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The day-after QB frustration and tripping indignation

The Dolphins remain a hopeful bunch this morning.

Coach Tony Sparano will hold his day-after press conference in a couple of hours and, at some point, likely point out that the Dolphins remain in the playoff chase with a handful of other 7-6 teams and so, "Why not us?"

The Dolphins should win the next two games. They host the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions. Those teams have combined for six wins. But it is that season-finale at New England that looms difficult for the Dolphins if the Patriots are of the mind to play all their players and not lay down.

That game could be the difference between 10-6 and a chance to be in the playoffs, and 9-7 and practically no chance to be in the playoffs. Of course, the Dolphins must do work against Buffalo and Detroit first. It is still a long shot and, as I point out in my column today, Miami's quarterback situation is not good right now.

Don't get me wrong. Miami's QB play is fine compared to the reeling Jets. But compared to playoff teams, particularly the New England Patriots? Not so good.

The truth is it seems Chad Henne is regressing. He used to have one good game, one questionable game. Since coming back from his knee injury, he's had one good game (Oakland) and two bad games (Cleveland and New York).

Very frustrating for any Dolphins fan hoping for a franchise QB, hoping for playoff relevance, hoping for a chance to have their team do something special.

Dolphins fans, by the way, were angry Sunday evening after Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi tripped Miami special teams flyer Nolan Carroll along the Jets sideline. It was a dirty move and Alosi eventually released a statement in which he apologized for the "unsportsmanlike" move.

But while Carroll, who eventually got an apology from Alosi, didn't think much of it, several Miami players were indignant. Consider their reaction in this Miami Minute courtesy The Herald's Jeff Darlington:


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i just think with the way he is being used is a joke of an offensive scheme, I would say he has been fairly level headed… Aside from the two penalties, he has had no “diva” blow-ups, has said all the right things, and helped our younger players alot. Dolphins have bigger problems than Marshall... anyone want Ted Ginn back??? lol aint think so...


I'm NOT even so sure that compared to Sanchez, Henne is "fine."

When I saw the weather report for this game, I predicted the exact type of game we saw! My only surprise was the Phins came out on top. We have a histroy of finding ways to screw up & lose these close games. I was really impressed with our defense! They played the best game I've seen them play in a long time. If our DBs could learn to catch, we might have one of the best D's in the NFL.
As for Henne, I want to see him succeed. I am starting to doubt that's gonna happen. He just doesn't seem to have the "IT" factor! I'm really not sure we have a good answer at QB on our roster. While I'm a fan of Thigpen's, I just don't know if he can be the man either. I'd like to see us pick up another QB to compete with the 2 QBs we have for next year. I also am firmly on the "Fire Henning" bandwagon. Maybe with a modern day offensive coordinator, one of our QBs could step up! As for Sparano, if he doesn't can Henning, they both need to go!

If Brady, Ryan, Brees, the Manning(s), Rivers, Roeths., Flacco, Rogers,Vick run their offenses like a race car driver with the keys to a Ferrari, Henne looks like a guy being dragged by a rope behind a pickup truck. On a really messed up road with potholes and stuff.




Boom. That is the sound of an implosion. Stand back and be awed by my supreme coolness suckas.

Those who point out that weather may have been a factor in why Henne was so horrendous yesterday conveniently fail to acknowledge that young Chad started all four years at a Big Ten school, where, outside of hurricanes, weather is an issue nearly every single week outside of October.

I also enjoy the point about people having no right to comment about something if they have never truly experienced the matter. By this logic, Bob Costas, Al Michaels, or any other renowned sportscaster or journalist, who never played professional sport, should never call into question the level of play by an individual because they never played themselves so how the hell would they know what it's like. What a braindead argument.

Inexplicable unexplained implosion. Extraordinary.

I think Henne gets another year but man, that leash will be short. he has to come out of the gates next year with all guns a blazing. Hoepfully that can happen with a new OC.

However, a young Qb will be drafted - probably 3rd round. He will at minimum get to watch for at least 8 games before he's asked to come in for a struggling Henne and if that happens, hopefully he's more like Colt McCoy than John Beck.




