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The name of the better QB in Sunday's game? Fitzpatrick

The enduring memory I have of Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is him getting around the edge of the Dolphins 2009 defense and running for a TD.

And as the Dolphins prepare for Sunday's game against the Bills, I am impressed that my trusty stat sheet that surprises because it says Fitzpatrick is a solid quarterback who border on being pretty good. He has 21 TDs to 11 interceptions. He's completing 58.5 percent of his passes. And his rating is 85.0.

Put another way, the Bills will start the best quarterback in the game on Sunday.

"I've been very impressed with him. I'm very impressed watching the film," Miami defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said. "I didn't know what to expect because I did not study him until this week. I watched him in the past a little bit. When I was at San Francisco and he was at Cincinnati we played them. And I remember watching him before the game in warmups and thinking, 'This guy is pretty good.'

"Watching the film I've been very much impressed. He's got great eyes for a quarterback. If he hears that he'll think that sounds a little strange. he does an outstanding job with his eyes. He does an outstanding job getting rid of the ball. He knows the offense. He plays extremely intelligent and what I mean by that is he doesn't have to stare things down to know exactly where people are going to be. I've been very impressed."

That is not all.

"He's very resilient," Nolan said. "He doesn't get flustered by a bad down. We've played a lot of good quarterbacks all season long but this guy's got my attention he's got the player's attention, too."



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Draft Cam Newton, bring in McNabb or Ortin to compete with Henne for the starter job. Get Cam lots of snaps in the wildcat formation, but throw the majority of the time. At least 10 snaps a game. This, along with 2 new lineman, a new running back and a speed receiver of course. That's what I would do anyway

Kellen Moore overachieved in a little known program like Boise St and brought them into national prominence. Chad Henne underachieve at a well known nationally prominent program at Michigan.

Enuff said. LOL..................

DB, I would never complain about missing out on Drew Breeze - whoever he is.

I did however on draft day get really angry when Dave Wannstedt passed on Drew Brees.

Drew Brees was fantastic at Purdue and played top competition throughout his years - he proved he could play. Kellen Moore beating LA Tech and Arts and Crafts Polytechnical Institute or whoever else is on Boise's schedule has me less convinced. Yes, they beat a below par Oklahoma team a couple of years past and beat VA Tech when they were struggling (who also lost to James Madison).

I am not saying write off Moore - just saying I wouldn't have drafted him in the first when nobody else has him rated there right now - that is just not prudent management. Not when you will have a crack at him and several other similarly rated QBs later in the draft.

Another thing - when Brees came out - the Dolphins were pretty much set at a lot of positions - except QB and ending up drafting a nickel corner which didn't make sense then and still doesn't make sense. Big difference.

Remember how good Chan Gailey made Tyler Thigpen look a few years ago, running that same offense in Kansas City? Funny now he is making Ryan Fitzpatrick look good now with the same offense. Credit needs to go to Gailey, and for those of us that remember, he was pretty good as our Offensive Coordinator when he was here. I still argue that if we were to add a speedy scat back type, that Reggie Bush, Percy Harvin kinda guy, it adds a whole other dimension to the offense. We missed terribly this past year on Aaron Hernandez, imagine the difference in our offense had pick #73 been Hernandez instead of John Jerry?

We are closer to the top, and it is insanity to think that we won't keep moving towards the top. The first thing this regime prides itself on is mental toughness, and for everything Henne has been through, he has not cracked. If I could take one quality from Fitz and move it to Henne, it would be Fitz and his gambler's mentality. He makes some really tight throws, he is not afraid to make a mistake. I wonder if that 3 second clock we used in the offseason with Henne backfired on us? He seems to panic way too much, and I can't help but wonder what the exact cause is. Here's hoping that he is not going to go David Carr on us, that the damage can be fixed.

Look at the Chargers. I guarantee if you ask Philip Rivers about his favorite weapons on offense, he would name Gates, Sproles, and V Jackson. Well we have the big WR to throw it up to who can and will go get it, we lack those matchup nightmares at RB and TE. Look at the Pats offense, they have nothing but guys that are impossible to cover, whether man or zone. I may be in the minority, but I think adding a few pieces to our skill positions, combined with finally fixing the offensive line, and we are good to go on offense. We used our first offseason simply getting guys in place to be competitive. We have spent the bulk majority of the last 2 years rebuilding the defense, now I believe we just need one more offseason of work on the offense. A little creativity in our offensive gameplanning and formations, and our offense can be top 10.


