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Sal Alosi should be suspended from Sun Life Stadium, too

The New York Jets have handed down their discipline to Sal Alosi after the team's strength and conditioning coach intentionally tripped Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll while he was covering a punt during Sunday's game between the teams.

The Jets acted swiftly, with the proper amount of indignation, and Alosi has apologized both in a statement and in front of cameras. More importantly, he called coach Tony Sparano to apologize and allegedly called Carroll as well.

And all that is well and good.

But is the matter closed?

The Dolphins seem to want it that way, judging by Sparano's statement on Monday. In fact, the Dolphins seem more eager to have this go away than the Jets.

"I’m not going to get into it a whole lot here fellas, but to be honest with you it’s out of my hands," Sparano said. "It’s in a million other people’s hands right now but not in mine. So, at the end of the day the outcome…I don’t like what happened because a player could’ve gotten hurt, seriously hurt. But, that’s where it is."

That is the stable, measured response.

I am not a stable, measured guy. Mostly, I'm not stable. I was seriously peeved about the Jets move, not just because Alosi did an unsportsmanlike and dirty thing but because in a year when the NFL theme is player safety, this person decides he can deliver a cheap shot on an opposing player because, well, the idea came to him.

That cheap shot could have easily caused serious injury to Carroll, who has suffered broken legs twice in his career.

It also makes me angry that no one is seriously looking at this video and finding out exactly why the Jets had six people lined up in formation along the sideline that Carroll was going to run past? You think that was a coincidence? You think that just happened because those guys wanted a better view of the action?

I have zero proof, but I believe that "formation" was premeditated by someone to gain a competitive advantage. Check the video for yourself and decide.

So where do we go from here?

Well, Alosi is suspended for the remainder of this season and his fine is indeed steep at $25,000. But I say the Dolphins should be more active in penalizing Alosi.

Look, this is going to sound strange at first but hear me out: I believe the Dolphins should inform the Jets that Alosi is suspended from being on the sideline at Sun Life Stadium for one game, the next one he is scheduled to travel with his team to Miami.

You might argue that is handing down punishment on another team's personnel. I argue it is protecting the integrity of your own sidelines, your house, not to mention sending a strong signal that Dolphins players wear numbers, not targets, and if you mess with them intentionally, you will get a response from the organization.

Even if the league balks at such a move -- and, yes, the league is contacted by all teams on all such matter before they are taken -- the Dolphins should ask the league for permission to do this. And if the league balks, then the Dolphins should announce their desire to have banned Alosi the next time the Jets come to Miami.

The league should think of it as protecting Alosi as much as anything because, I assure you, the next time he roams the sideline in Miami, he will hear the crowd's displeasure. Well, he'd hear the crowd's displeasure if Dolphins fans were a bit more emotional and indignant about what happened Sunday.




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Cuban, no unfortunately I lost my dad so I couldn't make it. Hopefully next year, but I will try to make it up for a Mets-Marlins series in the summer

Actually should the Chargers get into the playoffs, they're the only team that may have the most serious shot at derailing the Pats SB hopes. The Chargers are now ranked #1 overall defensively and #2 overall offensively.

Compare this to the 72 Dolphins were ranked #1 offensively and defensively during the undefeated SB championship season. The overall team balance is undeniable.

I don't know if it was a coordinated attack by the Jest coaching staff but I'll tell you one thing it wasn't and that's impulsive. Alosi planned to poke his knee out there from the start of the play. As Armando says, look at the film. Nobody besides Larry Craig or Don Coryall has a stance that wide. Who stands like that?

Franky I wouldn't be surprised if Ryan set that up but I thought Westoff had more class than that.

GUARANTEED that formation was intentional and the possibility he'd confess to that is why he was suspended and not fired! He should've been fired, but instead I bet the Jets will even pay the fine. Classless organization from the bottom up.


You're aere probably right about the Chargers but I fully expect them and Norv Turner to choke again this season when it comes to the playoffs. I picked the Ranes at the begining of the year to make the playoffs and I'll stick with that pick. They beat the Pats in the playoffs last year and I'll stick with them again this year.




I didnt say I'll chop my head off if Sparano and Ireland are back next season. Also if you'll review any of my Henne post Im not a Henne-hacker neither.

