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Sparano: Henne didn't grade out poorly

Tony Sparano will meet with his players at approximately 1 p.m. today and go over what happened during Sunday's 34-27 loss to Detroit. He will tell them what everyone knows: The Dolphins did not finish well and the result was turning a 10-point lead with five minutes to play into a seven-point loss.

But one thing Sparano will tell his team most of us -- certainly me -- overlooked: Chad Henne didn't play terribly.

During his 14-minute Monday press conference, the Dolphins coach said quarterback Chad Henne did not grade out poorly.

Let that marinate for a second.

Henne completed 29 of 44 passes for 278 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs for a 72 quarterback rating in a 34-27 loss to the Detroit Lions. He had a QB rating over 100 through three quarters. His fourth-quarter rating was like the Boston weather the Dolphins are about to experience Sunday when they play New England -- in the 20s.

But in grading the film, Miami's coaching staff came to the conclusion Henne wasn't as bad as everyone believed because the player got "only" six minuses. And that is his all-time best as the Dolphins starter.

"In two years it's his lowest," Sparano said. "Two years. I thought at the time the guy was throwing the ball into the wind really well. You guys were out there watching it. I don't know that you know the conditions and what it was like out there but they were pretty stiff during the course of that game. I thought he threw the ball pretty well at times and he completed whatever it was, 66 percent on the day. He had one or two of them that got away from him -- the deep ball to Brandon [Marshall] on the right sideline going into the end zone that he maybe overthrew a shade and a couple of locations. But other than that, it really came down to the last five minutes we didn't finish the game."

That is all true. All of it. Dead on accurate in every detail and fact.

But I think the truth is more important than the facts. So I want to know the truth. And I wanted to know if Sparano believed his quarterback, who was being serenaded with "Henne sucks" chants from the home crowd, played well against Detroit.

"We didn't finish the game in the last five minutes and he threw a couple of interceptions but other than that, one of the interceptions is not his, Armando," Sparano answered, no doubt wishing death upon me. "So yeah, I kind of think on the game, as a whole, when you grade the film, he didn't play poorly. Absolutely didn't play poorly."

Now, you may read theories elsewhere that Sparano was simply spinning the truth so as to not throw Henne under the bus. Not true. When the quarterback stinks rotten, Sparano doesn't defend him anymore. Shouldn't, actually. This is big-boy football and it's time for Henne to grow up.

On this occasion, the coach simply was trying to correct the perception of a terrible game by Henne because that's what the player's grade actually shows. And that's what he would then tell the team. And if he tells the media one thing and the team another, it ruins his credibility with his players.

So Sparano said that which is hard for some people to be convinced about: Henne wasn't awful Sunday.

Look, you don't have to like it. I don't. You know I no longer believe Henne is Miami's future at QB. And I also wouldn't give Henne a pass on that second INT that was returned for a TD because on the play, he had the choice of throwing to five different receivers and he picked the only one that was bracketed while not serving up an opportunity to the three facing man-coverage or Brandon Marshall against a zone.

Yet, the grade is the grade. And the grade did include some negative plays.

"That [first] interception was a combination of a few things," Sparano explained. "One, the decision wasn't great on the interception. Let me say this: First of all, Chad Henne probably, not probably, he only had six minuses out of the entire football game. One of them was on that play particularly and it was a combination of two or three things that happened. The tight end didn't sit down and he kind of drifted on him and they end up getting the ball in the short end of the field. We stop them, but we gave up field goal.

"We have a receiver open. He's open at the sticks and falls down. Slips. The ball ends up in [the defender's] hands. We're going to the right place with the football. He's throwing in the right area. The receiver falls down and they pick it off and we miss three tackles on the play."

I guess I got a football lesson today. A player can stink for five minutes and still not have his entire body of work in a game get slimed. So Henne maybe didn't play well when one considers the entire body of work. But he wasn't terrible, either, according to Miami coaching grades.


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I wouldn't mind Brian Billick or Brad Childress as our OC... And an offensive guy as a HC wouldn't do any harm either. Enough with these defensive HC'S. Mr.Ross, TD's is what sells tickets. Not FG's and 14-10 wins.

Drew Brees threw 2 INTs last night....Henne threw 2 INTs on Sunday....I think I see a pattern.....Henne is the next Drew Brees by that logic.....

kris, problem is, Henne throws at least 2 INT's every sunday. Not Brees.

If you could bed 150 women would you? this question was posed to Troy Straddford on the Armando Show.....

Troy says..."If i'm Tiger woods the answer is YES"......classic......great answer Troy....Ditto for me...if I was Tiger Woods

Bring in Kyle Orton and draft a QB. Start training camp with Orton, Mallett let's say and Henne. Until the QB issue is resolved, this team will stay a middle of the pack team. I hope Ireland has a plan and Ross buy's it, or else he's history.

Whats up #1.....I was being sarcastic.....I have seen those comparisons and that logic to many times on this blog.....just having fun this morning...lol

henne is the next Drew Brees............Kris is the best guy to come up w/great quotes .

