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Miami's offensive line continues to be a problem

You want to know where the Dolphins running game went this year?

Look no further than the offensive line.

(Well, the line isn't totally at fault as the running backs have had too many moments when they've showed little explosion and don't often break tackles and the offensive coordinator has abandoned the run on more than one occasion.)

But I digress.

It is mostly the offensive line. I would say the problems with the running game are located in that group about 60 percent of the time.

So what is the problem? Well, let's start at the beginning:

The Miami coaching staff and personnel department had a good-not-great offensive line in 2009 after committing to nearly $156 million in contracts, the first overall selection of the 2008 draft, a fourth-round pick in the 2008 draft, a sixth-round pick in the 2008 draft, and a sixth-round pick in the 2009 draft.

But something happened to the Dolphins en route to having all that free agency money and draft resources become an excellent line: The bottom fell out.

The Dolphins signed Justin Smiley who came with a repuation for getting hurt and having a bum shoulder. And he got hurt and had a bum shoulder so bad the Dolphins asked him not to show up for offseason conditioning last March because they were afraid Smiley might hurt himself. He turned into a free agency bust because the team signed him to a big contract with the hopes he'd be the left guard for five years. He was the left guard for only part of two years.

The Dolphins also signed Jake Grove to a big contract in 2009 with the expectation he'd be their starting center for five years. He came with a reputation for getting hurt and the Dolphins were apparently surprised when, shockingly, Grove got hurt. Free agent bust.

Shawn Murphy was a draft bust. Donald Thomas, who showed much promise for about 10 minutes, got hurt in his first professional game and missed the rest of his rookie season. He came back last season and was a disappointment. He was cut in camp this year. Draft bust.

Andrew Gardner? Never really developed because, at the end of the day, he was a triple option blocker and no one in the NFL runs the triple option. Draft bust.

So those wasted picks hurt. 

The Dolphins did hit one draft home run by picking Jake Long with the first overall selection in 2008. He's been everything you might want of a franchise left tackle. So he's a draft exclamation point, as first overall picks should be.

But he's been playing injured practically the entire year.

I asked him after the Green Bay game how he was feeling. "I feel great," he said with a big smile.

That was perhaps the one time this season that's been the case. Long suffered MCL damage in one knee the final preseason game. That was an issue for a while. Then he injured his ankle. Then he suffered a shoulder injury that will likely require surgery after the season. And lately he's got knee problems again, which are limiting him in practice the last week or so to the point he hasn't participated in all the drills.

Long is playing well. But he's not as good as he could be simply because he's not 100 percent and really hasn't been all year, with the possible exception of that moment when he answered my question.

There is, of course, the right tackle spot, also. Vernon Carey is out for the remainder of the year. The Dolphins placed him on IR on Tuesday with a knee injury. Carey was not exactly setting the world on fire before he got hurt. Unofficial stats show he had allowed three sacks and was responsible for five penalties this season.

But Carey's departure is a big loss because the drop from him to the next best tackle on the team is significant. Lydon Murtha played right tackle on Sunday against New York. He yielded one sack and had a penalty. I do not know how he graded out run-blocking but the Dolphins averaged 3.2 yards per rush, so it is hard to imagine Murtha played great in that area.

And the tackles have been the strong points for the Miami line. Can you imagine?

The interior of the Miami line is a problem. A big problem.

Joe Berger is an over-acheiver and as many over-achievers do, sometimes he's up, sometimes he's down. The Dolphins are getting more than their money's worth for this second-tier free agent signee. That's good because they got so little for Grove. But is Berger dominant? Elite? No. No.

Rookie John Jerry showed hopeful signs of being a big-time acquisition when he earned a starting right guard job early on. But then he got sick and missed four games and was never really that good when he returned. Jerry actually started losing ground, playing poorly against Chicago and Oakland, so he was benched. So much for rookies developing from the jump and showing constant improvement.

This doesn't make Jerry a bust or a disappointment. But he's not exactly looking like a star, either, especially when you consider Pat McQuistan, a career backup who had not started a game until this year, is now starting at right guard.

You want to believe the reason McQuistan is starting is because he is simply a beast. The truth is he is starting because he's the best candidate of a struggling lot.

Interestingly, the biggest gamble the Dolphins took along the offensive line this year is working out. Richie Incognito came with an ugly reputation for losing his mind at precisely the wrong moment. That is the reason he got kicked off a college team, got kicked off the Rams and the Bills wanted to go in another direction so they cut him.

