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Ireland's words about Chad Henne not an endorsement for him being the Dolphins starter

Calm down. Breathe.

I'm sure by now you've seen the tweets and the hyperventilating online headline, "GM: Henne could remain starter," and gone into something of a panic thinking the same Dolphins that are promising all this change will come back in 2011 with the same quarterback they lined up and failed with the past two seasons -- Chad Henne.

And now you're freaking.

Well, calm down. Breathe.

The Dolphins are not blind. They saw the season unfold as you did. They know Chad Henne was the fourth-best quarterback in the AFC East last season -- which wouldn't be so bad if the AFC East didn't have only four teams.

They saw the frustrating miscues. The ball to a wide open Kevin Curtis that sailed 10 yards over his head. The pass to a wide open Anthony Fasano in the Baltimore game in the end zone just prior to halftime that sailed way over his head. The pass to Brandon Marshall in the opener that was so short, Marshall had to stop and wait for it to come down. The deep pass to Brandon Marshall in the second game at Minnesota on the same play that was, again, underthrown and forced Marshall to slow down for it. The deep pass to an open and streaking Brian Hartline down the sideline in the first New England game that, again, was too far out there. I'm pretty sure there was another such overthrown pass to Hartline in another game, but I don't have the time to go through all the play-by-plays right now. You get the point.

The Dolphins saw the batted passes, after batted passes, after batted passes that killed downs and sometimes drives. They saw the 19 interceptions that overshadowed the 15 TD passes.

Guys, this is a team that benched Henne and made him share snaps in the season finale. The Dolphins know what's up.

So don't get your hackles up over a news site headline that tells you Henne could remain the starter, while leaving out that important detail that he also might not remain the starter.

I've told you since the season ended that Miami's plan is to keep Henne, for now, and work with him and try to squeeze whatever ability he has to see if that ability adds up to him being a good starting quarterback. This is not news.

It was not news when GM Jeff Ireland told reporters in Mobile for the Senior Bowl:

"He's shown some aggressive tendencies, he's shown some exciting throws. He's got all the ability in the world. We've just got to put a plan together and an offensive philosophy that fits Chad Henne, and I think we'll do that."

Of course they'll do that. Henne is the only quarterback on the team right now! They have no choice right now.

But you know what they Dolphins will also do? They'll try to find a quarterback to replace Henne. If you ask me, that should have been the headline, although that is not exactly news, either. You've known all along the Dolphins will be quarterback shopping this offseason.

And Ireland admitted as much.

”We’ll evaluate what’s out there like we do every position in free agency and the draft," Ireland said.

The only reason a team is evaluating the talent at the position is to add talent at that position. You think the Dolphins are evaluating top-tier talent at left tackle?

The headline could just as easily have been: "Dolphins to evaluate new quarterback talent." And that headline wouldn't have been news, either.

The facts are whatever Ireland said Tuesday can and probably will change three times before the 2011 season begins. You remember last year when he said the team was confident Gibril Wilson, terrible his first season in Miami, would play much better his second season? Everyone took that to mean Wilson would be on the Dolphins. He was cut a few weeks later.

Also, how smart would it be for Ireland to come out today and say, "We really, really need a quarterback so we're going shopping."

That would have been poor business because it signals the Dolphins are shopping thus are probably desperate for help. That would weaken the Dolphins. And in the NFL, the weak get eaten. So, of course, the GM's mentioned looking everywhere else for a QB as something of an afterthought.

Henne is in the plan right now, folks.

And the plan is to work with him until it is time to give up on him. Nobody knows when give up time is. But the plan is also to go out and find a possible replacement and probably two -- one for the short term, one for the long term. The plan is let everyone compete for a starting job in 2011.

The plan is to start the best quarterback on the team in 2011.

Sure, that might be Henne.

And it might not.


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bobby, what you are saying is 100% right - except we don't have our Manning - not even an Eli - we barely have the Manning that is working as a carpenter.

Andy, I agree with you 100% - Kolb at a low price is interesting but I still don't know if that is our answer. Mallett at 15 is my preference.

