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Dolphins should give some youngster a shot

Dolphins players have only professional pride and the future to play for while coaches have, I guess, the same motivation in these coming final two games of the 2010 season.

That future would be brighter for everyone if the Dolphins were to suddenly find the speed and playmaking acumen that anyone with eyes can see they lack. Coach Tony Sparano said Monday he isn't going to go nuts inserting untested players into the final two games simply for the sake of seeing somebody else play.

But he left open the door to some youngsters getting more of a look.

"I do think there could be opportunities for a few guys to play a few more snaps that maybe haven’t played X-amount of snaps," Sparano said. "It ain’t going to be anything different than the people that you’ve seen but I think maybe getting a guy in the ballgame a little bit more in some of these situations so you know a little bit more about him down the road I think would be important."

There really aren't a lot of places for Sparano to search on a 53-man roster for a revelation player that he was totally unaware of. But there are places he could look to find players that haven't gotten long looks until now.

I present to you Lex Hilliard, Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore.

Hilliard has not carried the football all year long but the truth is the Dolphins will have to replace either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams or both before the start of 2011. If the idea of replacing Ronnie or Ricky is jarring to you ... get over it. As I asked in my column on Monday, what do either of them do that is special?

This Miami Herald story, by the way, says Brown "hasn't given up hope" he might return for 2011. If he does it would be at a much cheaper price than he obviously hoped.

The Dolphins, which fancy themselves a running team, need to move on in the backfield and the assumption here is they'll do exactly that. But why not give Hilliard a look to see what they have in case the need Miami has actually is for one running back rather than two?

Just sayin'.

At the wide receiver spot, I am frankly baffled why this team might continue to give snaps to veteran Kevin Curtis, signed last week, rather than Wallace or Moore. Stated simply, Curtis is not the future. The Dolphins need to find out if either Wallace or Moore might be.

One error Sparano made at the end of 2009 when the Dolphins were also eliminated from playoff contention was not give Patrick Turner meaningful playing time the last couple of games. That failure led the Dolphins to bring him back early this year and that was a waste of a roster spot that might have been used on someone else.

The coaching staff had to go through another offseason and training camp and preseason to figure out Turner wasn't a player for them -- something they could have figured out if he'd gotten some snaps in anger during 2009.

Now Wallace and Moore sit in basically the same spot as Turner did although both have shown much more promise. Both are smart and fast. Wallace is a 4.46ish guy while Moore is a legit 4.4. Yet, at a time the Dolphins are looking for threats downfield, neither has gotten much of a shot.

Isn't it time to serve them up some shots?

Both players have had their moments. Moore has a couple of drops but he also caught a 57-yard TD versus Oakland, which is precisely the kind of play the Dolphins thirst for. And Wallace, tall and strong, has caught four passes for 46 yards, including a 19-yarder.

So whaddya say, coach?

Let the kids show you what they got ... or what they don't.

It would give you three fewer decisions to make this offseason.


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2 Watt-no substitutions, you leave now.

Home must be watching Fox News again...don't let the man get you down Home.
So what if 1M commies head south out of N. Korea?

...this just in

....Cowher meets with Peterson to discuss Miami HC job.

Now that just got my interest....NOT North Korea.

Russian women and vodaka. New World Order? I'm in.

I also like the deep fried salty calamari and spicy shrimp. man, I'm getting hungry.

Hey Mando!
Any clue as to how many Pass Interference penatlies the Dolphins have benefited from? Especially anything over 25yds? That right there is a clue as to not even looking downfield and having the pass be close to completion. And I've watched practically every game via the NFL Package and I can't remember a one. PS - the Directv commerical with the Fish fan in New England is exactly what I go through and have gone through for 16 yrs now.


Dolfan...I hear ya, it's tough being a fins fan in NE these days...but we ruled NE back in the 80's & 90's.
Hopefully we can turn this thing around and be come relevant again for a long time...hence the Cowher discussions.
He could bring a long-term, stable solution to our HC position as He, Peterson & Ross are all from the cloth.


You've just listed the reasons why Sparano is not an NFL coach. And by the way,,,How goes the offensive line, how goes the running backs. Bad OL,,bad RB's, its that simple

NH, they're all from the cloth? They're all priests? Not having to put in extra one on one practice time with one of these men of the cloth will motivate the players to play well for sure. Hee hee, just joking with you!

