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Sal Alosi should be suspended from Sun Life Stadium, too

The New York Jets have handed down their discipline to Sal Alosi after the team's strength and conditioning coach intentionally tripped Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll while he was covering a punt during Sunday's game between the teams.

The Jets acted swiftly, with the proper amount of indignation, and Alosi has apologized both in a statement and in front of cameras. More importantly, he called coach Tony Sparano to apologize and allegedly called Carroll as well.

And all that is well and good.

But is the matter closed?

The Dolphins seem to want it that way, judging by Sparano's statement on Monday. In fact, the Dolphins seem more eager to have this go away than the Jets.

"I’m not going to get into it a whole lot here fellas, but to be honest with you it’s out of my hands," Sparano said. "It’s in a million other people’s hands right now but not in mine. So, at the end of the day the outcome…I don’t like what happened because a player could’ve gotten hurt, seriously hurt. But, that’s where it is."

That is the stable, measured response.

I am not a stable, measured guy. Mostly, I'm not stable. I was seriously peeved about the Jets move, not just because Alosi did an unsportsmanlike and dirty thing but because in a year when the NFL theme is player safety, this person decides he can deliver a cheap shot on an opposing player because, well, the idea came to him.

That cheap shot could have easily caused serious injury to Carroll, who has suffered broken legs twice in his career.

It also makes me angry that no one is seriously looking at this video and finding out exactly why the Jets had six people lined up in formation along the sideline that Carroll was going to run past? You think that was a coincidence? You think that just happened because those guys wanted a better view of the action?

I have zero proof, but I believe that "formation" was premeditated by someone to gain a competitive advantage. Check the video for yourself and decide.

So where do we go from here?

Well, Alosi is suspended for the remainder of this season and his fine is indeed steep at $25,000. But I say the Dolphins should be more active in penalizing Alosi.

Look, this is going to sound strange at first but hear me out: I believe the Dolphins should inform the Jets that Alosi is suspended from being on the sideline at Sun Life Stadium for one game, the next one he is scheduled to travel with his team to Miami.

You might argue that is handing down punishment on another team's personnel. I argue it is protecting the integrity of your own sidelines, your house, not to mention sending a strong signal that Dolphins players wear numbers, not targets, and if you mess with them intentionally, you will get a response from the organization.

Even if the league balks at such a move -- and, yes, the league is contacted by all teams on all such matter before they are taken -- the Dolphins should ask the league for permission to do this. And if the league balks, then the Dolphins should announce their desire to have banned Alosi the next time the Jets come to Miami.

The league should think of it as protecting Alosi as much as anything because, I assure you, the next time he roams the sideline in Miami, he will hear the crowd's displeasure. Well, he'd hear the crowd's displeasure if Dolphins fans were a bit more emotional and indignant about what happened Sunday.




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From your post at 12:31 about West Coast offense. Miami actually has right type of receivers for a West Coast system. Marshall and Bess both run after catch and good short and mid yard route runners. Even Hartline has size for it. Of coure Miami still needs a burner at WR to compliment them and open things up. At TE they have nothing that resembles a West Coast TE. Fasano slow, plodding not a receiving TE. At RB. I guess the idea is to have Roger Craig, Westbrook, Shady McCoy type of backs and I expect both Ronnie and Ricky to be gone.

I like the West Coast offense. I have watched it and hated watching it for years because the Eagles make it look so good.



Right in front of your face Im unvindicating Henne as the primary problem and you still lump me in as anti-Henne.

ALoco....I mean tapeworm,,,, Ratiional thinking?

PS.... Aloco why do you use troll screenames when you wanna discredit other. Grow a spine dude. Everyone know its you anyway. LOL......

I know you were and your views were intersting and obviously spurred discussion. I don't relly understand why mallett is so underrated by draft scouts because the guy seems to be the most polished QB in college (yes, including Luck). He's been may favourite going back to last year. I see your point on him going back for his senior year. He puts up another year like this one and he's the number one pick in 2012 - no doubt.

