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Sparano has no endorsement but gives one to Henning

Tony Sparano has not seen Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is some time and consequently has not received any assurances he will continue to be the Dolphins head coach in 2011. But, in case you're wondering, he is endorsing offensive coordinator Dan Henning as his guy.

Sparano was asked during today's press conference if he has met with Ross recently.

“I haven’t visited with him, no, and that’s not my problem right now,” Sparano said. “My problem is to get ready for the Detroit Lions. That’s what I’m charged with.”

For the sake of clarification, I asked Sparano if he's received any sort of endorsement or assurance from Ross that he will be the Miami coach in 2010. He has not.

“I just need to get my team to get ready to play this week," he said. "That's what I need to do. Everything is else is beyond my control. Let someone else deal with it."

Sparano must deal with picking a coach to run Miami's offense in 2011. I have reported previously that most people in the Dolphins facility expect offensive coordinator Dan Henning to retire. But if Henning were to get a wild-hair idea about returning in 2011 after his unit finished 31st in the NFL in scoring (where it currently ranks), Sparano sounds like he'd be fine with that.

“I think that Dan Henning, for Tony Sparano, has been tremendous,” Sparano said, using the often fatal third-person reference to himself in his speech. “I think the guy has done a wonderful job during my time here. I look at the entire body of work, you guys just look at the last three or four games.

"I look at the whole body of work and this guy has done a tremendous job. He’s the same guy that we were all talking about, ‘Man oh man, he finds the ways to use the personnel to the best of their ability.’ That was you people saying that not me. So I would tell you for Tony Sparano Dan Henning has been tremendous. It's easy to point blame, fellas, and I get it. it comes with the territory. That's the way it goes. I need to do a better job. Tony Sparano needs to do a better job.”

Here's my thinking: Sparano went overboard to defend Henning. I don't believe that was by accident. And I hope he fully intends to see Henning off with a gold watch or whatever the Dolphins give their retiring assistants who had terrible seasons.

Ultimately, Sparano will be judged by whether, in fact, Henning returns next year. I believe if he makes the pitch to Ross that he just made to the public about Henning, he will lose all credibility with the owner. I don't think that will happen. I think, I hope that was just for public consumption.

I just wish coach would realize we're not stupid. Dumb, maybe. But not stupid. We understand he's saying something that ultimately won't mean squat. So why say it and hurt your credibility?

... Unless, of course, he actually means this stuff with the zeal he used, in which case I would seriously worry about this franchise's future.


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I just don't see sparano as our ticket. I'm sorry the fact that he can't get his team to win at home or win 2 in a row is a major flaw. I think he has regressed as a coach same as our offense. When that happens its better to cut your losses. Especially if you have a better option available and I think both cowher and coughlin are better options

Just a thought...With Gruden, or Cowher, or Billick. These guys have tremendous egos, this is what makes them good coaches. I think that in each case, they are going to demand total control. This means general manager duties. I do not know this as fact, just another thought. I don't know if Ireland is going to be the answer at G.M. But I do think it is a better idea to have 2 heads instead of one(when it comes to the coach doubling as G.M.)
Like I said, I don't know if this would be a demand of any of these guys. I'm just throwing it out there as a scenario in which hiring one of the three gets more complicated.

I lost respect for Sparano for not telling the media about henning..and if Tony really thinks this way about henning then he needs to go to! Unbelievable the pointless "working around" questions that Sparano answers..growing tired of it all...I just want to win, and henning ain't cutting it

I say Fire Sparano, the team still needs rebuilding on offense, the OL guru Tony is destroyed the OL, No Running game, No speed at WR, Need another stud TE. I rather see Bill Cwher or Jon Gruden rebuild this offense, brought in here to work with Nolan, or just allow Nolan to take the coaching job

Home has NO drug problem
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WOW, enough with the Bill Cowher stuff. Do you people realize that Bill Cowher was in Pittsburgh for 14 years before he won the Superbowl. He won it when the team found Big Ben. Where was Cowher when Pittsburgh was missing the playoffs or were one or two and out. Cowher has been out of coaching since 2006 and is not your savior. Stay with Sparano, give David LEE the OC position as he seems pretty creative and let the team gel. We need a QB that can take over the game and an RC that can run like Ricky used to. The Brown-Williams express is out of gas.

What's with Aloco and Home???, There both known drug abusers....LOL...JK

What is the fist pumpers major win streak??? two games??

No drugs 4 Home

Home is high on life and occasionally coffee buzz

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a few adult beverages are ok

Bring in Bill Cowher and make Dan Marino the offensive co-ordinator. Keep Nolan at all cost

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Montreal you are the idiot. Look up the stats for elway favre aikman young their first two years., i could go on and on with other names too. A team is built with the lines on both sides of the ball.

A line is something we don't have. Is Henne another marino? i doubt it, but he is good enough to get us where we need to go if he had tools around him.

