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The day-after QB frustration and tripping indignation

The Dolphins remain a hopeful bunch this morning.

Coach Tony Sparano will hold his day-after press conference in a couple of hours and, at some point, likely point out that the Dolphins remain in the playoff chase with a handful of other 7-6 teams and so, "Why not us?"

The Dolphins should win the next two games. They host the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions. Those teams have combined for six wins. But it is that season-finale at New England that looms difficult for the Dolphins if the Patriots are of the mind to play all their players and not lay down.

That game could be the difference between 10-6 and a chance to be in the playoffs, and 9-7 and practically no chance to be in the playoffs. Of course, the Dolphins must do work against Buffalo and Detroit first. It is still a long shot and, as I point out in my column today, Miami's quarterback situation is not good right now.

Don't get me wrong. Miami's QB play is fine compared to the reeling Jets. But compared to playoff teams, particularly the New England Patriots? Not so good.

The truth is it seems Chad Henne is regressing. He used to have one good game, one questionable game. Since coming back from his knee injury, he's had one good game (Oakland) and two bad games (Cleveland and New York).

Very frustrating for any Dolphins fan hoping for a franchise QB, hoping for playoff relevance, hoping for a chance to have their team do something special.

Dolphins fans, by the way, were angry Sunday evening after Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi tripped Miami special teams flyer Nolan Carroll along the Jets sideline. It was a dirty move and Alosi eventually released a statement in which he apologized for the "unsportsmanlike" move.

But while Carroll, who eventually got an apology from Alosi, didn't think much of it, several Miami players were indignant. Consider their reaction in this Miami Minute courtesy The Herald's Jeff Darlington:


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The coaching alone can't be blamed for not letting the ball go. If Henne had any balls, any leadership he would see the one on one with Marshall and Bess when the Jets blitzed and said F it I am going to let this one fly where are only the WR can make a play on the ball and if it is incomplete then so be it. The play calling is atrocious not doubt but Henne's inability to do anything is just equally at fault.

Sometimes it's on the players too guys that's all I am saying.

Kind of hard to have a good game when your O-line looks like a block of Swiss cheese. way to go Henning for helping him out with some quick slant passes or QB screens. Oh yeah you didn't do any of that. Way to jump on the I hat Henne band wagon Mondo. You can eat a d*ck with the rest of these piece of sh*t fans that do nothing but complain all the time. We Won be happy or sit on your thumb and spin around for a while. Worst fans in football hands down!

caphin fan,

I'm on President of the Henne haters club. We are allowed to be honest and state our opinions. That is what a blog is for. You and the HOMERS can drink the Kool Aid all you want but out of Henne's 5 sacks only 1 of those where there was a missed assignment. Henne sits and he sits and then he moves out of the pocket to where linemen have no idea he is and jets are able to get to him. Out of those 5 sacks guess how many were blitzes? All of them. Which means somewhere there is a one on one and a receivers are blanketed all the time in this league and given the opportunity to make a play and Henne can't do that because he will get intercepted. He plays scared. His body language going off the field says it all about him. He has no confidence in himself.

Sal Alosi should be fined and fired for his disgusting act of stupidity yesterday. There's no place in sports for cheaters like him.

i'll always like cammarillo because of the pass play against the ravens;same with ginn beating the jets twice in 2009,and brandon fields doing it yesterday. that made this season a success;to shut up the jets!

mike nolan is da man!!!!!!! where would we be without him????? imagine if they let him have a bigger say in the draft? we wouldnt have so many "misses".

FIRE HENNING FIRE HENNING FIRE HENNING. There's gotta be a slant SOMEWHERE in that playbook and he NEVER CALLED IT. oh and fire David lee as well. Qb coach is the one who teaches DON'T STARE AT YER RECEIVER, PUMP FAKE AND KEEP YER EYES DOWN FIELD IF YER GONNA RUN..... in the last 2 games we've TOTALLED 292 yrds..... Could we really do worse if we fired those 2? Hell if we doit now we can use the next 2 preseason games (Detroit and buffalo) to prepare for a real time like the pats. I'd even let the robot call his own plays, seriously could it be worse...... Way to go Defense. Rex ryans heart maybe the size of a honeybaked ham, but his team is abuncha gutless yella turds.... GO FINS!

