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Sparano has no endorsement but gives one to Henning

Tony Sparano has not seen Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is some time and consequently has not received any assurances he will continue to be the Dolphins head coach in 2011. But, in case you're wondering, he is endorsing offensive coordinator Dan Henning as his guy.

Sparano was asked during today's press conference if he has met with Ross recently.

“I haven’t visited with him, no, and that’s not my problem right now,” Sparano said. “My problem is to get ready for the Detroit Lions. That’s what I’m charged with.”

For the sake of clarification, I asked Sparano if he's received any sort of endorsement or assurance from Ross that he will be the Miami coach in 2010. He has not.

“I just need to get my team to get ready to play this week," he said. "That's what I need to do. Everything is else is beyond my control. Let someone else deal with it."

Sparano must deal with picking a coach to run Miami's offense in 2011. I have reported previously that most people in the Dolphins facility expect offensive coordinator Dan Henning to retire. But if Henning were to get a wild-hair idea about returning in 2011 after his unit finished 31st in the NFL in scoring (where it currently ranks), Sparano sounds like he'd be fine with that.

“I think that Dan Henning, for Tony Sparano, has been tremendous,” Sparano said, using the often fatal third-person reference to himself in his speech. “I think the guy has done a wonderful job during my time here. I look at the entire body of work, you guys just look at the last three or four games.

"I look at the whole body of work and this guy has done a tremendous job. He’s the same guy that we were all talking about, ‘Man oh man, he finds the ways to use the personnel to the best of their ability.’ That was you people saying that not me. So I would tell you for Tony Sparano Dan Henning has been tremendous. It's easy to point blame, fellas, and I get it. it comes with the territory. That's the way it goes. I need to do a better job. Tony Sparano needs to do a better job.”

Here's my thinking: Sparano went overboard to defend Henning. I don't believe that was by accident. And I hope he fully intends to see Henning off with a gold watch or whatever the Dolphins give their retiring assistants who had terrible seasons.

Ultimately, Sparano will be judged by whether, in fact, Henning returns next year. I believe if he makes the pitch to Ross that he just made to the public about Henning, he will lose all credibility with the owner. I don't think that will happen. I think, I hope that was just for public consumption.

I just wish coach would realize we're not stupid. Dumb, maybe. But not stupid. We understand he's saying something that ultimately won't mean squat. So why say it and hurt your credibility?

... Unless, of course, he actually means this stuff with the zeal he used, in which case I would seriously worry about this franchise's future.


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The primary complaint I have against Gruden is he isnt much of a players coach. Any team he leads, as long as they're winning no problems. But once a losing streak begins you could be looking at major mutiny.

Shaggy, read the Seer's comment at 2:59PM, that's all you need to know you moron. Matt Ryan is slowly becoming one of the NFL's top 3 QB's are you're saying he wouldn't make a difference here? So we shouldn't of drafted him because we would of had a crappy offense to put around him? What kind of retarded thiking is that?? So let's just say we could sign him if he'd be a free agent I guess we wouldn't because he's only good with Atlanta's players, or else he would suck. God you're such an idiot.

Someone should post these clowns e-mail addys!

I am not sure why, But I really think Cowher brings a lot to the table, seems to be a toughness thing with no excuses atached. I wonder if that could really happen. Not sure about Gruden either, but he has been really ghood with 2 different teams.

AND with that endorsement...Strapono has sealed his fate in miami..............CYA!!!!!

Compounding a mistake is not the right approach. Tuna & his minions may have done some good but allot of bad as well. Learn from that. Don't let whoever is left to hang around & continue to make a bad thing worse. Nip it in the bud & move on. Like the Broncos with Mcdaniels. When it stinks, it stinks.

They need to be judged by the product on the field and it stinks. Offense, Special teams & defense up until we started playing some bad teams. I love what Nolan has done though in his 1st year & allot of new guys.

Dump Sparano for Nolan. I'm not a fan of Cowher, Gruden, Fox, Fisher etc...Fisher, Fox & Cowher are just like Sparano. Conservative & dated.

