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Ireland's words about Chad Henne not an endorsement for him being the Dolphins starter

Calm down. Breathe.

I'm sure by now you've seen the tweets and the hyperventilating online headline, "GM: Henne could remain starter," and gone into something of a panic thinking the same Dolphins that are promising all this change will come back in 2011 with the same quarterback they lined up and failed with the past two seasons -- Chad Henne.

And now you're freaking.

Well, calm down. Breathe.

The Dolphins are not blind. They saw the season unfold as you did. They know Chad Henne was the fourth-best quarterback in the AFC East last season -- which wouldn't be so bad if the AFC East didn't have only four teams.

They saw the frustrating miscues. The ball to a wide open Kevin Curtis that sailed 10 yards over his head. The pass to a wide open Anthony Fasano in the Baltimore game in the end zone just prior to halftime that sailed way over his head. The pass to Brandon Marshall in the opener that was so short, Marshall had to stop and wait for it to come down. The deep pass to Brandon Marshall in the second game at Minnesota on the same play that was, again, underthrown and forced Marshall to slow down for it. The deep pass to an open and streaking Brian Hartline down the sideline in the first New England game that, again, was too far out there. I'm pretty sure there was another such overthrown pass to Hartline in another game, but I don't have the time to go through all the play-by-plays right now. You get the point.

The Dolphins saw the batted passes, after batted passes, after batted passes that killed downs and sometimes drives. They saw the 19 interceptions that overshadowed the 15 TD passes.

Guys, this is a team that benched Henne and made him share snaps in the season finale. The Dolphins know what's up.

So don't get your hackles up over a news site headline that tells you Henne could remain the starter, while leaving out that important detail that he also might not remain the starter.

I've told you since the season ended that Miami's plan is to keep Henne, for now, and work with him and try to squeeze whatever ability he has to see if that ability adds up to him being a good starting quarterback. This is not news.

It was not news when GM Jeff Ireland told reporters in Mobile for the Senior Bowl:

"He's shown some aggressive tendencies, he's shown some exciting throws. He's got all the ability in the world. We've just got to put a plan together and an offensive philosophy that fits Chad Henne, and I think we'll do that."

Of course they'll do that. Henne is the only quarterback on the team right now! They have no choice right now.

But you know what they Dolphins will also do? They'll try to find a quarterback to replace Henne. If you ask me, that should have been the headline, although that is not exactly news, either. You've known all along the Dolphins will be quarterback shopping this offseason.

And Ireland admitted as much.

”We’ll evaluate what’s out there like we do every position in free agency and the draft," Ireland said.

The only reason a team is evaluating the talent at the position is to add talent at that position. You think the Dolphins are evaluating top-tier talent at left tackle?

The headline could just as easily have been: "Dolphins to evaluate new quarterback talent." And that headline wouldn't have been news, either.

The facts are whatever Ireland said Tuesday can and probably will change three times before the 2011 season begins. You remember last year when he said the team was confident Gibril Wilson, terrible his first season in Miami, would play much better his second season? Everyone took that to mean Wilson would be on the Dolphins. He was cut a few weeks later.

Also, how smart would it be for Ireland to come out today and say, "We really, really need a quarterback so we're going shopping."

That would have been poor business because it signals the Dolphins are shopping thus are probably desperate for help. That would weaken the Dolphins. And in the NFL, the weak get eaten. So, of course, the GM's mentioned looking everywhere else for a QB as something of an afterthought.

Henne is in the plan right now, folks.

And the plan is to work with him until it is time to give up on him. Nobody knows when give up time is. But the plan is also to go out and find a possible replacement and probably two -- one for the short term, one for the long term. The plan is let everyone compete for a starting job in 2011.

The plan is to start the best quarterback on the team in 2011.

Sure, that might be Henne.

And it might not.


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Andy NJ, Great post on Jake Long, can you imagine if he had a bonafide LG next to him on the line? Yes, we do need a QB and Ryan would have been nice but Jake Long was not a mistake by any stretch of the imagination.

