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Sparano: Henne didn't grade out poorly

Tony Sparano will meet with his players at approximately 1 p.m. today and go over what happened during Sunday's 34-27 loss to Detroit. He will tell them what everyone knows: The Dolphins did not finish well and the result was turning a 10-point lead with five minutes to play into a seven-point loss.

But one thing Sparano will tell his team most of us -- certainly me -- overlooked: Chad Henne didn't play terribly.

During his 14-minute Monday press conference, the Dolphins coach said quarterback Chad Henne did not grade out poorly.

Let that marinate for a second.

Henne completed 29 of 44 passes for 278 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs for a 72 quarterback rating in a 34-27 loss to the Detroit Lions. He had a QB rating over 100 through three quarters. His fourth-quarter rating was like the Boston weather the Dolphins are about to experience Sunday when they play New England -- in the 20s.

But in grading the film, Miami's coaching staff came to the conclusion Henne wasn't as bad as everyone believed because the player got "only" six minuses. And that is his all-time best as the Dolphins starter.

"In two years it's his lowest," Sparano said. "Two years. I thought at the time the guy was throwing the ball into the wind really well. You guys were out there watching it. I don't know that you know the conditions and what it was like out there but they were pretty stiff during the course of that game. I thought he threw the ball pretty well at times and he completed whatever it was, 66 percent on the day. He had one or two of them that got away from him -- the deep ball to Brandon [Marshall] on the right sideline going into the end zone that he maybe overthrew a shade and a couple of locations. But other than that, it really came down to the last five minutes we didn't finish the game."

That is all true. All of it. Dead on accurate in every detail and fact.

But I think the truth is more important than the facts. So I want to know the truth. And I wanted to know if Sparano believed his quarterback, who was being serenaded with "Henne sucks" chants from the home crowd, played well against Detroit.

"We didn't finish the game in the last five minutes and he threw a couple of interceptions but other than that, one of the interceptions is not his, Armando," Sparano answered, no doubt wishing death upon me. "So yeah, I kind of think on the game, as a whole, when you grade the film, he didn't play poorly. Absolutely didn't play poorly."

Now, you may read theories elsewhere that Sparano was simply spinning the truth so as to not throw Henne under the bus. Not true. When the quarterback stinks rotten, Sparano doesn't defend him anymore. Shouldn't, actually. This is big-boy football and it's time for Henne to grow up.

On this occasion, the coach simply was trying to correct the perception of a terrible game by Henne because that's what the player's grade actually shows. And that's what he would then tell the team. And if he tells the media one thing and the team another, it ruins his credibility with his players.

So Sparano said that which is hard for some people to be convinced about: Henne wasn't awful Sunday.

Look, you don't have to like it. I don't. You know I no longer believe Henne is Miami's future at QB. And I also wouldn't give Henne a pass on that second INT that was returned for a TD because on the play, he had the choice of throwing to five different receivers and he picked the only one that was bracketed while not serving up an opportunity to the three facing man-coverage or Brandon Marshall against a zone.

Yet, the grade is the grade. And the grade did include some negative plays.

"That [first] interception was a combination of a few things," Sparano explained. "One, the decision wasn't great on the interception. Let me say this: First of all, Chad Henne probably, not probably, he only had six minuses out of the entire football game. One of them was on that play particularly and it was a combination of two or three things that happened. The tight end didn't sit down and he kind of drifted on him and they end up getting the ball in the short end of the field. We stop them, but we gave up field goal.

"We have a receiver open. He's open at the sticks and falls down. Slips. The ball ends up in [the defender's] hands. We're going to the right place with the football. He's throwing in the right area. The receiver falls down and they pick it off and we miss three tackles on the play."

I guess I got a football lesson today. A player can stink for five minutes and still not have his entire body of work in a game get slimed. So Henne maybe didn't play well when one considers the entire body of work. But he wasn't terrible, either, according to Miami coaching grades.


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Here's the problem even if you believe this nonsense. Henne did nothing to win the game, he's the QB and he didn't make a play above himself like you expect a QB to do.

