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Sparano: Henne didn't grade out poorly

Tony Sparano will meet with his players at approximately 1 p.m. today and go over what happened during Sunday's 34-27 loss to Detroit. He will tell them what everyone knows: The Dolphins did not finish well and the result was turning a 10-point lead with five minutes to play into a seven-point loss.

But one thing Sparano will tell his team most of us -- certainly me -- overlooked: Chad Henne didn't play terribly.

During his 14-minute Monday press conference, the Dolphins coach said quarterback Chad Henne did not grade out poorly.

Let that marinate for a second.

Henne completed 29 of 44 passes for 278 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs for a 72 quarterback rating in a 34-27 loss to the Detroit Lions. He had a QB rating over 100 through three quarters. His fourth-quarter rating was like the Boston weather the Dolphins are about to experience Sunday when they play New England -- in the 20s.

But in grading the film, Miami's coaching staff came to the conclusion Henne wasn't as bad as everyone believed because the player got "only" six minuses. And that is his all-time best as the Dolphins starter.

"In two years it's his lowest," Sparano said. "Two years. I thought at the time the guy was throwing the ball into the wind really well. You guys were out there watching it. I don't know that you know the conditions and what it was like out there but they were pretty stiff during the course of that game. I thought he threw the ball pretty well at times and he completed whatever it was, 66 percent on the day. He had one or two of them that got away from him -- the deep ball to Brandon [Marshall] on the right sideline going into the end zone that he maybe overthrew a shade and a couple of locations. But other than that, it really came down to the last five minutes we didn't finish the game."

That is all true. All of it. Dead on accurate in every detail and fact.

But I think the truth is more important than the facts. So I want to know the truth. And I wanted to know if Sparano believed his quarterback, who was being serenaded with "Henne sucks" chants from the home crowd, played well against Detroit.

"We didn't finish the game in the last five minutes and he threw a couple of interceptions but other than that, one of the interceptions is not his, Armando," Sparano answered, no doubt wishing death upon me. "So yeah, I kind of think on the game, as a whole, when you grade the film, he didn't play poorly. Absolutely didn't play poorly."

Now, you may read theories elsewhere that Sparano was simply spinning the truth so as to not throw Henne under the bus. Not true. When the quarterback stinks rotten, Sparano doesn't defend him anymore. Shouldn't, actually. This is big-boy football and it's time for Henne to grow up.

On this occasion, the coach simply was trying to correct the perception of a terrible game by Henne because that's what the player's grade actually shows. And that's what he would then tell the team. And if he tells the media one thing and the team another, it ruins his credibility with his players.

So Sparano said that which is hard for some people to be convinced about: Henne wasn't awful Sunday.

Look, you don't have to like it. I don't. You know I no longer believe Henne is Miami's future at QB. And I also wouldn't give Henne a pass on that second INT that was returned for a TD because on the play, he had the choice of throwing to five different receivers and he picked the only one that was bracketed while not serving up an opportunity to the three facing man-coverage or Brandon Marshall against a zone.

Yet, the grade is the grade. And the grade did include some negative plays.

"That [first] interception was a combination of a few things," Sparano explained. "One, the decision wasn't great on the interception. Let me say this: First of all, Chad Henne probably, not probably, he only had six minuses out of the entire football game. One of them was on that play particularly and it was a combination of two or three things that happened. The tight end didn't sit down and he kind of drifted on him and they end up getting the ball in the short end of the field. We stop them, but we gave up field goal.

"We have a receiver open. He's open at the sticks and falls down. Slips. The ball ends up in [the defender's] hands. We're going to the right place with the football. He's throwing in the right area. The receiver falls down and they pick it off and we miss three tackles on the play."

I guess I got a football lesson today. A player can stink for five minutes and still not have his entire body of work in a game get slimed. So Henne maybe didn't play well when one considers the entire body of work. But he wasn't terrible, either, according to Miami coaching grades.