Nolan seems to have an aggressive side & approach. He is going to get allot of attn this offseason. Make him HC & keep him. It will also not coast as much as those other coaches. We aren't in building anymore. By their own mouths, they were in win now mode. Win now mode terams make the playoffs. That's the measuring stick. After 3 years, they have fallen VERY short of expectations.

Oh, and something else you dumb f***...Atlanta wasn't exactly a power offense when Ryan joined the team. Very average at best. And guess who the OC is. Mike Mularkey. Yeah, the same guy who was here when Wannstedt was the HC. I guess he wasn't that bad after all. Look at the throws, the poise Ryan has in hte pocket, he's WAY AHEAD of Henne. Not even in the same league. Get real dude, you have no fu*** idea what you're talking about, that's why most people just laugh at your posts. Idiot.

Craig M,

I respect your opinions and like your posts. Do you think Sparano is of the same caliber coaches that you mentioned?

Vontae had one of his worst days as a Dolphin yesterday. He missed tackles, had poor body control when the ball was in the air, and basically had a bad day.

Not saying he's still not a beast, but hopefully he got humbled a little yesterday.

Still room to grow there.

DyingBreed - Cowher is a my way or the highway kind of coach. He's not going to be looking for input on "todays nfl" from anyone. He will want to install his own defense which is 4 -3 so right there,Nolan is out. He will want to grind it out on the ground on offense. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. I think he was a great coach for many years but his better days have passed him.


You definitely maybe right about Whisenhunt but Im not so sure about Nolan. The two of them maybe able to coexist simply because they can bounce things off of each other that makes both better. Also I dont think an incumbent coach no matter who is would be overly inclined to oust a DC that his his defense ranked 4th in the league either.

Just something to chew on my friend.

Hey what's up fellas?

Sparano is just standing by Henning. If Henning is expected to retire and we all know by now Sparano stuck with him all year why would you air dirty laundry now? It is the right thing or stand up thing to do as a Head Coach. I have no problem to fire, replace or give a demotion early in the season but at this point it's a mute point. It's a lame duck season now and Henning will get the confidence to win the last 2 games.

Sparano will get credit for never pointing figners but he has to go in my opinion. He has worn on me in a bad way for the past 2 season. I think Miami needs a FRESH start, once again.

I wouldn't be opposed to Bill Cowher as many of us have been talking about but I think if it is him or any other defensive mind they better bring in a proven offensive mind. Gary Kubiak if he is fired or even Brad Childress. Some people forget how good of an offensive mind Brian Billick was when he was JUST an offensive cordinator.

Sparano should not endorse Henning but endorse the real issues

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Hey! Wade Phillips is available... OK, Sorry, Had to chuckle about something...

The line doesn't underthrow/overthrow wide open receivers. Miss 5 yard passes in the flats...Throw the ball high or low, too far ahead or behind the receivers

That's ALL on HENNE...

giddy-up cowboy!

It's tough to win in NFL when the third and fourth wide receivers were undrafted rookies.

Teams have been double teaming Bess and taking away the running game since Hartline went out.

The Dolphins need to focus on the offense during the off-season and bring in some much needed weapons.

Overall I think the team is headed in the right direction with Sparano and Nolan.

I expect this is Hennings last year...


Sparano obviously hasn't had the success that the other guys have had but I think having him in charge gives us our best chance to win NOW!! I know I'll be laughed at but I honestly don't think we are that far away. We are missing some pieces on offense, no question but we fixed the defence last year, why can't we fix the offence this year? I would rather tinker with a 7-7 team than blow it up. Did New Orleans blow up their team when it was 8-8 before winning the Super Bowl the follwoing season or did they make a few changes, such as going out getting Williams to run their defence. That's what I want to see us do here.


I dont think Cowhers a fool. Nolan currently has the defense ranked 4th in the league and Soliai is just beginning to come into his own as one of the better NT's in this league.

We have a nice core of 4-3 lb's, though its arguable Crowder can be upgrade, but the overall D seems to be better with him.

As I said I dont think Cowher's a fool and tinkering with things not already broken would be foolish. I'm sure Cowher would realize he has his hands filled enough with the things truly broken than tinkering with those that arent.


First, it's RYAN fitzpatrick not Mark. Do i prefer Colt?? right now? no, but ask me later.

