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Ireland's words about Chad Henne not an endorsement for him being the Dolphins starter

Calm down. Breathe.

I'm sure by now you've seen the tweets and the hyperventilating online headline, "GM: Henne could remain starter," and gone into something of a panic thinking the same Dolphins that are promising all this change will come back in 2011 with the same quarterback they lined up and failed with the past two seasons -- Chad Henne.

And now you're freaking.

Well, calm down. Breathe.

The Dolphins are not blind. They saw the season unfold as you did. They know Chad Henne was the fourth-best quarterback in the AFC East last season -- which wouldn't be so bad if the AFC East didn't have only four teams.

They saw the frustrating miscues. The ball to a wide open Kevin Curtis that sailed 10 yards over his head. The pass to a wide open Anthony Fasano in the Baltimore game in the end zone just prior to halftime that sailed way over his head. The pass to Brandon Marshall in the opener that was so short, Marshall had to stop and wait for it to come down. The deep pass to Brandon Marshall in the second game at Minnesota on the same play that was, again, underthrown and forced Marshall to slow down for it. The deep pass to an open and streaking Brian Hartline down the sideline in the first New England game that, again, was too far out there. I'm pretty sure there was another such overthrown pass to Hartline in another game, but I don't have the time to go through all the play-by-plays right now. You get the point.

The Dolphins saw the batted passes, after batted passes, after batted passes that killed downs and sometimes drives. They saw the 19 interceptions that overshadowed the 15 TD passes.

Guys, this is a team that benched Henne and made him share snaps in the season finale. The Dolphins know what's up.

So don't get your hackles up over a news site headline that tells you Henne could remain the starter, while leaving out that important detail that he also might not remain the starter.

I've told you since the season ended that Miami's plan is to keep Henne, for now, and work with him and try to squeeze whatever ability he has to see if that ability adds up to him being a good starting quarterback. This is not news.

It was not news when GM Jeff Ireland told reporters in Mobile for the Senior Bowl:

"He's shown some aggressive tendencies, he's shown some exciting throws. He's got all the ability in the world. We've just got to put a plan together and an offensive philosophy that fits Chad Henne, and I think we'll do that."

Of course they'll do that. Henne is the only quarterback on the team right now! They have no choice right now.

But you know what they Dolphins will also do? They'll try to find a quarterback to replace Henne. If you ask me, that should have been the headline, although that is not exactly news, either. You've known all along the Dolphins will be quarterback shopping this offseason.

And Ireland admitted as much.

”We’ll evaluate what’s out there like we do every position in free agency and the draft," Ireland said.

The only reason a team is evaluating the talent at the position is to add talent at that position. You think the Dolphins are evaluating top-tier talent at left tackle?

The headline could just as easily have been: "Dolphins to evaluate new quarterback talent." And that headline wouldn't have been news, either.

The facts are whatever Ireland said Tuesday can and probably will change three times before the 2011 season begins. You remember last year when he said the team was confident Gibril Wilson, terrible his first season in Miami, would play much better his second season? Everyone took that to mean Wilson would be on the Dolphins. He was cut a few weeks later.

Also, how smart would it be for Ireland to come out today and say, "We really, really need a quarterback so we're going shopping."

That would have been poor business because it signals the Dolphins are shopping thus are probably desperate for help. That would weaken the Dolphins. And in the NFL, the weak get eaten. So, of course, the GM's mentioned looking everywhere else for a QB as something of an afterthought.

Henne is in the plan right now, folks.

And the plan is to work with him until it is time to give up on him. Nobody knows when give up time is. But the plan is also to go out and find a possible replacement and probably two -- one for the short term, one for the long term. The plan is let everyone compete for a starting job in 2011.

The plan is to start the best quarterback on the team in 2011.

Sure, that might be Henne.

And it might not.


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I'm glad you shed some light on this because after reading the various stories, I was excited because, if we start Henne, we're one step closer to Andrew Luck. LOL. Anyway, great article.

great article mando!
We really just have to assess the draft class, take a QB at 15, and sign a veteran. Take all three (yes, even Check-Down Chad) and say have at er. Im confident the best will prevail, and Im also confident that it wont be henne. I could read defenses and hit receivers in stride better....really.