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All of you wanting to draft a qb with the 1st rd pick be aware we will be drafting 16th in 2011. At that point we're redrafting Chad Henne just using a higher pick.

DyingBreed there's a big diffrence from 16 over all to 57 over all were Henne was draft but we should trade up for Cam Newton

Henne hasn't been given 2 full years and had a terrible O line that most nfl qbs would of had a miserable year with not to mention last in the league in the run and you want him gone. Marinos, Youngs and Mannings don't grow on trees or every team would have one. Everyone mentioning those qbs are unrealistic. We need a head coach with an attitude and a new OC AND NEW O LINE THAT DOES ITS FREAKEN JOB...oh ya and a running back with speed.


Does Sparano use happy face stickers when grading?

Terrible O Line???

I'm wondering if there is going to be anyone available by the 16th pick that will realistically have any impact on our offense. It feels like we are still 3 seasons from being a playoff team.


what do you mean trade up to get Cam Newton? He'll still be there when we pick at 16. LOL........

Here are the current top 10 QB that are coming out as of now I'm sure there will be other top six are game changers

1. Andrew Luck, Stanford

2. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri

3. Jake Locker, Washington

4. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas

5. Colin Kaepernick, Nevada

6. Cam Newton*, Auburn

7. Christian Ponder, QB Florida State

8. Pat Devlin, Delaware

9. Ricky Stanzi, Iowa

10. Kellen Moore, Boise State

I don't think he'll be there I say he go's in top 10 picks but I'm ok with him being there @ 16 : )

yes "terrible".


Personally I'll be shocked to see anyone take Cam Newton outside of a franchise perenially known for 1st rd gaffs anyway. The nfl drafts dropback pocket passers high, not spread option pseudo-shotgun college qb's. Tebow wasnr taken until 25th by the Broncos and experts were saying then that was far too high for an option type qb.

Tebow had a Heisman and 2 national championships under his belt and it remains to be seen if Newton get even one national championship. Cam definitely probably goes 2nd rd but he's a huge gamble to draft 1st rd.

What? Eric Mangini to coach the Dolphins? Another clown applying to perform at the Sun Life Circus? What is going on here? Is this the aquarium show or professional football?

Relax people, just finding a way to laugh after these clowns (Coach, QB, OC ) destroyed my team’s reputation. I am fking mad. I need some sarcastic comments on here so I can laugh my a off.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/12/27/1989409/what-will-ross-do-about-stagnant.html#disqus_thread#ixzz19NOZB8hP

IMO, Cam Newton is a much bigger stronger version of Pat White. He wont be able to consistently run over defenses in the nfl.

The nfl game is faster, better athlete, and the defensive schemes are like none Newton's ever seen at the collegiate level. Except for an occsaional wildcat play Newton offers zero offensive help in 2011. Even a wildcat play maybe highly improvable because as it stands the current regime may not even be here in 2011.

Bed time killer.

Even if Ross decides to give Sparano/Ireland another year, after the Pat White debacle I highly doubt they would even think about considering drafting Cam Newton. Ross would fire them on draft day! LOL..........

3:19 to go Matty "ICE" and Dirtybirds down 17-14 to Drew "COOL" Brees and the not so Aints.

Come'on Matty ICE make us hate the Jake Long draft day decision even more. LOL.........

JUSTA RUMOR WITH ONE OF THERE DRAFT PICKS..............................THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please keep my email address anonymous so I do not get my father fired from his position at the Arizona Cardinals front office. But over Christmas my dad got so drunk and was telling my uncle how the Patriots are in talks with the Cardinals to acquire Larry Fitzgerald. Obviously they are going to do it when the draft starts and in return the Cardinals with receive 1 1st round pick, 2 3rd round picks, and 1 4th round pic from the Pats. It will not be fair to the league if this really happens, Tom Brady and Larry Fitzgerald will be 10 times more deadly than Moss ever was.

3rd and 6, money down. Incomplete!

Drew COOL Brees more solid than Matt ICE-berg Breaks Ryan. Saints win! LOL...........

