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The name of the better QB in Sunday's game? Fitzpatrick

The enduring memory I have of Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is him getting around the edge of the Dolphins 2009 defense and running for a TD.

And as the Dolphins prepare for Sunday's game against the Bills, I am impressed that my trusty stat sheet that surprises because it says Fitzpatrick is a solid quarterback who border on being pretty good. He has 21 TDs to 11 interceptions. He's completing 58.5 percent of his passes. And his rating is 85.0.

Put another way, the Bills will start the best quarterback in the game on Sunday.

"I've been very impressed with him. I'm very impressed watching the film," Miami defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said. "I didn't know what to expect because I did not study him until this week. I watched him in the past a little bit. When I was at San Francisco and he was at Cincinnati we played them. And I remember watching him before the game in warmups and thinking, 'This guy is pretty good.'

"Watching the film I've been very much impressed. He's got great eyes for a quarterback. If he hears that he'll think that sounds a little strange. he does an outstanding job with his eyes. He does an outstanding job getting rid of the ball. He knows the offense. He plays extremely intelligent and what I mean by that is he doesn't have to stare things down to know exactly where people are going to be. I've been very impressed."

That is not all.

"He's very resilient," Nolan said. "He doesn't get flustered by a bad down. We've played a lot of good quarterbacks all season long but this guy's got my attention he's got the player's attention, too."



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Didn't ya'all know "IF" I had big gray ears and three wheels I would be "DUMBO THE TRICYCLE?" LOL, How 'bout that huh?


I don't have any rose colored Henne glasses.

He's definitely a contributing factor to our offensive woes. With that being said all the people that are criticizing him now are the same ones that were praising his progress a few short weeks ago.

These last two weeks are his worst two games statistically as a pro. You have to have speed bumps with a young guy. I'm just hoping he bounces back and continues to progress.

People are being far to shortsighted with Henne. I think the more seasoned fan didn't really expect Henne to be the next Marino right out of the gate. The others, I'm sure what there thinking. Thigpen? Palmer? A 1st and a 3rd for Newton or Mallet?

I'm just happy we got a top 5 D that will give us a little more leeway in sorting out the QB position.

I live in WNY, see alot of Fitz. Cant compare the two QB's. Fitz took over a hopeless situation and was basically told to let it fly. This after the ultra conservative Trent "Cptn. Checkdown" Edwards. No pressure, nothing to lose. The Bills have played better with him, however no one talks about the horrible and ill timed picks he threw vs. Chi and Balt. He's givenn away as many games as hes kept them in or won. Either way, better and more exciting than Edwards, but hes merely average at best.

Kris, Henne surely was the largest contributing factor in wins over Tennessee and Oakland off the top of my head. May even be able to argue Cincinnati.

If we're really putting everything on the table, I'll have to admit that sometimes I feel like I want to walk up to Henne and punch him in the face. I don't know, something about his look irritates me.

But then he'd probably kick my *ss (he's a big boy). And that's the one thing I really like about Chad. He's a big, strong QB. Can take a shot. Fiedler-Thigpen are smaller, less durable QBs. Henne is a pretty tough competitor (that's one plus in his column).

Mando you are an idiot. I dont even know why I read this papaer anymore, I think I will unsubscribe till you are let go. Take a look at Fitz's stats for the 6 yes 6 years hes been in the leugue. And if your saying its about this year then maybe you should cut Henne some slack (its his 2nd year) seeing your ready to erect a statue for fitzpatrick.

Gerald, sure is fired up....thats funny

Henne has the opposite situation as Fitz who was just told to go out and sling it. I'm pretty sure Sparano straps Henne to that machine from "Clockwork Orange" and forces him to watch QB's throw INT's. He plays tentative because he thinks and doesnt react. You would too if your coaches mantra was basically "Dont screw up" instead of "Go make plays". A new OC will do Henne wonders if they just let him play and react.

In all fairness to Gerald it was not a fair comparison. He's heralding Fitz but even the Bills fans up here want to see a QB selected in round one by the Bills.