The Dolphins are lucky to have him now. Incognito has started every game. He hasn't freaked out at any point on the field. He's good enough that the Dolphins have made attempts to extend his one-year contract. He is not a big problem. He's good enough. But he's probably playing out of position because he seems to me to be a more natural and comfortable right guard. The fact he's playing out of position is a sign of Miami's weakness at left guard because, best case, Incognito would be at RG with a superior player at LG.

The picture this all paints is of a unit that the personnel department and the coaching staff have been trying to get right for three seasons with no success. They got somewhat good at the beginning of 2009 but they have fallen off since, never reaching a point where anyone with decision-making power feels the OL is solid and a non-issue.

Nope, the offensive line is an issue. The Dolphins will have to draft for more OL help this offseason. I imagine a guard or center will do the trick and the hope here is they pick someone early enough that he's good enough to play immediately. If Jeff Ireland is thinking outside the box, perhaps he can draft a right tackle and move Vernon Carey inside, although that would make Carey an overpaid guard. Whatever works, folks. It's not our money.

In the meantime, the offensive line is the black hole that swallowed Miami's running game. Frustratingly, the line doesn't seem dramatically better now than it was in 2008. On any given Sunday, it might even be worse.


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#1 fan, Pat White was a luxury Wildcat pick. A Situational player 1 year into rebuild mode. This is why I have NO faith in this FO. You DON'T make luxury picks after 1 year. This team had more important holes that needed to be filled. We need FT players, not part time.

I agree we need a Qb to compete with Chad. I'm all for it. I think Thigpen should be resigned to have some continuity. I would not invest a 1-3 rd pick on a QB this year though. We have 2 viable starters I think in both those guys who under a new OC & better talent, can hold down the fort for the time being. Fill in other pieces & then spend a high pick on a QB. At least he'll have a team around him.

People think Ryan went to Atlanta & was successful cause of how great he was early on. Flacco too. They went to established teams. Atlanta was 2 years removed from a Conference Championship. Baltimore had the D & a pretty good O to begin with.

Just getting a QB isn't the answer. Its getting one on a team where he can be successful.

Wich team is suppose to collapse so we can get in?

For the past two weeks what ever team I root for to lose wins

I hope everyone realizes, if we go 9-7, this will have been a successful season. No, it's not good enough to make the Playoffs, but I doubt many fans who really have watched the team thought they would make a serious run at the Playoffs this year. Combine that with the schedule and the injuries, and 9-7 looks like an incredible turnaround from the 6-6 record we had just a week ago against the Browns.

So all you people talking about replace this guy, upgrade that guy, there's probably a negative probability you know what you're talking about. Defense is young, maybe need slight modifications, but would do well to remain relatively intact and keep gelling together.

Offense will get the major amount of work in the offseason. They need a lot of help. Henne will most likely be given another year to prove himself (with a new OC). I got no problem with that as long as there's a Plan B (and Thigpen ain't it). Best case scenario to me (besides we get an elite QB) is we get someone that can push Henne, compete for the starting spot. The winner is the starter, the loser becomes one of the best backups in the league. Just like you need 2 good RBs now in the NFL, everyone should have seen this year that you also need two good QBs.

So Jamillion, not sure why you'd get rid of Henne dude. He's cheap, knows the personnel, and would be a helluva lot better as a backup than Thigpen. I think the ONLY decision on Henne is if he's a #1 or a #2 (not keep him or get rid of him).

Seeing as how we've acquired 3-4 CBs in the last 2 years, I doubt much happens at that position. If anything defensively (besides NT), they need another pass rusher (like was mentioned). The draft should be geared almost exclusively on the offense. I'm sure you people don't want to see any more 10-6 games (no matter what the weather is like).

The O line is not in such bad shape for 2011, I think John Jerry will get better, Jake and Carey will get healed up. Incognito is solid.

So one spot needs to be addressed / upgraded and that is center.

Maybe an FA or thru the draft?

Stefen Wisniewski, C/G, Penn State or Kris O'Dowd, C, USC.

Joe, fair enough. You claim it was a luxury pick, I'm not so convinced. Don't really matter cause we'll never know. I have a feeling Parcells was never entirely sold on Henne. He was also a big fan of Pat White. Add it up. Regardless. Bottom line is we need to bring in someone to compete with Henne and I don't think Thigpen is that guy. I want better quality depth than that.