I cant quite put my finger on it but even though Falcons record says they are now 2nd best team in the league, something feels like its missing. They maybe primed for upset in the nfc playoffs.

Actually watching the Saints/ Falcons was a little painful. Brees or Ryan, boy what could have been! Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the problem even if you believe this nonsense. Henne did nothing to win the game, he's the QB and he didn't make a play above himself like you expect a QB to do.

Posted by: Jimmy Jam | December 27, 2010 at 01:12 PM

While I agree with your statement, please find another name to use...

Hadn't heard about Laakso passing, sorry to hear it.

What some don't know about him, he had a bad leg injury near the end of his career that started around the 4th or 5th game of the season. He had to wear a body cast all week long, missed all practices, had the body cast cut off on gameday, played the game, then after showering went back into a new body cast.

He did that for 11 straight games that season.

Talk about courage, talk about commitment! How many players on this team besides Jake Long do you think would do that nowadays?

If you think Henne sucked against the Lions wait till you see the Chad Henne show against the pats even if they use 3rd string guys it will be the final nail. It's going to be awful we all know it,all we can do is watch and weep and say good bye to Chad in his last game as a fin. Of course Tony will say he did some good things out there today, but we may be saying good bye to Tony also. Everyone have a happy New Year and hopefully we will see you all at the bus station to say goodbye to Chad.

Dying...everyone sAid that about Tebow too..he's been running all over NFL defenses.... Just sayin...

Tebow and many other QB's have shown way more drive, emotion, speed, better decision making, ect...than Henne. I would have liked Henne to pan out but he is not good enough for the speed and other aspects that you absolutely need to be an NFL QB..
We need some major help. Sparano would probably say.."the team showed some good stuff this year" zzzzzz zzzzzzz boring

bed time cow.

Espn is doing a piece on coach's on the hot seat...Mort and Schefter think Sparano is gone...

Fork That...I don't have a bed time..I go by the calendar of the great Penith Lamb Sausages

Derailment!!! Aaaahhderr aaaahhderr aaahhderrrr

something stinks in miami, yes besides the dolphins, this is what might happen, even if the dolphins get lamb basted by the patsies and suck boy henne has his typical game, somehow, some way the trisuckta brainwash ross, because he has no balls, and is clueless and they all stay. suck boy henne, sparano,ireland. and it will be the same old garbage for next season. when will he ever get it? maybe another losing season and he might wake up.

My Christmas wish list....1) i wish people would stop laughing @ me when i tell them im a Dolphin fan...2)stop wasting high draft picks on developmental players(i.e. pat white). Those wasted piks could have been used to draft some o-lineman and give henne and our running game some help; instead of settling for someone elses garbage. im sick of hearing about "looking under every rock for players". Chances are, if they're under a rock after a cetain amount of time, there's probably a reason...im also sick of seeing sooo many other teams successfully develop UDFA..watched the facons tonight with 2 UDFA starting on the o-line of one of the best running teams in the league..3) a HC who is cut-throat. If we are going to compete in this division it has start with the HC... Belichek is ice cold and results oriented. He doesnt hesitate to cut ANYONE as soon as they are non productive i.e. Randy Moss.. He doesnt prolong the inevitable till the end of the season to "evaluate" the obvious... The biggest difference between Sparano and Belichek- Sparano is happy with "settling" for mediocracy(i.e. FG's and o-lineman) and Belichek DEMANDS excellence. Take one look @ the teams that were gutter dwellers with us in '07. All three have young Qb's. The Ravens, the Cheifs and Falcons have invested multiple high draft picks into the o-line and look what they have to show for it...all three are in the playoffs and @ least in a position to win the divison...point is, those three teams protect their young qb's with an o-line and a power running game that puts fear in defensive units. Not quite so for us..