What a job Mike Nolan has done with this defense. Top 3 in the league for sure. If our QB and entire offense wouldn't suck so badly, we could probably do some damage in the playoffs, assuming we'd make it in. As much as our D is awesome, our offense is pretty pathetic. This o-line is just awful, Henne is regressing at an alarming rate, our RB's are slow, etc etc... I think this offense needs some major speed added, we are so slow. We need at least one WR with DeSean Jackson or Mike Wallace speed, we need a younger, faster RB like a Ray Rice or Jamaal Charles. We need TE's who can stretch the field, not just block. Last but not least, we need an o-line who can open up some holes for the running game and also pass protect. How many sacks have we allowed so far this year? We've got to be in the top 3 in the league for sacks allowed. Henne is running for his life. What a mess...

Is there more than one Dolphin fan in Montreal? Just asking.

we kneed to drafd a good playr next yeer. Do anyone know if they isa good courterback play coolge foot ball right now an hoo is best one to get?

Come on, what good does it do to say if Henne was on the jets he would be? Nobody knows, so why even make that comment. He is what he is. Lets leave it at that. He is struggling in our system, and this is the only fact. He plays for us, if he ever plays for the jets, or anyone else I hope he suffers worse then he is now. We can't worry about Sanchez, or if his supporting class is better. We have to focus on our shortcomings. The whole offense should be put on trial. Not just Henne. He is the quarterback so he is going to fall on the sword first, this is the nature of the position. but the whole system needs overhauled.

Mac, hundreads. But a lot of Montrealers are Patriot fans...Lots of Bills fans as well.

we kneed to drafd a good playr next yeer. Do anyone know if they isa good courterback play coolge foot ball right now an hoo is best one to get?

Posted by: Stephan | December 13, 2010 at 12:15 PM

Aloco, Come on man.... this is just getting sad.......

Who gives a rat's a** about Sanchez anyway? He's got a pretty good running game, he's got Keller, Edwards, Holmes, Cotcheray. He's got players, but he still sucks. Henne has Marshall. That's it.






Dear Mr. Salguero

Currently going on at the Halls of Dolphin Justice

Karlos Dansby and Channing Crowder are discussing a new threat when facing the N.Y. Jets...Sal Alosi

Karlos Dansby : Next time where in N.Y.... I'll trip him when he's not looking.

Channing Crowder : And I'll spit on him when he's down.

Both Heroes smile in agreement and say...Dolphin Justice

Soiled :)

A good amount of Buffalo fans makes sense since they have played a number of games in Canada the past few seasons, but quite a few Miami fans does surprise me. So, is the NFL following in Quebec as strong as say the MLB here is in the states? I mean I realize that the NHL and probably a lot of lower level or juniors hockey leagues are probably huge, but is there an overall interest in the NFL or is someone like yourself, or the Pats or Bills fans you mentioned, a minority overall?

Dolphin Montreal- Your right. We are putting together a formidable defensive unit. Right before our eyes this defense is one to be rekoned with. This is a huge deal, as it will keep us in a ton of games. Even let us steal a few. This unit has been under a ton of pressure thoughout the year, and have come up aces for the most part. There are 2 halves of football where our defense was dominated.(first half v jets, second half v. Ravens) Besides these 2 halves this has been as good a team defense as we have had here in years.

Dolphin Fan in Montreal,

Miami is in the top 10 for sacks NOT allowed. It seems like Henne is running for his life because he can't read through his progressions. When his first option isn't there he panics. Henne sucks. The offensive line has been average at best as far as run blocking goes but as far as sacks allowed Miami only gave up 23 going into yesterdays game. That was 10th best in the league. Of those 23 sacks, 6 were against Chicago and Thigpen took those sacks. Henne sucks, he is too hesitant, has no pocket awareness. Most of Henne's sacks are his own doing. He stares down his #1 option and when it aint there he continues to stare like a deer in headlights.

Look for Channing Crowder after football to lease his forehead to bring back drive-in movies.......

"However, a young Qb will be drafted - probably 3rd round."

Posted by: Mark in Toronto

So you think a coach and GM on the hotseat are going to draft a QB to develop??! Huh?! I guess they will do that so the staff that takes over in 2012 will get to reap the rewards if the guy develops into a good QB 3 years down the road. Sparano and ireland will be bringing in another QB next year, but it won't be a raw college rookie.


