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Sparano: Henne didn't grade out poorly

Tony Sparano will meet with his players at approximately 1 p.m. today and go over what happened during Sunday's 34-27 loss to Detroit. He will tell them what everyone knows: The Dolphins did not finish well and the result was turning a 10-point lead with five minutes to play into a seven-point loss.

But one thing Sparano will tell his team most of us -- certainly me -- overlooked: Chad Henne didn't play terribly.

During his 14-minute Monday press conference, the Dolphins coach said quarterback Chad Henne did not grade out poorly.

Let that marinate for a second.

Henne completed 29 of 44 passes for 278 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs for a 72 quarterback rating in a 34-27 loss to the Detroit Lions. He had a QB rating over 100 through three quarters. His fourth-quarter rating was like the Boston weather the Dolphins are about to experience Sunday when they play New England -- in the 20s.

But in grading the film, Miami's coaching staff came to the conclusion Henne wasn't as bad as everyone believed because the player got "only" six minuses. And that is his all-time best as the Dolphins starter.

"In two years it's his lowest," Sparano said. "Two years. I thought at the time the guy was throwing the ball into the wind really well. You guys were out there watching it. I don't know that you know the conditions and what it was like out there but they were pretty stiff during the course of that game. I thought he threw the ball pretty well at times and he completed whatever it was, 66 percent on the day. He had one or two of them that got away from him -- the deep ball to Brandon [Marshall] on the right sideline going into the end zone that he maybe overthrew a shade and a couple of locations. But other than that, it really came down to the last five minutes we didn't finish the game."

That is all true. All of it. Dead on accurate in every detail and fact.

But I think the truth is more important than the facts. So I want to know the truth. And I wanted to know if Sparano believed his quarterback, who was being serenaded with "Henne sucks" chants from the home crowd, played well against Detroit.

"We didn't finish the game in the last five minutes and he threw a couple of interceptions but other than that, one of the interceptions is not his, Armando," Sparano answered, no doubt wishing death upon me. "So yeah, I kind of think on the game, as a whole, when you grade the film, he didn't play poorly. Absolutely didn't play poorly."

Now, you may read theories elsewhere that Sparano was simply spinning the truth so as to not throw Henne under the bus. Not true. When the quarterback stinks rotten, Sparano doesn't defend him anymore. Shouldn't, actually. This is big-boy football and it's time for Henne to grow up.

On this occasion, the coach simply was trying to correct the perception of a terrible game by Henne because that's what the player's grade actually shows. And that's what he would then tell the team. And if he tells the media one thing and the team another, it ruins his credibility with his players.

So Sparano said that which is hard for some people to be convinced about: Henne wasn't awful Sunday.

Look, you don't have to like it. I don't. You know I no longer believe Henne is Miami's future at QB. And I also wouldn't give Henne a pass on that second INT that was returned for a TD because on the play, he had the choice of throwing to five different receivers and he picked the only one that was bracketed while not serving up an opportunity to the three facing man-coverage or Brandon Marshall against a zone.

Yet, the grade is the grade. And the grade did include some negative plays.

"That [first] interception was a combination of a few things," Sparano explained. "One, the decision wasn't great on the interception. Let me say this: First of all, Chad Henne probably, not probably, he only had six minuses out of the entire football game. One of them was on that play particularly and it was a combination of two or three things that happened. The tight end didn't sit down and he kind of drifted on him and they end up getting the ball in the short end of the field. We stop them, but we gave up field goal.

"We have a receiver open. He's open at the sticks and falls down. Slips. The ball ends up in [the defender's] hands. We're going to the right place with the football. He's throwing in the right area. The receiver falls down and they pick it off and we miss three tackles on the play."

I guess I got a football lesson today. A player can stink for five minutes and still not have his entire body of work in a game get slimed. So Henne maybe didn't play well when one considers the entire body of work. But he wasn't terrible, either, according to Miami coaching grades.


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Darryl Dunphy,

You are right... The blog does seem to heat up about offseason stuff as much as in season...lol, go figure?

