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Miami's offensive line continues to be a problem

You want to know where the Dolphins running game went this year?

Look no further than the offensive line.

(Well, the line isn't totally at fault as the running backs have had too many moments when they've showed little explosion and don't often break tackles and the offensive coordinator has abandoned the run on more than one occasion.)

But I digress.

It is mostly the offensive line. I would say the problems with the running game are located in that group about 60 percent of the time.

So what is the problem? Well, let's start at the beginning:

The Miami coaching staff and personnel department had a good-not-great offensive line in 2009 after committing to nearly $156 million in contracts, the first overall selection of the 2008 draft, a fourth-round pick in the 2008 draft, a sixth-round pick in the 2008 draft, and a sixth-round pick in the 2009 draft.

But something happened to the Dolphins en route to having all that free agency money and draft resources become an excellent line: The bottom fell out.

The Dolphins signed Justin Smiley who came with a repuation for getting hurt and having a bum shoulder. And he got hurt and had a bum shoulder so bad the Dolphins asked him not to show up for offseason conditioning last March because they were afraid Smiley might hurt himself. He turned into a free agency bust because the team signed him to a big contract with the hopes he'd be the left guard for five years. He was the left guard for only part of two years.

The Dolphins also signed Jake Grove to a big contract in 2009 with the expectation he'd be their starting center for five years. He came with a reputation for getting hurt and the Dolphins were apparently surprised when, shockingly, Grove got hurt. Free agent bust.

Shawn Murphy was a draft bust. Donald Thomas, who showed much promise for about 10 minutes, got hurt in his first professional game and missed the rest of his rookie season. He came back last season and was a disappointment. He was cut in camp this year. Draft bust.

Andrew Gardner? Never really developed because, at the end of the day, he was a triple option blocker and no one in the NFL runs the triple option. Draft bust.

So those wasted picks hurt. 

The Dolphins did hit one draft home run by picking Jake Long with the first overall selection in 2008. He's been everything you might want of a franchise left tackle. So he's a draft exclamation point, as first overall picks should be.

But he's been playing injured practically the entire year.

I asked him after the Green Bay game how he was feeling. "I feel great," he said with a big smile.

That was perhaps the one time this season that's been the case. Long suffered MCL damage in one knee the final preseason game. That was an issue for a while. Then he injured his ankle. Then he suffered a shoulder injury that will likely require surgery after the season. And lately he's got knee problems again, which are limiting him in practice the last week or so to the point he hasn't participated in all the drills.

Long is playing well. But he's not as good as he could be simply because he's not 100 percent and really hasn't been all year, with the possible exception of that moment when he answered my question.

There is, of course, the right tackle spot, also. Vernon Carey is out for the remainder of the year. The Dolphins placed him on IR on Tuesday with a knee injury. Carey was not exactly setting the world on fire before he got hurt. Unofficial stats show he had allowed three sacks and was responsible for five penalties this season.

But Carey's departure is a big loss because the drop from him to the next best tackle on the team is significant. Lydon Murtha played right tackle on Sunday against New York. He yielded one sack and had a penalty. I do not know how he graded out run-blocking but the Dolphins averaged 3.2 yards per rush, so it is hard to imagine Murtha played great in that area.

And the tackles have been the strong points for the Miami line. Can you imagine?

The interior of the Miami line is a problem. A big problem.

Joe Berger is an over-acheiver and as many over-achievers do, sometimes he's up, sometimes he's down. The Dolphins are getting more than their money's worth for this second-tier free agent signee. That's good because they got so little for Grove. But is Berger dominant? Elite? No. No.

Rookie John Jerry showed hopeful signs of being a big-time acquisition when he earned a starting right guard job early on. But then he got sick and missed four games and was never really that good when he returned. Jerry actually started losing ground, playing poorly against Chicago and Oakland, so he was benched. So much for rookies developing from the jump and showing constant improvement.

This doesn't make Jerry a bust or a disappointment. But he's not exactly looking like a star, either, especially when you consider Pat McQuistan, a career backup who had not started a game until this year, is now starting at right guard.

You want to believe the reason McQuistan is starting is because he is simply a beast. The truth is he is starting because he's the best candidate of a struggling lot.

Interestingly, the biggest gamble the Dolphins took along the offensive line this year is working out. Richie Incognito came with an ugly reputation for losing his mind at precisely the wrong moment. That is the reason he got kicked off a college team, got kicked off the Rams and the Bills wanted to go in another direction so they cut him.