Henne can't throw a slant pass, he can't throw a fade, he can't throw the long pass, he is so inaccurate they gave up on him throwing timing patterns, he can't throw screen passes without panicking and he can barely throw a 3 yard dump pass (his specialty). Other than that Henne is a great QB. He's inaccurate, inconsistent, zones in on a single receiver before giving up on plays and puts his head down and starts to run once he starts feeling some heat. He's everything you'd want in a QB.

statistics are for losers---- Bill Belichek
That's why you draft play makers Sparano,or should I SAY Ireland.

DyingBreed you know Sam Bradford at Oklahoma ran the spread as did Mr Tebow at Florida and both were drafted in 1st Round and are playing very well...

DyingBreed Josh Freeman was also runing the spread in Kansas and was drafted in the first round No.17 over all and is tearing teams up there you go so stop talk poop!!!

NO ONE... has a clue at this moment which QB's coming out are going to do well. I have read so much crap from so many NCAA know-it-all's for so long and so many times it all sounds like Haitian now.

All the Henne has had no O-line, Henne has had no O-Co... Henne has had no #1 WR....all of that is CRAP also.

The "Good ones" make plays, The "Good ones" find a way to win even when winning takes doing something GREAT on their own. All you are doing by giving Henne reasons to suck is helping him suck more. The O-line did not throw 4 passes in the dirt Sunday. They did not have god only knows how many passes batted down at the line this year... (By the way...Henne is 6'-3"/6'-4"... what the F**K with the Batted balls?)...

There will be several QB's available when Miami picks. And, Miami should not consider any pick worth more then getting as high in the 1st as possible. I do not care if they trade away the 2nd and 3rd for a QB... Give um the 4th also if it gets us to the top 5. If Miami can get their hand on a Vet to take the reins for a couple of years while developing a Young Guy... we are in Business. If we start a rookie.... It will be a LOOOOOONG season next year... Bet on that. There will be no PLAY-Offs or Superbowl's with a Rookie... bet on that!

The Coaching situation.... I think we need a change... But I am a realist about this issue. Right now, I count 9 teams needing a coach. That means there will be some very solid O-Co candidates out there who just left HC jobs. It also means that the Better Coaches will be in Demand. If Ross wants a guy like Cowher... He had already better have made the call..... I do not know if Cowher is our guy... I believe he can rejuvenate this team and even though he is a Run and Pound, Defense oriented Coach... he has had a job for the last few years where he has seen what is working in the NFL... he has some unique experience in seeing every coach, every week and what is working in those teams games.

We'll see....... Mother ever tell ya...We'll see????


Checked it out for myself and you're absolutely correct! Hell after that sell I maybe joining you on the Cam Newton bandwagon. Especially if he wins the national championship and has another dominant showing.

I stand corrected. Thanks for the enlightenment. However if he's not available at 16th, which I think he will, I hope Mark Ingram is available. Thanks to you my two choices for fins first pick depending on availability are:

1. Cam Newton
2. Mark ingram

There are three things that consistently bother me about Henne:

1. He's far too eager to check down. He seems to PREFER to dump the ball off, and while that's fine a percentage of the time, you cannot build a passing game around it.

2. While he has a plus downfield arm, he is painfully inaccurate beyond about 30-35 yards. We've seen little improvement, even with plenty of time and open receivers.

3. He vapor-locks in pressure situations. The later the game, the higher the stakes, the tighter and less certain he becomes.

All of things are improvable with continued coaching, but I am generally concerned this is his ceiling. If a genie game me the choice, I would like to see Miami bring in a proven QB (Palmer, Kolb, Young, McNabb, etc.) and draft a 3rd-5th round project (Ponder, Stanzi, Kapernick) and KEEP Henne as the #2. If he does get past the yips in pressure situations, and learn to be more of a pirate, he still has the tools to develop.

But he's clearly not "there" yet.

We don't have a second round pick as if yet..possibly we get one from a trade..but I doubt it..

