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AFC East playoffs live blog today from Foxborough

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- It is cold. There is fallen snow on the ground. And playoff football is in the air. As in years past, The Miami Herald will be at the NFL playoffs watching other teams play while the Dolphins ...

... Well, they're watching just like you and me. Actually, I'm closer to being in the playoffs than the Dolphins. At least I'm in the stadium.

I'm covering the Jets at New England today.

You remember the Jets and New England, right? They're the two teams that finished ahead of the Dolphins in the division. They're the teams the Dolphins must pass in 2011 to get to the playoffs.

So we should watch and see what the task might be like. There will be a live blog here starting at 4:30 this afternoon.

In the meantime, I would ask you to check out my Sunday column. It makes the point that Miami faces a tougher job in getting past the 2010 season than it did in the 2007 season. Yes, I know the Dolphins were 1-15 in 2007 and were 7-9 in 2010. And I repeat, the assignment is tougher now.

I explain why in the column, but suffice to say one of the reasons is the folks trying to turn things around don't have the luxury of working with the benefit of a honeymoon now.

Some extra things I did not have room to mention in the column that makes overcoming 2010 might be harder than overcoming 2007:

After four years of tooling and retooling and retooling again along the offensive line, the Dolphins have to, you guessed it, address the offensive line once more. They need a center and maybe a right tackle.

And they need to dump that idea of picking players who mostly offer position flexibility but no position consistency. Here’s a crazy idea: Rather than find a mediocre player that can play guard and center, how about finding a really good starting center and leaving him there until he retires?

The Dolphins need to upgrade the tight end position. Last year they loved Tony Moeaki and Dennis Pitta in the draft but couldn’t land either. They really must upgrade the spot this year or once again the red zone troubles that plagued in 2010 will haunt another year.

As I touch upon in the column, coach Tony Sparano, already fixing his rift with general manager Jeff Ireland, must broker a fix between receiver Brandon Marshall and quarterback Chad Henne.

Yes, Henne is very likely going to return in 2011. The Dolphins would be unwise to anoint him their starter and probably will not, but I doubt they will simply dump him. And unless an experienced, talented veteran can be added, it is unlikely any rookie Miami finds will be immediately ready to supplant Henne.

So you might find yourself with Henne under center in 2011. Again. Marshall might find himself with Henne under center. Again.

That’s not a comfortable spot. The receiver openly criticized his quarterback the last few weeks and in some cases he was right to do so. But Marshall never admitted that sometimes he blows his assignments and runs the wrong routes and causes problems that sometimes get blamed on Henne.

Both players need help. Both need improvement. And in 2011, both may be surprised to learn they need each other again.

Crazy right?

See you at the live playoffs blog.


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Even after being sacked 6 times never once all day did Roslisberger ever blink in the pockets. Brady begins to look for the pressure and his recievers become the secondary not his primary concern.

Brady proves he's a b*itch when comes down to a bar room brawl. Pretty boy hates pain and getting hit. He does what all preety boys do, close the bathroom door and worships himself in the mirror.

Oscar- Absolutely correct! The game got way out of hand because of the st's gaffs first and everything else began to crumble afterwards. I think the Pats offense may have scored 21pts max in that game.


you forgot one other thing, Rothlisberger also tends to turn the ball over more than Beiber. As much as it hurts as a Fins fan, I give the Jets a good shot at winning next week.


Gotta remember Steelers and Rosliberger were only an incomplete td pass away with 20 seconds left to beating the Jets. Jets won 22-17. Had Holmes held onto a very catchable Rosliberger endzone pass on 4th down with 20 seconds remaining. The Steelers win 24-22.

If a game turns into a bar room brawl there's no other qb in the nfl I would rather have than Ben Roslisberger. Manning, Breeze, Brady all fold when you hit them in the mouth.

I've seen Henne sometimes gets so nervous in the pocket he walks right into the pressure rather than away from it. I think the anticipation of getting hit is so great he cant wait to get it over with. LOL........

It is way too early to predict but I see no way that NYJ can beat Pittsburgh(they are not a finesse Team and Pittsburgh is smashmouth, Steelers offensive line is much better than NE's(look at that Center!), etc).

Well, don't blame him, DB, he doesn't want to be disfigured. Roethslisberger is ugly as all hell, he doesn't care.