One person you forgot ALoco...ME! If there's a lockout, I'm trying out for QB. I make all the throws in Madden, all the right reads. I'm a little short like Brees, but so what, it's not like the scrub defenses are going to be all Ed "Too Tall" Jones prototypes.

So, Henne, Orton, draft pick, or DC!

What is Jeff Ireland supposed to say? C'mon this team and organization has no confidence in Henne. The coaches benched Henne in favor of Pennington and if Pennington wasn't damaged goods he would have been the starter for the Dolphins and Henne would have never seen the field again in Miami as the team's starter.

I am not going to argue with people on why "I" think Henne isn't the answer. The obvious point is the coaches have no confidence in Henne and the only reason you bench a young QB who is the future is because a team has seen enough of that guy. The players particularly the guys that catch the passes like Marshall and Hartline don't want Henne either.

Miami isn't going to make many fans happy on draft day becaue although I would love to see Mallet or Newton in a Dolphins uniform it probably won't happen. However, I am making this prediction "CHAD HENNE WILL NOT, I REPEAT WILL NOT BE MIAMI'S STARTING QB ON OPENING DAY IN 2011."

There is going to be a new QB in Miami who that QB is? I have no idea.

Andy, hopefully they get a QB so Jake Long isn't protecting a box of doughnuts. I'm thrilled we have an All-Pro LT. But if he never is in a Playoff game again, it's be the biggest waste of a player in the history of the NFL.

ALOCO, I think the animosity is killing us all.It's been too long since we had a QB that's all.


Yeah bro it pisses me off that as great as Jake Long has been people say Miami picked the wrong guy. Get the F outta here with that garbage. Jake Long was the #1 pick in the entire draft 3 years ago. He has made 3 consecutive Pro Bowl's and although the Pro Bowl is a joke it's not a joke that Long made it. He is a bonafide stud in the mold of Tony Boselli pre-inuries, Jonathan Ogden without the injuries and Orlando Pace. He is hands down the best draft pick Miami could have asked for. He works hard, stays out of trouble and can be counted on every single week to be there for Miami. He is GREAT.

Think of how bad Miami's line played as a unit late in the season. Now imagine that O-Line without Jake Long and Matt Ryan dropping back getting hit so many times he turns into David Carr. Miami got the Jake Long pick right.

well a few good things have happened. ireland/sparano have finally realized we need an NFL QB(someone with a pulse) and that we have the slowest team in the nfl. it sounds like they're ready to address these issues in their 4th year on the job. hey,its a start i guess. now we have to play catch up with the pats and jets.

Andy NJ...excellent post at 9:05

Andy and others.....as good as Jake Long is.....would you trade him to move up and get the QB you want?


Good morning man. Miami definitely needs to find a QB first and foremost this offseason. Jake Long is elite and him being noticed on a horrible offense with no QB who puts up huge numbers or RB ripping off 50 yard runs shows me that much more how ELITE he is.

Hopefully the Dolphins find a way to address the position. I don't know if they go hard for a vet which wouldn't be a long term answer unless Vince Young landed in Miami and decided that he wants to put the work ethic in to be a NFL starter but that is a huge IF. He is the only veteran who will be available even capable of being the long term answer. I personally would rather Miami draft that guy so they have him for 10 plus seasons but don't see them drafting the QB in round 1 where there are 4 first round worthy talents of which 2 to 3 could be available around pick 15.




i really hope ireland doesnt step over the real players looking for "acorns". he outsmarts himself in the drafts;you have to trust the nfl scouts;they dont miss much. we took both pat white and pat turner two rounds early(projected);cant afford those mistakes anymore.


Thanks man.

And no way would I trade an ELITE Left Tackle for the QB I "want". There is a 50/50 shot of a guy panning out when you draft him and trading the best Left Tackle in the game for a QB that could possibly bust or just killed because Long isn't there protecting him would be the most counter productive thing I could think of.


I understand exactly were your comming from...Its almost like the chicken and egg syndrome....but I think we have to address the QB situation by any means necessary.....If we don't get a competent QB behind center Jake Career will go the way of other Dolphin greats...Zack/JT....a nice run...but very few playoff apperances...and aero SBs....

