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Sal Alosi should be suspended from Sun Life Stadium, too

The New York Jets have handed down their discipline to Sal Alosi after the team's strength and conditioning coach intentionally tripped Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll while he was covering a punt during Sunday's game between the teams.

The Jets acted swiftly, with the proper amount of indignation, and Alosi has apologized both in a statement and in front of cameras. More importantly, he called coach Tony Sparano to apologize and allegedly called Carroll as well.

And all that is well and good.

But is the matter closed?

The Dolphins seem to want it that way, judging by Sparano's statement on Monday. In fact, the Dolphins seem more eager to have this go away than the Jets.

"I’m not going to get into it a whole lot here fellas, but to be honest with you it’s out of my hands," Sparano said. "It’s in a million other people’s hands right now but not in mine. So, at the end of the day the outcome…I don’t like what happened because a player could’ve gotten hurt, seriously hurt. But, that’s where it is."

That is the stable, measured response.

I am not a stable, measured guy. Mostly, I'm not stable. I was seriously peeved about the Jets move, not just because Alosi did an unsportsmanlike and dirty thing but because in a year when the NFL theme is player safety, this person decides he can deliver a cheap shot on an opposing player because, well, the idea came to him.

That cheap shot could have easily caused serious injury to Carroll, who has suffered broken legs twice in his career.

It also makes me angry that no one is seriously looking at this video and finding out exactly why the Jets had six people lined up in formation along the sideline that Carroll was going to run past? You think that was a coincidence? You think that just happened because those guys wanted a better view of the action?

I have zero proof, but I believe that "formation" was premeditated by someone to gain a competitive advantage. Check the video for yourself and decide.

So where do we go from here?

Well, Alosi is suspended for the remainder of this season and his fine is indeed steep at $25,000. But I say the Dolphins should be more active in penalizing Alosi.

Look, this is going to sound strange at first but hear me out: I believe the Dolphins should inform the Jets that Alosi is suspended from being on the sideline at Sun Life Stadium for one game, the next one he is scheduled to travel with his team to Miami.

You might argue that is handing down punishment on another team's personnel. I argue it is protecting the integrity of your own sidelines, your house, not to mention sending a strong signal that Dolphins players wear numbers, not targets, and if you mess with them intentionally, you will get a response from the organization.

Even if the league balks at such a move -- and, yes, the league is contacted by all teams on all such matter before they are taken -- the Dolphins should ask the league for permission to do this. And if the league balks, then the Dolphins should announce their desire to have banned Alosi the next time the Jets come to Miami.

The league should think of it as protecting Alosi as much as anything because, I assure you, the next time he roams the sideline in Miami, he will hear the crowd's displeasure. Well, he'd hear the crowd's displeasure if Dolphins fans were a bit more emotional and indignant about what happened Sunday.




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Again Andy, I like Kolb too. But are you really saying you would give up TWO picks for this guy? And then what? We still have to fix the OL, find a better running game, find a pass catching TE, find a WR with speed, a middle linebacker to play alongside Dansby and improve our secondary. Keep in mind we already don't have a second round pick. I'd rather make internal changes, give Henne one more year and if he doesn't pan out we draft a QB in 2012, in a deeper draft. And all of this doesn't take into the fact that I don't think the Eagles will give him up or if they do there will be a lot of competition for him, this driving the price up. It's flawed thinking!

In all fairness, Kolb has a lot more weapons on offense than Henne. I'm not suggesting that he's not a better QB, but fact of the matter is the Eagles have a very decent o-line and running game, they have one of the best tight ends in the league in Brent Celek, they have Jeremy Maclin, they have DeSean Jackson, who Jerry Rice calls "the fastest player I've ever seen on a football field". I wish the Dolphins would have only 1/3 of the weapons the Eagles have... The thing the Eagles have that the Dolphins don't and really need is SPEED. SPEED and an o-line.

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal,

Thank you, you just made my point for me. We would bring Kolb here after giving up a couple of picks for him and I doubt he would be much better than Henne. We need to fix the problems AROUND Henne rather than blaming him all the time. How do people not see this?

Armando-I'm trying to follow the money. None of the accounts I've read addresses who gets the fine money and payroll savings. Is it the Jets? Can you find out? I'll tell you where that money should go - to a charity that Nolan Carroll picks. Not so the Jets can save some overhead to make up for all these PSL's that they can't sell.