He wasn't bad, and slippery feet bess did not help matters he stays upright the pass is caught or incomplete.



Yeah jimmy how silly of us we all know qb's just will stuff, even when they have a one second protecto line and a two yards and a cloud of failure run game.

Actually Henne was playing well until we put the ball in hands when the game was on the line. Once the injuries mounted on the line, the running game went south. Do you guys see the theme? I have said it since training camp. This team is not built to have Henne throw it 40 times a game. He cannot do it without making the big mistake. This is who Henne is. I'm sure that he has the lowest quarterback rating in the 4th quarter. This is what is troubling. These games are close, and we cannot have the most important player on the field playing like a scared schoolyard boy. We have pointed the finger in every direction as to the failures on the offense. At some point in the game of spin the blame game bottle. The bottle points to the quarterback. If you guys want a quarterback that gets it done in quarters 1-3 then shrnks in the spotlight cool. I cannot support this kind of play anymore.

Shags, did you watch the game ? Doesn't seem like it. You probably liked jay Fiedler also.


Actually i think that the defense is the unit that needs less fixing.


Out of that, i think you are correct, but forgot 1 player.

HENNE: you can't throw a pick 6 in the 4th qrter.

So, because the coaching staff was able to shoehorn in a non-poor grade for Chad Henne, that means somehow he did not play poorly?

I'm sorry, but when you've got to resort to the kind of spin that is usually reserved for politicians in order to sell your quarterback, you have lost, big time.

As I listened to the last 8 minutes or so of the game, I called Henne's two picks almost perfectly; the second one, I was one throw off before it occurred. When you have a QB who is that predictable in throwing INT's you don't have a star-quality, starting-caliber QB.

End of story, really.

Henne played okay until his o-line fell apart again. I`m not certain one way or the other with Chad,but when we see a legitemate offensive line we`ll all know what he can do.

Yeah i did Jimmy. you guys are ruthless as well as clueless if you think this is all on henne.

Henne "only had six minuses."

And Gen. George Armstrong Custer only had one!

During the game I naturally want Miami to win but in hindsight I would rather Miami take the loss. It will put an end to this boring, miserable, conservative coaching regime.

Think about it how many of us circled the Lions, Bills and Browns as win to start the season? Even after realizing we suck and are average across the board still thought at kickoff against the same 3 that Miami would get a win.

Losing to 3 teams of that caliber are inexcusable at home. The Lions were down to their 2nd string QB, The Browns were the same after Colt McCoy being named the starter and the Bills who are supposed to be the bottom feeders of the AFC East.

As a Miami fan I realize we have some solid pieces to build on but we are missing the 2 most important components that would make Miami a winning team a QB and Head Coach.

Bring on Carl Peterson and Bill Cowher. I am ready for a change from top to bottom.

My pastor has had a crush on me since I was 9, but he was a gentleman. Only now that I'm an adult have we begun to explore together. We send our love and prayers together for the fins to achieve heaven.

henne,i mean shaggy.. u'r the 37 ranked qb in a league with 32 teams..lol.. that is all you need as proof as why you f'n blow chunks. go away already..lol

Andy, trust me peterson is a scrub, seen it first hand here in KC.

The only measurement we all care about is wins and loses. he's not getting it done. you can do all the analysis you want, but we still stink.




I hate the wasn't me song but loved in the summertime.

Back to miami, i share your opinion about Henne, Bess didn't perform great, and Sparano is non-existent.

However, Henne is not made to throw 40 times and win, plus he is not great on the deep ball, and constantly makes poor decissions i think our shared frustation is not just this game but the whole year.

Heck!, the last 8 years!!, no qb found yet, no raising aspirations.

Darryl D,

I agree 100 percent. Henne is afraid out there when it matters. People can blame Dan Henning all they way and he has been horrible this season but Henne shares the blame. On that last possession he dinked and dunked because he couldn't make the throw into coverage because he is SCARED because he has no confidence in himself and he shouldn't.