Clarification, I didn't mean all the people saying we need to upgrade don't know what you're talking about.

Most of you (Mark, Joe, Jamillion, AndyNJ, Kris, Monreal) have interesting and thoughtful opinions.

But this blog has gotten ridiculous here the last few days, weeks. It's pretty hard for me to take a lot of posts I read seriously.

I just think those posters who are 100% negative all day every day are not looking at the reality of the situation. If we were Bills fans, Lions fans, then maybe I'd understand. But in Miami, all hasn't been sunny, but it certainly hasn't been all bad either. Cameron Wake was a terrific find. Paul Solia is playing very well. Dansby has shored up the middle.

So if you're thoughtful (like a majority of you are) then I have no quips with your opinions. It's the others I'm calling out for being nothing but white noise.

Joe Schmoe,

You say you are being a realists. So it's a patchwork offensive line? So Henne has been sacked 22 times.

All of these QB's have been sacked more. Jay Cutler (43), Kyle Orton (34), Joe Flacco (32), Philip Rivers (31), David Garrard (28), Matt Schaub (28), Aaron Rodgers (27), Sam Bradford (27), Ben Rothlisberger (26), Mike Vick (25).

Right behind Henne in sacks are Brady (21), Matt Ryan (20), Josh Freeman (20), Ryan Fitzpatrick (19).

What all these QBs have in common is that they are all better then Henne. And don't use the excuse that they ALL have more weapons. Some do but Marshall, Bess and Hartline are weapons just none are speedsters. Marshall is ELITE but Henne can't seem to find him. Bess is a very good to great slot WR and Hartline isn't a starter but he is a solid #3 or at worst #4 in the NFL.

Henning and playcalling aren't throwing ints and fumbling the ball.

Joe Schmoe- Football seems to come to down to a lot of what ifs. It has cost us a lot this year. It has helped us some to. In the case of Clemmons it has helped mask some glaring weak spots. He has benn bailed out numerous times by poor quarterback play(underthrown balls, late throws) I would give him a c+ grade for this year, because these plays didn't happen. be it luck or not. My biggest concern on the defensive side is nickel corner. There isn't a whole lot to coomplain about defensivley. But this spot needs upgrading. Especilally in this conference, with the types of offenses we could encounter if we ever make the playoffs. We would get shredded against teams that effectivley spread the field. Sapp is a decent run defender. But a complete liabilty in pass coverage

This O-line was supposed to be a strength this year. But injuries, and poor free agent and draft moves have signifacantly hinered this regime. We should have stayed put at 13 and drafted Mike Iupatai. Yes we added Koa Misi with that extra pick, but Jared Odrik has had a lost season.

Any good evaluator of talent knows the battle starts up front in the NFL. We did a good job addressing the D-line with guys like Langford, Tony McDaniel, Randy Starks, keeping Paul Solia, and I saw Phillip Merling make some plays against New York.

But Ireland and Sparano have been playing it cheap on the O-line, or their FA moves have been a total bust. Smiley and Grove set us back. Now we have a line full of Journey men and back ups. O-line has to be the key in F/A and the draft this year.

Getting Kyle Orton wouldn't be a bad idea. Spending a draft pick in one of the first 3 rounds either. We'll leave it up to Ireland. That's why he gets paid the big $$. Assuming he's still there of course. I still say that if we miss out on the playoffs, Ross will do something. Some heads will roll. He's got the highest payroll in the NFL and he won't have anything to show for it. He'll want to make changes. You don't become a billionaire if you're an idiot. He's not.

Mark, please don't compare NE earlier this year to now. That's silly. You know they aren't the same O. You need cover guys to stop them. Tate, Welker, Branch, Edelman, Hernandez, Woodhead, Gornkowski. You think 2 good to above average Cb's is enough? I don't. I think you start by wanting to win your division. You need to know what you need to beat the perennial winner.

If you can't beat them, you can't win it. Simple. And again, 3-4 weeks ago, we all whined about how we couldn't get off the field on 3rd down & long. What have we done differently? Did we quickly become great? I don't think so.

We have played inferior opponents. You're an optimist & I'm a realist. The true test will be when we play good offenses again & that won't be until next season. I hope they don't rely on what we've done in this last stretch of games. The Jets knew they needed corners. We should learn as well.

