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The Miami Dolphins: An Empire of dirt?

We are in difficult times. The world around us has changed and gotten darker. The economy stinks. And the Dolphins are missing the playoffs for the eighth time in nine years.

No one knows what will happen Sunday in Foxboro, Mass. when Miami ends the 2010 season against New England, the best team in the NFL. Will the Dolphins respond to this opportunity to salvage what has been a disappointing season? Or will we see the Dolphins we've gotten used to -- no offense, and usually good, but sometimes inconsistent defense -- fail for the ninth time in 16 games?

And what about afterward?

What will happen in the weeks and days after the season's final play? Will owner Stephen Ross keep Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland? Or will he fire the last vestiges of the Bill Parcells era and start anew?

No one knows for certain.

I do know this: The glory days were long ago. And they haven't returned.

The Dolphins were once the winningest professional sports franchise on Earth. They boasted the fact every week in press releases. No more. Nowadays, they don't even acknowledge when they sign a player that might make them slightly less mediocre. That is not improvement.

Things have changed, folks. And for the worse. The end of this season reminds us. The franchise that was once a gleaming, shining beacon of excellence and, yes, even perfection for one fateful season ... gone.

More of today's Dolfans remember 1-15 than 17-0. Fewer of today's Dolfans remember their last playoff win. Or their last playoff game. Or their last back-to-back wins at home, for that matter.

The Dolphins, once a source of community pride, is now watching the community turn its attention to the Miami Heat. The Dolphins now more closely resemble, in the words of Johnny Cash, an empire of dirt.

 [Thanks to Dolfan Joe Alvarez who created this video and passed it along to me.]


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Great post Mando. But Empire of Dirt was a Nine Inch Nails line, covered by Mr Cash. Thanks for a great year of writing.

Right on Armando! I grew up a Dolphins fan , I was 10 when this franchise started.I relate to what you are saying about communiy pride, it was everywhere in the state. Still is but man, we are feeling the pain! We were a class act in yhe Shula days. A first class winning organization. Every player in the league wanted to play in Miami. Slowly over time, we have gone downhill. Now most players want to play anywhere but Miami.

17-0 is fresh in my memory. As a kid I thought I was so fortunate to be a fan of The Miami Dolphins. Since 1969 I haven't stopped cheering, or stopped crying. Even today at 51 years old. I remember the days when The Orange Bowl was filled to capacity with 100% Miami fans. Those days are long gone. To me part, albiet a small part of the problem with the team is this:

(1) Ownership needs to market the TEAM and fill those seats. If I lived in Florida I would've been there last Sunday against Detroit as if it were opening day.

(2) I think the star power ownership has to go. These half baked celebrites really aren't necessary and certainly do not contribute anything to the TEAM.

(3) Many things about the game, like celebrating a first down ( that's another Miami Dolphins 1st down) are unnecessary.

(4) And not in the least is the professionalism of the players. I know it's a different game today but can you imagine Manny Fernandez or Bill Stanfill flexing his muscles after a sack. Or Dick Anderson high stepping into the end zone after a interception. Or Larry Csonka dancing in the end zone after a score. Or Paul Warfield giving the first down motion after catching a 20 yard pass.

It's difficult to return to the glory days now. The Miami Dolphins aren't the only game in town anymore like they were in their first ten years. But what I listed above could be a start to the return.

Omar Kelly stinks at writing and watching line play.

The Perfect Season and the Marino-era Dolphins should only be remembered for one thing, Excellence. Today's generation doesn't respect tradition the way past generations did. But they do respect excellence. Coaches should educate players what playing for this team means. What this team was in yesteryear. But then, they need to coach and PLAY like it.