Why dont we just save the draft pick and bring back Pat White? Cam Newton's only a larger version. Read My lips:

"There hasnt been a successful spread option qb at the nfl level yet". LOL.............

Underachieved is a tough label for Henne's college years. He is one of the most successful QBs in Big 10 history and beat the unbeatable Tim Tebow in a bowl game.



Aaay, bootang - long time no see!

Great post - bang on as always - Chan and Norv were great co-ordinators for Miami.

Mark in Toronto,

Stop being a self conceited bum. You know who I meant. LOL...............

Mark in Toronto,

Take a nap. Obviously anything I post tomato and you say tomale. Youre way off based today. LOL...............

I dont think you'll find a level headed poster here that agrees Henne didnt underachieve at Michigan. Sure he could possibly been the best Big 10 qb.

That's never been a difficult accomplishment there. Hell the best big 10 qb in histroy was never a starter. BTW, he also attended Michigan. I'll let you figure that one out, expert. LOL.............


Definitely been too long. I don't think people understand just how bad our offensive design is. As for getting on Sparano, he is a motivator. Simple. That is what he is. It is why he was brought here. Yes he has made some gaffes, but I can bet almost anything that if we visited the Steelers forums, Mike Tomlin has had some miscues as well. All I ever need to know about Sparano is that this team has never quit on him, and watch any video after they win, he gets those guys fired up. I do think a degree of responsibility needs to be taken, as by the time the day after the season rolls around, we will have fired an Offensive Coordinator, a Defensive Coordinator, and the ST coach. When adversity happens, your team can go one of two ways. 1-15 like 2007, when this team completely quit on Cam Cameron. Or the past 3 years, any time we have had adversity we have answered the bell.

I can't believe people completely forget it was vogue to rip the defense last year, it was all their fault. Well guess what, we fixed that. Why on Earth would you even think the same thing can't and won't be done with the offense. It is very frustrating. Unfortunately, none of the issues can be fixed until the offseason. So we will have to read the same nonsense after each of the next 3 games. The interior of the O-Line isn't magically going to fix itself. A speed threat isn't going to show up at the door. Give it some time. I love reading people call for Bill Cowher, yet he only took 12 or 13 years to win the big game. Since Jimmy Johnson left, everyone who has been here has built the team to win NOW, yet that never happened and the end result was the disaster that we saw in 2007.

Mark in Toronto raves Henne beat the unbeatablt Tebow. LOL.............

What's Tebow, still 3rd string qb at Denver? LOL..............

Big 10 has produced more than their fair share of QBS. brady and Brees among them. To go down with some of the best numbers in the history of the Big 10 IS a big accomplishment.


Michigan backers are upset that Michigan hasn't beat Ohio St during Henne's tenure. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think they've beat them since either.

And one thing is for sure - Michigan has been A LOT worse since Henne and his graduating class left so that tells me that they were perhaps overrated at the time anyway.

Bootang25- Do you notice how tough our offense has been to defend when all of the skill players get touches? It is hard to defend a team that spreads the ball around to more then 4-5 players in a game. I'm not saying run the spread offense. I'm saying put the pressure on the defense to be aware.To know their responsiblities for each player on the offensive side that is eligible to make plays. When the offense is dependant on the same few players to make all the plays. It makes the offense easier to defend. It would be different if we had elite players at each skill position. but we don't.

As much as I think Henne can be the guy, that doesn't mean I haven't scouted the college ranks for guys I really like. No one has really seen him, and he has played against lesser competition, but Pat Devlin out of Delaware is the guy I like the most that we can realistically get. Throws his guys open, throws from a lot of launch points, very accurate. Problem is taking him in Round 1 is too high, and he won't be there in Round 3. We are probably picking between 17-20, and those spots are not as coveted come draft time. I think we definitely want to trade down again, but may not have the success. I do not want to start talking too much draft while we are still in the playoff hunt, but believe me, I have been paying attention. I love that we really do not have many glaring needs, and can start soon the ability to constantly draft Best Player Available, that's how the good teams stay good.