Matt Ryan would not have been successful with Henning Sparano and the Dolphins inability to make a pocket year after year. The comparisons are not realistic. The O-line is injured and thin. Henne was dodging bullets all day yesterday.

I am so over the moon about beating the Jets that I am almost prepared to be kind to Sparano & Ireland today.

But Young Master Chaddeus? Not so much. Henning too.

At a minimum,those two must go.

But anyway, back to the party...........How sweet is it reading & hearing about the Jets implosion?!?!?!? Very.

Retreating from under center on 3rd and 20? 3 yard pass routs on roll outs to the short side of the field. Never a 3 or 4 WR set. Sparano plays for FG’s and Henning is inexplicable. The Sparano approach is a failure. If this team had competent coaching they could be in the playoff hunt with several more wins.

Buffalo Bill...A loser just the the Buffalo Bills football team.

The Jets should fire that creep and the NFL should levy a heavy fine and suspend him for the next eight games.

Three losers, Buffalo Bill and the JETS and their asst coach Alosi or is it Aloser.

Of course the defense is oging to be ahead of the offense at this point - that's where the youth, coaching and the draft picks are. Give it this one off season to find a good coach, a draft, and perhaps a free agent signing ro two and the unit will show the same progress.

This offense is so ugly and watching it so frustrating that I was pissed off even after the win.

It was nice to see the frustration of the Jets fans though. The Jets are dirty always have been.

Well, if this team goes 9-7, 10-6, like I predicted last week, then Ireland, Sparano and Henne are all safe and given another year, which will make at least this season ticket holder happy. No sense arguing over the fact that I believe we need to stay consistent instead of changing every three years. Nobody is going to change my mind on this. AND we beat the Jests which makes it all sweeter

The Dolphin O-line can run block ok about 50% of the time yet rarely can make a pocket even with max protection. I hate the Henning play calling as much or more than most of you but it is time to understand that this O-line is not good and has not been good all season.

When you max protect and still get your QB blown up by count three then you are very limited in what you can call in the passing game. This goes directly to Sparano.

Keep drafting O-line. Wasting a high round draft pick on a QB or a RB with a line like this is just silly.

ODF, I would be extremely happy if the Dolphins selected a stud OT in round 1. I think a line of Long, Jerry, Garner, Carey, and a rookie OT would be a nice improvement.

The O-line we had last year should never have been tinkered with and constantly changed throughout camp. That is on Sparano. Biggest mistake he made, I hope he learns that he needs to set that O-line before Pre-Season games and stick with it

Thanks for the App update, suks like the last one and hasn't fixed the comments from disappearing. Sheesh

I was hoping for an O-line 1st round pick last season. I still do not understand the Ordrick pick when it seems that the team is loaded with DE's.
Carey ought to move to G then find a RT. The line could use a primer center as well.

Sign Logan Mankins... Him and Long would give us a nice left side.

As much as I hate belicheat, the man knows talent and always seems to find quality linemen.

I do not believe Sparano is competent.

vernon carey has made about 19 million in the past 12+ months; and he cant block or move. our oline is poor after all the tinkering.

Oregon Dolphin Fan... I saw Odrick play in college. He's going to be amazing. Give him a chance. Yes we do have depth on the d-line but Soliai and McDaniel are going to be free agents. In pre-season and at the beginning of the year, opposing offenses were double-teaming Odrick... That's respect.

The Dolphins will likely still miss the playoffs even if they win all their games. They're going to lose the tie-breakers against everyone because of their poor head-to-head and AFC record.

In addition to winning the rest of their games, they're going to need either Baltimore or the Jets to lose all of their games. Baltimore schedule is too easy for that. The Jets will probably be underdogs the next two weeks (@ Pittsburg, @Chicago), but they finish against Buffalo.

