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The third QB? Might be Ronnie Brown

The Dolphins have but two quarterbacks -- Chad Henne and Tyler Thigpen -- on the active roster.

So what happens in a game, including Sunday's against the Cleveland Browns, if the unexpected happens and the Dolphins have to go to a third QB? (By the way, the unexpected happened already on Nov. 14 when starter Chad Pennington blew out his shoulder in the first series and then Chad Henne suffered a day-ending knee injury in the third quarter.)

Well, after they waived Patrick Ramsey this week, the Dolphins have been working on figuring out their options.

"We have a couple of different alternatives," coach Tony Sparano said today. "We've done some work out there on the practice field, so we'll so how it goes. Obviously one of the things would be if we only had the two guys, then Ronnie [Brown] would be involved in some of that."

That's a possibility. Brown is a running back by trade. He is not a quarterback. But he's played the part, even this year in that Tennessee game, when he took QB snaps out of the Wildcat package. One supposes if both Henne and Thigpen go down, Brown could close out the game in a pinch.

It's not optimal, but it is possible. Brown has one pass attempt this year.


The Dolphins have former Denver QB Tom Brandstater on the practice squad. He's gotten some work in practice this week, mostly with the scout team. He is an option, but that would mean the Dolphins must sign him to the active roster by Saturday.

At least he would be more of a passing threat. That's in case, you know, the Dolphins need to throw the football.



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SCREW CLEVELAND!!!!!! Again!!!!

amen odin!!! amen.....

I'll be the third QB if they want.

bob dole, would you be throwing with your good hand, or the one that has the pen permanently stuck in it????

is le bron james going to be walking the sidelines for miami???? that would be cool!!!

Cocoajoe the tough guy who sits his fat butt at a bar stool every afternoon sucking down potato chips and beer ?? Fat , drunk and stupid is no way to live life ! The " norm " of south florida !!

FYU, you ever been to SoFlo???

Patrick Turner finally has his breakout year for Dolphins. Breaks Jim Leonhard's shin in wr safety collision during Jet practice. Leonhard out for remainder of season.

Finally, way to go big PT!!!

DB, EFFFF THE jets! GO FINS!!!!! Browns lose, jets lose Monday!

FYU, no response? You pick on cocoajoe and have no response for me.....???? constructive criticism is fine but insults are not! cocoajoe is not a bad guy, now say youre sorry.....

yes mando! the 3rd qb might be RB, and Jared Odrick was coming back in 2 weeks! which i told you and the blog, was impossible!

Boulder makes a good point, surely we can't use the wildthig now in case thig gets injured. Redsky odrick did come back after 4 weeks or so but broke his foot. Injury prone...?

trev, my point was that odrick was going to be out for a longer time....see, what happens when you injure yourself like that, is you overcompensate with other parts of your body.....so you stress other parts to lessen the pressure of your injury! we have all done it, if you think about it.....most of us get away with it, but an NFL player can't! there is constant stress on the injury, so we really have to appreciate when they play injured! just a thought!

Miami fans everywhere! these next five games should be exciting, (if) we win out, go 11-5. and get some help then we should make it to the playoffs. ???. My question is! do we want N.E or NYjets to win this week? I would think N.E, but thats just me. Go Miami, whats up redsky!

Where is HOME?

Now that there are so many capable WR's I'd like to see a 4-wide package on a couple of occasions with Marshall & Wallace on the outside & Bess/Hartline in the slot.


TURD, where's moore on your list ? but i like wallace at 6.4" on the list .

This place is no good without Super Dolphin Fan, Home

ALoco is talking to a turd?

I'd like to see Moore in the mix. I just went with the WR's I knew would be active.

