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York wants to talk to Parcells? Then York should pay

You know, I'm going to try to remain composed here as I share with you today's latest slap in the face move against the Miami Dolphins that, unless handled correctly, has the potential to be quite embarrassing and make the organization look like a convention of clowns.

Earlier today, several media outlets, including The Worldwide Leader in media platforms reported that San Francisco 49ers president Jed York intends to contact Dolphins consultant Bill Parcells and ask for advice as that team conducts a general manager search.

Let that marinate for a second ...

So, basically, the head of a competing organization intends to call a person whom the Dolphins pay approximately $4 million per year to consult for Miami and ask him to consult for San Francisco for free, with no benefit to Miami.


What are the Dolphins? The court jesters of the NFL?

The Dolphins pay Parcells and he would gift advice to one of Miami's 32 competitors? 

The nerve.

It is insulting to the Dolphins. It is galling that the 49ers think they can do this with a Miami employee any more than they can,say, Bill Belichick or A.J. Smith or the man running any other NFL outpost. And the bothersome thing is folks around the league think this is perfectly acceptable.

Remember last year when the Jets made the playoffs and Rex Ryan said he was going to contact Parcells for advice on how to handle the playoffs? The Jets, for goodness sake! The *&%?=#@$ Jets!

Thankfully, in that instance, Parcells put the kibosh on the whole deal by graciously declining to become involved. The hope here is he does the same thing this time around, regardless his relationship with York.

Otherwise, it makes the Dolphins look like a bunch of incompetent foofs who wrote themselve terrible contract terms with Parcells and now still pay him while other teams use him.

We all know Parcells is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the Dolphins. He doesn't really watch practice film any more. He isn't calling GM Jeff Ireland every day, advising him on what moves to make next so that this disappointing season can be salvaged next season. I get that. We all have to accept that.

But to get paid by the Dolphins and give his future Hall of Fame opinion to someone else in the NFL? That's a slap.

Let it be known that Parcells is not parsimonious with his opinion. He called University of Miami athletic director Kirby Holcutt during Miami's coach search and gave a resounding endorsement of Al Golden. Parcells loves Golden's work ethic, thinks the young coach can recruit, and comes from great stock.

But UM isn't competing with the Dolphins for players or victories. The 49ers are a different matter.

Yes, Parcells has a sweetheart contract. He is reportedly being paid and can continue to be paid next year even if he walks away from the Dolphins and goes to work for some other team. But guess what? He hasn't chosen to go work for another team at this particular point in time.

That pretty much makes him a Dolphins employee -- albeit as a consultant -- until such time that he decides to go elsewhere.

And so I propose this: If York insists on making that call, the Dolphins should file a tampering charge against the 49ers. I have no idea if they could make it stick. But I do know the move would send a loud and chilling message to the rest of the league that Parcells is Dolphins property and he is not to be contacted without permission.

There is, of course, one exception to what I propose: If Parcells promises to advise York to trade his first round pick for, say, the quarterback the 49ers so desperately need, then go ahead Big Tuna, give the San Franciscos your two cents.

If Parcells can convince York to take Chad Henne for a first-round pick, then the conversation is worthwhile to the Dolphins. Otherwise, this conversation should never really get beyond, "Thank you," Jed, "but no thank you. I'm under contract to the Miami Dolphins."

That's really the only two ways the Dolphins don't come out looking ridiculous in this instance.

[UPDATE: 760-AM radio reporter Ken LaVicka, who asks tougher questions than most on the Dolphins beat, asked coach Tony Sparano about the topic just now. Sparano confirmed Parcells is still an employee of the Dolphins but declined to comment further.]

[UPDATE 2: An NFL source tells me there has been to this moment no contact between York and Parcells. Another source close to Parcells -- well, sort of close -- tells me Parcells has not ruled out speaking with York but will tread carefully. According to the source, Parcells believes York wants more of a handle on GM candidate Trent Baalke, who Parcells hired in 1998 to be a scout for the New York Jets. Parcells won't let the conversation seep into advice going forward that might give the 49ers an edge of the Dolphins, the source said. Makes sense.]