I too have said this before and will say it again Chad Henne is NOT a starter in the NFL. Good riddance to Henne, Sparano and the entire coaching staff except for Mike Nolan but most of the time it doesn't work like that he won't be retained either.

Where was crowder all day? oh yeah he is the one guy that actually sucks, oh the o line does too if not named long.

aloco. hennes paxxes look like a duck filled up with buck shot.lol

That's all BS...sure you can crunch all the numbers you want..so Henne might not have "graded" poorly...BUT com'on man, all you have to do is watch a Miami game and figure out how bad Henne is. Henne shows no leadership, no emotion, no common sence, the nfl is too fast for him, and no inner personal drive. So the numbers aren't the entire story here. You can crunch numbers all you want, the bottom line here is Henne cannot win games for us. There are so many QB's that out play Henne week in and week out. Tebow showed more smarts, poise, and ability to take the speed of the NFL and he started his second game of the year! The fact is Henne didn't grade out too poorly by soarano's numbers..so what..he can't win a game when it counts or most any other time for that matter folks. It sucks but it appears we need a playmaker QB.

ross' phone call was to tell spazano to be in his office 1st thing in the am on jan,4th.

6 - plays are way to much..period.

A robotic breakdown of a robotic quarterback!

My personal breakdown : No fire in the eyes or the belly either and that seems to be OK ?


Did you watched the game??, and not just the last 20 minutes... THE WHOLE SEASON??

The defense has been great all year, sutting down great WR CORPS, and after the first 5 games, the RBs.

The defensa has nothing to do with this problem, they get tired too, and the offense is not helping them, even PITTSBURGH DEFENSE CAN BE RUN OVER if they defend 22 out of 30 minutes.

And yes brandon may drop some balls, but he puts all the effort on them, no receiver can catch all the rocks but at least he is a super star that gives all the effort.


Ha ha 2watt that so appropriate for a screen name. i could not top that if I tried. Carry on Dim Bulb.

I hate to disagree with everyone but I am with Greg Cote. I believe that Henne is the Dolphins future and I believe that he will be a great QB in this league of Pro Bowl Caliber. Neither of those INT's were his fault. First one route wasn't run correctly by a guy who doesnt' know the plays yet. Second one guy falls on his route. A change at QB coach and most importantly OC and this guy starts gaining some fire and confidence. Right now they use him as Jay Fiedler, Gus Ferrotte, or A.J. Feeley and limit him, don't endorse him and treat him like a QB who they just want to manage the team and not screw up instead of letting him go out there and compete and win games. Coaching staff, lack of continuity on Offensive line and the lack of a rushing attack is the problem.

Henne will be Sparano's downfall.
Sorry, he is just not cutting it for whatever reason. Chemistry, desision making, fire or even luck. Henne has no swagger. Forget the stats, the only one that counts is the Win's.

This is a good team that just needs a new OC. The play calling is not up to par!! Ted Ginn sucked but would be an asset for this team, Bess should not be returning punts!! Ginn was a deep threat who could pull defenders deep and open other areas of the field. Ginn could even catch the ball occasionally and we all missed his family for the holidays. If Sparano is fired a new coach (Cowher, Gruden, Whoever) will come in and look like a genius with whats already in place and a few offensive additions. Just get us a competent OC that can create a game plan, and focus on the offense in the draft and free agency. In the last draft we picked all defensive players except for John Jerry. Time to focus on the offense along with someone to compete with Henne at QB. Most of Henne's INT's aren't his fault and he has looked a lot worse than he actually is. Get him a good QB coach and a new OC and let him have 1 more year. Just my thoughts.

why do you think there is no deep ball plays from the o on game days.?.. it's because the bum henne "who threw bess under the bus". never connects during the 1000 x's they try it during practice...that's why.. ya think bess will ever stretch out for the bums paxxes now after that statement.?.lol

1. Henne caves under pressure.
2. That touchdown shouldve been intercepted and just because he had only 6 minuses doesnt mean squat.
3. How many positive plays did he leave on the field?