This mediocre, 15-20 play drives full of bubble screens and 3 yard runs between the tackles, slow, prodding, offense DISRESPECTS the Miami name. Dan Henning deserves nothing but derision for making this the most boring, vanilla offense in the league (save maybe Carolina). Fans have turned their back on this entire philosophy, and that's probably the #1 reason Sparano will coach his last game Sunday (for the Dolphins). I'm rewatching the Lions game, and see error on top of error on top of error (and much of them from Chad Henne). I've already seen 3-4 plays where Henne either threw the ball to the wrong receiver (where another receiver was more open) or had terrible ball placement (on Cobbs pass was behind him, and if Henne LED him, Cobbs would of had a huge, 20-30 yard gain.

Speed is needed, but this team could have won more games with better coaching, plain and simple. Some say that's a reason to stick with Henne, but the more I see, the more I realize Henne doesn't have the qualities to be a successful QB in the league (unless he's traded though, he'll have a chance to compete for the starting position next year).

This season is more depressing than others (even the 1-15 frankly), because it's not that Miami has no talent and is overmatched. The talent is there (needs some more elite talent, but much is in place already). They are so close, but a drop here, a slip there, not stopping a crucial 3rd-down conversion there have done the team in all year. Maybe that's the sign of a mediocre team (when they can't make that play that turns the game).

I hope the next Coach will understand the rich history of this franchise, and use it to propel today's Dolphins towards the excellence the fans have forgotten existed.

take this dolphin team and let bellichek coach them;we would win the division. enough said. parcells and his bunch should each be bus tickets out of town.

AWESOME!!! Keep em comin Armando. Live, Breath, Sleep, DOLPHINS.

great post posts to read ...rob in oc ,dc ,greg z .

Armando....your post have been outstanding as of late.....not much to add....we were great (before my time)....we were very good when I came in to football awareness (Marino years....to bad buffallo was better)...and now we have stunk for a decaed...nuff said

i hope the reports of parcells giving ross advice on retaining "his guys" arent true. its in parcells best interest for his reputation that we keep his people. we need a house cleaning and a true leader who will stay with us until his job is done. after watching another year of a terrible offense in camp parcells bolted for the exits. he said henne had not developed into the qb they had envisioned. the oline was dismantled and several suprise cuts were made before the season began. the grand plan had failed.

AndyNJ.....Good post...if I see the WC 1 time next year...for even 1 play.....i will put my foot thru the TV...I'm not joking...

The one exception will be if Cam Newton is running it......Other teams have taken the WC and advanced it....jets/raiders/bucs....and we...the innovaters.....haven't changed it since 08...WTF!!!

sparano was quoted as saying if retained; "i think i can turn things around". not good enough;you have to KNOW YOU CAN.

Mando, we are already crushed by the season, then you rub it in further... lol. You are right tho. I would like to seay we are close to turning it around, and there are some pieces that make me feel that way. However there are just as many wholes and ?'s. I just don't know where the quick fix is which scares me.

Greg Z...Your dam right.....EFF Parcells....this pile of garbage isn't good enough for him, but he wants Ross to hold on to his people while he leaves....and possibly works for another team.....The BALLS on this guy?

MR. Ross this is your oppertunity to put your stamp on this team and embrasses Parcells at the same time......Thes stage is set....what will you do?


Armando reported this morning on his radio show that Lombardi's statement was inaccurate.

Armando said let.s break some news right here this morning. Parcells did NOT speak with Ross this week.

Armando has said this repeatedly and just said it again as I was typing this.


Armando, at the end of the day at least you get a check for following the team over the years. We all do it for free. Actually some of us write a check to Directv.

Odin...Happy New Year!!!! and welcome back

I was listening too.....but you never know who is lying when these things come out...Not Armando...but the networks/BP......ya know what i'm saying....I woudn't trust Parcells as far as I could throw is 300 pound a ss

to me parcells was a hired gun brought in here to straighten out the mess. he came for 12 million guaranteed and answered to no one. he made miami a dallas cowboy farm team. he put his guys in to run a franchise in complete secrecy with no respect for a rich tradition. former dolphin greats werent welcomed and some were disrespected(zach thomas). parcells never really cared about the fins or the fans;its about his legacy. now he wants to advise ross to keep his people in place. no way.

