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Sal Alosi should be suspended from Sun Life Stadium, too

The New York Jets have handed down their discipline to Sal Alosi after the team's strength and conditioning coach intentionally tripped Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll while he was covering a punt during Sunday's game between the teams.

The Jets acted swiftly, with the proper amount of indignation, and Alosi has apologized both in a statement and in front of cameras. More importantly, he called coach Tony Sparano to apologize and allegedly called Carroll as well.

And all that is well and good.

But is the matter closed?

The Dolphins seem to want it that way, judging by Sparano's statement on Monday. In fact, the Dolphins seem more eager to have this go away than the Jets.

"I’m not going to get into it a whole lot here fellas, but to be honest with you it’s out of my hands," Sparano said. "It’s in a million other people’s hands right now but not in mine. So, at the end of the day the outcome…I don’t like what happened because a player could’ve gotten hurt, seriously hurt. But, that’s where it is."

That is the stable, measured response.

I am not a stable, measured guy. Mostly, I'm not stable. I was seriously peeved about the Jets move, not just because Alosi did an unsportsmanlike and dirty thing but because in a year when the NFL theme is player safety, this person decides he can deliver a cheap shot on an opposing player because, well, the idea came to him.

That cheap shot could have easily caused serious injury to Carroll, who has suffered broken legs twice in his career.

It also makes me angry that no one is seriously looking at this video and finding out exactly why the Jets had six people lined up in formation along the sideline that Carroll was going to run past? You think that was a coincidence? You think that just happened because those guys wanted a better view of the action?

I have zero proof, but I believe that "formation" was premeditated by someone to gain a competitive advantage. Check the video for yourself and decide.

So where do we go from here?

Well, Alosi is suspended for the remainder of this season and his fine is indeed steep at $25,000. But I say the Dolphins should be more active in penalizing Alosi.

Look, this is going to sound strange at first but hear me out: I believe the Dolphins should inform the Jets that Alosi is suspended from being on the sideline at Sun Life Stadium for one game, the next one he is scheduled to travel with his team to Miami.

You might argue that is handing down punishment on another team's personnel. I argue it is protecting the integrity of your own sidelines, your house, not to mention sending a strong signal that Dolphins players wear numbers, not targets, and if you mess with them intentionally, you will get a response from the organization.

Even if the league balks at such a move -- and, yes, the league is contacted by all teams on all such matter before they are taken -- the Dolphins should ask the league for permission to do this. And if the league balks, then the Dolphins should announce their desire to have banned Alosi the next time the Jets come to Miami.

The league should think of it as protecting Alosi as much as anything because, I assure you, the next time he roams the sideline in Miami, he will hear the crowd's displeasure. Well, he'd hear the crowd's displeasure if Dolphins fans were a bit more emotional and indignant about what happened Sunday.




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Maybe the reason Henning has this system is because if the these cast-off second-rate players can't even execute this system, they would have even less success trying o execute anything else.

GOOD POINT deytrede , to blame henning for all what ills the dolphins is like blaming the mexican journalist for not taking her cloths off for playboy.

good point DT.

Though I'm on the bye-bye Henning bandwagon, Heartline & Fasano were wide open on those two (of many other) miserable misthrows by "The Future."

When those obvious Henne foul-uos occur, I often feel a twinge of sympathy for Henning.

Similarly, I no longer ascribe to the "The Wilcat Disturbs Henne's Rhyth" argument, at least not like I used to. I now see that they use the WC to limit Henne's ability to make critical mistakes, and because they simply do not trust him -- AND WHO CAN BLAME THEM FOR NOT TRUSTING HENNE. I surely don't anymore.

Aloco and deytreder,

Yep, I'm sure the Trifecta had a meeting and deceided with these second rate players lets implement an offense so unimaginative and vanilla that opposing defenses can tell what were doing before we even do it


I just wanted to counter the endless Henning attacks going on with another perspective as I mentioned above.

Many here defend Henne to the end, saying they can't know what he is capable of because the offensive game plan doesn't allow him to succeed. Well, that is not 100% false, but neither is it 100% true. Henne has frequently blown opportunities to make plays when all the starts were lined in his favor. The jury may still out on him, but one can't deny he has dramatically regressed this year. The more you see the wildcat, the more you realize how much the coaching staff has lost confidence in him, and let's not forget they even benched him. Don't see Henning being here next year anyway. It will be interesting to see what they do with Henne. I'd bet they'd give him up for a #2 pick.

odin, you are letting a silly comment by an opposing player dominate your thinking. One player says he knew the routes and you believe he knew ALL of them ALWAYS! Ridiculous my friend. Thats what you call chatter to get under the opposing players skin. These teams watch the film all week long, they already know 90% of what all teams are doing by the time they are ready to play them.