The Dolphins are lucky to have him now. Incognito has started every game. He hasn't freaked out at any point on the field. He's good enough that the Dolphins have made attempts to extend his one-year contract. He is not a big problem. He's good enough. But he's probably playing out of position because he seems to me to be a more natural and comfortable right guard. The fact he's playing out of position is a sign of Miami's weakness at left guard because, best case, Incognito would be at RG with a superior player at LG.

The picture this all paints is of a unit that the personnel department and the coaching staff have been trying to get right for three seasons with no success. They got somewhat good at the beginning of 2009 but they have fallen off since, never reaching a point where anyone with decision-making power feels the OL is solid and a non-issue.

Nope, the offensive line is an issue. The Dolphins will have to draft for more OL help this offseason. I imagine a guard or center will do the trick and the hope here is they pick someone early enough that he's good enough to play immediately. If Jeff Ireland is thinking outside the box, perhaps he can draft a right tackle and move Vernon Carey inside, although that would make Carey an overpaid guard. Whatever works, folks. It's not our money.

In the meantime, the offensive line is the black hole that swallowed Miami's running game. Frustratingly, the line doesn't seem dramatically better now than it was in 2008. On any given Sunday, it might even be worse.


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no one cares Joe, post something about the Dolphins or shut up and stop complaining.

What is the weather where you are and what will the weather be Sunday at 1:00 pm in Miami

Awwwwwww I must have struck a nerve somewhere. So fickle! People with multiple names have no credibility & do not merit any attn. But I do have some advice: Move out of your mothers basement & find a woman (I know it'll be hard). You might just like the change!

Joe please enter your real name, phone number, home address and ss number when posting this will make you the first, "real blogger."

Texans, Titans, Broncos, Bengals....All AFC teams who did not expect to be outside the playoff bubble when the season started.

Miami is still in the hunt and above .500%

Don't get me wrong, this team is flawed...but we are ahead of teams who expected to be in the hunt.

Mark in Toronto. I was a huge Dorin Dickerson guy. He fell all the way to late 7th round. Like you said who knows what sort of contribution he would have hade here, if any. He has struggled to get on the field for the Texans. They are fairly loaded on the offensive side. Maybe Dickerson isn;t the best example. But it would be nice if we could aquire a player that creates matchup problems for linebackers, or Dime-Nickel packages. We have nothing of the sort on our squad. This makes defending the offense much easier for the opposition. We missed the boat, screwed the sheep. fisted the pope by not picking up a tight end last draft. No use cryin over spilled milk...lol

8-6 looks a lot better than 7-7...

Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. Every failed season the finfans suddenly become super optimistic about the next season, and the next season its just a recurring dream. Next year, next year, next year.

This team is going nowhere next year. It will take another year for Ross to realize we need a new HC and new QB. The team is no closer to anything after 3 years with the latest, arrogant, charlatan staff.

The injury to Nate Garner really hurts the Dolphins. The versatility this guy has was a big bonus. Rumor has it the Dolphins are trying to extend Richie Incognito's contract and make him a center for 2011. We might be looking for a RG and a LG as well. I like the idea of having 2 nasty boys like Mankins and Incognito playing side by side. John Jerry hasn't done anything overly impressive thus far, so that's not good news. I guess Garner could be our RG and Mankins our LG, assuming the Dolphins are interested in Mankins in the first place. I'm not sure spending big bucks on a guard is the right thing to do. The one positive about Mankins is he's got the attitude that you want on your o-line. Nasty guy with power.

Fisted the pope .. nice! That is exactly what the management did with a couple of picks. Here's hoping they learned from their mistakes last year and adjust accordingly. This will be a huge year for Ireland and Sparano. If they don't get the Dolphins to the next level - they will probably be done. Ross has handed over a big cheque book to this team and he might be fed up already. Anything less than 11 wins next year is a failure and will result in people losing thier jobs.

Where's Jamie Nails when you need him??

Awwwwww how cute, Home & his multiple personalities have taken a liking to me. I knew you'd warm up to me eventually Buttercup.

PS - Now, act like a big boy & post under 1 name you gold loving, conspiracy theorist coward. We'd hate to confuse you someone who actually have something useful to say.

aloco. be sure to make dinner for carson palmer next season and pack henne a to go lunch because he gooooooooooone. lol

home esta loco~.lol

Montreal, whether it's Mankins, a #1 draft pick on an OT or C, this team needs a serious talent infusion on the OL. They need Jerry to wake up to or he will be going the way of the Donald Thomas whihc wasn't good because we could have had Aaron Hernandez instead.