DB, Tim Tebow was perhaps the greatest college QB ever. Beating him in college WAS/IS a big deal.

Bootang - I think the exact same way - if the Dolphins direct as much resources to fixing their offense like they did to the defense - next year should be fine.

My concern there is who will be the Karlos Dansby acquisition. maybe it is Brandon marshall - if he ever decides he wants to start playing.

I couldn't help but shake my head watching that game last night - V jax sits out the entire year and in one game, comes back and does more than Marshall has done all year. Blame Henne all you want but Henne through marshall pelenty of balls like the one Rivers threw to V Jax yesterday and he still ahs yet to come down with ONE. he better come back next year with his head screwed on straight. The best thing I can say about him this year is that he hasn't punched out anyone in practice or dropped balls in purpose in practice - or by judging by his drops this year - it might have not been on purpose last year after all.

Mark in Toronto,

Wash your mouth out. You dont like Kellen Moore and after fact you wanna use Brees to make a point? I already made the point that the best qb in the history of the big 10 was never even a starter.

Why dont you continue with your useless Henne wasnt an underachiever dribble. Did you find that even if you skew his numbers you still couldnt win a viable argument?

His only claim to fame was winning a lowly and meaningless college bowl game. The talent on the Henne-led Michigan team was far to great for this to be the heights of his collegiate accomplishments.

Give me a break, us a break, and yourself a break trying to fly that weak ass bs by us. LOL.........

Bootang, your thoughts on Christian Ponder - I've always liked him. And would be happy if we picked him up after round 3. Devlin is another guy I've put in that why not take a shot class with Ponder. Not a big Ricky Stanzi guy though.

DB, who is this best all time Big 10 Qb that you are talking about because the three I can think of off the top of my head were all starters - Brees, brady, and Griese (Bob). Who are you tlaking about?

Mark in Toronto,

Michigan fans were upset by far more than Henne not beating Ohio St. During Henne's tenure there they were upset by teams that would be on the level of losing against a Mt Union or equal.

Mark, please do some homework before chucking dribble at us. LOL...............


I think that is our problem, defending our offense is entirely too easy. Let's say we added Aaron Hernandez and Darren Sproles right now. Teams would struggle to cover Sproles, Hernandez, Fasano, Marshall, Bess, Hartline. The reason the Pats offense is so good is they have so many weapons that on any given play, 2 and 3 players are open. We obviously do not have a Tom Brady, but some creativity on offense would go a LONG way. Make it as easy as possible on the QB.

Look at our formations, the splits of the WR. It is something out of the 1980's. Watch the really good offenses, and you will notice they use a ton of formations and personnel. The Saints and the Pats have BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Chris Ivory carrying the football and finding success. Look at how hard Danny Woodhead has been for the Pats. Matchup nightmare. Dansby has covered a lot of really good players this year, but none made him look more stupid than Woodhead on the play around the Goal Line. Matchup nightmares, combined with formations and different personnel groupings, and you have instant offense. Just add water, I know I make it sound simple, but the blueprint is out there.

Half the league uses the 3-4 defense, and that is because of the pressure that can be applied by it. Watch what the Pats did to the Jets and their vaunted defense. Get the ball out quickly, to the right spot, in the hands of someone who can make someone miss, and you have the recipe for beating the 3-4 defense. Not nearly enough credit is given to the Pats and how innovative they are, but they have shown, IMO, the blueprint to beat the 3-4 defense, and you will notice they play in a division where every team has that defense.

Mark in Toronto,

Who's the best qb to ever come from the Big 10? Are you kidding, do you really even have to ask this question?

After this mark I promise I'll never post to you again and you dont have to ever post to me. Its worst than I ever imagined with you and utterly hopeless to have an intelligeble exchange of ideas with you. Goodbye. LOL..........

For his career, Henne completed 828 of 1,387 passes for 9,715 yards, 87 touchdowns, and 37 interceptions. All five marks are school records. Henne's passing touchdown total is second in Big Ten Conference history.

Yep, sounds like an awful career to me. He just sucked at Michigan.

