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The odd ties between the Falcons, Dolphins

Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days, everyone!

I want to wish you and yours the best, brightest and most prosperous days as we celebrate today, tomorrow and heading into the New Year.

Can I share some football thoughts with you?

It is about this time three years ago that the Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons, two franchises in similar terrible states, made a bold and hopeful reach for finding credibility and excellence and a new dawn to what had been a very dark night in their histories.

They both made a play for Bill Parcells in late 2007.

Before I get to that ... a little history.

These two teams seemed strangely similar for a couple of years before December of 2007. The Falcons were 7-9 in 2006. The Dolphins finished 6-10. The Falcons fired Jim Mora. Nick Saban fired the Dolphins.

The Dolphins hired Cam Cameron and the Falcons hired Bobby Petrino to coach in 2007. Neither was NFL head coach material. Both seemed overmatched. Both lost their locker rooms as the season progressed.

Neither team had a quarterback to speak of. The Dolphins cut a one-legged Daunte Culpepper and signed a diminished Trent Green. Culpepper had been a terrible mistake because Saban asked him to play despite the fact his knee would never allow him to play at a Pro Bowl level again. Green was a mistake because his concussion while with Kansas City the year before had made him a candidate for more concussions in the future.

The Falcons were dealing with their own quarterback issues and, in most respects, their issues were more serious.

Michael Vick, talented but troubled, was suspended by the NFL after he pleaded guilty to charges stemming from his now infamous dog fighting ring in Virginia. The Falcons were sunk.

Their quarterback situation was so terrible to begin the 2007 season, Petrino handed the starting job to Joey Harrington, who the Dolphins had discarded after he failed with them in 2006.

 And so as the 2007 season got underway, both teams then set off on what could be optimistically described as disasters. Neither won with any regularity and, in Miami’s case, regularity was defined as all but once.

Players on both teams quit well before the failed seasons ended. But the Falcons had the special added bonus of having Petrino quit on the players three games before the season ended so he could take the job coaching Arkansas.

Petrino left his playes a note in the locker room telling them he was cruising.


Well, let's put it kindly. It is Christmas. Cam Cameron was a mistake.

By December, Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga and Falcons owner Arthur Blank were shopping for help to fix their broken franchises. Both focused on Parcells.

Huizenga talked to Parcells first, actually, but couldn't land him because he planned to sell the team and Parcells wanted stability in ownership. So Blank swooped and had Parcells all but signed to come to Atlanta. Blank actually went to Parcells' home in Saratoga, New York expecting to get a deal signed with Parcells after the football man had told him he was ready to return to football.

But Huizenga came back and offered Parcells everything Atlanta could, plus an opportunity to be closer to his Jupiter home, plus a longer-standing relationship than the one Parcells had with Blank. Let me be clear: Parcells preferred to come to Miami the entire time. But he had initially rebuffed Huizenga when the Miami owner told him of his intention to sell the club.

It wasn't until Huizenga changed his tune and told Parcells he would keep the team that Parcells refocused his interest on Miami.

The Dolphins got Parcells and by December 20 when they announced he was hired, they were enjoying instant credibility again. The Falcons, seemingly cast aside and beaten to the punch, settled on former New England director of college scouting Thomas Dimitroff as their general manager.

Sure, everyone knew Parcells wasn’t going to be around very long because his history guaranteed as much. But no one gave the relatively unknown Dimitroff any advantage in the pairing against Miami’s new football boss.

That didn’t last.

Dimitroff signed running back Michael Turner and traded for tight end Tony Gonzalez. And when Parcells, owning the first overall pick of the 2008 draft, selected future Pro Bowl left tackle Jake Long, Dimitroff did him one better by drafting future Pro Bowl quarterback Matt Ryan.

Yes, that is hindsight. At the time, the Long pick was the more logical, safer selection. And Long might turn into a Hall of Famer some day.

But a Hall of Fame left tackle does not trump a franchise quarterback. And that is precisely what Ryan has become in Atlanta.

Both teams seemed to turn it around instantly. The Dolphins won their division with an 11-5 record in 2008. The Falcons similarly went 11-5 and made the playoffs.

But the Dolphins, benifitting from an easy schedule, were something of a mirage while Atlanta had actual staying power. Even though both teams regressed in 2009, Miami's took several steps back to 7-9 while Atlanta dropped to 9-7 while playing in the same division with the eventual Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints.