When Bill Parcells took over he said something to the effect of....he would find out what the problem was in miami....they have to many injured players....he said the problem was either the strength and condition staff, the rehab guys, or the players were soft....he said he would find out the problem and FIX IT!!!

He did...for one year....How come each year after that this team has become more and more injured?

Also...VERNON CAREY SUCKS....If he never plays another down for miami it will be one down to many! He is a QB injury waiting to happen...he has series where he doesn't even try. HE GOT PAID THEN GOT SOFT!

There have to be some unemployed COWBOYS somewhere sitting at home that we can sign

Kris, you seem very angry this afternoon

the phins will finally have their qb since 1998 ,"yes'98 because marino suxed his final season",in palmer./ yippe kayeeh mo fo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..lol

Awwwwww how cute, Home & his multiple personalities have taken a liking to me. I knew you'd warm up to me eventually Buttercup.

PS - Now, act like a big boy & post under 1 name you gold loving, conspiracy theorist coward. We'd hate to confuse you someone who actually have something useful to say.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | December 15, 2010 at 12:16 PM


Like me? Nah, I kid. I know I add very little to the football conversation, still I do not want to be confused with Home.

Luckily, no matter how many names he posts under, his message and writing style never change, so we all know its him.

imagine that,?. a bomb spiral to a naked hartline for a td every game.wow!.lol

Mark in Toronto, agree with you there.We need to do something about our o-line, draft or free agency, whatever. I was looking at Miami's previous drafts before Parcells and his puppets came along. From 2005 (Saban's first year) to 2007 (Cameron's first and only draft), there's a grand total of 4 players left. That's it. 3 drafts, 4 players. Now that's pretty sad. Those 4 players are Ronnie Brown, Channing Crowder, Paul Soliai and Brandon Fields. Thank you Saban for Jason Allen, and thank you Cam for Ted Ginn JR and his family, John Beck and Samson Satele. I'd be curious to see how many players are still on the New England Patriots roster from those 3 drafts. Probably like 15 or more.

aloco. brad childress, next oc for miami. package will include c.palmer.qb.

The o-line is priority #1. I think you trade down & draft the best possible lineman you find in the 1st & bring in some FA's. Get your #2 back and draft speed. We need speed & talent, not Cowboy rejects like Berger.

Re-sign Soliai, Mcdaniels & Ricky. The next 4 priorities I think are all equally important & I personally wouldn't be able to pick which one to address next.

RB - we'll need 2 of them, preferably fast!
CB x 2 - Assuming W. Allen is done here & Sapp is unrestricted, we'll need 2.
TE - We need a speed threat at TE.
FS - We need more instinctive play out of our FS. Clemmons is better when the ball is in front of him so he may be a viable replacement for Bell & we can try Jones at FS.

If only Ginn would have a hot sister, I would understand Cam's logic behind the whole "and his family" thing. But he doesn't. So I'm still scratching my head over that one. ??

Joe Schmoe, what about QB??? You're doing the same mistake the Dolphins do year in and year out! QB is the most important position in football!! Look at the list of QB's that have won SB's in the last decade. What do they have in common? They're good!! Most of them not good, great!! Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, the Manning brothers, etc etc... We need to find a freakin' QB!! Until we do, we will be a middle of the pack team. We could of had Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, we always miss out. Let's get a QB for God's Sakes.

aloco. call wkrp and tell them to book cp's flight to miami int'l for march 2. i'll pick him up. the phins will ink him for the other cp qb's $$$$$$.. $12 m.?.$. just do it!

Enough with the Cleo Lemons, John Becks, Duante Culpeppers, Gus Frerottes, Jay Fiedlers, A.J.Feeleys,Pat Whites and pretty soon (hopefully I'm wrong) Chad Hennes. Let's get a real #1 QB, I don't care if it's a draft pick or a free agent pick up. Just get a QB Miami management. How hard is it?

Get Kurt Warner out of retirement!

Joe, not sure the secondary is a big concern for this team right now either. They're 6th in pass defence and very young. The one area of concern on the entire defense is bell's age and th Dolphins should have enough reason to be optimistic with Clemons and Jones to share snaps with Bell however they choose.


Those are the must haves - everything else is luxury, IMHO

QB-OL-TE-RB-WR-Another pass rusher- That's what they need.