Marino & Shula set the bar very high and other teams have followed.

Now Brady & Belichick are at the top and they will soon be replaced by another dynamic duo.

...question is: Will Miami be that next team?

odin, thanks! you made my day. im glad it wasnt true.

I have no problem keeping Sparano so long as he realizes the error of his ways but if he thought Sunday was Henne's best game ever those glasses are a few shades too dark.

"We are in difficult times. The world around us has changed and gotten darker. The economy stinks. And the Dolphins are missing the playoffs for the eighth time in nine years."

The New World Order is putting together the final pieces to the puzzle & Symphony of Destruction

Much like watching year after year implosions of the fledging Miami Dolphins franchise

and by the way Armando
The piece and the video, "Empire Of Dirt"
was/is absolutely outstanding

What do my fellow New World Order slaves want?

It`s The End Of The World As We Know It, and,
i feel fine

have a HAARPy day



Thanks and a Happy New to you.

You're right, one way or the other, someone is spreading BS.

EXCELLENT point @8:45.

The Dolphin Suck

Beating the Jets makes my season a successful one.

The Miami Dolphins offense sucks

The Dolphins Suck

This place has more periods than a Hemingway novel

Many more HAARP severe weather & deadly storms to come by no coincidence from not your friends of
The New World Order

Hug ur children
God Bless

have a HAARPy day

Besides the shock that PArcells is reported to have contacted Ross about Sparano now the networks are saying that the fins want J.Mcdaniels. Where do they get this from. We have Mike Nolan and Brandon Marshall who both feuded with him last year. I dont see this happening. Kubiak will be retained but the latest is Dallas is going after Jeff Fisher if he is available. Which means that Jason Garrett will be available. Great another dallas reject to miami. I want creativity and something new other than Dallas personel coming to the fins

Dear Mr. Salguero

In other news

Today Mother nature filed a law suit against the U.S. Government and its Haarp program for infringement on its weather patents.

Soiled :)

Latest mock has us possibly trading down or getting Wisconsin OL Gabe Camrini

BK...not only that...but Jason Garrett will attempt to sabatoge the HC in hopes that he will get the job....I say NO to that guy...no loyalty

"It`s the economy, stupid."

quote from New World Order member "W"

meaningless game for the Patriots and meaningless game for the Blowfish is just that ... meaningless

And it's hard to say
Who you are these days
But you run on anyway

Don't you baby?

You keep running for another place
To find that saving grace

Don't you baby?

So the PFT is reporting Tuna talked to Ross aboutkeeping Morono. People here are saying Armanda is verifying that is not true. I'm off to a bad start this morning, can someone confirm what's going on? lol

sparano was a oline coach. get a clue tony there is some huge problems there ! he wants to stick w/ henning & henne ! oh but dan is retireing on him ! what a shame tony now you have to find another coordinator ! tony your qb has no accuracy over 15 or 20 yards so bringing a speedy wide out to stretch the field wont help ya ! so much for that chunck yardage you talk about ! HEY ROSS ! fix tha team get us a new gm hc & a rookie qb w/ another center .

"It`s the economy, stupid."

Home...that quote is from Bill Clinton...not "W"....during his first pesidential run against SR Bush

but yeah...they are ALL members....i've been researching....

A mysterious series of New World Order HAARP Pacific storms have made it the absolute wettest December ever throughout southern California in all of history, according to National Weather Service recording stations in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Camarillo, Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.

Hmmm ... "mother nature" u say?

weather for Patriots vs Blowfish should be just like the game, ... unassuming and nothing spectacular

have a HAARPy day :(

Dissection of a Play - Miami/Detroit
4th QTR, 10:30 to play, 24-17 Miami, Miami in red zone, 2nd and Goal from the 15yd line (penalty by Long forced team back, 3 straight previous run plays)

1st mistake - Now it's an obvious passing down, defense is set correctly. Why not pass on 1st and maybe catch them off-balance?