I know its a Jimmy Johnson type move....but I think the door has to be kept open

Andy, I agree Long is a beast, and probably was at the time the best and more importantly, MOST PROBABLE player in that draft to be a stud in the NFL. And he's proved to be everything we imagined and more.

The question remains, with the #1 pick, we could have gotten a QB, which has been a position of need for Miami since Dan Marino. Now, to have a good QB, you need a good line, and to have a good run game, you need a good line, so, yes, there's a argument to be made that everything starts with the lines (Parcells made that very argument). It's legit. But it's also legit to question if you shouldn't have picked a QB, which can also be argued to be the most important position on the field.

We'll probably never know that answer by the way. If Miami finds a QB, and wins and goes to Playoffs, then you could say we did fine with Long. If we never do those things under Long's tenure, then we can say Long was great, but so what.

It's too early to tell if Long was the RIGHT pick, not just a GREAT pick. He's great, he was a GREAT pick, just don't have enough info yet to determine if he was the RIGHT pick. Long is my favorite player on the team, I love him. I just wish he could play QB, that's all.

and I never thought I would say this but an O-lineman is currently my favorite player for the Dolphins....I really admire Jake Longs toughness and courage....in my he is the Olineman equivalent of Dan Marino....I really respect him that much....but these lean years may require bold moves


The fact that Jake Long is recognized as an All Pro on a bad offense that has no evidence of anything positive is a testament to him and how great of a player he really is. Think about it, Miami can't score points, can't get even average play at QB and has slow plodding RBs yet he is still nominated as an All Pro not just a fraud Pro Bowl.

The door could be kept open if and only if you are getting multiple high draft picks like moving up in round #1, getting a #2 this year and next and like a #4 and #5 and even then I would NOT do it. Why would you trade your best player who is recognized not just at being good ala Hershel Walker in Dallas but as the BEST in the league as his position for a bunch of guys that might not work out.

Now trading Marshall for a mid to late 1st straight up or any Dansby for late #1 I'd do in the blink of an eye. These guys are late 20's and I think Dansby will turn 30 which isn't old for a LB but they are positions that don't share the value of the BEST LEFT TACKLE in the NFL.

I don't see it as being smart.

Ofcourse I would rather keep long....my dream scenario is

1. Long is kept..

2. Henne is traded along with a 4th rounder to get the QB to get the stop gap QB....gives Henne a fresh start and us as well...

3. One of the top QBs is available at 15....AND WE DRAFT HIM....

Thats my dream

Henne's tenure at Michigan is without question, impressive. His stats indicate that. Keep in mind though, what he was working with, and against.

Check out any of his highlight videos. Half the highlight has him handing the ball off to the RB. WOW! I swear one or two videos showed 3 or 4 handoffs in a row, then a very good pass for a TD. Of course, Michigan is a run oriented team with a good Oline. When Henne did pass, he had the protection to do so, and the secondary was forced to check-stop the run, run, run.

It is known that Parcells planned on securing a run first offense (J. Long draft,etc.) in which case, Henne would have adapted to the NFL level much more favorably.

Instead, a whole lot of factors impeded his transition. Most glaring was the lack of a running game, a result of piss-poor blocking. This forced Henne to throw more than anticipated. Again, behind pathetic protection. You could put any number of good QB in our backfield last year and they'd all stunk.

And if you think Henne is a lame QB, you are too narrow minded. He might not be the QB for Miami, depending upon what scheme the FO and coaches are planning for next year (run oriented, or pass?) but he is surely a NFL calibre QB, even if he's second string and sitting on a bench.

I have seen all the over throws, etc. I want to draft another QB too. But this year we need to re-establish the run, with speed, which requires an Oline that helps make that possible!

Ricky has another 1000+ yards in him next season. Get rid of Brown, and draft Bilal or Murray, (not Ingram) Then the passing game will open up.

We're still two years away from serious contention. But it would be nice to see us win the AFC East division next year.