So, if the Fins bring in a draft pick and a veteran and Henne ends up being the best in camp he will be the starting QB. Nothing has changed, the best QB will be the starter, as it always will be. The question I ask is the Dolphins taking responsibility for how they coached Henne? I think Ireland's statement shows the Fins messed up. "We will try to play to his strengths and abilities" Which is what did not happen with David Lee or Henning. If the Fins are serious with Henne they need to hire a QB coach who will be working with this kid all offseason. It's going to be hard to undo the damage that Lee and Henning caused.

In other news, our long snapper made the pro bowl. At least we're better than the pats at one position

That was pretty good, Armando.

I wouldn't be shocked if Henne was the starter opening day. Just as I wouldn't be shocked if Henne at some point before next season got outright released. If Henne cannot at least cement his spot as the number one guy, or the backup. It might be time to cut the cord. People may say this will never happen. That Henne has to much talent to just let him go for nothing. But if he fails to prove his worth to this team it makes sense to me to move on. And give the opportunity to a quarterback that we see fit to develop.

Wow, a new blog.

Good players make the coaches look good, not the other way around. Not sure I can buy into this theory that the coaches ruined the QB. You can play or you can't. Henne had 4 years as a college starter, plus 2 years on the pros after a year behind Penne. I say you have it or you don't. Can anybody think of a great QB who started out broken and had to be fixed by the coaches? Henne has some talent, he has an arm, its just that I've yet to see him play more than one good quarter in any game.


maybe we could trade him for Jay Cutler I heard he is out of flavor in Chicago, Bobby I agree 100/% Let the best man win the job, and if we look at the remake of the O coaches its as close as you goig to se them admit that they messed him over, and Armando most QB do over/under trow a few times a game, our ploblem was that we only called One Or Two of these x game and expectem the qb to be perfect on them. Even the great Pat W, had One chance and only One chance?? to complete a deep pass. Cheers

Ireland and Sparano will do to Henne what Ross tried to do to them.

BTW: saw this tagline from one poster over at S.S. blog:


I would have loved to have seen what you would have said about Drew Brees after his first two years in San Diego. Did he have it or did the light finally go on with this guy. I had a good last year in San Diego but I think the light finally went on with this guy once he was united with Payton. Are you going to tell me that Payton has had no influence on his success?

I don't know if Henne has it or not but I do know he's been given very little support and taught very little in his first two years. Can this change? Time will tell...

Colin Kaepernuck's stock's really rising at the Senior Bowl. If he's still there at our pick in the 3rd round we've gotta pounce.

It'll be just our luck he has a great game and moves up to 2nd rd stock. For those still trapped in the blackhole of mommy's basement. We have no 2nd rd pick as of yet! LOL..........

DB, don't be surprise if Ireland trades down for the 2nd round pick.


Smart money would usher you to disregard anything that you come accross from "slum sentinel" posters. In comparison, "little yellow bus" passengers are space shuttle astronauts! LOL..........

Craig, I lived in San Diego during the Brees days. He was never as bad as so many bloggers here want you to believe. He wasn't a superstar right off the bat, but he was still decent, showed leadership. The bigger issue was that he and Schottenheimer did not get along very well. Brees was already starting to play well and yet he drafted Rivers. I must admit I am surprised at how many bloggers use this Brees analogy, but it is not remotely a fair analogy. He certainly did not create as many doubts as Henne has, and nobody was ever blaming the qb coach or saying Brees needed someone to fix him, I was there, read the paper daily and remember it all well.

Also Craig, its not like I am alone in my thoughts, just read Armandos blog here again and what he perceives Ireland to be really doing. Remember, Hennes own coaches benched him, not me.


Trading back would a remarkable idea. AT the #15 slot I really dont see anyone that maybe a pro bowl type player so we may as well not overpay for them.

There are guys that could be day one starter however. Still we can still grab one of those by trading back. Just not sure if anyone needs a one of those type players bad enough to trade thier 2nd rd pick to move up to 15th.


Last but not least, Brees was playing very well while still on the Chargers. Rivers was on the bench waiting...it wasn't until Brees got injured that Rivers got the start. Brees was already good before he ever went to the Saints, that is for certain. It wasn't Payton.

I predict Colin Kaepernuck will end up being the biggest steal of the entire 2011 draft. If he doesnt you guys can blast hell out of me even if its 5-6yrs down the line.