Craig M, I agree with you to a certain extent. Yes we need to improve our offense in order to help Henne out. Would Henne's numbers be better in we'd have a running game? No doubt. But the flipside of the token is a lot of his bad decision making, his INT'S, that's on him. Nobody else to blame but himself. And it looks like it's getting worse every week. That's not good.

Mr. #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal:

Regarding Mr. Henne's interceptions being 'on him'- I assume you're not including the numerous interceptions that were clearly the fault of his receivers?


This was all hypothetical situations to begin with. I was throwing a conversation piece out there.

I originally stated that the Eagles asking price would be high and probably too much.

Kolb is better because he is and has a future as a starter in the NFL. This is evidence by his play to me. Kolb will go win a game for a team. Henne has shown me nothing. He hasn't shown me he can win a game. All he shows in his wins is that he didn't lose it.

Kolb is CLEARLY a better player then Henne.

Miami has been very inconsistant as an offense this year as a whole. The play calling hasn't always been good. There have been many head scratchers out there. Particularly the wild cat at the wrong time, untimely WR reverses and running when they should pass and vice versa but Henne is a huge part of the problem too. He can't make the throws to keep you in a game or win it. Over throwing every pass over 25 yards is not the offensive cordinators fault.

Henne has a strong arm but throws inaccurate deep passes. He can't throw short touch pass cause he has no touch on the ball.

All you Henne backers tell me what he does well? And then I will stop bashing Henne.

Tapeworm, just like any QB's in the league, interceptions are not always ON the QB's shoulders. I agree with you there. But you tell me, does Henne look like a confident player on the field? If a game has to be decided in the 4th quarter and the Fins are trailing by 4 with 2:30 left on the clock, would you feel confident we could win with Henne? If you're answer is yes, we haven't been watching the same games I guess.

Alosi should be suspended from LandShark stadium, but allowed into Sun Life Stadium. I think we should wait and see before deciding whether or not to ban him from Dolphin Stadium or Pro Player Stadium.

There reporting on the SS that Carey was put on the IR

Dolphins fan in Montreal,

There is no doubt that Kolb has better weapons but the Eagles O line is in top 15 of sacks allowed. This is one of the reasons they decided to go with Vick along with his stellar play because the O Line was so bad this year.

The thing that is funny to me is that you put DeSean Jackson on the Dolphins and he still would make plays but catch the deep balls? How? Henne can't throw the deep ball.

Miami doesn't have a Speed WR that is documented but to say they have nothing at all is FALSE. Marshall, Bess and Hartline aren't game breakers but Marshall is a top 10 receiver. One of the best possesion recievers in the game. He caught over 100 balls , 3 years in a row but Henne can't seem to find him open enough to make the throw. Henne has had good protection this year. Miami's O-Line is in the top 10 for sacks NOT allowed.


thank you for refusing to be dissuaded from Alosi-Gate.

The NFL's running away from this quicker than a burning practice tape, but it appears to me there's at least sufficient evidence that Alosi & Crew were shoulder-to-shoulder in order to impede & intimidate Gunner.

Chad Henne should be banned from sun life stadium to.

I for one love to argue, disagree, debate even when guys take it personal and get insulting.

Posted by: Andy NJ | December 14, 2010 at 01:05 PM

Oh yeah you pumk!

When the bell rings, meet me on the playground!!!!

PS: You better not spend that lunch money either!

I understand Miami lacks an explosive playmaker with top speed but they have one of the best receivers in the league. At the very least top 10. He has faded because of Henne. You can say play calling but go on you tube and put Brandon Marshall highlights. He makes plays when he is blanketed, covered because he is ELITE!

Henne sucks so bad he can't make the throw to get him the ball!

I think the opinion of many here is that Henne is a bad quaterback who occasionally makes good decisions/throws (ex: oakland game.

A while back, Armando wrote and article about the startling number of drops that have plagued this team, as well as the interceptions that were the fault of the receivers.

I dont know the exact number, but I remember that when he wrote it, the drops accounted for about 5% of his throws. Armando blamed 2-3 int's on the receivers as well.

I would venture a guess that those numbers are about the same now. So take away the alligator arming, incorrect route-running, stone-handing behaviors of the wide-outs, and you're increasing Chad H.'s completion % by about 5%- thats HUGE.

Also, take away a couple ints that werent his fault, add the TDs that were dropped and Henne's stats are MUCH better.