So Hennings logic would be this: I don't trust Henne because he is struggling and playing terrible.

Eureka, I'll use the wildcat on 1st and 2nd downs for no gain and then stick in the struggling kid on 3rd and longs. I'm only consitantly putting him in bad situations because he's playing bad! Boy oh boy I am BRILLIANT!!!!

I'll never question Hennings genius again!

Seriously Seer, whether you realize it or not, Thanks for making my argument for me-LOL!

ODIN, WHY CAN'T YOU SEE deyteder good points and your failure to absorb them .henning is also to blame but to blame only one man is to blame the mexican journalist not talking her cloth off for playboy .

Jim Rome (Jim Rome Is Burning) just roasted Alosi, Ryan and pointed to pic of Alosi and others lined up in tripping incident. Said Ryan burying ball was like something a HS coach would do. Heh, heh, heh.

Odin, I'll bet if all the coaching staffs in the NFL heard both your offensive game plan, and hennings offensive game plan, how many of them do you think would choose your game plan over Hennings? I say approximately 0.

I cannot believe this suspension is only 4 games, and to an individual man and not the Jets team. Now every team in the league can hire low-level assistant coaches to deck opposing players. There essentially is no punishment to the team. He should be banned for life. And the refs who decided not to watch the Dolphins recover Big Ben's fumble should be banned for life too.


A #2 for Henne, are you dreaming? The way Henne's been misudes here we are lucky to get a #3.

I would absolute root for Henne to go a young qb friendly system and OC to become a pro bowler. Then as our newest line of qb failures comes into to rub even more salt into all of Hennebashers wounds. LOL..............

Have no clue what you guys see but what I see is a young qb who does make young qb mistakes, complimented even greater by lack of consistent playmakers around him and a un-young qb friendly OC who has the worst play designs in the entire league.

Sure, lets bring another young qb who'll have the exact same fate in a very unfriendly young qb system. Freaking genious!

I am obsessed by yams.

I would marry a yam if the law would allow it.

These teams watch the film all week long, they already know 90% of what all teams are doing by the time they are ready to play them.

Posted by: deytreder | December 14, 2010 at 04:41 PM

I pretty much agree with your entire post!

Well except for them knowing what were going to do 90% of the time. In Dan Hennings case, I'm PRETTY SURE it's more like 99.9% of the time, Doh!

Just having some fun Deytreder. My Dolphins got a number 4 defense, just beat the wets and are poised to make a little run against the Bills and Lions!

AwRiiiight Miami!!!!

LMAO, Aloco! Yes, I blame the mexican journalist for our impotent offense.

This is one of the dumbest articles you have written. You went from being a sports writer to a 10 year old fan. Time to move on. You want integrity go after Dante Stallworth who is cashing a nice paycheck after killing someone!


Strange enough Henning seems to trust Henning just fine on our end of the 50yd line. We pass on 1st and 2nd downs on that end of the field.

Also strangely, once we cross midfield mainly when we get into the redzone or slightly out of it, that's when play calling suddenly goes run 1st and 2nd down. Then pass on third and long.

Still when on our side of the 50yd line Henne isnt horrible when given oportunity to pass on 1st or 2nd downs. All of sudden accross midfield Henning doesnt want to trust him.

If you dont trust him so badly why are you waiting until we're in 3rd and long accross midfield to have him pass? Isnt that a little backwards when you have a very young qb?

this article is at best is oky ,of course every one will agree with it .


I beg to differ. I was a head coach for 7 years. My first year we went 3-4-1. After that, we went undefeated for 3 years and only lost one game the year after. 5 straight championships.

I'm a better OC at breakfast than Hennings is all day LONG.

The sad part is, Hennings should be a lot better than an old washed up hippy High School Coach like me. He ain't!!!!

I don't care what you think, under my watch, Henne to Marshall would have a lot more than two TD's between them!!!!



Thats so untrue halfway thru the season defenses know for certain 90% of what you're going to do, unless you're a bad OC.

The really good OC design 4-5 variations of the exact same play design. So there are 4-5 different entirely different things that may come at just off of one play design alone.

At best Henning MIGHT have only 2-3 plays in his entire offensive arsenal that may even offer 2 variations he can throw at defense from one single play design. Henning is a total dinosaur as an OC.

Odin, I already knew who you would choose. I was just wondering who NFL pro coaches would choose, big difference ;)

DB, I just threw that out there, IF they could get a #2.