Its just I'll be the absolute last you could ever envision standing ine line to do cartwheels over it. LOL.......

First thing I appologize to all you regular blogers for my rant yesterday for saying Miami has the worst fans in the league. I know everyone is frustrated with the way the season has gone. I live in CA surrounded by niner and raider fans and have to pay Direct TV just to see our games and we all know how most of those have gone this year. I just want to see some appreciation when we win even if it is a crappy win.
Mondo why stop at one game, why not ban this guy from our stadium for life no matter what team he's associated with. I completely agree that their formation off the field was done on purpose for whatever reason. Sporano said the refs warned him twice that he needed to keep his staff away from the sidelines. Why weren't the Jets warned too. Why did NY's special teams keep forcing Caroll out of bounds everytime he ran down field after his interception right in front of that line of coaches? Why did this need investigating to begin with? He admitted what he did right after the game and only a moron would be able to not see what he intentionally did on the replay. The refs should have ejected him from the game sidelines immediately and the league should have expelled him from the league. What kind of lesson does this teach kids and coach's? For a league so concerned with it's image it sure has a way of dropping the ball when it comes to Miami.
It disgusts me to no end that the NFL has let the Jets decide this guys fate. The NFL has become a joke and is now officially as bad as the NBA. Every team and player has an unofficial but official standing with the league and gets special treatment and calls according to their ranking. Way to go NFL you're officialy turning the league into a National joke.

Bobby, Sorry you couldn't make it up here,you'd enjoyed the hate for the fins, But I must say it was quite exquisite, Hope to see you in warmer climate this summer.... Go Phins. Go Marlins..............


I know you're not a Henne backer. I know you are looking for other options for next year. I know you brought up Palmer yesterday too. You do know he's under contract next year, right? In the unlikely even that they get rid of Palmer next year by releasing him, I suppose he is someone to look at. But I still think Henne deserves more time and more weapons and a new OC. I still think he will make a lot of people eat their words. I'm all for moe competition for him next year. I don't know where that might come from. Maybe someone like Derek Anderson or Brody Croyle? There really aren't a lot of good options available.


Exactly! The league allowing the Jets to handle it was allowing the wolves to punish the wolf for illegaling fleecing a sheep.

Absolutely ridiculous! Goodell will go down in history as the most double-standard punishment commissioners in league history. Im shocked this guy has a clue as when to spit or swallow. LOL..............

The man should had been escorted off the field immediately after it happened, there was indisputable evidence that this was intentional. He should be banned from any NFL field for life. His actions were criminal in nature and can not be tolerated. Its funny that after the fact ESPN has taken extreme measures not to comment on this, On SportCenter and NFL Life they have kept their annalist from making any comments by running it against the commercial break. Something is going on behind the scene's. I'm really sick about this whole thing.

Why is every Italian considered a pizza guy in here? Can I start calling Cubans and Puerto Ricans derogatory names in here without any backlash? Or am I not allowed to stick up for my ethnicity?

The Jets may not coach that kind of tactic but I assure you, someone had them stand toe to toe like that. You don't have to coach it. You can just tell your minions to do it. I've never seen that before. Not only that, I've never seen a guy not move out of the way when a guy was running full speed near them.

I agree with Craig that Henne needs a new OC & more players to be truly evaluated. That's more than 1 year in the making however. Gotta bring in a young QB to compete & push Chad.

Dear Mr. Salguero

With a dark cloud hanging over our Miami Dolphins

Karlos Dansby and Channing Crowder some where deep inside the Halls of Dolphin Justice ponder these recent events.....

Spittings...Trippings....Losing to Cleveland

Roger Goodell getting his henchmen and former head of NFL Officiating Mike Pereira to explain away the Ben Rothlisburger fumble.

Can Karlos Dansby and Channing Crowder right what has been wronged ?

Will they gather the support they need to overcome the Axis of Evil ?

Will Dan Henning use the Dolphin Offense to counter act any good done by the Dolphin defense ?

Is my suite ready at camp Fema ?

These are troubling times

Soiled :)


Then you know very little about me. I'm one of the most hope Henne gets it all together supporters ever. My main argument is #1 Henne is in a very young qb unfriendly Dan Henning offense period.

No matter how I argue Henne is placed in far too many 3rd and long situations than a young qb should ever be placed in. Especially so inside or just slightly outside of the redzone. Seems Im the only fan period that notices this.

