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Why not the Dolphins? Let us count the ways

The Dolphins are officially in "Why not us?" mode for the third consecutive year.

What is "Why not us?" mode you ask?

It is defined by not being consistent enough early in the season to have a clear and certain path to the playoffs late in the year. The team asking the question finds itself teetering on success or disaster late in the season. It is defined as being bad enough to be in dire straits, but still good enough to perhaps pull off the improbable and sneak into the postseason.

And that is exactly where the Dolphins see themselves today on the eve of Sunday's possible season-defining meeting against the New York Jets. The Dolphins are 6-6 and longshots to make the playoffs, but coach Tony Sparano is selling his team on the idea that a longshot sometimes sneaks into the playoffs in the NFL.

So, why wouldn't it be the Dolphins?

“This is an important game," Sparano said Friday. "My message to the team is that, the team that we’re playing was 6-6 last year at this time and ended up losing in the AFC Championship game, so … ran off a bunch of wins at the end of the year. We’re still in the hunt, somebody from that group that is in the hunt right now can possibly do that. So, why not us.”

OK, if you are a fan that only wants to read the happy news, please stop reading now and go to the comment section to agree the Dolphins have a solid chance to get in the playoffs. It's all good, see you during the live blog Sunday.

If, however, you want the truth, stick around. Here goes:

Why not the 2010 Dolphins?

Well, for one thing the comparison to the 2009 Jets is ridiculous on so many levels I cannot believe Sparano went there.

First, the Jets had one of the NFL's best running game last season. They were No. 1. Their defense was also dominant. They were No. 1 in the NFL in total yards (not important) and points allowed (very important). And New York still required had to profit from the fact both Cincinnati and Indianapolis basically laid down -- playing reserves for a majority of their games versus New York -- for the Jets to back into the playoffs.

The Dolphins have neither the running game at this point nor the defense to carry them into the postseason. And, the chance a couple of teams will lay down for them at the end of the year is not great. The Patriots might, might do it if they've already clinched home field advantage before the regular-season finale, but there is no assurance of that.

Barring that, Miami must travel to Foxboro where New England is undefeated this year and just administered a 45-3 whipping of New York. So the comparison between the 2010 Dolphins and 2009 Jets is just not logical.

I will tell you that "Why not us" mode worked for Miami in 2008. The Dolphins struggled mightily early in the season before finding their identity and rolling to the AFC East title. But, again, that team enjoyed a different and much more favorable situation for turning "Why not us" into "It is us!" than today's Miami team.

The Dolphins had an easier schedule in 2008. Their running game was superior than it is now. Their quarterback, Chad Pennington, didn't make mistakes and ultimately was in the conversation for league MVP. The Patriots didn't have Tom Brady, who was out for the season with a knee injury. The Dolphins were healthy almost top to bottom. And the Jets collapsed.

It was a wonderful sum of all the right circumstances that led Miami to the playoffs.

This year, the Dolphins are not a healthy team. Just Friday, the club announced both right tackle Vernon Carey and wide receiver Brian Hartline are out for Sunday's game.

So the Dolphins might once again be asking everyone "Why not us."

Unfortunately for them, this year there are myriad reasons why not.


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Speaking of sore-ass, its time to get out this computer chair and do something more positive. You guys have a great day.

Dying Breed..I can't. This is madness. The more that you probe deeper into this mess. The more obvious it is becoming that this is a clown show. I feel sorry for the players.


Very confusing for sure.

Coach says they give them the option and the qb chooses the right option based on what he sees.

The play ends up being a "chunk yardage" success, yet the coach strongly impies(flat out says) we can't really do that just because the defense dictates it.

Guys, what Sparano meant about us getting chunk yardage this year he was referring to FG yards...60yd chunk by Carpenter is gooooood! Carpenter had been our chunk guy all along...man we suck this year!

Does projectile vomiting by Dolphin fans after the Cleveland game count as chunk yardage????

Soiled, way to use a John Prine song.
Signed Dear Abby


You already know I think Hennings should have been let go yesterday.

Now you're proposing canning Ireland too?

I don't like anything about Ireland. I don't know for a fact, but I suspect he was the driving force behind some of the dumbest roster churning moves we've made. I do Know he let Micah Johnson go which I think was a big mistake. Ultimately, the whole questiongate thing in my mind proved how dim witted he truly is.

I think he'll be given at least one more season. Myself, I'm up in the air on it. Either way the Ireland situation pans out won't break my heart. Not at this point anyways.

Henning on the other hand needs to go right now. I would be in favor of Gilbert Gottfried taking over on the interim if it comes down too it. JUST FIRE HENNING AGAIN!!!!

Why not us? Because of our OC. That's why not us.