Henne is at best a backup QB. Aloco, I've said it all year and still think our future depends on it. The tools are on this team, Marshall couldn't shine because Henne lacks the one essential thing a QB needs, leadership. Period.


Dying..I wouldn't sweat it(Kaep) We all just get to voice our opinions. We don't get to make the player moves. So who cares if you are wrong about him? Hopefully the FO can figure out the puzzle which is who will play quarterback. Each one of us has our own idea as to who, and how to fix this problem. Some of us will be right, Most of us will be wrong. But in the end as long as we can put out a winning team keep letting you opinions flow.


Brees' first year in the league: 17 TDs and 16 INTS....3284 yards

His second season in the league: 11 TDs and 15 INTs and 2108 yards in 11 games. After a disappointing start to the season he was replaced by Doug Flutie.

So tell me again how he was playing well after two seasons in the league, 0x80?

After two disappointing seasons in San Diego the Chargers chose Phillip Rivers with the FOURTH pick in the draft. If that isn't an indictment of your quarterback I don't know what it is.

In Brees's four years in San Diego he NEVER had a 4000 yard season passing. In his FIVE seasons in New Orleans he has never had less than a 4300 yard season. Tell me again how a coach can't help a QB 0x80?

Tell me again how a QB either has it or he doesn't and you but not the people who are paid to make these decisions, the people who run the San Diego Chargers, knew that Brees' had it after two very medioce seasons in the NFL. You could have saved them taking a QB with the 4th overall pick that year.



This is a really screwed offseason to be a Dolphin fan. So many obvious needs and have the lockout looming. No cba means no fa movement until possibly after the draft.

How in the hell do you go about drafting when coming before free agency? Its not like we were going to be able to adquately address present needs via the draft anyway.

So what if we signed a couple key fa's at positions already drafted for? Then we'll end up with a couple wasted draft picks. Its gotta be a very frustrating time to be a nfl gm unless you have only 1-2 critical needs max. But that definitely isnt us.

Craig, you are only struggling to prove yourself correct. 4000 yards? Gee that is the only mark of success? Do your research, Rivers was drafted but couldn't get off the bench because Brees started playing so well. Saban loved Brees, the only reason he didn't take them was the Dr.s advice, shoulder injury vs Peps knee injury, they felt Pep had a better chance. They were wrong. But Saban LOVED Brees, he is on record saying that, and this of course was BEFORE the Saints, You can panzy around any stat you like, but I can tell you from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE...nobody was blaming the QB coach or saying somebody needed to 'fix' Brees. Hennes state of affairs here as cleary inferior. No question.

But my friend, I know, you will never ever acquiece to anyones opinion but your own. You are not capabable of admitting you misjudged something. I am. In this case, there is no way Brees was regarded nearly as negatively as Henne has been lately. Pull up all the stats you want...as Belichek says (you've heard of him, right?) stats mean nothing. Leavving San Diego Brees was 10x the QB Henne is today...there is simply no argument, so don't bother trying to convince me with your paper stats.

Craig, maybe, just maybe the WHOLE Saints team was better than the Chargers...hard to pin it down to one player. Henne just finished his 3rd year, was a 4 year starter in college...and here people are saying he needs to be fixed? Like when? Before he retires?

camp will decide who's the STARTER OF THIS TEAM .

Keep Henne. New OC, new Henne

The simple fact is, the coaches did bench Henne, something had to be pretty wrong for them to do that, and was most likely a group decision. Can Henne come around and improve? Maybe he will, and if he does, hey good for him and the team. Armando rattled off a whole bunch of issues above that have nothing to do with the OC. If Henne improves and can be a legit starter, great, until now, we have reason to doubt. That is all I'm saying.


0x80=dying breed

You have to be blind or simply not willing to see that Chad Henne is way over his head in this league . . . and that he probably always will be. Has the coaching sucked? Lord yes! They should have fired the lot of them (save Nolan). But is Henne's problem simply that he has not been coached up? I think its more of a case he CANNOT be coached up. The very thought of another agonizing, wasted season watching this team embarrass itself by forcing a very square peg in a round hole is intolerable. That Henne is a bad quarterback might be forgiveable. I suspect his larger problem is that he is a worse leader. The story goes that Marino often changed the plays sent in while in the huddle, even defying Shula, in his drive to win. If Henne would have shoved a few plays back in the face of Henning and co. this year, I might be inclined to think this statue of a QB had a spark in him. Show a little attitude . . . something. All we got was a stone face, a blank stare, and in my mind, no hope for the future. I sure hope Ireland was just trying to play up some trade value for the Chad. Otherwise, I'm up for some scab football in 2011.