I was not referring to Smith in a poor manner on the ball he got beat on. I was simply saying Clemmons was late AGAIN.

I don't say we need 22 pro-blowlers, but just because a guy is playing for us doesn't mean he is good. It means he's the best we got. Just look at the o-line as another example. You can disagree with me all you want, but Clemmons isn't a starting FS.

The tape does NOT lie. If you go back and watch the games again like I did I'd be glad to keep talking about his performances. Until then, let's move on.

DC Dolfan, you call it negative. I call it the "Haven't won a playoff game in a decade" syndrome". LOL!

Dolphin in Montreal,

I think so too but I also feel unless something isn't worked out with the CBA and a new contraxt is signed then he gives Sparano one more year. I don't see there being a work stoppage but just in case it is Ross isn't going to pay Sparano his remaining contract as well as a new staff for a season with no football. Like you said he didn't become a billionaire for being an idiot.

Joe Schmoe, how can you be so convinced that Clemons is not a starter but Henne is? You claim Henne is young...What about Clemons? It's ok to be patient with Henne but not Clemons? That makes absolutely no sense bro... Clemons is having a much better year than Henne.

Andy, I'm all for giving Sparano another shot. I think Ireland is more under pressure than Sparano. The Dez Bryant incident, the Clark incident, a lot of decisions he made are head scratchers. As for Sparano, I still think players respect him a lot, and that's what matters most. The one thing he should be held accountable for is the terrible play of the o-line. He's supposed to be an o-line guy and he's also the one who decided to make all these changes. Changes are great if it makes you better. In this case, it made us worse.

Dolphin in Montreal,

AGREED! Just when I think Sparano loses the players and respect (Browns) the D plays their butts off.


Sparano also has to stop these ridiculous fist pumps after a FG. Do it after a TD, not a friggin FG. A field goal sucks...It reminds me of Dave Wannstedt! Do you ever see Belichik flippin out over a FG?? C'mon...

Andy, if you want to ignore the fact that guys aren't getting open on a regular basis. OK. Or the offense isn't diverse enough to scare a Div II school. Or, that our offense is based on play action & we can't run. Hell, ignore the fact that defenses know what routes are being run. Shoot, ignore the fact that his WR's are slow and take longer to get open. That's being a realist.

Not to mention, most of the guys you mentioned, those QB's are on pass heavy teams so of course they'll be sacked more. You're not even comparing apples to apples. If you compared the amount of drop backs each QB takes & the rate of being sacked, I bet Henne is close or is sacked more per drop back.

You bring up sacks? Why don't you flip that coin? Maybe, just maybe, he doesn't have as many because they Keep 1-2 rb's in & a TE to protect him? THUS, limiting his pass options. With less people to throw too against more guys in coverage...do you still wonder about his int's? Which are less than Palmer, Eli, Maybe even Peyton at this point...so again, realism.

Is he the Answer, don't know. Is he the sole problem? Hardly.

It all starts with the O-line. Look at Tom Brady, he as all the time in the world to survey the field and find the open man, I think he has been sacked like twice in the last 5 games compared to Henne who took 6 sacks just last game.

Henne has time to make 1 or 2 reads before the pass rush gets to him. When our O-line was healthy Henne was playing alot better. If we fix the O-line I bet Henne's #'s start to improve and so does the run game.

Joe Schmoe, how can you be so convinced that Clemons is not a starter but Henne is? You claim Henne is young...What about Clemons? It's ok to be patient with Henne but not Clemons? That makes absolutely no sense bro... Clemons is having a much better year than Henne.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | December 15, 2010 at 02:47 PM

Please don't put words in my mouth because you don't agree with me. Who said I was convinced about Henne? What are you reading that makes you think that? I just told you I think we need to bring in a guy to push him. I said instead of wasting a pick on a QB right now, we can continue to build & give him 1 more season since he's under contract. That is HARDLY a ringing endorsement.

I have NEVER said he is definitely a starter.
I just said to Andy..Is he the answer? Don't know. Is he the sole problem? Hardly. The bashing of him has become trivial and laughable at times. To that end, yes, I defend him.

On Clemmons, if you consider a good year beating late on almost every deep pass, then OK. I don't. I also said I wasn't down on him because I didn't expect much. I also said because he likes to hit, he'd be a better fit at SS possibly to replace Bell.

