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Dolphins should give some youngster a shot

Dolphins players have only professional pride and the future to play for while coaches have, I guess, the same motivation in these coming final two games of the 2010 season.

That future would be brighter for everyone if the Dolphins were to suddenly find the speed and playmaking acumen that anyone with eyes can see they lack. Coach Tony Sparano said Monday he isn't going to go nuts inserting untested players into the final two games simply for the sake of seeing somebody else play.

But he left open the door to some youngsters getting more of a look.

"I do think there could be opportunities for a few guys to play a few more snaps that maybe haven’t played X-amount of snaps," Sparano said. "It ain’t going to be anything different than the people that you’ve seen but I think maybe getting a guy in the ballgame a little bit more in some of these situations so you know a little bit more about him down the road I think would be important."

There really aren't a lot of places for Sparano to search on a 53-man roster for a revelation player that he was totally unaware of. But there are places he could look to find players that haven't gotten long looks until now.

I present to you Lex Hilliard, Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore.

Hilliard has not carried the football all year long but the truth is the Dolphins will have to replace either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both before the start of 2011. If the idea of replacing Ronnie or Ricky is jarring to you ... get over it. As I asked in my column on Monday, what do either of them do that is special?

This Miami Herald story, by the way, says Brown "hasn't given up hope" he might return for 2011. If he does it would be at a much cheaper price than he obviously hoped.

The Dolphins, which fancy themselves a running team, need to move on in the backfield and the assumption here is they'll do exactly that. But why not give Hilliard a look to see what they have in case the need Miami has actually is for one running back rather than two?

Just sayin'.

At the wide receiver spot, I am frankly baffled why this team might continue to give snaps to veteran Kevin Curtis, signed last week, rather than Wallace or Moore. Stated simply, Curtis is not the future. The Dolphins need to find out if either Wallace or Moore might be.

One error Sparano made at the end of 2009 when the Dolphins were also eliminated from playoff contention was not give Patrick Turner meaningful playing time the last couple of games. That failure led the Dolphins to bring him back early this year and that was a waste of a roster spot that might have been used on someone else.

The coaching staff had to go through another offseason and training camp and preseason to figure out Turner wasn't a player for them -- something they could have figured out if he'd gotten some snaps in anger during 2009.

Now Wallace and Moore sit in basically the same spot as Turner did although both have shown much more promise. Both are smart and fast. Wallace is a 4.46ish guy while Moore is a legit 4.4. Yet, at a time the Dolphins are looking for threats downfield, neither has gotten much of a shot.

Isn't it time to serve them up some shots?

Both players have had their moments. Moore has a couple of drops but he also caught a 57-yard TD versus Oakland, which is precisely the kind of play the Dolphins thirst for. And Wallace, tall and strong, has caught four passes for 46 yards, including a 19-yarder.

So whaddya say, coach?

Let the kids show you what they got ... or what they don't.

It would give you three fewer decisions to make this offseason.


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Why Kevin Curtis?

r u F!@#ing kidding me

The guy is a playmaker u idiots!

last season over 1100 yds and 6 TDs
Huge plays for the Eagles

and u want a couple of wanna be rookie scrubs that cannot even run a pass pattern correctly


There is no 3 yr plan in Miami
Every year they change their mind and fire their 2nd & 3rd round draft picks

Kevin Curtis is a stud
Dont care if he is 50 yrs old

He makes plays
Big plays

U get that, Huh?

Stop thinking
U dont get paid to think!
U morons

Home the smartest thing you said was that Miami can't run the ball....and yet and still you still have those that will critize because the Dolphins can't run enough...thats like critizing a deaf man for not being able to hear....WE DON'T RUN...BECAUSE WE CAN'T RUN!

The OC is quoted as saying he'd love to run the ball on every down....sound like somebody who loves to pass?


The Dolphins Suck

Kris, people are criticizing the fact that Miami was #4 in the run last year, have a friggin' oline coach as HC, and regressed this far this year in the run game. I don't hear anyone at this point saying Miami should run more. I hear people saying run different. Or get the RBs out in space (like short passes) to free them up, but I think everyone who watches this team knows we can't run this year.

But people are criticizing Sparano and Henning for mucking up the offense so much that even things you did well the past 2 years aren't being done well now. That's where the criticism is being directed at.