COLIN KAEPERNICK from Nevada is the future Tom Brady... He will be drafted in the 3rd round and be a steal for that team...

I predict the Fins will trade down (to get a 2nd rounder) and draft Ryan Mallett with the 1st pick, and a RB with the 2nd rounder.

Elf - I agree...Henne is a punch clock qb..punch in, punch out, game over. Follow the coach, don't dare change a play...the great players however change plays and make things happen.

I'll be just as happy as anybody if Henne 'wakes up', no longer needs to be 'fixed', and performs well. Having a competent QB is a must have. But seeing is believing, so I'm still waiting to see that. I just don't want to wait another 3 seasons for it, I'd like to see it by game 3 next year and have a real back up plan.

An article based on pure speculation which if you listen to Ireland and use half you brain you begin to realize Chad Henne returning as the Dolphins' starting QB in 2011 is the most likely scenario.

Sure he'll get some veteran and/or rookie competition but Chad Henne is going to have a head start on any competition because he will have the play book.

I'm not paniced considering Chad's play in 2009 with come from behind victories over the Jets and Patriots. The fact Dan Henning and David Lee are finally gone. Daboll seems to be a much different personality/coach and I think this change is going to be very good for Chad Henne. Now get him a better than average QB Coach.

Right Now
The Dolphins Suck

6.6 255 lb QB Cam Newton or NOTHING!

Don't stop. Believing. Hold on to that fee-eelin.


Why don't YOU panzy around pal!! What does that even mean?

You can't even stick to your original argument. You said a QB 'can either play or he can't' and coaching has nothing to do with it. My pointi sit pretty obvious Brees wasn't after two years or San Diego never would have invested the fourth overall pick and millions of dollars if they were convinced he was the guy. He obviosuly BECAME the guy at a later point in time but he was BENCHED in his second season, just as Henne was this season.

Would you like to reatract your statement or do you just want to go around and around on this thing?

And you have 'first hand experience' on this? Don't make me laugh!! Why, because you lived in San Diego? Did they consult with you on this stuff too? If you are so right on this then please tell me why did the Chargers draft Rivers 4th overall in 2004 and invest $40.5 million into Phillip Rivers. Maybe just maybe, they weren't convinced that Brees wasn't the guy or wouldn't become the guy and they drafted a backup plan. Looks like they were wronf to go down this path.

We have no right to express an opinion until we know all of the answers.

Don't draft Akili Smith. That dude is the next Doug Williams, I guarantee it !

Henne will have a chance to win a job, from a probable draft pick and a probably vet who will come in when/if the CBA is signed. Just like Brees WON the job from Doug Flutie and a rookie Philip Rivers.

If Henne can win the job with competition like THAT, then I'll know at that time (before the season) that he's EARNED his respect and a chance to prove he is the franchise QB many envisioned him to be.

My hunch is, like the Chargers, we'll fall more in love with one of the others than the one we got.

you can't put henne and wilson in the same boat. There is no way henne will be cut. Will they try and upgrade and add competition. Yes. But cut him no way.

I'll be interested to see what Dalton and Ponder can do in the all star games. Both of those guys played better than Locker or Gabbert and will hopefully be available in the late second to third round. Newton and Mallett will both be gone by 15th pick. Mikel Leshoure should be our first round pick. He ran for 1650 yards in the Big Ten last year and goes 6'0" 240 lbs. Just what our running game needs.

Right Now
The Dolphins Suck

6.6 255 lb QB Cam Newton or NOTHING!


Good post at 1:15pm.

My hope is that Henne follows along a similar path to Brees. Vert mediocre in his first two seasons, realizes that his job and his possibly his career are at stake and with some much needed competition wakes up and improves by leaps and bounds. It's been done by Brees and others and isn't our of the realm of possibility with Henne.

