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The day-after QB frustration and tripping indignation

The Dolphins remain a hopeful bunch this morning.

Coach Tony Sparano will hold his day-after press conference in a couple of hours and, at some point, likely point out that the Dolphins remain in the playoff chase with a handful of other 7-6 teams and so, "Why not us?"

The Dolphins should win the next two games. They host the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions. Those teams have combined for six wins. But it is that season-finale at New England that looms difficult for the Dolphins if the Patriots are of the mind to play all their players and not lay down.

That game could be the difference between 10-6 and a chance to be in the playoffs, and 9-7 and practically no chance to be in the playoffs. Of course, the Dolphins must do work against Buffalo and Detroit first. It is still a long shot and, as I point out in my column today, Miami's quarterback situation is not good right now.

Don't get me wrong. Miami's QB play is fine compared to the reeling Jets. But compared to playoff teams, particularly the New England Patriots? Not so good.

The truth is it seems Chad Henne is regressing. He used to have one good game, one questionable game. Since coming back from his knee injury, he's had one good game (Oakland) and two bad games (Cleveland and New York).

Very frustrating for any Dolphins fan hoping for a franchise QB, hoping for playoff relevance, hoping for a chance to have their team do something special.

Dolphins fans, by the way, were angry Sunday evening after Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi tripped Miami special teams flyer Nolan Carroll along the Jets sideline. It was a dirty move and Alosi eventually released a statement in which he apologized for the "unsportsmanlike" move.

But while Carroll, who eventually got an apology from Alosi, didn't think much of it, several Miami players were indignant. Consider their reaction in this Miami Minute courtesy The Herald's Jeff Darlington:


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crowder says if that guy tried to trip him he would have broke his leg. dansby says that was dirty, what i want to know is i thought you were supposed to stick up for your teammates, why didn't anyone go over there and knock that piece of sh%T's teeth down his throat?

Posted by: dolphin77 | December 13, 2010 at 06:35 PM


They were unsure of exactly what had transpired until after the game and were shown images of it.

Even Carroll didn't know at the time what had gone down (it's not as if it happened in slow motion)

I'm reasonably sure if they HAD known it would have been ugly (with justification)

ALL the onus is on the Jets for not firing that scumbag the instant they had evidence and he confessed.

(now I really DO have to go---seeya fellas!)

"it seems like henne is regressing" your damn right.


Some offensive systems are young qb friendly and some arent. That's why I believe some young qb's excell in this league and some dont.

If the system is young qb friendly and the qb fails he's just a bust. But sad thing is some of these young qb's fail in young qb unfriendly systems and never recover emotionally.

That's why I believe even some of those that wouldnt have failed had it been a young qb friendly sysytem still ultimately go on to become failures no matter what systems they move on to.

This is even more pathetic than it already appeared, it was his job to keep the sideline clear...

Our team is pathetic.. We just plain S U C K !

You guys know whats really funny here? lol.........

If you'll notice, no matter who the player is, or what the negativity is surrounding this franchise. They almost never offer any positives even when a truck load of positives exits.

Some certain posters here their names only show up when there's only negative to post and you rarely see thier names when its all positive to post. LOL........

I'll leave it that.... they can look into the mirror and know who they are. LOL............

Our team is pathetic.. We just plain S U C K !

Posted by: Space Man Spiff | December 13, 2010 at 06:45 PM

And I suck too.

My deal is if youre going to scold the team for thier negatives. Also step up and give them thier rightful due when they derve it too.

Isnt that what's being a true and loyal fan all about?

Why only come here to definitvely prove to everyone your life is total s h!t and you're hoplessly miserable bastards. LOL.......

Even Armando will hit the team with low blow shots. But if you'll notice he'll comeback with some upper stratosphere hi-fives too. LOL..........

If your lives are that far into the toilet then why even bother having a favorite anything let alone team? LOL............

All of a sudden it got really quiet here. Way to go, DB - you're little smack down scared away all the kids. :-)


First of all, Big Ben hasn't won two Super Bowls, it's the Steelers who have won TWO Super Bowls and they won the first despite Big Ben having a piss poor performance. So, let's clarify that. QB's don't win super Bowls by themselves. Hence the reason guys like Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have Super Bowl rings and guys like Marino don't. Big Ben has always had a very strong defence and a good running game. How is our running game this year? 'Nough said....


You want to grab those stats and make your case?

You are the pathetic one. I'm not even going to defend Henne. I'm going to point out your ignorance.

