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Sparano has no endorsement but gives one to Henning

Tony Sparano has not seen Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is some time and consequently has not received any assurances he will continue to be the Dolphins head coach in 2011. But, in case you're wondering, he is endorsing offensive coordinator Dan Henning as his guy.

Sparano was asked during today's press conference if he has met with Ross recently.

“I haven’t visited with him, no, and that’s not my problem right now,” Sparano said. “My problem is to get ready for the Detroit Lions. That’s what I’m charged with.”

For the sake of clarification, I asked Sparano if he's received any sort of endorsement or assurance from Ross that he will be the Miami coach in 2010. He has not.

“I just need to get my team to get ready to play this week," he said. "That's what I need to do. Everything is else is beyond my control. Let someone else deal with it."

Sparano must deal with picking a coach to run Miami's offense in 2011. I have reported previously that most people in the Dolphins facility expect offensive coordinator Dan Henning to retire. But if Henning were to get a wild-hair idea about returning in 2011 after his unit finished 31st in the NFL in scoring (where it currently ranks), Sparano sounds like he'd be fine with that.

“I think that Dan Henning, for Tony Sparano, has been tremendous,” Sparano said, using the often fatal third-person reference to himself in his speech. “I think the guy has done a wonderful job during my time here. I look at the entire body of work, you guys just look at the last three or four games.

"I look at the whole body of work and this guy has done a tremendous job. He’s the same guy that we were all talking about, ‘Man oh man, he finds the ways to use the personnel to the best of their ability.’ That was you people saying that not me. So I would tell you for Tony Sparano Dan Henning has been tremendous. It's easy to point blame, fellas, and I get it. it comes with the territory. That's the way it goes. I need to do a better job. Tony Sparano needs to do a better job.”

Here's my thinking: Sparano went overboard to defend Henning. I don't believe that was by accident. And I hope he fully intends to see Henning off with a gold watch or whatever the Dolphins give their retiring assistants who had terrible seasons.

Ultimately, Sparano will be judged by whether, in fact, Henning returns next year. I believe if he makes the pitch to Ross that he just made to the public about Henning, he will lose all credibility with the owner. I don't think that will happen. I think, I hope that was just for public consumption.

I just wish coach would realize we're not stupid. Dumb, maybe. But not stupid. We understand he's saying something that ultimately won't mean squat. So why say it and hurt your credibility?

... Unless, of course, he actually means this stuff with the zeal he used, in which case I would seriously worry about this franchise's future.


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Ross: Tony assuming we let you finish out your contract next season, what's the "Big Plan" for finding an offensive coordinator and getting this offense back on track?

Sporano: Well, ah, Steve..........

Ross: It's Stephen, but you can just call Mr. Ross.

Sporano: Ok, well, ah.....Mr. Ross, I was thinking you know we don't have to let Dan get away, um, you see, we could back a............

Ross: SILENCE! If you think for one second that I would.........

Sporano: Stev.......ah, Mr. Ross, I was just joki........

Ross: Shut up Tony and don't you EVER interupt me again!

Sporano: I was joking Mr. Ross just trying to ah, um, you know, bring a, ah, little levity to a very serious situation.

Ross: Save the humor Tony, that joke of an offense is all the comedy I can stand at the moment. We have got to bring in someone that can make my fellow allumni finally realize his Pro Bowl capabilities. I want to hear "The Plan"

Sporano: The Plan, yeah, well you see, we got the draft and uh, Free Agency, ah see, of course, the thing about "The Plan" and all you know, ah, well.............

Ross: You don't have a clue do you Tony?

Sporano: David Lee? Bill always says to promote from within, Mr. Ross, how about David Lee? Mr. Ross? Mr. Ross where are you going? I was just kidding ya there, just breaking the ice..................Mr Ross?............................


Here's a sample scouting report from an advanced scout on Henne (This from the SS):
"Henne can't look off a safety, stares down his receivers and is inaccurate on deep throws. He can easily be forced to checkdown passes." Sounds to me like a perfect description of what we've been seeing for the last month. A lot of people think he's the next Kyle Boller. By the way, Jon Kitna has a QB rating of 90.4. Henne is 77.6. Yikes...

I also think at times Henne's drop back seems a little slow. If a wr is immediately open just the length of time it takes Henne to set up is like having a extra defender on the field for defense.

Things happen so fast in the nfl that being a hair late dropping back by the qb can be a huge disadvantage to the offense. Most times Henne doesnt look real fluid with his dropbacks. Looks kind of like he lumbers back.

Wow odinseye...LOL!! You've got one heck of an imagination. Was that a dream you had last night or something? LOL!!

Can't argue with that report but those are technical issues which a young guy like Henne might overcome. But what bothers me are things like with the mentorship of Pennington, who is across the board considered a great leader, none of that appears to have rubbed off. Really?