True Montreal, another pass rusher - hopefully Wake teaches Misi some moves.

Mark, I can't believe how fast and powerful Wake is. Get another double digit sack guy on the roster and Wake could be a the guy who breaks Michael Strahan's single season sack record. That's how good I think he is. I DVR every Miami game and watch games over and over again and it's amazing how much Wake sticks out. He's gotten so much better against the run as well. This guy is the real deal. Get another pass rusher and we're set on defense. Wake will be a nightmare. Watch out!

Logan Mankins will be a Dolphin next year assuming no lockout.

#1 fan, obviously QB is a concern but the draft is a crap shoot & I posted earlier that with little to no options in FA at QB, we should draft one. Henne is under for 1 more year & we won't waste a valuable early pick on QB. This team has bigger holes. Such as no rb's under contract next season. What good is spending a 2-4 pick on a QB who will be just like Henne? I don't see much, unless he turns out to be Tom Brady. That's wishful thinking.

Let's face it, with a better oline & running game, Henne would be good enough for 1 more year.


They need to find a way to bring in either a promising rookie or a veteran to compete with Henne. I wouldn't name Henne the starter for 2011. No friggin way. Not the way he's playing. We need someone to come in and compete for the job. Make him earn it.

cut henne sign palmer. problem fixed.

WoW..!! Armando finally covered something that has made sense since the beginning of the season- the almighty O-Line..!! It has been a patchwork of players coming in and out.

You cannot blame Ronnie & Ricky for that. You cannot blame Henne for that and you certainly cannot blame Dan Henning for that.

If you dont have the hogs up front to open the running lanes, then your running game will be non-existant or in the case of the Phins, have a significant drop in production. It's something that can be corrected and something that can be fixed with good coaching, good technique and a desire to be the best as far as the players attitudes are concerned. We need players that want to win a Super Bowl. We need some mean agressive individuals that are not scared to steamroll through the opposition.
If they are doing it just to get a pay check, then let them go and find individuals that want to win it all and have the talent, physical ability, determination, smarts and focus to get the job done.

I was talking about the O-Line being the real issue a week or so ago. This is a major blunder by the Trifecta. The line can make or break the offense or defense. Look at the defense first, they are playing well and the the line is one of the keys. McDaniel, Langford, Soliai,etc... are all playing well. On offense really only Long is playing well, and even he is not able to play as well as he can because of injuries. Carey was playing decently, but I believe he has gotten too slow and heavy to be elite. The rest? Marginal, this is why the offense can't run, and often don't protect well while passing.

This is the biggest letdown this year. Ronnie and Ricky aren't what they were at 24, no RB is the same as they age, but they are way good enough to win. Look at how New England can run at time with two scrubs running the ball, it is because of the line and the great passing game. The game is won at the NFL level in the trenches, plain and simple. QB's, RB's, and WR's all sell tickets, Lines win games.

Mark, regarding the secondary, Nolan Carrol & Nate Ness as your 3rd & 4th DB's next year? W/the Pats in the division? That won't work. This team NEEDS cover Cb's, especially with NE back in the spread. Gotta win your division & without DB's, we won't.

We discussed stats already. You put WAY too much into them. More than I. Tell me where our pass D was before the Oakland game? We've played 3 consecutive games against BAD passing teams. Up until this stretch of games, we were complaining about how we couldn't get off the field on 3rd down. So, go easy on stats, they are almost meaningless.

Notoriously, they are said to be for losers. We look bad against good offenses & look great vs. bad ones. Those statements are fool proof because that's what Miami has shown.

Clemmons is a nobody @ FS. There is a reason we tried to sign Rolle & Clark. He will be a better SS because he hits & be closer to the line. He can keep TE's in front of him. I don't trust him to cover deep balls. The tape doesn't lie on him. Every game, almost every deep ball to him, he's late. I implore you to go look. If not for ball throws, he'd be toast weekly. We need better instincts at FS. The tape doesn't lie.

We can survive with Misi so I wouldn't say OLB is a priority but another one would be nice.

If we win out and jets loose to the steelers and bills we get in

Smiley released, stupid.
Grove released, stupid.
Thomas, Veteran Tackle Thomas released, stupid.
Thomas, guard released, stupid.

Sparano is suppose to be an O-line guru. A lot of stupid releases were made before the season started and now we're paying for it.

I'm tired of seeing Henne out there! Just a strong arm with no swagger, no emotion, nothing.