With out a doubt Henne was huge in Tennesse, but so was thigpen when he came in.

In Oakland they tried to give him the reins but after that pick they chocked him out with more WildCat than I ever cared to see in my entire life...and followed it up with even more OC against CLE and the jets....It was in the CLE game that I said on this blog....that we are witnessing the end of the Henne era in Miami....and I still believe it to be true. Unless we get to 10-6

I don't hate Henne...not even a little bit...I hate the term Henne Hater, or Thiggy Lover...I am a FIN FAN FIRST.....and I just want the player(s) that give us the best chance to win on the feild...and i'm not sure Henne is that guy.....he is like tease...he gives me blue b a lls.....I need some satisfaction

Who cares if Fitzpatrick is better then Henne right now. We have the better TEAM. So Buffalo can jump of the falls in a barrel or, whatever they do up there to celebrate having a better quarterback then Miami.

Odin. I'm sad to say that the executives at Perdue Fredrick have made these so crushing is now imposibile. They are like rubber. you are forced to eat them. No more fun...Also renamed OP's

Oh Kris Kris Kris. Kool-aid is good, especially with vodka.

Henne won the Titans game and Raiders game (maybe the Cincy game since he led that long 4th-qtr drive). If we won, he would have been responsible for the Steelers game too. Defense won the Minnesota game, maybe the GB game, and definitely the Jets game.

I agree 100% mediocre isn't good enough. 9-7/10-6 isn't good enough (since you need 11+ wins to get in the Playoffs in the AFC East). I'm not HAPPY about our situation. I'm just realistic about the setbacks this franchise has had and how it can't be turned around overnight.

I also want to see a blowout win. I just don't think we have the offensive ability right now to do it. Nor the coaching for it. Can Henne be Philip Rivers, nope? Can he be Joe Flacco, probably. Question is, can Sparano get the team to a position where he doesn't depend totally on his 2nd year QB? I'm just saying fix that first. THEN see if Henne responds. If he doesn't, bounce him (or at least make him a backup).

Kris, if I'm a decision-maker in Miami, no way I don't say we don't draft/acquire a QB this offseason. We HAVE to. I'm just saying that Henne might still be your guy next year since 1st year QBs (if we draft someone) usually don't come out the gates swinging. Takes awhile to learn how to play the position in the NFL. To me that's pretty uncontroversial. But, maybe that's crazy talk to your ears.

Chances are if Fitz throw for more than 3 touchdowns, the Bills will win! I just do not think Henne is capable of any shootout and the Defense will collapse if the Offense struggle to put any score up. The Bills have a better QB, the Dolphins QB is a work in progress for 3 years now..

New England looks so great this season because almost everyone has stepped up thier play, not just Brady.

On offense you have the emergence of Woodhead in both the run and pass game, Deon Branch has stepped up his game, and both rookie TE's play like vets. They are making the game a lot easier for Brady.

On defense thier young defense ahs step up its game, especially the young db's. We're not hearing "almost picked" from this bunch.

Guys, winning is a collective effort. When losing there's enough blame to be shared everywhere. With a lackluster run game, recievers making timely slips and drops in front of defenders, and db's making potential game winning "almost picked" drops.

Do you guys think that we we would really be much better off even if we had Tom Brady? Just maybe we would be 8-5 instead of 7-6. Winning is a collective effort.

Kris, how about Hennite and Anti-Hennite? S

fiedler is from oceanside

Im sure if Tom Brady were 7-6 a bunch of meat heads up in New England would be screaming for him to be benched too. Even 3 SB rings and an undefeated regular season isnt enough when the hanging mob get warmed up. LOL..........

Just like in the Bush presidential elections, hanging Chad fever has returned to the State of Florida. LOL...........

Well said DB....DC seem to be on the same page...and we got to bring in a VET QB...SPORANO/Ireland jobs depend on it....look for Palmer or Mcnabb in the off-season...you heard it here first.....and I know thats not popular.

I'm off work, and that means i'm outta here...rember....


NFL conducting multiple investigations into the wet wall.