I do see a possible Jets collapse and I know we are better than Jacksonville but there is just no way that the Ravens go 1-3 to end the season. This team is close it's really hard to point the finger at just one thing really. The front office has made it's share of mistakes thats for sure but it also does appear that we have a very young squad that seems to be developing into what we may be saying in a year or two is a solid lineup. The coaching staff well Nolan has vastly improved our defense, and Sparano has had his ups and downs (very tough and disciplined football team, Too much tinkering with the line now we can't run the damn ball) and thats leaves Henning. I think with a different O.C. in there we may have won at least another 2 games. If we had won two more games we wouldn't be reading an article like this right now talking about being on the outside looking in because we would be right there in the hunt. Now to the Qb I like the kid he gives us everything hes got but he is no starting qb in the nfl. He is a great back up and a very good football player but he is again not a starter in the nfl. He's got no swagger none. In a two minute offense he looks flat and so does the rest of the offense. When a tru starting qb speaks in the nfl the offense listens and responds. He jjust kinda there making a few plays yes but no emotion no passion just kinda there on the field playing football. So I say Fire the oc and get a better one, draft a franchise qb in the 1st round, unless u can convince Cower out of retirement leave the rest of the coaching staff intact, and well what to do about the front office shoot I don't know I guess the same goes for him too if there isn't a better answer staring you in the face give him one more year by that time we should know for sure if any of this young talent is going to grow into a monster or just remain little pups that bite every once in awhile. Anyway thats how I see it let me know what u think.

Odin, don't see how you can be so convinced on Micah. Giants signed him as an undrafted free agent and cut him a few months later. We had him a few months and cut him as well. Can both coaching staffs be all wrong?

TE Dedrick Epps brought up from practice squad.

i heard a rumor that steven ross is talking with bill cowher on a phone tonight about head coach for next year if we finish with worst record then 8-8.


I watched a lot of Micah in college. I watched all the clips I could find on him when we picked him up.

All I can tell you is what I know of the guy and what I personally think.

I'm not sure about the Giants situation at ILB so I won't go as far as saying they made a mistake(personally, I think they did).

I do know our situation at ILB and I also know who they signed to take Michah's spot. Considering these two things, I have no problems saying that I think Ireland made a huge mistake in letting him get away.

Chris you just made that rumor up


Odin, don't think anyone else has picked him up. So he didn't get away, he is still waiting for his phone to ring. Fair enough, basing your opinion on what you've seen of him, just that their are the intangibles we don't know about, practice habits, consistency, attitude. When an undrafted player strikes out twice in a row with two different teams, and still remains unemployed, obviously not many nfl pro's are seeing what you are. Not a knock, just saying...

I hope you are right r45.

Alo......I mean r45,

You're just trying to make me feel good.

It's working!

Fire Henning NOW!!!!

Odin, no I'm not just proposing canning Ireland, I demand it!!! Look at our drafts and other personnel moves. Average at best and that's exactlly where we are today, average.

Parcells by his own admission, said drafts were a group decision. If the truth be known, Ireland had more to do with choices made than people think.

I can see Parcells saying it was a group decision just to cover his butt.He doesn't strike me as the "group" decision type of guy.

The tangerine volcano made ginger snaps.

Soft cream cone televisions shot out into space with puppies, everyone cheering.

You put your cigarettes in the freezer last week. I made sauce.

Who invited Bette Davis?


The Giants cut an undrafted linebacker out of Penn St. Not to long ago. They made a huge mistake on that guy.

He and Micah Johnson have have some freakish similarities. They both are dedicaticated on and off the field. Super athletic and both have Non stop motors. Workout warriors that look like they're chiseled out of granite.

Ask Aloco who was the first guy on this blog to gush about the other undrafted linebacker cut by the Giants. From the day we signed him I posted on and on about how the guy would be star in this league. I reposted an article about how he wouldn't even have a TV or video games in his apartment because it could possibly distract him from studying football.

I'll give you a hint. He 's on our roster now and he is a star.


The same NFL people that cut Cam Wake(Giants)are the ones that cut Micah Johnson.

I'm no genius, but I was right about him when they were wrong.

I think I'm right about Micah too. Only time will tell.

Good point there Odin. Players get cut for all kinds of reasons, and not always good ones.

I get the impression Parcells took the VP position as an easier way to stay involved in the NFL, and basically brought his two buddies over to give them a shot at doing things his way. Parcells is gone, probably doesn't even think about the fins as much as his next gig. Ireland is the GM, so regardless he should be taking credit/blame for all roster moves.

Sammy, do you really think Parcells would split without letting Ireland and Sparano
getting eperience at doing their jobs?