And while the Dolphins got about the business of finding their all-important QB in 2009, the Falcons were already certain Ryan was their man. They also had a good, albeit not great left tackle in Sam Baker, an Alpha wide receiver in Roddy White, and consistent pass rusher in John Abraham, and a full complement of draft picks for 2010.

The Falcons have filled in with trades and free agency, but they have really been built through the draft. That's the New England way that Dimitroff learned.

All six draft picks made the team this year. In fact, on the day teams set their initial 53 man rosters this season, the Falcons had 31 of their own draft picks on the team, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. That was fourth highest in the NFL.

The Dolphins had 21 of their own picks on their roster which was tied with the Jets for the league’s second lowest total.

The Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins – organizations that have often set the standard for how to mess up in the NFL – had the league’s lowest total of draft picks on their respective rosters. They each had 17.

And while the Falcons were building slowly and surely, the Dolphins at the start of 2010 found themselves rebuilding once again. Parcells quit as his contract allowed him to do. Huizenga had sold the team despite indications to Parcells he would not and so Parcells made his counter-move by stepping down as Miami's football czar.

It has been portrayed that Parcells walked out on the Dolphins. I would tell you if Huizenga was still the owner, Parcells would still be the football czar. Period.

No, there isn't a rift between Parcells and new owner Stephen Ross. The two men still speak but their relationship is not a friendship. They talk about the labor issues facing the league. It's business. Huizenga and Parcells were more friends.

Obviously, neither Huizenga nor Ross wanted to take the PR hit for losing Parcells immediately following an 11-5 season when they announced the sale of the Dolphins. So they gave Parcells the sweetheart deal he enjoys today of basically getting paid until the end of 2011 without really working for the team if he doesn't want to.

This year, Parcells began to use his option. He stepped back from daily operations, handing them to general manager Jeff Ireland. And now he is only a consultant. He doesn't make decisions about the team. He isn't involved in the daily grind. He doesn't have an office in the football facility in Davie and hasn't visited since he moved out, best I can gather.

Does he talk to Ireland? Sure. Does he text coach Tony Sparano? Sure. Does he tell either what to do? Nope.

And so while the Falcons are hitting their stride with their front office and coaching set up in Year Three, the Dolphins are kind of starting over with an independent Ireland and Sparano working without a Parcells net for the first time.

On the field, the differences are obvious. The Falcons are fast, they make plays, they're dynamic, and yes, they win at home. Atlanta is 6-0 in the Georgia Dome this year. They're 19-1 in their house the last 20 games.

The Dolphins are great on the road with a 6-1 record, but incredibly disappointing at home at 1-6. Miami lacks speed, dynamic playmakers on offense and special teams and even its No. 4 ranked defense needs work because it has had a chance to win -- WIN -- a couple of games this year and didn't do it. Cleveland comes prominently to mind.

The Falcons are 12-2 today, three years after they missed out on Bill Parcells. The Dolphins are 7-7 today, three years after they landed Bill Parcells.


The Falcons, by the way, are doing it with a Dolphins flavor. They have five former Dolphins coaches on their staff – offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey, offensive line coach Paul Boudreau, receivers coach Terry Robiskie, linebackers coach Glenn Pires and special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong.

In that regard also these teams are strangely connected.



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"Henning named"

Our offense has been ELECTRIC in 2010. Electric as in ELECTRIC CHAIR!

Can you spell C-A-P-I-I-T-A-L P-U-N-I-S-H-M-E-N-T??????????????????????

Got to agree with you on 1 poont Aloco....If you post under differnt names to AGREE with you for reasons only know to yourself, well theres a name for that...i'm sure you can figure out what it is....

Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!!!

CAPITOL PUNISHMENT. Guess I couldnt spell it either in the above post. LOL.............

Having Bill Cowher in Miami would be great. I believe he could do a great job...

I also believe that our fan base has regressed over the last few years. I believe that we have had an influx of young and insanely impatient young people who will run Cowher out of here within 3 years if he has not delivered 5 Superbowl's. And will call him a "Horrible Drafting Coach" if at least 15 of his first 6 draft picks are not in the Pro Bowl.

I do not BLAME some of these fans for being pissed about what has happened the last few years... I do blame them for thinking (Or allowing themselves to be convinced) that the Dolphins were going to do much without a franchise QB and an innovative OC who cannot be shut down by a cover 2 Defense and a blitz off the corner... And I blame some fans for not being able to recognize what a franchise QB looks like early on. Be they mistake makers like similar to Manning and Favre when they were young. Or Rookie sensations like Flaaco and Ryan who had what it took to start their fist season in the NFL (A VERY VERY Rare trait). In my years of watching this game I have seen less QB's then can be counted on one hand that started well in their first year. It is the elusive... "IT"... That is spoken of by those who are long tenured Reporting about or just watching football teams come and go in the NFL.

