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We get evaluated, Dolphins should be evaluated top to bottom

All of us that have jobs are evaluated at least once a year to mark the progress or regression we've made on the job. Am I right?

So an evaluation isn't an insult.

So, as I write in my Sunday column, the Dolphins need to perform a comprehensive top to bottom evaluation of the entire football side of the franchise.

In other words, coach Tony Sparano needs to be evaluated.

General manager Jeff Ireland needs to be evaluated.

All the players need to be evaluated.

All the assistants need to be evaluated.

I tell you in the column what result the evaluation of Sparano and Ireland should be, barring a final month collapse by the Dolphins.

I also tell you why the Dolphins need to encourage a couple of other high-ranking assistants to find something else to do next season because their work in 2010 won't stand up very well to an honest evaluation, regardless of what happens in the final four weeks of the season.

Those final four weeks begin today, by the way, with the Dolphins facing the New York Jets. We will have a live blog around 4 p.m. I will update the blog and and get us set up for the live blog, with pregame news, well before then.

So come back. 


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The 8 really good teams are supposed to be the division winners. The nfc west and afc south could really throw this into questionable fact. In those two divisions, the nfc west for sure, we could see the division winners finish with less than 10 wins.

There will be wildcard teams better than the division winners, LOL..........

The Seer,

I'm with you. I know Millen knows a ton about football but he failed miserably as a GM. I do think he should've fallen off the map for a good while. Everytime he makes a point it just seems to lack any validity even if he is right on.

Kris, yeah I do remember that. But I can tell you it isn't the first time I said something to the same effect over the seasons blogs. The issue that you are referring to a few days back between us was I believe about bringing McNabb in here, and that you were making assumptions about how much I had watched him play or had I just been regurgitating what the analysts were saying. We basically agreed to disagree on the merits of bringing him here. Not that we have to rehash that, but considering all the veterans and 2nd round picks we've tried since Marino, it seems high time we finally draft a QB high in the draft, whether it makes sense to do it this year or next year I'll leave to those evaluating where the best options will be.

We can only hope DB....if by some miricale we get in.....well, then you had better get used to the same style of football your seeing now....so the question is....is it worth it?

So basically Armando you are telling us that Jason Taylor who hasn't done anything since getting the gatorade bucket in Miami will get to stick it to Miami again by beating Lydon "Murtha Focker" Murtha and the Jets can beat McQuistan like the red headed step child he is.

If we were in the nfc west we would be tied for a share of the division lead. I would like our chances to take that division in the battle of mediocrity at its best.

Its true 0x80...and we did agree to disagree....I spent a few minutes on how to post that because I didn't want to start anything all over again....i'm glad you see it the same way.

I got so wrapped up in Mcnabb that I forgot about my equally favorite option...Carson Palmer...I know he sucks this year...but a change of scenery I think would do him some good.

Maybe that's why the rumor of moving to LA exists. Winning a division crown is almost a gimme in the nfc west. The Dolphins would be kingpins there although I would never root for them again with the "Miami" removed as the dwelling city name.

Just could not bring myself to doing it! LOL..........

Andy NJ...That was an excellent post in response to Darrin Stevins Gruden/SPorano winning %.....I am glad you took the time to address it....I feel lazy today...anybody with even a little football savy know you can't compare 10 years to less than 3 years.....thats apples and organes...thats TWISTING THE STATS to say what you want them to say.....

Nice try Darrin....it may have fooled some....

And BTW...I am not a Gruden fan at all

Great job Sparano, you offensive line guru you! Way to sign Jake Grove and then cut him and sign Smiley and trade them we are much more solid with career back ups in Berger, Proctor and a rookie who listened to your advice at the Senior Bowl in Jerry.

There is nothing like having a dominant or even good for that matter O-Line. When you're head coach's background is the O-Line and they make as many moves as this team has to fortify the O-Line then it should be top 5 in the game. But you guys are right it is all about "STABILITY". Let our first round pick get traded back for a Center and then use our second on a Guard and then we cut Center a year from now and move the Guard to back up center because he shows versatility.

The incompetancy of this organization the past 2 years is mind numbing.

I only root for Miami because I am from Miami. I could very easily root for another team if we didnt have pro football in Miami. LOL.......

Bring in Joe Rose as a HC!