Kyle Orton can throw better than Chad. But otherwise, yes the leadership and intangibles are similar. He has the Broncos 5th overall in passing offense and has Brandon Lloyd as a leading receiver in the NFL. If we have the Broncos pass offense this year, we are a 12 win team - ifs and coulds and shoulds I guess. Too bad we are wasting this kind of defensive year.



Exclude me from suggesting Palmer. I was giving people an idea of who would be available. Not a fan of Orton either.

But to your point on rational thinking, Henne sucks bro. I don't see how you can't sit back, rationally and objectively see he has made no progress as a player. Forget the bad play calling for a second. It is horrible to watch but so is Henne. Outside of coaching just watching Henne his only positive attribute is arm strength. He has no touch, no accuracy, no pocket awareness and no leadership.

There isn't a player that come out in defense of Henne on this offense. They have no confidence in him.



Thanks, Mr. ALoco. Unfortunitely, you're support means I now have zero credibility.

Having you voice your agreement with my opinion is like stating that I dont agree with the United States' pro-Israel policies, and having Hitler second my opinion.

Just kidding, keep up the good work (wink wink).

PS- the line about logical, rational thinking was directed at you too buddy. Perhaps we can put to bed the "Henne only makes $600,000 and needs a raise" bs for a while? Ya know, till he earns it?


tapeworm is ALoco amongst 100 other different aliases he uses. First tapeworm appear and 2 post later ALoco appears.

I like ALoco but Ive noticed for a while now when he want to discredit someone he resorts to ther aliases to keep his nice guy ALoco image squeeky clean. LOL.........




Im so sorry for questining your integrity mr tapeworm.

Are you happy now ALoco? LOL............

tapeworm =marc the steroid guy .


how like this name change 32467jioi

Mark in Toronto,

I love Mallett too. My father is a Univ Ark alum so we watch all his games. His negatives are his mechanics. He gets by in college with his arm strength but if you watch him he really makes some horrible throws. At the same time he exudes confidence and is a leader on that team. I have never seen anyone throw the deep ball like him. He hits every guy in stride. He does howver lack touch consistantly. Sometimes he throws a perfect floater out there and sometimes he will throw a rocket to a WR 5 yards away. I expect him to go back to Arkansas for 2 reasons. First he will be the 3rd QB taken which might be to his benefit of ending up on a better team but would cost him money. Second if he goes back and has another year like this he could win a Heisman and National Chammpionship. Arkansas's only losses were a shootout with Auburn and a close loss to Bama. I think he will go back to Arkansas. He is from the state and has said he wants to come back but who knows.


You have far too much time on your hands you little jerkoff and I mean that in a very good way. LOL...............

Mr. Andy:

I'm not saying Henne is a pro-boler in the making. In fact, watching him actually raises my blood pressure. My girlfriend put it perfectly on sunday- he is a tampon with teeth.

But to say let's dump him for a guy with similar stats, but NO upside is ridiculous.

Get a better OC here next year (no play action on 3rd and long, shotgun on 3rd and 2, etc.) and Henne still sucks(as he probably will) and I will personally drive him out of south florida.

Untill you fix the problems that are holding him down, you can't expect much.

tapeworm, I'm on record for opining that Henne is a better qb option than most. However, we do need to add a qb and the options seem to be a mid round pick or a vet free agent. If we are going to add a vet - Kyle Orton seems to be the best that we could acquire if Denver doesn't pay him. I for one really hope Henne gets on course though - because his phyiscal upside is massive.


lol is it really? Lol. I for one love to argue, disagree, debate even when guys take it personal and get insulting.

I love how Armando is finally waking up to the fact that the "league should be investigating this" after snoozing for the last decade. Let's see...... the Commissioner of the NFL got his career started with the Jets as an intern. The league office is mostly staffed with people from New York, and is controlled by a northeast block of people from New York, and New England. The New York teams and the Patriots have one set of rules for them and the rest of the league has to play by a different set of rules. The Patriots spygate video was destroyed without being made available to the public, their owner Bob Kraft sits at the head of most of the powerful league committee's and is the point person for the league's CBA negotiations trying to work out a deal. Most national members of the NFL media live in NY or NE. I mean just watch Patriots games and see how the refs make calls up to help the Pats and give them first downs by moving the ball up to the first down marker to keep drives going. They robbed the Dolphins in the Steelers game by taking away a clear Dolphins fumble in the endzone in the game that will probably decide the difference between the Jets going to the playoffs and the Dolphins staying home which was made by a Pittsburgh referee. Everything is done to help those major market Northeast teams, because that is where the money is. They are not going to "investigate" the Jets sideline formation, because it's a NY team. Wake up Armando, it's like professional wrestling, it's rigged.