I now think Dolphins go Cam Newton or Mark Ingram 1st rd. Which ever's still available.

Aloco...Good Morning to you Sir!

Manning, Brees and all the great QBs throw lots of picks. But they usually back those up with touchdowns, not more picks. And when put in the two minute drill with a shot to win at the end they don't look like the Keystone Cops bumbling around out there.

Got to be honest after reading Darlington's article this morning I got a little sick to my stomach. If you haven't read it I suggest you do.

Killer Dolphin has sold me on Newton using Sam Bradford and the Bucs qb as examples of spread option qb's making it in the nfl. Makes sense to me. LOL...........


After I talk myself into believing it's in the franchise's interests to keep Sporano (can we really have ANOTHER head coach?) for continuity sakes, he goes off and defends Henne who is clearly, NOT an NFL caliber quarterback. Henne has the physical tools, but his ability to read defenses and make sound decisions is ABYSMAL. Forget the fact he has ZERO emotion and does not lead his team, at all.

Now, I also ask myself how in the world does this team have a base offense during those last 48 seconds, instead of going 5 wide. All this points back to the head coach who should have the ultimate final say in what happens.

SO bottom line, Henne should no doubt go or be relegated to 2nd string (which he would probably be fantastic at). Sporano has one game to prove he can make this team competitive (at least make a game of it against Pats) and avoid bone head in game decisions.

Lets hope its Cam....it will take the league a few years to learn how to adjust to him.....he is worth 3 wins by himself....but he won't start for 2 years



We can have a real wildcat with Newton until he's ready. LOL...........

Jeffery Dahmer was a great guy...UNTIL HE STARTED EATING PEOPLE!!!

Watching Atlanta and NO last night really makes you realie how far away we truly are from having a competitive NFL style offense. Having passed on both Drew Brees and Matt Ryan, we have a tradition of incompetence to overcome.

we already got Mark Ingram...we call him Ronnie Brown

kris, imo, the Dolphins need to bring in a veteran QB who had a decent season, like a Kyle Orton or whoever, give a second chance to Henne since we wasted a 2nd round pick on the guy, and draft a rookie QB for the future. And give these guys a speedy WR, a TE that can stretch the field and some speed at the RB position, like drafting a Ray Rice type guy. Keep in mind the defense was terrible last year and it only took 1 offseason to improve it. The same could be done with the offense. But not with these coaches. These guys are too conservative. I don't want coaches who like to win with a FG with one minute left.

Lola in that famous Kinks song was a great Gal...UNTIL THE DUDE FOUND OUT SHE WAS A HE!!! YUP! PACKIN A BIG PEPORONI! Listen to the song...

Like a blogger said the other day, any coach who plays for a tie has no business in the NFL. Couldn't agree more.

Draft Newton, cut Thigpen. Newton will be starting by the 2nd half of season. Henne will be his backup! LOL..........

Adam Schefter & Chris Mortensen did a rundown on the coaches in the hot seat this morning on ESPN.
About 10 in total were discussed with Sparano given an "OUT" grade by both.
...changes they are a coming.


I agree Montreal and DB.....I want Mcnabb or Palmer....as my Vet QB and Newton in waiting.....thats my dream scenario.....I know Orton has had a good year...but he doesn't have the resume of a Palmer or Mcnabb

Any way we can send the Ravens a draft pick in exchange for Ozzie Newsome to run our front office? That would great. lol!


sparano knows that lydon murtha was injured on his 56th offensive play;yet he doesn't know how to run a 2 minute offense????? sparano is also incapable of making coaching adjustments during the course of games. something to consider; if its not the coaching,its got to be henne. if its not henne,its got to be the coaching. either scenario sparano is responsible;its his team.

#1....Ozzie would be the key...but thier not giving him up.....I live in B'more and they love him....


Greg Z...that about sums it up



They better love him. Look at his track record. 1 SB. Look at the players he drafted: Flacco. Rice. Lewis. Reed. Heap. Ngata. That is just awesome. I think he drafts more playmakers in one year than the Dolphins do in a decade.


The Seer, did you see Drew Brees drive his team 90 yards or be consistently good in years 1, 2, 3 or 4? No you didn't. More then likely you didn't even see Brees play those first years unless he was on National TV, and you probably said, boy that QB suks. Again, start comparing Brees and Henne at the same point in their careers, not Brees now. Ridiculous

Aloco, I just don't see it with Henne. If I'm wrong, that's fine. I'm a Miami Dolphins fan, I just want to win. Crowder is upset cause fans are booing. My response to him would be this: "Channing, these fans have won a total of 1 playoff game in the last decade. 1. Don't you think they have a right to boo??"

what has palmer done? nothing. Palmer is another henne. And mcnabb is done. Henne is better than him also. We need to draft our next QB and a young vet with potential.

Poor Rex Ryan...That stomach stapling has the poor guy starving. I just saw a video of him trying to eat his wife's feet! Awe poor Fella!