Think of how Pats fans must feel. 2 straight afc east crowns and 2 straight one and dones. LOL..................

and how Jet fans will feel...............

2 straight backdoor appearances and still the monkey cant pull the banana through the hole! LOL..............

At least we werent good enough and didnt make it. They both made it too only find they werent good enough. Far from the imaginations of thier delirious fans! lol...............


Ugly as hell! Should be one of the determining qualifications for our next franchise qb. He wont be worried about getting his face disfigured because it already is! LOL...................

Truly Big Ben is something special. He can throw a very accurate pass and even call his own plays. Still, we had him on the ropes, also.

Anyone knows if a big ugly qb comes out of this year's draft? LOL..........

Oh, you mean not Sonia again, DB?

Ben was still kicking off a little rust when we played them. It was only his 3rd game back after a 4game suspension. So that accounts for very little.


We need a Abigail Crusher at qb! LOL............

Yeah, DB, could be. Do we play them again if there is going to be a season? I know M. Tomlin wanted to get OUH fast after that game. We damaged 2 or 3 of them.

Hope we never have a qb that also looks great in an apron. Hope we never have a qb the fellas on B-block would adore and pass around like a cheap cigarette! LOL..................

Wow, can't belive the Patsies got pushed around at home. Guess Rex's blustery rants are working for his team. Last year they were frauds for getting a pass into the playoffs...this year the green sluggos pushed their way in.

The Fins will go back to the drawing board creating a better OFF scheme in 2011 (if there is season)

Due to draft position I believe grabbing C Mike Pouncey would probably be best. I think we have to keep gathering the proper pieces on the OL/DL until we have a ton of studs that can control a game in the trenches. Of course it is sad that in year 4, with an ex-OL coach as the head coach, we are still switching parts...sigh, still needs to be done, lame or not.

It is way early in the process and the combine, allstar games and senior bowls can help or hurt a bunch of prospects. His brother Maurkice Pouncey is having great early success with the Steelers. Just knowing that they both have similar skillsets, bodytypes and are from the same bloodlines means he should be a player that delivers right away.

I am not super high on most of the QBs coming out. I believe QB Blaine Gabbert will be gone before we draft and he is talented. QB A. Luck was the prize that stayed in school although we would not have had a chance for him anyways. QB Cam Newton will have many rumors swarming but I just can't see getting him and using a first rounder when you should be able to get Vince Young with such a similar skillset and already having a winning record in the NFL.

My favorite QB tactics would be get a veteran to come in and beat out Henne...either Orton, Young, Flynn or McNabb (in that order). All of them have distinct updsides and downsides but ALL have skills and know the position. I believe all of them could bring enough to the table to have Henne be a second option.

I would draft QB Colin Kaepernick as a groomer with big upside in physical tools, stats and ability.

Have to come away from this years draft with at least one true blazer type. A player that can change the course of a game with one run or pass like WR Wallace from Pittsburgh, Weems for Atl, Jacoby Ford for the Raiders, J. Best for Detroit etc.

WR Jerrel Jernigan of Troy or RB Noel Devine from WVU both have that type of 4.3+ speed and shifty movement skills galore. If the Bifecta still draft multiple picks of the same type of player then maybe both could be added to ensure at least one contributes.


Oscar I dont think theyre on our 2011 schedule. But we do play 7 of the top 10 final ranked offenses in 2011. We also have 2 or 3 of the top 14 ranked nfl offenses for 2011.

11 of our 16 games are against the top 14 offenses in the nfl. If we dont also shore up the defense this offseason expected to see a regression from being ranked top 4. We're lucky too see bottom 10 even if we shore up this present defensive unit.


With Pouncey at center we have to bring in a different center during sotgun snaps. Pouncey was horrible snapping out of the shotgun all season long at Florida. Plus even though adequate, I dont like the fact he played center in obly his senior season. Brother Maurice was the center prior to being drafted by the Steelers.

Nothing wrong with our defense, DB(of course there is a yearly upgrade). But, we have no QB, no truly game breaker like Rob said. That concerns me.

Hey DB,

I don't think we snap from the shotgun that often and if he can't hack Center he could easily be moved to Guard. Then get extra coaching until he can make the jump.