Please keep it real.

Joe Schmoe,

Henne isn't the sole but is the BIGGEST problem. How many times does Henne hold the ball far too long and take a sack? And receivers don't get open? Brandon Marshall has 3 - 100 catch seasons. Bess is a very good slot WR. Hartline does struggle to consistantly get open that is why I said he is a #3 or #4 WR.

You can blame Henning and the play calling all you want. They don't throw the interceptions and look completely LOST out there.

Did you ever think they do max protection because Henne can't read through progressions? Do you think Dan Henning who has been bad this year no doubt but is SO CLUELESS that if he thought Henne could handle more he would give him more? Henne can't read the defense. He can't go through progressions. What don't you see? You think Henning sticks to his guns because he thinks his way is going to work at this point? He is putting Henne in the best chance for Henne to succeed. He has to max protect because if he didn't Henne can't go to his next option without getting sacked. Henne can only read "1" side of the field!

Henne hasn't made the progress to where Dan Henning can put more on his plate. If Henning didn't give max protection that would be too much to process for Chad Henne and Henne would have thrown 25 interceptions at this point because he isn't good enough to constantly air it out. Henne is clearly regressing and that is never a good sign for a player who isn't very good to begin with.

Hey you guys our secondary is not the problem. Reshad Jones is developing so is Clemmons. The problem is our O-line. We cannot pass protect or run block.

Peyton Manning is having an off year, can you agree on that. Guess why, his O-line cannot pass protect or open wholes in the run game either. He through 4 picks in one of his losses but no one is saying bench Peyton Manning. My point is without pass protection even the greatest QB is going to make mistakes under the pressure.

If we fixed our O-line we would not have to Max Protect. But since Henne is getting pressure and his receivers can't get open it spells disaster. Like I said Peyton Manning through 7 picks in 2 games and no one is saying bench Peyton Manning.

WOW...someone finally realized what I've been saying all year. This O-line is bad. Just blame Henne though, it's easy. Have you watched the 4 time NFL MVP play behind an equally as crappy o-line and no running game!

This year we used almost all draft picks on the "D". This year we need to do the same on the other side of the ball.

Cam Newton fans please ask yourself these questions: How have Heisman Trophy winning QB's done in the NFL? How many running QB's are thriving in the NFL. Mr. Newton will be playing a similar position in the NFL as Reggie Bush if he makes it at all. He will not be playing QB. Period.

Andy, my thoughts exactly. Joe, you say you don't want to draft a QB, but you don't want to give Henne the starting job either. How do you get your other QB? Free agency? Did you see what's out there? Do you believe any of those guys available is the long term solution for the Dolphins? You should draft a QB every draft, unless you have the luxury to have a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. You konw how much value a QB has in the NFL? Former GM great Ron Wolf says you should draft a QB every year, just for the value it brings to your team (assuming you draft a good one of course). Look at the price the Dolphins paid to get Feeley, Culpepper. Look at the price the Chiefs paid to get Cassel. The guy had ONE good year at that point, ONE! Drafting a QB has to be a priority for the Dolphins next april. It HAS to be.

This is Henne's first year as a starter and he has 7 wins. Lets take a minute before we throw Henne under the bus. Peyton Manning had 1 win in his first full season as a starter, so did Troy Aikmen. Drew Brees couldn't sniff the field for his first 4 season's at San Diego he was labeled a bust and they drafted Phillip Rivers. Year 5 he leads San Diego to the playoffs, problem is he is getting paid and so is Phillip Rivers, San Diego has to let 1 of them go. They spent a 1st rounder on Rivers and they let Brees walk. Saints gobble him up and the rest is history.

Aikmen and Manning didn't start playing better until their O-lines got better. Fix the O-line and Henne will get better also.

Andy, they don't max protect cause he can't go through progressions. That's humorous. They max protect because their Oline is atrocious. Proof is in da pudding. Last year, behind a better oline & without Marshall, Henne was better. Who cares what Marshall did in Denver? It was a different scheme, more spread out. He has said himself he has never seen this much double & triple coverage. Think about it, this is the OFFENSE. Basic, simple, easy to defend.

You can live in denial about the o-line, that is your choice. Everything that ills this offense starts up front. They have to max protect because other teams get pressure without it.