One great thing about you is that you hardly ever take this blogging thing overseriously. You do have good football knowledge while at the same time filling us with laughter.

Keep up the good work! LOL...............

Wow! I have to agree with every single thing Coach Shula just said.

Post of the Day so far!

Mr. DyingBreed:

Not sure where the confusion comes in. Unless you think that Mr. ALoco's inability to compose a grammatically-correct sentence is intentional (like a Columbo thing?) than I dont see how you could mistake my posts for his.

Indeed if you read my post, I included ALoco among those who need to remove their head from their ass before typing.

My post wasn't meant to insult or belittle anyone. Perhaps my comment provoked some sensitive feeling regarding your nonsensical opinion regarding Chad H. and his potential replacement(s).

As the saying goes, "If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one who barks is the one who got hit"

Sal Alosi will forever be known throughout the NFL as "THAT guy." His professional career is tarnished when it comes to moving up in the business, that's for sure. What NFL team is going to want that kind of public relations mess on their hands? His punishment will be harsh in that respect. Good luck finding another job in the NFL you douche!


A better OC won't fix Henne's problems. He might put up better numbers well simply he couldn't be any less productive. He is a Jake Delhomme, Jason Campbell type of player. He is a back up. It don't matter if he has a good game or 2 because he can't be a consistant winner. He hasn't shown me anything in 2 years since beating the Jets on Monday Night football. That was his cieling. He has thrown a few good but no great games in his career or evidence to see there is something to work with.

I am being unbiased in this thought. I hate Sanchez and all his hype just because he is in NY and from USC but he has a much brighter upside then Henne does and that is not saying much because I think Sanchez is going to flame out.

tapeworm = the steroid guy .

to much confusion today mr worm steroid .


nah bro the insulting was intended for you. We simply agree to disagree. I had a few heated debates with a few other bloggers on Sunday. That is what I was referring to.

WASN'T INTENDED I meant to say

Mr. Mark:

Not sure what the weather is like in Toronto, but it was in the 30's down here in Fort Lauderdale, FL this morning. Too cold for South Florida.

I agree with 100%. Kyle Orton appears to be developing into a fine quaterback. Perhaps Chad Henne deserves the same amount of time that Kyle Orton got.

There is a reason that Denver got Orton and multiple picks for Jay Cutler- EVERYBODY thought Orton was far inferior to Cutler. Orton couldnt keep a starting job in Chicago and didnt impress anyone when he first got to Denver either.


I don't get how you think 'Kolb is a clear upgrade over Henne'. Really? Based on what? He couldn't keep his job this year in Philly. He was horrible against the Packers in the first game of the year. Let's not compare the supporting cast in Philly or the playcalling with what Henne has to work with here in Miami. I'll take Jackson, McCoy and Celek over anything we have here in Miami and I believe Reid is still heavily involved in the play-calling in Philly. Not a fair comparison. If Kolb was the guy, then Reid would have stuck with his original thought, which would have been to keep Kolb the starter. Instead he rolled the dice and stuck with the hot hand and it's come up roses! Kolb for whatever the cost is going to be isn't worth. I don't believe Vince Young is going anywhere. The owner is in love with him and it will be Jeff Fisher who decides to leave after many years there. And I don't believe Denver will be foolish enough to cut ties with Orton and if he is available he will go to one of the many teams who need a starting quarterback. We HAVE a starting quarterback and his name is Chad Henne.

Dear Mr. tapeworm,

Thanks for enlightment on the crowd of dogs comment. I never knew that if you threw a rock into a crowd of canines the one which barks is the one that got hit.

Still I'm slightly puzzled. Fro everytime I ever hit a canine with rock, he always yelped not barked. Please clarify?

