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Why not the Dolphins? Let us count the ways

The Dolphins are officially in "Why not us?" mode for the third consecutive year.

What is "Why not us?" mode you ask?

It is defined by not being consistent enough early in the season to have a clear and certain path to the playoffs late in the year. The team asking the question finds itself teetering on success or disaster late in the season. It is defined as being bad enough to be in dire straits, but still good enough to perhaps pull off the improbable and sneak into the postseason.

And that is exactly where the Dolphins see themselves today on the eve of Sunday's possible season-defining meeting against the New York Jets. The Dolphins are 6-6 and longshots to make the playoffs, but coach Tony Sparano is selling his team on the idea that a longshot sometimes sneaks into the playoffs in the NFL.

So, why wouldn't it be the Dolphins?

“This is an important game," Sparano said Friday. "My message to the team is that, the team that we’re playing was 6-6 last year at this time and ended up losing in the AFC Championship game, so … ran off a bunch of wins at the end of the year. We’re still in the hunt, somebody from that group that is in the hunt right now can possibly do that. So, why not us.”

OK, if you are a fan that only wants to read the happy news, please stop reading now and go to the comment section to agree the Dolphins have a solid chance to get in the playoffs. It's all good, see you during the live blog Sunday.

If, however, you want the truth, stick around. Here goes:

Why not the 2010 Dolphins?

Well, for one thing the comparison to the 2009 Jets is ridiculous on so many levels I cannot believe Sparano went there.

First, the Jets had one of the NFL's best running game last season. They were No. 1. Their defense was also dominant. They were No. 1 in the NFL in total yards (not important) and points allowed (very important). And New York still required had to profit from the fact both Cincinnati and Indianapolis basically laid down -- playing reserves for a majority of their games versus New York -- for the Jets to back into the playoffs.

The Dolphins have neither the running game at this point nor the defense to carry them into the postseason. And, the chance a couple of teams will lay down for them at the end of the year is not great. The Patriots might, might do it if they've already clinched home field advantage before the regular-season finale, but there is no assurance of that.

Barring that, Miami must travel to Foxboro where New England is undefeated this year and just administered a 45-3 whipping of New York. So the comparison between the 2010 Dolphins and 2009 Jets is just not logical.

I will tell you that "Why not us" mode worked for Miami in 2008. The Dolphins struggled mightily early in the season before finding their identity and rolling to the AFC East title. But, again, that team enjoyed a different and much more favorable situation for turning "Why not us" into "It is us!" than today's Miami team.

The Dolphins had an easier schedule in 2008. Their running game was superior than it is now. Their quarterback, Chad Pennington, didn't make mistakes and ultimately was in the conversation for league MVP. The Patriots didn't have Tom Brady, who was out for the season with a knee injury. The Dolphins were healthy almost top to bottom. And the Jets collapsed.

It was a wonderful sum of all the right circumstances that led Miami to the playoffs.

This year, the Dolphins are not a healthy team. Just Friday, the club announced both right tackle Vernon Carey and wide receiver Brian Hartline are out for Sunday's game.

So the Dolphins might once again be asking everyone "Why not us."

Unfortunately for them, this year there are myriad reasons why not.


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takeafterbozo, you can go to the SS and hang with NJ and the gang.....

See someone's faking to be both me and takeafterme. Can you please just take a nap. LOL..................

Crying Bread,

I could care less about your heat and facts are facts. Do u know anymore. Were u on the sideline do u know what really happened? I think not u really don't know anything at all do u.

Can you guys just do the paper, scissors, rock thing and be done with it?

I could care less of ur kitchen and even less of ur opinion it's worthless. You act as if you are some kind of football god but all in all who are u. R u on the sidelines do u know what is really going on? NO. Have u managed or coached any football team? NO. So what makes u any smarter than us? Nothing u call us retards but ur the ignorant one look in the mirror jackass.

Ur prob the same jackass that cheered when we picked ginn and then cheered again when we picked Pat white. I on the other hand said wtf. I knew both were no good for the NFL and spoke openly about it where were u? U My friend were prob jumping for joy like an idiot because u know nothing.