Andy NJ....All good points....and as you can see from my previous post...I would want Jake Long on MY team.....I'm not sure his value is quite as high as all of those picks either....

I know just saying it is highly controversial....but if this FO isn't exploring all options...then there not doing their job....Even if trading Long sets us back a year....thats nothing compared to the 15 years we have been set back by not properly addressing the QB situation in Miami....As Mark in Toronto so elquently said a few days back

Not sure how that got turned into a trade Long debate (did I miss something)? My position is the time to have decided between Long and someone else was in the Draft. Now that Long was chosen, and he's the best at his position (as Andy wisely said), there's NO QUESTION he should remain a Dolphin for the rest of his career.

Parcells made that bed already. Now we must sleep in it. Long is our LT until he retires, period, end of story. You don't trade your best player and then think you'll get other players to make up for that. That's not how you improve your team in the NFL.


I don't even think it is arguable that QB is the most important position in ALL of sports but I can't see Matt Ryan having the same success in Miami that he had in Atlanta.

Atlanta did a great job of giving him a supporting cast. The Falcons had Michael Turner rush for 1699 yard and 17 tds, an emerging stud WR in Roddy White at that time and the best TE in NFL history to this point as his reliable check down. Not to mention the the Falcons don't have a weak link on their offensive line. They are all good to very good players.

So say Miami flipped draft strategies with the Falcons and draft Matt Ryan in round #1 and now they do what the Falcons did and draft a LT in round #2, name one LT in the NFL draft that year drafted in round #2 not named Sam Baker who the Falcons did draft. The reason I say not named Sam Baker is because he was 6'5 290-295 lbs coming out of USC. That wouldn't fit the "PROTO-TYPE" size for one and also Baker is good but not Jake Long. But just for the sake of the argument say Miami did draft Baker who was solid as rookie and good now but not spectacular was paired with what is now huge disaster of an offensive line. You think Ryan would have had the same success in Miami as the Falcons?

Miami would have had to make so many different decisions the past 3 seasons to make Ryan successful without an ELITE left tackle to build off of that even hypothetically speaking I don't know what Miami would of had to do to make Ryan successful.

I just think it's a light of Jake Long to be compared to a position that is the most important in football but without all the confidence that Atlanta has instilled in Ryan with a RB giving him 1700 yards, a TE a WR and complete unit of an offensive line. I don't think Ryan would have been the right pick because just like the Drew Brees argument I don't see any way of Ryan or Brees having similar success in Miami.

DC....thats me...stirring the pot...and in all seriousness....you can't dismiss the idea that easily...

I think all topics and players should be up for discussion and debate...not just Chad Henne....

Sometimes you have to take a step back to launch yourself forward....this FO trade 2nd round pick for 5th rounders...thats subtraction....not addition...not improvement....or worse yet...this FO cuts 2nd round picks and gets nothing in return....

If you want to bake a cake...you gotta break a few eggs....sometimes...you may have to trade a player on the rise to get 2 or 3 players that will help your team....

I'd go for 1st pick and Henne trade for Cutler but he Bears will never let him go. Denver is not going to let Orton go. I don't want any head case, running QB's. I want a " Tall " pocket passer that can throw darts. I say take a chance on Ryan Mallett 6'6, with a cannon of an arm, he could be another Big Ben. And he is in Dolphins reach at 15.


good point about Miami being set back 15 years. You know how it goes on this blog though once you make your stance you gotta stick to it lol. I just think Miami has the right idea in mind drafting Long because the organization at the time and many on this blog still think Henne could be good.

So instead of comparing an ELITE All Pro Left Tackle to a very good but not yet great QB in Matt Ryan, we should be still throwing rocks or in my case grenades at Henne lol, for failing to even be competant in his 2nd season as a starter and 3rd overall.

If Miami doesn't draft a qb 1st fans will be outraged. After all waiting until the 2nd round has netted them Henne & Beck. I personally would like to see an explosive offensive player with the 1st pick but how can they seriously wait without a 2nd rounder. The key to their draft if what qb they get in FA but if I'm reading things right FA won't start until after the draft when & if a collective bargaining agreement gets done.

