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We get evaluated, Dolphins should be evaluated top to bottom

All of us that have jobs are evaluated at least once a year to mark the progress or regression we've made on the job. Am I right?

So an evaluation isn't an insult.

So, as I write in my Sunday column, the Dolphins need to perform a comprehensive top to bottom evaluation of the entire football side of the franchise.

In other words, coach Tony Sparano needs to be evaluated.

General manager Jeff Ireland needs to be evaluated.

All the players need to be evaluated.

All the assistants need to be evaluated.

I tell you in the column what result the evaluation of Sparano and Ireland should be, barring a final month collapse by the Dolphins.

I also tell you why the Dolphins need to encourage a couple of other high-ranking assistants to find something else to do next season because their work in 2010 won't stand up very well to an honest evaluation, regardless of what happens in the final four weeks of the season.

Those final four weeks begin today, by the way, with the Dolphins facing the New York Jets. We will have a live blog around 4 p.m. I will update the blog and and get us set up for the live blog, with pregame news, well before then.

So come back. 


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If you're counting on The Ball Boy to get Fist Pump the "right players," you're into some heavy mascohism.

Sparano's philosophy blows-----chicken-scratch, take a knee "football"

There is one team that is run the way fans would run a team.

They're called the Washington Redskins. You can see what a spectacular success that has been.

sign a vet at qb next year to compete for starting job, draft a speed back

agreed bill_cnnrs

Mr. Bill..you and I are in complete agreement on that

Sure, Darrin.......

too bad KC & Atl changed Head Coaches & GMs..............don't they realize that "stability" is the one and only important component of football-management.

Sure glad Huizenga stayed with JJ & Wanny too. Rock Solid.

jeff fisher might be done in tenn anyone think he would be an improvement?personally i dont like him

You want a new head coach? Fine.

How about some actual names (and specifically why) rather than just hypotheticals.

Cowher, perhaps? You willing to give him 14 years to win it all the way the Steelers did?

Gruden? You'll overlook all the bad drafts, the .500 record, and leaving the Bucs in a shambles because of the one title?

Who? Tell me.

fisher is damn good. they ruined that team when they signed garbage randy moss. was hilarious when some miami fans were wanting that pos

darrin stevens-jon gruden is a good coach n karl peterson would take over as gm n that in itself would be an improvement

sure darin, its been 38 years

It's good to learn that Ross is leaning towards keeping Sparano, as he should.

The worst thing in the world would be if he started listening to the fans. No offense, but the vast majority of you are clueless to the point of being comical.

Posted by: jim

Yes, the fans pretty much only know what sports writers and analysts feed them, and yet they suddenly think they know better than the people doing the job day in and out, watching all the practices, watching 100 times more film than them. It is comical. Fans have all these sure fire ideas as though the coaching staff is so clueless and hadn't already considered them.

Posted by: 0x80 | December 12, 2010 at 12:32 PM


Whats funny about this 0x80 is that...I posted the same thing to you on tues/wed last week...

Obviously I would love to see our team win. Second, I would like to see if we can clean up all the little mistakes that have made us what we are. The offense(qb) turns the ball over too much and puts pressure on the defense. We take holding penalties in situations where down and distance puts us at a disadvantage. Defensively. We are in position to create turnovers, and get points off of them. But, we cannot hold on to the ball. The defense has had some chances to pick up the offense, and turn some games around in our favor. It just hasn't happened. It is hard to bang on the defense, they have kept us in everygame with little or no help.


"Ireland has really been in charge since September when Parcells handed him the personnel mantle. So although Ireland was at the scene of the crime of the Pat White pick and the Jake Grove fiasco and countless other misses in the litany of hits and misses the past three years, none can be pinned totally on him."

Armando, in a court of law indeed Ireland would be just as responsible. He would be convicted as either being an ACCOMPLICE or an ACCOMPLICE after the fact.

How is Mike Shanahan doing without Elway, how did George Seifert do with out Young, how did Jimmy Johnson do without Aikman? Tony Dungy didn't get a superbowl until he got Manning. Are you catching my drift???