League spokesman says Westhuff violated league policy by making "frivilous" comments about "other" teams.

I wonder if they're game planning for the Thieves or working on CYA spin control?

The implosion continues-ROTFLMAO.

I've been a fins fan for 23 years, and I'm won't make excuses for Henne. He's playing terrible football. It might be time to invest in QB's at the draft.


That sounds les divisive

We might be able to get McNabb.

Shanahan just announced Grossman will start.

Grssman! WTF????

I wonder if there's a split in the lockerroom-Duh!?!?

Dying, I was thinking about Branch yesterday. Yuo have to hand it to great quarterbacks, and great coaches. Branch was an after thought in Seattle. He shows back up in New England and boom he is all over the place. Woodhead would never even see the field in Miami. He would be stuck on behind Brown, and Pipe. (actaully this is hypothetic, because he is to small according to the trifecta perameters for running back). But to answer your question, Yes I bet we would be at least three games better with Brady. He is accurate, he has poise, and he knows how to move in the pocket to give himself that little extra time. Here are the games I think we win with Brady, That We lost with Henne. The Steeler game, The Clevland Game, The first jet game....and probably the first Pat game, because he is on our team...


The predominant thought is that if you draft a qb past 2nd rd he'll never be more than backup material. We dont have a 2nd rd pick, so are proposing use of our 1st rd pick to do so?

Remember, both Luck and Mallet will be long gone when we pick. I love Kellen Moore but the guy is only 6ft and I fear he'll have huge issues throwing over top d-linemen.

My thoughts on Moore is he'll either be the next Drew Brees or all the way bust beause of his diminuitive size. So when thinking of drafting this kid you either have to be all in or all out on him.

This kid will either be franchise or bust. I see no inbetween with him.

just saying agree 100% w coach Nolan

Fitzi w 21 TDs has finally come along
Fact is there is no other comparison to other years

Watched a handful of his games recently
Good QB surrounded by inept team

Home however has Fins offense to dramatically improve this Sunday

Dolphins beat Bills
Pitt beat Jets


3 games better with Brady? Wow, that stretching it isnt it?

I say this because untimely slips and untimely drops by rb's and recievers. Fasano is one of the most inconsistent pass catching TE's in the league and Ronnie/Ricky havent broken a tackle since the Bush administration.

Where would Brady's weapons have come from?

DYING BREED most of the time doesn't take sides on any thing like old women ,as he said , (( this kid will either be franchise or a bust )) ,

come on breed we look for guidance from you .

Odin, if you hear frustration on this blog with Henne, wait to see what would happen with McNabb. Here in DC, I can't get Armando and the Amigo on my radio, so I listen to LeVar Arrington and DC sports talk. EVERYONE thinks going to Grossman is a bad idea.

But, McNabb isn't throwing flames man. The guy is very, very inaccurate. He can throw the long bomb well, that's it. Those quick outs, or touch passes, forget about it (makes Henne look like Penney with those passes). He can't run anymore, is injury-prone, and seems to only be able to play in the Andy Reid system. One of the things Shanahan and son are saying is that McNabb can't pick up their offense AT ALL. Not just bits and pieces, they're saying he doesn't get it.

Not that McNabb won't come cheap (he will). Or that I believe everything Shanahan's saying, but I don't think McNabb at this stage of his career is that much of an upgrade on Henne. I wouldn't be for making that deal.

Fitzie IS better--------sad. But True.

And more exciting, also. Not stiff & robotic like "The Future."

The Adolescent Ball Boy & Coach Fist Pump must go!!

Just say this regime rolled the dice and took Kellen Moore 1st rd. I would take that if they followed it up by drafting speed rb Noel Devine of West Virginia in the 3rd rd(kid runs a 4.3 40) and resigned Ronnie Brown to a none break the bank contract.

We would still need to find a pass catching TE that's a legit threat to get behind defenses. I would really like if we could come away with all of these things too this offseason.