Funny thing about the Dolphins is aside from their inability to find a decent QB, they can't find a decent o-lineman either. Sparano is apparently a former o-line coach, that's what he knows best. Well, if you take a look at the Dolphins ever since Sparano and company took over, the only remaining lineman is Jake Long. And Jake, despite being very good, should of been Matt Ryan. Justin Smiley and Jake Grove were signed to huge contracts, that didn't pan out. They drafted Shawn Murphy and Donald Thomas, that didn't pan out. This Pat McQuistan dude is beating out our 3rd round pick from last year, John Jerry. And McQuistan is nothing special. Berger is our starting center, but let's face it, we could easily find someone as good or better than Berger. So if Sparano knows o-line, he still hasn't figured it out with the Dolphins.

I've been saying FOREVER now that Henne will be average at BEST. Everyone has given me so much grief for saying that and NOW FINALLY y'all are starting to see it.



Miami is going to have to make some sort of move. A coach and GM can't sit and think we can't draft a guy because it will take too long to develop him and we're going to be gone anyway. Mean while Henne's era/career as a Dolphin was supposed to be over until Pennington reinjured his shoulder. The staff was already done with Henne. Unfortunately they have nothing else on the roster.

I say lets make it past the Bills and Detroit before we start to worry about New England.

These next two games are the kind we tend to play down to.

Channing Crowder makes Rocky Dennisons forehead look normal......

Still hardcore, what makes you so sure Ireland/Sparano will be at the draft? I mean who knows??

I have been beating the drum for Jim harbaugh since the Patriot game here.

The problem with a young QB like Henne is that when they experience a lot of pressure throughout a game and get sacked and/or knocked down a few times they mentally psyche themselves out by fully expecting there to be pressure the next play. They overthink things and, as noted above, they start to panic and more times than not they either throw the ball away, try to make a play when nothing is there, or run directly into the rush. Until Henne has pocket awareness, which comes with game experience, he will look lost. Problem is is that playoff hopeful franchises don't have the benefit of allowing a QB to become seasoned in December and January. That was supposed to happen in August through November.

Marc, thousands of NFL fans here in Quebec. Both NFL and CFL since the Alouettes are doing so well. Quebec loves football. It has won the last 2 Grey Cups and the Quebec Rouge et Or have won 2 consecutive college titles as well. This year, they kicked the living crap out of Calgary. Lots of kids playing football in this province.

At least the NY Papers and the majority of fans commenting understand the "black eye" this incident has created. Wonder if Jason Taylor is finally embarrassed to be a part of this never ending bullshyt that is the Jets?

Henne is regressing, he does not anticipate WR routes he will sit in the pocket and wait for them to be wide open. The O line is some of the problem but your cant expect to sit in the pocket for 5-6 seconds and not get sacked and if thats the case throw the ball away Henne. Henning is calling an offense that is to predicatable, my brothers 9th grade team could scheme them out. Throw, run, throw. Thats what he does. Throw the ball deep, once against the wets and i cant remember any other recently and I watch every game. Its not hard to game plan a defense for an offense that throws on first, runs on second, and normally is in 3rd and long so throws on 3rd down, but dont worry about the deep pass because we throw 4 yard passes that are into double coverage because we only have 2 WR on the field. I really dont understand Hennings play calling and he needs to go as of 8 weeks ago. Sparano step up and take control of your team, I dont know how you can possibly like the play calling. I am a die hard dolphins fan but man the are so predictable.

That 'black eye' can be alleviated a bit if the Jets act swiftly by firing the guy. I don't expect it to happen, but let's see if the biggest baddest franchise there is sets an example and does what should be done.

Dolphin fan in Montreal,

Good points! I have been saying the same thing for the past few weeks. Sparano has been given enough players both via draft and free agecy and has done a horrible job at coaching them up. Now the injury histories of Smiley and Gove were well documented before they got here so go and blame the front office for the players Sparano had to work with but regardless someone is not doing their job and that is just one problem this team has. If Sparano had any balls he would of taken over play calling duties and did it a long time time ago. If Sparano can't handle that which I'm sure he can't he should of promoted David Lee to play calling duties.

Sparano has failed Miami. This was his year to make a statement as a head coach. He has been on the job 3 years and Miami is stuck in neutral. I'm not drinking the Kool Aid from yesterdays win. This is a very flawed team both offensively and coaching.

