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We get evaluated, Dolphins should be evaluated top to bottom

All of us that have jobs are evaluated at least once a year to mark the progress or regression we've made on the job. Am I right?

So an evaluation isn't an insult.

So, as I write in my Sunday column, the Dolphins need to perform a comprehensive top to bottom evaluation of the entire football side of the franchise.

In other words, coach Tony Sparano needs to be evaluated.

General manager Jeff Ireland needs to be evaluated.

All the players need to be evaluated.

All the assistants need to be evaluated.

I tell you in the column what result the evaluation of Sparano and Ireland should be, barring a final month collapse by the Dolphins.

I also tell you why the Dolphins need to encourage a couple of other high-ranking assistants to find something else to do next season because their work in 2010 won't stand up very well to an honest evaluation, regardless of what happens in the final four weeks of the season.

Those final four weeks begin today, by the way, with the Dolphins facing the New York Jets. We will have a live blog around 4 p.m. I will update the blog and and get us set up for the live blog, with pregame news, well before then.

So come back. 


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Go Dolphins!!!

This is really a moot point. Teams evaluate all year long.

Enjoy reading your stuff Armando. You're certainly no shill for the local teams, and that's refreshing. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in Ross's press box and know what he's got to say about the year so far.

Evaluate a new offensive coordinator up!!! Henneing needs to stop being such a boob! I just hope Nolan doesn't get a job some where else!!

thanks for the information
Jeff Ierland is the question mark in this mess.The last three years in the highest position in the personal department of the DOLPHINS.It seem there is no one to take responsibility for the Dolphins personal miscues. The future of the DOLPHINS is now to be trust to Ireland,WHY?

Making the upper deck howl all day at the soggylands. Henne jersey being worn with pride today

Thanks for the honesty, Mando.

A very refreshing relief from the FanBoyism that infects much of the local media.

Fire Them All, is what I think.

Looks like 100% chance of rain for the game.
Windy as hell too.

Sancheezy - 77.3 QB rating with a 16/11 TD/INT ratio.

Our boy CH7 - 77.5 rating with a 12/15 TD/INT ratio.

The running game must show up today.
Go Dolphins!!!

The faboys at the "other" blog, where double-rainbows & Unicorns are always the order of the day, are asserting that the bad weather bodes well for the Dolphins in general and Henne in particular.

The depths of mankinds ability at self-delusion is breathtaking sometimes.

Think I'll stay here, where some critical evaluation is still possible.

just saw tony sporano on the coaches show..he looks like he knows he's history after the season..

ed, didn't you read Mando's column where he said Parcells ran personnel, and Ireland was merely a captain? Maybe Ireland would have done things differently. Let's give him one chance solo before we put all the blame on him.

There have been many factors that put us in the position we find ourselves. Getting out of the hole from decades of incompetence has proven harder than expected. Dolphins don't have any stability. Add to that the injuries of this year. And the coaching staff that hasn't exactly come up with a winning strategy week to week, and a young, inconsistent QB with new weapons still learning how to play together, and you have mediocrity.

Isn't something that can't be fixed. But it has to start in earnest (like Mando said) with coaching changes, team strategy changes, and changes to the personnel.

we should start the offseason by firing Sparano and Henning, and signing T.O

"double rainbows and unicorns"...heh, heh, heh....that's funny.

the dolphins offense will be good today vs. the jets overrated defense..but the jets offense scares me..braylon edwards always has big games vs. the dolphins like 6 straight games with a td..dating back with the browns..this game is on the defense .go dolphins4life!

LOL @ The Seer... Right the wind and rain helps an inacurate passer? This game must be won ugly. Somebody tell dictator Henning if we get the ball late with a chance to win. Perhaps a run play on first down isn't the best plan.


kudos to you for being able to still watch that "clean things up" "at the end of the day"
"he flashed in practice" nonsense.

I lost my ability to watch Sparano for extended periods of time after the Steelers game.


btw & fwiw---Hank Goldberg, if you remember him, (a) (only slightly tongue-in-cheek) interpreted the Lombardi trip as a not-so-veiled message to Fist Pump that 'this is how a coach behaves" and (b) sez that prominent Fin alumni are letting Ross know in explcit terms that Henne & Sparano ain't got it.

another vanilla colum Armando.
Sparano should be given a 4th year?
The guy is not a head coach. He's the worst clock manager in the whole league (a close battle with Singletary). His blown time outs have already cost us too much...and the 12 men on the field...etc etc

Mando, awhile back, I asked you to do a thing on personnel hit's and misses. I tried but I don't have the resources you have. Might be time consuming but it would certainly be interesting.