Craig..you are a funny fellow. I see why others get frustrated with you, but I can only chuckle. Your biggest problem by far, as pointed out by others so many times, is your reading and comprehension skills. You avoid everything that is convenient to avoid and change the topic to support some misguided stat. As I mentioned, Brees and Schott did NOT get along, that was why they drafted Rivers. Rivers was drafted in 2004 but didn't start until 2006. Just why do you think that was? Hint hint, Brees was playing very well. Brees then got hurt, and left the team for the Saints, only then did Rivers start. Ask yourself, if Brees was so bad, why did #4 pick Rivers sit on the bench for two years? It was only an injury to Brees that enabled Rivers a shot. I'd repeat that another 2 times but it won't do any good, you will send me some paper stat. Don't be silly, my 'first hand experience' only means that I was there at the time reading all the news day in and day out, not that I was a member of senior management. Bottom line, if you think Brees was regarded as low as Henne is after their 3rd year on the team, you are completely, unequivocally, undoubtedly wrong, wrong, wrong. And that is all I ever said, Brees was never regarded in any season with the Chargers as low as Henne is being regarded now.

I have no other response to you on this particular subject no matter what your next response might be..so save your keystrokes for a worthy cause.

Sign Jocoby Jones for kick return and down field threat nolan caroll can focus on getting better sign fa takle draft according resign thigpen we will see what happens

Colin Kapernick? Are you guys serious? If he makes it in the NFL it will be as a WR. He played in a run first piston offense in college running the option. He also played in the WAC who plays zero defense. Most of his passing TDs came against defenses who were playing safeties and corners up in run support.


You just made my point for me 0x80. They drafted Rivers because Brees wasn't getting the job done. But you said a 'guy either had it or he doesn't'. I'm arguing that teams couldn't possibly know after two years and they proceeded to let Brees play, first of all because Rivers was a late holdout the year he was drafted but he never saw the field because Brees woke up and started playing a lot better, taking the team from 4-12 to 12-4. The point is, a QB CAN find his game after his second season, which is what I want to see from Henne.

And your comment about San Diego drafting Rivers because Brees didn't get along with Schott is total CRAP! If they didn't get along after 2003 then one of them would have been gone but Brees stuck around for two more years and stuck around for three more years. Your comment is total hogwash!

Schott stuck around for three more years.

just chiming in, not that i want to take sides, but i lived in LA back then. people kept wondering why they drafted rivers and kept playing brees...brees was out playing him in practice and preseason. marty had no choice. i think marty was happy when brees got hurt because that gave him a chance to start rivers. it is true, marty and brees did not get along.

Brees had a great year in San Diego AFTER the Chargers drafted Rivers. Remember Rivers held out and Brees reacted favorably to the challenge of the draft pick. So, yes he did have a subpar 2nd season (a la Henne) and SD picked a QB to "take his place" in 2004. However, Brees demonstrated his true ability by rising to the challenge and beating Rivers for the starting job. So, if we want to be optimistic, maybe drafting a QB in the first round will be a wake up call to Henne, and he will re-commit himself to being a great QB (a la Brees), and redeem himself in year three. We can dream...but I don't see it happening.


That may be true....I'm not disputing that....but it's not why you draft a QB 4th and pay him over $40 million. The Chargers were concerned that Brees was never going to pan out for them. It wasn't until Rivers that was drafted that Brees finally showed the kind of QB he could be. We're all hopeful that something similar to that will happen with Henne. Keep in mind, Brees was benched in his second season, in favour of Doug Flutie and onlt played 11 games and the Chargers finished 4-12.


Thanks....that's the point I was trying to make.

I hope the Dolphins don't draft a qb in the first round. The qbs in this draft simply aren't worth it. Mallett was exposed when he faced better defenses, Locker is a major project, Cam Newton's best asset is running the ball which he can't do in the NFL or get killed. Pick up V. young and just be competitive next year and hope for a better crop of qbs next year. We also need to resign williams or r. brown to have at least one feature back. To let them both walk would be stupid and I can see the pats picking one of them up.

well JC is saying he doesn't see that happening. armando is saying in this blog there are a lot of reasons to doubt henne right now. so what are you saying? you think henne will be another brees? we don't know, i just think its a stretch. i was pulling for henne, but he really would have to improve quite a bit for people to have faith in him.

the dolphins will trade back in the draft and pick pouncey. Not saying this is what I want them to do. But this is the Bifecta, anything you really want them to do, expect the opposite. See new OC.

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