U must understand Live Free or Die NHFINSFAN

It starts in Korea
many other players will be involved including Russia & China vs USA & Europe

"All Battles Are Won B4 They Are Fought"
military strategist from "The Art Of War"

Do not be so flippant and think this has no bearing on your life

NHFINSFAN, you honestly believe Peterson and Cowher would bring us to the promised land?

Derick = Home

What we need is obvious. Another celebrity owner. I really thought J-Lo would put us over the top this year, o well...

Im thinking trickdaddy or michael buble?

Guys remember the football thing will take care of itself for god sakes henning has been doing a great job for sparano and co.



North Korea has no nukes.

They are showing off their feathers like ugly little peacocks. Nothing more.

The DMZ is the SAFEST place on earth right now. I'd rather be at the DMZ than Miami.

Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden for Miami dolphins head coach or conspiracy theory?

April showers bring May flowers. And playoff elimination yields coaching pontification.
That's the environment in which Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano finds himself as the season winds down for two now-meaningless games after the Dolphins were mathematically KO'd from playoff consideration by a 17-14 home loss to Buffalo on Sunday.

Surprise champions of the AFC East two seasons ago and a formidable late-summer entity this year after acquiring prolific wide receiver Brandon Marshall, the Dolphins have instead floundered in key spots throughout while tumbling to third in the division behind 12-win New England and the 10-win New York Jets.

The loss to the Bills puts Miami at 7-7 overall, just 1-6 at home and 6-1 on the road. And it puts Sparano and his staff on the hot seat heading into a potentially turbulent offseason.

"It's easy to point blame, fellas," Sparano said at a Monday media gathering. "I get it. It comes with the territory. That's just the way it goes."

Sparano provided a public endorsement of embattled offensive coordinator Dan Henning, just a day after the Dolphins scored less than 20 points for the eighth time in 14 games -- including three straight in December.

Henning came out of retirement in 2008 to join Sparano's staff and was widely lauded for his use of then-starting quarterback Chad Pennington along with unveiling the Wildcat offensive package with running back Ronnie Brown. This season, he's been vilified in South Florida for the Dolphins' offensive inconsistency.

Henning is widely expected to re-retire after the Jan. 2 finale against the Patriots, which will come after Miami hosts 4-10 Detroit this weekend.

"I think that Dan Henning for Tony Sparano has been tremendous, and I think that the guy has done a wonderful job here in my time here," Sparano said. "I look at the entire body of work.

"He's the same guy that we were all talking about, [saying] 'Man, oh man, he finds ways to use the personnel to the best of their ability.' That was you people saying that. Not me. I would tell you that for Tony Sparano, Dan Henning has been tremendous."

Sparano's own job security has been the stuff of whispers as well, particularly after Miami was reportedly among the destinations on Bill Cowher's wish list should the former Pittsburgh coach come back to the NFL sidelines next season. The return of ESPN analyst Jon Gruden has also been discussed in the Sunshine State, largely because of his Super Bowl success with Tampa Bay in 2002.

Cowher's career record is 149-90-1 in the regular season and 12-9 in the playoffs, and his Steelers won a Super Bowl title after the 2005 season. Gruden is 95-81 in regular-season play and 5-4 in the postseason.

Sparano's regular-season and postseason records are 25-21 and 0-1, respectively.

"I just need to get my team ready to play this week," Sparano said in reference to his status. "That's all I need to do. That's my concern. Get the team ready to play the Detroit Lions this week. Everything else is out of my control. Let somebody else deal with it."

Has anyone noticed that even getting Brandon Marshall has helped very little? GEE...let's see.....MAYBE it's the guy THROWING the ball that is the problem...

I guess no one is interested in seeing what Tyler Thigpen can do with actual practice time and game time. I mean as a rookie in KC with the crappy team they had, he did alright. In the few games, we have seen from him here, he provided no spark? Last year, last game if season, he comes off the bench as third stringer, had no practice time with first team, drove down the field to get a score and then puts us in a position to win only to throw int near endzone. This year again, he comes off bench, again no time with starting unit, provides a little spark. Then has virtually no time to prepare for a Bears team, who just clinched their division, that shuts down our run and no wildcat or imagination in play calling is used to have to throw the ball with an injured and shuffled O-line. I'd like to see if this kid can play if he had some preparation and first team reps. Can he be worse than Henne? At least he shows some leadership ability and is not robotic and telescopic.