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Mrs Wilson = kris

oh no what did the fans do? they hurt hennes feelings by telling him the truth, that he sucks. sorry henne maybe if played like a true qb people would cheer instead.

Flacco, Ryan and Rodgers all in the top 12

San Diego is a playoff team?

I'm sure they'll be delighted to hear that!

yes kris 1pm home games to start year. we used to always win most every home game in september cause of the heat.

Giants, too.

marc only 3 of those 6 are playoff teams. hou, sd, nyg arent

Oh, sorry, SD missed it BARELY

NYG will make it

I see That are Little friend Aloco is now posting under 8 different names, Aloco, Please stick with one, I also see our cross dressing Hermaphrodite Marc/Marcia is gracing us with his/her presents.......

in some peoples eyes henne is just as good as flacco and ryan and rodgers. lol. hennes in the top 12 isn't he?

I can tell were approaching the off-season.....the foolishness is beginning.....

I guess we need Odin here to put Aloco back in line....from what I read he really used to embrasses him......


giants have no shot at playoffs. saints already in and packers play home vs a bears team sitting everyone. that line jumped to 11. giants are done


Aloco=Odins BIACH

The Giants were just completely embarrassed two weeks in a row and the Chargers have been underachieving patsies all year.

No offense, Marc, but the point you were trying to make is a bit overwhelmed by reality.

yes cause blue and black sign in look the exact same....right Odin's BIACH

While ODIN's BIACH creates a sign in name in blue....I will bid you guys LATER...so LATER

Passing stats can be a reflection of a team coming from behind against softer defenses as much as anything actually positive happening.

Run efficiency (average per carry) and time-of-possession are MUCH more reliable offensive indicators of the best teams 9 times out of 10.


OK guys(And Girls, Did'nt want to leave you out Marc/Marcia) It's perdiction time, Lets hear the perdiction for the following issue's/ games, Will New England sit there starters??, And if they do, how much will they beat Miami??, #2, What kind of dress will Marc/Marcia wear friday nite??, And will he/she wear matching pumps?????

I think Belichick will play his starters (at least the completely healthy ones) a half or so and then let them sit regardless of the score.

Nothing at stake for either team. I'll call it a 20-17 snoozer, Pats.

Just as soon get the higher pick, frankly.

I say miami's sparanos starters BRING their A+ game to foxboro only to lose a sqeaker to NE's C- 3rd string unit.....20-17....amen to the bastards!!!!

All those teams are better than us...Minus Houston, that's a fact

QB's make the difference

Nothing else matters

Marc/Marcia, Dont keep us in suspense, Will you be wearing a strapless or strap dress on new Years eve???, Also, Since your here, Who's running He ll ?????

I've told you in the past I can run he!! and be here at the same time. I have lessor demons to delegate to

The only dress I'll be wearing is your moms while I'm plowing her dumper...

That's my single response to you for the quarter...Now FUCH OFF


LOL At Marc, OK I'll leave you alone, What are your thoughts on the Finale this sunday for the fins???, And are you of the same mind as most of these other posters saying that Sporono must go???????

BTW Marc, My Moms been dead for 7 years... Enjoy....

The fist pumper must be excorcised from the depths of hell itself and cleansed from miami dolphins football in spiritual terms....in other words YES cuban HE SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!

I stated earlier. Nolan is the ONLY coach I'd keep, I mean ONLY; QB Coach, position coaches, strength coaches....ALL OF THEM MUST GO

Marc, You may want to bring lubricant..., And a deodorizer..., Just saying..

Advise from Parcell he should ask Bill Bellichik because he is the only reason the damm Parcell had his 2 Super Bowl rings

Cuban donkey and marc Plumber from NJ have more in common than cheap w#ores...they come in and love for free

Kris why cant you do that for me?

When you beat yourself every game like the phins do the pats could dress up a bunch of guys off the street and at the end we'll probably lose 13-9 with 3 fist pumps

Gay Kris, One more alias for our lil friend Aloco.... Sad..

Even though it will go unadmitted to, with this definitely being Henning's last game. I wonder if this last game will be an auditon for Doran or Lee to introduce potential playcalling skills.

If plans to promote a new OC from within this would be a perfect time to have a sneak peek to see what his play calling skills are like.