1. Henne's pathetic stats WON the game for us you nimrod! That's enough right there.

2. As pathetic as it might seem to a dumb a s s, Henne was our offensive MVP yesterday. If I'm wrong, point out who played better you troll?

Ronnie played the worst I've ever seen. On one play, Ronnie and Fasano's sorry a s s double teamed the left DE. They BOTH whiffed and gave up the sack.

The rest of the O-line and "max protectors" gave up 6 hurries, 4 knockdowns and 3 sacks BEFORE HALFTIME.

The receivers couldn't get open and missed almost all of their reads, save maybe Bess.

Henning repeatedly destroyed any continuity by yanking Henne everytime he even started to heat up. The good ole wildfluke struck again. At one point, with the game close, and multiple penalties putting us in a hole, Henning calls a draw play on 2nd and 17, then follows that up with a run play on 3rd and 15. Vintage Hennings baby.

So Dulfin77, while I'm defending Henne's performance, tell me who played BETTER than he did on offense, better yet, just tell me who even helped him out in the least?

It's a pretty straight forward question that we all already know the answer too, yet the dullards on here want to point all the fingers at Henne.


Well, the tripping incident made all the rounds today. Every talking head condemned Alosi. Except one. Michael Wilbon on PTI. This turd thought it was funny and perfectly ok. What a POS.

It's so easy to throw a wet football and even easier to catch it.
We should draft a QB because the guys available in this draft can throw in the rain better than anyone.It's easy.

To those giving Henne a pass due to the weather, what was his excuse for the week before? The guy is a below-average QB, I'm not sure why some fans are clinging to him as if he's the long-term solution.

The trippy coach for the Jets got suspended for the rest of the season without pay....including the playoffs.
That's pretty lame if you ask me.

Oops, I meant "while I'm NOT defending" Henne's performance.

Sorry, I'm indicting the entire offense, Granpa and all.

I hadn't heard that. Last i heard the jets hadn't taken any action. Was this the NFL that did it?

The weather in the midwest and northeast is brutal.
Glad our next game is a home game.
And yes we are going to win this home game.

The problem for Henne is that he has no one with blazing speed to get open.The defense basically knows what play is coming which also makes Hennes job more challenging.
Give Henne one more season with a new OC and for the love of God.......get a receiver who can blow by the defensive backs.
Until then,any QB is gonna look pretty lame.

I just saw the trippy incident on Fox Sports.I think it was the NFL who levied the penalty.

What we are clinging to is the fact that he's our best option right now.....and we cant afford to WASTE another first round pick on a quarterback.

Gotta agree that CH7 could benefit from a change at O.C.

And btw, for the record, last time I checked 14-12 is NOT below average.

New York Jets prolly wanted to give Mr. Trippy a medal or something with Rex Ryan pinning it on his chest in a lavish ceremony.


That is lame. However that's the wets MO. They are what they are. Classless poor sports that like sucking wieners on the sidelines.

The guy should have been fired immediately and banned for life from ANY NFL sidelines.

If Goodell fails to act on this incident I'm through with him. His previous "biases" and obvious favoritism's are bad enough, but this crosses the line. We're changing rules and fining players in the name of safety, but a NY wets assistant coach can injure a player from the sidelines and keep his job?

Give me a break and a Pete Rozelle any day!!!

odinseye your a dumb f----. henne did not do sh$t. the defense won the game. the whole offense sucks. if 5 for 17 for 55 yards gets you excited i would hate to see what a real qb does for you!

The douche bag Jets coach is fined 25 grand and suspended the rest of the season.

I agree with Odin, ought to have been banned for life.

Coaches have zero business physically interfering with players during the game.

Carrol was lucky he did not blow the knee.

Woody Hayes was a renowned head coach and got fired for less.

I honestly cannot understand why some people can't take a day off from all the criticism and just enjoy the win over the freakin' stinkin' Jets.


Those are just stats man......the only stat that matters is the W and we got it, not the Jets.

looks to me there's not much of a henne crowd aroud here. maybe 2 odinseye and bobbyd12.

I was hoping that C Wake would be good, but man the guy is a top tier rusher.

He is getting held frequently and still impacting the passing game.

Also, I can not remember the last time the Dolphins were able to rush 4 and collapse the pocket the way they did to finish out the game Sunday.


right, but we all know it was not the qb who won the game. that's what kills me. these henne supporters who think this guy fell from grace or something and want to blame the play calling week in and week out.

CW91 at 14 sacks and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alosi was fined 25,000 in addition to being suspended for the season.