KRIS/DC........ @ 10;15 - 10;19



There are 4 QB's with first round talent in case you haven't noticed. In your opinion they aren't first round worthy and that doesn't mean that any won't be good.

Miami is more then a player away from being very good. The only way to get there is to have a franchise QB. I don't think IMO that Henne is the answer. But for you to say there is none worth a 1st round pick is incorrect. There are just no sure things.

Aaron Rodgers 24th overall going to the Super Bowl.

Ben Rothlisberger 11th overall from Miami of Ohio going to his 3rd Super Bowl.

Things in common neither were sure things. Both QB's were drafted in 1st round. Both QBs are in the Super Bowl.

Right now you guys gotta stop with this, Kolb for a 3rd rounder or this guy for this pick. There is NO WAY a CBA is signed before the Draft. Which means you can't trade players for picks. Be realistic, picksfor picks is it.

Andy NJ....thanks for the response.....Now I have a bit more football knowledge to put in my thimble....

I don't watch a lot of college ball....i'd be lying if I even said I was a fan of college ball....so I know very little about who we should draft and who the best players are....I do buy into the hype of Newton and did watch Auburn when I could.....

I'm stictly a pro-guy....even tho i know i'm missing a hugge piece of the puzzle...but if I lost my Saturday's and SUNDAY'S...i'd be divorced for sure

Andy NJ, two options 1. Pick a QB, who probably won't start, at 15 and have no second rounder or 2. Trade back and maybe be able to get both a Kyle Rudolph and Demarcus Russell. I pick option 2 all day long



I say trade down for a 2nd round pick.

I'm not too impressed with this years QB Class.

Pick up a vet QB and maybe a QB to take a chance on in the later rounds of the draft.

I just hope they don't wast the picks again.


Acorns for RB, TE and OL? When have we EVER been able to do that? Like who? Parmalee? Nalbone? Murphy? Yeah....all great picks!

No Sir, we need a pas-catching TE in a big way. We could have done it last year but we blew it!! I'm tired of trying to get these guys late and none of them are any damn good! I'll argue that part of the problem we're in this mess is because we've ignored the playmaker position for way too long!! Who was the last WR we picked in the 1st round? Probably Yatil Green and how long ago was that?
On offence we have a TE who was a mid pick, a FA WR, a 4th round pick WR, I believe Marshall was a 4th round pick and a couple of broken down RB's that are former fist round picks. If you want Henne or any other QB for that matter to have success, we need playmakers and we need them now. It could have been Bryant last year and we chose to go defence. We could have grabbed a good TE and we passed. No more excuses. GIVE YOUR QB A CHANCE TO SUCCEED WITH SOME STARS ON OFFENCE!!!

Ireland even said yesterday that the offense they are putting in will fit Henne perfectly! He'll very likely be the starter..... Mando and the rest of the football know nothing S. Fla sports writers will just have to watch Henne thrive with a better o-line, running game and speed on offense!!! The QB that played very well in college and wowed the scouts at the Senior Bowl and all the other workouts prior to the draft 3 years ago will be BACK!!!

tradition bro. wt.f happened to pompano.?.. back in the day it was full of crackers and there was never any crime..lol


I agree with BobbyD12....I think there is enough talent on this team that even average QB play gets us in the playoffs....

The only problem with that is that we would probably get smoked in the 1st or 2nd round....at some point we have to go all all in and get the QB....unless Henne takes the next step....if he doesn't...and we don't address the QB situation we will be a top level-lower echelon team for years to come....win just enough to piss you off

Aloco....thats all I ever try to do....write what i feel honestly....that way there is no double talk from my post....it doesn't mean I won't/can't change my mind....but when/if I do....you/all will be able to see the process

IMO, and it's my opinion, remember that, we get the big time weapons this year and give Henne or a FA Vet the helm this year. With the team set up we have what it takes to go all out next year for a big time QB. And NO, I'm not saying throw this upcoming year away BUT no more acorns either. We have major needs on Offense we can really fill this draft and get excited about.

Craig M, i think you forgot Ted Ginn jr. but i get your point about TE it is a positioon that seems almost ignored by the FO


Draft is going to be very interesting IMO. Given that most likely FA will occur after the draft it will be interesting to see how teams approach this draft. Will teams go best player available or will they reach for "needs" with the uncertainty of what will be there in FA?