If I were Henne's qb coach I would have him take offseason dance lessons to help him build better coordination on his feet. For a qb if you correct the feet you automatically correct the arm. The arm always follows the feet.

When does Dancing with the Stars start again?

Henne looks uncomfortable in the pocket at times because the body becomes awkward about the same exact time the feet become awkward. I believe offseason dance classes can help fix this provided Henne does it for at 2-3 straight offseason. Each new season he'll look better than season prior.

However, the other most glaring problem Henne has is not reading blitzes at the line. Peyton Manning starts screaming up and down the l.o.s at his recievers. Mainly at his designated hot read. Henne at the l.o.s and it seems like just another normal pass play. Not checking in to the hot read or anything.

To complicate matters worse he almost always drift right into the blitz like he never saw it coming. That's what frustrates me most. Even I can see it coming and Im not playing qb.

Manning dictates to the defense. Defenses dictate to our offense. How many times have Miami offensive players and coaches said this year "we took what the defense gave us". Screw that, it's skewed in the offense's advantage. You take what you want and leave the defense with your scraps.

I expect the next interesting blog to be sometime in January when Ross says Tony is staying another year. The draft won't be remotely interesting for anybody picking outside the top 10. So, then, I expect the blog here to degrade steadily until around late August, when people start fooling themselves once again into thinking we just may have a contender this year. In order to contend, you need a head coach that has better than a 5th grade command of the English language and who is at least capable of outwitting a house fly. Unfortunately that isn't TS.


I dont know but what I do know is that all of the successful qb's seem to be a little more graceful on thier feet. The stiff lumbering qb's like Henne seem to always have inconsistent mixed results both ways.

The guys definitely needs to do something during the offseason which helps to improve grace coordination, and balance while moving on your feet. Mentality he just now needs to recognize the blitz at the l.o.s, call the hot read, and if not available look quickly to the second read. When second read not immediately open mentally recognize playover and hurryedly throw it away.

That's still just as good as a sack for the defense but you didnt have to lose the yardage to boot. So the play ends in a draw.

Counting on Pennington and duct tape was just another blunder by the F.O. A monumental blunder of epic proportions, but just another blunder all the same.

Montreal, in all serious(snicker, snicker), I am/was(?), the biggest Henne fan there is. It is what it is, and be happy to see how hw does with a realn offensive coordinator. I don't want to get to overly optimistic over Henne, AGAIN-LOL. But hey, if he survived 3 years of camp henning, you just never know.

I've been saying this for 3 years and yes, ESPECIALLY when we went 11-5. It made me sick, all I could wonder is, great how much more time will this buy Henning.

The fact is Henning was the biggest problem here. Until he leaves EVERYTHING else is a MOOT POINT. I honestly believe with every ounce of my being, it didn't matter that we drafted Henne or Ryan. I don't even think Brady could have made Hennings system and playcalling work.

Henne may or may not be the guy. At this point I don't even care. We got a top 5 defense and when the gun sounds at the end of the pats game, our offense will magically improve-SIGNIFICANTLY!!!!

Addition by subtraction at it's finest!

PS: Dying Breed, I can't recall the name of the Head Coach at Pitt, but Marino tells a story about a conversation they had right after his first full practice there.

The coach took him aside and told him something along the lines of:

You're going to have a lot of coaches at this level and a lot of coaches on the next level. Whatever you do kid don't let them mess with your throwing motion. Don't ever change that throwing motion.

And NO, I AM NOT comparing Henne to Marino! I'm just passing along a favorite story.

We're probably going 7-9 and I'm happier than a pig in shyt! Ding Dong the Hennings Gone, the Hennings gone!


That's because Henning's play designs are drawn up with crayola crayons. The offensive players would be better off hand a coloring book than Henning's playbook.

I dont think Henning's O-system may even have hot reads designed for the qb on blitzes. Havent seen one all season. Guess he thinks max protect is the answer to all blitzes.

Then blames it on Henne and the o-line. Mr. Henning, at times the defenses send more pass rushers than the offense can block. Can we please introduce the hot read reciever into the game plan!


I fully realize you weren't comparing Henne to Marino. You were only making a very valid point.

I know you are 100% keep Henne. There is lots of promise with Henne. Problem is does this dumbass coaching staff know how to tap into it?

Like I told Chris;

For one Henne definitely needs to do something that will improve his balance, grace, and timing dropping back and throwing the ball. The arm follows the feet. Henne does look more lumbering than fluid in his dropback motion. That maybe the biggest part of his inconsistency.

Secondly, I do believe he's been over tinkered with because in college Henne did have an awesome deep ball. Seems now its totally disappeared. That's over tinkering my friend.

You'll get no argument from me on Henning. Think that's the one thing we can all agree on. The guy has a 70s philosophy and too much pride, or idiocy as the case may be, to consider that he might be wrong.