Every single time in or just outside of the redzone its 2 short running plays and then Henne has to pass on 3rd and long. Ive noticed this the entire season, not just isolated incidences.

When on ourside of the 50yd line Henne is allowed to pass more on early downs. If you take all of this into effect Henne hasnt been horrible getting us down the field as Dan Carpenter's pro bowl pace will attest. However, when in our slightly outside of the redzone it's almost always 2 short run 1st and 2nd down then Henne's forced to throw on 3rd and longs.

Start paying attention to this.

Actually he's not from New Jersey he was born and raised on Long Island. Not a lot of trash there, just a lot of rich stuck up snobs.

Count former Miami Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas among those who believe New York Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi didn't commit a rogue act when infamously kneeing Dolphins gunner Nolan Carroll on the sideline Sunday.

Thomas was a guest Tuesday morning on Miami sports radio station WQAM, visiting with host and former Dolphins tight end Joe Rose.

Thomas expressed misgivings about the way Alosi and inactive Jets players toed the sideline in a starched cordon.

"They had to be ordered to stand there because they're foot to foot," Thomas said. "There's four of them, side to side -- five of them, I mean -- on the edge of the coach's zone. They're only out there to restrict the space of the gunner, who is Nolan Carroll.

"But there's more to it because I'm telling you, the only thing [Alosi] did wrong was intentionally put that knee out there. If he just stood there, there would never have been a problem, even if the guy got tripped. But there's more to this. He was ordered to stand there. No one is foot to foot on the sideline in the coach's box."

Jets special-teams coordinator Mike Westhoff was with the Dolphins for Thomas' first five pro seasons. But Thomas suggested he'd never seen anything like the sideline phalanx that created trouble Sunday.

"Maybe they were cold and just trying to get warm, snuggle with each other on the sidelines," Thomas said.


I have NO problem with the team bringing in a young QB to compete with Henne for the job but I pray they don't waste a first round pick on a QB. I'd rather we focus on improving the OL or that we even add a RB like Ingram. I'm telling you guys if you had a back carrying the load and an improved line, opening up holes and a creative play caller on the sidelines, there would be FAR less pressure on Henne to carry this team. He's NEVER going to be a Peyton Manning but he could very easily be a Joe Flacco.....someone who gives us a chance to win every week.

Here's what I posted on the last thread about Henne's game Sunday.

I watched the game on DVR again last night to watch Henne's performance. I wanted to get a good look at what was going on with his game yesterday. Here's what I came up on his incompletions. I went through all of them & came away OK with his performance. Here the ones I remember off the top of my head now:

1. Dropped pass by Marshall. Not perfect, but CLEARLY catchable. he also dropped a Ronnie throw as well.

2.Dropped pass by Bess(for a 1st). Led him perfect.

3. Screen to Ricky totally blown up by pressure. Throw into ground, originally ruled grounding, then taken away.

4. Screen pass to Ronnie in the late 3rd or early 4th...Hurried so he threw it away before Ronnie turned around. Play might have gone for big yards but the protection wasn't there. Not sure if it was Murtha or Mcquistan who whiffed.

5. Throw away to Marshall up the sideline. Bad pass but Taylor was in his face & planted him in the ground.

6. Taylor's dropped int. Actually, this was a great play by JT. Polite didn't engage Taylor long enough. Taylor fought his way off, dropped back a bit & made a great play. This was less about Chad's bad throw & more about a good defensive play.

7. Throw away in the end zone. Bess had Revis outside of him & a LB shadowing him inside. That same LB shadowed Marshall as well, along with another LB'er & Cromartie. Both in the same area of the field. Good throw away, only throw he could make.

8. The throw over Bess's head on the sideline. It may have looked like he chickened out or no one knew what he was thinking(Dan Fouts), but Pace was right underneath & could have undercut that ball and gone for 6. Fouts said as much. Henne might have made that throw but the motto in Miami is throw it away & don't risk making a mistake.

9. Threw late to Marlon Moore which allowed Revis to break up the pass. 1st read wasn't there, late getting to his 2nd read.

10. Throw into 3x coverage to Bess late in the game. 2 man Route, Marshall was doubled. Bess had a LB, safety & a DB on him. No where to go with the ball, HIGH risk throw.