Quotes from Jeff Ireland from Sun Sentinel
"We will regain that second pick on draft day"
The only way they can do that with no CBA is to trade down. I expect them to do that.
"This team is slow, we need team speed"
Expect this to also happen in the draft. I look forward to this draft to see how Ireland run's this

Thoughts on what Miami does @ 15:

Plan A - Trade back and pick up a 2nd round pick...I think this is what Ireland and Sparano would optimally like to do. I just don't see them going for Ingram that early. I think later in the first they would hope for Pouncey or take the best available O-lineman. Then start looking at offensive skill players with the remainder of the draft....including a 3rd or 4th on a QB.

Problem with Plan A as I see it is IMO, this 1st round is not very deep for skill position guys. I think most if not all skill guys that a team drafting after Miami would deem worth trading up to get...will already be gone by the time 15 rolls around. Ingram will be there...but does anybody see a team drafting behind Miami moving up to get Ingram? Not me. What if Newton is there? Sure, I think there would be teams behind Miami that would be interested if Newton were to fall to them....but who would move up to pick him?

Plan B - If they can't trade back...I could see them drafting Ingram here. I could also see them reach for Pouncey @ 15.

Wild Card - CAM NEWTON!!!! If Newton is there @ 15 do they swing for the fences? No doubt Newton could be a collasal bust....but he could also be the guy to turn some franchise around 180. Sometimes when you're on the hot seat you have to make that big time aggressive move....take that big swing and hope for the best.

Can I get a Kyle Orton please

Carl - I would be down for bringing in Kyle Orton. Problem right now is that this would require a trade which can't happen until the new CBA is negotiated.

I have an uncle and a cousin in Denver that used to cover Denver sports and the Broncos...they still get some pretty good info. As it stands, Denver is looking for a 2nd round pick in either the upcoming draft (if CBA is negotiated in time) or in the 2012 draft. According to them though, they don't believe the Broncos will get a 2nd rounder because they are going to be somewhat "desperate" to unload him...of course, other teams will note this as well. Orton has stated that he has no interest in remaining in Denver unless he is the unequivocal starter. He's also due a huge chunk of change this year and is unwilling to re-negotiate his contract with Denver at this time. The reality is that they almost have to go with Tebow given that they moved up in the first round to get him and are paying him a big fat contract as well. They really can't afford to keep both of those contracts. Both my uncle and cousin believe that Orton will go for a 3rd and even possibly a conditional 4th for the 2012 draft.

I would say that price is right and the Fins should move on that.



Hey Mando, I heard reports of carson palmer wanting out of cincy. how about that as a short term fix. feels like the drew brees situation all over again.

IMO though, I think its strange how poorly a season Henne had when he looked so promising the season before. ultimately IMO the best scenerio is to get Henne back on track.

I still think overhauling the RB position trumps the QB problems.


How did orton become the savior of the dolphins? Just because he was good in the Josh Mcd offense doesn't mean he'll be good in the phins offense.

If we can get him for 5th or conditional 4th I say do it other than that pass.

ALoco - If there's no CBA in place before the draft players cannot be traded for picks....only picks for picks. The only way to get a 2nd round pick is to trade back. Lockout is imminent...nothing will be resolved prior to the deadline.

Good point. maybe we can get that 2nd rounder back by trading starks.

Damn this blog has some awesome threads on it!

Great team blog thread...It's very eery, like we all have some differing opinions and voice them without too much flap. Healthy debate is fine and desirable. Kudos to all.

Aloco....sorry, I did go to sleep eventually but I was just getting off work...too many long work hours makes Rob a dull boy. lol Thanks for looking out for my health bud.

Kris...NP on the Eli trade, thnx for the read.

bobbyd... Sometimes we don't agree but I know you are one for coaching stability and do rattle the sabre for Henne to get more of a chance. I dug your Weapons post. I am saying Henne hasn't shown me enough yet. I am also not ruling out you and Craig M's idea that Henne can't improve in this next year with a dif OC, schemes, coaching, maturity, settling in etc. So many people said Bradshaw sucked and would never amount to much either.

