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Dolphins should give some youngster a shot

Dolphins players have only professional pride and the future to play for while coaches have, I guess, the same motivation in these coming final two games of the 2010 season.

That future would be brighter for everyone if the Dolphins were to suddenly find the speed and playmaking acumen that anyone with eyes can see they lack. Coach Tony Sparano said Monday he isn't going to go nuts inserting untested players into the final two games simply for the sake of seeing somebody else play.

But he left open the door to some youngsters getting more of a look.

"I do think there could be opportunities for a few guys to play a few more snaps that maybe haven’t played X-amount of snaps," Sparano said. "It ain’t going to be anything different than the people that you’ve seen but I think maybe getting a guy in the ballgame a little bit more in some of these situations so you know a little bit more about him down the road I think would be important."

There really aren't a lot of places for Sparano to search on a 53-man roster for a revelation player that he was totally unaware of. But there are places he could look to find players that haven't gotten long looks until now.

I present to you Lex Hilliard, Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore.

Hilliard has not carried the football all year long but the truth is the Dolphins will have to replace either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both before the start of 2011. If the idea of replacing Ronnie or Ricky is jarring to you ... get over it. As I asked in my column on Monday, what do either of them do that is special?

This Miami Herald story, by the way, says Brown "hasn't given up hope" he might return for 2011. If he does it would be at a much cheaper price than he obviously hoped.

The Dolphins, which fancy themselves a running team, need to move on in the backfield and the assumption here is they'll do exactly that. But why not give Hilliard a look to see what they have in case the need Miami has actually is for one running back rather than two?

Just sayin'.

At the wide receiver spot, I am frankly baffled why this team might continue to give snaps to veteran Kevin Curtis, signed last week, rather than Wallace or Moore. Stated simply, Curtis is not the future. The Dolphins need to find out if either Wallace or Moore might be.

One error Sparano made at the end of 2009 when the Dolphins were also eliminated from playoff contention was not give Patrick Turner meaningful playing time the last couple of games. That failure led the Dolphins to bring him back early this year and that was a waste of a roster spot that might have been used on someone else.

The coaching staff had to go through another offseason and training camp and preseason to figure out Turner wasn't a player for them -- something they could have figured out if he'd gotten some snaps in anger during 2009.

Now Wallace and Moore sit in basically the same spot as Turner did although both have shown much more promise. Both are smart and fast. Wallace is a 4.46ish guy while Moore is a legit 4.4. Yet, at a time the Dolphins are looking for threats downfield, neither has gotten much of a shot.

Isn't it time to serve them up some shots?

Both players have had their moments. Moore has a couple of drops but he also caught a 57-yard TD versus Oakland, which is precisely the kind of play the Dolphins thirst for. And Wallace, tall and strong, has caught four passes for 46 yards, including a 19-yarder.

So whaddya say, coach?

Let the kids show you what they got ... or what they don't.

It would give you three fewer decisions to make this offseason.


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There is a receiver named Pruitt who has been sitting on the practice squad. I'm also a huge Wallace fan. Armando is right on this one.

The offense has been disappointing this year but I think it can be fixed over the offseason. Just like how Mike Nolan Fixed the defense, I think Gary Kubiak is just the guy to fix the offense. If Houston fires him, Miami needs to hire him as an Offensive Coordinator immediately. I think he can do for Henne what he did for Matt Schaub. Henne has looked shaky at times this year, but he's also had some really solid games over the past two seasons. Henne and Schaub share a lot of similar characteristics. Both are mechanical, emotionless QBs with strong arms and decent accuracy. The major reason our passing game has been such a failure is because Henning's passing concepts are primitive and predictable. On many passing plays, Henne literally has nobody to throw to. Bring in a guy like Kubiak and henne will have more open recievers to throw to. This will make him more confident and negate some of the discomfort he feels in the pocket. Moreover he'll be more inclined to take risks and throw down the field because he'll have the confidence in the offense's ability to compensate for any mistakes he makes.