I guess we will all just have to let Ross direct the picture and see who he cast where for 2011. I wonder if Sparano would part with OC Henning or would he get himself fired if Ross said he had to go?

I say Henning has to go at a bare minimum. At this point I am on the fence regarding staying the course with stabilty and more rope for Sparano and a clean sweep. I think a case could be made for either depending on who is arguing.

Gotta hope we find some pieces to raise the level of play in Fin-landia!


Henne isnt likely the answer but outside of the top 3-4 QBs in this league, no QB would have much success with this offense as it currently stands. With the O line we have, serious lack of offensive speed and next to no running game you would need a superstar QB to be successful. If we are able to upgrade RB, TE, WR/KR and O line then maybe you can find a mid tier QB and be successful.

Until we find a better QB henne is our QB. We have to keep drafting a QB in the draft until we hit on one. This is basically all 20 teams not in the playoffs have to be doing

I was hoping that Henne would have a good showing these last 2 games. This would calm the nerves of the franchise. Now I don't know if they can feel so relaxed. I thought, and still believe that this is the wrong year to sell the farm on a blue chip quarterback. I think that the prudent thing to do is to find a coordinator, and a veteran quarterback that is familiar with his system. Let Henne fight it out. This quarterback is just a stop gap. If he becomes a guy that is trust worthy in this new system great. This gives us time to find our next franchise guy. No rush, no overreaction. In the meanwhile. We can fix the offense from the inside out. Start with the line, move out to tight end, up to running back, then out to reciever. (Runnning back and reciever are the easiest pieces to fill IMO) While we are fixing the offense, we can also pay attention to the defense. The nickel corner must be adressed. As well as who can fill the role of linebacker next to Dansby. Hopefully Eeads is that guy. But who knows. Now my plan is totaly dependant on finding a quarterback that can just keep it together. I disagree that we need a star right now. I think that we develop a star in the right system. It isn't a foolproof plan. Any critique?

aloco.. the te can't catch what is thrown 20' away from him..henne sux..lol..also.. he threw bess under the bus also.. that's 2 players.. he should be strung up..henne that is.. string him up.. that locker room is uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly now aloco because of your boy henne.

yes his stats in the first half were good and perhaps good enough to start him next week, I mean c'mon he is the only QB in the roster that if he played well he might give us a chance to score some points, BUT let's be realistic here sir, in many games where a QB has to makes a throw or has to be the guy to get that final drive he has been next to nothing..I saw the game against Lions where the on coming rush rattled him and he did not continue to look down field, that was just one guy that forced pressure, Big Ben or a quality QB would have continue to look down field and make a play..Nope he has definatelly regressed, and the team did not helped his cause either..

bottom line henne is not the guy. you can spin it any way you want to. it's henning, it's the o-line, it's the receivers, truth is this guy does not have the entangibles to be a franchise qb. you could put him in a system with the best oc and hc and it will be the same. he is not a leader, he is another ryan leaf or tim couch. if the dolphins want to be taken seriously as a contender they need to drop this bozo and move on.

Like Lombardi said: 'Winning isn't Everything. It's the Only Thing'

all these qbs out there for the taking and people still want to keep this loser around. let me get some of what they are smoking!


Thanks for asking the tough questions.... what Sparano does not address is the fact that Henne has not been able to win games in the fourth quarter...he has a problem making the right throw to the right receiver at critical times.... and we can not forget that his interceptions on every single game as far as I can remember can have a destructive effect on the game... Come on Sparano!... you are very good with statistics but it a franchise quarterback has to bring those intangibles that win games especially at critical times.... Henne so far has not shown these qualities....There are rookies in the NFL that show more promise.

Good job Mando


Now we're down to using an electron microscope to sort the good from the bad. This kind of stuff is for losers. Henne is not a winner. Putting a good spin on a season that stinks to high heaven is impossible. Both Henne and Sparano lost the game.

what was that the 11th or 12th straight game with at least 1 int. theres your answer.