The only other guy that would be worth it at that position is C Stefen Wisniewski from Penn.

Were you proposing going after Cam Newton or ??

Thanks for the quick response bro!



Believe me, if we dont make a couple defensive upgrades you'll be saying, "now what's with the defense."

We played lots of not so good offenses and some good offenses that were missing key players in 2010. That greatly reflects both points and yardage by the offensive team.

We gave up like 330pts scoring this season. Even though ranked #4 overall. 330pts are around the same number middle of the pack defenses had given up. Dont let the yardage stats fool you.


If we could trade back to 30th get a late 2nd rd pick, and Newton's still available I say go for it. But if Mark Ingram's available at 16th we have to pounce. He'll be a day one starter and is a big upgrade to Ronnie Brown.

However, I like trding back to 30th if we grab a 2nd rd pick. At 30th if Newton's still avaible grab him. If not grab a quality onlineman. Then 2nd rd grab the best available offensive player thats a clear upgrade to our offensive needs.

Even if we cant get a qb 1st rd Kaepernuck may still be there in the 3rd. We're not going to get a day 1 starter at qb anyway, so may as well grab one with upside.

Well, If we are talking defense... Get rid of Tim Dobbins and is obvious that CC doesn't want to be here anymore, so, InsideLB. Misi will be better(and I think for a rookie he did very well) and Wake, well, is Wake. The line is replete with good players, no need to touch it. Now, the secondary has issues although minor. The big question is Sean Smith, unreal potential but is he a football player? Others, Nolan Carroll(?), that kid that plays safety, Benny Sapp(not very good), no nickel player, etc.

4th rd look for a guy who may not be a great run supporter but is great rushing the passer. We make him a designated pass rusher because we severley need a guy that can get 8-10 sacks alongside Wake if Misi cant.

Misi plays the run downs and the designated pass rusher plays obvious passing downs. 5th rd draft another fs. Reshad Jones may have to take ss from Bell. Bell has yet to meet a nfl TE he can cover. Bells decent against the run but horrible covering TE's.


I am more of the draft the best player possible from that round and you will have a draft more complete with studs to upgrade your team.

I have never been a fan of the "Oh, we need Offense, let's draft ONLY offensive players for the whole draft" as some do. We could definitely stand to grab some studs for the DEF side as well.

Are you a BPA type draft thinker?



Lets hope Edds can be a star. If so Dobbins maybe headed strictly for st's. Right now what needs upgrading most is ss and another 8-10 sackmaster to go with Wake.

Our 2010 problem was still getting off the field on 3rd and longs. Bell was a TE pass completion waiting to happen and it seem everyone not named Wake couldnt get to the qb.

Those two things makes it very difficult to get off the field on 3rd downs. Those two things need to be fixed first and we can finish fixing the defense over the 2012 offseason.

Nobody can cover present day tight ends if you don't hit them at the line, DB. And I saw Misi whiff on them several times. Maybe a Matt Roth prototype(he sure can maul those TE's).

I have to go to bed , People. Goodnight.


I say Ingram if still available is the bpa for us because he extremely upgrades a need position. If only mildly better than what you already have then you might can pass on that player because the difference will be slightly marginal. Ingram's a huge upgrade.

Let's say if Ingram's available. A defensive player is also available that even a bigger upgrade over your present defender at that position. Then I say go with the defensive players because you now give your team the biggest upgrade overall.

That's how I would work BPA. Depends on need and how large an overall upgrade does it give your entire team. Depends on degree of separation between him and the guy being replaced.


All I know is that for one you never see Troy Polumalu getting dominated by TE's. If Misi's not jamming he needs coaching up. If the coaches dont see it as a problem we need new coaches in that phase of the game. LOL.......

Hey DB,

I agree that trading back can bring a boon of picks back (or like a 2nd rounder back) but, as always, someone has to fall in love with someone at our pick (Just like the Chargers did last year). I don't see our pick being a hot comodity unless a stud drops to our picture.

I thought that due to a lack of the CBA we could not trade during this 2011 draft?

I am thinking that this regime can't draft Cam Newton as they don't have time, patience or job security to invest in a project style QB. Unless Ross gets involved as thinks he will sell tix ala Tebow as he tries to get an exciting brand of OFF on the field.