There's no really no need for major changes. Aside from being an ultraconservative on 4th down ( a philosophy that can change), sparano has been fairly solid as a head coach. He does a good job motivating and preparing the team. We're not as bad as we appear, nor are we that far away from contending. It just wasn't our year. We lead the league in dropped INTs and missed FGs. These are fluky stats that can swing 2 or 3 games. Are we clamouring for regime change if we're 9-5 or 10-4. Take a deep breath and relax.

1. Hire Kubiak as OC
2. Draft Mark Ingram or a lesean mccoy/ jamaal Charles type back
3. Sign Logan Mankins or another proven Guard or Center that can pull or handle heavy NTs
4. Find another WR that can stretch the field
5. Ditch the wildcat
6. Sign or draft a TE that can get vertical

Hilliard is junk. He shouldn't even be on the roster.

They should line up in four and five WR sets and just chuck the ball around. Bess, Marshall, Wallace, and Moore all on the field at the same time would be fun to watch. There's a reason that teams like the Colts, Cheatriots, and Saints win games every year. It's because they have great passing games. Let Henne try to be Dan Marino for two games before his career as a starter is laid to rest this offseason.

It's amazing how most of you wanted to cut Soliai in June, and now he's a must sign. Incredible.

Of hillard was soo good like I hear or read why isn't he play? If the coaches don't give someone enough playing time is it that they are just backups,........... Example: Tuner Pat White thigpen John Jerry Moore etc etc etc. If I'm wrong ok what's has all the players we let go or traded done elsewhere! CMON MAN ANSWER THAT QUESTON!!!!!!!!! I AM MAD!!

mmikejohnson.....you have a great plan , line them up ALL the 5 wr .

Jomah paritzky........ are we going to make IT without A NEW QB ?

Ir's amazing how Soliai improve

Let's hire Jonah Paritzky as our new GM head coach and Offense coordinator? Ha ha ha ha hardy ha!!!


Henne missed the playoffs because of the first 3 games of the season that Pennington lost for us.

Henne went 7-6 with the same receiving corp that Pennington went 0-3 with.

Seriously, if you want to take away the emotion, you can get a clear and accurate picture of what Pennington really did here.

He started out 0-3 TWICE.

He got season ending injuries twice.

He got bailed out by the wildfluke and rode Ricky and Ronnie for what turned out to an abberation of season.

If that's not enough for you, remember, the wets and bills sucked that year Brady was out injured.

We all want to have fond memories of Pennington, why? Because our DEFENSE led the league in turnovers, we had the softest schedule in the history of the league and the wildfluke fooled everyone just long enough for us to win the division.

Like you said we have to take all things into consideration, that means examining the entire body of work. In Pennington's case it's really not that much when you look at it objectively.

The only stat worthy of mention is his completion percentage, that's about it.

With every conceivable favorable alignment of the cosmos, the best he could "MANAGE" was a totally embarrassing one and done.

Facts are facts and stats are stats, Just Saying..........................

I just say we need to replace both OC and QB or nothing is going to get resolved!

Danny... I cannot answer why Hilliard hasn't seen the field. There are a lot of things that the offensive coaches have done, or not done that leave us all wondering. Nobody knows if Hilliard stinks, or if he can be an effective back because he has yet to get his shot. He did a little at the end of last year and responded with 3 Td's in the last 2 games. He plays hard, with a chip on his shoulder. Also be careful just to dismiss him because he hasn't seen the field. Remember guys like Arian Foster, Ryan Grant, and even the Oompa Loompa in New England were all guys buried on depth charts, or undrafted. They just needed a chance. I'm sure fans of the teams they were on believed they had no shot either.

Odin.. I always forget about Lousaka. Your right he is a freight train.