Greenhorns Sparano and Ireland recieved a very hard pro football life lesson as to why you cant go drafting crazy just because you coached the Senior Bowl. If drafting talent were that simple the commissioner would have to do coin flips each offseason for the opportunity to coach that game or caoching staffs would be committing bloody murder for the opportunity.

Most coaching staffs eligible to coach that game mostly pass. Now we see why.

We are where we are because we have two greenhorns(Sparano and Ireland), and the international mummy exhibit(Henning) leading this team. The proof is in the pudding! LOL.........

We are full proof that you cant have 2 green horns and a 3,000 year old mummy making the key decisions and overall success. At least its full proof you cant have all 3 at the same time anyway. LOL.............


Yeah man I have no problem with people who don't think Gruden is fit here or is over rated. We all blog our opinions but to say anyone who wants Gruden is clueless and say Miami is better off with Sparano because of a career winning percentage of .031 points higher or whatever is asinine.

My reasoning for wanting Gruden has nothing to do with him being a larger then life personality or MNF. I think he is a great offensive mind with a a proven record as a winner. He is hands on with his QB's and has made career back up Rich Gannon a league MVP. He made Brad Johnson a Super Bowl QB and Pro Bowl player. Miami has been looking for their franchise QB for 10 plus seasons. If that QB can be drafted or even found some where in FA then I feel Gruden is the man for the job and challenge of making the QB successful for a franchise that hasn't had one consistant good year from a QB since 2000 (Pennington).

Ok fans, I think I owe you an explanation, and I mean that, I really do. We do have to improve as a team, as a whole, and despite our record, I am seeing progress in lots of little areas, I really am. 92% of our players have graded out positive on over 80% of our plays last week, which is up over 2% from last week and almost 3% from the week before. So, yes, I am seeing progress, I really am. Last off season was better than most people realize. Why, Patrick Turner actually came close to making the team, he really did. Pat White was ready to help this team, but unfortunately he just decided he wanted to play baseball. Odrick, our first round pick, turns out has bones made of steel, so that turned out to be a great find, and John Jerry, for a rookie to get some starts before being benched I think is invaluable. I see great things ahead for this team, I really do, and I mean that.

cocoajoe - bottom line is Henne has had chances to win games...Pitt and Clev only needing a fg (something we've mastered) and he's gone 3 and out or a pick.

T. Sparano,

That was classic! I feel like I just read a real press clipping or watched a Sparano interview on Dolphins.com

Bill I think we should.............what do think?

Just remember good or bad you'll have to sink or swim with it while I'm at homw polishing my 9 iron.

This is exactly what Huizenga dumped millions of free money into Parcells lap to do. I'll bet that was the answer to every question Ireland asked of Parcells. Hence fulfilling his role as advisor and consultant. Geesh!

sad watching bills dominate the browns. we couldnt even beat them, bills im sure will win here also. cannot wait till season ends and we can see what ross will do

Bill everytime I ask you a question all you ever give me is this sink or swim bs. Why dont you just pack your golf bags, hop your fat ass on your expensive golf cart and just go away!

Ok.....but just remember, sink or swim I'm still getting paid.

Thus came the Ireland in full control announcement! LOL..............

Have any of you seen the footage af the roof at the Metrodome colapsing? Gnarly...

What is an exceptable time line to show improvement? I understand that times are different, and if things don't turn around right away, they have to change. Could Sparanos first year here have been the worst thing that could have happened to him? The expectations were to much after 2008. That in reality that season was a fluke, and that we are on about the right pace for a team that was 1-15 4 years ago. Or does the questionable personal choices, inability to develop a quarterback, embarrasing home losses, or the feeling of complete incompatence enough? We could end up 9-7 or 8-8 and although this is stuck in the zone of mediocraty, it is improvement.


I was just thinking the same thing about the Bills/Browns. I understand matchups make the games and anything can happen on any Sunday but the Bills seem to play hard although they don't have much talent. Miami looked flat last week and I feel it's a sign of things to come for the rest of the season.

Sparano isn't going to be fired, guys. A lot of talk about something that isn't going to happen.

Darryl Dunphy,

In 2008 at season's end I was saying this. How in the hell can a team one season shy of 1-15 afford to draft 25th the following season? Other fans dismissed me as being lunatic and thought we had arrived.