BTW, it is now time for all the GM and experts who Ben saying how many light years ahead of Miami the Jets and Mark Sanchez are. I don't care what anyone says, one more draft and some good FA decisions along with a new OC brings us to where we want to be.

Prediction: The Jets "punish" Alosi to give the appearance that they are addressing the matter seriously, when in fact Alosi's behavior is in general condoned by the coach and staff. The "punishment" will fall short of a serious suspension or expulsion from the NFL, and the Jets will compensate Alosi backdoors and then at a later point in time reinstate him. The NFL will either accept the Jets "punishment" or tack on an additional, but relatively insignificant action, in order to give the appearance of being more severe.

In fact, such behavior is ethically inexcusable, and at a minimum Alosi should be expelled from the NFL, for life. Furthermore, Alosi's immediate supervisor should receive a 3 to 4 game suspension and Rex Ryan a minimum of 1 game suspension. The team franchise/owner should also receive a sizable monetary fine.

1. Dolphins should wear their road uniform at home the next two weeks. Wear the white jersey and the aqua pants instead of the all whites which seem to be cursed this year. I'm usually not a believer in such things but heck it can't hurt the way things have been going at home, maybe change the karma, make the players feel like they are on the road. Try anything, but get some home wins.

2. Well, getting rid of Jason Taylor for Cameron Wake was the right move we now know. You guys on this board were right, JT is black magic, if he is on your team it will collapse. Did you see his face yesterday at the end of the game. It was like "I can't win."

3. Anyone get the feeling the Bills are going to ambush us on Sunday?...I hope not obviously but they are playing well, and we're not lighting the world on fire, and it is at HOME, so I don't know.

4. Whenever the next NFL draft will be, anyone have any ideas on what college QB, the 'fins should draft now that we need to find a QB AGAIN.

Lastly, anyone else get the feeling the Pats might be cheating again?...I didn't have a problem when they were 6-1, it looked normal, but after they got destroyed by the Browns in Cleveland, they started to look just a little "too perfect" to me. I felt the same way during their Super Bowl years when it didn't look right to me, it was too pat, too perfect, always having the guys in the right places, always making the right offensive and defensive play calls, and when anybody said something it was , "Well, you just don't like the Pats." But then they were exposed to be cheating, and it was proven those of us who knew something wasn't right were correct, and then Josh McDaniels said that in New England the cheating was "practiced, coached, and rehearsed over and over." So, if the former Patriots coaches that got caught in Denver didn't learn their lesson why would the guy who started it all?...Since the Browns blew their doors off it's amazing at how "perfect" it all became. Not a single flaw or mistep, they are just the most perfect team to ever strap up the pads. Their games look strange again. Either Mangini knew something or Belicheck saw after the blowout that he didn't have the goods in talent and needed an edge, because something looks funny again. I mean no team can even stay within a toucdown of them all of a sudden because they are just the greatest team in NFL History?..I'm not buying, something looks dirty again.

I hope you all are enjoying the Bill Parcell's show here in Miami. The guy won two super bowls with lots of defense and not much offense. Problem is, that worked 20 years ago but not today. In today's NFL you have to THROW THE BALL! We will never beat the Cheatriots or Saints or Steelers in the playoffs until the Dolphin front office realizes that you need a QB and some weapons on offense to win consistently in this league. The Defense is great. Our offense, not so much.

Andy, there aren't too many teams in the NFL that aren't flawed both offensively and in the coaching department. The problem with Miami is that they do just enough to stay average or 'neutral', as you said. They make these huge acquisitions, Marshall, while at the same time letting a coach and OC continue with the same path that led to the status quo to begin with. I'm not convinced that Sparano is willing to do what it takes for this team to get to the next level. Does he have the stones to gut a staff, Nolan is safe, or does he not acknowledge that most of his coaching staff is underperforming game to game? Firing Bonamego(sp?) should have done prior to the season. A shakeup is in order and if he isn't reactive in the current sitation in the next couple weeks, then he may find himself out of a job as well.

Mark in Toronto:
Good point on will they even be here. I think Ross will give them 1 yr. extensions (= job-save mode) and that's why I predict no QB taken in the 2011 draft for the reasons I gave above. If another coach/GM team is hired, then all bets are off.