I like Sparano, I hope he stays but he needs to radically change his approach on 4th down. The first drive of the game was the perfect example of his flawed thinking: So here we are moving the ball effectively on the opening drive. A TD here will set the tone for the game and probably result in a dolphins' victory. On 3rd and 2 miami elects to pass the ball against the 32 ranked run defense in the NFL at the Buffalo 31 yard line. While I do realize running on 3rd and 2 doesn't guarantee a conversion, does Sparano realize he has two downs to convert! If you only gain 1 yard on 3rd down, it shouldn't be a problem gaining 1 yard on 4th down. Does anyone here not think that Miami could have gained 2 total yards on two runs. Plus, the odds of converting a 4th and 1 or 4th and 2 are much higher than converting a 48 yard FG. That decision doesn't make mathematical sense. Not only is missing a FG is worse than failing on 4th down because you give up an additional 7 yards, you're also passing up a golden TD opportunity.

If Sparano just adopts the philosophy that going for it on 4th down is smarter than kicking FGs and punting, I think Miami can compete with anyone. This about this scenario for second: Let's say it's 3rd and 7 from the opponent's 46 yard line. This would be an obvious passing situation for any team, especially one as content with punting and Kicking FGs as Miami. However, a team that uses all 4 of their downs will put themselves at an advantage because they now have the option to run the ball in that situation. A gain of 3 or 4 yards will give the team a very managable 4th and 3 at the opponents 43 yardline. Repeatedly utilizing this strategy will only help the team because opponents wont know what to expect. Instead of bringing in their dime package on 3rd and long, they may be more inclined to keep in an extra LB to combat the threat of the run. This will pose a match-up issue and can be exploited with a pass. Likewise, if extra DBs are brought in on 3rd and 7 to stop the pass, running plays will invariably be more successful, resulting in more managable 4th down situations or 1st downs.

I highly doubt Sparano will ever deviate from his conservatism, but how many games this year has miami cost itself because it cowardly punted from the opponent's territory or attempted a FG on 4th and short?

Maybe a revamped offense under the guidance of a guy like Gary Kubiak will give Sparano the confidence to go for it on a 4th down. If Sparano keeps coaching afraid, hes' going to find himself unemployed very soon.


Personally, I'd like to see Hilliard for at least the first half against the Lions, if he does well, leave him in the full game. I'd also like to see more from Moore, Wallace and Reshad Jones.....to name a few, what irritates me is that Sparano is saying we're basically going to see more of the same...at least that's the way Mando quoted him. Well, more of the same isn't working, it's time to experiment a little!

Mark my words... Henne leaves and gets a good coaching staff elsewhere and he will be all-star caliber.... How does an all star lik Brandon Marshall come here and become in affective???!!!


Lots of ignorant personel people and smart ones to, don't give players the proper chances to play.

I'll only the first 3 examples that popped into my head, but they should suffice.

Wake-undrafted and cut by two NFL tams.


Welker-undrafted and traded.

Nuff said..........

Supersport4....Marshall comes here and becomes ineffective because:
A) The QB is no good
B) The Coaching is not good
C) The QB coach is lacking
D) The OC is ineffective
E) Some of the above
F) All of the above

Lex may not have breakaway speed(he never has) What he does possess is quickness. At the combine he had a poor 40 time. but he had the 3rd quickest 20 yard shuttle time. This should give you an idea of how explosive he is, and what sort of back he can be. Will he be a speed, take it to the house guy? No. But we don't need him to be. He can be a guy that comes in to kill clock, gain tough yards, and even catch some passes now and then. I don't see him as a feature back, but as a complementary guy. We made the mistake of not evaluating him at the end of last year. I hope it's not the same song again.

Odin, your last post to Danny was on the money! That's why Sparano needs to let these other guys play, they may click better with Henne and if that happens, that would answer a lot of questions....

Jonah Paritzky is on to something here.

Did anybody ever notice how bad Schaubb was when he came into the league?

Henne's first season and a half was far better.

With the patience our fans have Schaubb would have been on the waiver wire in no time.

Kubiak worked wonders with the kid.

I have no idea if Kubiak will be available, but I would happy as he!! going into next season with Kubiak as our OC.


