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The day-after QB frustration and tripping indignation

The Dolphins remain a hopeful bunch this morning.

Coach Tony Sparano will hold his day-after press conference in a couple of hours and, at some point, likely point out that the Dolphins remain in the playoff chase with a handful of other 7-6 teams and so, "Why not us?"

The Dolphins should win the next two games. They host the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions. Those teams have combined for six wins. But it is that season-finale at New England that looms difficult for the Dolphins if the Patriots are of the mind to play all their players and not lay down.

That game could be the difference between 10-6 and a chance to be in the playoffs, and 9-7 and practically no chance to be in the playoffs. Of course, the Dolphins must do work against Buffalo and Detroit first. It is still a long shot and, as I point out in my column today, Miami's quarterback situation is not good right now.

Don't get me wrong. Miami's QB play is fine compared to the reeling Jets. But compared to playoff teams, particularly the New England Patriots? Not so good.

The truth is it seems Chad Henne is regressing. He used to have one good game, one questionable game. Since coming back from his knee injury, he's had one good game (Oakland) and two bad games (Cleveland and New York).

Very frustrating for any Dolphins fan hoping for a franchise QB, hoping for playoff relevance, hoping for a chance to have their team do something special.

Dolphins fans, by the way, were angry Sunday evening after Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi tripped Miami special teams flyer Nolan Carroll along the Jets sideline. It was a dirty move and Alosi eventually released a statement in which he apologized for the "unsportsmanlike" move.

But while Carroll, who eventually got an apology from Alosi, didn't think much of it, several Miami players were indignant. Consider their reaction in this Miami Minute courtesy The Herald's Jeff Darlington:


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Dear Mr. Salguero

I can't begin to tell how sorry I feel for Sal Alosi the strength and conditioning coach for the Jets.

He made a simple but terrible mistake of identity...who he thought was Channing Crowder (Roger Goodell has ruled its permissible to spit on or assault Channing Crowder) was in all actuality was Nolan Carroll.

Sad day for Sal Alosi fans through out the world.

Soiled :)


Will we see Thigpen at QB?

i do feel for henne. for whatever reason(either coaching,playcalling or himself) chad has regressed to the point where he isnt "leading" the team. thru body language you can see he is devoid of confidence and playmaking. we ended the game with 5 straight 3 and outs giving the jets multiple chances to win the game. the coaches take henne out often,even in the red zone in favor of a "dead wildcat". that speaks volumes with their lack of confidence in henne. but lets give tremendous credit to mike nolan and the defense he has assembled.

@swamy,Armando is busy so I will answer your Question, YES you will see Thigpen at Q,B.as the BILL'S are going to bust up that no moving Henne this week.


Question to DC Dolfan as he seems to know all, Did C.Wake have a LIP'S IMPLANT.

Alosi didnt make a mistake. A mistake is when you misspell a word. Alosi, with intent to injure Nolan Carroll tripped him while running full bore down the sideline. But this seems like a typical JET reaction to getting their ass kicked byt the Dolphin defense. Now the Dolphin offense is another question. Anyone who doesnt believe ALosi shouldnt be fired is either a JET fan or an NFL offical.

Hey Sparano, here is "Why not us?":

Chad Steven Henne

Henne was bad this game but the play calling was terrible. And ronnie brown is gonna be dumped at the end of year. Our first 3 picks will be a QB, RB and OL in no particular order

Read the article about the qbs and as I agree with the fact that Henne and Sanchez are not the answer for their perspective teams at this point in their career I have to strongly disagree on one point.

Floridians (Armando and the rest of you wimps who wear a coat when it's 60 degrees out) should never be speaking on how easy or difficult it is to play in cold rain or snow. Quite simply you have no clue what you're talking about. Throwing a football in snow is much easier than throwing a wet cold ball. A football in the snow is hard but dry. It is easy to grasp if your hands have been in a pouch warmer or you are wearing gloves. A wet ball, and I'm talking that ball yesterday was drenched, that is also cold and hard (high 40's isn't as warm as you think when the wind chill is 35) is very hard to grasp or throw.