Plus Sparano shouldnt sugar coat this loss, hold your players accountable.

Henne played well the first 3 quarters, the 4 one he didn't, but I would guess that Schuler didn't keep crossing and Bess fell down. These are not all on Henne.

I am not a big Henne defender either, but you really have to watch what really causes plays, not just the end result. The main issue with the Fins is the O-Line! Really they can't run block or pass block and they are making the rest of the offense look bad. Once Berger went into the game it was all over for the blocking, you could see the big difference right away.


At one time Peterson was an elite front office mind. KC made the most consecutive playoff appearances. His reign didn't end so great I understand that and trust your opinion being in KC.

My point being the rapport and relationship that Stephen Ross and Peterson have with one another already points to the inevitable. I am not neccessarily saying Peterson is great just saying I think it will happen and welcome it.

I love Bill Parcells but if I had to grade the job he did in Miami he would get a C minus. Miami is average across the board.

The team is only as good as its record!

I think I have heard that on here a few times.


I agree what you are saying about Henne and that he shouldn't be throwing the ball 40-45 times a game. But up by ten, shouldn't we be able to run the ball competently. We didn't and we haven't been able to all season. Blame it on the OL or blame it on Brown and Williams but changes need to be made. If we had any sort of competent running game, we could have run the game out on the Lions but we don't and we didn't.

Sparano would be a great addition to Sarah Palin's 2012 campaign. He could work around the clock turning all her minuses in to positives. Hene's body of work needs to be judged over the entire season. Unfortunately for any fan 8 and 8 at best and no playoffs again grades out as a huge minus. Change is coming.

Why Tony Sporano wants to hitch his wagon to Henne is beyond me; it's going to lead him straight to unemployment. Henne chokes in the forth quarter when the game is on the line. To refresh everyone's memory, in our one home victory Tyler Thigpen played the forth quarter and threw a touchdown. Chad Henne is a good guy, has a great arm, but until he develops mental toughness and determination he'll maintain a quaterback rating in the twenties in the forth quarter.

Alco, we get it, you want to state the opposite of the facts to get a response, ha ha, we get it, Nolan is the issue, you're right, Henne good, Nolan bad, he he ha ha.

However he graded out Henne still has trouble reading some coverages and he does not understand the red zone. Will he ever learn? I doubt it.


Great points at 1:35. Sparano insults the fans of Miami with his BS. To say he didn't grade poorly is a bunch of crap. I watched the game Sparano. I am so sick of this moron and his plus and minuses and chunk yardage and percentage points. He is a clown.

I see Cote's up to his old tricks...............anything to get mentioned on the LeBatard show...........VIGOROUSLY defending Henne and berating the fans for not recognizing the Brilliance that is Young Master Chaddeus.


Sparano isn't this stupid. He knows his QB sucks. He knows his offensive coordinator sucks. He's just not going to say it publically through the media. How many times has he said nice things about people and then cut them two weeks later?

Everyone (including Sparano) knows Henne's not the future at QB in Miami.

Just goes to show you can prove/disprove anything by "numbers." Here's a few numbers: 7-9 on the year... 1-7...at home.... .532 is the career winning percentage for SparaNO....

Im not sure if Henne is our future QB, but I think the guy had a pretty good game. If you look at his two picks, the first one, in my opinion, the rookie TE stopped his route and the second one, Bess slipped and the ball went right into the DB's arms. You can blame some other games on Henne, but not this one.

Too many Henne haters have all the excuses in the world why we should get rid of him. Be patient. Hopefully a new OC and QB coach will help him.

Keep Sparano and Ireland. We dont need to start all over again. The best teams stick with there coaches and give them time, especially to rebuild.

Oh. To everyone that thinks its soo easy that you can just go out and get a future Dan Marino, let alone a future starting QB, your nuts. Look around the entire league and look at some of the teams that were and still are searching for there QB. For picking Henne in the second round it wasnt too bad. At least we're not paying him Alex Smith or Jamarcus Russell money.