There are very good reason as to why college spread quarterbacks struggle to make gooe NFL qb's. The snap under center is the obvious. They don't have to make difficult reads while taking drops. The spread is more dependant on timing routes as opposed to correct reads. The footwork is totaly alien to these Qb's. 5 step drop....What's that? How long do I have?. It's all shotgun 3 steps, and if it's not there run. In the pro's that run isn't there. Also in college, a ton of drives are extended by the spread option quarterbacks ability to run. They are usually the best athelete on the field. in the NFL, they are one of the crowd. Look at Vick, he made the Falcons contenders, but never real serious Super Bowl contenders. He never had pocket presence until now. Better teams contained him. Even now. The last few weeks, Vick has taken more hits, and has been turning the ball over a lot as d-coordinators are catching up to him.
I wish Newton all the luck. I'm not going to say he wil never be an NFL Qb. i don't know this. He is a great college player. He seems to have a very strong arm, and looks fairly accurate. Perhaps he will be the Qb. that breaks the trend of spread guys that suffer in the NFl. I don't think we can take that chance.

"Its worst than I ever imagined with you and utterly hopeless to have an intelligeble exchange of ideas with you. Goodbye. LOL.........."

- DyingBreed

I swear, it's like having a bum kicking contest with a one - legged man. Like playing basketball with a retarded kid and calling him for double dribble.

I just say thank God your Breed is dying out. The world will be a better place.


I am a huge Florida State fan, and sadly, have found myself more frustrated with Ponder than happy. I have to say he proved a lot to me this year with his mental toughness, and playing through a lot of injuries. I think he is more West Coast Offense, but I think that if given the right style of weapons, he could be very good. He knows where to go with the ball, and is mobile as well. I think arm strength will ultimately push him down the board, but he is a player.

My QB rankings as of today:

1. Andrew Luck
2. Nick Foles
3. Pat Devlin
4a. Christian Ponder
4b. Kellen Moore

Noticeably absent from my rankings are Cam Newton and Jake Locker. Show me one, just one, one year wonder who did anything in the NFL worth a darn. I like Newton as an athlete, but he plays in a gimmick offense, never taken a snap under center, in a down year in the SEC. Much of the same things can be said about Locker, I just don't see it. And it's not just this year. I wasn't high on him last year.

As for Kellen Moore, the intangibles are there. Super accurate. I just worry about arm strength and lack of competition. However, I think he is a very polished QB, and with the right system and coaching, could be a player. One other guy I have not seen enough of, though my dad really likes, is Ricky Stanzi from Iowa. I have a lot of scouting to do on him, and unfortunately, they may not even be playing in their bowl game.


Excellent post. At last someone here also gets it about spread option qb's. Some of the same that were Pat White basher are clamoring for Newton. I just dont get it! LOL..........

Read my lips guys: "Newton is just a bigger version of Pat White coming out of college". LOL.........


Great points about spread QB's. You can only get by on physical ability for so long, good teams and players and coaches make adjustments. Notice that once Vick finally learned how to play QB, he is playing at an almost unseen level. A good argument could be made that Cam Newton can be coached up just as easily, I just don't think our franchise is at a point where we need to take on that kind of developmental project. I will shake my head endlessly when some team takes him in the 1st Round, and will gladly say I was wrong if he does become a player, but I just do not see it.

I don't see anything in Locker or Newton either at the NFL level. Locker can't even beat college defenses - how could he fare well in the pros?

One play in particular stuck out to me last night in the Chargers game. They sent V Jax on the go route, but sent Sproles to the same flat to hold the underneath LB. Well guess what, that created a HUGE VOID in coverage, and who would have thought, Kory Sperry, yes that Kory Sperry, was WIDE OPEN and caught the easy pass and had his career long reception of 35 yards.

Where is this kind of play design and creativity at for us? It is not there. It is highly ignorant to think your plays are unstoppable, that you can continue to pound a square peg into a square hole. Defenses will not give you that square hole, they will take away what you do well. We LOVE to kickoff every chance we get, getting the ball after the half. I cannot remember the last time we got the ball after the half, and went down and scored a TD. Halftime is where adjustments should be made, you have now had at least 4 or 5 possessions to understand what you have done well, what the defense is trying to do to you, and yet we can't figure out a way to make any adjustments. Very, very frustrating.