Mr. ALoco:

Who is this steriod guy you speak of?

My old lady reminds me quite often that I have a rather 'doughy' physique, and can stand to lose a few pounds (the calories from free donuts really adds up).

I seriously doubt i could ever be confused with a steriod user.

Indeed I am no steriod man/worm/marc or whomever youre reffering too. Just me. Sorry to dissapoint.

Yep Coach, you hit the nail on the head. Can't forget the snow plow game. I still can't believe Shula let that one slide.


please clarify this great example of that dog who got hit by a rock .

Incidentally guys, the mocks I've seen have Mallett getting drafted by the Vikes in the first round. Makes sense to me. I can't see them going into next season with Jackson as their starting QB. McNabb maybe but not

Way colder here tapeworm. With the wind chill, it's about -30 celsius which is about -22 farenheit. Want to trade?

Craig M,

Kolb was bad vs the Packers for the same reason all you Henne backers have said about the game this past week he was under constant pressure. Kolb got hurt and Vick started putting up video game numbers in Philly vs the Lions and Jacksonville. Reid would have been an idiot to go back to Kolb when Vick was playing like that. That is not a fair comparison. Kolb did beat the 49ers on the road and beat Atlanta in Philly. He is 2-2 as a starter. Lost to Washington, wasn't all on him he put up ok numbers but he lost after not taking 1st team snaps that week. The only other loss was @ Tennessee when Kenny Britt had over 200 yards in the second half not his fault.

Henne has more starts then Kolb so it isn't fair to say Kolb does have a higher rating and completion percentage then Henne but he has shown me more then Henne ever has. He is a BETTER player period!

And for you to say Henne is a starter which is asinine other then you being an optimistic HOMER, tell me why he is? What has he shown you? And don't say with better coaching he could be because that is hypothetical.

I'm pretty sure that if I assaulted someone at work, that I'd be fired and brought up on charges. But maybe I'm wrong.

Mr. DB:

It is what's known as a 'figure of speech', and what it means is that if someone makes a statement that could apply to several people (or no one in particular), and you come up screaming bloody murder, you're presumption that I was intending to offend or attack you probably stems from a lack of confidence in the integrity of your opinion.

Kinda like when a person is doing something wrong, and when approached by someone who has no knowledge of the wrongdoing,that person becomes unnecessarily defensive.

On another note, you suggest that you have hit numerous dogs with rocks. You know that mis-treatment of animals, along with late-childhood bed wetting and fascination with fire are the 3 most common childhood traits(known as the homicidal triad of serial killers/rapists/arsonists.

You werent a little fire-starting, dog abusing, bed wetter were you?


Just as I said, with the preponderance of 3rd and longs produced by our running game. That's the position needing addressed most and Mark Ingram seems to be the gas it needs.

We clamor that we have run blocking issues, so the next best thing to not being able to draft 4 offensive linemen with 4 top picks. It more than makes sense to draft a rb who is one of the absolute best at setting up his blocks in college or pro.

I would be absolutely shocked if Ingram isnt an instant impact in our run game.

Mr. DyingBreed:

I am rather put off by your Michael Vick-esque behavior, but I must say that I agree with you on Mark Ingram. He is the best option for Miami in this years draft, should he be available.

If not, Mr. Rudolph from Notre Dame would be the kind of tight end the Fins have been lacking for quite some time.

mr tapeworm,

please clarify the statement you made about (( removing their heads out of their as ss before typing )) .

Mr. tapeworm,

So basically as a figure of speech, the dog that yelps is most likely the narccissist in the crowd. Narccissts because of always feeling "put down" as a child has the victim mentality and an overbearing need to always be correct.

Is this correct? LOL..............

mr tapeworm,

Absolutely correct. we need someone who can be an instant impact on offense now. Not gamble on someone who assuredly will not be an instant impacat now and possibly not ever.

mr. tapeworm,

You seem to be a very likeble guy. Further evidence tapeworms will grow inside of us.

Thanks mr. inch............oh I'm so sorry....mr tapeworm.