Henne sent 3-4 Michigan wr's to the nfl just by the brilliance of his deep ball alone. Now suddenly even that's all but totally disappeared in coming to Miami.

I've sen Henne do quite a few questionable things at Michigan, but, consistently under and overthrowing wide open reciever on the deep ball wasnt one of them. He was an assassin in that respect. These offensive coaches here have to be blame for that.


I understand and agree with the sentiment about getting Henne some dance classes. Wrong kind of class in my opinion.

I think it's much more productive having young QB's with these issues working with a boxing coach. Sometimes they'll strap a guys ankles together at shoulders width and repeatedly put them through their paces. Taking snaps, drills, drop backs and ALL. It forces you to learn how to always keep your mass over your base.

Dance class, boxing coach, trade up in the draft, trade down, WHATEVER IT TAKES, just get us a QUARTERBACK!!!!

Oh yeah, did I tell you? Darlington says it's official: Ding Dong the Hennings GONE!!!!

Honestly never saw Henne play at Michigan. Maybe need to youtube some of that to raise my spirits. Wife ain't allowing two days a weekend to be glued to the tv.

Isn't it painfully obvious Henning won't be here next year? Don't know why this blog goes on and on and on about Henning at this point. The season is done, and Henning is retiring. There are already various insider leaks saying that. Sparano is merely being a gentleman and speaking up for him. I would just like to see the blog move off of Henning already, everything has been said more than one million times now, I know, I've been counting!


In my eyes Henning has already been gone. I moved on from him except for the ocassional bashing. Im in who's next OC mode. Let's see what Santa brings us over the offseason. LOL........

Here's a possible scenario that Ross may encounter: Nolan is offered a HC position for another team. To keep him, would Ross promote him to HC -- thus dumping Sparano and passing on Cowher?

I'd take Nolan over Sparano in a heartbeat.


Also Im all in on Henne taking up boxing over the offseason to improve his overall grace, balance, and footwork. Boxing should also improve his confidence and mental toughness too. LOL.......


Lets dig up Vince Lombardi.......

Aloco, What is "DTEAMING"?????




HENNING SUCKS x 0x80!!!!


Sorry to have put your screen name in the same sentence as Hennings 0x80, because in case you haven't heard, HENNINGS SUCKS x 100!!!!


I wouldnt mind Nolan but we would also need an absolutely top notched bang-up OC with him. An OC that's a perfect match to his attacking defensive style. One who belives in putting lots of points on the board which also gives Nolan free reign to absolutely terrorize nfl offenses.

Attacking style D's like Nolan's always perform better with huge leads. Once the run is totally eliminated(huge leads) offenses would be at the absolute mercy of his huge array of exotic blitz packages.

Because of our offense's inability to gain huge leads I dont think we've even seen the tip of iceberg in what Nolan brings to table defensively.

I suggest youtube 'chad henne is a joke'......very funny.

CoCo, You'd think that was from a OSU alum, but I hear it(The Video) was from his frat brothers....

Nolan doesnt believe in prevent defenses with huge leads. He believes that's reason to attack even more. Have you ever known sharks to go into protective mode when seeing the bloodied victim? Helllllllll.....no! LOL.......

henne sux !


Speak for yourself Aloco.

I put in my time. I'm self employed and if I don't feel like opening the shop all week, I don't.

I do have to leave now though. The voluntary work stuff again. I got an Older Lady shut in that needs some saftey latches installed on her med cab and kitchen.

She has a grand daughter that has just reached the terrible two's........EARLY-LOL!

Doing voluntary work makes me feel really good. However, it's not nearly as fullfilling as bashing on Dan Henning because Dan Henning sucks!

In case I haven't told anyone, I heard it through the grape vine! Henning is GONE!!!!

Whatever happens this offseason Im sure we all agree it better not include letting Mike Nolan go. LOL............

Guys, shouldn't we also be looking at David Lee for Henne's performance as well? I'm all for the Henning bashing, but Henne has a lot of technical deficiencies and a host of other issues. And those are Lee's department, I believe.

DB, do you think brady or marino where graceful back there? When I see brady back up to pass I don't see grace, but boy can he deliver and accurate pass.


I wont evemn try and dignify that with an answer. I just really cant and keep a straight face while doing it. LOL...............


and no I didnt mispell "even" I purposely spelled it like that because I wanted it to come across old west outlaw style. LOL..........

DB: I would love to see an attacking offense that puts up a lot of points. And with the Pats monopolizing the AFC East, we need to score big. I also agree with your rally yesterday for matching up against the Pats. Competitively matching up and defeating the Pats should be our goal (not the perennial bridesmaid Jets). Thus, I seriously question the Parcellian doctrine of low-scoring, grinding football. It forces the defense to win against the Pats, Colts, Saints, Falcons and other high scoring top tier teams. Take a look at the Ravens. They've finally come to realize they need to score big. Thus they brought in Flacco, Boldin, Houshmandzadeh, et al.

get rid of anyone associated with fat boy parcells now. these losers had enough time to put together a winning team, they didn't get it done. parcells said henne was as good as ryan or flacco, not even close. ross you better get rid of those losers, if you want to have any chance to compete with all the other teams. you are getting surpassed by just about every other team already. COWER TIME.