I here what you are saying loud and clear (mainly because you've posted it well over 100 times now). Here is the thing, you don't really believe Henning will be here next year? It's a pretty good bet we'll have a new OC. Where I disagree with you is not that Henne is not being put in the best situation, but 1. maybe the actual players are not capable of creating a better situation - just maybe it isn't 100% Hennings fault - thats all. As well, even when everything is in his favor, he seems to have regressed a lot from last year. I was 100% behind Henne going into this season, and really there are times, lots of times, he looks so inept that I have to admit I've lost some faith in him. Unless a stellar option comes our way, I'm all for giving him one more year. I agree with your perspective in that he is young, and it does take time, I just need to see a little more out of him than what I've been seeing this season.

It was an accident

Guys Im not trying to be a blind Henne supporter but you cannot be such an overly blind Henne basher either.

Basically, what Im saying there's so much Henning smoke and other various offensive issues in the way its crazy to say that you can see through all ot the clutter fock to predominantly place all of the blame on Henne alone. If the majority of it was Henne I would agree.

If the majority of the problem isnt Henne, getting rid of Henne changes absolutely nothing.

DB, yeah I believe that is what you mean. Just at times it comes off you believe 100% of the problem is the OC, which isn't very realistic. So you see, while others bash Henne to no end unfairly, perhaps you blame the OC to no end unfairly? Isn't it bit much to suggest its 100% the OC?






Armando, the Finz shouldn't suspend him from our house, matter of fact, I welcome the idea of punishing him while he is attending the game. Rite before the snap of every Jets possession, the camera should spotlight Alosi and superimpose a bright "ORANGE CRUSH" target on his chest for all the FINZFANZ to see. Keeping him away from Miami only lets him off easy....and that isn't what we want!

Guys, a couple of you try WAYYY too hard to sound like 'experts' when it's all too obvious you're anything but. You're not fooling anyone.

The fact is that anybody here would be laughed out of a NFL player or coaches meeting within two minutes and exposed as clueless.

I know that's VERY hard for some fans to accept, but it's true.

ALoco - I get a kick out of saying I am wrong, or I was wrong. Because since I am wrong so much, its better to make it fun. Some seem to be determined to only consider their own opinion, or to have the only opinion that matters.


At best Henning MIGHT have only 2-3 plays in his entire offensive arsenal that may even offer 2 variations he can throw at defense from one single play design. Henning is a total dinosaur as an OC.

Posted by: DyingBreed


This is the problem with some folks. They state opinions based on conjecture and regard them as fact. It would be incomprehensible to believe that an NFL OC with 40 years experience wouldn't have an aresnal far bigger than what was suggested above.


Let me see if I've got this straight. We have Hennites on one side and Anti-Hennites on the other, right?

"Catsup" or "Ketchup?"


Soon Bill will be home and I am wearing a pretty dress and a string of pearls in anticipation.

I made meatloaf for dinner, with canned string beans and mashed potatoes. And a big pitcher of cold milk!

Susie and Tommy and upstairs washing their hands and faces. I'll call them down in a moment, along with good old 'Sport' our Scottish Terrier. He needs his food, too!

What a perfect day outside. I saw a robin earlier and it sang to me.

I hope Bill lets me tie him up and use that battery-powered thing on him again tonight!


Show me anywhere here I said this is a fact. I said "MAY HAVE" and "MAY EVEN". LOL..............

At best Henning MIGHT have only 2-3 plays in his entire offensive arsenal that may even offer 2 variations he can throw at defense from one single play design. Henning is a total dinosaur as an OC.

Posted by: DyingBreed


This is the problem with some folks. They state opinions based on conjecture and regard them as fact. It would be incomprehensible to believe that an NFL OC with 40 years experience wouldn't have an aresnal far bigger than what was suggested above.

Posted by: deytreder | December 14, 2010 at 05:34 PM



PFT just propelled the Dolphins to #10 in their power ranking - ahead of the Bears, Indy, Packers, etc.

DB... semantics...but the mere suggestion shows that you are a bit biased in defending Henne and putting ALL the blame on Henning.

I'm not a Henning fan, but I don't think for a second he is stupid, senile, or hasn't already thought of every single suggestion ever posted on this blog. That's all. Takes good players to make coaches look good too, works both ways.

deytreder---You're making far too much sense for this blog.

There's no such thing as a coach that can win without the right players. If there was, then Belichick never would have been a 4-12 guy and Shula never would have gone fours years in the late 80s without a winning record or playoff game with the best QB in the game in his prime.

You need the right mix. Period. There is NO coach that can overcome not having that.

Henning should retire. But there is no coach that would make Henne and this patchwork and injured OL look high-octane right now. Nobody.

BY the way, not that Carey was ever an all-star or anything but where are the people who dismissed his absence as 'no big deal?'

FYI, that side of the line was ATROCIOUS without him in there---the Jets attacked it successfully all day and so will every other opponent.