Let's give Thigpen a shot to end the season! Look for our true QB of the future and keep Thigpen on board.

I also need to see 4 more TDs by Marshall by the end of the year.


So I'm predicting we draft 17 or 18...somewhere in there. What do we do? Trade back and pick up our second rounder? If available, what would be better.....mark ingram at RB......Derek Sherrod at OT. In regard to qb....some FA potential out there.....Carson Palmer. If Cinci unloads him.....Mike Vick.....Orton if Denver unloads hi

#1 dolphin fan, you should go back and watch the Jets game. Go through all of Henne's incompletes & tell me how many you thought were actually on him. I posted my thoughts yesterday. Watch that tape objectively & tell me you actually believe he played poorly. Be objective & not close minded about it.

It's fine to be critical of Henne, that's perfectly understandable. But we have to be fair. This offense is awful. I don't care what Qb you pick, he wouldn't succeed here right now. He's getting slammed yet not many understand a QB in the NFL can't be successful if you can't run block, pass protect or get open. Miami can't do any of those things!

For me, Henne has 1 more year under a new OC & preferbly a new HC as well. Worry about a qb after next season. For now, keep building & worry about it when his contract expires.

So Joe, let me ask you this? Which opposing WR has had a big day against us this year? It was the TEs and the RBs catching the ball that were screwing us. Nolan seems to have stemmed the tide there.

Who has 3 excellent corners in the NFL? - most teams don't even have 1. We have way more pressing needs than CB. I was weary of Carrol and still am a bit - Holmes dropped an easy TD but otherwise he's been ok. You can always pick up a vet to play nickel.

I still think you are way to critical of Clemons too. I don't know how Rolle or Clark would have even played significantly better than he has. He's also cheap - those other guys were bg ticket items.

MickFins, take Brady out of New England and all of a sudden they're an average team and Bellicheik is just another guy. Same thing with Peyton Manning and the Colts. When it's crunch time and you need a TD or a big play to turn things around, these guys step up. That's the bottom line. How many big plays did Drew Brees make last year when the Saints won the SB? A lot. You're QB is the one that leads the troops. Sure the o-line is very important, but the QB is the guy who needs to make the throw. Or run for it. Convert the crucial 3rd down. It's always on the QB.


I agree with you that Sparano has failed Miami in his area of so-called expertise. He hasn't done a good job at all with this offensive line. He might not have the final decision on player personel but his say does matter and especially along the offensive line.

I also have been smashing Henne to bits too. I was a Henne backer all the way up until the Browns game. I finally saw enough of him and his horrible play and body language. Someone mentioned this earlier as bad and as horrible as Sanchez was he still manager to put up more then 55 passing yards. That is pathetic.

When it comes down to it sometimes it comes down "my" guy is better then "your guy". Marshall obliterated Cromartie and the jets in the first match up because even when he was covered Henne threw him the ball. This past week out of the 5 sacks all 5 were blitzes! You know what that means? There was a one on one opportunity but Henne couldn't find it. Outside of Revis anyone in a one on one matchup should have an opportunity to have a ball thrown to them. Henne can't deliver that throw. He only makes the safe WIDE OPEN throw. Henne is a joke!

Well...Maybe Henning's Departure WILL make a difference.

But can you name a (Young) Good, 'proven' O.C. who
is AVAILABLE to take his place ??

Joe Schmoe, like I said yesterday, not every play is Henne's fault. But at the end of the day, the stats don't lie. Henne was awful against the Browns and he was awful against the Jets. Some plays the o-line didn't pass protect so well, so right off the bat he's under siege. But there's also a lot of plays where he DOES have time, I saw it against the Jets, and he sucks. If Henne is so great, he should be able to prove it this weekend cause last time I checked, the Bills weren't pretty scary on "D". He better put up some numbers. If for some reason he comes up with a crappy game again and we lose to the Bills, that's going to be the end for this year. What excuse are you going to have for him then? The o-line? The WR's?

Mark, I watch every game twice. Clemmons is always late. Bad passes from awful QB's has bailed him out allot this year which masks it. Why don't you go back & watch for yourself if you refuse to believe it? Did you see Holmes beat Smith? Guess who was a few steps behind who had over the top coverage? Clemmons. Thinking I'm too critical doesn't mean I'm not right. It's on tape every single week.

He may be young & cheap, but he also isn't that good. I'm not down on him because I didn't expect much out of him. That's what we've gotten, not much. Bad Qb's have missed on him but good ones didn't.