That's why I like Kaepernick as well. Draft him later, big upside, early picks can still be tabbed to get more immediate impact players.



How high a player is rated in the draft does not always equal he's much better than the guy on your team. Remember, the draft ratings are only based on how he rates amongst his draft peers. So you have to be very careful about your evaluations. You cant base it soley on how he ranks amongst his draft peers.


Say someone fall in love with Ingram at 3oth. We love him too but we still have options. We can resign Brown(make most the money incentive laden) and draft a speed back to play with him. So in that case just the threat of drafting Ingram has already had an immediate impact for us.

So if we can still have a 1st rd pick and gain a 2nd rd pick by the threat of drafting him he has already had the impact of giving us an additional 2nd rd we didnt have. It just expands our horizons if we used the picks wisely! LOL....


I thought Misi set the edge decently most of the time, especially considering 1st year.

I don't think he will be the 10 sack guy. I wish we could take a stab at OLB Von Miller. He can bring it off the edge and has good range. I think he will go top 10 overall though.

An OLB that has impressed me with his tackling prowess is Mark Herzlich of BC. He has had a few health concerns but when healthy this guy is very active and rarely guesses wrong on while scraping and filling. I picture him at least as good a pass rusher as Misi.

I agree on Dobbins. Mostly a special teams type with some run stopping pop. He was lost much of the time playing in space.


Von Miller might make a great lolb but Wake plays that position for us. He would have to add much more strength and bulk to play right side. If not would be eaten alive in the run game vs nfl olines.

Even if drafting top 10 it really wouldnt make sense to draft a guy perfectly suited for playing a position Cam Wake already plays at pro bowl level. He would probably be a great rolb in a 4-3 defense if you wanted him to play right side.


I am with you on rating how each piece of the draft puzzle would be an upgrade on our team and how much of an upgrade is very key.

While you do have to rate a draft pick amongst his peers you have to pay special attention as to how much any said player would upgrade the position on our team.

We are in full agreement there.

I am not nearly as enamored with Ingram as you it sounds. I think Ronnie and Rickie are the consumate 3-4 yards a carry bashers. I don't like the lack of top end speed that Ingram is missing. I think he will should end up with decent YPC average but not many 20+ yard plays which is what I believe the Fins sorely lack.

The new OC should be able to scheme a guy like B Marshall into more lengthy plays as he has decent speed and moves and seemed severely limited by the route types Henning had him running.

There are a number of ways I would go before tabbing Ingram. I would snag Tulsa's Charles Clay or Alex Green in later rounds to replace Ricky or Ronnie.

On that note I think that Ricky should be gone and I have a weird feeling they sign Ronnie back somehow.


But who knows, Misi still maybe a 8-10 sack per year guy. One of the most difficult transitions in the nfl to make is from playing DE in college to olb, especially right side.

1st yr there's a little more thinking than just naturally playing. 2nd yr making he becomes more focused on the pass rush skills than learning the basic nuances of becoming a nfl rolb. I do look for him to become a beast in year 3.

But until this happens we may have to look into a designated pass rusher at the rolb or other d-line positions. Someone has to step up or the defense as a whole has to step up with Wake for a more consistent overall pass rush.

We have to get off of the field on 3rd downs defensively a lot more! LOL........


What I like about Ingram is his field vision is rated up there with Emmitt Smith. His knowledge of how to set up his blockers are already on a skill level ot he maybe top 5 rb's in the nfl.

Emmitt Smith didnt have great speed but wast the perfect nfl back. Not saying Ingrim is Smith, but we dont need him to be. We just need him to be far better than Ronnie Brown.

Remember John Avery? Guy may have giveen Usain Bolt a run for his money back in the dey. But damn he could never get past the los. It aint all about speed, power, and quickness. Its first all about knowing how to run the ball and just having a natural feel for what to do. Ingram seems to have that and has great hands out of the backfield too.

There's also a huge gap between Mark Ingram and the rest of his peers in this draft. Ingram's rated head and shoulders above all of the rest. Ingram is a for sure day 1 starter for any team that doesnt have one of the top 5 rb's in the nfl.

Hey DB,

I would say that Von Miller is in a very similar class of size and strength when compared to Koa Misi.

Wiki has Koa as a predraft of 6'2 1/2" and 251 lbs with 4.75 40 time.