You guys that get negative about certain guys and then pretend their absence doesn't hurt are blind.


I agree Carey hasn't been stellar this year but he is a good player. I don't know for certain but he came in very big this year. I know he is a mammoth human being but he looked BIG and SLOPPY this year. I'm not sure if he had an injury to boot but also looked slow. Carey was very good last year he was average this year. I think Carey is a good player and I can't say for certain if he can make the transition but he is big and a wide body. I think if he lost his explosion and athleticism to play RT he can play guard. Miami clearly needs help on the inside. They have 3 back ups in the interior at this point.

Good observation jim - that reminds of a line from a song 'sometimes you don't know what you got until its gone'

Miami is in the top 10 in sacks NOT allowed and although they lack a running game because of bad play calling and a rotation at RB where Ricky is clearly the better player. Ricky averages 4.4 a carry, Ronnie only 3.7.

I think the flawed offensive line some are pointing out is a little exaggerated. I think it should have been better this year, no doubt but it is not pourous like many are saying.

With Carey, they at least had a reasonable expectation of getting a solid (if unspectacular) effort every week.

Naturally, fans want more than that but you see the result when he's NOT in there. Far from the 'not a big deal' opinion I heard voiced by some along with the predictable 'Carey sucks' bla bla bla.

The fact of the matter the right side of the Dolphins line is a disaster right now without him.

Every team will attack it. There is nothing the Dolphins can do aside from adjusting their blocking schemes.

After the next few weeks, I think some people may miss Carey more than they imagined---even if they still want to see an upgrade there.


We would make a great CIA team in here because one think for sure is that combined we cover every forseeable angle. Without a doubt! LOL.........

Apparently Carey has had a knee injury most of the year. Maybe he came to camp overweight and because of the injury never got it under control. He is a starter caliber player though. It's not like you need a pro bowler at every position.

I see people knocking Misi in previous blogs. Gee the guy is a rookie filling some big shoes, how about giving the guy a chance to get rolling.

When you strike someone without thier permission you have:


In this case on television in front of everyone including the

Why has no arrest been made?

Mando-Why are you not making noise that Alosi must be arrested.


I agreed on both Carey and Misi. Carey is a good player. Not that this is worth a dime in football but Carey made Sports Illustrated All Pro Team last year.

Misi is sort of frustrating but I haven't given him a hard time because he is a rookie. He needs to add some serious strength in the offseason. He also needs to learn some counter moves. He tries to bull rush and then peel off on practically every pass play. His D against the run is bad but he gets a pass cause he is learning a new position in the NFL and is just a rookie.

I beleive he should be banned from football. He is not a player. The rules for him should be no different than they are for us. We could be charged for assault if we tripped someone intentionally and we hurt them. He could have impacted the outcome of the game because of that or even worse he could have ended Nolans career. Since that is the case, the coaches career should be over.

I was extremely disappointed in Mike Ditka's response to Alosi's intentional tripping of NC on the Mike and Mike show out of NY. Ditka said he didn't think the coach should be suspended. There was plenty of times I wanted to tackle someone on the opposing team if I could. There's a difference Mr. Ditka in thinking about doing something to somebody and actually carrying it out! That coach should not only be looking out for the welfare of his own players but that of the other team as well. Shame on you Ditka!

Mando- you get me tix low enough for him to hear me and I will fly down from ATL and haze this guy relentlessly the next time the J-E-T-S's are in town. He won't want to come back to Sunlife when I get done with him.....

Aloco: (@ 5:31 PM)

Very nice .

Gee, I wonder if Westhoff had anything to do with the "sideline formation" Classless Loser!

I think if we all look closely at other teams (including Mia) during punts, we may find these "formations" (where coaches and/or players are lined up in a wall) are pretty f...ing common. Now, actually tripping a guy, and getting caught on national tv, maybe not so common. My point is, I think cheap shots on the sidelines are more common than we realize. Having said that, we should ban Alosi from SunLife stadium PERMANENTLY! If your gonna' play, you gotta' pay! No soup for you!

i agree that they were standing at atteniton along the sideline exactly evenly one inch behind the white line. They were doing this to stop the gunners from running out of bounds. No doubt about it. They were instructed to stop the dolphins from being out of bounds and they did it. The buck stops with Rex Ryan. Also, no one is realizing that by tripping him it not only can cause injury but i believe the real reason is in order to get a better return for a possible touchdown out of the kick. Taking out one of the gunners certainly helps this out. That is plain cheating. That needs to be looked at and lets just not assume that he was tripping him to hurt him. I think he apologized really fast to take the fall for the Jets team if people really started to think about it.

Why did the gutless wonder go change his hat after the trip....trying to hide?

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