DC is right. Rather than trade Long, we should get him more help. Period.

Andy NJ...keep in mind...I don't do revisionist history...and you will never see where I wrote we should have taken Ryan over Long....I supported this FO with every decision ....

But the time has come...in my opinion...to make the move...to do something bold....to get that QB that has eluded this Organzation since Marino retired....

I don't know what that move is....but I can asure you if there not exploring ALL options...they are not doing the Dolphins justice....

and if we get that Vet QB that we all want....we will not be in a postion to sell our souls for Luck next year...cause I believe we will be a playoff team....and thus we will be drafting lower...and nobody from this FO will lose their jobs....



Andy, it's hard to say what Ryan would have done here. That's why I prefer to judge that move by what Miami does while Long is here. Then we can tell if it was a success or not. If we just have the best LT, and never get to a Playoff game, then it will have been for naught. So that's how I prefer to judge the move, not by the hypothetical thinking of what Ryan would or wouldn't have done.

kris, you're right, it COULD work out (trading Long). Just like Henne COULD be a good QB in this league. Much like Henne, I think that's a shaky "could" at best.

I'm not into the strategy of giving up your BEST players. Good players, fine. But your BEST players should be utilized to help your team get to where they need to go (IMHO). Like above, we trade Long, and now I'm asking, "so why did you draft him in the 1st place?" And, again, if we trade him for a few guys who don't help the team either become elite or consistently win and make the Playoffs, then that idea will have been a failure.

So, I'd rather just bake the cake that's already been prepared. Parcells started the ball with the lines. Defense was improved last year. Let's improve the offense this year, keep Long, keep Marshall, keep Vontae and Dansby, and add the other pieces, and see what that does. I wouldn't trade Long unless we start only winning 4-5 games a season, and we realize this team has no chance. Right now, I think they do have a chance, and would rather just finish this thought first fully and see if it works before trying all over again.

From what I've heard...Henne was NOT the best QB in camp last year, yet the trifecta forced a square peg into a round hole to see what they had in Henne.

Two weeks later Parcels packs up and leaves town.

This year's camp will be much different and if Henne slips up more than once, he will be watching opening day from the bench.

Good try with the Brees analogy he was starting to get it together when he hurt is shoulder in the final game. When he was released or a free agent, I don't remember, he was still being sought after. Now, if Henne were to leave he would not be sought after like Brees was. Remember Miami even went after Brees you think they would after Henne with the season he had.

It's funny how all over the place the so called draft gur's like Kiper and McShay and scouts view Mallet from everywhere in the top 20 to some early second round.

I wonder if there is a possibility to trade back to the mid to late 20's and still get a QB who has 1st round talent like Mallet, Newton and maybe Locker.

I do think 1 of the QB's will make it to early-ish 20's but not sure which one. The rest of the league puts a priority on the very position Miami feels they can "steal" in round #2 (Beck, Henne, White) or even free agency or trade that no one else wants (Culpepper, AJ Feeley).


The line about "being set back 15 years" isn't mine.....as much as i'd love to take credit for it....it orginated with Mark in Toronto"....

I gotta give credit where credit is due.....

I have a feeling that will become one of the more memorable lines on this blog if we continue to wallow in mediocrity

Aloco...what you have to understand is that I AM A DOLPHINS FAN...not a tied to any one player...If Henne becomes the next Joe Montana/Tom Brady....I will cheer him and admit that I was against the idea of keeping him.....and I will take my medicine and keep cheering for my DOLPHINS....

I am not a Henne Hater...or a "Thiggy Lover" as many on here like to throw around....

I live and die with my DOLPHINS...and anything that improves this team makes me happy....even if it means I'm dead wrong

Wish we could turn on the time machine to March 2006 and redo our biggest f**k up in the last 20 years:

After the Chargers refused to increase their offer, Brees met with other teams. The New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins were interested. New Orleans made an offer that included $10 million in guaranteed money the first year and a $12 million option the second year. Miami was unsure if Brees' shoulder was completely healed and did not offer the money Brees was seeking. The Dolphins ended negotiations and traded for Minnesota Vikings QB Daunte Culpepper instead. Brees signed a 6-year, $60 million deal with the Saints on March 14, 2006.