I don't care who is the head coach, as long as we have an average QB, we will be having 8-8 seasons...

jim is content on going 8-8 every year. im not, make the move.


How was Elway doing without Terrel Davis?

Jim Harbaugh. How's that name for a starter?

No one ever heard of Mike Smith. Todd Haley & Tomlin (who the Fins/Huizenga thought was "too hip-hop") were known but not real well known.

They were hired by savvy GMs & Owners.

If our owner ain't savvy (which is probable), let him hire a GM, and that GM will hire a coach.

Sparano was hired, as was Ireland, because they were Tuna-flunkys. Tuna bailed on Ross. Ross should bail on Tuna's flunkys.

Why do you keep insisting that Ross maintain fidelity to HUIZENGA's vision.

The Rooneys hired Cowher & stood by him. Let Ross hire his own people, THEN you can impose your Stability-fetish on Ross, instead of saying that stability = Ross standing by Tuna's jagoffs.

wrong tar. jets 9-3 with awful sanchez, made afc title game with him. kc first with cassel. jacksonville first with garrard!

well said seer

Ireland may be a great gm in 10 years. But we dont have the long to be the experimental mice.

Jeff Fisher or Jim Harbaugh seem like good candidates for our next HC. I was a supporter of Sparano, but I think he has peaked. You can only keep the team behind you for so long without getting results. Listening to him talk, its painfully obvious he just isn't that bright of a guy. When you look at how long and how much they invested in the oline, which is his specialty, and now its in shambles, well to me that says one thing, failure. There is a time to be patient, and there is a time to cut your losses. Like now.

harbaugh would be huge, first time guy who is hungry and knows the game

Darrin Steven,

Miami is average in every way. Sparano is an average head coach and gets OUT COACHED too many times. His rah rah, fist pump act needs to go.

I don't think you can knock 2 Super Bowl coaches like Gruden and Cowher for their short comings. Gruden made some mistakes in Tampa but he also won with a veteran group. His mistakes was in personel decisions but not coaching. Gruden also won in Oakland which was a door mat before he got there and after he left. He coached up Rich Gannon into a league MVP. Sparano can't even coach up a single offensive linemen. Cowher on the other hand is legendary. He went to numerous AFC championships and a Super Bowl loss before finally winning a Super Bowl. How can you dismiss both Gruden and Cowher's accomplishments? Both are great head coaches. Sparano is an idiot!

I personally want Gruden. Miami needs an offensive mind for a change. Miami also has been looking for a QB since that Marino fella. Gruden is a great offensive mind and a QB guru.

darrin, Henning is another but they are an exception to the rule. Bill Arnsparger is 84 yrs old and how old is Henning? 70s?

Seer.....outstanding comments....Deytreder...i'm starting see things the same way you are...I have been a Sporano man..but I am starting to sway

Yes well said Seer.. Ross has to put his stamp on this team.. essentially it is HIS team as he owns it.. The tuna walked out on him.. walk out on the tunas guys.. Ross apparently is a business man and like any business he wants results that lead to a profit.. going 8-8 each year does not turn the profit i expect he expects

Fellas, age doesn't matter. It's not about age or anything with Henning, it's about his lack of an aggressive, potent offense for years and years and years. In going into his THIRD retirement. That should tell you something. When teams were down and out and needed immediate help, Henning was the one to call. He's good at stabilizing an offense. He has a vanilla scheme and doesn't give his team too much to learn. So, it was perfect in '08. But today, we need to take the training wheels off. We need to get rid of the catalytic converter and just let the engine roar. That's why we need a new OC.

If age would matter, the Steelers wouldn't still have Dick Lebeau. It doesn't. Face it, it's Dan Henning himself (not sure why anyone would have to explain the need for a new OC to someone who's watched every game the Dolphins played for 3 years).

Even prostitutes get evaluated.

The Rooneys hired Cowher & stood by him. Let Ross hire his own people, THEN you can impose your Stability-fetish on Ross, instead of saying that stability = Ross standing by Tuna's jagoffs.