Screw the Dolphins
The end of the F!@#ing world is coming

Home warned u
u did not listen

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I believe this is the most dangerous spot on Earth right now."

U get that, Huh?

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Wake the F!@# up, Slaves!

I'll agree with that DC...It's embarrising tryng to watch this team move the ball....its painful, and its boring.....They have a poll about todays article on the Herald about Ronnie Brown.....It ask what postion needs to be upgraded the most...


I voted for the OL....but the over whelming majority of peopl who read the Herald spots section say we need a new QB....Its gonna be hard for Ross to ignore the will of the people



Ross and his whole staff r a bunch of idiots
(except Mike Nolan)

we have been had
The Dolphins Suck

Hope Ross loses a half a billion dollars on this pathetic offensive NFL team

Parcells can reach out and JERK ME OFF!

Its the end of the world as we know it
i feel fine

have a HAARPy day :(


DC...on Kevin Curtis....I got to disagree big time....He's a play maker....One game in Miami and he finds himself 5 Yards behind the Defense.....Unfortunatley the Robot can't compute and woefully under throws him with a attempted "touch" pass when he should have just winged it out there....but i digress.

When have any of our other recievers got behind the defense....last time I can recall is Marshall in Week 2 (MIN)....again another badly under thrown pass.

Aloco if that true thats funny as hell....I will have to check it out when I get home....no you tube from work.....

Happy Holidays ALL!!!



JETS AID, IT'S A PERSONAL MATTER ..................

Agree 100% Kris. If it was up to me, I'd draft/acquire in this order of need: OL (like 3 of 'em), RB, WR/QB (there's a need for both, so, that probably depends more on the who's the best available at the time).

It's a joke though to think we could draft a QB who would be ready (and more effective than what we got) starting day one next season. That just doesn't happen in the NFL. Now, if they're thinking grab a QB of the future and groom them, ok, that's fine with me.

But fix the rest of your team first. Yes, QB is an issue, and the most important position, but not the only position of importance. If we had a 1/2 decent run game THIS year, I bet we would have made a run at the Playoffs. But they put it all on Henne's shoulders and obviously he wasn't ready for anything like that.


Homes,your finally back.I have been following this insane HAARP weather of mass destruction all over the globe after reading all your material.This is insane!California is getting pummeled right now with almost a total of two feet of standing rain!Korea nuclear war will be here shortly!Homes, what the hell is going on?


Joe Schmoe...I agree with everything you said...I would also add signing Logan Mankins. That would be a huge boost for our o-line. I like the thought of having Long and Mankins on the left side of our line.




Kris, Curtis basically plays Bess' position. Since Bess took Hartline's slot, they brought in Curtis. But the guy is getting older, and just coming off cancer. Do you really think he's a long-term option for Miami (or just a stopgap due to injuries)? Make that assessment first.

If you think he's long-term, ok, I can see what you're saying.

But if your assessment is like mine (he's just a short-termer), then whatever he does this year is pointless. If the rookies aren't up to speed yet, wouldn't it be wise to give them some real game situations so they can gain experience? To me it's a no-brainer. It's called coaching up your players. Maybe one of these guys is a long-term answer for the team. But if they never get on the field, how can they ever gain enough experience to do anything special?

So, it depends on what you think Curtis is doing here. My opinion is you won't see Curtis as a Dolphin next year. Maybe it's wrong, maybe they want 2 slot receivers on the team (that's a dumb move if you ask me, but I'm just a fan).

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I agree. Lets hire a 10 year old to coach this team.

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this is the most dangerous spot on Earth right now."

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Home been watching alot of stuff on you tube....about the illuminati and...you got any other links?

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Apparently the Dolphins tried to get Teddy Williams, a speedster who was on the Dallas Cowboys pratice squad. Dangerous guy on ST who can fly. Consequently, the Cowboys were forced to put Tony Romo on IR so they could stick Williams on the 53 man roster. So after signing Curtis and trying to get this Williams guy (cause he is a WR), it seems to me that the Dolphins aren't very pleased with the progress of Wallace and Moore. That's almost 2 WRs in 2 weeks.

can't wait for those f'n nukes to go off!.. waaaaaaaaaaay to much scum on this planet..lol

Home thinks Wolf Blitzer's word is the gospel....he doesn't understand mainstream tv news, hype and hyperbole. The koreas can be squashed in 17 seconds, life will go on. Oh, and snow melts.