The door just opened wider for McNabb to move futher south down I95....Shanahann will be the surprise firing of the season

You guys all know I'm ahuge FCS guy. I had heard about Devlin from Deleware so i checked out the game last week. I paid close attention to him. I was very impressed at how he regrouped from a poor first half. I don't buy the FCS argument that these guys can't make good pros. Rarely are they first rounders, so what is the difference. If you can play, you can play. Anyway. Devlin has a rocket arm. He made some passes that were impressive. He isn't very big, and has a low release. Actually it is a 3 quarter sling shot. I don't know how this will sit with some real scouts. The other thing is that he plays in the spread. The difference is that use the spread like the Pats. Short passes are a lot like running plays. The Blue Hens play tommorow, so I'll watch again. I think Devlin will be around in the 5th or 6th round. So if we wanted to take a qb there, it wouldn't upset me. I hope that in those late rounds the idea is to take the best player available.

@ 1:38 The difference is Delaware uses the spread like the Pats. Sorry..

Mark in Toronto,

I offer you an olive branch. After going back over our post too each other I find it wasnt that big a deal. Again I offer you an olive branch, ok buddy? LOL..............

Mark in Tornto,

I did get preturbed over the bet I was a Pat White pick supporter. But after going back I see the smiley faces. LOL.........








ITMN IS UP 148 percent,thank i didn't short it at 32 ,now is at 35

The enduring memory I have of Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is throwing a ball 50 yards that hit a guy right in the chest in the end zone in OT against the best defense in the NFL (Pittsburg). Of course, the receiver dropped the pass.

Chad Henne hasn't made a throw like that in his life.

Well, I'm a Michigan fan, and I have to say both Mark and DB are right. For Michigan fans, there's only 1 game on the schedule that counts, Ohio St. Henne never beat them, so he never got the praise. However, after 4 years, he put on some very impressive numbers (as Mark stated). Looking back, he was one of the better QBs from that university. Obviously Brady is the best QB to come out of that school, but Henne was right there with him as far as college stats.

I'd like to throw something out there. A previous poster (Dying?) said that Newton might drop to the 2nd round due to his inexperience under center/spread formation.

Well, maybe but one thing is sure, it will cost him. The further you drop in the draft, the less money they'll see for years.

You would think they would get better advice about playing in a pro style program.

Just wondering.

miami needs to do whatever they need to do to get cam newton in the april draft. then maybe someday we can get a tight end in the mode of former dolphin keith jackson, and a running back like chris johnson. then mr. ross and fans can dance all night long!


My nephew just finished his Senior season of High School, and is beginning to get his offers for colleges. He was a great QB in High School, but I have time and time again stressed the importance of going somewhere that teaches the small things that a QB needs to learn to be successful in the NFL. Army just offered him a full ride, and I told him that may be too good to pass up. I just would hate to see him go somewhere and not have learned anything since he arrived on campus. Urban Meyer did virtually nothing to enhance Tim Tebow the pro QB, he just used him for what he needed to run his college offense. Players need to do what is best for them long-term, and playing in these college spread attacks just does not bode well for a young man


I wouldnt be surprised to see Cam Newton drop as low as 4th rd. As a spread option qb White was a co,plete failure and Tebow is 3rd string on the Bronco's. Nfl draft heads will hugely take those things into account in considering the draft status of Cam Newton.

Newton's a spread option qb too.

Why do you point out in some articles how our line is crap... then in some talk about how our offenses responsibility is Hennings... then rip on Henne by saying Fitz is the better QB? Everything is related. If Henning isn't doing his job and the O-line can't pass block or run block, how could Henne be successful as a QB? Especially when Henning runs the Wilcat on 1st and 2nd down only to have Henne come in and have to convert a 3rd and long when the other team KNOWS we are throwing. And we have people forgetting that our special teams lost two games for us and that we got robbed from the Pittsburg game. Name one other QB that hasn't had lapses this year outside of Brady. The reality is that we can only blame one player of the rest of our team is playing flawlessly -- which they are not. And to remind everyone -- it wasnt too long ago when our defense was getting "used". It's just been since the Raiders game that we've gotten it together on D. If they werent so poor early in the year we would have played much better. How many int's have we dropped this year? BTW_ KRIS. Henne played lights out aganst the Jets the first game. Our special teams AND defense lost us the game. Aginst Pittsburg we moved the ball at will. And played well enough to win. Henne also came in and played great against the Titans--despite being benched that week. Henne also played great against the Raiders. Why don't you count the drops, the tips, the wrong route by our receivers... Pinning it all on Henne is retarded. With a different OC we win at least 3 more games. And that's good enough every year to get us into the playoffs. And with a great D tat gives us a chance to win.