#1 Montreal...
... Yes I do believe they can.
Peterson built a pretty solid team in KC that proved to be very competitive.
Cowher built the Steelers into a powerhouse team that made it to 3 AFC Championships and a Super Bowl Ring!
If Brady and the Pats were not rising at the same time, the Steelers could have easily won 3 Rings!
So YES I do believe Cowher, Peterson & Ross could form a STABLE environment where championship teams are built from.

O Tim says:
December 22, 2010 at 10:26 am

HELP!!! HELP!! Chris T. My boyfriend NJ is upset again and he is dry humping me without KY. Help you little nerd..HELP!!.

Joe, you either can't read or are taking some type of hallucinogenic drug right now and seeing things that aren't there.

My post (about the run game) was describing why people are criticizing the run. My answer was because Sparano effed up the oline (you should re-read it).

Also it was in English.

So, provided you read/speak English, you should probably comprehend before rushing out there to post some ying-yang.

Cowher not coming to Miami. It's just a ruse to lure interest/money for better opportunities. Sparano/Ireland will get another year. Henning's retirement will be announced right after regular season.

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NHFINSFAN...Fair enough..I don't believe in these big names anymore. I'd rather have a young coach (NFL coordinator or college coach) hungry and wanting to make a name for himself. I don't think it would be such a bad idea to keep Sparano for another year but CHANGES have to be made on the offense. I'm actually kind of hoping that Cowher lands in Houston so that way we could get Kubiak as an OC. Remember how our D sucked last year? Kubiak could be this year's version of Mike Nolan. But for some reason I have a feeling Ross is not going to keep Sparano. Just a hunch, I could be wrong.

I have to agree with everyone that says that it appears that Sparano is worried about his record. That would be totally crazy if he did. He should be already thinking of next year.

Sit Long and get him fixed. Priority. don't risk screwing him up long term.

Split halves with Henne and Thigpen. 1st half thigpen and second half Henne

Get a young guy right now for OC. He doesn't have to take over. Just get him studying his future players.

Reduce the snaps for Marshall and get the young receivers in there.

Sit Brown and get his other back in there. Brown is not coming back and will end up in NE killing us next year with 90 yard runs.

Henning's retirement will be announced right after regular season.

Posted by: 0x80 | December 22, 2010 at 10:50 AM


I'm gunna look him up in D.A.V.I.D. system, find his address and write him tickets every day until this happens.

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It wasn't ying-yang, it was shim-sham. I know you're a Sparano supporter for 1 more season so I probably misread something you posted and ran with it. Guilty as charged.

John Tasse, you're exactly right. No one is interested in seeing what Tyler Thigpen can do. I guess a 1-12 record (last year) passes for doing "alright" to you, but to me that's backup material.

I know what Thigpen can do, he can be a useable backup in the NFL. But if you or anyone else think this guy is a legitimate starter in the NFL, you're dreaming. Or maybe he can be a starter for a team that has no Playoff aspirations. But don't get it twisted, he's a big DOWNGRADE from Henne. So as bad as you think Henne is (and he might be), Thigpen is worse. That's what Sparano says. That's what Marino says. That's what Herm Edwards says. Why, because it's a conspiracy? No, because that's just the truth. Sometimes things are exactly as they appear to be.

Jared Odrick?

gruden is the next phins coach. deal with it and embrace the soon to be rewards of the post season and beyoooooooooooooooooooooooond.!. he's f'n 46 and do you know how much he has learned by being an f'n talking head these past 3 years. lotz you b.itches lotz.!!!!.. lol


Go get em 2 watt

It's all good Joe, just ruffling your feathers. I've done that before too, so we're all guilty of being illiterate from time to time.

But you're right, I'm a Sparano supporter for 1 more season. However, I've been very critical of the man for the mistakes he's made these last few games. And I absolutely agree that he's to blame for the oline, and if he got canned because of that, I wouldn't shed a tear.

In a perfect world, once the new OC takes hold of his squad, he'll make the necessary adjustments that Sparano either can't or won't make now. So Sparano will control his HC duties, but neither side of the ball (hopefully he'll try to fix ST). So Nolan will control the defence, the new OC will fix the offense, and Sparano can worry about taking his timeouts in the first 3 minutes of the game.

That's a perfect world scenario.