All of a sudden our bad QB who occasionally does good things is a GOOD QB who occasionally makes a bad throw/mistake.

odinseye LMAO! Yes you are one of my best friends on here.

You were in mind along with another blogger when it comes to guys insulting my knowledge of football because we disagree on that TURNOVER machine Henne.

But I'd rather you be passionate about your stance so fire away!

Andy, problem is we don't have speed. We can't stretch the opposing defenses cause all these guys you mentioned aren't burners. I know very well that Henne can't throw a deep ball, he's been having a hard time throwing any type of ball period. But my point is when you have speed at the WR position, chances are your running game will benefit from it. I would feel more comfortable if Henne would have a good running game to get some key first downs instead of always putting it up in the air. Best way to kill a young QB is to force him to throw all the time. Problem is we have no running game at all, so we have to make Henne throw it a lot more than we would like.

Horrible, gutless thing to do. And I subscribe to the (conspiracy) theory that the coaches alignment on the sideline is planned. No matter if that clown Alosi or any other assistant lined up everyone like that, it's Ryan's team and his responsibility. I wouldn't be surprised if he gave the order. I can't wait for the investigation results to come out. Someone is going to rat and rivalry will take on a whole new look.


Henne can't throw the deep ball? Did you watch the pass last week to Fasano? How about last year to Ted Ginn? Earlier this year to Marshall? To Brian Hartline? Come on now...I'm all for putting blame on someone when it belongs but don't say Henne can't throw the long ball. He's not ALLOWED to throw the long ball.

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal, you said Henne doesn't look confident out there? Would you be confident with the playcalling and selection of one Mr Dan Henning? We've lready heard other teams players say they know what plays are coming. You don't think Henne knows this stuff isn't going to work too? He's told not to screw up and to be very conservative and then he's criticized when it doesn't become successful. If you were a 25 year old QB in this league, would you be confident out there?


Ok and add to that the dozen or so INTS that were dropped and Henne would have thrown 20 by now.

All those could of would haves mean nothing.

I will drop the Henne bashing when someone points out what his strengths are and what evidence you have of him being at the very least a STARTER

Andy and other Henne bashers,

Henne made a perfect pass on the game winning TD Sunday. Henne has excellent huddle presence and is funny according to teammates. Henne is mentally tough and plays through pain. We do not know how badly his knee is injured yet he keeps rising to the occasion and won again Sunday.

His passer rating is respectable. He has the respect of the team and the D as evidence by Dansby saying to just let loose and that the D has his back.

The players know that Henne is totally hamstrung by the incompetent Henning and the choke artist HC who coaches scared and attempts to convey that onto Henne.

The Henne bashing is silly. The other options are not good and way to expensive.
The team has far greater needs. The O-line and been totally mediocre and frequently bad.

Everybody knows how bad the OC is. The guy wastes half of the Dolphin drives.

The Dolphins ought to worry about being able to make a pocket before dumping a promising young player.

Come on people.

Guess what I'm sayin is give the guy something to work with. Get him some speed, and a play-caller whose best years weren't the "roaring 20's" and lets see what he can do.

You fix the problems around Chad H. and its on him. And I'll have my pitchfork ready go when he starts to fail. Until then, don't make Henne the problem.

His play is an aggravating circumstance to the underlying issues: lack of speed, no running game and a jack-ass Offensive Coordinator.

Chad Henne should be banned from sun life stadium to.

Posted by: dolfan nj |


Craig M,

He misses WIDE OPEN guys down field all the time. I don't see what you see in this fraud Henne outside of a BELOW average starter. Henne CAN'T consistantly make any throw let alone the deep ball.

Take a look at the video again. Not only is that piece of trash Alosi actually committing the act, but you have the guy right next to him leaning in with a shoulder just as Carroll runs past. It's ridiculous and I can't believe the league isn't looking more into this. Reprehensible!

Dolphin in Montreal

You make good points that if a young QB has a running game he would be more successful but Henne's passing and decision making is horrendous. I don't see him as a STARTER


Has Marshall faded because of Henne? Or is it more a case of a player who is a 'me first' guy and because our playing calling is so conservative and we don't have people that scare the other team, Marshall is very often double-teamed? Can you honestly say that Marshall has laid it on the line very game, every play this year or are there plays he has taken off, maybe used 'alligator arms' on a few plays and dropped easy passes because of lack of concentration? It's not all on Henne. There are other people who have played a part in Marshall's down year. What has the OC's answer been this year to get double-teams away from Marshall? nothing so far.