In addition to the Dolphins winning out and the Ravens or Jets losing out, the Dolphins would also need the other teams in the hunt(Colts, San Diego, etc) to finish poorly.

In other words, the Dolphins are done....even if they win out to finish 10-6.

I think one thing we all agree on is that we need to go a different direction at the OC spot. I want to know what OC is going to fix what is wrong with Henne just by playcalling alone. Henne gets no help from Henning. Well Henne doesn't help himself much either. The system is as flawed as the quarterback running it. What kind of system does anyone think Henne would florish under? I keep saying, we need to start over with hin(if he is going to be the guy) He needs a mechanical makeover before any new coordinator gets his hands on him. Henne has shown enough flahes of good play, and toughness to maybe trick us into believing he can be an efficient player. I think he is closer to what we have seen the last 2 weeks, then Henne we saw against the Titans, and Raiders.

bobby, Oregon, I agree with you both.

The line last year was excellent - should have never been touched. I don't care if a guy is injury prone - if you don't have someone as good as him to bakc him up - you send him out there and hope for th best injury wise.

ODF, Odrick really hasn't played all year and has anyone ever said this year - man, I wish we had Odrick?? McDaniel and Soliai have picked up their games tremendously and now DL is probably the deepest part of our team. I hope they re-sign Soliai and McDaniel personally - they've been excellent.

I don't know if there was an OT worth selecting that late in the first round (Bulaga had just come off the board and to be honest - hasn't been great in Green Bay) but at 12 there were certainly a lot to pick from. But this regime had a lot of excitement for Jerry and he has got off to a slow start.

Montreal - signing Mankins to a big free agent deal sounds good on paper - but I've seen this NE O line be a mirage from time to time - I don't know if he'd be worth it but he's certainly better than we have now.

ROB IN OC , Brandon Graham torn ACL is out for the year meaning he will miss part of next year . First he loses his brief starting position and now this ?? How's that working out for ya ?? Meanwhile Mclain keeps chugging along as a starter all year !!

greg, Carey ddeserves the money he made - he's been a tank for a long time here in Miami. He still has a lot of use for this team. There are a lot bigger problems on effense than Carey.

I have to continue to defend Henne. The O-line play, the play calling, the way Sparano coaches scared and infuses that fear into his QB; it hard to blame Henne.

QB's make mistakes. The game is very hard and the QB position the hardest but offense is like a pyramid with the QB and skill players at the top. If the foundation is not there the rest cannot be successful.

I'll add that an OC can mask deficiencies but the Dolphins do not have a good OC.

NJ, where have you been???

I used to go over on the East side of Chicago and doink this ugly chick and her Mom.

I wouldn't go around bragging about it and I didn't want anyone to know how much I liked doing the two of them.

Ultimately, I'm getting the same feeling about beating the wets yesterday.

It wasn't pretty, nothing to write home about, but MAN, it felt SO GOOD!

Pre-season blog-Chad Henne, Dan Henning

Season Blog- Chad Henne, Dan Henning

"They are who they thought we were and we let em off the hook!"

Denny Green!

Punter gets the Game Ball! LMAO!

I am bummed about Henne, did anyone see him just throw balls away way to early? He threw a ball 15 feet over Bess's head out of bounds and bess had 3 yeards on a LB covering him. His confidence is shot. I have supported him this whole time, but it looks like I may have been wrong about him. I hope we see something more out of him soon. I think he has the tools, but not enough in the head... and it is only getting worse there.

Who is that OC who will rehabilitate Henne is a good question.

I hope Odrick will be dominant for sure. I just though there were greater needs, namely speed WR, LB, NT.

Now Solia has come into his own in what his 4th year? Goes to show guys who look like busts can rebound and be good.




Good analogy Odin. I wasn't really happy with the offense yesterday because it seems more and more likely that thre will an overhaul similar to the one that happened on defense last year.

Hopefully we can get someone in here next year that can raise some of these young guys to the next level and bring in some more talent.

Question is - who is the Karlos Dansby of offense to be acquired this year?