Does take = Home?

Does dying = Moron?

Got it.
Take = malicious one.

Where have we drafted qb post Marino years? 2nd round or later all I'm saying is stop trying to draft a franchise qb in the second round. Go get a real starter in the 1st like pitt did like baltimore did, like indy did, like the giants did. All these teams have won or on the cusp of winning a superbowl. We on the other hand try to find a franchise qb in the second round thats like digging through the gotta get rid of basket at wlamart. The only qb holding his own from the later rounds right now is Brady period. Quit drafting and pretending that a second round qb is going to cut it and go get a starter so that this team can move forward thats what I'm saying.

is crying bread now hiding under other names what a puss. B urself man up and back ur words.

u have to be really really dumb to talk playoffs. get over it fellas, this season is over. lets get to draft with a solid pick and hope we have a new staff for 2012 since there wont be any football next year anyways

No - it's someone.

Ur prob a NY wets fan Ryan bred. All u do is bash but u have no solid facts to back up ur statements just "thats what the pros say" So when I go on here and state something I read u bash it. That my friend is pure ignorance and hypocracy. Have fun rooting for the wets tomorrow ryan bred hope ur daddy rex reads u a nice bed time story tonight while he tucks u in to bed.

Uh, okay - kinda like your last 6 posts (void of facts).
Just a tirade on your part.

take - been fun.
Peace to you and take care.
Talk with ya tomorrow?
Go Dolphins.

Why not us? Because the team is much worse than when Sanchez torched them in the first game.
a banged awfulensive line is why and also Henne.
Sanchez has played much better than Henne with 4 come from behind victories. While Henne caved and lost a couple of games.
The Jets have Revis,Pace and Holmes this game.
The dolphins have a beatup marshall and no hartline. The JETS will blowout the dolphins because they're Jets have a real shot at the playoffs, the dolphins have no shot, with thier QB ,awfulensive line and a real bad offense and a team who has more points against it, than it has made against other teams.
They've been in the negative all year. 31-7 Jets. Time for the JETS to blowout somebody.

WHY NOT US? Because Henne can throw the ball thru a garage door but can't hit the side of a barn, no running game, awful play calling, no special teams and coaching problems. We all want the FINS to win but we all know better.

If the Dolphins couldn't score more than 10 points against Cleveland, how would they fare in the playoffs. PLAYOFFS???????? PLAYOFFS?????????????????????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????? DONT TALK ABOUT PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I eat Jets fans for breakfast. If Sanchez doesn't have his blanket (Keller), he's a screaming little baby. Not only can Miami score 10 point on Cleveland, but more importantly, then can score more than 3 points on NE! What happened you Jet losers? THREE points? That's embarrassing. If I were you, I'd be wearing paper bags to the game. Your supposedly imposing defense? Look at the stats, Miami equals or betters your defense in a majority of them, INCLUDING total defense (we'r 4th, you're 8th).

That's ALL you KNOW how to do...TALK! From the coach on down, you have big mouths and small minds. That's why we're going to decimate you today. It won't be rain dripping down your faces today, it's going to be a combination of blood, sweat and tears.

Why? Because we LOVE to hurt you. We Ike to your Tina Turner. We're Sirhan Sirhan to your RFK. We're Sam Berkowitz and you're a brunette woman. We're not coming to play, we're coming to knock you out of the game, the year AND the league. Get ready. Your worst moment is almost upon you. Better say your last rights.

YEA Way to go DC FAN , i dont know whatsthe problem with these idiots on this blog, when the writer isnt complianing its the stupid fans, some fans . who dont show up to gmae and support there teams. the season isnt over until the 16th game has been played for all the teams. you would think that these ppl could grow a football IQ. While some ofthe problems with the team can be blame on the QB alot of it falls on the coach and the offensive coach who game plans ot lack thereof on game day, look at come of the games that we have played and looked good oakland, first half of baltimore didnt we have the same team ? nad the next to come out and do nothing thats coaching. The job of the oc is to put the qb and team in the position to win not to not lose the game. i bet you if we go out draft a running back that has some break away speed (stop calling for mark ingraham he is another Ronnie brown) try and take a chance and get a guy from oregon lamicheal james a speed recevier to help marshal out and another pass rusher and retire dan henning and promote the qp coach david lee. that one thing in the nfl people so quick to fire coaches and not give them a chance especially when things were alot worst, at least there is a chance in the lat three season that whats at least a possiblity the three season before that and by the halfway mark we were talking about draft picks. GO FINs BEAT the jets and start something and we may have a chance , dont give up until the final bell is rung!!!!!