I'm going to play GM for just a second. A lot of people like McDaniels as a coordinator. I think this is a disater considering his past with Nolan, and BM. But What does anyone know about His offensive coordinator Mike Mccoy? Nolan is familiar with him as they worked together on the Donkeys last year. This is just an idea to further my earlier point. The Broncos will be in the hunt for a new coach. Kubiak could be a frontrunner so this would leave Mccoy out in the street. The interim coach, Eric Studesville is another interesting candidate. Both of these guys are young an innovative. Plus they are familiar with Nolan. Just a thought...

they said don't be suprised if sparano is gone but ireland stays. scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

You guys ever wonder why we don't get any better, why we're always 6-10, 7-9....year after year after year. It's because we keep changing course. This guys not good enough, that guys not doing his job, this guy would be better, this guy brings something to the job that we don't have. The reality of the situation is Tony Sparano was good enough to take a 1-15 team to the playoffs his first season here. Do you think he lost it overnight? The reality is he took over a 1-15 team. We were 1-15 for a reason. He took a mediocre team to an 11-5 division win, no easy feat. So you guys will argue we had an easy schedule. We still won the games! Wouldn't we have said the games this year against the Browns, Lions and Bills should have been easy games? The reality of the situation is Sparano can only do the best with what he's given. When you look at our offence there's only two guys that are worth a damn and that's Marshall and Long. The rest are average or below average. Why are we blaming Sparano for that? How many guys would start on offence for other teams? Maybe 4-5? Is Fasano even a starting TE in this league. I can name a dozen guys easily that are better than that. Fix the offence and the OC and you fix the problem. Tony S is Ok by me!

aloco. henne threw his players under the bus.. he is done in the nfl. he went against the code. you can watch him in canada aloco.

Earth to Coach. News Flash: Stats don't mean squat if you do not WIN!! We are tired of the attempts to prop each other up. Your offensive foundation is your QB and in this case it is quick sand. Slowly going down to meet the other bodies at the bottom.

New QB, New Off Coordinator, New Special Teams Coach and if Sporano is not willing to do that then a new Head Coach. BTW: The organizations evaluation of talent sucks.. Example: Henne instead of Ryan or Flacco, Pat White, Whatever.. My head is hurting about this team. No energy, no will to win, no nothing.

You look at the Steelers....they've had THREE coaches in their history and SIX Championships. It's not a coincidence. Bellichick has been there forever and 3-4 Championships. McCarthy has his team competitive every year. Do you think the Steelers got rid of Cowher when they had a down season and they had some down seasons. No. It's not coincidence that the Redskins, Raiders and Cowboys have been medicore for a long while. Their owners get impatient and change everything up. I fear we've got an owner like that too, that knows NOTHING about football and only cares about entertainment. Ever wonder Ross is all about.

according to fat boy parcells, henne is just as good as ryan or flacco. where is fatman now? they say he might be on his way to minnesota and sparano might be there with him! goodbye losers.

Dolphin77...I saw that same report on NFL network....seems to make sense to me....Ireland has brought in some players...we need a coach...so the GM stays...coach goes....i hope



your an idiot. Your quarterback Sanchez isn't any better. He looked like a buffoon when we played him in New York a couple of weeks ago running for his life. You guys have bigger problems than Rex Ryan's foot fetish!! You've got a QB you're never going to win a thing with AND you mortgaged your future for this year.

Henne is already losing some of the players, they are just being diplomatic. Sparano has already started losing some players, even Bell said several players didn't show up yesterday. The writing is on the wall. The paint is cracked. Can't fix a flickering neon bulb.

Henne will be kept on as a back up, can't get squat for him anyway. Sparano will end up coaching the oline in Buffalo. Ireland's status will be somewhat dependent on who the next HC is. It won't be Cowher. He is just using Miami to get a better offer somewhere else. Gruden will go to his buddy Mike Holmgren at Cleveland.

HENNE IF HE'S BACK..NEEDS Competition .that way ..he will either get better or go down the drain..but as for sporano ..he's gonna tell ross ..that he needs better players..so they can hide his bad coaching..

I don't agree with throwing Henne under the bus. Statistically he plays pretty good. Second year yips.