Oregon, Soliai is playing really well and I think being a contract year is giving him incentive for that payday. As far as Odrick goes, I hope he is healed and ready to play. Btw, McDaniels is also a free agent so we will lose a couple of D-linemen.

I like what Nolan has done, yet if Nolan gets fired in a Sparano purge then I'm ok with that.

I'd also be ok with Sparano/Henning Ireland gone and Nolan as HC as long as he brought in a innovative and forward thinking OC.

The former Denver coach, the Eagles OC, Someone who will install a vertical passing game and find a speed deep threat WR or two and throw to them.

Solia and McDaniels have played very well. Time to get payed.


So everyone is down on Henne. We get it. But it looked like Henne must've been told to throw it away if he didn't get his initial reads. The pass into the stands and the one fifteen yds above Bess' head when he could have had about seven yds. I think they have beaten him down to a point where little if no confidence is left at all.

While there aren't any sure fire QB's out there to replace him, will we sign John Kitna as a caretaker until the QB arrives?

The o-line is a huge disappointment... Sparano's specialty. Yeah there are injuries but that always happens-- unless you are the Patriots. Defenses have figured out that Henne's hands are being tied by the coaches and that he can't beat a blitz. Maybe the camera always misses it, but it would be nice to see some sideline interaction between Sparano & Henne. Between Henne's empty stare and Sparano's field goal fist pump, neither seems to show much ability to inspire confidence in the other offensive players. Defense was awesome but they still were fortunate to win yesterday.

The Dolphins need to sign at least one of those 2 d linemen (Soliai is a must) - but should also sign McDaniel - take a page out of New England's book and stock up in talent instead of letting guys walk away - if Odrick and Merling come back next year to be good palyers then you trade away from a position of strength.

If the choice is elevate or lose Nolan...........buh-bye Tony. And Take Gramps with you, and also Young Master Chaddeus if possible.

The Dolphins wont draft a new qb with sparano still coaching. Tony will be on the hot seat next year.. and he will need to produce wins as soon as possible, why would he get a qb that will take time to develop when he needs to win now.. so we will probly have henne start and get someone to compete.. expect to see like trent edwards, matt leinart, or like maybe alex smith there if the 49'ers dont keep him

I think Langford is a FA also. I say re-sign Soliai & McDaniel & let Langdford walk. D-end with Odrick, Starks, Mcdaniel & Merling will be our deepest position.

Get Garner in at LG, sign a center & RT. No more draft pick linemen, we need veteran stability. Try to sign M. Bush or Deangelo Williams and bring Ricky back for 1 more season. We need a speed threat at RB.

Try REAL hard to find a TE threat in the draft & try to sign a guy like S. Breaston for Speed at WR.

I still think Bell's time is up & I think Clemmons needs an upgrade too. There are plenty of FA free safeties available. Watching Clemmons late over the top when Holmes beat Smith....every game he's late!

Purge? Fire Nolan? What's wrong with you people. It should be absolutely obvious to anyone who saw the game yesterday that Nolan isn't going anywhere. Sparano knows as well as we do that Henne isn't good enough. Why fire him? Was 2007 really that long ago? I think we're heading in the right direction. With a real QB (possibly Henne with much improvement) we could hang with the Pats or anybody else in the league. Go purge something else.

Watch a Patriots game...how many times does Tom Brady get touched, how many times does he even get rushed. I would never compare Henne to Tom, Peyton, Aaron Rodgers, and a few other elite QB's in the game today. However, in Phins games where Henne has had a running game and decent pass protection he has been pretty good.

This year we used almost all of our draft picks on the "D". Next year we need to punch up this offense. Should we draft a QB...of course. Thigpen is a career back up, and we need some one to compete with Henne. We need linemen, TE's, RB's as well.

But my friends please go ask a Cardinal, Raider, Detroit, 49er or Redskin fan about their QB situations and you will see the grass is much greener over here. The fact is Miami is still rebuilding, our record is a true reflection of our talent...and not just at the QB position!!!