-The Jets were in contact with the league office, but general manager Mike Tannenbaum said the punishment was decided on by the Jets. There will not be a league penalty on top of what the team has levied. Tannenbaum didn't specify if the team also seriously considered firing Alosi.-

Well, there you go. I guess Goodell has already assured his favorite woody johnson that that's punishment enough.

Ridiculous, the guy should have been fired asap. Even for a disgraceful organization like the wets, this should have crossed some sort of line. It's obvious the wets classlessness knows no bounds. I have never ever seen anything so disgusting. Not in college, high school, not even Jr. High school football. The wets are truly the saddest franchise in professional sports history.

I have never given up on Henne like many of you and even the head coach has.

Nobody else has any business starting and Henne should be the starter next year too.

I suspect many of you who so quick to bash Henne have not played the game and do not understand how difficult it is.

Add to that how Henning makes it almost impossible to succeed and that Henne has a choke artist head coach constantly trying to infuse fear of making a single mistake.

Add to all that the way the O-line has dramatically underperformed and you have a young QB who has weathered a lot of BS yet keeps picking himself up and winning games.

This team has several more pressing problems to address like RG, C, RT, a premier TE, a speed WR, the OC, the HC, drafting ability, Safety.

But it's all about how horrible Henne is.


Henne had the game winning drive too.

I thought for sure that the offense would not be able to overcome Henning's piss poor play and settle for yet another FG.
That drive was huge.

Lets see what thigpen can do the remainder of the season cuz it cant be worst then henne.

40% of the country is covered in snow and the rest is frigid or having floods and landslides.
Much of the nation Winter food supply in Florida soon to be devastated by the weather.
What will Vernon Carey eat?
HAARP weather weapon of mass destruction completing the task for the New World Order.
The worst is yet to come.

A Team plays How they Practice and they are sure LOOKING BAD on Offense?????....WHY???

After reading all the comments. There is one common factor.
A We need a QB and we SHOULD play Tyler. He looked better than Henne except against Chicago when we lost the whole O LINE.
B. Henning must go.
C. We have speed but they sit on the bench to max protect Henne. We have Cobbs, Wallace and Moore. Bye the way Moore got one whole pass thrown to him.
D. We need another TE that can split the Seems
E. We had speed at both Reciever and RB in the draft. CJ Spiller and Dez Bryant. We took a crippled DE where right now we have a glut of DEs.

Suggestions. Play both Wallace and Cobbs and design plays for them. Use Tyler in the Wildcat if your going to include a pass option.

TRADE Odrick NOW for a player and draft choice next year. We have a glut of DEs not enough offensive players.


You are wasting your breathe on these guys. They just want to bach and blame. It doesn't matter who won the game and who lost, it only matters that it's Monday and it's time to bash Henne day. These are thee same people that NEVER go to a game or spend any money on the team but rather stay home and yell at their TVs every Sunday and then wonder why their wife or kids don't want to have anything to do with them. They're what we call 'perpetually unhappy people'......

HAARP The Military`s Pandora`s Box

This expose written by Drs. Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning explains how documents published by former National Security adviser (and Trilateral Commission member) Zbigniew Brzezinski regarding HAARP type research show the ongoing usage for geophysical, environmental and PSYCHOLOGICAL warfare resulting from the military budget being diverted to such efforts.

I am an idiot.

Clovus.....another genious who has come out of the woodwork....

Dr. Nick Begich author of ... Angels dont play that HAARP

must read


Wake up, our skies are being HAARP programmed, and we're not far behind.

(why not)
1 with ricky and ronnie running like the season is over(or their careers for that matter) *WHY NOT* give cobbs some carries maybe he can brake a big one with his speed or at the very least open up a new threat, like the pats surprised us with that 3 tight end look.
2 with all the dropped interceptions in the secondary *WHY NOT* start rashad jones, he has great ball skills, along with a nose for the football, good hands, hard hitting, speedy, and great awareness.
3 with merling back *WHY NOT* move starks back into tackle, here and their to keep offenses off balance, the defense at buffalo with starks in the middle was spectacular, solia is doing a great job, but mixing it up might provide some big advantages.
4 with henne and david lee stinkin' it up *WHY NOT* bring DAN the man MARINO in to trouble-shoot his problems, what have we got loose? might do some good, henne and marino have big arms, unlike the advise from a soggy arm pennington, how can pennington give proper advise on strong down field throws when he himself was unable too. at the very least Dan can evaluate him and his opinion would be one to bank on.
5 WHY NOT give henne some tapes of some marino games, Dan would be the guy to learn from, just watching marino in his hay day will provide more education then pennington could ever give.