The 1-6 home record is what will be Sparano's demise.
Ross wants the Ultimate Fan Experience, and 1-6 makes Ross look like a fool.
For that reason alone...plus an inept offense that scores less that 20 points per game, giving the fans NO reason to cheer, be happy and buy more beer...
Ross will FIRE Sparano on Jan 4th @ 10:05am.

Artificial Crisis by the New World Order


soon they will get u to beg for a solution
U will
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True coment DC - if Sparano gets canned - he has nobody to blame but himself because the OL is at the epicentre of the offense's failures.

DC, don't forget Special teams too. Or his conservative, play not to lose approach, has cost games this year. Almost cost a few more, & makes this team play under tough situations & incredble pressure week after week.

For me, the Sparano experiment is over. In fact, the entire Tuna experiment is over.

...oh yea, and getting totally embarassed on national TV not once, but TWICE in back to back weeks against your biggest AFC East rivals.
...Tony is cooked...done...toss him to the curb...AMF...bon voyage...etc...

Dear Mr. Salguero

I know this may be a stretch but...any chance the Dolphins go after Kim Jong Il of North Korea as the offensive coordinator.

Think Mike Martz lead Rams team but with more fire power.

Only problem I can see is Kim Jong Il turning into another Dan Henning and we all know how thats turned out.

Soiled :)

Can't wait to see the comments when the Fins lose to the Lions on Sunday. I've got an even better idea > get rid of Sparano now and let's see how Nolan can do as Head Coach over the next few games...

Home Miami Dolphin Success Formula

Henning & Sparano walk the plank

Cowher needs to come in now and sell season tickets for 2011

Gruden would be second choice

Henne will stay (there is no one else)

O-line needs massive improvement or Dolphins must be a pass first team

Marshall,Curtis,Bess and Hartline will be just fine for WRs

RBs & TEs (new players) must learn how to block
must find fast athletic rookie RB

After that
No real changes

except tradeseansmith.com

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Difference between then and now Joe, whereas then I might have disputed you, now all you hear from me is crickets.

I really have no answer to people who are through with Sparano (not a good one at least). Best answer I can give is if the agreement is signed late (like March) and there's football next year, a new coach won't be able to address his team until after the draft (because OTAs can't happen until an agreement is made). That's not a lot of time to put a new scheme in place.

But I agree that's not a great answer. As far as the team, Sparano has done some things well, but a lot has gone wrong (this year especially). And this was Sparano's first year without Parcells.

You guys are right, he might not be ready to be a HC yet. I hope he can get it together offseason, but I wouldn't put money on it.

So that's probably the most tepid endorsement of Sparano ever (but all I feel I can comfortably offer and live with myself).

returnmeigs, it'll be brutal if that happens. But, frankly, winning/losing isn't most important to me. I want to see something DIFFERENT from this offense. If it ain't working early, move on to the next. If Henne is acting like a scared schoolgirl, put in Thigpen. If the Henning, boring offense isn't clicking, start opening it up. If 1st down runs are getting negative yards, air it out. I want to see game time ADJUSTMENTS from the offense (Henning/Sparano), which is something we haven't seen all year. If I see that, I'll be happy that someone's learning. If I don't, I could care less what the end result is, it'll mean Sparano is too thick in the skull to try something different (and add another nail to his coffin).

The very same folks who say Henne needs more time, was poorly coached, its too soon to judge him, yadayada....are the same folks that say after 12 games on a last place team in his rookie year, Tyler doesn't deserve another shot. Or they will point out Tyler is too short to be 'an NFL calibur QB', evading the fact that Tyler is taller than Brees, Flutie, Tarkenten, Theisman.

With nothing to lose right now, and with Henne nursing a knee, why not let him play some these last two games, see if he is even a good enough backup? That Chicago game, going in on 3 days practice, 3rd string center, totally makeshift Oline that day....Peyton would have looked horrible too. Do we even know if we want him as a back up? He played fine in the Tennessee game, maybe with some more good showing we can at least get something for him where as right now we probably can't. I just don't see the down side to having another look at him right now.