I'll say this much.... If Miami is LUCKY enough that their owner spends $20 Million to bring in Bill Cowher when he spent just shy of $100 million last year for a MLB and a WR... then they had better be ready to let it ride... learn some damn patients and allow a coach to stay here long enough to get something done.... If Bill Cowher had not been given 15 years in Pittsburgh... he would have not won a Superbowl... just a bunch of playoff games.

Keep that in mind while having "Big Chin Dreams".... Some of the issues with this team start with its whacked out fan base....

If our offense were responsible for blackouts we would have white-outs instead.

Steve @ 9:18...outstanding post....somebody has to be the voice of reason.....Others have brought some of those points....and until I read them hear i had never considered that coaches who have won SB MAY not still have that fire...but there is a reason NO COACH in the history of the NFL has won the SB with 2 differnt teams......I want an experinced coach who hasn't won and has something to prove to everybody.....HERM EDWARDS gets my vote.....

Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!!!!

is dying breed works for the herald ?


When's the last time we had a HC who could at least win a bunch of playoff games. Even those would seem like SB wins right now.

We havent had a HC to win a playoff game since Shula. Even quite a few year had past since just such event happened under Shula before his ouster.

Its funny Dolphins fans talking about all of the playoffs wins, conference championship losses, and only one SB trophy on Cowher's resume like it sucks. I think its been 20yrs since we've had even one playoff win.

Im now wondering who's been asleep at the switch longer. The nitwits who have been running this insane asylum or some of its fans. LOL.....................

Armando...best article I have ever read on this blog....Thanks for the recent history lesson...If we (Ross) doesn't know it...then we (Dolphins) will repeat it.....No only is Atlanta like our estranged brother...they also beat us like step-children every time we go head to head......

I think its time the NFL recognizes that BP won NOTHING without Belicheck...but Belicheck has 3 More rings to his resume without any CONSULTATION from BP......

Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!!


The answer as to why no coach has yet to win SB's with 2 diffrent teams.

Most lost SB game with the first team(See Shula; Colts). Or Gruden Raiders

Lost SB appearance with 2nd team(See Bill Parcells; Pats). Mike Holmgren Seahawks/JJ Dolphins

Bottomline is many coaches havent attempted it period. Cowher will only be the 5th HC to attempt it as HC of a new team.

If Gruden lands as HC next season it will be his 2nd attempt to win a SB with a totally different team.

gruden isn't a great coach , sparano will be a better fit .

ALoco once said that "TUNA WAY IS THE ONLY WAY"....and I agreed......

I'd like to withdraw that concurrence, and replace the name Tuna with Belicheck......Belicheck way is the only way!!! He is years ahead of this division and quite possibly the NFL.....in a one game playoff system he not win it all, but would anyone not bet on him taking 2-3 against any team in the AFC.....lucky for us the system is in the other 31 teams favor....

Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!

Belichick was also hadned over a team 2 season shy of a SB loss by Parcells. Belichick could have gone back to the SB with Drew Bledsoe. Brady's emergence only made Bledsoe expendable. That defense was the rock of all 3 SB titles.


I don't doubt that your right in your assesment as to why NO COACH has won 2 SB with differnt teams.....but what ever the reason....it has NEVER been done.....So I will play the ODDS and get me a coach with experinece with something to prove....I think Herm Edwards is ready for another shot...and with all the crap he talks he knows he has something to prove.

Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!



You arn't seriously trying to discount the excellence that Belicheck has brought to the Patriots and NFL over the past decade are you....to include an 11-5 season with his back-up QB...not even you would try to make an argument against that...or try and give BP credit where no credit is due....that would be a futile argument and you gotta know that.

Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!


kris you cant tell me without some serious doubt that bill belicheck would have been just as successful without Tom Brady than he would have with him. Matt Cassel has proven to be pretty reliable but if you think the pats wouldve been better off without brady and just as dangerous, Theres no mistaking that that thinking would've been almost laughable....

Matt Ryan would have been a great draft pick and the Fins should have taken a tiny risk in drafting the best quarterback in the draft rather than a solid pick in left tackle. Much easier to find a left tackle in free angency than a great quarterback.