Breed, Doubtful, I'am sure Henning will go out with a wimper,3 FGs,101 yds passing and 52 yards rushing... , Why change now...

keepdanhenning.com? LOL..................

Reporting that Henning may be promoted to HC since he has more HC experience than TS and Ross really likes him.

Tony Sparano has risen all the way to safe on the espn predicto-meters. Info's gotta being leaked from Ross. I know no other way to account for it.


New World Order HAARP severe weather hit California again More Flooding, More Flooding, More Flooding

have a HAARPy day


Im sure Ross would enjoy going to see his proctologist more than than keeping Dan Henning around. LOL................

Every coach get the dreaded "vote of confidence" before they get the axe...see Childress and Mcdaniels the day before they were fired....the "vote of confidence is a good thing

I believe with so many coaching vacancies and so few great candidates Ross realizes the big dollars it takes and still having to pay Sparano/Ireland too. Seems Ross maybe balking at the money. LOL..............

OK Guys, The Cuban is outta here, Have a "FINTASTIC" Nite......

'votes of confidence' are public statements from the owner. The predictions of the sports media channels are indeed leaning towards Sparano staying. The main points of interest this offseason will be who is chosen for the next OC and the never ending QB situation.

Here's news that will make your hemmoriods itch...one person thats being looked at to replace Henning as the Dolphins O.C. is Josh McDaniels. I wonder how Marshall would like his favorite person making up the plays...LOL

The Dolphins are in trouble. From the owner to GM, HC, OC, and players this is an organization headed south. This team is very far away from being a contender. Light years away from being in the SB. Get use to 7-9 or 8-8 records or worst in the next several years or more. They need an owner with guts. A GM that knows 21st century football. A coach that has imagination, guts, creativity. A solid scouting dept.

Tuna did NOTHING for the dolphins. NOTHING! Can't stand him!

Agreed- Parcells is a Thief! Stole our money.

I don't think this matter even matters. Parcells and whatever he does are non-factors anymore. Priority #1 should be cleaning house of his under-acheiving coaching staff. Then let the new guys handle all the draft issues. Keep Henne as a back-up. Who knows? Maybe with a new QB coach, head coach, and offensive coordinator, maybe Henne's issues can be ironed out. We won't know until we see how he does under a new system. Can you imagine trying to learn to do Karate from a really poor teacher? You'd look stupid when you competed against other students who have superior teachers. Maybe that's the case with Henne. I'm not convinced that such is the case, but I can just imagine if Henne went to New England as a backup, then Brady went down, you know good and well he'd look a whole lot better playing for them under Bellechick. This coaching staff here in Miami is so inferior, it is difficult to evaluate certain players. Just my 2 cents worth.

If I were Jed York I'd be looking for the opinions of somebody who'd actually built a playoff caliber team. Look at the production we got from the last draft class and tell me it seems like the work of a HOF talent.

Let's face it. Parcells built his HOF credentials elsewhere. If anything, his "work" in Miami works against the rest of his resume.

Jed: "Hey BP, can you tell me where I might find the next Pat White?"

Based upon his last turn around, the fins, I would say any team wanting to talk to Parcell is making a big mistake. However, I felt Parcell was purposely walking away from the Dolphins earlier in the season in order to distance himself so he could continue to work elsewhere in the leaque. Parcell, the failure of the latest turn around of the Dolphins goes on your resume, you were the top dog, no shaking that responsibility.

Parcells like Cowher,Gruden all overrated they are not god! The longer theyre away form the game .the better they once was,oh I forgot Jimmy Johnson too. I think we have a good young defense great d coordinator and ok talent on O. Face it we have blown ALOT of draft picks that are playing well on other teams. Keep the current front office in tact minus the QB coach and O coordinator draft offense and play ball. Oh and pray something breaks up the Pats!

Does being contracted by the Fins block him from giving a good reference on a friend or ex-employee? I don't think that's something bad or illegal. I think you're making to much of a big deal Armando.. Why don't you start writing about the draft, and make yourself useful.

I say, let Parcells talk to the 49ers, but void his contract the moment he does. Use the 4 million he's owed to disinfect the Dolphin's offices of his influence and apply the rest toward the hiring of John Gruden.

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