The offensive line was averaging over 4 yards a carry last year, the running game was pretty good. This year, we get rid of most of the players and bring in a bunch of new ones (a rookie, a career back up and a free agent). That's a lot of changes. That was a big mistake and Sparano has some explaining to do about that one. This management also knew we really needed a TE to stretch the field, using a draft pick on one wouldn't of been a bad idea. Those 2 rookie TE's look pretty good in New England don't they? Yes our defense needed lots of attention with draft picks and free agent signings, but these decisons on offense are really head scratchers. Ross will want some answers from Ireland and Sparano and probably will make his decision shortly after. The only thing I can say is good luck. Also, how are they going to explain playing so poorly at home? Not quite the way to sell tickets. That's a big no-no for any owner.

Does anyone think the Fins will come to play on Sunday in a meaningless game after coming out flat the past two home games in must win to stay in scenario? The Lions are steadily improving, and Suh is a monster on the pass rush, and they have beaten and been very competitive against some top teams. Miami's best chance for that one more win is against New England--unless Belichick decides he doesn't give a $*&^ about the standings and plays his regular starters.

I disagree with Armandos assessment of our Running backs.. Both are quality backs.. The problem is they are between the tackle runners, and uh, our interior line has not created holes thus making our backs do what is not there specialty. Ronnie Brown can easily be a 1400 yard a year back if he were featured with 4.4 yards a carry.,.. and Ricky at this stage, probably an 1100 a year guy.. They aint the problem.

Very true, but put any of these "washed up" players, i.e Ricky/Ronnie on a Belichick coached squad and I beg to differ... Within moments, they'd be torching us on the other side of the ball.

We've seen it all too often, so don't be surprised Dolphfans...

I remember 72, and 85... Good times.

Gosh... what's happened since?

Parcels left at the end of training camp because he knew Sparano had tinkered with the O-line one to many times, effecting the running game...Henne showed little progression in his leadership and decision-making capabilities and the wildcat package was failing (along with the Pat White pick).

Don't you think if Parcels thought the Fins at a legit shot at the playoffs he would have stuck around to take the credit and enjoy the fruits of his labor?

The difference between New England and Miami is the Patriots hit on about 80% of their draft picks and they have a franchise QB. We haven't drafted very well for the last decade (OK, it's been a bit better with the Trifecta) and we're still looking for our franchise QB. Since the new millennium. As long as that's not covered, New England will be better than Miami. Pretty simple stuff.

This whole coaching staff went in the toilet in my eyes when just before week one they cut a bunch of guys that played all pre season and signed other teams castoffs all heading up to week one, i mean are you kidding me ive never seen any team ever do something like that to start a season it was ridiculous

aloco.. sea bass is $$$.. try tilefish or wahoo.m m m.

DC, biggest reason Sparano needs to go.. he's not an X's and O's guy. He is a guru at irrelevant football statistics such as snaps a guy plays, or how many reps a guy takes in practice. This knowledge does NOT help on the field of play.

The reason why he publicly supports Henning & his play calling is because he doesn't know what to call. As HC, he has the POWER to overrule a play call being sent in. Being that he has no clue, he can't, so we are stuck with Henning's play calls.

In critical game situations like last week, calling that Wildcat play, was the last straw. Not only was it a defeatist mentallity & gutless to settle for a FG, but it showed a total lack of football smarts. In that situation & with the game on the line, Sparano was invisible.

He inherited young players whom he rah rah'd long enough. Most of these guys are 2nd & 3rd year players. You can't baby them anymore. You have to get modern & sophisticated. Diapers have to come off. We play scared from the outset & play to not give games away.

I'm not big on Cowher, Fox or Fisher, they're similar to Tony. Too conservative. No gruden either. All Gruden has done is assemble an old Raiders team & ruined a Bucs team with old vets. I don't know why people think of him as being the one to revitalize this offense. In his last stint, his offense in Tampa was horrific. How many qb's did he start that last year...4? Griese, Mccown, Gradkowski & Simms? talk about a disaster.

I am on record as wanting Nolan, especially if that's what it takes to keep him here. If not, we need a young, imaginative & creative mind NOT afraid to use his authority for the good of the team. Not for the good of Tuna's minions.

'84.. in 85' joe f'n carter fumbled away our door pass to the big dance in which ne got killed by the bears. also the bears would have killed the phins imo. remember the mon. nite game.?..lol

joe. chucky will take the phins to the sb as soon as he benches henne.. henne is only a back up.period.. what qb you'll ask. well. how 'bout carson palmer."30" and needs a swift kick in the axx which gruden will supply.. lol.

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