11. Deep throw to Marshall into 2x coverage. Couldn't really see if anyone else was open but he took a shot.

Along with his 5 completetion, thats 16 of the 18 pass attempts. I can't remember the other 2. But, he actually played well considering all the max protects & 2 or 3 man routes. Everyone was blanketed all day. This offense is in a world of hurt.

Haters & doubters will continue to be but that was an objective review of his performance.

Didn't someone else (and me with video evidence) see the guy beside Alosi drop his shoulder.


I apologize then....I thought you were part of the hoard of critics on here against Henne. Yes, I agree with a great many of the points you made at 11:30 am. I will watch for what you talked about but I think I have been subconciously aware of some of it already.

Theres more to this then meets the eye, and the eye will go wanting. Theres several JET types lined up along the white boundry. This incident was designed and implemented by the JET coaching staff and Wescoff was the ring leader. He was fired from the Dolphins for being an ass several yrs ago. Profootball.com is on the case and Im sure Mr Florio will get to the bottom of it. Keep writing about this incident, dont let it go away. That nutsack, Alosi, needs to be fired, he could have injuried Carroll very badly.

The playoffs will not happen even if we win out. That ship sailed with the home loss to Cleveland. I'm looking at the draft. We should get an impact player to help the offense. Whether it's mark Ingram, Kyle Rudolph, Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett or an offensive tackle. They all would address a weakness - as long as we are better than last year - which we are- and we inject a serious talent infusion all over this offense, then I'm happy enough for now.


We're not allowed to talk about how well the other team's defence played on here or the weather conditions. We're only allowed to bash Henne on here every week. Guys want to throw it in our faces every week and talk about the fact that Henne only passed for 58 yards but nobody wants to talk about the fact that there were dropped passes and the OL caused Henne to get sacked 6 times. They want to throw stats at us left and right but honestly the only stat that matters is the W and that my friends went to Henne and the Dolphins.

Yeah as much as I would like it...we are not getting into the playoffs this year folks..it just isn't realistic..so now I'm in draft mode, it's reality guys it just is, sad to say because I love me some Miami... And I know some of you will say, what if we win out and are 10-6...well that means bubkus, nothing, nada. So let me ask you this...would you rather get a higher or lower draft position next year? We have to have some draft strategy guys because the Patty's are stacked with picks...

Someone said if this happened to the Pats. The NFL would have called in the military. I agree with this. The NFL has interests in the teams that bring in the cash, and attention. Same goes for the players on those teams. The Phins draw no interest(except for the fan base)and have no players that move the meter. This could explain why the Jets were able to make their own ruling on this clown. It goes as far as how roughing penalties are called. Do you think Henne gets the same flag as Brady, or Manning..No way. It is an obvious double standard. And until we move into that Elite real estate. We will continue to get the Hot Carl from the league on these rulings.

cowkilla, I think the team needs confidence and momentum - go for as many wins as possible. In reality, this is a genuine 10 win team so it is fair for them to draft there unlike 2009.

I didn't even think the weather played a part. I went through all of his incompletions. People just look at what they see in a split second.

I actually go back every week and look at the bad and try to see what's going on. Especially with Henne. I didn't see much bad from him upon review. He's doing the best he can with what he has to work with. Talent & coaching wise.

Another bad trend that pops up weekly is that Chris Clemmons was YET AGAIN, late over the top and Santonio Holmes caught a 50 yard pass. He didn't get bailed out by a bad throw this week though. Try Moving Clemmons over to SS to replace Bell next year & give Jones a chance at FS. Clemmons doesn't have the quick reaction needed to consistantly get over the top in time.

They might lose the next 3 games.... lions,Bills and Pats..., Then what???????


We need to win out. None of Sparano, Ireland or Henne is assured of being back at this point. Lose all reamain games and the whole damn thing could be blown up. I know there are guys on here who want that but honestly, that's going to cause us to step back another 2-3 years. I'd be fine with a 10-6 season this year. New OC for next year and some more changes and we're right there in playoff contention next year.

Joe thanks for that. The problem is with the Jets defense you want to spread them out. But for some reason hennign always max protects so henne only has 2 real receivers to throw the ball to.
Our offensive line and henning play calling has been the main issue.
Also why is it that we can never throw a quick slant in the face of pressure? Jets are bringning 6 or 7 guys in a blitz and henning calls 2 deep routes. God henning sucks.