Herm Edwards wants to play to win the game....i say we let him

LAPHinsPhan... Absolutley. David Lee has done a horrible job. He should get sacked as well. He is a college coordinator who's only professional protege is Tony Romo. Romo has totaly different skill sets to Henne. We can't play pass the blame baton as far as Hennes deficiencies go. But his mechanics have sucked since pre-season. There are times when they have held up, and Henne has looked like the real deal. It is when he is under pressure. From the rush, or the moment when his mechanics abandon him. Johhny Miller calls that choking.

Cuban, I hadn't heard but the song with vid was hilarious, don't you agree?

Yeah, I'm with you on that LA. Also the team Dr. needs to go.......said Penne was Ok to play. Please tell me it isn't the same one who thought Culpepper's knee was ok. That cost us Brees, remember?



Maybe the problem with Henne is Henne? Is that too far fetched? What are they supposed to do, reshape his bones and spinal cord. Why must it be someone else's fault? If I don't please my girlfriend, I sure as heck can't blame it on my trainer at the gym.

I think there is a legitimate amount of blame for David Lee, that we need to seriously question keeping him.

As far as Henne's mechanic's though, I think the majority of blame is his own. Somewhat of a lack of experience in those certain situations can be laid on the coaches, probably mainly Henning and then Lee. I think some of it can be blamed on playcalling and a lack of reps in live action.

As far as Henne's mechanics, he has at times looked really good. So I say the majority of blame for the regression has to be put on Henne himself.

He has to mentally ingrain the little details(mechanics)into an instinctual habit. There's only so much you can do mentally, the rest of it has to come from live fire game experience.

I say he's definitely a keeper, if for no other reason than he's proven he can at least be a servicable back up.

The question is, who do we bring in to compete? To answer this question, of course, we need to know who our offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach wll be. This holdsn true when considering any RB's, speed receivers, TE's, etc, etc.

As interesting and fun as it is to talk about draft picks and free agents, the most important issue facing us is the OC and what type of system he plans to implement!

I hope Dan Marino is working on a playbook as we speak. Come on Dan, time to get out of the studio and get into the coaching ranks!

My new Motto:

Marino for OC!!!!

NE picks I think at #12. Maybe one of those teams ahead of them could use Ronnie or Rickie and Crowder and we can make some package with them to trade up. We either need to grab Ingram, or a QB high. I doubt they will dump Henne just yet, and we have no #2 QB right now, so one way or the other they MUST pick a QB somewhere in this draft.

It seems that for every step forward our D has made, the O has made a step backwards. All of a sudden we need practically a whole new offense: LG, C, RG, RT, two RBs, TE, QB, fast WR...um...I guess we are set at FB and LT.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Dan Henning sings Barry Manilow...I call the plays

I've been alive forever, And I called the very first play.

I put the X's and the O's together, I am football, and I call the plays.


I call the plays that make the whole world sing

I call the plays of love and special things

I Call the plays that make the young girls cry.

I call the plays, I call the plays

My plays lie deep within you, and I've got my own place in your sole.

Now, When I look out through your eyes, I'm young again, even though I'm very old.

I for one am gonna miss the old coot..just like I miss Tom Olivadotti

Soiled :)

Mark I was referring to us being a training ground for first time NFL coaches not first time coaches. I don't give any credit for coaching college, highschool or pee wee teams.

The NFL is a different game than college, just ask Saban, and Carroll. Two very succesful college coaches that didn't amount to jack squat in the NFL their first time around.

Mark you can't tell us that hiring a proven NFL coach hasn't worked in the past and then in the next breath talk about the need to hire a proven college coach as if that has always worked. We've done both and neither has worked.

You're not making your argument valid if that's your stance.



Good point 2 watt. I'm so in awe of how you can bring so much to the table in this blog. You always have well thought out posts that lead to amazing conversations. "Henne sucks" ,,,,awesome,,,, discuss.

Odin..You talk about Marino as a coordinator. In Denver, there is very serious talk about Elway joining back up with the club in a coaching capacity. I don't think these great atheletes translate into good coaches. I think it is hard for them because they had so much given talent that they take for granted that it isn't the same for most "mortals" Look at the history of most elite players that join the coaching ranks...Jordan, Magic, Gretzky. It just doesn't work.

Oh by the way....Merry Christmas

Why would you blame it on your trainer at the gym? He's not the one who gave you two inches, that's Gods department.

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