Regarding Db's, do you see what NE is doing offensively? 4 Wides, Woodhead...how will you defend them exactly? With LB'ers? Just because other teams don't have CB's means we shouldn't have more than 2? The Jets knew they had to beat NE this year so they drafted a CB 1st round. He may suck, but they realized it.

We won't go anywhere if we can't win our division first. The team on top has 7 legit receiving threats. To me, it's common sense really. We need cover corners.

It was Nolan Carroll on the play where Holmes dropped the easy TD. It wasn't Smith.

#1 fan, do you think it's fair to judge him like this behind a patchwork line, no running game & undrafted FA WR's? LOL Come on man. I'm not defending him cause I love him. I'm defending him cause i'm a realist & know there is alot more wrong with this offense than him.

Go back and watch the Jets game, the kid had NO chance to succeed. I thought considering, upon rewatching it, he played well. Between the rush he was under, to the lack of a strong ground game, to WR's not being open, to 2-3 man routes against 6-7 db's?

I'm trying to be realistic, not critical of him just to pile on for shits n giggles.

It was Nolan Carroll on the play where Holmes dropped the easy TD. It wasn't Smith.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | December 15, 2010 at 01:59 PM

I was referring to the 50 yard bomb Homes caught on Smith with Clemmons trailing in coverage. Forget that one did we?

Joe Schmoe, despite the fact I'm not sold on Henne one bit, I never suggested we should get rid of him. I just want someone to come in next year and compete. The reason for that is first, it will give Henne somekind of urgency to get it done. Second, we invested a second round pick on the dude. I'm ready to be patient, but there's a difference between being patient and giving him the starting job. I don't want Henne back next year with another Thigpen or Pennington, guys we know are all backups. I want either a rookie who has the potential to be a solid starter or a veteran who's been a starter in the league. Maybe that's what management thought of when they drafted Pat White. Who knows? Why else would you spend a second round pick on a guy if you're so convinced the guy already on your roster is "THE" guy?? Of course we'll never know, but it is a bit strange don't you think?

I thought you were referring to the dropped TD by Holmes. Sorry about that.

Joe Schmoe, the only thing I can tell you about Clemons is yes, he got beat on that one specific play you're referring to. But even the best safeties get beaten once in a while, just like the best corners. I was watching the Texans-Ravens game monday night, Ed Reed got beaten for a TD. Does that mean you wouldn't take him on your team? Of course not. Keep in mind Clemons is still very young, a bit raw, and it's his first full year as a starter. You're asking this guy to QB the secondary, which is not an easy thing in the NFL, to cover some of the best WR'S in the league, to do all these things and to succeed. Well, I think he did. He's learning and will only get better. He's 23 or something? We're like 8th against the pass or something like that? That's not too shabby, I'll take Clemons over that stiff Gibril Wilson anyday. And he's much cheaper.

Joe, go back and watch the bomb to Holmes and you will see Holmes use a push off on Smith. I never said Clemons was perfect or even pro bowl but you aren't going to have 22 pro bowlers on a team. Don't you think the team has 5 or 6 needs that should be addressed sooner before FS or CB?

And our defense played NE earlier this year and kept Brady in check pretty well and our defense is even better now - you culd also argue their offense is better too - whatever - I don't see any team's offense that can perpetually beat our secondary consistently - I mean, we've played a top schedule and nobody's done it to our secondary yet.


You don't need a YOUNG offensive cordinator just a good one who is alive and up with the times in the NFL. Here are a few that will be available.

Gary Kubiak the HC in Houston, will probably be fired and his offense isn't the problem it's the D.

Brad Childress he failed as a HC in Minnesota but he is very good OC and developed Donovan McNabb and the Eagles offense before going to Minnesota.

Norv Turner - clearly speculation but if the Chargers don't make the playoffs I say he is fired. Norv's reputation as a great offensive cordinator is well known.

None of these guys are young but all quaility coaches that brings their own style and are an upgrade over Henning.


I am in the most boring class in the world, they are behond schedule and still insist on reading every word on the D A M N slide.....very frustrating....

Plus our playoff chances are so slim....its pissing me off....we have nobody to blaim but ourselves and maybe that PIT ref.

Regardless we shoudn't have let that one to clevlad slip away...Defense was lights out....and the offense let us down.....

That is football purgatory

and I am in Hell getting this mandatory training.....

Other than that everything is fine....Tanks for asking :(

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