P.S......HOUSTON LOOKING FOR a QB TO REPLACE SCHUBB and they will fire mr jonah panitzky .

same thing should work for the herald,let some new reporters write with fresh new idea's and smarts,lets give them a chance.


These last two games CAN be invaluable to sorting out some of the issues with our team. They COULD be better than a 4 game pre season.

I doubt these dingbats will take advantage of it. A lot of them are starting to worry about job security and would love to win out.

I can't blame them at all and I can understand it. So it'll probably be ANOTHER missed opportunity. It seems that has been the legacy of the Trifecta since coming to Miami, missed opportunities.

My ex girlfriend(the one that was my rehab therapist)gave me an awesome Christmas gift this year. She "sold" me primary custody of my two youngest sons. I'm meeting them at my Parents house in Lansing tomorrow. After the holidays, we're doing the moving truck routine. I'll have them out of the Detroit suburbs and into the "Great White North" by the time second semester starts. FINALLY! I hope they like the country bumpkin life. Either way, it beats the heck out of growing up in the inner city.

PS: I've been in touch with Paul Ojibway and we're planning on getting together some of the other guys(if we can find any of them)we used to jam with. We're going to Jam at open mike night at this blues club in Lansing called the Green Door. Just like we did in the "old days".

Thanks a ZILLION for inadvertently making this happen. I know this is a rambling post and I'm babbling, but I really am thankful.


Sorry Mando,... I can't follow this one.

The problem with our deep threat has nothing to do with the WRs running the routes. Henne is missing them. On the first play from scrimmage Henne never even looked at Marshall breaking free on man coverage, wide open down the left side line. Then he missed Curtis. Henne missed oppertunities that this team needs to capitolize on.

Plus teams play us in cover 2 because it preys on QBs with Henne's bad habits. We need veteran recievers to test the resolve of this disapionting QB.

Odin. Congrats man...I hope you and your sons and family have a wonderful Christmas.


I dont know much about the Texans problems and I dont know who is to blame.

I do know since Kubiak went to the Texans they have brought in and developed some great offensive talent. Shaubb, Andre Johnson and Arian Foster to name a few.

Kubiak was the QB coach at San Fran and coached up career back up Steve Young to an NFL MVP award and a Super Bowl MVP award.

He worked under Shanahan in San Fran and went to Denver with him as the OC. They won two Super Bowls there and Denver was an offensive juggernaught.

I don't know much about what's going on with the Texans, maybe Kubiak is in over his head as a Head Coach.

I do know he has worked with and helped develop Two Super Bowl winning Hall of Fame Quarterbacks and as an Offensive coordinator he was awesome.

The Texans record this year doesn't mean that much to me when considering the entire body of work. So like I said earlier, I don't know if he will be available or not, But I would be a happy camper going into next season with Kubiak.


I would def. Agree with B. C. And D

Thanks Darryl and a Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Oh and a Merry Christmas to Lex Hillird too-LOL!

PS: I think you and I are the only Hilliard fans on this board. Just from what little I've seen of him I think he's a keeper. I agree with you totally about him being a complimentary back. I think he'd compliment the RB that Dying Breed keeps gushing about just fine :)


I couldn't remember his name. I had to google it.

Mark Ingraham!

Darryl, I think Hilliard would compliment the he!! out of Mark Ingraham.

I know drafting a runningback is just as much of a crap shoot as any other position, but Ingraham looks as good as, if not better than most.

Odin, thanks for your post, enjoy your sons and have a Merry Christmas! BTW, I like Hilliard, and Kubiak as well, for OC, not HC. If we have given Henne all these opportunities, why not Hilliard, R and R haven't produced much, give the ball to Hilliard and Polite, let's see what they can do, change up they plays a little.....whoops, I lost my head....they're against changing things up

I'm out guys, goodnight.