If anyone says, "well there was no guarantee Matt Ryan would have suceeded in the NFL" never watched BC through the years. Every BC fan knew he would be great. Biggest disappointment in the Parcells era.

Well, i'll just end by saying Bill Belicheck knows how to get the right personal for his team and IS one of the best coaches to coach the game...I just wish miami would attack offseasons and playing styles like the pats seem to do every year, its even more funny to hear fans up there as spoiled as they act GET frustrated when they lose 5 games all season long and consider it a failure. But miami has never been spoiled with crap like that becuase a lot of fans have just accepted mediocrity around here *like me*, Dead Henning has accepted it, Tony Strapono has accepted it, The owner is still in a wait and see approach, and the players are pretty much in a stagnant position when it comes to winning and losing.........Shouldnt we expect more from this team AND MORE from the personal and coaches instead of expecting less for next year.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS To Everyone!!!!

We need a new gm if nothing else...a solid low budget choice would be Bill Rees.

What kills me on sparano is that he gives more credit to the teams he loses to rather than his own teams mistakes. Im sorry, but if im fighting for the playoffs and I have to win out. Losing to teams like buffalo, and cleveland @ Home is inexcusable, indefensable and someone needs to answer for that after this season. Mainly the HC since he should be the head man.

God help this coaching staff if they should lose to another woeful team in detroit at home who just broke one of the longest losing streaks on the road in a franchises history. If Sparono didnt think the heat he is getting was that bad then, just wait if they should lose sunday.

Merry Christmas to all!

Great blog entry Mando. Merry Xmas to all.

It's all about the front office,in 2008 Matt Ryan was the top pick (period). Parcell's and company BLOW IT!!! They didn't want to hang there hat on a QB with there first BIG pick for the Dolphin's. That was a horrible mistake,and that mistake just keeps on giving.
That about says it all. Mr Ross well change (fire) the GM, and the head coach.I can't even or don't want to say there names...
It's all about LEADERSHIP.1 in 1000 well lead men,the other 999 well follow women.Let's step up Mr ROSS.

Doe's anyone remember the last time the Dolphins won a playoff game?, I think it was the 97 season, they beat Seattle, Can anyone confirm this, I have a hundred Dollars riding on it.

are we the only NFL team without a 2 minute offense????? make mike nolan the head coach and let him start assembling his staff.

we had better personnell and much larger payroll than cleveland and buffalo but manage to lose to both on our field. its unacceptable. sparano needs to coach a high school team somewhere.

Greg, Last time the fins won a playoff game?

Merry Christmas Finatics!!!

One thing that seems to be always overlooked in the blog, Parcells was NEVER the HC of the fins. We all just 'assumed' since he was at the top Ireland and Sparano were merely puppets. I don't think that is an accurate assumption. He knows as well as anyone a coach can't perform on puppet strings. I'm sure he was seriously involved in the beginning, but I also have to think that from the get go ireland and sparano DID play their significant roles. Being a GM is not the same as being a HC. Regardless of the Belichek arguments (certainly valid) the fact is with Parcells stearing the ship, he turned around NY, NE and Dallas pretty quickly. You don't just win a SB, takes even the best many years to return, but winning playoff games and getting to conference championship games is quite significant and should not be overlooked. However, it seems the more info that comes out, the more we see Sparano is and really always was the HC. Regardless of BP being the granddaddy overseeing things, just not the same as having him do what he does best, and that is coach. It's been awhile since we actually had a likable coach, and that is Sparano, so naturally we want to see him succeed. But remember the HC is in charge of OC, DC, ST and needs to be responsible and take responsibility for what they are doing and how they are doing it. I see a team that has regressed 2 seasons in a row now...I say 'team', because while the D has clearly improved (thanks to Nolan) the Offense and ST have clearly deteriorated. 1 - 6 at home? Losing embarrassingly to Cleveland and Buffalo with the playoffs on the line? It's not like they lost gallantly, they lost pathetically. I have to give thumbs down on Sparano at this point. He still has his training wheels on and just doesn't appear to be the kind of HC that can lead ALL aspects of the team or match wits with the better HC's out there.

superphin's ignorance is at it's worth when he talks coaches .

0x80, What do you think about a coaching change?, and whgo should it be?

Coalition, while I agree stability is important, I also believe its wise to recognize quickly when its not longer wise to invest in something. So, yes, I was behind Sparano for sometime and now I no longer have confidence he will ever be on par with the elite coaches in this league.