2nd mistake - Bess motions across line to left side, hike and from the moment he takes the snap, Henne stares ONLY to the left, pinpointing Bess going up the seam. He doesn't even shrug a look into the other direction (so safeties know which way to shift).

3rd mistake - Henne HAS Bess up the seam. He missed the same pass on an earlier play. Throw it in the running path of the receiver, and he'll catch it and block out the defender with his body (done all the time in the NFL, just not by Henne).

4th mistake - Defender is trailing Bess, but covering 2 players (Hilliard is check down under Bess, running an out). Hilliard here is as open as you can be in the NFL. Maybe 4-5 steps from a defender, or more.

5th mistake - It'd only be for 2-3 yards, but instead of making that pass, Henne throws outside and low to a RB, but regardless, uncatchable nonetheless.

Result of Play - Missed opportunity, poor decision-making, poor execution.

That particular play, at THAT time, in THAT game, indicts Tony Sparano, Dan Henning, and Chad Henne all at once.

Court is Adjourned.

Thank U Kris

U r Right on Bro

Got caught up on Stupid & "W"
U know cuz they r one in the same

"It's the economy, stupid" was a phrase in American politics widely used during Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign against George H. W. Bush. For a time, Bush was
considered unbeatable because of foreign policy developments such as the end of the Cold War and
the Persian Gulf War. The phrase, made popular by Clinton campaign strategist James Carville, refers to the notion that Clinton was a better choice because Bush had not adequately addressed the economy, which had recently undergone a recession.

Now lets go lose another pigskin game and work on that draft pick!

Go Blowfish!

We Can Choke, Again!

Sparano is a likeable guy, just a bad HC. He relies too heavily on his coordinators because he has no other choice. If Tuna does in fact find a way to spare him, he & Ireland MUST do 2 things.

A. Hire a creative, young OC with a diverse playbook & be open to multi-formation offense. Like Sean Peyton, like Bill Bellicheck, like Tom Coughlin. Enough with the bigger is better, we're gonna just line up & maul you junk. It's 2010, not 1986.

B. Have to DROP the 80's draft philosophy. Today's game is about making big plays. Size is important in the trenches. Skill positions must be play-makers. We must go out & acquire a QB, WR, TE, RB's & a return guy who can change the game. A Db who can catch wouldn't hurt either. FA & the draft, DO IT.

If this team is below .500% next season after 6 games, Sparano needs to go.

Sporono has the final word in game planning and game execution and he has shown for many seasons a WILLINGNESS TO ACCEPT POOR PLAY CALLING and NON-AGRESSIVE GAME PLANS!
Sporono lacks the talent to be a HC. He has shown by his actions that HE IS INCOMPETENT! It is, also, an ACCEPTED FACT that IMCOMPETENT PEOPLE, by choice, are surrounded by OTHER INCOMPETENT PEOPLE including TUNA!
ENOUGH WITH THIS weekly, monthy, seasons long EMBARRASSMENT!
REBUILD UR FRANCHISE keeping the best(hoping U know who they are by now)and DUMP THE REST!

Awesome vid!

Think about this:

Jason Garrett as our new OC...to be reunited with Tony Sparano who was the OL coach for a very impressive Cowboys team that made the playoffs a few years back.

I think Garrett is a "think outside the box", young offensive mind and the perfect person to groom Henne to the next level.

If Sparano stays, Garrett would be a perfect fit as they have a proven track record of working together.

what an idiotic video.. I bet you it was created by a Jets fan..

Armando you're an idiot as well for posting here.

Just real quick like...

To those who couldn't help but point out this being a "Trent Reznor" song playing in the band "Nine Inch Nails".... Here is an excerpt the June 5, 2002 statement made by Reznor after seeing the "Hurt" Video done by Cash...


