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Sal Alosi should be suspended from Sun Life Stadium, too

The New York Jets have handed down their discipline to Sal Alosi after the team's strength and conditioning coach intentionally tripped Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll while he was covering a punt during Sunday's game between the teams.

The Jets acted swiftly, with the proper amount of indignation, and Alosi has apologized both in a statement and in front of cameras. More importantly, he called coach Tony Sparano to apologize and allegedly called Carroll as well.

And all that is well and good.

But is the matter closed?

The Dolphins seem to want it that way, judging by Sparano's statement on Monday. In fact, the Dolphins seem more eager to have this go away than the Jets.

"I’m not going to get into it a whole lot here fellas, but to be honest with you it’s out of my hands," Sparano said. "It’s in a million other people’s hands right now but not in mine. So, at the end of the day the outcome…I don’t like what happened because a player could’ve gotten hurt, seriously hurt. But, that’s where it is."

That is the stable, measured response.

I am not a stable, measured guy. Mostly, I'm not stable. I was seriously peeved about the Jets move, not just because Alosi did an unsportsmanlike and dirty thing but because in a year when the NFL theme is player safety, this person decides he can deliver a cheap shot on an opposing player because, well, the idea came to him.

That cheap shot could have easily caused serious injury to Carroll, who has suffered broken legs twice in his career.

It also makes me angry that no one is seriously looking at this video and finding out exactly why the Jets had six people lined up in formation along the sideline that Carroll was going to run past? You think that was a coincidence? You think that just happened because those guys wanted a better view of the action?

I have zero proof, but I believe that "formation" was premeditated by someone to gain a competitive advantage. Check the video for yourself and decide.

So where do we go from here?

Well, Alosi is suspended for the remainder of this season and his fine is indeed steep at $25,000. But I say the Dolphins should be more active in penalizing Alosi.

Look, this is going to sound strange at first but hear me out: I believe the Dolphins should inform the Jets that Alosi is suspended from being on the sideline at Sun Life Stadium for one game, the next one he is scheduled to travel with his team to Miami.

You might argue that is handing down punishment on another team's personnel. I argue it is protecting the integrity of your own sidelines, your house, not to mention sending a strong signal that Dolphins players wear numbers, not targets, and if you mess with them intentionally, you will get a response from the organization.

Even if the league balks at such a move -- and, yes, the league is contacted by all teams on all such matter before they are taken -- the Dolphins should ask the league for permission to do this. And if the league balks, then the Dolphins should announce their desire to have banned Alosi the next time the Jets come to Miami.

The league should think of it as protecting Alosi as much as anything because, I assure you, the next time he roams the sideline in Miami, he will hear the crowd's displeasure. Well, he'd hear the crowd's displeasure if Dolphins fans were a bit more emotional and indignant about what happened Sunday.




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DB, 100% right - in all my years, I've never heard athletes talk openly with such hate about a team as the Dolphins do about the Jets. Must be a reason for that. JT should feel even more dirty today about being associated with such a franchise. I'm happy they will tank out.

Dying, i bet you are right about that. Pizza man sal has a get out of jail free card now.

Im sure if it was Belichek he would have this matter investigated a lot further. So would Don Shula. This maybe further clue our current regime is so clueless!

Belichek may even be so pissed he plays his starters the full game against this clueless regime in week 17. It wouldnt be to punish our players, but run the score up to help run this clueless regime out of town.

The NFL either does not care or is too stupid to delve further into this matter. Why do you think the jets went to them first tail between legs? Honor? integrity? Hardly. They pulled one over on the NFL.

Guys, I know this won't be popular but I think too much is being made of this story. NO question it was cheap and dirty and unsportsmanlike. The guy has been suspended without pay for the rest of the season and fined. That seems like fair punishment to me. Can we stop with the conspiracy theories and the follow-ups etc. The guy used very poor judgement and he's paid the punishment for it. Can we please move on and foucs on how we are going to beat a gutsy and hearty team like the Bills this week. Can we focus on what we have to do to get Chade Henne back to playing some good football again? Something tells me if this hadn't happened against the hated Jets we wouldn't be making such a big deal out of this.

Sorry Craig. I disagree.

If Belichek tries to run the score up on in week 17 no Dolphins fan should be upset. He's only trying to do us favor and run this clueless regime out of town.

They are showing zero background in protecting thier very own player. Pathetic I tell you!


What do you disagree with Shaggy? Listen, I'm with everyone on this....it was dispicable....it's been dealt with. Let's move on and focus on the week ahead. I can only hope the team has put it behind them and is focussing on the Bills. That was Sunday.....this is Tuesday. Let's move on please....


Ever think about Carroll also played on defense and already had one pick and just missed another prior to the one he missed on the Sancheaters? Not only would they have been taking out one of our key st's guy, They also would have been taking away one of our defensive performers having a very good game today.

Now do you get it?

How in the hell did the official miss this too? they always watch the gunners. How did they miss the spitting incident the dude was looking right at the spitter. One day it will come to light the corruption of goodell and the league.