AHHHHHH, GIMME' A DAMN BREAK!!! It's a simple damn game, do the math. Their are five absolute O-Linemen (A Center,2 Guards, and 2 Tackles) in the game ALL THE DAMN TIME!!! FIND YOU SIX DAMN PLAAAAAAYMAKERS! THAT'S IT! SIMPLE!

congrats odie the great white north is beautiful,ice fishin should be in full swing by now.Still waitin here in P.a but gettin close.Bring em up with good values and you will be rewarded when they are older.HHHMMMM older, that what the 2010 phins make me feel.Alot older than I am.

You look at the Steelers, Oakland & even the Bills playing rookie WR's & flourishing. That is poor coaching on Sparano's part if he doesn't get them on the field. How many rookie's & 2nd year guys do we have playing on defense? 6 or 7 regularly & now you know what you have there.

Oh & Mando you always forget about Patrick Cobbs. I know he's not a rookie but I still believe he's their most versitile back (Wildcat notwithstanding).

I don't think you'll see many substitutes unless Ross endorses Sporano for another season.

Tony's playing for his job and wants the wins to help keep it.

I hope something changes - the status quo is getting old......

'Mando, every scouting report I've seen on both Wallace or Moore has them slower than you say. Most are from college or Pre draft and they have Moore in the 4.5-4.6 range and wallace in the 4.55 range. Have they gotten faster. I imagine that both would have been drafted if they were that fast.

Its not amazing Mike033766...its called production....haven't you ever changed your mind on something or someone.....

As for Hilliard, he would be a great change up that runs downhill very hard. Ricky and Ronnie are too much alike and both are done in Miami.

I don't see what you guys see... Saying Ronnie and ricky have not produced... They have not had a chance... I remember a couple years back, Ricky would have 25 carries per game!!! How many did Ronnie have against the 32nd ranked rushing defense in the league??? I think 8 or 9!!! In the third quarter Ronnie had 6 rushing attempts for 39 yards... That's over 6 yards per carry... And you only use him 8-9 times?!?! Give those guys a break.... Bad blocking and even worse play calling!

Oompa Loompa......lmao

the fact is unless sparano wins one of the next 2 he's not coming back. So the phins might be out of the playoffs but that doesn't mean they don't have anything to play for. They are playing for sparano's job. We'll see how they come out.

I'd like to see Hilliard & the TE's. I think we know what the WR's are. Wallace is a big body & Moore may have a little speed but nothing earth shattering. We need a fast WR to help open things up for Marshall & Bess.

Considering some of our biggest needs on offense include RB & TE, it would be wise to let those young guys play.

This FO, I suspect, may have held Ronnie back somewhat this season in an effort to drive down his price in the offseason. I would not be surprised. Bad numbers = not a big pay day & may be inclined to sign back on the cheap. I hope this doesn't happen. We need speed. Here's how you fix Miami roster wise:

Resign Ricky for 1 year & long term for Soliai & McDaniel.
Draft a QB
Sign Deangelo Willims or Michael Bush & draft a RB.
Move Garner to LG, sign Ryan Kalil at C. Give Jerry 1 more year at RG & hope Carey can rebound next season.
Sign 1-2 dependable CB's in FA. There are ALOT of them.
Move Clemmons to SS & move Jones to FS. OR, move Jones to SS & sign one of the MANY FS's in FA.
Try to find a dependable ILB & another speed rusher. Wake & Dansby can't do it alone.

Do all those things & Miami is a playoff team again. Don't and be prepared to relive the 2009 & 2010 seasons.