Posted by: The Seer | December 12, 2010 at 01:22 PM


So, are you telling me you would stand by their hire for FOURTEEN years waiting for a title?

That's exactly what happened with Cowher.

By the way, I'm not adverse to making any changes. You guys infering that are clueless (as you are about most football issues).

It's only that I KNOW the kind of mentality fans like (make changes constantly, score big in FA, etc.) is actually the BEST way to ensure a losing franchise.

Some of the names are indeed interesting coaching options. Personally, I think Fisher is terrific despite the current state of affairs in Tennessee.

Gruden? I wonder how many who want him even realize Tony Sparano has a better winning percentage than Chucky did for the entirety of his career?

I guess ignorance is bliss.

Agreed DC Dolfan.. its dumb founding to me when your OC says himself hes not worried about job security bc hes been retired 2 times before. i mean whats his motivation for doing good? If you dont have a fire under your ass about doing a great job then your work will show that

Ireland may have been cool as a talent scout when he could layback with no pressure and present suggestions. Then someone else would take the heat on any gaffs.

Its far different when the spotlight shines squarely on you. Ireland gets a C- mark at best.

Armando, I also disagree BP is responsible for all the personel moves pre-September. I believe he was there to let Ireland bounce things off of him, but allowed Ireland to make the final decision.

The reason I believe this is because I believe BP is a throw them in the water and they either sink or swim king of guy. Knowing that he wouldnt be around and ultimately Ireland would be the one who either sinks or swim with the moves over the next 5 seasons more or less.

Making most of the moves for Ireland would be like the professor giving the student most of the answers to the test. Which doesnt make sense either.

i mean it has been 38yrs since we won our last SB.. whats another 14? lol


Ross has tried everything imaginable to make Miami games a big deal and a marketable team for fans. Even if some of us think it's insane to go the Marc Anthony, J. Lo route, Orange carpet roll out and other questionable marketing ideas. From what I can see Ross is about making the flashy, big splash. I think with the big name and peronality of Parcells gone how can he stay with a mediocre coach like Sparano?

Miami being average on the field is a culmination of both average on the field and off the field moves at best. It wasnt until this offseason before we made a better than average free agency move. LOL.........

Also, on the topic of Gruden---one of the VERY few coaches to have a Super Bowl winner not even qualify for the playoffs the next season (7-9).

They must have rebounded, right? Um, no. They followed that season with a 4-12 stinkbomb.

yes 14 if he wins has much as cowher did and gets to 2 super bowls. last 14 years here have been awful

Look at the drafts over the last 3yrs, outside of Jake Long and maybe Vontae it has been slightly below average to average at best.

What we see on the field doesnt lie.

Agreed Andy NJ... hes done everything on his end to turn a profit except with the football operations.. He has to put his stamp on this team even on the football side.. I dont see him sticking with Sparano.. He as everyone would do, will surround himself with people that he trust.. Carl Peterson is a good friend from what I can see and have read... new GM and new HC.. but thats just my opinion

Imagine what this team looks like had Bess decided on another team as an ufa, Wake had taken another offer, and the Parcellians had not been forced to spend money on real free agency finds over the offseason.(DANSBY/MARSHALL)

DyingBreed - didn't Elway get to 3 sb's without terrel davis. That's consistantly winning in the playoffs. Something we haven't sniffed.

bill - sanchez believe it or not, has delivered when the game has been on the line. And that is what Henne has failed to do with numerous opportunities.

As far as the Elway comment Tar.. regardless of who you put in at runningback with that offensive scheme and behind that line was successful. The oline was together for awhile.. not this person plays guard today and plays center next game

"I guess ignorance is bliss"?!?!? I thought YOU were the one happy (i.e., blissful) about Sparano.

Anyway. I'll take the bait..............

I, The Seer, Hereby pledge to stand by Ross's NEXT (& first) HC for 14 yrs.

This one (Fist Pump), not so much........not even 14 more games.


Dying, I think you're absolutely right. No manager in any buisness would hire a person for a position and then procede to do his job for him. It makes no sense.