CraigM, Joe Shmoe,

Ive been saying for the longest how bad our play designs itself are. We telegraph nearly everything we do offensively.

To be a truly dominant offensive team in this simpleton's Henning offense we need:

5 pro bowl olinemen
2 pro bowl wr's
2 pro bowl rb's
1 pro bowl te
1 pro bowl qb

That's how good we have to be to make these overly predictable formational designs consistently work. Because when you're that good it doesnt matter if the defense knows what you're gonna do because they wont be able to stop it anyway. LOL

But last I checked we're not even close to this offensively.


That was an objective critique of Henne. I can't say I agree with all of it but nonetheless it was objective. My problem with Henne isn't just one game although I felt he was pathetic all by himself vs the Jets, Browns, Ravens and Pats this year. I have no confidence in a QB who should be riding the bench but due to Pennington's injury he was forced back into being a starter.


Im for keeping the higher pick because we need to hit the surest homerun. We have no 2nd rd pick. Still I dont wanna trade down to secure a 2nd rd pick just for the sake of having one and end up with 2 stiffs in this already weak draft.

The strength of the draft should dictate what you are willing or unwilling to do. Not just wanting to gain a 2nd rd pick. Clearly we need some one with great potential to have an immediate impact on offense. Imo, thats Mark Ingram.


I think Craig just answered your question. I tend to agree. These last games are very important. If you win out or win 2 out of 3, Miami becomes an attractive place for a top OC to come to, it helps with attracting free agents and keeping our own free agents (Soliai, McDaniel), it helps with season ticket sales which helps appease the owner and keeps him from doing something stupid. Playoffs or not - these games are important.


Totally agree. If we're going to attract some of the top people to Miami, as we did with Dansby last year, we need to show we're one of the better teams. Finishing 7-9 and losing our last 3, 2 of them at home, does nothing to bring top tier talent here. 10-6, with a 25 year old young QB.....different story.

I know that you cant keep a young qb's 3rd and longs to an absolute zero. But a young qb friendly offense's primary focus should be playcalling that seriously minimizes this.

An overabundance of 3rd and longs is certain death to any young qb, no matter his petigree. Any well-experience OC should already know this.

Miami's QB possibilities next year are slim pickings in FA and hit or miss in the draft just like most players in the draft for that matter.

FA possibilities

Carson Palmer - I have no clue what happened
to a once rising star. Injuries? Being a Bengal? He isn;t much of an upgrade IMO. He throws bad ints and is also a statue under pressure.

Donovan McNabb - He won't see another year in Washington. He has obviously seen better days but has very little to work with in Washington. A horrible o-line, no running game for most of the season, Joey Galloway and Anthony Armstrong etc ect... I think he would he would be an upgrade over Henne and when he has had weapons to work with he has done a good job. Give him Marshall, Bess a decent running game and bring in Brad Childress as OC?

Vince Young - playing in a city like Miami wouldn't work. I loved VY in college but he doesn't get it and he isn't a leader.


Andrew Luck - No shot! Will be gone top 3 at the very least if not #1.

Cam Newton - No shot! His stock is rising. The idea of a dual threat and a bigger Vick has some GM in top 10 drooling.

Jake Locker - He has had some clunkers this year but he is on a really bad team. I think he might be available in round 2 and would be worth a shot execept we have no 2nd rounder.


Kevin Kolb - I like Kolb a lot. He puts up a lot of yards in an Andy Reid offense which everyone does but he is a good QB. He is an upgrade over Henne but at what cost? The Eagles wanted a #1 for him last offseason. A 3rd and conditional 2nd round pick in 2012? I'd do it. The conditional being of course him starting a certain percentage of games and meeting certain performance clauses.

Any thoughts?

Getting back to the Jets for a second....the sad thing is, they could lose their last 3 games and still make the playoffs. Both ourselves, the Colts and the Chargers, may have lost too many key games early to actually make it into the playoffs. How sad would it be if the Jets lose FIVE in a row and still make the playoffs. It could happen!

Mark in Toronto,

I hope if we bring in a new OC with an entirely new system. That first and foremost, his system if young qb friendly yet not duh.... in design.