Do I prefer Fitzpatrick?? EASY. you tell me about records??

ok. Henne 0-2 against them.


Plus, neither browns nor bills have the talent Henne has.

It's time to bring in someone to compete with Henne. He hasn't shown anything to be named the starter without competing with a proven veteran QB. It's time to light a fire under his a**.

wolfman131, meant to say nice core of 3-4 linebackers.

But Marc, Matt Ryan wouldn't be better than Henne. LOL!

R The Dolfans on the cutting edge?



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Joe Schmoe,

For once we agree bro lol. I like your points about most of them coaches however I do like Cowher and Gruden for what they bring to the table. As for Fisher and Fox no thanks.

I am on board with Mike Nolan. I think he is a great defensive mind. He turned around a Denver D that was probably worse then Miami's was last year and then turned Miami around obviously as well. He also does it with so so talent in some spots. He just knows where to put players in the best position to succeed like Cam Wake in Miami and Elvis Dumervil last year. It's not a coincidence they both had career years under him. He knows where to create the MISMATCH and MAXIMIZE talent.
Nolan was tied to Alex Smith and a bad draft that year. In hindsight Aaron Rodgers was clearly the better player but Rodgers wasn't clear cut coming out as well all remember. He had that Jeff Tedford label on him. Tedford was the coach who made Trent Dilfer and David Carr top picks but they ended up being system QBs.

I would excited for Mike Nolan if he was given the opportunity.

I am off the Henne bandwagon for sure. My only feeling beyond that is... He is playing like a puppet, and seems to be playing nervous. could he be different under a new coach and oc? I think there is a possibility. I want another QB here, but if coaches move on, I want to see what Henne can do under a new system.

Craig, I thought similar to you. But to answer your question, Sparano knows NOTHING about defense. So it was easy for him to get a DC and give them full authority to do what they wished on defense.

But Sparano is an offense coach. He knows about that side. And has said his style is the NFC East, tough-nosed, run, in the trenches, style of football. He may not have a problem with the conservative style of Henning because that's his style too.

And while that may work in the NFC East (at least it did years ago), it's slowly changing there too. But DEFINITELY, in the AFC EAST, with the Patriots, you have to be able to put up points. You can't hold a team to 1-2 scores in this division (normally).

That's what worries me about Sparano doing the right thing on offense. Unless he understands that (hasn't shown it so far) and brings in an OC with that understanding, then I don't know how successful the offense can be. Look, we need a balanced offense. That means strong run game, strong pass game. It can't be one-sided. Sparano has yet to prove he knows the style of football necessary to win in this division at this time.

Hey Lord,

How is Henne 0-2 against the Bills? Did he not beating them the first game of the season? Or was that easier for you to forget to fit your theory? Mark??....Ryan?.....doesn't matter....his record is worse than Henne's and he's never been any good in the NFL...he's a journeyman and nothing more. And you brought up Colt McCoy.....are you changing your story now?

When Kevin Curtis was open early on, I can GARANTEE you Ryan would of delivered it right between the numbers. That's what good QB's do, they can hit an open WR. Henne can't. Blame it on the o-line, blame it on Henning, the players, whatever. That's on HIM AND HIM ONLY. He knows it and the ones that know something about football know it as well.

I am not going to say anything else about Henne for a good while other then he has 11 STRAIGHT GAMES with a TURNOVER. He has turned the ball over in something 21 of 26 career starts. Most of you know how I feel and I won't basg Henne anymore. It's not worth it. He has shown me enough.

Well Dolfans
We can always watch the adult children chase the ball around the playground, again next year

Have a HAARPy day :(

If Sparano is replaced, which I doubt....they should promote Nolan. He is relatively young with good pedigree and a nice resume. He also seems to be open to a more agressive offensive approach. He didn't do much in SF, but that was his first nfl HC gig. Bring in Kubiak at OC. I think McDaniels may be headed for the college ranks. Even if he's not, he seems to value scheme over talent, where Kibiak seems to value both.

I do like Kubiaks offensive mind, that is intriging. However he had playoff talent on that team also, and they are not contending either.

Gruden, Cowher, Whiz, Childress, Kubiak.

