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The third QB? Might be Ronnie Brown

The Dolphins have but two quarterbacks -- Chad Henne and Tyler Thigpen -- on the active roster.

So what happens in a game, including Sunday's against the Cleveland Browns, if the unexpected happens and the Dolphins have to go to a third QB? (By the way, the unexpected happened already on Nov. 14 when starter Chad Pennington blew out his shoulder in the first series and then Chad Henne suffered a day-ending knee injury in the third quarter.)

Well, after they waived Patrick Ramsey this week, the Dolphins have been working on figuring out their options.

"We have a couple of different alternatives," coach Tony Sparano said today. "We've done some work out there on the practice field, so we'll so how it goes. Obviously one of the things would be if we only had the two guys, then Ronnie [Brown] would be involved in some of that."

That's a possibility. Brown is a running back by trade. He is not a quarterback. But he's played the part, even this year in that Tennessee game, when he took QB snaps out of the Wildcat package. One supposes if both Henne and Thigpen go down, Brown could close out the game in a pinch.

It's not optimal, but it is possible. Brown has one pass attempt this year.


The Dolphins have former Denver QB Tom Brandstater on the practice squad. He's gotten some work in practice this week, mostly with the scout team. He is an option, but that would mean the Dolphins must sign him to the active roster by Saturday.

At least he would be more of a passing threat. That's in case, you know, the Dolphins need to throw the football.



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In a week or two Miami will be out of the playoffs. Will that make all this blogging thats been done a complete waste of time? Or is it just a complete waste of time anyway?

This game is gonna be dependant on which henne shows up. I hope its the henne from the tennesee game and not the pats or the jets game. I think he felt too much pressure for those games. He's the type of QB that the less pressure the better he plays.
I thinhk the phisn will beat the browns pretty handidly. Go Phins!!


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I've made my own a few times but I've yet too master it.

Me and my Dad come down to Gainesville every year for the NHRA's Gator Nationals. I might have to take you up on the Becks then.

The same nutcase (as usual) has posted with at least a dozen different names. Same guy. He's not a Dolphin fan, but a pathetic weasel that hides behind a keyboard trying to get attention. He is not over 5'4" Guaranteed!!!!!So don't reply, or in anyway acknowledge this piece of dung. He knows who and what he is (short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Odin, made from honey, right? Didn't get up to Gainesville last year, not a bad drive,about 2 hrs north. Yeah, ain't nothing in the world like top fuel dragsters at night.

There are no gimmes in the NFL.


When Carlito was calling out Armando, I kind of took his side and was dropping F bombs and making personal attacks on some bloggers.

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So then I threw some F bombs an personal attcks at Armando(about a page worth).

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After that, there were a couple of E-mails exchanged, but they were not offensive and turned out to be very "productive".

There was another "altercation" before that. I called him live on a Radio show. He was taking calls about LaGarrette Blount punching that guy and getting suspended.

He knew it was me too because I called in as odin from Hiawatha. Anyway, a long story short, we got into on the air that time and he ended up hanging up on me-LOL!

Yeah, me and Armando go "WAY back"!

Miami -4.5 seems about right, on paper.

What is mead? I might go for it.

every thing odin said is true..carlito was a man for all men ,stood his ground vs armando and to give armando a credit he didn't ban carlito ,he kind of liked him too .

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I remeber Aloco.

You were posting Odin Carlito why you don't make peace w/Armando

I think Armando just relized we are passionate fans and just got carried away.

He gave us a good break.

Heineken is like the Dan Marino of Beer!!!!

Clevelands fullback is 6-0 250, Hillis is 6-0 240.

We got to stop them before they can get going.

Misi and Wake have to set the edge and watch for Cribbs on the reverse!

Marshall and Wallace are going to kill their short secondary!




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News Flash:

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Jets safety Jim Leonhard breaks leg during practice now out for season.

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Mr. Bottoms,

Great post about the BLOG FAMILY" ....as dysfunctional as it is WE all have a common goal, whats crazy is that almost every one's vision on how to get their is completley different. Thats what makes this thing fun...thats what makes this thing so frustrating....thats what makes this so addicting. :)

Aw shucks Marc...............

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oscar, my favorite is the crab meat made w/alaska red king crab meat plus i got 15 oysters to fry tomorrow w/corn meal .

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Blogs are certainly addicting. My recommendation, I don't know yet what to do about it.

Yeah, yeah, ALoco but with who no sleep.

OK...end on a football note......Would love to see the offense open up, and not in the cliche "i hate Henning".....but in the sense that I would like like to see Moore and Wallace ALONG side of Marshall as OPPOSED to INSTEAD of Marshall.

Because we beat average to less than average teams I am confident we get the "W" against the Browns.......The question shoudn't be can we win? the question should be..by HOW MUCH can we win?

Sporano and Henning should use these next two games to fine tune this "O" to get ready for the jets...

They should hold nothing back....give them plenty to prepare for....plenty to think about

My small hole has never been trespassed so I have to take care of it.

Good Night, People.

KRIS, we will for sure see moore on sunday. winning vs a QB who played 2 games the whole year w/7 INT and one TD .sean smith and davis won't sleep dreaming of the INT's .

He is ripe for the picking Aloco....I want to see a dominating performance....40 points man....40 points

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Wonder who that was, LOL

You gals have fun

Miami will be 4-1 in the next 5 weeks! Loss will be to Buffalo.

kris - nice line about the 'tell'.

aloco - do you ever get up to Seattle? If so, there is a hot spot restaurant Etta's, the most insane crab cakes seriously. Elegant, big chunks of crabmeat, they are nothing like those cheapo fried breadcrumbs with crabmeat buried underneath. Also..Heineken is to sweet for my tastes. I like various micro brews but I'm still stuck on Becks, try a cold one in a frosty mug.

Football - glimmer of hope the Jets lost an important cog in their D. Its a long shot, but maybe they fade from here and we actually put together an unheard of winning streak.

Where is the nut job D C Dolfan with his novels. Are D C Dolfan and Kris sisters?

Kris I saw you mention twice that we have two games before the wets.

The wets game follows this game against Cleveland.

I used to wake up half drunk and hungover in Cleveland all the time. Well, I used to wake up half drunk and hungover in a lot of cities.

What I mean is, I would start partying in Chicago and wake up in Cleveland. The first time was like wow! Some party.
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Home, Home is deranged

Home, Home is deranged

odin, loved the song man! btw, whats going on with the 3 missing kids in MI! its obvious the dad offed them....do i need to come up there and make him talk? has he been extradited yet?


All I know is that this is a bad one. He's already in custody in Michigan so he won't be technically extradicted, just transfered to the proper jurisdiction.

I don't know about prisons anywhere else, but here in Michigan the guards will feed him to the level 3's like they did Jeffery Dahmer in Wisc. The people that found him after his suicide attempt should have finished the job.

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