"Having Johnny Cash, one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time, want to cover your song, that's something that matters to me. It's not so much what other people think but the honor that this guy felt it was worthy of interpreting. Once I saw the video interpretation I knew the song was no longer mine, it had become his..."

"He said afterward it was a song that sounds like one he would have written in the 60s and that's wonderful."

I enjoy the song period... However, perhaps one should listen to the lyrics involved before jumping so fast to correct Armando... Cash's version speaks very well to how many of us feel these days. Particularly those of us who enjoyed those great day's of this Franchise. Then, we see our great team beaten Sunday after Sunday by 4-12 afterthoughts. We as well as anyone understand the "On any Given Sunday" philosophy... But this year it was 7 given Sundays in our own building. Once to a team that has NEVER won here before (Detroit)... It may or may not mean anything to some. But there are still a few proud records and stats that exist around this team. Ones that have no earthly reason of falling. Personal records fall... some team accomplishments should be held in esteem by the next generation on that team and never allowed to become extinct.

It could be said that seeing some of those men play and to know of their accomplishments would be an inspiration and be a driving force. But I do not feel that this generation or even the last few have anywhere near the soul or integrity to care. It seems that we always forget, those of us who have been around, that we used to be fans of players and of a team of guys. Most of us knew 3/4 or even all the names on the team.... Now, we cheer for a LOGO... We cheer for the colors and the LOGO... a few guys stay... but it will never be the same.

I hope that we are as close as some feel we could be... I believe the pieces are there, even Belecheat believes so.... What Bill did NOT say about those pieces, was Miami having someone to get them all pointing in the same direction. The Patriots are no better man to man then Miami... But they are all going the same place... on every play in every game... Can the same be said of Miami and its players?... That is a question Ross had better get answered and answered fast.

Derek...I concur and posted a similar theme yesterday when I stated:

"Parcels put the pieces on the chess board, it's up to Sparano, Nolan & Henning to move them"

While one could argue we need a new Queen (Henne), for all you non-chess players, the queen is the most valuable piece on the board.







If Sparano DOES stay, some important decisions will have to be made.

1) Get Gary Kubiak or Brian Billick as an OC

2) Make sure Mike Nolan stays, even if it means making him one of the highest paid coordinators in the NFL.

3) Re-Sign Paul Soliai, we may have finally found a decent DT, are we going to let him go and be back to square one again or do we keep our young talent? The answer is pretty obvious.

4) Get some guys that can play SPECIAL TEAMS. Is that so difficult? For the Dolphins, it seems like it is.

5) And last but not least, resolve the QB pôsition once and for all. Johnson couldn't do it, Wannstedt couldn't do it, Saban couldn't do it and Cam Cameron, the offensive genius, couldn't do it either. Sparano, could you be the exception?? That would certainly make you above all the previous boneheads I just stated.

This organization forced out Shula and then forced out Marino. Karma is a biatch.

Video was enjoyable and since I have been a Dolfan since 60's, sure brought back memories of now, long gone players.
Amazing of how many would-be coaches and QB's the Fins have gone thru.
Sure miss the days of Czonka, Griese, Morrall, Marino, the Marks brothers and Shula leading the way!

Watching those images of Jimmy Johnson almost made me throw up my breakfast. Another snake like Saban and Parcells. Thanks morons.

we are spoiled. Imagine being in Cleveland, Buffalo, Detroit, Kansas City, and not even having fans that were alive last time you won. The dolphins werent great this year, but they played hard, played tough and are improving. This area has the whiniest fans anywhere. Maybe its because they are mostly transplanted east coasters. Note how quickly Giants and Eagles fans turned on their team. I hope we keep Sparano, Keep Nolan, make a few trades, get our draft choices we lost for the year back, and move on. I dont think I can take another scorched earth rebuilding process

Well as i remember the song by Trent Reznor it says "my empire of sh t!" That's pretty much what we have here, top to bottom and that includes the queen!