This is why I think that we win those games. Situationaly, Brady has "It". In the jet game, Henne did a great job of bringing the team back. In fact it was almost his signature game. I think with 4 tries Brady gets us into the endzone. He knows how to throw the fade. Henne for some reason can't. Win

Against the Steelers. Bad call and all. We still have a chance. Tell me Brady panics in that situation. All we need is a FG to win. Brady is the master of having to get a filed goal. He checks out of the draw on first down. The Steelers were getting eaten alive by Henne for the whole game. The final drive he looked like he stepped out of ice cold water naked in front of some hot girls. I think Brady gets it done.

Game 3 Cleveland. I'm positive Brady hits Hartline. That was Hennes worst throw of the year. You have to hit that pass. It is like an uphill birdie putt. Don't leave it short.

I understand these are hypothetic. Who would really know how the games play out. But I think that Brady has enough "Street Cred" that he would just ignore some of Hennings madness, and get into the right plays, and protections. Henne doesn't have the chops, or experience yet to do this.

If we drafted Kellen Moore and he turned out to be bust. I still would not complain. I would still give this regime big time balls points for going all in or nothing.


You sold your points very well! LOL.........


P.S....FINS W/HENN................. 7-6
BILLS W/FITZ.......................... 3-10


Remember guys, Fitzpatrick was drafted 7th rd for a reason. We maybe seeing him play at his absolute ceiling right now. If this guy miraculously develops into a franchise qb he's an even bigger story than Tom Brady.

Think about it, how likely is this too happen for a 7th rd qb?

that's funny the coaches tell henne dont screw up. that's all he does is screw up. when they let him throw the ball he throws picks or into double coverage. or overthrows or underthrows. what happens if the dolphins use a scheme that fits hennes style and abilities. then they would be playing peewee football.

"Put another way, the Bills will start the best quarterback in the game on Sunday."

And in other news:

A long-term study published in the New England Journal of Medicine concludes that bears do indeed sh*t in the woods.

Ah, just kiddin, Chad. Or not.

DD, I love your posts but I believe Brady lost to Cleveland too - just sayin.

Fellas: Go read the latest PFT story on Sal The Tripper / Tripgate.

It's funny as hell......this story, thank the Lord, will NOT GO AWAY.

Money quote, pertinent to those of us who think the Jets might have skated, as in the past...

"Plenty of league insiders are now rolling their eyes, given the widespread belief that the league office tends to look the other way when it comes to the Jets. One league source says that at least five owners firmly believe that, for whatever reason, the league office is inclined to go easy on the Jets."

If we cannot get into playoffs, at least let's keep watching the Jets implode. It's almost as much fun.

DB, why would they draft Moore in the 1st round when they may get him in the 4th round or even later? He's not considered and NFL qb. Were you behind the Pat White draft pick??? :)))

Just playin! - kind of

Fitzpatrick has thrown 21 td's vs Chad's 12 td's. Still his completion % is only 58%. He is a threat to run averaging 21.5 yds ruching a game for 6.6ypc. He has fumbled 6 times this season losing 4 of those.

He's also been sacked 19 times in 11 games, so his o-line gives up nearly 2 sacks per game. Wake should be able to get him down at least twice by himself. Which would push his league leading sack total up to 17 sacks for the season.

Fitzi can look left & throw right
Does in fact have tremendous eye fakes as Nolan mentioned

Henne needs work,no touch pass yet, no pump fake,no eye fake,usually throws to the wrong shoulder, but he is our QB and even a broken clock is right twice a day

Go Phins!

The draft is still 4 months away. Before I start doing any serious scouting. I want to know who our offensive coordinator is. I also want to know(this is where you come in Armando)if Ireland is going to stick to the Parcells model of size for certian positions. Finally draft position. Will there be a chance that we can move down like last year to get a second round pick. Or will we be in a spot where there will be a player we have to take. Looking at how the draft would playout now. I would say that we will not get a chance to draft Mark Ingram. The Colts, and would both draft ahead of us. So would Denver, and Seattle. All teams that might be interested in Ingram. There are a few guys a like. But they are not first round picks. We will have to wait and see.