Ross is still new, he has had a year or so to look things over, but has not imposed his will on anything yet. He will have to soon enough and make decisions on what to do do with the current coaching staff. IMHO, regardless what he does about Ireland Sparano Henning, the biggest BLUNDER he could make is not finding a way to keep Nolan. He is the most elite coach we have. I'd rather see him stay as DC, but if it takes making him HC in order to keep him, I say we do that.

Darrin S,

Ok we are all idiots and you are the know it all. You know everything I see. You're right many fans do want the big splash in FA and to change coaches when things go bad. But you actually see Sparano as a winner?

Sparano has coached 3 years and you are comparing him with Gruden's 10 years? Lol. Gruden has been to and won a Super Bowl. Gruden took Oakland to AFC Championship game and was the BIGGEST BS call (Tom Brady tuck rule) away from a second consecutive AFC championship and then followed that with a Super Bowl win. But you're right he does only have a .540 win percentage compared to Sparano's OUTSTANDING and remarkably better .571 win percentage. But you know everything and fans calling for Gruden are all clueless right? You are right ignorance is bliss bro. LMAO

We have a gm only a few short seasons of putting away his HeMan doll collection, a very green and inexperienced oline as HC, and a OC that's a better punch line as to the grateful dead than he is an offensive innovator.

We as fans should also be evaluated(cat-scanned) for believing we would have better results. LOL.............

And let's hope Ross doesn't follow William Clay Ford's guidance on "stability" and stick with the Ball Boy as long as Ford stuck with Matt Millen.

agreed deytreder.. he agreed to stay out of the way when Tuna was handling things but now that hes not he will make changes.. Nolan needs to stay

lol Matt Millan.. did you see him and Steve Young get into it on tv a few weeks ago? Steve said something about what they need to do.. Millen got hot and said Steve you have no idea whats going on with that organization.. you could tell on steves face he wanted to say apparently you didnt either

andy nj-well put

refering to the Lions^


lol Matt Millan.. did you see him and Steve Young get into it on tv a few weeks ago? Steve said something about what they need to do.. Millen got hot and said Steve you have no idea whats going on with that organization.. you could tell on steves face he wanted to say apparently you didnt either

Posted by: ncfinfan | December 12, 2010 at 01:53 PM


Maybe since Ross is looking for investors.. he will put the fins on the stock market and we all can be share holders.. that way all of the opinions that we post on here would actually matter lol

I'm not saying the Cowher is the right choice. But you would be crazy to not desire the Steelers success under Cowher compaired to the Phins in that same time frame. Remember, he was a constant contender with qb's like Kordell Stewart, Neil O'Donnel, Bubby Brister, Tommy Maddox. And he left Mike Tomlin with a full cupboard, and a real blueprint. Yeah, it would suck to have a guy like that.

Wrong tar, Sanchez has had 2 come from behind wins in the 4th quarter this year. I hate the jets but facts are facts.

only slightly off-topic:

Do any of you guys find it offensive, as I do, that Matt Millen gets some much Pro & College commenting and game-day color work?

BEFORE he effed up w/ the Lions, I liked him as an analyst, but now, with his horrible (to put it mildly) real-life track record, I get super-irritated that he's now a go-to "expert."

In the same vein, Coming soon............. Tuna as a teevee expert, pontificating at length, with NO ONE ASKING HIM WTF? Happened with the Fins under you?

Anyone thinking Dolphins might have a slight playoff chance:

Raiders 10 Jaquars 7

Jags still mathematically figure into playoff picture too.

Folks, I tweeted this so let me share it with you:

I believe Lydon Murtha will start at RT for the Dolphins today and Pat McQuistan will start at RG.

Those "reports" about John Jerry starting at RT don't seem correct to me. I simply would not pick a rookie that played G and got benched to START at a NEW POSITION.

Jerry should serve as a backup today at both spots ... again.

well westerfin when you look at the moves that this FO has made and the success that they had with those moves.. yea you have to look at other options... YOu have a new owner that was given the FO he has and was going to leave the tuna alone but the tuna walked out.. so look for Ross to make his stamp on the FB operations too

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