In my last post, I posted a possible reason for his int's. I think it's because guys are rarely open. Watch the Jets replay as I did, watch every incompletion carefully. 2 instances he was late through his reads I found. That's on him.

Marshall was 2x & 3x covered ALL game excpet the TD drive. Same with Bess. They can be the best ever but if they are wearing a DB on him all game, it's meaningless. Those were pretty much the only 2 guys running routes. If he has 2 or 3 guys to throw too, against 6 or 7 Db's, yes, I think it's HIGHLY logical to assume int's will happen. This isn't rocket science.

I don't know if Chad is the answer at QB. For people like you & others who insist he isn't, is foolish. So many things are involved for a Qb to be successful. Right now, Henne is throwing to guys who are double covered & 2 other undrafted FA WR's. He has a poor running game. He has a leaky o-line which almost cost him his knee cap. You wanna dismiss those things, I don't.

You wanna pick out the easiest one to blame(Henne), go ahead. I tend to look deeper to see the root causes. I don't blame Henning for everything but boy oh boy, if you can't see he is a MAJOR obstacle, this conversation is pointless. I'd say if you can't see that you're in a VERY small minority.

#1 dolphin fan in Montreal, I won't address you anymore today because you have obviously NOT read anything I've said, but rather, would like to opine & make innaccurate statements to suit your arguments.

I addressed you in a previous post as follows:

"I agree we need a Qb to compete with Chad. I'm all for it. I think Thigpen should be resigned to have some continuity. I would not invest a 1-3 rd pick on a QB this year though.

In my last post to you I said I didn't want to draft a QB. I meant to say high, in rd (1-3)

REGARDLESS, in other posts I have CLEARLY said we need to bring in a QB, but not high in the draft. If you are going to discuss with me & quote me, please be accurate. Perhaps another day you will be more accurate.

The Henne blaming is boring. Glad Armando shed some light on the O-line problems.

I for one am hoping for early picks to be spent on the O-line. Retreads and late draft picks have not been getting it done.

I like the incognito to C idea. Also Carey to G.

Getting bad ass up front will make a lot of other perceived problems go away.

G, OT, speed WR. But the biggest problem is Henning/Sparano and there is no guarantee that either will be gone next season.

Fassano is a #2 TE.

Oregon, I agree completely except on Incognito. Speed is a major need at Rb, TE & WR. Garner will be back, Carey & Jerry can go to G or RT. The one upgrade which is a must is @ Center.

Joe Schmoe,

I can't see how you can dismiss max protection as Henne not being able to read the the field and process receivers running multiple routes. You say "proof is in da pudding" well where is your proof that Henne CAN read a defense?

You aren't giving this as much thought as you claim. A heavy running game and max protection is something that is done ALL the time for young QBs so they can develop. Miami doesn't have a consistant running game so you really think Miami wouldn't consider SPREADING it out to make up for a lack of running game? The reason they don't do this is because of HENNE. IF you can't see that I don't know what to tell you. Keep blaming an average but NOT BAD or HORRIBLE offensive line. Blame slow receivers and keep giving Henne a pass.

As far as Henning. I have bashed him for his play calling. He runs on 3rd and long. He passes on 3rd and short. He stalls drives with WR reverses and early in the season the Wild Cat. He has clearly out guessed himself and made bad decisions all year. He should be fired. However, he knows football. He can't execute the play or make the throw or in Henne's case MISS the throw.

Joe Schmoe, why are you so sensitive? This is a blog bro, relax. I did read your post about Thigpen, I even answered you. You think Thigpen is the answer at QB? If so, that's OK. It's your opinion. I just don't think bringing back the same 2 guys after a difficult season offensively is the right thing to do. We need someone who will comptete with Henne, that could perhaps beat him out in training camp and be our starter. If you think Thigpen is that guy fine. I don't. We need someone to come in and puts a scare in Henne's head. Someone who will make him think holy s***, this guy could take my job away. I've got to elevate my game. You think Henne will feel that way if that guy is Thigpen? I don't. That's it. End of the story. No need to get so sentivite about it.

Andy, please don't try to insult my intelligence. Proof is in the pudding my friend.

How do I know? Well, ask yourself this. When Miami's o-line was better last year, did you see them max protect like this? Seriously? The answer is NO. Coincidence? I dont think so. Was Henne poor like this last year? NO. Are you trying to tell me he forgot how to read coverage this year?