GO FINS... next year!

Freezing in NY,

I agree with you. I've been saying for awhile now that Henne can't be assessed properly under Henning, Lee, an inadequate running game and OL and no pass-catching TE and average WR's (Marshall excepted). We made little or no changes to our offence this year and we're supposed to be surprised that these are the results we're getting. Get real!


Love to see you.

Still same thoughts on Henne?

By the way, we can't run the ball because of him too, you can complaint all you want about the OL, but against 8-9 defensive players in the box, no one can run. Not AP, CJ, no one.
If the Strong Safety is aligned next to the LB is really hard to run the ball, and this is because Henne scares no backs.

And also if you think Henne is the answer, here's a question to all the bloggers who defend the system.


There's your true opinion on Henne.

Henne threw 2 picks in the 4th quarter and coach Sparano claims his QB played an ok game. Aren't good QB's supposed to play really well in the 4th quarter? Bottom line is Henne looks no different today than what he did at Michigan. Good games followed by bad games and good throws followed by bonehead throws. He was 0-4 vs Ohio State despite having a pretty good supporting cast. Henne has not improved enough and that's partly his fault and his head coach's fault. Tough business! Btw, if coach wants to ignore the pick that Bess slipped on then we should also ignore Bess' TD catch on an underthrown ball that should've been picked and upon further review looked out of bounds. But he only had 6 minuses!

Will anyone else feel a bit envious tonight as we watch Brees & Ryan.............two that might have could have should have been ours?

MIKE NOLAN is just an oky dc coach ,one game good and one game is garbage .why people don't look at others and focus only on henne,may be b/c they need a response ?

shove yr damn grades Sparano....heres a grade for you....you win you get a W....you lose you get an L. 2 many Ls over the course of 3 years, poor draft selections and miss the playoffs 2 consecutive years, that to me is a perfect grade for the unemployment line. We made the playoffs in his 1st year due to a gadget formation, a QB who could LEAD our offense, and tom brady was out for the year for the pats...

I want Cowher! I like Sparano's firey attitude and emotion on the sideline...but Cowher would give us that too...and hed help us in all phases on the field by coaching up the players and evaluating the talent.

I want to give up on Henne, but at the same time idk...what better option do we really have right now? McNabb is getting up there in age, empty the wallet and try to get Vick?!

most people asking henne to play great every minute of the game,why can't we ask the same FROM OUR DEFENSE ?

Karlos Dansby was sorely missed by the defense.

How many young QBs have Henning and Lee improved? Go back further in Henning's career. What QBs have improved under him. Jake Delhomme had ONE season of success under Henning in Carolina but the Panthers were primarily known as running team who played good defence. Where has our running game gone? To blame that on Henne is ridiculous!


NOLAN is one of the top 5 defensive coordinators in the game easily.

So shot to other place.


someone here actually wrote "sparano isnt this stupid" hahaha he doesnt even know when to use timeouts he is this stupid hes in way over his head and should be coaching division three football

Henne is the most consistently inconsistent quarterback the Dolphins have had in a long, long time. Get him outta here!


I am not only a client but also the the President of the Henne hater club. Henne reminded me not only with his ints late but also his lack of confidence with the game on the line that last drive. He had no command of the huddle or offense. He dinked and dunked until time ran out because he has no confidence in himself.

Henne has at least 1 turnover in 13 straight games this year. Henne throws an int to end the game vs. the Jets in home opener instead of at least giving Miami a chance to score and go for 2 to send it to overtime. Henne looks like a dear in headlights and turns it over on downs to end the game vs Pittsburgh. Henne ends the game vs the Browns with an int off a tipped pass which is the QBs fault when it happens over and over again. He stares and stares and linemen know to get their hands up because they see his passing lane. Henne ends yesterdays game with an int that I blame Bess for but not the first int. All these late game failures were all HOME games.

I have had a season worth of frustration where I have saw more regression with Henne then positives.

aloco. other than the phins.. what other nfl team can henne start for.?...lol.. brain twista ha aloco..?

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