How many of us would be on the internet or own home computers ahd it not been for user friendly interface invented by Bill gates?

I wouldnt because I absolutely hated those DOS operating systems.


I don't like ANY of your scenarios, other than perhaps drafting Locker in the second round. One guy I might be interested in but I still believe he is a BIG project is Jimmy Claussen. I believe if Carolina finishes last they will draft Luck, which will make Claussen expendable and Moore the likely backup. Failing that maybe we try and acquire Moore. He has some potential. If you could Claussen for something like a 5th I would look at it. I'm not in love with the guy but I think he still has a chance. Kolb for a second and third, regardless of whatever draft we are talking about makes no sense to me and I also don't think Philly will give him up. QB insurance in this league is still important.


That's exactly why we dont need to draft a qb with our top pick in 2011. We need an offensive player with the capability of making an instant impact right now.

Not gamble on a possible maybe who has more potential not to pan out and still wouldnt be any help at all to us next season. We need offensive help and need it right now! LOL..........

It's funny, the fans in Baltimore are ripping the Ravens who curently sit at 9-4. Aren't people amazing!! They are well on their way to ANOTHER playoff season and people still aren't happy. What a world!!


I was just saying about hypothetical situations and said bring in McNabb and Brad Childress as OC.

The Eagles always had a QB friendly offense but you put Henne in that system and he would still stink. He would throw for 280 yards a game a TD and 2 ints. I think the dude just isn't a starter in the league. He is the kind of QB that can throw for good yards in games already decided but can't lead a team because he isn't a leader. He is very inaccurate, bad decision maker, no pocket presense at all. All of his bad attributes can not be fixed with just a new OC.

We don't have the personell to spread the field. Sorry it is not an option. Here is why. Firt you don't max protect on 3 step timing routes. Think about it 1,2,3 out. Also if we had a bunch of recievers like Bess this may work. The whole bunch has struggled to get off jams.(with the exception of Bess) when you spread the field your recievers have to be able to get open, or the timing of the play is disrupted, and the Qb gets smoked. Finally your in this formation if your quarterback isn't accurate. It doesn't work. It is dependant on quick decisions, and accurate throws to give the recievers a chance to run after the catch. One more thing. The offensive line has to be able to block someone for more then a split second. When you spread the field if the play isn't there, or the defense gets pressure it is up to the quarterback to make a good decision. Do you trust Henne right now to do this? We just don't have the right personell to consantly spread the field.

Even if we could draft Luck next year its highly doubtful he makes any kind of impact next year. Next season's blogs will still be filled with will or will he not ever become the next franchise qb.

I fully dont expect even he would be able to do more with this present offense than Chad's already doing.

I see what you guys mean..but check tis out..go online and watch some of the different camera angles shot during our games..it will sicken you to see how many open WR Henne misses on each passing play..it's disgusting. He just doesn't and can't keep up with the Speed of the NFL. He hasn't progressed at all in that most important skill for a QB. I'm not so sure he ever will and that's what worries me about Henne going forward...agree? Or not, explain you view...


Andy NJ,

Carson Palmer is no better than henne right now. he's had too many injuries and he's older and expensive. he also has no upside at this point of his career. Injuries killed him. Especially that first one when the Steeler player in the playoffs looked like he hurt him on purpose. never was the same.

McNabb? Perhaps. Vince Young, doesn't look like a winner. Someone brought up Kyle Orton. If whoever calls the shots in Denver determines that it's time to start fresh with tebow then the Dolphins should pay the guy. However, I can't help but think that Orton wasn't bad in Chicago but was aborted too early. Same thing can happen with Henne here. However, an Orton/Henne Qb competition might be good for th team.

As far as the rookies, I think it's either Luck or Mallett. Luck is already wearing a Panthers' jersey and Mallett will be gone by the time we pick. I don't like Newton or Locker. If people are impatient with Henne right now, the work that needs to be done with these 2 guys is tenfold. Locker can't even play well against average college teams and Newton looks nothing like an NFL qb.

I would not be opposed to taking a Ponder or Devlin qb in the 3rd round, Have him sit for a year then see where we go from there.

Other than a McNabb or Orton or possibly Young, there are no quick fixes out there.


Before you write Henne off completely, wouldn't you like to at least see what he can do with another OC, a consistent running game and a decent OL. I know I would. You don't write a guy like this off after 26 games. At least the good teams don't.


