Lets say they bring in josh macdaniels. Do you really think sparano will allow him to run a pats type offense here? No way. I bet the offense will be similar to henning offense no matter who is the OC as long as sparano is the HC.
But if I'm wrong then sparano is an idiot for allowing hennig to run whatever he wants to run. Sparano was the OC for dallas that last year of Parcells dallas coaching days. I would think he'd have a big say what plays are run every week because he's offensive minded coach

Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I wouldn't be surprise if another team tries to woo Nolan away with more money or HC position.

Joe Schmoe for GM

Sparano just put the noose around his own neck....by his own words he has lost all credibility with most of us, how could he not lose credibility with Ross! No wonder the owner has stayed away from the team, Parcells ran away months ago. Like rats jumping off a sinking ship! I was for Sparano staying, but after these last comments I think Sparano and Henning must go. Too many failures on offense and you can't blame the majority on the players. Our offense has been transparent to almost all of our opponents all season, our defense has not. Do whatever you can to keep Nolan and get a new HC and OC Mr. Ross. If Sparano didn't want to hurt Henning or be disloyal to him, he didn't have to say anything.

redsky, hopefully someone will kick out the stool.


Who says he was OK with the wildcat at the end of the game? He lets his coaches make the calls and run the game. Why are you faulting him for that. Is it not the co-ordinators role to be the game caller, to be the expert? Henning has been doing it for so many years, now he's earned the right to do it. You and me and everyone else may not agree with but it's how things are done on this team. And keep in mind, what Sparano says for public consumption is one thing.....what he says behind closed doors to his coaches and players is another thing entirely.

Craig M:

At last im with you in this one.

Henning is a bye bye, if you finish 31 and you employ brandon marshall, jake long, ronnie/ricky. you have to be fired all things said.

Sparano must stay but has to be talk out the conservative decisions he keeps making, he has to challenge when time comes, he has to throw when is needed, you can't expect to have 10 points on the board and defend them to dead, the rules of the NFL are set so the scores raise up high, so he has to improve in this area.

Henne must have competition, in training camp, in preseason and all 2011, if he is not the answer(that I think he is not) we have to be prepared.

Nolan and Ireland must continue too, the defense has been just plain great, even though too many youngs they have performed formidably and Ireland brought marshall and dansby plus vontae and jake, sounds like a ok deal for me, no team get 100% wonderful players in each draft.

If I'm the owner, I don't even give Sparano a CHANCE to form his coaching staff. I fire Henning today, and notify Sparano through the papers, and tell him he better get on finding a new OC for the team, because Henning's services are no longer necessary here in Miami. That's how you fix that situation.

We've got 2 good tackles on the o-line and that's it. We need to find 2 guards and a center. We also need a RB who can hit a HR once in a while. We also need to add speed to our WR's. Devone Bess and Brian Harline are good, but we need again a guy who can hit a HR once in a while, like a DeSean Jackson, Calvin Johnson, Mike Wallace, Reggie Wayne, etc etc... We also need someone to come in and at the very least compete with Henne for the starting job. Having said all that, let's also remember that our defense was just as pathetic last year as our offense is this year. With the right changes, it can happen in one offseason. Question is can Jeff Ireland do it? Or do you want someone else? That's another decision Ross needs to make. The results thus far have been mixed with Ireland. Some good, some terrible.

CraigM, Sparano IS the head coach. The buck stops with him. Coordinators should take their orders from him. If Sparano is too loyal to take power away or question coaches calls or allows them free reign, it tells me he is NOT HC material. At some point, when things go to sh*t, you have to step in and try to make things right. ALL we've seen from Miami this year is more of the same!

As HC when you see your offense performing poorly, even for a pee wee league team, YOU STEP IN & TAKE CONTROL. Not sit back & defend your coaches. Been saying it since early in the season, it's time Sparano & Henning joined Tuna in exile.

Translation: I think Dan is an offensive genius. But the way theings turned out this year, somebody has to go and I don't want it to be me.

But if we're still around next year, Jeff and I will find a GM that has similar a offensive philosophy.

Yeah Craig, they play awesome for Tony especially at home.

For the record: Sparano and Henning have been good for That Guy.

Never say bad things about your boss or co- workers. It's a small world, after all. If I'm interviewing some guy for a job and he's ragging on his old boss, I am not even going to give him the chance to do the same to me some day. Tip for youngins in the biz world...your boss is "the greatest person in the world". Say that in an interview and you'll be amazed how much more likely they are to hire you and have you say the same good things about them someday. Who knows ... Sparano may be working for Henning next time.

Off the record: Sparano and Henning suck and have been horrible for That Guy.

On January 2nd around 3:15PM Central Standard time, I will be putting up a "For Sale" sign in Dan Henning's front yard. Im thinking about calling Mayflower and having them on stand by!!!

Sparano wants to be a "good" guy. Stand up for his men. But those comments are patently false. Henning has been horrible these past 3 years. Our offense has been out of sync the WHOLE time. There's absolutely NO fluidity to it.

And Sparano thinks Henning is tremendous. Well, if that's Sparano's idea of tremendous, maybe he needs to go with Henning. Then maybe he'll learn that the owner pays the coach and the fans pay the owner. So if you want to have a broke owner, keep doing what you're doing Tony. Cause next week you might be playing to a stadium full of birds (not sure who would be dumb (and/or bored) enough to see a Dolphins game live.

Craigm - Who says he was OK with the wildcat at the end of the game?

I do believe in his post game conference yesterday he said that. Right there proves he is too conservative and has the wrong mentality to be a head coach. You should want to WIN a game, not settle for going into overtime.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"“I think that Dan Henning/Dick Chaney, for Tony Sparano/George Bush, has been tremendous,” Sparano/Bush said, using the often fatal third-person reference to himself"

Whatever you do Mr. Stephan Ross I wouldn't go hunting with Dan Henning.

Soiled :)

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