There is no sense in elaborating, that's just the way it is and you would know this if you ever played football in the northeast. So once again, Mando, you're out of your element on this one.

Plain and simple is that our offense is too predictable. I was at the game yesterday and everytime Henne dropped back, there was no one open. The Jets, like everyone else, know what Henning is going to do. We won't fully see Henne's potential until he gets a new OC

Dear Mr. Salguero

Talk is cheap...this is what I would like to see.

Channing Crowder and Karlos Dansby as the Dolphin Justice league.

Each and every Monday they would wear costumes w/capes and dole out justice to Roger Goodell and all his NFL henchmen.

This Monday they fly(on a commercial jet not fly like superman) to N.Y. and dole out justice to Sal Alosi.

I love my Dolphins...there all super heroe's to me.

Soiled :)

I read what you wrote DC. I feel your pain as it's hard to explain or talk about football to people who have never played the game. Much like anything else in life it's hard to comment on or be knowledgeable about something you've never experienced. But God bless their hearts people still try.

what greg z said. Henne showed some really bright spots last year. And didn't he have a few 4th qtr comebacks? He just doesn't seem right in the head. Throwing balls way out of bounds. We need a new rb and a new qb and of course new oc. But we need to take advantage of having a good young defense next year and shake things up on offense.

Great question Buffalo Bill you racist piece of garbage. THAT, right there is why I don't frequent this blog more often. Absolutely idiotic, see ya people.

I for one would like to see henne with a new OC. I still think we should draft a QB next year but we can't close the book on henne until we see him with a new OC. henning is terrible. He should've been fired last year when we brought in Nolan.

What are you trying to say there Buffalo Bill? Is that your thinly veiled attempt to be clever and hiding your VERY racist comment about Cameron Wake? Why don't you ask Wake yourself and see what happens to you.

NYScott hit the nail on the head.A wet football is not the easiest thing to throw or catch.
Once again,everyone is complaining about what we didn't do,instead of what we did.....we beat the stinkin Jets.
Was it pretty....no.
Am I a happy camper because of it......you'd better believe I am.
The Defense is playing really well right now and that's the way it is.Can't wait to barely beat the Bills.

Hey Scott, do you really think we've never been north and had to work or play outside? Some of us 'wimps' have and know that snow is not always 'dry'.




Why do you even try and compare him to the Patriots QB, that is just doing him no good. He will never be Tom Brady

He is regressing because the OC sucks and the playcalling is just terrible. He has not confidence in himself righ now, but that can change quickly.

Maybe next week they can call a more aggessive game plan?, just a thought.

One Who asks a Question about Mr.Wakes lips to Mr.Wake will probably lose there lips along with a few teeth, Bill, maybe you should ask Mr. Wake, the only thing you'd lose is your lips cause I bet my bottom Dollar that you've already lost most of your teeth due to poor Dental Hygiene or losing them from beat downs....

Clark Kent conspiracy theorists,

Have you ever noticed that you never see Frankenstein and Chad Henne in the same room at the same time.

the menace keeps changing his screen name,be ware .

Henne is regressing badly.I haven't seen many games on Sanchez, but Sanchez has taken his team to the Title game, and he has a better Winning record as a starter then Henne, so at this stage in their career, Sanchez is coming along better. I would love to see Thigpen finish the season, because I do not believe Henne is the answer for the Dolphins.

Bat, Only post as myself, though I will say our little friend Aloco has been posting under 21 names in the past 24 hours...LOL, lov ya aloco...

* *
* *
* * * *
* * *
* *
* 0 *
* * * * *

Chad Zippy the pin head.


Saw all I needed to see of Thigpen against the Bears....

I just watched the game over and Henne threw the ball away 6 times, on 7 of his other attempts he had less then 3 seconds to throw, had 4 bad passes, and 2 drops. Nobody was open either, all day long

Not a good day all around for the entire offense, QB, OL, as well as WR.