Childress had his best success as a west coast style OC. Eagles were a west coast style variation offense under he and McNabb.

Im not a big fan of west coast offenses because you need specialized types of offensive players to run it well. That was probably his primary problem in Minny outside of the grest season Farve had last year.

Then Farve had to play the best season of his 20yr career while still falling 1 game short of the SB.

That's something you really have to consider when considering bringing in Brad Childress. It could lead to the same old mediocre offenses for years to come before finally assembling all of the correct personel.

Craig M,

I am not particularly in love with any of the scenarios either. The FA's I would take McNabb, given we add another play maker and also put him in a system he knows. That is why I mentioned Brad Childress. Very unlikely scenario but just a thought.

As far as Kolb. I think he is a good QB. He is a clear upgrade over Henne. I don't think the Eagles give him up either though. Again, just a thought.

I disagree with Matt Moore, he is back up. Clausen? No. I don't like him. He had the best coaching a college QB could ask for and was good but unspectacular at ND. His rookie situation isn't his fault though.

My favorite scenario would be to move up from 18 or so wherever we are drating and if Cam Newton slides just a few picks to say 7 or 8 then trade up to get him. I think he is the next Rothlisberger, Josh Freeman type of player. Bash me all you want about the offense he is in and he don't take snaps under center I think he is going to be a star.

Dying- Your right even if the orginization goes into freakout mode(it is up to Henne to play well the last 3 weeks to hopefully prevent this) Even the top pick is going to have growing pains. How much better will this rookie play then Henne? We have way to many problems on offense to put all the blame on Hennes shoulders. Picking a quarterback in the first round does nothing to sure up these holes. I really hope that they cross this position off the list for this next draft. Pick up a stop gap if need be. But let Henne play it out next year. The 2012 class is much deeper in talent anyway.

it makes me laugh how alot of people are trying to stick up for this bozo alosi today just because he apologozed. Its reported that hes got a good reputation and it was just bad judgement not pre-meditated well thats all a bunch of B.S. in my opinion, i say the things you do in the spur of the moment is who you really are Alosi is a thug punk who should be fired

Henne needs a rb like Mark Ingram that can help keep his 3rd and long situations count down. I hate how Henne places him in so many 3rd and longs once we're on the opponents side of the 50yd line.

Seems neither Ronnie or Ricky are very efficient or consistent running the ball once on the opponent's side of the 50. Almost always end in short gain 1st down, short gain 2nd down, 3rd and long passing down.

Then it's occassional td, more often field goals, or if out of fg range punt. This is your 2010 offense dolfans.

Mark in Toronto

I was floating the ideas of course. I didn't name Mallet because I think he goes back to Arkansas unless he has a monster Sugar Bowl.

Agree about Carson and Vince. I personally think McNabb can be productive in the right system which is the West Coast offense. Devlin? I don't know anything about him to be honest. Ponder? Hmmmm. As a 4th rounder.

I never thought of Kyle Orton. He is like a Chad Pennington type. He is smart and throws nice mid to short passes but not a huge fan of his personally but I wasn't a huge fan of Pennington's game until he came here and saw how he moves the chains and leads.

The irony many of the anti-Henne posts is that guys like Carson Palmer and Kyle Orton are being mentioned as replacements for Chad.

Palmer sucks. Period.

Kyle Orton? As DyingBreed mentioned earlier, he was dumped by Chicago in his fourth year. DB goes on to state the Chicago gave up on him too soon- while stating that we should dump Henne? Really? Chicago gave up too soon- 4 years, but the Fins should give up on Chad after 2 or 3? Come on, gentleman.

DB, ALoco, Home, countless others- i'd like to introduce you to my friend, Rational Thinking. Rational Thinking, meet the Fins blog.

If you guys notice, when we run well we usually win. Henne has a little less 3rd and longs to navigate. 3rd and longs are death to the young qb.

Henning's so terrified of the pick that when on the opponent's side of the 50yd line he more often calls 1st and 2nd downs than any other place on the football field. If we went back and examined all game tape Im sure we will find that the evidencial preponderous of all Henne mistakes come in 3rd and long situations.

This common to all young qb's. So if you die by the young qb do so aggressively and not passively as Henning does when ever we cross the 50.

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