Von Miller is 6'3" and 243lbs with 4.60 40 time.

A difference of 8 lbs is not very much weight to make up and he is quicker to be able to put more heat on the opposing QB when asked to rush from a blitz or stunt. He is an great athlete and with an NFL weight training program he should be able to gain strength and bulk without losing speed.

I can definitely see your point of not drafting a guy that can ONLY play the same position as Wake. That would not be adding much to the team except depth as Cam Wake is not coming off the field anytime soon.



IMO, the key nfl offensive stat is amount of 3rd and longs an offense faces. Im sure the top ones face the least amount of those. The worse nfl offenses face the greatest amount of those.

Mark Ingram is a back that can help reduce the number of 3rd and longs faced in 2010. To be a very effective nfl offense I beilieve you have to keep the amount of 3rd and longs you face well in check. 3rd and longs, advantage always goes to defense unless you have porous pass defense or non-existent pass rush.

Misi more like 265lbs now and he began at 251 lbs. Rolb's in the 3-4 play at about 260-265 and must maintain some quickness for coverage.

That's why its difficult for college olb's to come in and dominate right away if plugged into a nfl 3-4 rolb. The college defensive ends struggle at the coverage part and the responsibilities are a lot different from playing DE so there's still the huge learning curve.

Matt Roth had 5 sacks his 1st season at rolb, Misi has 4.5 sacks. Btw, Roth finished 2010 with only 3.5 sacks. LOL..............


Boy do I remember John Avery! Swing and a miss.

Speed is definitely not the only measurement to be tracked for sure.

I would say that using your same theory that if we had Ingram on our team this year instead of Ronnie or Ricky I still don't think he would have hit the 1,000 yard mark or have a bunch of 100 yard games. Sparano is a HUGE play count guy and never seemed to ride the hot hand for fear of burning someone out I guess? The trouble is neither Ronnie nor Ricky was able to get into a groove because of it.

With the same O-line and thinking including play calling, I don't believe Ingram would have had much different numbers.

Let's see what develops with a new OC?

I am one to say never say never in drafting as it's such a crapshot. You guy Ingram could be another Emmitt or a Bettis type. I just know with RB L. Blount, RB D. Woodhead, RB Starks in GB having so much success I can definitely wait to see if they can grab a starter at some position in round 1 and then come back and get a RB later.



Czonka's greatest season he had 1,113yds. Its not always amount of yds but effective yardage that counts most. A rb can can avg 80ypg and be more effective than a guy averaging over 100ypg.

Why? Because in between big runs the flashy rb only avgs 2-3ypc. That still equates to 3rd and longs. 3rd and longs are an offense's worst enemy.

OJ Simpson ran for 2003yds but I think they only finished about 8-8. Larry Czonka ran for 1,113yds and Mercury Morris 1,000 on the head and we finished 17-0. Morris ripped of the long flashy runs but Czonka was still clearly our rb position mvp. LOL...........


I have always been a bigger fan of finding strong players that are fast as well VS the big guys that may have more strength and be a step slower. I am just hard wired that way. So when a guy is 6'3" 243 lbs coming out of college and has room to grow and has better wheels than the next guy, I would typically choose him.

I like the players that can run by people to make a tackle. Catch people from behind. Bait a QB into thinking a guy is open and then explode through him just as he is getting the ball. You have to have a certain amount of Ray Lewis tough guys on every team but even he was much faster and thinner coming into the league when he started making a name for himself.

That said, I think Misi did ok in his 1st year and so I may let him try to develop rather than look for the next guy.

I just would keep an open mind on my edge OLBs until I had a tandem that is really stellar like Harrison/Woodley. When they took Vontae Davis I thought for sure they were going Clay Mathews Jr. He is one hell of a bookend.


Ingram may not have put eye staggering numbers. But where his unique combinatination of great rb vision and one of the best at setting up blocks pro or nfl player. Is he would have been a great help reducing some of those all too many 3rd and longs the offense faced.

Henne was claerly at his worst during 3rd and longs and to Henne's credit not very many nfl qb's are great in those situations. Let alone a qb in his 2nd season as starter. I would like to find the stats on Matt Ryan's number of 3rd and longs faced and compare them to Henne's. Im sure we would find Henne's were far more abundant.