Can I just ditto what ALoco said (it's rare I do that)? The BEST thing that could happen is Henne pulls a Brees. He's already been here, he's on the roster, he knows the coaches, the players, the system (well, kinda knows it). He was brought in to be the franchise QB. If Henne changed his spots and became the QB we all know we need, case solved, on to the next problem, everyone's happy.

So, I HATED how Henne played, but would like nothing more than for him to get "it" and be the guy. I said last night, I just want a QB that puts the ball in the right spot when a receiver is "NFL open." God bless him if it's Henne. God bless whoever that ends up being. But THAT'S the guy that should ultimately get all our support.








Andy NJ...I got a serious question.....and I ask this because I really don't understand.....

What is the point of "trading back" from a fans perspective....I understand the buisness side it could be the diffence could be millions of dollars....

But as a fan I say if you like the guy and want him....take him....at the postion your in....

and there is no sarcasm in the post....just need to find out this logic....cause i don't understand it


In any comparison between Henne and Brees we can only look at their first two years in the league. Brees wasn't getting it done, as shown by his benching in his second season for Doug Flutie and the fact that the Chargers finished 4-12 in his second season. There was much doubt about Brees at that point, as there is now with Henne. It's the reason the Chargers spent the 4th pick in the draft on ANOTHER QB and invested $40 million into what would eventually be Phillip Rivers through a trade with the Giants.

Nobody is saying Henne is the next Brees but I'm confident if Brees had done what he did in San Diego after two seasons here in Miami, fans would be calling for his head and the drafting of another QB. The point of the matter is everybosy would have been dead wrong. It's been argued many times by me and others you can't properly assess a QB after only two years. The rest of the story with Henne still has to be written.

Make a play for Carson Palmer. For those of you that say Cincy sucked, believe me, it wasn't his fault. He still seems to have it, and a change of venue may be just what the doctor ordered, ala Steve Young, Testaverde etc.
I know that the owner said they will not trade him, but if he really plans on retiring otherwise (Chris Mortenson believes he will), then Cincy can't afford to get nothing for him.


you are right on that if Miami becomes a joke and 4-5 win team and all is lost then everyone should be on the trading block for the right price.

Miami is still competitive for the most part, excuse the late season mail it in by the players. Miami competed in and won some big games this year. The Steelers game with the blown call (although I blame Henne who still had a chance), beating the Packers in Lambeau although they were beat up it's still a win on the road vs the NFC Super Bowl representative.

It could be very possible they need a few guys who are playmakers with speed to break a few games open in Miami's favor. So again I agree Miami has the foundation just need playmakers and a legit starting QB. Maybe it could still be Henne although I doubt it.


Just as another point, it's not fair to compare Brees after FOUR years in the league to Henne after TWO years in the league. Let's wait to see what Henne has become after four years to make that comparison.

There are plenty of solid QB's available in this upcoming FA season.

Find the one who best "fits" our new offensive schema and let him duke it out with Henne along with the QB we draft @ #15.

Guys, I'm telling ya...between Henne, a solid FA QB and the #15 pick, we will find our QB.





The Carson Palmer move makes NO sense to me. The owner is a huge fan of his and at absolute minimum will want a second round pick for him. Can we afford to continue trading draft picks? I say no. On top of that, Palmer is due to make $14 million next season. That's a big jump from the $850K that Henne is set to make. Lastly, I'm not even sure that Palmer is that good any more. To me he's no the same guy after all the injuroes he's had. You talk about Steve Young and Vinny Testaverde, neither of these guys was 32 years old with a lot of mileage on them when they moved to new teams.


That's a great strategy but with no second round pick maybe you can tell me who's going to run the ball for us, who's going to block for them and where our TE, WR and ILB are all coming from. Thanks.