Who the hell is the seer? your ass buddy? He is obviously as stupid as you are. Invite him to a CFL game and Have fun..LOL

Hey fans, I have a suggestion. Take time en masse to tell Mr. Ross what we want for Christmas. I'll start by saying I'd like a compete offensive regime change including getting rid of Henne.

Man, Cowher & Marino would b Dolphin dream team

Wanna talk about season ticket sell out!

Henning will be shown the door by Ireland. 31st offense don't cut it. Sparano should be given one more year, he helped fix a defense that went from awful to really good. He deserves a chance to fix the offense. This franchise needs stability, not more change.


t's time to bring in someone to compete with Henne. He hasn't shown anything to be named the starter without competing with a proven veteran QB. It's time to light a fire under his a**.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal

Ya think? How about some of those awesome linemen from the CFL they might be better than ours, except for long.

Shaggy..Henne has NO pocket presence, No awareness, and the game is too fast for him. Even with an OL that can give him 40 seconds to throw each time he drops back won't do anything...get your hands out of henne's butt and wake up..he cannot take us anywhere mang

Marino already bailed once, he don't want to spend the time required to be an OC or anything else. And I don't ble him.

Home, Colder then a witches t,i,t......Fortunately I have a Pineapple empress to keep my extremities warm....

Cow you are clueless.

No Shaggy...you are clueless and blind if you think for one minute that Henne has the tools to take us to a bowl...stop smoking crack man

Shaggy, what's your beef with me anyway? Be a man and spit it out. I didn't even know you until you insulted me and my country last night after I logged off. For what?? is it something I said that you didn't like?? You're such a child. Not only don't you know jacksh** about football but your immaturity is silly. Acting like a child insulting the CFL. I'm an NFL fan, CFL is not my thing. I respect it but prefer the NFL. And like I said earlier, the CFL employs many American players, so they can make a paycheck and support their families. That's pretty good considering unemployement is at an all-time high in the US. But understanding this would require something you clearly don't have, something called intelligence. You're clearly a lost cause to say the least.

No Pennington either!! Hennings game plan was built around the Pennington dink and dunk. Just like we bought in Nolan from the outside, we need to bring in someone else with a fresh perspective, with a new QB coach too.

Prove your point then..and don't say all those other QB's had bad early years...why you ask...because they didn't struggle with BASIC skills needed at the QB position...they had the NFL speed, they had the NFL arm, they had NFL smarts...they just had regular issues that all great QB's have...they did not lack fundamental skills like henne

cowkilla, shaggy is a jerk...Don't even bother.

Lmao@cow this this NJ fin Fan? If not you remind me of him.


Shaggy, that's why you like Henne..you guys are the same type of pathetic losers that will never amount to crap...and all you can do is insult people and you can't even back up your useless posts because you have the Henne Gene too...do you have a huge waterhead like Henne too?

shaggy, 2 things you need to get done in a hurry...Get smart and get laid...

Coahuila, your wrong. The fans wanted Drew Brees's head on a platter. His first 3 1/2 years he didn't look like he belonged. FACT: It takes close to 48 games to make an evaluation on a NFL QB, Henne has 25 games. If NFL people can't make an evaluation at 25 games, neither you or I can.

Got ya Montreal..I just figured that out.
And no shaggy, I'm not NJ whatever name you said. I'm Gert B Frobe amd YOU have the Henne Gene and a big waterhead...

last year we needed an "offensive" defense... this year we have a "defensive" offense. I hope that changes for the next season and give Henne his last chance

I can attest that the "Killa" is in no way related,affiliated,or genetically related to NJ flim flam...

Drew had the basic skills though...he might have sucked at that point but you knew he would be good eventually...Henne lacks it all except a big arm...

Ross, will see this from a $ point of view trust me, these jokers are gone but don`t want Cowher, prefer Jim Harbaugh, remember him kicking Kelly`s ass one year, this guy is NFL new blood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henne is the new spokesperson for FatHeads...his pic is normal size though because his head is huge already...just like shaggy's...

If Ross wants to get rid of Sparano, I hope he gets an offensive coach. Assuming Nolan stays, the defense is in good hands. We need a coach with offensive skills that likes to score points, not these field goal lovers like Wannstedt and Sparano. We've had enough defensive minded coaches like Wannstedt,Saban, etc... Get a guy who can focus on our offense!

Killa, dont forget his nickname "Fat neck"....

The only three things "shaggy" that are/were good was...shaggy from scooby doo, shaggy '70's carpet that you could run your toes through, and that '70's shaggy muff

Cowkilla and Montreal, NFL head coaches and evaluators almost all agree it takes 48 games to evaluate whether a guy is a NFL QB. Jon Gruden lives Henne. Sam Madison just states on his show the other day Henne hasn't had enough time or weapons around him to be saying whether or not he can be a good QB. So an ex NFL head coach and one of our best aCBs disagree with you. People who have worked and played in the NFL. Sorry, but I place their opinions above a couple guys on a blog. Explain how you have more knowledge then Gruden or Madison?

cowkilla, what about shaggy the reggae singer from the 90's?