There are now Rumors surfacing that
Mike Nolan might go back to Denver
to be their Head Coach next season.

This can not happen.

We can only hope that the Dolphins do WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep Nolan.

That means PAY HIM!

Please...for the sake of the Franchise P A Y H I M !!!

For the sake of MY SANITY...


M !!!!



Why does Armando frequently write a blog only to tell you what he told you in his previous article, and litter it with links to that same article? "In my column today I told you 'click link here' that not only does this or that, but also 'click link here' where I mention at the end my thoughts 'click link here'

In other words, in this article is basically just another plea to read my previous article.

tony sporano has no clue what being a headcoach is..he's bill parcells figurehead..a good talker who's not headcoach material in the nfl!he's probaly the only assitant on the cowboys who told bill yes !

and by the way, Armando, you talk about evaluation, but we are still waiting for your true evaluation of Sparano.

I understand that you must maintain good relation with the guy, but I think your reader deserve to know your real opinion about him

If there's even a hint of a suggestion that Nolan may leave-----ROSS MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY & KEEP HIM AS HC.

He's the lone bright spot on a staff full of Peter Principle Incompetents.

DC Dolf, I wouldn't necessarily take Armandos word as pure fact, for instance in terms of how the personnel decisions have been made. A lot of it comes off more as his gut feeling than any inside definitive knowledge. It could easily be as well that BP merely offered his advice/opinion and let Ireland make the call, just another hypothesis, we don't know nor do I believe any sports writer really knows what is going on inside command and control, they only give the spin factor to the outside world. Just like when back in September Sparano says he very rarely has any interaction with BP, and that mainly he talks to Ireland, yeah, right, sure, uh huh. HC rarely communicating with the GM?Could be that way now that BP is gone, but doubtful that was the case before...

today is the end of what should have been coming a long time ago. the end of henne, sparano, henning. it's time to get a real qb, to be the leader of the team and make them a legit winning team. they have been a poor team for far too long and it's getting old!

The Seer:

...busting out with "The PETER PRINCIPLE" !

Well done.

no way miami's so called offense even shows up today, we will see nothing but punts and turnovers. the wets were embarassed on monday. they will come out and destroy the dolphins today. hopefully henne will have his typical 2 or 3 pick game.

Parcells and Jeff ireland.. "the trifecta" has been a flop. A disaster. Henne is another bust and so is marshall along with countless other second round bust.
They blow 2 second rounders and $50 on a head case. It would have alot better to draft super receiver that Dallas moved up to get. Instead da doofins move down and get a stiff in Odrick, a real helpful pick. Misi? average at best. Bad draft when they had do many other choices with the 12th pick.

Where are these rumors about Nolan? Or did someone make this up because he was an assistant there? I know that 3 guys have been rumored to be in the hunt for the job. 1 may suprise you as it made me think this franchise is a lot better off then Denver(if this 1 rumor has any teeth) 1 Troy Calhoun..Air Force head coach. 2 Jim Harbaugh..Everyones wish list.3 Get ready to laugh..John Elway...Could you imagine if they threw Marino into the spot casue of his name, and ego?

you got that right JET FAN!

JET FAN and the Jets are the Pats b@#@#. Get ready to get beat in the playoffs..And time to break up your team next year..lol!

Jet Fan, just how many of those players available at 12 are even performing? Dan WIlliams, on the bench. Dez, injury prone and now on IR. Misi, well tell me how many Jet rookies are going to the pro bowl? Yep, the fins are a mess...but if the Jets don't win this year (and NFW they will) they will have no chance for years to come. Enjoy the hapless fins while you can...The jets days are coming.

Nice topic for a column, but is there anything that would lead you to believe that the evaluations are NOT going to take place?

More than anything, I would like to know what we have in Ross as an owner. This team needs a young, competent owner who wuill be here for the long haul and give Miami the stability that they had through the 70's and 80's.

This team hasn't had a good run in forever. Success or failure starts at the top.

the dolphins are waiting for marshall to break out. well if he had a real qb maybe he would breakout.

It's good to learn that Ross is leaning towards keeping Sparano, as he should.

The worst thing in the world would be if he started listening to the fans. No offense, but the vast majority of you are clueless to the point of being comical.

Blackcerote.. Not much we can say right now. It's hard to talk any smack after the season we have had. Yeah were six and six suck it jets? Or It will be awesome when YOUR team loses in the playoffs? Next year your team is going to suck. We saw Lombardi this week so look out!!!
The jets and their fans make my blood boil. Nothing would make me feel better about this season then if we could slap these chuckleheads across the face with our nut sacks today. But as far as smack talk we ain't got much to say.

cam newton wins the heisman. he would look real good in a dolphins uniform! that's not in a sick perverted way!