Hey, I NEVER drank Parcells brand of kool aide but even he wouldn't do that to his buds.


Giants had one of the best lb units and pass rushes in the league at the time they let Wake go. Clearly at the time may saw him as a huge liabilty in the run game and they had no need for a designated pass rusher, being one of the top get after the qb units in the nfl at that time.

Though dratically improved this season Wake is still in the getting better stages against the run. Eons better than when the Giants first saw him.


I blame the Parcells hiring squarely on Huizenga. BP refused him several times before Huizenga in complete desperation decided to give BP a dump truck load of money just to do something, do anything. No matter how lopsided the deal was.

Would you have still again said no thanks if you were Parcells?

DB, if you remember, BP was just about ready to take the Atlanta gig, ready to sign that very day, 'barring any unforeseen events'. Whether it was a matter of how much control he'd have, or much WH eventually threw at him, I can't say.

Huizenga was above and beyond all else, a great businessman(made a fortunte off the team), but a lousy owner. Sure, super nice guy, every coaches dream, but WH gave too many people too much control and never came close to taking control of matters in order to build a team.

Now the question is, what will Ross be like? Too soon to criticize him in my book, but he has his first challenge now at the end of this season, what to do with Ireland and Sparano. It will be interesting to see, but my gut is he won't let this team flounder endlessly like WH.

Guys, plain and simple. Micah Johnson is far to slow footed to excell at the nfl level. Sure he's a big strong kid at the point of attack. But a huge liability in pass coverage, neither can he rush the passer. He's a 2 down ilb at best.

Way to slow footed to be a sideline to sideline lb in a 4-3 defense and a 2 down ilb at best in a 3-4 defense, with no pass rush or coverage skills to speak of. Thats why no one wants him.

Every bozo that comes thru here is not worth keeping!

"..getting experience...". Starting to sound like Aloco now. Capt Morgan is taking command of the ship.

Odin I'm right there with you on Micah Johnson. He was the most ferocious tackler on this team in the preseason. He hit people with a purpose. He had a roughing penalty on his fist series against Tampa where he Drilled the quarterback. I thought it was clean, but that's not the point. He looked the part of the intimidator, and he could stuff the run. He struggled in pass coverage, but So does Dobbins. He is a stud. I wish him well.


If Ross doesnt take out the garbage Huizenga left behind, and I mean that literally because Huizenga is the garbage enterise magnate, we are in for an even longer and bumpier ride.

The regime here now clearly acts like they are coaching and running a high school football team. Proof is the empty rah-rah slogans and Broadway pep rally today.


I tend to agree with what you say about Ireland. I've posted this before and like I always do, I'll post it again.

The red flag I have with Ireland doesn't even make it to personal decisions. It's a matter of intelligence, or lack thereof.

Forget any professional protocols! Take no offense and just let me throw you a hypothetical.

You and I are sitting at Beach Shack no. 1 having a beer. You tell me your Dads a pimp and your Mom works for your Dad. Even if I make the logical assumption, I still don't just throw it back at with it's stark ugliness. I would first wait and give you a chance to elaborate. If that didn't satisfy my curiosity, I MIGHT simply and non offensively ask you: "In what capacity does your Mother work for your father?"

Hence, I haven't offended and the ball would be back in your court. Communication skills 101.

I have trouble trusting a person this ignorant to pick between Burger King or McDonalds let alone A running back of a Tight End!

We need a new oc, a franchise qb (Mallet), a solid #2 cb, and an offensive line that can run block. Sparano is a lot like Gruden was in Tampa too much tinkering. I watched Gruden in Tampa that guy would bring in 6 qbs to camp and every year it was another starter. Sparano and Ireland have done the same thing here line line line all they do is keep messing with the stupid line. They need to pick an offensive line unit and stay with them so they can gel. We can't run the ball because there's no hole for the back to hit. Pass blocking is excellent but no damn push off the snap at all for the run. Again new o.c. draft Mallet if he comes out for the draft and get a solid #2 corner that should fix all the major leaks we have right now the rest of them are minute in comparison and we can win with them like the TE situation and depth on the o line.

Read My Lips:

Micah Johnson is UNEMPLOYED! What part of that you guys do not understand?

If there were any promise with the kid he would be playing for Bill Belichek by now. LOL.........

Are they taking the team to Chucky Cheese's after the Braodway pep rally? Geesh!




Why do we need to take Ryan Mallett and draft a solid backup qb. Mallett probably will be a solid backup after about 4-5yrs in the league. LOL...........



Ryan Mallett is nothing but a poor man's Colt McCoy. LOL................


Are you sure Carey's out? All that Ive heard is he's out to lunch, just as he always is. LOL.............