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good start 4 U

I am afraid what might happen when the drills start,” says Park Mee-young .



I see what your saying..but in my mind I think Curtis can be a player in this league for a few more quality years...Like I said...who else has been 5 yards deeper than the defense this year..it take more than speed...it takes elusiveness and savy. I think he brings that. I also thought he was a number 2 reciever in philly not a slot...but I could be wrong.

I am frustrated as hell in our staffs ability to get young talent on the feild...I said it before and I will say it again...the worst place you can come if your a rookie player (especially offense) is Miami....cause you will never EVER see the feild....and if by chance you get on...the coaches will discount everything you do

My trojan broke when I was with my man last night. Hope I did not knock him up.

Thanks Homes!I found "fall of the republic" the presidency of Obama.Will watch it now!

#1 fan, we can't afford Mankins. If anything, we can go after a guy like D. Cooledge from GB, he will come cheap and is still young. We have allot of other needs so I expect bargain shopping except for possibly 1 big name...Deangelo WIlliams? If we sign a LG...move Garner to Center & keep Jerry & Carey in place. If Carey can't handle RT, he can slide inside to Rg & Jerry can play RT as he did in college.

DC, how do you not blame Sparano for the run game sucking as bad as it does? It's his team is it not? This is HIS o-line that he had his hands in reshaping. It's hand picked by him. All those Cowboy rejects as starters(Berger) & backups(procter & Mcquistan). SOME O-LINE GURU!

The inability to run lies with his insistence to mess up a pretty good offensive line for the 3rd straight year. You can't run if you don't have consistency & cohesion on the O-line. He rotates guys in series to series. Benches starters & puts in back ups. Shoot, they can't even pass protect for up to 3 seconds on Max protects!

So yea, I do blame Sparano, & rightfully so. So do most other fans. He created this mess.


Kris, exactly. Anthony Armstrong is your proof right there. He should be a Miami Dolphin. Instead, he's becoming a factor in Washington. Shouldn't of happened.

I'll check it out Home...is that you tube or is this a differnt website?

i just had a colon cleansing....mmmm mmm good.

the difference between jets and phins this year? run game.
Last year it was defense. Lets hope next year we'll be better than the jets in both running and defense

The slaves will always go back to their conditioning and reject the truth ... because we r all afraid of things we do not understand, like imposter home above and his ignorant & sick gay jokes

You forgot about replacing Henne with Thigpen...I think they need to see if they can open up competition next year while (hopefully) drafting a quality QB. The start against Chicago wasn't a fair evaluation since the the whole team stunk...

Kris, I personally voted "other" in the poll. OC is definitely the position that needs the MOST upgrading.

I heard the same thing on the radio on the way in about the Rex Ryan's woman foot fetish. Surprised she doesn't have a big, fat, buddha fetish.

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Joe Schmoe, you say we have a lot of other needs. As far as I'm concerned, this team's biggest need is o-line. Sometimes you have to pay to get some stability. Karlos Dansby would be a good example. I don't think we have to spend that much in free agency but my main focus (and probably the only costly one) would be Logan Mankins.


Home - take a few seconds and look up the phrase 'the heresy of paraphrase', that is all that film is, nothing more. There are some truths for sure, but overall its just a rah rah film for the infowars fans.


2 watt, i will have 1 general tso chicken and house fried rice, thank you

#1 in Montreal.....I hate it man...and the worst part is that this is a process that has been going on long before Sporano and crew got here...they ae just continuing the tradition....We haven't "grown" with a player since JT and Zack....Wake had to ride the pine for 2 years...after winng CFL defensive player of the year award in back to back years.....Who ever the evaluator of talent is needs to be evaluated....

One of our rookies catches a 50 yard TD pass and hasn't seen any real playing time since....and that play was designed to be another 10 yard out pass

easy to find
takes 2 seconds
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Break the Matrix!

As someone said earlier, Henne can't get the ball to the WRs anyway so, what are you going to find out about them?

Hillard? Backs don't have that much to learn, you pretty much know right away if they're any good. But what the hell, why not?

One other thing: Some of these guys have escalators written in to their contracts. B Marsh is probably one of them. Wouldn't do to piss him off by sitting him.


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Mark...LOL @ the big-fat-budaha fettish...

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Home...I will check it out

I am the god of hell fire

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