However, watch Brady and the Pats. The receivers are always running forward. Brady hits them in stride. And they get big gains and td's. There is no way to stop this because if the d goes into a zone, the receiver simply stops for an 8 yard gain. If they try to run with the receiver the ball is thrown ahead of the receiver and he runs to it. The only way to stop it is interfere.

Henne has never shown the ability to hit receivers consistently in stride. That makes him dink and dunk and the d is always ready for whatever he does because they are always facing him. the running game is always facing the qb and never worried he could do something.

So it is either play planning (where I think the problem is_) or they Henne can't play at NFL speed. If I can see it after 14 games an experienced NFL management team should see this in the preseason. They can't so they should be fired under the bus. Is it Sparano's job? Yep. Is it Henning? Yep. Is it Ireland? Definitely. Was it Parcels? Explain the Pat White pick. Yep.

I was at the Senior Bowl when Henne and Flacco were on the same sideline. I do not know what they saw in Henne.. Flacco was much better there! The Fins cannot evaluate talent, period. MANY draft and Free Agent mistakes!

Well i went over the numbers as well.. And i came up with you all suckk..

Craig M....I have been reading your post, and I can feel your sincerity in wanting to keep continuity.....but what you have to understand is that Cowher and other coaches with longevity EARNED that right, they EARNED the ear of the owner and FO, and they EARNED 2nd and third chances...

What has Sporano done to earn any of that...a fluke season....that doesn't get you longgevity...all he had to do was get to 9-7.....he probably stays hands down....of he is or isn't here next season he has no futher to look, then in te mirror....1-7 at home...losses to the lion, bills, browns....shut-out by bears...no game plan for the bears...no 2-min offense all season....you've been watching...you can add to the list

Look, Henne had a decent day before it counted. I believe the grade should be on a weighted curve. A mistake in the first quarter costs one point, three for second quarter, five for third, and 10 for the fourth quarter/overtime. I also believe there should be a multiplier for mistakes in consecutive plays/drives. The fact that three of his "six" mistakes occurred in such quick succession should count more heavily against him.

I have been more on his side this year, than not, and have called out Henning through most of the year. I can't put this one on Henning. This one's on those who didn't produce. Two INT's in the fourth quarter, the last one to give them a game, and he has the lowest amount of negatives he has ever had? Give me a break.

I liked seeing how effective he was passing on the roll out. Makes me wonder why we didn't do more of that during the season. Of course I don't get why he isn't ever in the shotgun, when he isn't a rhythm passer, and this isn't a west coast offense. Maybe he would be better in a system where he would only need to make presnap reads, then get rid of the ball on the timing routes. If he doesn't have to assess the openness of his preferred receiver, maybe he can learn to look somewhere else before the pass.


Numbers can really skew your vision dependant upon how you view them. Im sure there could have been people to come forth and said Hitler wasnt that bad of a person dependant upon what facts they chose to vision.

Fact is, the critical numbers I would want to see regarding Henne are crunch time clutch numbers. These are the numbers that tell the real tale of the tape. What are Henne's overall seasonal numbers in the clutch when the game is on the line?

These are the numbers that equal wins and losses. Still the problem is how much can be attributed to poor play designs, bad play calls, and poor execution by others in some cases. Dan Henning himself makes getting extremely accurate vision on where Henne really is blurredly difficult too.

But still there are some things about Henne that are almost blindly obvious. Its just too bad he's in a piss poor offensive system to boot. LOL..............



Wonderful post.



I agree Sparano must stay and I try to defend him because yes he resembles a young cowher, however, and as simple as this the urgent need for a FRANCHISE QB and RB must be this years conditional.

They must be judged by that, no more seasons no more years, 2011 is the year that will define this management.

We can't afford to loose more time.

If Sparano/Ireland are staying they must get something in the draft and a change of attitude, A WINNING ATTITUDE.

If Henne is staying he must have competition at the position, we can't risk another season in his hands, if he fails in the first 3-4 games we must move on and be prepared for that.