After reading the article I realized that R. Brown is very important to the fins and I think they will sign him in the offseason this could be the end to R. Williams. I have also been reading all of the mock drafts for the fins lately and everyone has us taking M. Ingram. I hope this does not happen. As I have stated before we need to trade down to get that 2nd rounder back and start building the OL. I really think Ingram is going to be a disappointment. I would rather get Leshoure. But there are so many routes we could go with the 1st RD. We may go CB? our dime CB's havent exactly been stellar. Maybe DL or DT? I dont see the need for WR or QB for that Fact (Chad we support you dont prove us wrong). This draft is going to be fun bc I think we have a much better chance of making the playoffs next year. By the way I have a feeling V. Carey may either have a position change or a new team next year.

I'd also consider lining Wallace up as a TE. If the TE isn't going to block Wallace would be a faster option to stretch the middle of the field than Fasano. He would have to have some huge stones to take some hard shots though. Not sure the rookie would be ready for that. He seems to be pretty physical on special teams.

Good idea BK. How about drafting or signing a good FA RT & moving Carey to LG next to Jake Long. Reminds me of the Webb/Simms combo.

BK...Veron Carey needs to GO! I know he got paid...and now he is soft....give little to no effort....and has killed drives by whiffing on blocks...sometimes 3 straight plays....He is the weakest link in this average OL.....Hopefully he has some trade value cause I am tired of seeing players walk without compensation

Odin....I stand CORRECTED..and you are indeed right...browns then jets.....was really hoping for 2 tune up games before we got down to buisness....oh well...you got to play whose in front of you....it just got more exciting....earlier.....

Also, BK....I was thinking the samething about R.Brown....he does so many of the little and BIG things that we need to win. The problem is that he is an average RB...the main thing we pay him for....I will have mixed emotions when he signs with somebody else next year....just hope its not NE....they will turn him into an effective 1,000 yard rusher and 7-9 TD....could care less if he signs with the jets...don't think they have developed any one....the players just kinda play.

Marc...you posted YOUR thoughts and opinions on here yesterday and took a lot of crap for it....don't let that get to you....This BLOG has got to be about diversity and intelligence.....I said it before and I will say it again....If EVERYBODY is thinking the samething then NOBODY is thinking....

We must be able to come on here put their opinions out there in cyberspace and be judged accordingly......Lets debate...lets agree, lets disagree....

They're will always be TROLLS out there whose only goal is to start SHYT.....but for the most part this blog has continued to get better.....kinda like the FINS

in the words of Aloco: why I feel like somebody is talking to HISSELF?

Cause I am......time to get some chores accomplished.....later FIN FANS.

Henne goes down again the season is officially over, so it wouldn't matter IMO.


Someone posted about having Roberto Wallace converted in a TE. That may actually be a good idea he has the body type of a Antonio Gates just imagine the possibilities. And I do believe he can block. That way you can get a speed receiver to compliment everyone else

In looking at the schedule of the four teams we're chasing, NE, NYJ, Pitt, Bal, the easiest schedule goes to Pittsburgh with three losable games. The other three teams have four of five losable games.

So to answer an earlier question you want to root for the Jets and Steelers this weekend. I know that's blasphamy but here's why. NE already has a division loss and one more conference loss than the Jets. So if we were to finish tied with NE at 11-5 that would mean we would give them their third division loss and would win the tie breaker. As for Pittsburgh their relatively easy schedule makes it less likely they could be overtaken.

Bottom line, if we were to win out we would have a better than 50/50 shot.

Henne Penny will come back to earth and throw 3 ints, Chandler will kick 4 FG and the Dolphins will lose 24 12

Totally agree about rooting for the yets? If we win out! if we win out will have a 4-2 div record. with some help and alot of Payer!!! Go Miami I like their odds. If you look at Coach Sparano's locker room speach after the Oakland game Vernon Carey does not look like he's into the celebration, Look Close. Vernon Carey is THE weak link on this line, Sparano has to see this, Ya Think????

andy, c ct dolfan

andy, c ct dolfan

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FYU, no response? You pick on cocoajoe and have no response for me.....???? constructive criticism is fine but insults are not! cocoajoe is not a bad guy, now say youre sorry.....

Posted by: redsky | December 04, 2010 at 01:42 AM

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