LOL @ Dying Breed 6pm... That is the truth.
I'm cracking up, that is funny...


You're missing the boat completely on both of these guys.

The Giants had a GOOD linebacking unit. Their Defensive line was more of a strength.

It's a moot point though. The cold hard facts as I like to say are this: The Giants passed on a pass rushing linebacker that set records two years in a row in Canada both years winning defensive player of the year. I think he had like 48 sacks in two seasons.

He followed that up by leading the NFL in sacks in his first season as a starter. Sacks baby, there aint no better, or more important stat.

How are you going to try an justify the Giants obvious blunder by saying he was a liability in the run game. Bill Parcells and the Giants couldn't have given two shyts if Lawrence Taylor was solid against the run. SACK MASTER BABY!!!!

Your logic for Micah Johnson doesn't hold true either. We've been starting Channing "Ouch I'm hurt again" Crowder for Christs sake.

Channing is slower than Micah, weak at the point of attack, takes bad angles and can't play sideline to sideline either.

I'm usually with you about 95% of time bro, but C'mon MAN!

DB, Parcells took off their training wheels long before they were trained. He either had too much confidence in them or just wanted to help a couple of buddies move up in the nfl. Their inexperience shows as they try to patch up one mistake with another mistake, and if anything seem more lost all the time. I know the players love playing for Sparano, but that will fade fast after missing the playoffs another season. Losers don't stay happy very long.


Cant you tell Parcells placed zero thought in bringing in the region with him that he did. The now 27yr old(after 3 seasons) ballboy/scout, a HC who doesnt have oc or dc experience, then had a gypsy call Dan Henning back from the dead.

Although it higly debateble Henning really is back from the dead based on his decision making.



You forgot to add while patching up one mistake with another they are also creating more mistakes along the way.

I was in the restuarant business long ago. We used to call this getting "snowed under." Also getting in the weeds. This region has definitely been snowed under and are in the weeds big time!

Dont know why every time I try to type "regime" my fingers wants too type "region." LOL..........

parcells got a few friends a nice gig in miami. it will last until we wake up. 3 years is enough time to realize these guys don't know what they're doin.


What we have seen here is a classic case of the Peter Principle. Parcells strength is on the sideline, not two levels above. Trying to mold others to reflect your image never works, you need people with their own image to stamp on things. Ireland and Sparano are imageless. I actually like Sparano personally, but he just isn't sharp enough upstairs to be HC material.

p.s. DB, yep, I was in the restaurant business too way back. They are in the weeds worse than Lucille Ball was in the chocolate factory assembly line.


The run liability crap is just that, crap!

Sporano made that up trying to defend his obvious blunder in not starting Wake over J. Peezy last season.

The fact is, Wake has been solid setting the edge and against the run since arriving here. Definitely better than J. Peezy!

Wake got juked out on a fake punt ONE TIME. Other than that he set the edge and ran down plays from behind.

This Wake being weak against the run was Tony's spin trying to hide another major mistake. J. Peezy was NEVER strong against the run.

It's the same old garbage from this administration. Throw the player under the bus whenever necessary. Just like Henning trying to say Henne is uncomfortable in the shotgun. Complete horse shyt!

How do you figure Mallet sux his numbers are through the roof he's a got all the tools to be great. Henne put up #2 numbers in college just like Turner did at wr. I'm tired of these jackasses drafting off of size and strength and ignoring the numbers. If you can't produce in college you can't produce in the NFL.

Great, this 5 day snowstorm turned around on us over Lake Michigan. I just got another call to drag someone out of a ditch.

If this storm turned around, maybe the weather will be better than expected for tomorrows game.

I'll be back you Jack Wagons-LOL!!!!

PS: Aloco, I know Vernon Carey is out SUDAY-LOL!


Thats exactly how nfl gm's end up with 1st rd busts at qb. Looking at numbers alone.

You have to look at level of competition, talent surrounded by, the sytem and offensive philosophy of the system he comes from. Is it simple or complex?

You also have to look at the kid's decision making skills. Then after considering all of these things you still gotta look at his mechanical strengths and weaknesses, size, arm, touch, and athleticism.

Then there's desire, can he lead grown men( leadership and maturity), reads, progression, how fast he gets rid of the ball, sacks, what situations he's most often throws picks.

There's so much more that goes into drafting a qb 1st rd that goes a lot further than numbers alone.

As a gm if you dont consider absolutely everything that can be considered before drafting a player you can end up with numerous busts. Ask Al Davis(speed alone) and Matt Millen(big fast wr's).

That's why I hate the Parcellian primary requirement of big and physical. It doesnt guarantee anything and everyone gets lucky every once in a while.

Where is Kirby Dar Dar?

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