I'm sick of the defeatist attitude from everyone from the Media to the fair weather fans. I wasn't a fan in 1972. I became a fan in the "woodstrock" era, a couple years before Marino was drafted. I remember the Orange Bowl, and it was electric. Ever since Joe Robbie stadium was built, the magic went away. I commend Ross for trying to make this an entertainment venue, but the electricity is gone from the building.

Seriously, the "fans" seem more into the concession stands than the team. No wonder why we only win on the road.

I hope Sparano and Ireland stays, and I really hope at some point Henne proves everyone wrong, and if he can't, I am positive we will get a QB as it's the #1 priority in the offseason, unlike the past 3 years where almost EVERYTHING needed replacing. This isn't the 1-15 team from 4 years ago, and it's not that far away from being a perennial playoff team.

I say fire the fans that boo, and fire the media who do nothing but criticise to get a rise out of their crappy articles. Sports writers are to print media what used car salesmen are to the car industry.

And anyone who has a problem with what I'm writing, don't bother to respond, I'll be sulking with my signed Marino jersey :P

Maybe we need Edwin Pope to pick the next head coach to lead this once proud franchise. I believe he was guy who suggested to Joe Robbie to get Don Shula!!!!We need your help again Mr. Pope............

Just get us a QB the rest will work itself out!!!!!
TampaBay had Steve Young, AND the worst record. They had the first draft pick and got Vinny T (EVERYONE said he was da MAN!) Cant miss, baby! (Cam Cam, anyone??)

TB dumps Steve Young to SF, and gets a QB!!!!!! Cause as you say......"the rest will work itself out".

Yep. The rest worked itself out. Righ out of Tampa.

>Why the hell am I not allowed to have a cell phone in a jail cell!

More importantly, why is illegal to 'jailbreak' my cell phone?

>Cash's version speaks very well to how many of us feel these days. Particularly those of us who enjoyed those great day's of this Franchise.

WOW! You watched that video, and can relate that incredibly intense human pain and suffering to football???????????? WATCHING football?????????

This it what happens when you don't draft a QB IN THE FIRST ROUND in 28 years. Only 3 QB's taken by the Miami Dolphins in the 1st round 1- 1966- Rick Norton - Kentucky 2- 1967- Bob Griese - Purdue - Hall of Fame QB 3- 1983- Dan Marino - Pittsbuurgh - Hall of Fame QB

>This it what happens when you don't draft a QB IN THE FIRST ROUND in 28 years. Only 3 QB's taken by the Miami Dolphins in the 1st round 1- 1966- Rick Norton - Kentucky 2- 1967- Bob Griese - Purdue - Hall of Fame QB 3- 1983- Dan Marino - Pittsbuurgh - Hall of Fame QB
Lies,damned lies and statistics I can play your game:

Since the merger, there have been 86 quarterbacks taken in the first round. Also since the merger, 12 of those picks have won a Super Bowl for the team that drafted them. And as far as first overall goes, since the merger 18 quarterbacks have been taken first overall, with 6 winning a Super Bowl (all with the team that drafted them). That means spend a first pick overall on a quarterback and you face a 33% chance of success, or, for the pessimists, a 66% chance of failure. Pick a quarterback first round regardless of actual pick, and you have a 14% chance of success- or- an 86% chance of failure.

And keep in mind- just like you might kick yourself for not drafting Peyton Manning, you might also kick yourself for drafting JaMarcus Russell. And let us not soon forget the Kurt Warners, Tom Bradys, and Drew Breeses of the NFL world. The ragged misfits, ya know. We haven’t even debated the values and impacts of the Brad Johnsons and Trent Dilfers, and whether or not they won their teams Super Bowls or rather the team won Super Bowls with them tagging along for the ride. dailynorseman.com

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