On Henne,

How can anyone regress if they never progressed to begin with? Splain to me Lucy!

Henne simply sucks. It really isn't rocket science. Oh, and just because you do great in college doesn't mean you can do great in the NFL. Same goes for great high school QBs that suck in college. Anyone comes to mind?

Mark in Toronto,

I like that reasoning. IMO the line play is huge. Control the line of scrimmage control the game.

Good linemen can make mediocre skill players look good. Great skill players can become totally unproductive with bad linemen. Same goes for the secondary.

Sanchez threw alot of questionable balls yesterday because he was feeling the heat.

In fact that is the best I can remember seeing the Dolphins collapse the pocket rushing 4 in a long time.

Langford is not a free agent and thank goodnes he won't be going anywhere - he's a good player!

Rusty-- totally disagree with the thesis that our record is a reflection of our talent. Poor QB play and terrible play-calling conceal how talented the Dolphins are on offense. Watch Ricky run, and you'd think Wanny was still the coach. Bess is almost impossible to cover. God knows what he would do in the Pats offense. His numbers would dwarf Welker's. Marshall has unbelievable skills. We're not using the weapons effectively, because Henning doesn't have the confidence in Henne, and when Henne gets the chance to show us his big arm he misses badly. Put Brady in at QB yesterday and appropriate play calls to suit and that offense would look very talented indeed.

Hey Armando,

Let's get to the real news here, did Ross get a gameball for the inspiration of Lombardi?


I talked to a few friends that were at the game, I also read some posts here from people that were at the game.

Guess what everyone of them said? The receivers were not getting any separation. I could see a lot of it just watching the game. Most of Hennings pass designs are in the intermediate range so it's not quite as hard to see as you make it out.

Another thing, ah you claim to have so much football knowledge and then you impeach your own credibility. You're trying to claim that those five sacks were on Henne. Brother please. We all watched the same game. Claiming that the wets blitzed on the sacks and that Henne held the ball to long doesn't help your cause either. Basically, whether the wets were blitzing or not, Henne couldn't take a three step drop without having a wet in his face. I did see Hennings put him in the shotgun, once, but guess what, he called an inside hand off. More brilliance.

When you get blitzed on pass plays the receivers have to make hot reads and break off their routes. I did see Bess do this, but the other youngsters, including Marshall were not executing on the reads. I'm watching the game for the third time right now. I have only noticed hanging on to the ball to long on a few plays, none of which ended in sacks. Whether you want to face it or not, Henne throws into the sidelines were throw aways. He had good reason,ie; nobody open. I don't blame the guy for not forcing the ball and risking INT's after his performance the week before. Not only that, then he has to answer to an incompetent coaching staff and no nothing fans that want to blame him for everything.

Missing the hot reads are the fault of the receivers. That's not the biggest issue. Our receivers have struggled to get separation, but I don't think that's entirely on the receivers either. Much like the running game, our passing schemes have major flaws. I won't get completely specific here, but the biggest issues are max protect and only sending 1 and 2 receivers on routes in obvious passing situations. The TIMING of alot of Hennings play calls defeats his own design many times over. He also tends to not call Marshalls number because he's being double teamed. Some of this can be laid on Henne, but Hennings can't always play to afraid to challenge defenses. Marshall has beaten double teams on a regular basis operating under previous, and better offensive coordinators.

The running game suffers from Hennings design as well. Ricky and especially Ronnie are having a bad year. The O-line has been pretty horrific as well. Despite these issues, Henning still insists on calling run plays that are slow to develop. This magnifies the O-lines deficiencies. It's like Henning has given up on "quick hits" in the run game. He prefers all the cutesy pulling guards , slow developing BS, who cares that our current guards struggle to pull. Who gives a crap about trying to play to your teams capabilities. Henning gets it set in his mind and that's it. Slow, plodding long developing run plays. EVEN THE OFF TACKLE RUNS. He never just tries to punch it in there. Nope, always has to have a delay step by the back to give our non pulling guards time to non pull and clog the hole. Compare our run plays to other teams around the league and notice how quick they all seem to hit the line of scrimmage.