"Miami is going to have to make some sort of move. A coach and GM can't sit and think we can't draft a guy because it will take too long to develop him and we're going to be gone anyway."

When a coach and GM are in job-save mode, they will do what it takes to save their jobs. Drafting and developing a QB would be good for the team and fans, but not for getting Mia into the playoffs next year and thus, saving their jobs. (Notice I didn't say playoffs this year? We had better take that 1 game at a time and not even think playoffs. Let's just win the next game first.)

I would like the Dolphins to give David Lee a chance as an OC. Since free agency has little to offer at the QB position, the Dolphins might be forced to stick with Henne for another year. Keeping Lee would make a lot of sense. Do you really want Henne to learn an entire new offense? Give Lee a chance.


To add to your point. Parcells football worked 20 years agi because the defense was allowed to do a lot more. The defense could hand check receivers for starters and not get flagged for it. The D could pummel a receiver and a QB to an extent. So Parcells motto of being big and physical worked because receivers couldn't run as free down field.

The NFL has made the game an offensive game with all the PROTECTING PLAYERS crap and no hand checking and roughing up WRs. I am a Parcells guy. I love his brand of football but he had to tweak it some to fit the way the NFL has dictated the game to be played. The NFL wants points and ALL the RULES favor the offense.

At least Rex Ryan admitted he thought of pulling Sanchez. Sparano will give us the party line & never admit his QB situation is very poor (keep blowing smoke Tony). Yesterday, Henne played scared. He was afraid to throw an interception (and lose the game - aka Cleveland) so he took sacks and fumbled instead (yeesh !!!!) otherwise, he checked down or threw it away. Henne needs to be beched. He's lost total confidence and is absolutely no good to the team. Thigpen may not be any better but he won't play scared.....all this because Saban chose Culpepper instead of Brees

not sure what has happened to Henne.. My guess is a bad offensive philosophy that casts no cofindence has gotten the best of him

Monteal is right - Quebec is the football hotebed in Canada.


You are right about many teams having flaws even pretty good teams have flaws. I'm not convinced that Sparano has the balls to do what it takes either. Him and Ireland were Parcells puppets.

I talked about it before that on HBO Real Sports they did a segment on Bill Parcells. He talked about rebuilding the Dolphins and who sat in the gold cart with him and was his good friend for years but our's truly Dan Henning. Sparano isn't under Parcell's watch anymore and neither is Ireland. They need to strip Henning of his play calling duties. It happens all the time in the NFL.

You know what loyalty in the NFL gets you? Fired!

Still would like to see Henne with a real o line
and a real OC ,,,,,

That line is awful


I understand they are in save job mode but a QB has to be added. If they don't then they are saving their job just for the pay check for another year. Miami does NOT have a starting NFL QB on their roster right now. IF they don't add something in the draft because there is going to be slim pickings as always in FA then Sparano and Miami will be in the middle of the pack and out of the playoffs.

Watching yesterday's game while I'm chatting with you guys. I can't say enough about Cameron Wake. If he finishes the season strong, he will get some votes for NFL Defensive player of the year. What a beast! Nobody can stop this guy.


What also has caught up to Henne is he is at best a back up QB in the NFL and Miami is making him the starter.

Henne played exactly the way he was coached and told to play Sunday. Please stop calling for a QB who is 1-12 Thigpen to replace Henne. Henne needs confidence, coaching which is not being supplied by Henning it their game plan.

for whatever reason henne has regressed to a point where the game has become too complicated for him to process. his body language shows a qb who has lost rythymn and confidence in all phases. henne really needs to sit and reflect. he needs to understand the game all over again. a good benching can "wake up" a good player which he was in the past. others continue the downward spiral(ie john beck) to oblivion. i personally think he had way too many guys(coaches etc.) in his year. he is thinking way too much. football is mostly all instinctive with the thinking done in the prep week before the game.

The way the defense has been playing seems to indicate that they are peaking while the opposite is true for the offense. I think the defense is playoff caliber at this point, but that unit can only do so much. You have to somehow establish balance on offense so that time and time again the defense isn't having play both sides of the ball sort of speak. Miami's best offense yesterday was its defense and of course Fields. How can this trend continue and not end with wholesale changes thoughout the organization.

in his ear. sorry

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