In addtion the WC put us in 2nd and long at least 3 times. We are predictable it's pathetic

My Christmas wish for Chad Henne. I would like to see some consistancy. And this can go either way. Chad if you can play well the next three games the job next year is your to lose. If you play consistantly bad. Sorry Phin fans, but it's time to look elsewhere for a Qb. I know that you haven't had any help the last two weeks from anyone on the offense(coordinator included) But at some point you need to overcome this. In my eyes your on a 3 week job interview. Good luck.

Hey ALoco, thanks for clearing up the last blog (Home faking you). I'm sorry for what I said (it didn't sound like you, we usually get along ok, so I was a bit taken aback and hurt). I hate when people fake others, so juvenile.

But, it's all good, now we know.

Henne is better than Sanchez. Sanchez threw to Smith all game long. Henne didn't make the big mistake. You don't have to be better than average to succeed on the Jets. Thats how BAD Sanchez is. Offensively, they are loaded. Oline is elite, 3 really good WR's, a very good TE, a young tough RB & a HOF rb to boot. If Sanchez can't play well with that team, where can he play? They traded up for that garbage.

Henne is playing better on a bad o-line, has 2 receiving threats that are slow (Bess & Marshall) no viable TE threar & againg RB's. Not to mention in an offensive system that dates back to the 70's. I like to call it No Frills football.

Considering Henne is playing better with so much less to work with, I feel better about our QB watching that game. What he needs is time to throw. He couldn't even get past his 1st read yesterday before he was bum rushed. NO Qb can succeed here right now. We need an overhaul of offensive talent & philosophy.

Lets evaluate Henne using Parcell's QB commandments:

1. Press or t.v., agents or advisors, family or wives, friends or relatives, fans or hangers on, ignore them on matters of football, they don’t know what’s happening here. (Not applicable - Henne is a loser. No grade)

2. Don’t forget to have fun, but don’t be the class clown. Clowns and leaders don’t mix. Clowns can’t run a huddle. (Henne looks to confused to ever have fun, so give him a pass on this one).

3. A quarterback throws with his legs more than his arms. Squat and run. Fat quarterbacks can’t avoid the rush. (Henne can't even move to get out of his own way.)

4. Know your job cold. This is not a game without errors. Keep yours to a minimum. Study.
(Delay of game penalties, no clock in your head, long term fumbleitis,more recently, fumbling out of field goal range, throwing picks to opposing LBs who have taken a 2 step drop and waited for you, taking senseless sacks, would be intentional groundings, inability to audible protection when D is overloading and blitzing. Mental game is off the charts low - lets see.. G comes after F so I would give a a grade of H for mental aspects.)

5. Know your own players. Who’s fast? Who can catch? Who needs encouragement? Be precise. Know your opponent. (Underthrowing Hartline and overthrowing Bess in same game for missed easy TDs. Mental calculus, trajectory, whatever... its not there D grade).

6. Be the same guy everyday. In condition, preparing to lead, studying your plan. A coach can’t prepare you for every eventuality. Prepare yourself and remember, impulse decisions usually equal mistakes. (Impule mistakes- see Pats game for clinic/instructional video on throwing pick 6 to defensive players who are not covering anyone and standing alone. -F)

7. Throwing the ball away is a good play. Sacks, interceptions, and fumbles are bad plays..Protect against those. (Nothing needs to be said here....)

8. You must learn to manage the game. Personnel, play call, motions, ball handling, proper reads, accurate throws, play fakes. Clock, clock, clock, don’t you ever lose track of the clock. (Clock on field - delay of game deep in own territory.... clock in head not working either. Robotic motion lends itself well to ball faking, but seemingly unableto master play action pass. Compounded by OC who frequently uses shotgun on 3rd and short eliminating guesswork for defense. Accuracy issues are becoming legendary. Throws a nice crossing route to Bess though. End of story.

9. Passing stats and td passes are not how you’re gonna be judged. Your job is to get your team in the endzone and that’s how you’re gonna be judged. Endzone? What is that? 'Nuff said. D-

10. When all around you is in chaos, you must be the hand that steers the ship. If you have a panic button, so will everyone else. Our ship can’t have panic buttons. (If I have to ask who the leader is on this team, or even on this offense, well... F.)