Who cares? The Dolphins suck period

Does not matter
The Dolphins suck

1 win at Home

Every prime time game was an embarrassing disaster

Congrats to Jason Taylor and Pat Turner
2 physical players on a team that plays to win

The Dolphins suck

Jason taylor1s charity ping pong match is way more exciting than the Dolphins

Case in point

0 points at Home against the Bears

and lose to Buffalo at Home

C`mon Man

The Dolphins Suck

No offensive line
Some 6.7 Jackass playing with a screwed up shoulder and a bad knee cuz Sparano put him in during scrubfest 4th preseason game

No running backs with any star power
Couple of beat up old chumps producing nothing

and all u idiots telling Home the Dolphins need to run the football
The Dolphins couldn`t run my bath
They earned 6 rushing TDs all year
and some of those were the Wildcrap

6 rushing TDs all season and an O-Line that cannot run block

The Dolphins suck

I agree with Armando, I am a Hilliard fan. Feed him the rock, let's see what he's got. You have to know what your priorities will be in the draft. We have two games to test some of these guys. I also say, leave Henne in and turn him loose. He has two games to see whether or not we at least keep him as a back up. Moore and Wallace the same. It's time to begin to think about next year. Sheesh, that sounds too familiar...............

By the way ...
The Dolphins Suck

U get that, Huh?

Home gave this place more periods than a Hemingway novel

The Dolphins Suck

Methinks Tortured is developing a following. Mutiny is in the winds...

Hey PWT... we are ALL organ donors here... (broken) hearts and (wrenched) guts

I also agree to give the kids a chance... not like we will be fined for not playing to win... who knows... we could already have our gems and knowing that, would help with where we go in the draft (other than QB)... althogh many still have Kold coming here cheap.

Boycott the Dolphins
They play to win by a field goal

Even if the kicker has to kick 50 yds against the win
and the playoffs are at stake

R U F!@#ing kidding me!

The Dolphins suck

Boycott the Fins

Give Tony Sparano an empty stadium

The Jackass can run around fist pumping field goals
and laying eggs in Chemtrail Death Stadium

Boycott the Dolphins

the 1000 morons that watch this piece of crap offense
should throw rolls of toilet paper up at Henning in the booth

Nothing but a booth full of shiet anyways

Exactly the question I asked yesterday Mando (why Curtis over Moore/Wallace)? Again, another late season Sparano misjudgment.

But, on the Hilliard thing, I think he's fine as a backup, but he'll never be a starter. You can't keep taking these "B" guys and trying to make them "A" guys (they tried with Hilliard last year and Cobbs the year before). These guys are good "team" guys, but they aren't stars by themselves. You need a guy (like an Arian Foster) who can come in and be the Man! That's what you need in a RB, and right now we don't have that (Ricky held that role but is too old now for that role).

So, I think you could get away with picking up 1 RB in the offseason (if you have lots of other positions to fill on offense like Miami does), but ultimately you'll need 2 because Hilliard isn't going to blow anyone away (ditto Cobbs). These are good "team" players, hard workers, but they aren't game changers, and that's what we need more of on this team (not more average guys).

Michael Vick, Desean Jackson, Jeremy Macklin, LaShaun McCoy, THAT'S the offensive firepower we need to amass on this team!

Now how bout some real HAARPed up weather weapon news
U starting to read between the lines with the adjectives and descriptions of bizarre severe man made weather disasters?
or r u to stupid, like Dan Hennning and still dont see the writing on the F!@#ing Wall!?

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Half a dozen southern California counties are under an emergency declaration Wednesday as another powerful storm from the Pacific pummels the region.

The declaration from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger warns of a forecast that calls for "extraordinary and continuing rainfall" that is likely to cause more flooding and landslides in the region and authorizes state assistance for local authorities.

The proclamation covers Kern, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo and Tulare counties in southern California.

"We're preparing for what we expect to be a very heavy, severe rainstorm ..." said Mike Kaspar with Los Angeles County Public Works. "In the worst case senario, we could be looking at as much as 8 inches more of rain in the southern California area,"

Storm-weary Californians on Tuesday slogged through another day of record-breaking snow, rain and flooding from a series of storms that prompted an emergency declaration from the state's governor.
Severe weather leads to massive evacuations
Severe Flooding whacks Western states

The five-day rain total has topped 10 inches in many areas, with much heavier amounts in some locales. More than 21 inches have fallen on Twin Peaks in San Bernardino county, with Twin Creek receiving nearly 20 inches.

henne blows.

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