Greg Z. On this point we agree. Either way Sporano is the Captain and is ultimately responsible. I'm sure he understands the situation, he needs an OC an QB coach, a different philosophy on offense and some dynamic playmakers. Whether he is given that chance to correct this remains to be seen.


I was not comparing Brees now &Henne now........I was responding to a commentor who did exactly that, and in a most illogical fashion, stating that Brees had 2 INT & Henne had 2INTs & thus Henne = Brees.

If you wanna wait and watch Henne develop into Brees in another five years or so, enjoy. Patience is its own reward, I suppose.

bobbyd, I agree. Comparing brees and henne right now is rediculous. Brees after his 3 year in the league wasn't any better than henne. That's why he was run out of san diego. Most QBs do have a sophmore slump. Lets hope with a new OC henne can cut down on the int's. We still need to draft a QB and get a vet to compete with henne.
BTW ryan didn't look much better than henne last night either

Mike Nolan deserves a second chance as a HC, look what he's done with our "D". He'll get his own DC. And we could get Billick as an OC, these 2 have worked together in the past. Not saying that's the solution but it is an option.

Mando care to print a retraction on your piece stating the fins will win against Buffalo and Detroit! what a rookie move at best. C'mon predicting wins and losses. Anyway bottom line is everyone is enamoured with stats to define Henne. Stats make him look better than he is. He is not a clutch QB. When its crunch time he can't come through. Sanchez is tied for 2nd in game winning drives!

We should draft a 175 pound speedster outta college and turn him into the next Mike Vick! Someone like Pat White!

Maybe a Guy from Utah and his family a good kid like Beck!

Jay Feely?

An injury prone Trent Green?

Cleo "don't call me Leo" Lemmon?

i spend every year at dolphins training camp in davie watching every practice. the last few years it became painfully obvious that we missed on several personell decisions. watching daily it became evident that there was no chemistry between henne and his receivers. practices were becoming boring with "checkdowns and kills" the order of the day. henne could not move the offense down the field. some took solace in the fact we had a good D but i felt it was a larger issue and posted it several times in august on the blog,taking alot of criticism. i can only tell you henne hasnt developed in his 3 years here. parcells departed and lamented that henne didnt develop as they had hoped. my belief is that they tried to make him something he's not and he didnt resist. players didnt warm up to him and chemistrys didnt form. it was obvious it was "over" in camp. ps mike nolan is the real deal. other teams will go after him;i hope we dont lose him. he should be our coach!!!

Hey look at the bright side people...remember when we always started the season strong and then crapped out in the second half??? Well we suck all year now.

You cannot lose against the Browns Bills and then Lions if you think you have any chance at contending in this league. His play hasn't been terrible but he surely isn't doing enough to win

Get an agressive OC in Miami and it will be a start, no matter who the QB is. Look at what it did to Cutler having Mike Martz. Enough with this conservative bs offense. I'm starting to have bad memories of Jay Fiedler and Dave Wannstedt. Yuk!

and by saying he isn't terrible I mean he is just plain bad maybe not Fiedler terrible

Keep Henne another year and let him compete against a 1st rd QB like Newton and let him go after his shitty contract is up if he won't take backup money

Obviously most posters here have never touched, let alone played the sport of football...

QB rating means squat when the QB throws the game. Period. Like I say time again, you can't polish a turd!

I don't give a hoot about ratings when the game is thrown.

...but then again most posters here don't know squat.

Bobby and all....don't take me serious today...I am off work and enjoying the day...for me today this blog about having fun and joking...no serious talk for me today...so don't be offended

Martin is BACK!!!!

The Seer, I apologize, I misunderstood your first post. As far as Henne goes, the kid didn't play like this at Michigan. If he has regressed I blame the coaches and their style of play calling. Bess and Marshall always doing out routes. I've seen Henne throw 30 yards across the field for a five yard out. Before we throw him under the bus let's put him in a different offensive scheme with a decent QB coach and some playmakers around him. That's my point.

Trade anyone for Phillip Rivers NOW! No one is indispensable! Hell I would even throw in J-Lo, Fergie, Bob Kuchenberg, The video of the 72 Dolphins, Manny Fernandez Sideburns, It's all on the table! Get me Rivers in here now Dammit!

Kris, enjoy ur day off bro

I'm going to play devil's advocate/conspiracy theorist for a minute. What if Sparano and Ross (Michigan man) have been the Henne supporters all along and it was Henning who wanted Henne benched. I certainly haven't heard any Henne support coming from Henning. And what if the reason we don't go down the field is because Henning knows Henne can't succeed doing it. Well, Henning being gone may mean another year of status quo. Just a thought.

Can we get someone to coach this team who is not constantly evaluating players based on stats? We need someone who likes to coach players not numbers. Hey Sparano, go be a statistician, leave football to someone else.

Seer...if you re-read my comments you would see...never mind....its not that serious today.....i'm in to good a mood

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