Craig...we can trade someone for a 2nd round pick.

or trade down to the #20 slot and still get a QB.

There are ways to wheel & deal to get a #2 pick.

Craig M

Yes, but Brees didn't have a year to sit and watch. He was going to sit longer if and when Pennington got hurt. I am for Henne, I think he did well in 2009 with less playmakers and all those Ginn drop passes. Yes he is a robot QB but I think that will all change. I just hate when they compare QB's. Brees is Brees and Henne is Henne. One is less emotional than the other and different styles. I like Henne cool calm demeanor. He reminds me of a couple of QBs who were like that in the beginning of their careers. I think with the write coaches and plays he will be fine. He was playing to save his job with QB Coach Lee. You heard Marshall say Lee was upset when Thigpen would change the plays at the line. He was being a good soldier and listening to his coaches which may have cost him his confidence and job.


no sarcasm taken. I get your point. As a fan for me the fact that I really get into the draft and I am also a big time college football fan I want multiple guys to help Miami.

I guess my thinking is the fact that Miami needs both a QB in my opinion and a RB, and a speed WR and offensive line etc etc on offense I want to sure up more then 1 position.

I guess the point is that there are 4 first round worthy talents at QB, Miami has to find the one who they think Daboll and the staff will have the most success with. If Miami could find that talent like Mallett who I would move up a few spots if I had to, sit still or if it's universal that he is the 4th best then possibly trade back and land him at a later slot in round #1 so that you get the #2 back and go after another position where Miami has to hit on that spot because this team has so many holes.

But money yeah means nothing to me. I could care less it's not my money.

Ryan Mallett, YEAAH!!!

Thanks for the shout out Kris!

I don't know if anyone else saw the tweets on the SS site today, but there is one by Omar claiming that the Dolphins are leaning towards a trade and Kolb is seen as the best fit.

haven't we been there before??

Desperate measures for desperate times. Didn't the Eagles burn us before with Feely. Please!

For all those pointing out that we have no second round pick this year..along with holes to fill in other positions...eg. RB, WR?, TE or OL I say this:

We agreed the teams in the playoffs this year ALL had QB's drafted in the first round.

RB, TE & OL are positions you can get "acorns" in the later rounds.

QB is the one position you cannot get late round acorns unless you are Belichick and stumble across Brady with the #199 pick.

bottom line: We MUST draft a QB with #15...or trade down and grab Mallett with #20 and get our second round pick back.

Sammy29, agree about LG that's why i was hoping Iupati was picked last year rd 1 instead we got another DE that won't even start

Weapons, weapons, weapons, look what happened to Peyton Manning this year when Dallas Clark went down? They became an average looking team. Big time TE, Kyle Rudolph ND, Speed WR/Return man. RB that can hit the holes and catch a pass. Add those 3 weapons along with Bess, Hartline, Marshall and Fasano and you got your offense. There will be FA lineman that can fill our gaps. There is NO QB in this years draft worth picking in round one or worth giving up picks for. That's just desperation. Get us weapons and even an average QB will have success this year

Mark in Tor,

Yes sir, let's go Mallet! lol

Exploring the option of a trade for Kolb is somewhat pleasing. I like Kolb and his skill set but I only want him at the right price as far as trade. The right price to me is it being a conditional pick with some semi-high incentives having to be met. I do like Kolb but would much rather draft a guy, particularly Ryan Mallet.

Mark, if Kolb were available with just a 3rd rd pick i think he'd be worth it... But it just seems like an AJ Feeley thing all over again if we overpay

you got it right NHFINSFAN! These days, the vast majority of top qbs are 1st round picks and yet without a viable QB on the roster there are those dead set against picking one in the 1st round. I don't understand.

People will argue that they are too risky, flawed. Well guess what, if a QB is not flawed, he will go 1st or 2nd overall and guess what? We won't be picking there for the next 10 years at least because our players are good enough to keep us in the middle of the pack without a qb or OL - unless we have a season with a wicked rash of injuries.

JUST DO IT - MALLETT in round 1!!

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