Defending Henne is a hard thing to do. We’ve all seen his melt downs. We keep talking about bad decisions and playing scared. But can you blame him for that when he’s been hearing opposing players tell our WR and the media exactly which route our guys are about to run. I guess if I dropped back in the pocket and knew every defensive player knew what I was about to do, I’d play scared to. If all things were equal and the offense had the advantage of secrecy and the defense was playing defense instead of offense, Chad might actually survive the fourth quarter. Henning is the problem. Henne might be a contributor but he’s not the whole problem. If he had an offense that wasn’t molded after Pee Wee football, he might have a chance.

This is the exact reason why Sparono needs to be fired with Dan Henning, and Henne needs to be cut not traded because not one out of the 32 teams want a QB that is going to throw an interception in clutch time to lose the game. Now as a dolphins fan lets not all act suprised about this like its the first time it happened Sparono. Same reason why we lost to the browns. I guess he graded well that game to. I liked Sparono alot up until the last 3 weeks were he has been dodging responsiblity for who is screwing up and the reason this team is losing. Just like last week Brandon Marshall the guy who caught 10 balls and caught over 100 yards recieving took responsiblity for the offense playing like trash. Chad Henne was interviewed and he said that wasnt the case so i say these 3 people should be fired because they dont know how to take responsiblity and yeah also there terrible performance. I have been a dolphins fan for 29 years and never seen 3 ignornant people who refuse to say yes they were mistakes made. Yes it was my fault. No they keep dodging questions. So all i got to say after next week make all the Dolphins fans happy and just leave Henne,Sparono and Dan Henning with you 4 plays in your playbook. So predictable

Matthew@4:27am......"vapor-lock"...I like the term.

I agree with what Tony S is saying, as one of the interceptions clearly was not his fault plus the wind was terrible inside the stadium. The problem continues to be play calling as given the wind, they should have run the ball more and should have thrown more shorter routes. Henne can be a good NFL QB is given a good coordinator to work with him.

We sstill need a QB, but this game was not on Henne. I thought he played ok.

Here's the problem with "statistics" Tony loves to use so much. Who CARES how Henne played for 3 quarters. Last I checked, this is a FOUR QUARTER game. The defense is Top 5 in the league. At the end of the game, up 10 points, you tell your QB, go out there, run the offense, take what they give, and ABSOLUTELY, IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, DO NOT THROW AN INT!!! That's it. Go 3-and-out, throw 3 bubble screens, run Wildcat 3 times, who cares what you do, JUST DON'T FUMBLE OR THROW A PICK!! What does Henne do (no matter who's ultimately to blame), throw 2 picks, plays scared, freezes up.

And that's all you need to know. 1-6 home record, against one of the worst teams in the league (even though they're better than their record suggests), a MUST WIN for the QB, Head Coach and organization, and Henne can't MAKE A PLAY!

That's the only stat I need to see as a fan (1-7). And that's why you probably won't see Henne starting next year and maybe not even Tony Sparano on the sideline.

Unbelievable is all I can say. I have been a dolphin fan since the team came into existence and have continued to be even though I moved away 15 years ago. But I am done unless they make some changes. Henne is not a NFL qb he doesn't have it. Now you can argue what it is all you want but watch Brady, Brees, Manning, etc. and I think you can see what it is. SO Henne needs to be relegated to the bench or some other team. Offensive cord. gone fired, retired, run out of town, etc. whatever but gone. Last but not least Sparano should be fired, I understand supporting your guy but to say he didn't grade out poorly means you are either blind or stupid and either one doesn't make for a good coach.

Henne has to be done as the starter.
1st of all he just doesn't have it. 2nd, he has a bitter taste in his mouth, I'm not sure that he's loving being in Miami right now, hard to succeed with that mind set. 3rd, Our offense is an OC, a QB and speed away from being VERY DANGEROUS. Henne doesn't fit the bill. Sorry.

Jamillion for V.P. of Football Affairs, Miami Dolphins.

I couldn't have said it any better myself!!!