Army isnt a great option if considering a pro career neither. Only one great qb's ever come from the military schools. Roger Staubach.

Plus even if by miracle you become a great player at any military college. Then there's the I think, 2yr service committment after graduation. So you now have 2yrs of not playing any organized ball whatsoever before coming to the pros if you're even good enough to plat at that level.

Military college pretty guarantees officership in its ranksbut other than that little else. Unless you're at least a top 3 high school rated qb I suggest not going to a military college and even if you're a top 3 rated hs qb for that matter.

Military colleges are basically only for those seeking officership and a upper level militery career.


My bad for not being clear. I was just saying Army may provide the highest ceiling for him, as going there pretty much opens any door for him he would want to go through. The chances of making it as an NFL QB are very long, and I just want to make sure he keeps sight of that. The school I am looking for him to go to is UCONN, they have recruited him pretty heavily. I just worry there coach is on everyone's hot list, and will not be there by the time my nephew gets around to playing. Between now and National Signing Day, he will have a lot of choices to make. Playing QB at Army, as you say, almost ensures he will not have a Pro career, and I would be surprised if he chooses that avenue. Time will tell.


I wish your nephew all the greatest success possible. I know it would be very ironic for you if he ever ended up being a franchise Fins qb. We would love it too. LOL..............


Thanks much for your words, and yes, it would be the ultimate irony if he were to become the Fins franchise QB. I think it is frustrating for all of us that we are talking about the college QB's for this year's draft, we all would have liked Henne to grab that bull by its horns. Unfortunately, duty calls lol and I must leave. I had a blast talking Fins with you guys today, and need to do it more often. One of these years we will be talking about a Super Bowl caliber team, at least that is what I tell myself lol.

Wow, Buffalo has a better QB than us? Big Deal. It just shows how inept the staff is there by sticking with Trent Edwards (who, by the way, was the 32nd best starting QB in the league every time he started) for 2 years. Henne will be a late bloomer. We need to sign Donavon for 2 years, win a SuperBowl, then let Henne take over when he becomes a man.
Armando, if Lebron James was our Tight End we would....draw alot of fans. Yeah, you guys are stupid.

Henne stinks. Nothing else need be said.

We will win the East next year if we field a MEDIOCRE Offense and don't make any major blunders on ST. I don't want Dan Henning to get fired, I want him to die in his sleep tonight.

Henne throws a late pick to end a potentially game-tying drive. Bills win this one 16 -13.

Take it to the bank.

I'm never wrong about these things.

Not to be argumentative Dying but Tebow went in the 1st round last year. Most people thought that Denver was stupid, most still do. But the point is, a quality NFL QB is always in demand. And some teams are willing to gamble.


You are correct, there maybe some screwball management out there willing enough to gamble on Cam Newton.

However, the upside on Newton if he's a qb maybe trying to develop him as a tightend. Of course he would have to have soft hands and be developed as a route runner. But the tangibles are there:

"Newton is 6-foot-6, 250 pounds, has a cannon of an arm and boasts impressive speed. His time in the 40-yard dash has been reported just about everywhere between 4.5 and 4.7 seconds, but better evidence of his running ability might be that he scored four touchdowns on just 21 carries as a backup quarterback for the University of Florida."

This is just a clip of an article I found on Newton. It basically shows the tangibles, size and speed are there to be developed into a TE who could threaten to get behind defenses.

Meant: "If he's a qb bust"

If Cam Newton is still available in the 4th rd when it's turn to draft him, and I know that's an astronimical if. It's a no-brainer to take him.

Then if he looks like a huge project at qb start looking at developing him to a lesser project at TE. He has the size(6'6 250lbs.) and speed(reported between 4.5 and 4.7 forty) to beat linebackers and consistently get deep on defenses.

That's absolutely something we dont presently have at the TE position.

As a TE, Newton would be a nightmare cover for lb's because of speed and nightmare cover for safeties because of 6'6 250lbs size.

We have the worst QB, worst head ocach, worst OC, worst offense in the AFC East.

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