Craig M, I don't buy too much into blaming coaches. When you make a throw, you make a throw. Has the playcalling been great? Not at all. I hate it just as much as you. But to say it's all on Henning and Henne has nothing to do with it, I don't buy it. The guy had 55 freakin' yards of passing last sunday. 55!! Did you see how much Sanchez sucked against our defense? He still had over 200 yards of passing. 55 yards of passing!! And that's Henning's fault?? I can hear ESPN telling you: "C'mon Man!!".


I'm simply saying Henne needs another season under a different OC, maybe even a different system before we can right him off. I'm saying the alternative of going out and drafting ANOTHER QB in the first round or trading for someone is costing to be expensive and far-reaching for this organization. I'm saying we haven't seen enough of Henne yet under the RIGHT circumstances to say he's not the guy. Under different circumstances this time next year if he's not better then we draft another QB in a stronger draft year, 2012.

Craig M,

For every pass that Henne actually did complete I can name plays he didn't make.

First play vs Jets in home opener Hartline has DB beat by 5 yards and Henne over throws him by 10 yards.

The Pats game? He made Ninkovich look like a Pro Bowler. On the first int Miami was driving and leading at that point.

Ravens game before half they settle for FG because Henne throws....I guess it was a pass.

Browns game looked like Jake Delhomme put his jersey on.

You guys are HOMERS! Henne stinks and his play says it.

the last of wanny.

the longer you stay with henne the longer the absence from any playoffs. period!

Craig M,

Your point of Marshall laying it all on the line is well taken. He hasn't but at the same time receivers get frustrated when they don't get the ball and don't feel the QB is capable of getting them the ball.

That is an arguement I can't defend for Marshall or Henne but would say it's gotta be 50/50 or somewhere near it.

#1 Dolphin,

I didn't say it was ALL Henning. Yes, Henne was bad last game but do you care more about how many yards he thrwe for or the fact he got the W? Did Sanchez look good to you? That's two weeks in a row for him and he was a top 5 pick. It goes to show there are NO guarantees when picking a QB, so you better make damn certain you get it right. They traded up for this guy and they have a lot of money invested in him. He looks lost to me. How many fumbles and INTs has he had the last few weeks? Answer.....too many!! No touchdowns in 9 quarters and the schedule doesn't get any easier. And the Jets are tied to this guy. the truth of the matter is the starting QB gets too much blame when things are going bad and too much credit when they are going good.

Craig M, I don't want Henne to fail. If that's the case, we're back to square 1 again. But the one thing I would do if I would be the GM is I would bring someone else to compete with him, not give him the QB job right off the bat. I don't know if this guy should be Orton, Kolb, whoever. But show Henne that if you want to be the starting QB of the Miami Dolphins, you'll have to earn it. They did it with Sean Smith. They did it with Brian Hartline. Why not do it with Chad Henne?

Alright gotta go fellas. Nice debates today. Where did you go odinseye? I needed more people to argue with about that TURNOVER machine Henne. Only 11 straight games with at least 1 turnover.

Henne can throw the deep ball. the problem is that he only gets a chance once every couple of games if that.

We can not tell what we have with this guy until Henning is gone. And for me that includes Sparano too. I do not believe Sparano is competent enough to be a HC.
Sparanos approach is playing not to lose I hate it.

Henne would look a lot better if he was coached by Mike Martz or Andy Reid.

And yes Henne makes some bad throws. Now tell me what QB does not.
And besides you could put Matt Ryan or T Brady behind this porous O-line with Henning calling the plays and Sparano screaming 'dont make a mistake!' and they would look just as bad


I wouldn't be coming on here talking about the Dolphins....I'd be a little more worried about your typical choking Jet football team. You boy Sanchez sure looks good. Not only can he not win the big one, right now he can't win anyone. The 38 year old backup is warming up in the bullpen!!

In a surprise move, the Dolphins have announced they have suspended Offensive Coordinator Dan Henning for the rest of the year, as well as banning him from Sun Life Jimmy Buffet Maria Carey Stadium for the remainder of the season. "Well, uh, we looked at what da Jets did, as far as suspending their coach for attempting to injure a Dolphin player, and uh we kind of felt like Dan Henning has done a lot more harm to our team than Sal Alosi, so uh, that was that," Coach Sparano mumbled, throwing in a fist pump for no apparent reason. Dan Henning, 106, was unresponsive to media inquiries, but appeared to be breathing if you held a mirror under his nose.