11. Don’t be a celebrity quarterback. We don’t need any of those. We need battlefield commanders that are willing to fight it out everyday, every week, and every season, and lead their team to win after win after win.
(Forget a three game stretch. How about just 2...win after win ? I think we have one of those stretches. One. Buffalo and Minn. Ohhh boy....

Are we the only team in the legue that uses 1 WR sets with the obvious intention to throw all along and then get ll upset when that guy is covered adn teh Qb throws the ball away.

Henne is not playing well at all but this is a complete effort form the coaching to the lines, to the back to the WR. Nice to see Marshall couldn't beat a DB one on one - AGAIN! Boy am I gald we got this guy at the expense of multiple picks and a couple of draft picks. He also had a nice couple of drops on throws that hit him right in the hands. Man, he is really irritating me.

Marshall also caught the games ONLY TD!!!!


MARK...RIGHT ON .short idt

Joe Schmoe.. What bothers me about Henne isn't so much all the mistakes. This is obvious. His mechanics are so screwed up that he needs an offseason to try and correct his problems. Sure he has had some games where the protection has been better, and these problems have been masked. But go back and watch his footwork, and throwing angle when he was in college. He was technically sound. He stood high, had great balance, and delivery. Now he looks rushed, and like is going to trip over his own feet when he takes his drops and stands in the pocket. Seriously go back and watch his feet. It is boring, but it will tell you a lot about why Henne is struggling. This is something that can be fixed.

If win one, lose one. is the Fins "MO", look for a "L" sunday......This could be another nail in the coffin of the fist pumper..., I wont say it would be for Dan(Dead since 1964)Henning seeing how his coffin has been nailed shut for 36 years(Though apparently not nailed shut good enough).......

KyleButler.......marshall so far this year got 2 TD at 5 million each

i been a supporter of Henne/Sparano... but why arent they milking the play clock at the end of the game?? Hennne a couple of times would take the team to the line and hikes the ball w/11 secs on the play clock. i am no NFL QB but shouldnt he stay in the huddle longer and once at the line hike w/1 sec on the play clock, NO??

and then why would Sparano support having Ronnie throw out of the wild cat, on a rainy widny evening late in the game??? thats bad coaching IMO, putting you players in situtations to fail!

Your quoting Parcells, really?, he has never drafted an elite QB in his entire life. Simms was already on his team, Bledsoe, not elite, was already on the PATS

Please don't say Romo is elite

Your grades are ridiculous

I love Long, but man we missed the boat on Matt Ryan. He is the prototype QB and we flat out missed it on him, imagine where we would be right now with Matt Ryan as our QB. He missed his chance to get him, and he BLEW it.


MARK...RIGHT ON .short idt

Posted by: batman | December 13, 2010 at 11:39 AM

Aloco, I'am gonna call you "Baskin and Robbins" cause like the Ice cream giant you too have "33" flavours/personalities

Not a conspiracy theory
Chad Henne is definitely regressing

Armando is right

Good point Kyle, but I side with Mark on this one. Marshall should be more of a POSITIVE factor on offense then he is.

Just as sure as the New World Order proof we have

Chad Henne is regressing

That Guy.. Good Post. just spoke on Hennes mechanics. The mental aspect is something that Henne may never get. This is where a different system may help him. I don't know if it's that easy. If we do get a new coordinator. Henne isn't going to have the luxury, or excuse that it takes time to get used to a new system. He will only get a year to get it right.

batman- very true!
however, this offensive scheme this yr has been atrocious! QB play has been very bad... running game?? missing!!!

Marshall has had his share of drops no doubt...

If there was ever anyone targeted with mind control thru HAARP and elf waves think it had to be Chad Henne.

Home check it out, man.


Completely agree, but that is what coaches are for, our coaches suck. He is not getting any help from them and it's now gotten to the point where he lacks confidence, which had never been a problem until he was "benched", which turned out great didn't it

Running the WC on first down and putting him in terrible 2nd down situations and calling obvious plays is not helping him either

WR's never open, his lack of confidence, lack of creative play calling, means a long day

Hey, he needs to improve. We should draft a QB and get another VET to push him, also a new OC that has a more spread offense would help too, we are just too predictable

peace to you dc

The New World Order will never control fellow slaves Karlos Dansby and Channing Crowder.
U would have to kill these blue listers first

Henne is not even at the point where he is using all of those mental tricks. Hard count, the Manning leg trick or keeping an agressive defense in their stance too long, and he sure as hell is not moving personnel into protection schemes adequately. He looks like a deer in the headlights and is reacting to the game, not directing it.