I prefer sparano, however, no one is throwing here OC names, all of this guys are HC or HC before, I would think Kubiak will be a great add if he's fired and ready to help from upstairs without aspirations to HC.

Whiz could be great as well, proven in all stages.

But how about JOSH MCDANIELS???


Here is a point of caution in the case of these Ex coaches turned F.A.G.s(Football Anaylist Guys) They are all good coaches, but they have been away from the game for awhile. Things change fast in this league. Our own offensive coordinator can't even keep up with new "trends" It's like growing weed. The growers are always going to be one step ahead of the government. I'm not saying that none of these guys are capable. I'm just saying beware of what we wish for. The savior may not be one of these guys that have all the answers on the T.V.

Mcdaniels could be good, but Brandon Marshall was a big investment we are tied to, and that could be a disaster. I know they are adults, however Brandon has not exacly shown improved maturity on the field... :)


Liked your post. Just would also like to add Tony Sparano also has yet to definitvely prove he can be a great game day coach. That hugely disturbs me also.

Lets say by miracle he were retained and got us to a championship game. Can we still trust that he wont be grossly outcoached and that becomes the deciding factor in our own defeat?

Darryl, it is a good point, it is easy to look back oat the glory Days and say, wow what if that was us. Problem is there is no other way to evaluate them, so that is what we go with. good point though.

DC Dolfan,

I made this point earlier but this regime ha never gone out and gotten any weapons for Henne, Marshall being the exception. How would Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt, or Jeremy Maclin look on this team right now. What do we have? We've got Marshall, Hartline (a guy taken in the 4th round), Bess (FA), Moore (FA), Wallace (FA) and a slow-plodding TE in Fasano. What kind of an offence is that? Get Henne some weapons and start valuing the position. We have nobody to stretch the defence and nobody to put fear into the other team's defence. Instead of grabbing guys like TE Graham or TE Hernandez we grab guys like OL Shawn Murphy, WR Turner, QB White, LB Epps and TE Naley. So very sad!!......the draft thinking needs to change!


I know it's you pessimism as a Dolphin fan to have the glass half empty bro and I feel your pain. I wouldn't be so sure to doubt Sparano being replaced. Stephen Ross is about selling out, making Miami games a weekly event when they have home games. He wants it the place to be seen in South Florida on game days with the Marc Anthony and J. Lo, Fergie and other celebrities approach. Miami is losing home games to Bills and Browns of all teams this season and have looked bad or been embarrassed in others. I don't think Ross is a football man but he wants an entertaining team and product and I think he clearly see's the Parcells exit as a chance to clean house if he has to. I say Sparano is gone. I don't know who Ross wants or if he cans Ireland too but I say the next Head Coach is an offensive mind although my preference is Mike Nolan, Jon Gruden, Cowher and in that order.

Henne is a cyborg from the future sent to destroy the 2010 season for the dolphins. 2 more games and its,
hasta la vista baby!

Thanks Craig>

I do believe in continuality, if the potential is there for long term success. Some are calling for Jeff Fisher to be gone, I would say that he deserves a chance to stay as his teams always seem to be competitive. However, I think that if Gruden or Cowher wanted the Tennessee job, Adams would be a fool to not seriously consider it. My question comes in do we see right now that Tony Sparano is the coach who can lead the Dolphins to the next level--AFC East Titles, AFC Championship game appearances, Super Bowl appearances and hopefully Super Bowl Championships, or is he an average/slightly above average coach? If the Fins think he is the best possible coaching candidate available, they should offer him a long term extension and lock him up for the next 5 years. He does deserve a tremendous amount of credit for taking a team from worst to first, but is he getting better or worse as a coach? Is a one and done playoff coach on occasion what we can expect from him?

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Andy NJ,

Did you know that Brees has an INT in 10 straight games or that Eli manning has 20 INTs on the season? Nobody talks about this stuff.

Go ahead Andy NJ
U r on the air
and we r listening

boy,this guy has lost it, to wacth this offense play and to say some of the stuff he comes out with week after week during the press conferences, we can't have this brain less head coach return next year.

Tony will not be missed. He was never nice to the fans and his lack of winning at home is disgusting. I hope they ship him and all of Parcells nasty Jersey guys out of here.