I like Kolb too. I'm simply taking point with your comment that 'Kolb is clearly a better quarterback'. I don't believe that statement to be true. We're talking two totally different offences and totally different situations. Philly does a nice job of making certain they replace their parts through the draft every year, we choose to have a constantly revolving door on our OL. It's not a fair comparison. You talk of won/lost records.....Henne is 14-12....there's really not much between the two quarterbacks percentage wise (Kolb may have been 3-0 or 2-1 last season). The bootm line is, there's not enough evidence to suggest that Kevin Kolb is anything other than an equal to Chad Henne and for that reason and that reason alone it makes no sense to be going out and trading for the guy.

Incidentally, Peter King is suggesting today that the Dolphins should look at trading for Carson Palmer. I think that's a crazy idea and we're getting back into this let's trade picks for A J Feely type philosophy that got us into trouble before. Palmer never won anything in Cinci and this idea that a beat up, mistaken prone veteran is going to make a difference is a recipe for disaster. Stay the course and find someone who will provide competition for and insurance for Henne. I'm suggesting someone like Matt Moore or Derek Anderson who I expect might be available this off-season. These are the slim-pickings guys!

Mr. DB:

For the most part. For a guy who couln't identify my comment as a figure of speech, you seem to understand the metaphor. One doesnt have to be a narcissist to be unnecessarily defensive, but if the shoe fits... LOL

No need for anyone to be defensive, however. My comment about Chad Henne vis-a-vis Orton, Palmer, etc. was meant only to draw attention to fact that many in the mob of people who wan to burn Henne at the stake, would turn around and replace him with someone who is no better.

Break up the Dolphins they just signed Kevin Curtis

we should be looking to sign one of these guys ;

1-alex smith

Mr DB:

Incidentally, Mr. Inch is what my old lady calls me! Zing!

what if ind doesn't sign p.manning ? all signs point to that .
they r saying that most teams figured out him and the way he throws .


I've started thinking about the draft. The one thing we can all agree on is the O-line. And I think we should go with the Parcellian model (aka scatter gun approach) used last year.

Use all pics on guards and tackles. We can't lose I tell you.

There must be a time delay to Jersey Andy.....LOL.....this news went down last night.

Aloco, you're nuts if you try to trade for Kolb. He'll cost you at least two picks, which we can't afford to move. You also don't know if you are any further ahead. Same with Orton. No way, Denver just cuts ties with this guy. He's a vet with experience who has on in this league before. Guys like this don't grow on trees. I don't believe Smith is a free agent next year. If I'm not mistaken he just re-upped with SF. Again you are throwing picks away by trading for him. It's A J Feely stuff all over again! Fix the OC, line and running game and you'll see a better Chad Henne. Promise you!

Craig M,

I live right outside of Philly and I am an Eagles hater. It's probably their fans that I hate and not the team but I pick apart every flaw about them to throw at friends and family. I watched Kolb play and I have Direct TV and and watched Henne every game of his career in Miami. Kolb is just a better play on tape to me. It is clearly an opinion. I'm not a GM or NFL scout but I think Kolb is good. He has shown flaws like all young QBs but also enough that I see a lot of ability. He was flawless against the Falcons and even in bad games has a few throws where you think if he could of been consistant in this loss and make that throw the Eagles could of won. I watch Henne and see nothing of the kind. When he is bad is horrible and when he is good that's all he is. He just has a good game not great.

Dude I guess I got over passionate about my opinion on this but Kolb is better.

As far as Miami trading for Palmer, I don't see why they would. Palmer fell of the planet as a top QB in this league somewhere and can't get his mjo back. It probably has past him by. Palmer is similar to Henne. He is horrible early and when the game is decided is when he puts up his yardage to make his performance look respectable. Palmer stinks.

GRAIG M, I SEE YOUR points ,still like kolb the best but who knows .why can't we get lucky and draft a QB and turns to be not brady but vick ?

The man should be fired.

Craig M,

touche! I read it this morning at 7 am when I woke up. It is my frustration at mediocrity! Granted there is no one on the waiver wire worth a dime this time of year but still what is he going to bring to the table? Go sign back Grice Mullen or a practice squad guy with a glimmer of hope. Not recycle an NFL has been who hasn't played all year.

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