Remember Parcel's number 1 pick Bloodslew following him all over the place to stink up that city? Let'd give Tony a chance and see if he can follow Bilacheat's lead, or Shula's, who he also says that he also admires. I'm sure that he, a Parcel's butt boy had little say in the quarterback selection of Henne with Parcel's in town. Let's now see how Tony Sparano FIXES the mess that the tuna caused by another poor quarterback selection! We should learn this next year if it is in him or not!

dansby was out and the TE made us pay. overall i'd say the defense is boderline great!! hopefully odrick and forgot the other injured LB's name, will be healthy. smith looks like a different player from last season, just needs to practice catching the ball. good depth with carroll and jones. this draft has to be about offense!!! a top caliber RB, at least one TE, C, and depth at T. if we can get a speedy WR and pick up a FA QB to seriously compete for the starting job that would be great too. thigpen is not the answer either.

So Henne had 1 good game. Sure, if you watch the footage. These INT's definitely were not his fault. But, this is the boy who cried wolf here. If this was the 3rd loss of the season. Bringing us to a record of 12-3, and we had 1 bad game since our 2nd loss in week 4. Then I could see defending the guy. But that's the problem. Henne has played so poorly in the last 10 weeks, especially at home. He's the first person to blame, and rightfully so. I think I've seen him only have 2 good games this season. 1 Against Tennessee, then this one against the Lions. The fact that Miami has even managed to pull out 7 wins this season amazes me with how this offense has played across the field. So crunch your numbers for this game. Give this game back to Henne. We're still not in the playoffs and we're still only sitting at 8 wins on the season, because there is no way we're beating the red hot Pats next week. Even if we play their backups, which I'm sure we will given Miami's success rate with their starters.

Did anyone watch the Saints game last night, Brees made two of the most terrible decisions I have seen turn into INT.

I guess he sucks and the Saints should get rid of him now. Why not? Everyone wants Henne gone after two picks, that were not really his fault. Maybe the one, but not the 2nd.

looters, sorry, but that is a ridiculous comment. Comparing Henne to Brady, Brees or Manning, all currently at the top of their careers. How about comparing Henne at 26 games to Brees at 26 games? I will tell you right now Henne has better statistics then Brees. In fact the fans wanted to run Brees out of town the same as Miami fans are down on Henne right now. It took Brees 5 full years as a starter till he " got it" and became a good QB. Dont compare apple to oranges, we are not that dumb to buy into that.

Classic Henne Defense Team logic:

Drew Brees threw bad INTs. Henne threw bad Ints. Therefore, Henne and Brees are identical as qbs.

We want Henne gone for an entire season of sub-par play, not just the two picks.

BTW---didja see Brees drive his team 90yds at end of game w/ thrilling drive.....and then run out the clock after Saints held Falcs on their last drive? Do you really imagine Henne orchestrating that type of drive?

Armando...agree 100% Soccer is GAY...best show of the year!!!!

All the Dolphins issues are once again tied to bad drafting. I am not a Henne fan but a QB like him needs a good tightend as a security blanket.

3 names for you that could have been had by Miami in the 2nd or 3rd round who are making an impact are Aaron Hernandez, Gronkowski "yes of course they both are Patriots" but anyone notice Miami's own Jimmy Graham making big plays the last few weeks including the game winner last night for the Saints? It sickened me that they did not draft him.

Fasano is a decent tightend but not a guy who is a difference maker. Misi and Jerry are making little to no impact for us. Until they start drafting players who can make an impact Miami will be no better then middle of the pack.

Wake was a free agent find and thank god we got him but outside of Long who was the #1 pick overall and should be an impact player and Vontae Davis i do not see any other impact draftees. Langford can play and Solia finally is showing promise as is Clemons and Sean Smith but after that who else really gets anyone excited? Hopefully Odrick can come back next year and make an impact and maybe Misi but it is time to draft talent. I do not care if they have a little character issue anymore. Just take some damn players who can make a difference in a game.

Not that theres anything wrong with that :-)

Tony is putting to much credance in the numbers. He should know that they dont always tell the story.

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