Mark in Toronto,

I can almost guarantee you Moore is drafted brfore Cam Newton or Jake Locker. The guys is a very accurate passer and throws one of the best deep balls in the game.

I can certainly see Belichek drafting late first rd as heir apparent to Brady if still available late. Then again Belichek makes us look like peewee league suckers.

Groom Moore up behind Brady for the next 3-4 season and he'll look like the 2nd coming of Drew Breeze when Brady's ready to move on. You my friend will be eating your words.

Had Fitzi not have had a record # of dropped balls by receivers his QB rating would be bout 100 this year

Dont care what Fitzi did in previous years
Right now the guy can play

Lets just be glad Dolphin Killer WR Evans is out

76 degrees & sunny in South Florida
GTG back out
Gotta look Fresh 4 Friday nite

Go Phins!

@ 12:16 I meant the Colts and Pats.

Mark in Toronto. The Brown crushed the Pats. And held Brady to I think his poorest numbers of the year. But I think that he hits Hartline, and gives us a shot to win at the end of the game. Like I said all hypothetic. The Browns did dominate the Pats though.

Mark in Toronto,

The only knock on Kellen Moore is size. If he we're 6'4 it maybe he, not Luck that would be be 1st overall pick. You're getting really bad info from somewhere buddy. LOL.........

DB, that's quite the prediction - let's wait and see how it turns out.

Mark why do you think Kellen Moore was one of the final 4 Heisman finalist? Of the 3 qb's being Heisman finalist Cam Newton is most likely to become a 4th rd pick. LOL.......

Kris Kringle in the draft
6.5 big, stout
Likable fella, hearty laugh,real giving righteous dude but high % of body fat
too much cookies and whole milk

DB, IF he was 6'4 is a big IF. People have gone undrafted when their only knock is size - if you haven't noticed MEASURABLES are ginourmous in NFL circles. If they weren't Doug Flutie would have been a hall of famer because he was exiled to the CFL for that reason and was all world here. He even went to the NFL in the late stages of his career and took Buffalo to the playoffs and then lost his job to (gulp) Rob Johnson because Johnson had the measurables.

DB, how many Heisman winners have gone on to do diddly squat in the NFL? I believe you can see Andre Ware commentating games right now.

By the way, I don't like Locker or Newton as NFL qbs. Moore, I like his chances more but not as a 1st rounder - I'd rather pick an OL, a TE - heck even a RB.

if parcells' puppets end up with a job for another season, and mcnabb is available they better do all they can to sign him. it would be really nice to see mcnabb to marshall. then that would surely make henne step up what little game he has.

Thing I like about Moore too is that he's an absolute football junkie. His high school coach said that first year on the team this guy went out and acquired game film on high school opponents and studied and broke down thier defenses.

How many guys have the awareness and initiative to do this on the high school level let alone college and pro level. This kid could absolutely be possibly destined for greatness.

However, just as I mentioned before, because of his diminuitive size(6'0) he maybe franchise or bust. He is worth the gambl though. He's highly accurate, makes good decisions, and throws a great deep ball.

Mr. Homes:

On Notre Dame TE Kyle Rudolph:

Dude can play, but he ain't no Kris Kringle!

As far as intangibles go, scouts say the Rudolph is a fantastic leader, a real guiding light for the offense...

Hey what's up fellas?

I said earlier this week in a post that Fitzpatrick is better then Henne. Henne is the worst QB in the AFC East.

Mark in Toronto,

From now on out you better not ever complain how we missed the boat on Drew Breeze. Breeze is only 6'0 tall too. Drews finished 3rd in the Heismann voting in 2000.

Another even numbered year in the Heisman voting and another highly comparable to Drew Breeze qb available. LOL........

Did you know Breeze wasnt drafted until 2nd rd because of his size? (6'0) How many teams would like to have that do over right now? LOL........

Cam Newton can become one of the 1st Heisman Winners in a while who wasnt drafted 1st rd. That spread option offense in college will work against his draft status in the pros. Against his pro readiness too.

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