Love the"Shaggy Muff"......

Yeah the singer was good for a little while too lol

BTW, I'm not being an a-hole here. I just wanna know when guys who have played, ex head coaches and guys who work in the NFL agree Henne hasn't played enough games to be properly evaluated, how can a couple guys on a blog know more?

Nolan has earned the a HC job , if not he will be next yr for another team. The OC & OL are the biggest reason for the offensive woes.

Bobby, the reason is what you just said..they are a coach and a player...not the smartest people on the planet. I've been watching, playing, and involved in football for 32 years..so I have a pretty good evaluation process and experience. And if you ask me..I personally think Gruden is a hack..I think he is a terrible coach and an even worse talent evaluator...look at his drafting of players...it sucked! Madison is henne's buddy so why would he diss his pal?? There ya go my friend, there is my answer

I got ya bobby, no offense taken or given to you my friend

Certainly not out to insult anyone, but I do disagree regarding Henne.

I see a guy who has been dramatically mishandled by Sparano who coaches scared, Henning who is obviously incompetent and Ireland who has not provided him with any real deep threat Speed WR.

Henne's O-line has been porous all season and has hardly been able to make a pocket for the last 3 years.

I see a guy who is tough playing threw a knee injury that we do not know how bad it is. Is mentally tough having his choke artist HC give up on him for a guy with a glass shoulder.

Henne makes mistakes sure, as do all QB's. P Manning would not be successful in this system.

I suspect that we can not tell what we have in Henne until he has a decent OC who is running something other than a prevent offense and a HC that coaches to not lose and has some amount of aggressiveness to him.

The Majority of the time yesterday Henne did not even have 3 seconds before getting hit.
Plus when Henning finally had to let him pass the ball a bit Henne was 8 of 8 and a TD. Those were good passes. Henne has some tools and potential.

I think Sparano/Henning have effected his confidence. I believe that you have to be of an aggressive mentality to be a good QB in the NFL and Sparano/Henning do not have a clue how to instill that.

Besides there are really no other better options in FA and G, C, Speed WR ought to be more of a priority early in the draft.

Certainly take a flier late in the draft and bring in a FA QB, but to toss Henne aside when everything around him has been so obviously bad... I don't get that.

Some coaches are better OC, DC, line coaches etc then head coaches, Nolan hasn't earned anything. He maybe one of those guys, and where has Nolan said he wants to be a HC again?

Ok cowkilla, respect your answer thank you

bobbyd12, this is where I stand with Henne, and what I posted a few days ago. I'm all for keeping Henne, for ONLY the fact we invested a high draft pick on him. I'm not sold on the guy, I think he has a hard time reading defenses, audibles, accuracy, etc...But like you said, and I agree with you, I'm not a QB'S coach, and won't pretend to be one either. Having said that, we HAVE to bring someone else to compete with him, because let's just say for the sake of argument that Henne turns out like what I thought he would, we would be royally screwed. He's got to suck it in and prove to everyone that he's got what it takes to succeed. I don't buy too much of not being surrounded with talent. Look at the season Fitzpatrick is having with the Bills, you think he's surrounded with talent? Their o-line is a bunch of no-names, they have a rookie TE, some WR guy named Johnson that nobody knows about, another rookie WR that I can't remembeer his name, some guy from the university of Buffalo for cryin'out loud. But when it's time for a big time throw, time to hit an open WR, Fitzpatrick does it. Henne doesn't. That much I know. He misses on a lot of easy passes and he's also an interception machine.

I like Henne.

Henning can't coach in the NFL anymore. Done and toast. While Sparano can't throw the man under the bus he could say that the offense will be under deep review for the next couple of weeks before he fires this dolt of an OC

For all you Parcells haters: Did you know he and Nolan's father were best friends and that Parcells has pretty much been like his father since he died. When everyone - including Patriots - went after him at the end of last season, all Parcells had to do was pick up the phone and ask him to come to Miami.

MTL I lump you in with all its all henne's fault idiots because you obviously have no clue about football. Canada will soon be the Next State for us actually, It already is we just let you folks go on believing.

Hire former QB Jim Harbaugh out of Stanford for HC.

Nolan will probably be a HC elsewhere unless Fins make him the highest paid DC.

Prune the Parcells coaching tree.

MTL, look it up fool. I can name at least 10 hall of fame QB of future ones that have similar or worse stats than henne. So shut the hell up you don't know crap about anything. Its your opinion, and your opinion sucks. Go down some flutie flakes.

FYI for all non south Florida residents, Armando's article on the state of the Dolphins made the front page of today's Miami Herald. It was a compilation of his previous posts predicting changes. An interesting read.

menace is a drug abuser ,sad .

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