Common sense has been replaced by common stupidity as king in today's society. Everyone fears the truth unless it favors thier cause.

jim if they look awful these last 4 games which im sure they will he most def will be gone

Jim I don't know about that. If we lose to Detroit, and Buff at home. I could see Sparano getting sacked. This would mean that his team quit on him, and he would deserve this fate.


He might not get fired but he does deserved to be fired. He is an idiot on the sidelines. His decision making is in line with Mike Singletary. I just sit back and shake my head. His juggling the offensive line all preseason came back and bit him right in the butt. This offensive line is a mess with or without injuries. They are patethetic. It is supposed to be Sparano's strength. He is a joke. He is over his head as a head coach.

I say he will be fired!

Sparano and Ireland are definitely being fired. Look for Mike Nolan/John Gruden to be new GM/HC.
I just hope that whatever s h i t t y team Sparano coaches next year brings in Chad Pennington to help develop the QB.

The 2011 offseason will be a very bad omen for a regime who's very football life hangs in the balance. They now need to hit big or go packing. Problem is its one of the weaker draft classes and we havent a 2nd rd pick to boot.

Those wasted draft picks of prior drafts really comeback to haunt this regime in 2011. They may comeback like the final nails in thier 4yr coffin should they not be released this offseason.

cocoajoe - bottom line is Henne has had chances to win games...Pitt and Clev only needing a fg (something we've mastered) and he's gone 3 and out or a pick.

Posted by: tar | December 12, 2010 at 02:36 PM

And your point is? If you're saying Henne has been a disappointment, I agree. If you're saying the so-called trifecta painted themselves into a corner, I agree. If you're saying we need to explore other options, I agree.

But bottomline as you put it is, Henne is not the one.

This team still needs a key talent. Change of regime or not wont totally fix this team in one season. We are staring down the gun barrell of one of the weaker drafts of most recent and dont have a 2nd rd pick to boot.

No matter who's brought in wont change that fact.

Chad Henne will the QB here for the next 10 years. The largest donor to Michigan football is Stephen Ross. Henne holds all the Michigan and Big 10 passing records.
Ross likes Henne so much he bought the team.

So big deal Henne hasn't won as many super bowls as Marino...oh wait Yes he has.

henne wont be starter in 2012 (which is the next season they play)

There's a new blog post "Live Blog" up fellas.

The real issue to me regarding the offensive line is not the juggling, its why they had to juggle it to begin with. The real reason is that they invested too heavily in two veterans with a history of injuries, Grove and Smiley. Of course, they got injured, hence the line had to be juggled. Grove is not even in the NFL right now and I think Smiley is a back up on Jax. So, neither was any good anymore. Now, how is it you invest serious coin on two injury prone veterans when trying to build a team for the future???

My gm approach is blow up everything next season and make Thigpen starter. That gives us our greatest chance at a first overall pick in 2012 and shot at a franchise qb to rebuild a once proud franchise around.

Over the offseason just trade any and everyone For the highest pick value and the most draft picks we can possibly garner. I know it doesnt sound like a very good idea but that doesnt mean it isnt something that critically needs to be done.

Putting a bandaid on a compound fracture doesnt work folks.

Thanks Mandy!! You are the best!! MANDY



Sparano and Ireland are definitely being fired. Look for Mike Nolan/John Gruden to be new GM/HC.
I just hope that whatever s h i t t y team Sparano coaches next year brings in Chad Pennington to help develop the QB.

Posted by: PriceMaster | December 12, 2010 at 02:58 PM


Nolan as GM??? Great idea. Let's hire a coach who has NEVER served as a GM to do the job.

Some of you guys are just hilarious.

And Tony Sparano will be the HC next season.

Watching Bucs/Redskins game. The Bucs have sucked for the last few years. We have all seen some teams turn it around in a couple of years. Gives a new meaning to 'why not us'?

As far as player evaluation? I would keep maybe about 10 to 12 players currently on the roster. Everyone else -history. For the exemption of Mike Nolan, everyone in management-gone. Let's start over, unfortunately.

Hey jim, do you think he (Nolan) could do any worse? Most people on this board could do better just by looking at the internet.

You just don't see what's obvious to most of us. They have failed because they thought they were smarter than all the other teams. This was a Parcells belief and I don't see any change in thinking.

The Dolphins were who we thought they were!!
Same ol Henning
Same ol Sparano
Same ol Parcells
Same ol Ireland
Same ol Henne

There is a turnover god!



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