#! Dolphin,

I'm all for competition for Henne next year too. Forget Orton and Kolb. You're not going to be able to get them and they'll be too expensive. Try something along the lines of Matt Moore or Derek Anderson or maybe even Marc Bulger. It's the best we can hope for at this point.

Craig M, for the record, I've been saying since Day 1 that Sanchez is a bust. Look at the players he's got. Keller. Edwards. Holmes. Cotchery. Decent running game. I've been calling him a bust since the beginning and I'm not going to change my mind, that's for sure. And to answer your other question, yes I prefer the "W" over the stats, duh, but how many times is our "D" going to be able to hold an opponent to 6 points? That's asking them a lot, don't you think?

Get Kurt Warner out of retirement.

#1 Dolphin,

Agree on Sanchez. He's been over-rated for a long time. The sad thing is the Jets can continue to go into the tank and STILL make the playoffs. They COULD lose 5 in a row and STILL make it. There's no justice!!

If the Dolphins have one of the best recievers in the game, i don't see it. I see an expensive punk who hasn't made one game defining play all year.


I agree with you. But in the same way I'm not ready to wrote off Henne yet, I'm also not ready to right off Marshall. I get that he's frustrated....I just think a lot of our problems are going to go away with a different OC, a better running game and a better line.


You answer me a question, seriously.

How can Henne make quick improvements with a system this flawed?

How many QB's came into the league and played well in an offense that defenders could read like a pre school book? The corners and safeties can actually call out the routes pre snap for Christs sake. They know if it's a run or a pass by the time we reach the line of scrimmage!!!! Wildcat, run when you should pass and pass when you should run? These flaws in Hennings system pale in comparison to having opposing defenses knowing what you're going to do almost every single time you snap the ball. You tell me what young QB would flourish in this system. Young QB's probably won't even come to Miami with our current system. They would probably prefer to sit out the season if we drafted them and re-enter the draft the following year. The real issue isn't even about Henne or any other young QB we can get. At this point that's a secondary issue.

All the negatives you lay on Henne were put on Bree's early on. Bradshaw took quite a few years to develop. Look at Orton, until his 5th season, he looked like he was in over his head. How about Steve Young? Henne has just over ONE SEASONS WORTH OF STARTS.

Everybody wants to throw around hypothetical, how about this one. How do you think Henne would look right now if he had started for the Patriots for a season? He would look a he!! of a lot better than he ever has in Miami. If you deny this, your just way to biased to have any of your opinions taken seriously.

Henne may not be the answer, but right now, he's far from being the main problem. For this off season I think we keep Henne and Thiggy. We get a vet to come in and compete and because of necessity, we have to draft a QB but not until later rounds. We afford to use a higher pick on one in my opinion.

Still it's all a moot point unless you realize the biggest problem with Miami's offense isn't even close to a personnel problem. The problem is that our entire offense is being forced to play with one hand behind the back because Hennings system is so dated and easily recognized by defenders. In addition his play calling does nothing to help the fact, on the contrary, his play calling plays into the hands of the defenders as well.

I'm not saying Henne should be given a pass and the keys to the car, all I'm saying is he should get a fair shot, just like any other QB's we bring in to try and upgrade the QB position. Mainly what I'm saying is, that no matter who we bring in, none of them get that fair shot with Henning and his senility.

Andy, all name calling aside, I would like to see your response.

The reason they didn't fire him was because Loudmouth Rex was bitching at the official that Carroll was running outta bounds, although replays kept showing he was pushed by the defenders.

This was premeditated. If you look at the video and slow it down you can see the practice squad players standing in formation along the line coz they were told to do so. Look at the guy standing next to Alosi. If Alosi missed the trip he turns and lowers his shoulder a little more to try and contact Carroll.

Finally, did we expect anything less from the blowhard, low class Jerks? I mean this is an HC whose father threw punches at an other coach on the sideline. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Bush league and lowbrow.

Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez had a lunch meeting before Sunday's lost. There is not much talking when you go to lunch with Rex Ryan, He is busy stuffing his face.

I wonder if they went to go eat hotdogs, Mark Sanchez's favorite.


I actually like the serious debate, even when names and cutdowns are being use.

Our disagreement aside, I respect and admire the passion you put in your arguments.