Extreme cold and it is still the fall
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15 degrees in Gainsville Florida tonight with wind chill to single digits

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Hmmm ... have a HAARPy Day :(

odinseye your a dumb f----. henne did not do sh$t. the defense won the game. the whole offense sucks. if 5 for 17 for 55 yards gets you excited i would hate to see what a real qb does for you!

Posted by: dolphin77 | December 13, 2010 at 07:43 PM


Again, you sir are the dumfuk! The defense didn't score any points. They did their job and kept us in the game. They were outstanding, but Henne almost single handedly scored our points. He threw a perfect strike to Marshall. Marshall was being covered by a linebacker. Henne READ THE DEFENSE PERFECTLY you dolt and found the mismatch.

Then, despite a total offensive breakdown including the play call, Henne scrambled out of the pocket and got just enough yardage for a 43 yard field goal. This is not my OPINION, these are the facts.

Your lack of reading comprehension skills is phenomenal. I wasn't defending Henne, his stats or the offense. On the contrary, all I've been saying is the entire offense stunk. Try to keep up Dude.

The total point, the very simple point that you seem incapable of understanding, even when it's typed out for you V E R Y S L O W L Y, is that Henne was the offensive MVP yesterday. I even posed a question for you: If I'm wrong, tell me who played better than Henne on offense. You still havent answered that question and you keep pointing your finger at the ONE guy that actually came through for us. What part of this don't you get?

Henne was running for his life 13 times and got knocked on his a s s 7 times, 3 of them being sacks, ALL BEFORE HALFTIME. This averages out to being chased and knock on your a s s every minute and a half! What kind of "support" was he getting? What kind of numbers would you expect under these circumstances you numb skull?

I know it's difficult for the comprehensively challenged, but just try and prove me wrong by answering the question and lets just go from there!


You guys are rediculous. We won Sunday and yet everyone is still miserable. Henne had a bad game yes but most qb's would have in the conidtions (weather,OL, top D, etc). I'm not making excuses I just wanna see the plan play itself out. Everyone was complaining about the D last year. Well this year it was completely gutted and now look at it. I have a feeling the same will be done next year for the offense. We will have a whole new OL, new rb's, and maybe new wr's. As far as QB what do you people want. He is still young and growing. He has huge holes in the OL and no running game give the guy a break. Not even Marino (my fav fball player growing up) would be able to do anything in this offense. To those that say give the whole draft up for Luck yeah that worked out real well when Ditka did it for Ricky Williams. Does anyone remember the Herschel Walker deal? Lets think people we need more picks not less there are too many holes to fill. Ireland and Sparano have done a good job here beleive it or not. They have truely made chicken salad out of chicken sh#t. Lets give them another year to finish it through and see what happens. Patience is the key people. If we are going to get a QB in the draft I say not till the later rounds (Stanzi, Kaepernick, Devlin, etc). Need OL and new fresh RB's that can break away from the D (see the Cheifs for further).

All you simpletons blame everything on Henne and that shows what idiots we have as writers and fans. Check out how many dropped passes on critical downs we have had these past two games. And Henne GOT SMASHED on that blitz and somehow got up. He also got sacked 5 times? 6? Not his fault either. Henning is an idiot for his game plan. No quick slants or screens in the rain. More draw plays or counter running plays. And I think the Wildcat is awesome still but Henning runs it at the worst times. Ronnie and Ricky should get the ball even more. When I watch that Pats dink and dunk their pass patterns are so inventive and are tailored to their personel. We run the same patterns OVER AND OVER. Bess on the out. Marshall 10 yard post. With our offensive line playing the way they are we need to roll out more or run even more. Get our backs into a groove. On third and short our patterns are terrible. TERRIBLE. We also have the worst sports writers in the country. A bunch of whining "know it all" girls that really have no clue what this game is even about. Nothing ever positive to say. We have a SUPER young team with young players first and second year starters and you expect them to be fully bloomed. It takes MOST players 3 years at least. And running our 24 year old QB out of town because our coaching staff hasn't centered the offense around the strengths of our team is just plain weird.

Matt Schuab doesn't look to good running for his life every other play.

B!tch about Henne all you guys want but fact is as long as we're still mathematically alive for a playoff spot. No change will be made.

Are some of you dumb enough to actually concieve of thinking we'll switch to Thigpen as long as we're still mathematically in the hunt? Even Sarah Palin knows the bridge to nowhere makes any sense.

Odinseye, you might as well argue with a rock. 77 is one of these guys who is miserable know matter what happens. The good thing is just like the Jets fans, he isn't going to get what he wants. Which makes me happy.

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