Darryl Dunphy @ 3:13...One damn good post man! Glad you are still in here dropping pearls bro.

The system can change a QB's fortunes for the better or worse sometimes. See Cutler playing MUCH better this year than in previous years... maybe change of venue, maybe change of OC / QB coaching, maybe play design fits his style more... whatever it is, Cutler is throwing way less picks.

Under a completely different OC with a different play book and different plan of attack, Henne might hope to have similar better results.

That said, I for one, am certainly not going to go status quo at Fins QB. Whether it be a new drafted QB or a seasoned vet we have to have better competition there. Penne gave it his best rehab and lasted less than one drive. Thigpen did much worse than I thought he would given the time to prepare and past results.

If Tebow is the next big deal in Denver than maybe they will let Kyle Orton leave? I know Fisher doesn't want Vince Young and if the price was right he may be worth a try. I know many don't like McNabb but he knows a thing or two about the league and winning in it. He would have to be considered an upgrade to Thigpen and Penne wouldn't he?

Or how about the good old fashioned way of drafting another QB? We all know the draft is akin to human roulette. It's too bad it took so many tries at drafting WR for the Lions but they finally found their Megatron in stud WR Calvin Johnson. Whether it be a Brady like scoop in the 5th round or a calulated grab of Mallet or Newton in the 1st-2nd... we gots to have solid QB play. We have many picks minus our 2nd rounder so we have ammo to fill holes in the roster.

Ye old QB talent grab (aka the Draft) only takes one to turn a franchise...right Atlanta? Tampa Bay? Pittsburgh, New England? and at one time long ago...the Marino lead Fins as well.



I do believe that is the first time we have EVER agreed on anything. Cheers!

AWAY WITH Henne and Sparano!!!!!
Go to Denver or Detroit and tell them there not so bad. Henne Is GARBGAGE!!!!!


Is this becoming a peeing contest between you and Hyde (@SS)? You are standing up for Sparano and i admire that, I think they guy deserves a break and has one last shot with a new QB. Hyde, seems to believe that Sparano must go and a house cleaning is in order. I rarely agree with you, but on this I give you props.

So much for the easy part of the schedule helping us. We lost to the Browns and Lions, not good. But as you wrote yesterday, the Lions look promising! finish the season with 3 wins after this week. Would you take Mallet from Arkansas? he reminds me of Henne.

People stating Sparano is a young Cowher need to step away from the lose juice you're s hitting all over yourselves. Cowher Had coordinator experience before becoming a HC. He was DC of the KC Chiefs.

Sparano on the other hand never had coordinator experience. BP promoted an oline coach straight to HC. That may have been a huge mistake. Please stop with the Sparano is a young Bill Cowher nonesense. You're only falsely convincing yourselves. LOL.............

How about Matt flynn the guy looks like a winner maybe a trade, Flynn for lots of money and throw in Henne.

Rob in OC,

Good point about Jay Cutler. Anybody on here talk to a Chicago fan about Cutler last year and what they thought of him? They were ready to string him up! Totally different guy this year and while I'm still not a fan of his he's getting the job done and has Chicago with 11 wins. What if they had given up on him after last year? That's what the difference an OC and a year can make.

if wanna be qb henne is here next year, or his daddy sparano, the dolphins might have a half dozen fans left. what are you gonna do ross?

Last two blogs Excellent!
Would say sorry I missed them, but that would be a lie, as this cat is all smiles ;)

Great points Armando on need for Franchise QB
Also dutifully noted u mentioned Marino`s last 5 years, we also needed a QB

but true
Remember Thanksgiving game against the Cowboys when Dan threw 5 interceptions and Home was being laughed at by Dolphin Haters

Even though really like Sparano as a person
Home is in contention
We NEED A New High Profile HC & real good OC

Cowher is now my 1st choice
We need to stop F!@#ing around right now!
U want fannies in the seats
Hire Bill Cowher
Period (u knew I would get the "Period" thing in there, didn`t u, lol)

As for this blog
Hate to say it
But coach is right on Henne

He really did not blow the game
my boy "Simply The Bess" slipped

the new TE did in fact "sit down" on the other INT
and WTF? on the tackling follies after the INT

As for new QB
Do not think in reality
U will find anyone better

Henne learned real hard this season, No Doubt
Painful for all of us to watch

but know I`m going to get heckled for this but
Chad Henne stays and does in fact drastically improve

Surround Henne w Good People and an O-Line

"We Can Do IT!"

by the way Poser Boy Fraud CB seansmithstillsucks.com

Bloggers, what you all need is good old fashioned prayer and to keep a clean, god fearing lifestyle, the rest will come, trust me.