What do you suggest they do? Complain openly about it and get fined by the league? I would much rather they are spending their efforts on how to get Chad Henne over two bad games in a row. I woould much rather they get our team ready for a very under-rated and plucky Bills team. If we fall asleep this week we will get beat!

Get what DB? You're crying over spilled milk. It's over with. It's been dealt with. What is it you want done to the Jets and this guy EXACTLY?

The way those guys are all lined up there leads me to believe that if Alosi didn't trip Carroll, someone else definitely would have.

It sounds to me a lot like the whole JFK conspiracy theory to me....

Shag and everyone else, The NFL(Goodall)In particular will never,AND THE MENACE MEANS NEVER side with the phins when it is against the Pats or Jets, There the NFL flagship teams, why would hey side against them, it would be like shooting your toe off to save your foot...(Does that make any since???),(Me and the Pineapple Princess are doing Jagertini"s.....)

Yea, with you on this one Armando. The second guy in line dips his shoulder as if he isn't hit by Alosi then he's gonna check him. I'm pretty sure Ryan/Westoff told them to "sweep the leg"

You guys fight it out....I'm going to go and think about our game on Sunday against the Bills. Let me know if you think this guy should be stoned to death or something along those lines.



Im not crying for blood, plain and simple, the guy should have been fired. Jets organization leave cover up question wide open. Conditioning coaches are a dime a dozen in this league.

Knowing that to be true, why would not fire him if you have nothing to hide. Why wear the pro-longed blackeye to your organization by keeping a dime a dozen calibre guy unless youre afraid he talks and exposes the entire top to bottom authorized fraud?

Roger Goodell has failed to step up on this which could possibly be more than just a "lone act."

I think we have much more pressing issues than Alosi's fate...


What may those pressing issues be?

Even if Jets lose final 3 games Chargers are next in line for the wildcard shot and have the league's farcest schedule to get there. So the most pressing thing we have right now is next season.

I'm just glad this stupid wop didn't tear Nolan's ACl - knee on knee collisions like that rip up knees a lot.

Not only did the refs miss this call - but they missed offensive pass interference on Braylon against Vontae on the jump ball when he pulled Vontae down by the shoulder pad and a blatant push off on Santonio against Smith on the long pass completion. The officiating was so bias towards NYJ and they still lost. FUKK EM!

Breed, Do you expect anything less then the jets, That's why we hate em, And Mandos right I have never seen a wall of coaches like that in my entire time of watching football in my life,I think that it was a calculated play by the jets to remove the guy covering the punt...Again not shocked over the cheating, The Pats have been cheating(Or manipulating the rules) For years)....

Cuban, thats why the guy wasnt fired. He would expose the entire fraud, even more reason why the league should fully investigate it.

Mark in Toronto, please buddy show a little class yourself. The "wop" thing's totally uncalled for. We're bigger than that buddy.

The league wasnt overly thrilled about the Dolphins during the early 70's. But if you want respect you have to go out and earn it.

Until like the early 70's, we field a team that can go out and earn that respect, its always going to be just like this.

Guys again you guys forgot about "The Fumble" VS Pittsburgh, another example of conspiracy by the NFL to keep the mighty air-breathers down(Not that having Henning as a OC hasn't kept them down)Just saying.... BTW I'am not shocked that our conspiracy theorist "Home" hasn't caught on to this conspiracy yet...........

Wonder what would have happened had he tripped Peyton Manning or Tom Brady...

I doubt the dolphins are thinking about this tripping thing as much as we are. They are hopefully thinking about the bills and how fitzpatrick took them to town last year up in buffalo. I hope dan henning stayed up late last night trying to figure out how to score more than 10 points in one game. One can hope right?


Home wouldnt blame the NFL, he would blame the Illuminati and New World Order. LOL..........

Dying, True he would... Did you know if you say his name 3 time's he'll appear, just like in Beatlejuice........

hope dan henning stayed up late last night trying to figure out how to score more than 10 points in one game. One can hope right?

Posted by: BoulderFinFan | December 14, 2010 at 10:18 AM

Boulder, He's planning on staying up till 8:30 ........ That's 2 hours more then he usually stays up..........


That's exactly why this CLUELESS regime may need to go. Belichek would demand a full investigation. Clearly there's enough preponderance of evidence to warrant it when closely examining the video. It clearly shows it may not have been just a spontaneous lone act.

Also Ireland and Sparano's response have have repercussions throughout the entire team. If you watched Jeff Darlinton's video yesterday you'll see the players are clearly pissed and make take Ireland and Sparano's failure to not be willing to do anything as not having thier backs.

Here's that video, watch it then tell me if whether or not you think the players themselves wont be pissed about Ireland and Sparano's failure to try and do anything:



Shhhhhhhhh...................... LOL.......

And the meltdown of the Jets will continue just as I predicted in preseason. Never seen such an act in all my years of playing and watching sports. Sleep well Sal.