Who should it be? I do question whether some of the previous SB winning coaches will have the fire and drive to stick it out long enough to bring another championship. If I could personally interview all of the obvious candidates, maybe I'd have a better idea. I'll leave that up to Mr. Ross. Let's see what he can do, remember he is a serious sports fan too, not like he doesn't see all the things we do. I'm not opposed to another 1st time HC though.

Good Post 0x80.

0X80, I hear ya, Those saying that a coach that's won a super bowl with one team has never won one with another is just stupid, First of all it's gonna happen and (I forgot who coined it on this blog) But Why not us??????, Get rid of the fist pumper and lets just regroup, I've been a fin fan since my daddy got me a baby jersey when I was 3, which was when the fins were inaugurated, 1966.I can last a few more years.

Yea, well the comparison ends where Atlanta didn't build their team depth with Cowboy castoffs. They don't draft or play safe or scared. Show some nads Ireland & Sparano. Oh, & Happy Holidays everyone!

Ok. Three things I feel compelled to point out:

1) Quit dissin' the Browns. With their new front office, they offer more promise than Miami's.
2) The other 700+ word guy is right...we need a franschise quarterback. I disagree that it is hit in miss, if you are good at scouting and using the player according to his strengths....
3) Which leads me to your comparison...The key change to the Falcons was hiring someone from the Patriots who knew how to properly assess players. And that is what Miami hasn't done for over ten years.

Feliz Navidad, Prospero Ano Felizidad (Yeah, I know you're Cuban not Mexican...close enough though?)

Merry Christmas! Talk to Cole. He thinks we need Cowher. I think we need the next Dimitroff. No coach that has won a Super Bowl has won another with a different team.

Thinking to myself...

It must be the curse of 72'...

Why else? The Dolphins sold their team's soul to Beezelbubbah in exchange for perfection and well... ever since then?


p.s. PLEASE change back to the original Dolphin's logo. It'll help I'm sure.

Wait, Mando, you state that Ryan came in with a decent LT. Had he come here, who would have blocked for him? The previous however long since Richmond Webb left us, our QB has been running for his life. I remember year in, year out, bitching about how we couldn't get anything done, because the O line sucked so bad. Coming here would have turned Matty Ice into Joey Harrington. Add to the running scared issue, the fact that he plays so much better in a dome, who is to say that he would do much of anything here? He has had a better Running game, with Turner, Snelling, and Norwood, he has had a better receiver corps, a better O line(across the board), and a better TE. His problem has been a weaker D. We have concentrated on the D. Clearly they are no longer the problem. This off season should see an attempt to better our O.

Happy Holidays to all

And here's to hoping that the Dolphins improve greatly and soon!

crossing my fingers for this new year!

Happy Holidays Dolfans (I guess others too)! Season's greetings, enjoy your day, our collective present probably won't come on Sunday (unless Dan Henning retires early).

I hear you Mando, but the past is the past. Nothing we can do about it now. Mistakes have been made by this organization going all the way back to the end of the Marino-era (not prepping the next QB when we knew Marino was reaching the end of his career).

But I still think we're taking baby steps in the right direction. A few more pieces and we'll be the talk of the NFL.


First off best wishes for a great Christmas to Armando and family
Parcells was the one that wasted a 2nd on Pat White, amongst other dubious picks. Perhaps Ireland, w/o Parcells watching over his shoulder and dictating will actually know what he is doing. Problem is we either have to (1) stay with Henne, (2) draft a project (given where we will draft, remember we have no 2nd to package to move up) (3) sign a free agent - choices look like Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb or (maybe) Kyle Orton or trade for one of the above if not an FA or Kevin Kolb which will cost at least a 1st rounder, if not a 1st and Henne.

I'm telepathically sending the Miami Dolphins team some aggression for Christmas. So hopefully the team starts quickly (not start playing in the 3rd quarter down 10 points). For Henning to actually try to score first and as many times as possible during the game without playing conservatively. To Sparano to overrule a 1st and 20 run play up the middle. To Henne to read a friggin' defense correctly and make the right, ACCURATE pass. Please Santa, make it happen!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and fellow Dolphin fans :)

I am really looking forward to Jan 2nd 2011 4:01 pm.

In anticipation of this date I have assembled the following.

One G.I. Joe action figure altered to look like Dan Henning...added a clip board and enlarged its head for the added brain capacity.

One working minnie Chopping block/Guillotine with basket to catch the head.