A team planning on having a special season does NOT get bulldozed, humiliated, and have their ass handed to them 45-3 on national television by their chief rival in December.

Sorry, Jet fan. We all saw it.

It's good to learn that Ross is leaning towards keeping Sparano, as he should.

The worst thing in the world would be if he started listening to the fans. No offense, but the vast majority of you are clueless to the point of being comical.

Posted by: jim

Yes, the fans pretty much only know what sports writers and analysts feed them, and yet they suddenly think they know better than the people doing the job day in and out, watching all the practices, watching 100 times more film than them. It is comical. Fans have all these sure fire ideas as though the coaching staff is so clueless and hadn't already considered them.

Metrodome roofs collapses under 20 inches of snow.

exactly, just like the patsies already did to miami, just like the wets already did to miami, just like it's going to happen to them again today and again the last game.

Darryl, go to ESPN under AFC west blogs.

But here's the thing about forner HCs working as assistants, it never last long. There's HC vacancies every year and in the NFL, the teams new coach was the old coach somewhere else.

Bill Arnsparger was an assistant for years---became a head coach---and then went back to being an assistant for years. It can happen.

Not sure why all the coach talk, anyway. Miami is NOT going to have a different head coach next season.

sure they will, if they lose the last four games. maybe even if they lose 3 ouy of 4 or even go 2-2.

its amazing to me some of the comments on here about Henne being the whole reason the offense sucks.. Marshall being a waste.. drafting Cam Newton.. Henne hasnt been great this year.. If the OC was not so stuck on running an old offense and would use the offense to compliment his QB then things would be different. The running game hasnt been there.. If you dont have stability on the offensive line then neither are going to work or flow. Marshalls routes are so predictable and hardly runs slant routes which is his bread and butter.. Cam Newton is a NFL project QB..

lombardi calls the dolphins "cream puffs". that's hilarious.

and if Mike Nolan is being considered by other teams then Ross needs to step up and make a move to keep him. Look what hes done with what he has.. let him get some more of his guys in and this will be a top ranked defense

The Ball Boy & Fist Pump stink. If you really want to go thru another year of this Neo-Wannstedtian, take-a-knee, "Chad's developing" football---bully for you.

I find it rotten.

they don't call a throw a pick play do they? either you are a qb, or you are not, henne is not. yeah, newton has some issues, but he will do well in the nfl,guarantee it.

I support Henne bc hes put in the situation hes in.. shotty as best OC.. the picks hes throw alot have been his fault.. Newton a few years down the road will be a decent run and gun QB.. but if youre looking for success now then no.. Henne at Michigan had an offense that went with his style of QB.. Thats why he started every game since he was a freshman.. you dont do that at Michigan (the old Michigan) and not be a QB, sorry bro

does henning say alright henne, underthrow the ball about 5 yards so, they can knock it down? i don't think so.

Cocoajoe.. Thanks again. I thought the Nolan stuff was perhaps some schizto jibber jabber. His name hasn't been mentioned 1 time in the local media(not that means a thing) I'm sure Denver like all other teams with vacancies will explore all of their options.

Henne needs a couple of more years like Carson Palmer did, under the guidance of a veteran QB

im a dolphin fan living in new jersey,also work with alot of jet fans sure hope my boys show up today

Sparano has the right temperment and the team plays hard for him 95% of the time.

Is he perfect? No, not at all. But he's more solid than a LOT of other coaches and has a better winning percentage at this point in his career than a ton og guys who went on to have a great tenure.

Let's be honest here, fellas. After his sixth season as a head coach, Bill Belichick was 41-55. There's not one of you--not ONE--that wouldn't have wanted him fired if he had that record with Miami. Not one of you that would have foreseen greatness on the horizon.

You win with the right players. Period.

Did I say all of his throws were right on? no.. did I say hes a good QB right now no.. Henne calls bs plays that disrupt the flow of the offense, doesnt use the running game, calls a predictable offense, so when you have a OC that essentially works against you to an extent..

henne needs a new team. he can go somewhere else and sit for another 4 or 5 years, then maybe he will get it.


this is a very mediocre nfl team. lets finish the year out and get a good draft pick and get rid of this garbage staff that will finish 8-8 every year.

So whats your solution dolphin77? ship away the only on the roster with actual experience.. bring in a rookie that will need time to develope to take the reigns?

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