Regarding Henne: Last year a couple bad games, I was one of the first to question Henne's ability much to the indignation of many Dolfans. The Herald writers were also quick to defend Henne. What I said back then, and will continue to say now is Henne's arm is good, he's got heart, but his brain is weak. He's obviously a basket case now: scared, nervous, with absolutely no confidence. Sparano's JOB is to instill confidence in him. The minute Sparano decided to bench him, was the beginning of the end. I think that was a BAD coaching decision; Henne didn't need motivation. He needed to get smarter. In fact Sparano is a lot like his QB, lots of heart but not a lot of brains. A comparison of Brady and Henne, would be a lot like comparing Sparano to Belichik. Heart versus Brains. Brain will win all the time. This is not the NCAA. Sparano has to find away to make this fun for Henne again. I don't know how, but he's got to find a way. Oh... Sanchez and Henne a lot a like? Yah, it's that brain thing again. Let's look at Fitzpatrick in Buffalo. I think his passer rating and TD/INT ratio will be better than both Henne and Sanchez. Fitzpatrick plays on an inferior team. Fitzpatrick alma mater? Harvard!

DD, I think his knee isn't completely right either. Henne is making mistakes, no question. But, they are correctable IMHO. He is better than Sanchez. Yesterday cemented that in my head. He is playing with inferior talent to Sanchez & is playing better. I think the system is killing Chad. How much they stress not making a mistake also. It's crippling him.

I know he hasn't played well, but I honestly don't think any legit NFL Qb can come to Miami and play well right now.

Henne is terrible....i booed him when we drafted him and then i became hopeful of this guy....now i again boo him. We used to blame miamis passing game on our wideouts such as ginn for not stretching the field. And now we have BM and still can only score 10 points in back to back weeks....are you f'in kidding me???! Henne and Henning need to go. This is ridficulous. I saw a third stringer play last night. He looked awful. We were driving to put up more points and he fumbles the damn ball. Idc if it was wet, idc if it was raining, fact is hes got almost 20 turnovers this season. Ive given up all hope on henne. Back to square one. I love Jack long and i still agree with that pick.....but man i really wish we took Matt Ryan now. At this point, id even take Pat white back over henne. Im very very disappointed in this offense. So much potential but not the right person pulling the trigger.

Kudos to the defense. They are becoming very good in their young age. Sean smith needs to learn how to catch but other than that he had a great game defending.

sal alosi will be fired in short order.

As a Dolphin fan, I'd love to see Henne succeed. Henne succeeds, the team succeeds. I don't think any knowledgeable fans expected for him to play like Brady or Manning in his 2nd year. But we did expect to see improvement. Improvement from last year, improvement from Sept. to Dec. We expected to see an occasional glimpse of the QB we hoped he was.

I guess it's possible he could be a late bloomer like Brees. But even so, he's not going to help his team in the near future.

"Don't get me wrong. Miami's QB play is fine compared to the reeling Jets. But compared to playoff teams, particularly the New England Patriots? Not so good."

"Not so good"?

That's an understatement. Compared to Tom Brady, Chad Henne SUCKS. There's just no way to sugarcoat that. I'm even so sure that compared to Sanchez, Henne is "fine."

The Phins must address the quarterback position during the off season. Either draft, free agency or trade.

Young Master Chaddeus will be here next year. What will change is the coach/GM will be in "job-save" mode. That means they will get a 1 yr. extension on their contracts and will be forced to go after a veteran free agent QB in the offseason. The veteran will compete w/henne and Thigpen for the starting role. (I don't know if Penny will be in the mix, but the coaches can't trust their season on his shoulder.) They will not draft a QB because of the time it takes to develop one. In "job-save" mode, time is not a luxury.

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