Hennings is basically correct in pointing to player execution, but on the other hand, he does nothing to help the cause. He doesn't take the talent level or teams capabilities into consideration whatsoever. He just keeps calling the same slow plodding run plays over and over again and then tells the press that it was simply the players not being able to execute.

Not the type of OC I want for my team. He, more than anyone else, single handedly hurts the run game as well as the pass game with bad timing and outdated designs.

Ultimately, it's not fair to evaluate any of our guys in this inept and outdated system. I mean come on Marshall with only two TD's in 13 games. This can't all be put on Henne and Marshall. Ricky and Ronnie and neither one has broke a 100 yards in 13 games? I don't think you can put all of this on R&R and the O-line.

Whether anyone wants to recognize it or not, there is a common denominator in all this and that common denominator makes evaluating ANY of our players extremely UNFAIR!

PS: Buffalo Bill, I know about implants. Cam Wake is going to Implant Fitzpatrick's a s s in the freaking turf baby!!!!

We have Bess, we have Marshall. Brady also has, Welker, Gronkowski, Hernandez and RB and fullbacks that can come out of the backfield and catch the ball. When Brady drops back to pass he has 6 or 7 LEGITIMATE options, the Dolphins have no such thing. Would Brady make the Dolphins better if he was here, of course, but to say the Fins are talented on offense? Not even close. Add on a speed WR, second TE, and a playmaking RB and we are much more talented.

If I see one more nincompoop say "I saw what i needed to see of Thigpen against the Bears", im gonna scream. Or, "Thigpen is 1-15 as a starter in Kansas City, he sucks".
Point #1- How in the world can u judge anything Thigpen did in the Bears game fairly? We had no game plan, he had one day of practice with the first team offense,(an offense that was severely banged up i may add). And if I remember correctly, he made some great throws that were dropped by the receivers(as usual)in key situations. We CANNOT judge Thigpen on that one game. He was thrown to the dogs in an unfair fight.
Point #2- Ok, Thigpen was 1-15 as a starter in Kansas City. So what? First year starters have a tendency to do that (see many of the great QB's). Ive watched Henne for 2-1/2 seasons play severely inconsistent, and is getting worse. Why does he get a free pass? 58 yards yesterday? laughable. If that was Thigpen, you would have been calling for his head on a platter.
Am I saying Thigpen is our saviour? By no means. BUT, i would like to see what he has to offer over a course of 3-4 games as a MIAMI DOLPHIN, not a Chief.
I dont know about everyone else, but i love his enthusiasm, fire and command of the huddle. Looks like hes having fun. Oh, and given the opportunity, he connects on those bombs that Henne cant make.
So all the Thigpens haters have never offered any substance of proof why he shouldnt be given a shot. And dont say " the coaches see everything in practice, he would be playing if he was all that". We all know thats a lame excuse too. Coaches are stubborn, and stick with the "drafted" men.
Just sayin give him a shot, it cant be worse than the product weve been forced to choke down!



Plain and simple is that our offense is too predictable. I was at the game yesterday and everytime Henne dropped back, there was no one open. The Jets, like everyone else, know what Henning is going to do. We won't fully see Henne's potential until he gets a new OC

Posted by: Rick S | December 13, 2010 at 10:44 AM

No running game, suspect o-line, WRs not getting open, mediocre TE, god-awful OC, but it's really all Henne's fault. I guess he needs to improvise and figure out how to throw the ball to himself!!!

odin, true, it deem seem the receivers couldn't get open as well yesterday. With hartline out - there really seems that there is nobody to stretch the defense and running one and 2 receiver sets doesn't help.

.... and Hartline is really more quick than fast.... moore has some speed but is extremely raw. The TE Fasano does not scare anybody. It would be awesome if we had a wide view of the field, but from what I've heard analysts say, NO ONE is getting open besides Bess. That's why the Jets double teamed the guy. Trading away Camarillo was plain dumb!!!!

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