Belichek would demand a full investigation. Clearly there's enough preponderance of evidence to warrant it when closely examining the video. It clearly shows it may not have been just a spontaneous lone act LOL Breed, Beleck would have said it was a accident, COME ON MAN.............To think he(Belicheat)Would have investigated this is laughable, He would have ORDERED IT........

Sparano and Ireland better know that the players are watching thier response to this incident too. Continuing to be willing to do nothing at all may send the message to the teah that this regime doesnt have thier backs.

That can be brutal moving forward! Nothing may still be done but they have to show thier team that they do have thier backs.

LOL @ Menace & Dying Breed

Look at the stars
Look at how they shine 4 U
and all the things u do


Check out this video and tell me what you think buddy:


Its true look how they shine for you
look how they shine for you



You're way off on this man. Belicheat would already have his team ready to play the Bills this week. You're makig way more out of this than there needs to be. The guy is a strength and conditioning coach with the Jets. Who cares! It's not as if he's their starting linebacker or starting quarterback. He doesn't DIRECTLY influence what happens on the field. And I think Armando is way off on this thing too. I don't believe the Dolphins would have the right to ban this guy from the Stadium. It's a great thought but he's an employee of the Jets and the league would step in.

DB, as you told me yesterday, 'try and breathe'......let it go, man....life's too short!

Hey Mr. Cuban, did u go to that game

Forget it. We have other things to worry about.


BTW, it's warmer in Denver CO then Miami Fl WTF?



Personally I could really careless. I have greater pressind issues in my own day to day. However, it fully illustrates how willing the Jets are to s hit on us and how willing we are as a team to be s hitted upon. LOL........

The world weather is all HAARPed up :(

Expect the unexpected severe weather as a deliberate weapon
Against U

Have a HAARPy day :(

DB I agree that they were all standing there in line toe to toe for a reason. There will be some rule changes coming. And Alosi saying that he was so worried about nolan after it happened was bulls$$t. He didn't even go over there to see if nolan was ok. He just walked by as if he had nothing to do with it.
But the phins won't do much about it. They probably want to not be a distraction for the game against the bills.
I hope the Jets lose the rest of the way and watch the playoffs on TV.

I'd like to know how confident you guys are that we beat the Bills on Sunday? I'm not the least bit confident. The team and Henne have played VERY poorly at home and the Bills are a plucky team these days. I expect another game just like we played against Cleveland and that doesn't make me confident at all.


Harp the heralds angels sing......
Glory to the new-born King........

Dying, Karma baby, Jets will get theirs, I'm hoping it comes in three more losses and no playoffs.

Bobby I know its suppose to be 70 here today. Crazy weather. The good thing is the mountains are getting dumped on so we have snow for skiing. which is nice.

I like our odds against the Bills Sunday. Don't love the odds though, are home record this year has really bit us in the ass.

Boulder, very nice. I love Colorado and am hoping I can buy a second "summer" home there when I retire from the rat race. Still got awhile to go though lol


Right now I could really care less whether we win or lose the final 3 games. It only comes down to henne saving his job and Sparano/Ireland saving thiers.

Even with a total Jet collapse the Chargers, not us are next in line for a wildcard shot. Chargers have the easiest final schedule too.
49ers(5-8), Bengals(2-11), Broncos(3-10).

Henning probably quits anyway. So winning the final 3 games to save Sparano and Ireland's job doesnt really appeal to me either.

if i ever see him ill trip him myself and see if he likes it. the fins should ban him from sunlife period. if a fan runs into the field or does something inappropriate they would be banned. the same should go for that idiot jet. if hes on the sideline ill throw something at him. j-e-t-s. suck. suck. suck.


Aside from our defence I've seen very little the last couple of weeks that gives me any hope we will beat the Bills Sunday. I also think the Bills will move Fitzpatrick around a lot and take advantage of Fitpatrick's mobility. And for all those naysayers....a win Sunday gives us 8 wins this year MINIMUM. That's one more than last year MINIMUM and that folks, while not great, is progress.

If the Chargers beat the 49ers this weekend we can pretty much mail in our wildcard hopes.

Hey Mr. Cuban, did u go to that game

Posted by: bobbyd12 | December 14, 2010 at 10:38 AM

Bobby, Saw the second half, Thought that Miami's inability to get a first down was gonna doom them, Fortunately Marc Sanchez was there QB...., Good win for the Fins... Did you make it up here??????


I think you are others are going to be VERY disappointed, from the standpoint that it is now looking very likely that Sparano, Ireland and Henne will all be back next season. Unless they lose the last three badly I think the first two will be back and if that's the case they will also bring Henne back. There are no other options right now and to draft a guy in the first next year is a waste. They will bring someone in to give him competition, make like an Alex Smith or a Matt Leinart. There's not much out there and if you guys haven't looked yet, there's not a lot of decent QBs around. How'd you like to be in Washington or Arizona or Carolina these days?

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