Gonna be a great year

Soiled :)

Dolphins brass needs to stop being lazy and hiring the biggest available name out there to run the team. Name recognition (JJ - Parcells - Saban) to solve the problem has completely failed. Find guys who know how to draft and are creative. It's amazing that being in the same division with New England and watching how they do it year after year has not rubbed off on the Dolphins. Parcells and his "blueprint" was a bad idea from the get go. His Dallas team accomplished nothing while he was there and is now sub .500 so history now shows the job he did there was highly overrated. While he improved the Pats and Jets while he was there they won exactly ZERO Super Bowls so why all the hype about this guy as a franchise builder? I know the Jets fell right back to sucking after a quick peak under Parcells much like the Dolphins have done after that first 11-5 season.
Taking a bad team that has some high drafts picks, a couple easy games with the last place schedule and improving it to a team that makes the playoffs and loses in the first round is not that difficult. It has happened many times in the NFL. Parcells deserves props as a coach but as the guy to run your franchise....I don't think so.

bills will improve next year
pats,will continue their marsh
jets,will improve

WHy mr ross doesn't save his money next year and keep the coaches in place but hire OC AND QB COACH AND ST COACH.

or wait 3 years until brady is done playing .
just a thought,for sure the team will make money this way w/89 million payroll .

happy christmas to all .

also amazing how the Dolphins were so exciting with Shula and Marino but have been completely boring under Johnson, Wanny and Saban - a cmplete joke under Cameron and now back to completely boring under Sparano.

also amazing is how this 30-something is playing with his nephews' Iron Man action figures.

Where did my childhood go?

The Dodsworths would like to wish all our Gentile friends a very Merry Christmas!

The Dodsworths would like to wish all our Jewish friends fine dining today at Chinese restaurants!

The Dodsworths would like to wish all our Muslim friends wisdom in differentiating good from evil, civilization from barbarism, and Zionism from nihilism.

The Dodsworths are having 25 people over for Christmas in our modest, yet palatial home.


Armando, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

A couple of points....I don't believe the mess that Dimitroff took over in Atlanta was as bad as what Parcells and company took over in Miami. Secondly, Atlanta has done a much better job drafting and through free agency than we have. There's stability on their team and they're not shuffling guys in and out and doning a patchwork job on their OL. Lastly, Mike Smith and staff have done a much better job coaching than Sparano and company. No question. It's not a coincidence that one team is 12-2 and the other is 7-7. One team is competing for a championship and the other doesn't know what direction they are heading.....so sad!

And Armando, I'm not convinced Parcells would still be there is Huizenga still owned the team. He seems to get bored awfully easily from all situations.

Parcels is nothing but a walking super ego (in his own mind of course), waiting for that next paycheck, period. How sad to compare 2 teams that were alike and now, one dominates, the other, well ....
Does anyone want to buy a Dolphins-Detroit ticket for tomorrows game?

The Dodsworths post above shows they are apparently too ignorant to see that their comments are both derisive and offensive to others, even if meant in fun, or they are just insensitive. Their type of fun is only ugly and serves to illuminate the sadder side of humanity.

The Dodsworths would like to apologize to Qali for sinful pride - i.e. "our modest, yet palatial home."

Other than that, The Dodsworths stand by every word in their previous post.


Nathaniel and Veronica Dodsworth

Dear Veronica & Nathaniel Dodsworth

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :)

I just read a the review of your last post.

"Their type of fun is only ugly and serves to illuminate the sadder side of humanity."

Even though this critic gave you a thumbs down, I decided to read your post anyway.

I was thoroughly enthralled through the whole post and would recommend this post to all my friends

Soiled :)

Thank you, Soiled. As the Gnostic Gospels state, "As from coal ye shall reap diamonds, thou shalt turn soiled bottoms into myrhh."

Some observations on Christmas Day:

1) "The patience of Job" is a misnomer. Job was anything but patient. Job challenged God. The genius of the Jewish religion is that it encourages one to revere and worship The Almighty, yet to struggle with Him ("Israel" = struggle with God).

2) Most people recognize that Jesus was not born on December 25th. (The shepherds wouldn't be tending their flocks on December 25th.) You could therefore make a case that the most significant thing to happen on December 25th was the Dolphins beating the Chiefs in 1971 in the longest game ever played.

3) The believer has to account for the suffering of innocent people due to hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. The atheist has to account for everything else.

Additionally, I specifically did not mention rape or molestation. The church has a great handle on that already and have been excellent in concealing over 95% of their abuses. Today we celebrate!

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