What i'm trying to do goes MILES AWAY further than fighting against you.

I now you are all in with Henne and I kinda agree he deserves 1 more shot, but yes I prefer COLT and FITZ, actually if you read a post i wrote the last time we discuss I prefer between 22 and 26 QBS in the NFL before henne.

I may not know a lot about player personal or anything but the game plans for every theam that faces miami is pretty simple, to stack up the line and let Henne win the game. Why would they do that if Henne is all that good.

Have you watched the bills games?? or are you a STANDINGS GUY?

They have fought side by side with some of the NFL super powers and we haven't, the packers and pittsburgh games were the only games miami looked like contenders.

Im tired of hear the OL sucks, it's below average and bla bla. A great part of the success of an OL is also related to the QB and the fear the may have, it's clear you don't defend the same VICK than BRADY than HENNE.

He has more than respectable weapons, marshall, hartline, bees, brown, fasano, williams, polite, seems more than what fitz has in buffalo right?


That's why a good returning coach should always have a great plan in place to surround himself with great coaching talent, knowing who is available to him building a staff, and have verbal committments with a top level coordinator on at least one side of the ball.

In our case, offensive side of the ball. If a returning HC hasnt done these things before accepting a position. He isnt going to have very much initial success.

Because at first he'll have to depend soley on his coordinators to bring him up to speed. If they aren't up to speed, then woe to that coach, his players, and that team's fans.

Poison - problem with Kibiak's team is they are all offense. They can put up the points.....they just can't stop anyone.....no defense whatsoever.


1-DYING BREED...........
7-ANDY NJ.............................ONLY FOR TODAY'S POSTS NOT FINAL VERDICT .


I don't know the answer to your questions but I think the best scenario is to let Sparano finish out the last year on his contract with a new OC calling the shots. If he does well he gets an extension. If things go badly hes gone. I think that's the prudent way this should be handled.

no one talks about brees's ints because he is a proven qb who has led a team to a superbowl win. and can throw for 400+ yards any given day, and has vision and can spread the ball around and plays with passion.
i bet that with 2 minutes left no one can drag him off the field for a wild cat play

I believe everyone now knows why the Tuna cann left town a week before the season began.

Fella's....work with me. A new system, Cowher's defense, etc....LOL Something tells me we're not getting to the promiseland with this coaching staff. It sickens me to know we lost to the Bills and the Browns....if that's not enough to fire this staff, I don't know what is! Jimmy Johnson was all in his glory...I can't put Cowher in the same boat. He isn't a conceited flipstick (to say the least) like Tuna and Johnson, I think Cowher earned his respect.

Unfoiled; which of Shulgin's cookbooks are you using TIHKAL or PIHKAL?

Guys like Kubiak, McDaniels, Childress, Phillips, will only get consideration for co-ordinator positions at this point. They've had their chance at HC gigs and came up short....for the time being. I think Garret ends up in Dallas, Frazier likely stays on Minnesota and Gruden ends up in Denver or SF. I think Fisher will leave on his own and I think Mangini and Singletary might be out too. Be very surprised if Gruden doesn't end up somewhere and I expect Fisher and Fox will get gigs somewhere. I don't know about Crowder. I haven't heard HIM actually say he wants to come back next season. I'll believe it when I see it. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Holmgren coaching somewhere, Mularkey and I still think Harbaugh will end up coaching somewhere in the NFL next year....maybe Cinci.

Craig M,

Yeah Eli has been putrid this year with turnovers and Bress puts up monster numbers. His offense is going to cost him turnovers because they throw all the time. I'm not arguing today though fellas. I'm not in the mood.

My mind is getting into offseason mode. If Sparano is fired and I beleive he will be for not only his second average season in a row but Stephen Ross expected big things this season. Remember when he was talking Super Bowl in preseason for this team as a real possibility? Miami has been a dissappointment this year selling tickets as well because people aren't going to pay to see this team score 17 points a game and go 1-6 at home.

So Miami fires Sparano and new coach ALWAYS brings in "their guy" so problem solved. Henne will still be on roster but probably not given a fair shake once the new Head Coach has their rookie or veteran in place.

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