Speed, size and strength are a big part of the game. But I would also like to add instinct and mean streak to the list. Take away instinct and mean streak and you have just another nfl players.

Instinct because he seems to always be in the right place to make a play. Mean streak because the guy plays like he's the toughest guy in a bar room brawl! Add this to the speed, size, strength criteria and you got an all pro nfl player.

22 guys like this on both sides of the ball and you'll never lose a game for 10yrs and championships neither. Try and get as many of these kind of players on your team as possible! LOL.......


I hear ya on the grab a solid 4.5 YPC with limited flashy runs and your 3rd and longs are cut way down.

I actually think many of ours are self imposed as holds created by having inferior lineman giving ground and getting beat so they hold or lose technique or false starts.

We had more than our fair share it seemed. That was a big wildcat killer too.

This very convo you and I are having is killer! I dig that we are both passionate about fixing our Fins and yet we both have eyeballed different folks that can help us.

I know there are numerous mocks circulating with the Fins getting Ingram. It may yet come to fruition and if it does I will be cheering him on the whole way.

I would just prefer to tab a diff RB later and go after other players early. As far as that goes I would rather see us wind up with Cam Newton than I would Ingram imho. It is a more crucial position and I think Newton does have big upside with his size and talents. Maybe put in packages so he can get his feet wet?

I really can't see Newton joining the Fins due to the crazy pressure for Sparano's regime to immediately produce wins.


Usually the team facing the most amount of 3rd and longs will lose the game. Maybe not all of the time but at the very least 80% of time! LOL...............


My only rap against taking Newton is taking him at 16th. I dont see where we have the luxury to take a non-starter 1st rd with no 2nd rd pick to boot. Its very unlikely to get a true starter 3rd rd.

That's why I say if we traded back to like 30th and Newton's still available you have to pull the trigger. Then we have better chance of landing a starter 2nd rd making up for not getting a 2011 first rd starter.

Even if Newton isnt available at 30th we still have a better than average chance of landing two starters 1st and 2nd rd.


LOL, I like your straight forward references @ 2:43am.

Like Zack T instincts! That guy was crazy at sniffing at plays. Ed Reed has craaaaazy instincts. That guy is always in the right spot.

As for a mean streak I will go with the players like Ray Lewis, Lambert, Butkis, and Nitschke etc. I like N. Suh's mean streak.

This kid Fairley the DT from Auburn looks to have that mean streak. He will get flagged in the NFL if he uses some of his tactics. The nastiness will probably serve him well in draft status.


I would like to see us grab at least 2 starters via draft and sign 2 starters via fa. I would love to get Raiders TE Zack Miller. He's the 8th ranked statically and an astronomical upgrade to Fasano. We got to land this guy in free agency! LOL..........

Nick Saban had the right idea but didnt know how to get the job done. Remember when he said, "I wnat to make the Miami Dolphins a team no one likes to play." LOL.........

Ricky Williams averaged 4.2ypc, Brown 3.7ypc. How does it happen that your much older rb is much more effective per carry than the much younger guy? They both ran behind the supposedly terrible offensive line.

Shows that Brown is more likely to put your team in 3rd and longs. Compounded by questionable Henning play calling. LOL........

The 3.7ypc also shows when Brown wasnt having good runs he was averaging right at 3ypc or less.

Agreed, Zack Miller is a nice TE upgrade.

Getting a QB that can push Henne to the pine is paramount imho. I would snag a RB like DeAngelo Williams or a TE like Miller or a lineman like Mankins to round out FA shopping.

Like you said...find starters!

I would hope that we could find 2 starters in the next draft.

LOL @Saban, having a team that no one wants to play is nice and I want the Fins to be tough. I just believe that you have to weave in a few players that can carve out an opposing DEF's heart with a single play. That being so you can always catch up in the event you fall behind. After we sent Ginn away we really don't have that scary type speed. Hartline is too poormans sprinter speed to really throw big fear into DEF's.

With the right passer Brandon Marshall should be similar to a Roddy White in that capacity. Liek in his 100+ catches and many TD days. Turner the burner can do it as well even though he is considered a big man, he can skate if not corraled early in a run.


I'm gonna head out bro! Nice chatting with ya as we had our own idea jam session this eve.

Have a good one!

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