I dont like it and I think your a dumb son of a.........I mean,....ah.....respect and admire, yeah, thats what it is-LOL!

Last night I posted in complete agreement with Armando's sentiments today. The one exception being banning the guy from the sidelines for a game. I think he should be banned for life from the sidelines of any and all games.

I'm going through all my recrded stuff looking for the wets in punt return formation. I haven't found anything yet, but I got a sneaking suspicion I'm going to be seeing a lot of that cheating A S S wall garbage.

It's obvious what a stategical advantage this duchebaggery would give a team. So help me out people, I don't have a lot of stuff on the wets recorded.

Do your parts, share some links, go over your own recorded stuff and post your results here.

As usual, I want to go overboard with an anti wets e-mailing campaign. Help a brother out people!

Looks like Zach Thomas agrees with you Armando...

"They had to be ordered to stand there because they're foot to foot," Thomas said Tuesday on Miami radio station WQAM. "There's four of them, side to side -- five of them, I mean -- on the edge of the coach's zone. They're only out there to restrict the space of the gunner.

"But there's more to it because I'm telling you, the only thing [Alosi] did wrong was intentionally put that knee out there. If he just stood there, there would never have been a problem, even if the guy got tripped. But there's more to this. He was ordered to stand there. No one is foot to foot on the sideline in the coach's box."

Armando, Sal Alosi's tripping of Nolan Carroll goes beyond JUST Sal Alosi. You raised the million dollar question pertaining to all those coaches standing along the sidelines impeding Carroll's right of way on the punt. By God's grace Carroll did not break his leg again or tear up his knee.

This is worse than a pair of punk-a** school bullies doing the routine in which one guy gets behind the target on all fours while the other guy sets up the target for conversation then pushes him.

I use this analogy to say that punishing Alosi alone is a cover up of the bush league behavior exhibited by Jets organization. The NFL needs to probe much deeper and lay the wood to the Jets that includes Woody Johnson, Tannenbaum, Sexy Rexy, and those assistants who lined up on the sidelines with Alosi when it happened. It's totally unacceptable.

If the Dolphins did it to an opposing ballplayer, I'd say the same thing.

I heard the owner all ready paid the fine for him... HHMMM kinda funny hear wouldnt ya think,,

At least 5-7 of Henne's picks arent bad decision on Henne alone. 5-7 of his picks are reciever bad hand tips, slips, and at least 2 defnsive linemen tips.

That's nearly half of Henne's 15 picks having zero to do with bad decision by Henne. Have not these things occured Henne would have only 8-10 picks for the entire season.

I also credit the pedestrian td total to the unsually high amount of 3rd and longs "the very young" qb faces when we cross the opponents 50yd line or further. No young qb will be consistently successful when face with an inordinate amount of 3rd and longs.

Hennings system is dated and heavily flawed. We all know this because players, talking heads and Finneran specifically has said so in the press. We all have witnessed it week in and week out. One of my girlfriends thinks I'm a genius because I can tell her the exact play were going to run at least 85% of time. I was going to explain to her about the "Hennings factor" then I thought it better she just think I'm a genius.

Despite having a go to guy the calibre of Teddy Ginn and playing in the biggest joke of a system That I have ever witnessed in many mnay years of being a fan. Despite having no run game or even an offensive line, Henne has put up some pretty decent numbers as a rookie starter.

More importantly, despite having the deck stacked against him, he has went 14-12 out of the gate. That is the important stat, he's winning games despite hardly any supporting cast and in the middle of Hennings retardation.

Not saying we shouldn't be looking for the next Dan Marino. I am saying that anybody that wants to give up on a QB this young and this successful under one of the worst offensive system of all time, just doesn't know Diddly squat about football.

I mean come on, defensive backs telling your receivers their routes?

In the words of David Allen Cole, if that ain't retarded, well it's a damn fine joke!!!!

Diddly Squat I say!!!!

Gary Kubiak is in the hot seat. What about him for OC? He was Steve Young's QB coach in SF when he won the SB. Perhaps he can do something with Henne (or who ever else starts).

mando what about the vegas angle in this? how do we know this dirtbag was not trying to take a player our in order to help fix the game/score? what about looking into that fat piece of white trash rex ryan ordering this move? I have a feeling he had something to do with this if not the jets would have fired this guido by now!

henne had 10 other pix dropped. he should have over 20..lol


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