Ditto Bangee, ditto man!

Mon-Sat, that's fine if people want to complain. They have their views, and that's the time to express them. Frustrations with team, sure, you can share them, a lot of it is good criticism.

But today is game day. It's a little different. While all your doubts and fears are still there, it's time to rally around your team. Jump on the train at least for a few hours. If you don't like what you're seeing, stay with us. We need you until the final whistle. When that game ends, then you can all go back to critique. But give the team a few hours. Your fellow fans will appreciate it.

dc dolfan a loss today will help this team more in the future than a win will. a loss will give us a better draft slot, a loss will get us closer to a new staff. a win will do nothing but save the staffs jobs for one more year of 8-8 football. sure u wont admit it but u know thats the way it is.

The best hope for the Fins today is the weather. Sanchez sucks in bad weather. D is good enough to win out. NE will likely wrap up home field by the time we play them and likely we would face their back ups. That said we lost to the Browns so we could lose or win against any of the remaining opponents. Injuries have really hurt offensive consistency including Marshall missing camp early on.

unreal, this team has zero shot at the playoffs. be a smart fan, look towards the future and quit acting like some fools who cant face reality.

another season down the toilet...

Thanks Dolphins for shaming the once proud franchise...

AND to all those that ran Shula out on the rail... Go F$^& yourselves.

I consider Brian Hartline to be our 2nd best offensive player behind Devone bess. Losing him is the final nail in our coffin.

Bottom line, this is a QB driven league in 2010. Go down the list of every team with a winning record and make a list in your head of the top 3 offensive players for that team. If the QB isn't 1 or 2, it's a big problem. KC is the only team I can come up with (Charles, Bowe, Jones?) but I think their record is a bit fraudulant due to a weak schedule and a horrible division.

Now make a list of Miami's top three offensive players, Long, Marshall, Bess, Carpenter? I give Henning the lionshare of the blame and not to beat a dead horse but he can't retire fast enough. But to disagree with an earlier post I haven't seen improvement this year from Henne. His numbers and poor decisions fall right in line with last year, if not worse. Granted, the competition has been tougher so I guess it's a wash.



hilarious, ted ginn is horrible. hes done nothing for san fran, wont even be in the league soon

True, but his family is A number one in my book!



2010.......... 87 W/SF
2009.......... 555 W/MIAMI
2008........... 790 W/MIAMI

Cause doofins are a gaa-bage team with a bad QB and a transient awfulensive line that hasn't had the same 5 for at least a month.
Thier defense is good but Ryan knows it backwards and forwarwds and will take it apart.
The Jets are "unerachieving" while the doofins are "overachieving" 2 wins by field goals??
You take away carpenter and this team would be 2-10

To Alex the Cuban Boat Person from Hialeah,
I never accused Armando of writing the comparison between the slime green and the Phins. I accused him of being an idiot for posting it and playing devil's advocate. Sparano has to find a way to motivate this team to make a run- why the hell not? Thats what good teams do- they get on a roll. Thats how you win Super Bowls...it's the team with the hot streak at the end of the season that WINS IT ALL..!! The Raiders did it in the 80's as a WILD CARD with a 9-7 record.
What pisses me off about Armando is that he's a negative jack ass. He never sees the good in anything. So it is you Alex the Cuban dumb f**k from Hialeah, that doesn't comprehend what the "your" reading. Comprende moron??

This is an interesting post indeed. But can you please elaborate on the points a bit further? Thanks for the post. Keep posting.

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