You wanna ignore the obvious, be my guest. I'm not hear to educate you or make you a believer. This is a POOR O-line. This conversation is pointless. I am not suggesting or trying to convince you that Henne is the next Montana. I'm simply saying those of you claiming to know he isn't is laughable.

It's so easy to bash a guy for missing throws. Arm chair QB's. Do you REALLY think it's so easy as you make it seem? I'd love to see you & some of the people who agree with you out there. Get behind Miami's oline, 2 slow wr's out & 1 slow TE out. Staring down a blitz you know is getting home. Having all your guys blanketed. Throw it where? Talk is cheap ya know.

It seems that Incognito has trouble pulling. That is why I thought the shift to center could be a good move.

If the FO can find a keeper C early in the draft then great.

henning calls max protection because he knows the O-line cannot make a pocket.

I recall the interview with Henning after the Bills game in that he called deep pass plays with max protect 3 times and 2 out of 3 the D collapsed the pocket and reached Henne before the route could develop.

This line has problems and that is directly on Sparano.

Also Henning does not believe in 3-4 WR sets.

Also Henning has only allowed Henne to take a snap in shot gun for the 1st time this year.

However, Henning still has Henne under center on 3rd and 20 against the Jets which is just stupid.

#1 fan, again, you're twisting my words & making making things up. I'm not sensitive in the least. But I talk to you based on what you have stated, not what you haven't. Common courtesy, blog or not. Please keep it real.

And yes, you answered me. Having read what I said about not drafting a QB high, you come back and question me about not wanting to draft a QB.

See what I mean? lol

I said to bring Thigpen back as a backup. For continuity sake, not to be the starter someday. I don't know why you go so much farther with it. We have 1 signed QB on the roster & it's Henne. Thigpen is a viable 3rd stringer & may have trade value someday. Not every QB on the roster is going to be starter potential.

Bash Henne all you want. T Brady would have serious problems behind this O-line, with Henning's pathetic play calls and Sparano screaming 'dont make a mistake!'.

Add to that zero speed at WR and zero verticle passing game, even attempts.

This offense is a joke. Henne is a positive for the future and many of you want to dump him. And for who? A washed up Palmer? trading more picks for a complete gamble in Kolb? It is very short sighted.

Oregon, trading for a veteran QB is an OK approach..at the right price. However, trading for Kolb reminds me too much of Feeley. There just isn't enough on Kolb to pay the price Reid wants on a gamble like that. I'd rather take my chances in the draft.

At the right price sure. However, I'd prefer to see the Dolphins draft a QB in the later rounds like you said, mining for Brady.

I do not believe that Thigpin can effectively see over the O-line.

Been taking a lot of heat here today from the Henne haters eh Joe?

Joe Schmoe,

I never insulted your intelligence. I respect you opinion. If I didn't there is no way I was go back and forth with you. Im going off of all the bad throws, indecisiveness and body language that Henne is regressing and lost any bit of confindence he has in himself. Henne played the worst game of his career and followed that up with a worse game. Miami's D won that game.

Henne received a ton of max protection last year. Maybe you forgot but trust me he did. We can argue all day and AGREE to DISAGREE but facts are facts. Henne is REGRESSING so much that he is losing games and the teaming is winning in spite of his play.

I don't get rattled. Whenever someone says something that goes against what you think or believe, people tend to get touchy. I've just stated my opinions. They aren't meant to be liked, but I'm glad people like you can see past simple finger pointing & look for realistic reasons to explain what's going on. Is Henne immune from blame? No, he is partly to blame. But, I really don't think he is the big problem.

As for Thigpen, I'd re-sign him for trade value someday or in a pinch, he can come out & perform. We need to find a QB to push Chad, but I wouldn't trade a high pick or trade up for a better pick to grab a College QB who is such a risk. It's been so hit & miss with Qb's over the years.

Andy, I hear ya. I was being more fecetious than anything else lol I tend to think he has regressed because of poor line play. With max protects like this, his slow wr's aren't able to shed 2x coverage & get open fast enough.

Last thing I'll say is, I don't think it's a coincidence that as his o-lineplays below average all season, so does he.

Have a good evening, I'm out.

"Franchise Ronnie and trade him to a team that is willing to give up a 2nd round pick to sign him,"

I doubt RB is worth anything more than a 4th-5th round pick.

Have you watched him run this season?





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