Armando, I hope you read all the way through the blog to get to my post.

I know Sparano wants to say Henne didn't suck that game. The truth is that he's sucked all season long. The inconsistencies and robotic way about him lead the team astray!

Ok, ok... Sparano, we don't measure a QB by the last 5 minutes of a game! I'll give you that... but HE'S SUCKED ALL SEASON LONG! That accounts for more than 5 minutes...



The comparision is related to the aproach to the players, to the body language, I know Cowher was coordinator before, but if you don't remember Sparano was OC/OLC in dallas calling the shots sometimes for Parcells he even was named ASSISTANT HEAD COACH by TUNA himself, go on and ask any Dallas fan.







The Miami Dolphins offense SUCKS!

home, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. thre is no improvement. what you see is what you get!

Click your cleats together 3 times and say:

There Is No One Like Home!

There Is No One Like Home!

There Is No One Like Home!

The fans clamouring for change all the time are asking for a recipe of mediocrity. It's how the Detroits and Clevelands of the world operate. It doesn't get you to the promised land. You can't keep changing your coaching staff and QBs and expect to get anything but mediocre results. Do you think in hindsight Chicago was wise to bring Lovie Smith back for another season? How many mediocre seasons did Chicago have? They're sitting with 11 wins this season. Do you think all of a sudden he got smart overnight? Do you think Whisenhunt got dumb overnight after taking his team to the Superbowl two years ago? No, he lost some key pieces like Dansby, Warner, Rolle and Boldin and never adequately replaced them.

Fix the offence in Miami and it's a different team next season....a playoff team.

Anyone who thinks Cowher will take the Miami position is drinking monkey sperm.

Last time we had a HC with no coordinator experience, than BP's alter ego JJ for that one too. JJ made Cowboys lb coach Dave Wannstadt Dolphins HC. We know how that one eventually ended too dont we.

He also defended his qb Fiedler to the bitter end too. But Fiedler just didnt have the talent to match his heart and it at times seems Henne doesnt have the heart too match his potential talent.

Again, position coaches promoted to HC. Again over promoted by ego-maniacs in charge of football operations. Huizuinga duped twice and again this franchise appears stuck in the mud! LOL............

sh$t, they went 7-1 at home. where was I?



All the talk about how Miami lacks dynamic playmakers is dead-on in that Henne is neither dynamic, nor a playmaker.

I saw this coming back when they drafted him. I know this regime's philosophy was to take a QB who started all four years in college but did any of them bother to notice that Henne's numbers actually went down each year that he was a starter at Michigan?

The writing was on the wall with this guy and they either didn't read it or chose to ignore it. At this point it's safe to assume he's not getting better as a pro, regardless of how many minus plays he had yesterday, and to continue to ignore his regression and expect him to ever become an elite QB is pure folly at this point.

1 WR & 1 TE fell down

result 2 big INTs

really was not Hennes Fault

Go ahead rewatch on NFL.com Miami Dolphin highlights

These r the facts my fellow New World Order Slaves

and, ah, How is that HAARPy weather working out for U?




Dolphin 77,

You should go bail and hang out with the other Jets fans on here. We don't need fairweather fans like you.

The old adage is, if you start listening to what the fans want, pretty soon you'll be sitting with them. Time to fix the offence the way we fixed the defence last year. It can be done....there are many examples throughout the league where this has been done.


Agree with the no heart. No passion either.

Home was against Henne yesterday, and defends him today. He has been drinking too much Brown Harrp-Aid

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