That said, my eyes tell me I am not sure Henne can make the leap so my jury leans towards conviction of not being the Fins answer.

It will depend on whom the get as QB comp. I just hope the Fins brass doesn't over draft for QB as I don't think the first round value is there at QB. Grab a Stanzi or Kaepernick in the middlin rounds and hopefully scoop a decent Vet QB to compete hard for the job.

I still recall you chomping at the bit to get Gronk the TE last year...good call. This elephant never forgets...even in NJPHIN did with his WR Carlton Mitchell bet he lost.

I know there are double posters so I don't really try to crack those cases. I try to read as many as I can...DC, Darryl D, kris, Aloco, Andy NJ, beerphin, Mark in Tor, Craig M, DB, 0x80, odin, bobbyd and a host of others... some great reads, interesting posts, good ideas so let's keep it rolling. I set down my freakin pom poms now.


Boulder - I wouldn't go so far as to call Orton the "savior". He would provide legitimate competition at the position which is what we need. He also has upside in that he is relatively young and if he worked out could be around awhile. He's certainly better than anything we'll get for a 4th...at least in terms of immediate impact IMO.

Dolphins will most likely draft a QB (probably 3rd or 4th round) and pick up a vet in either FA or via trade. Looking at what's out there in that regard...and if the price is right, Orton is not a bad option.

Remember also that McDaniels and Daboll come from the same tree....Orton also worked pretty good with Marshall in Denver.



I am NOT a fan of the Ingram pick at all... especially at 15.

He may end up being an Emmitt type but I would rather bet on a shiftier, faster runner like Kendall Hunter or a MUCH faster runner in Noel Devine. That can be had much later in the draft.

The only way I say draft Ingram is if he fell down the draft board a lot and got those Wile E Coyote rocket skates from ACME!


i think we should trade down in the draft get that 2nd rd pick back then draft the rb from illinois leshoure in first rd i think hes gonna be better than ingram but who knows then either the qb dalton or best avalable offensive lineman in second rd but in my opinion you should always draft at least one o-linemen and one qb somewhere in the draft evry year




ALoco - When I say lockout...I'm not talking about there not being a 2011 season. If a deal isn't done by the March deadline, the lockout will begin...teams/staff/coaches to have no contact with players...no contract negotiations...no FA...no trades of players, etc. You're right, it's all about the $$$$ which is why I think a deal will get done...probably late spring/early summer.

My point is simply that it won't get done in the little over a month left to get it done.

Hey guys, read the Sentinel Sparano hired his son as offensive quality control coach!!!


4th best? I'd say Mark Brunell and Trent Edwards and New england's 2nd-string bum and Pennington and Thigpen are better than Henne. He is 9th best at the most. Probably 10th.


Henne says the starter the new offensive coaching staff gets him to make the turn towards being a good franchise QB! There are a lot of QBs that have not been to good the firts couple of years...A LOT! And to say he was the 4th best QB in our division bull sith! As always there are still a bunch of fair weather fans on here and a bunch of DDD's that have probably never played the game. That's y I rarely bother to post on here anymore...later

im not looking to just make playoffs. i have same goal every year, win the damn super bowl. can henne do that, uh no. be realistic here peeps. glad to see ireland finally say something smart in that they will add a qb and try to get a 2nd round pick added

Mando,can you comment on the rumor that VY was at Fins headquarters recently?

God forbids that Henne be the starting QB next year. Can't we just get rid or trade him?? Even if we get a 7th round pick QB trading him in this year's draft I think we will be much better off.

agree. henne is garbage, problem is every team knows that now


What do you think about getting McNabb for the short term?

mcnaab is awful

It's easy to blame QB. How about some accountability from coaching staff. Maybe Henne is not the guy, but I don't think this staff has shown they can do anything to bring along a young QB. Much easier to make him take the blame.

so what, is henne like a fragile little child who was so messed up by lee and henning? NO, the loser sucks and it doesn't matter who trys to help him it's not going to work. he's not a starting qb period. yeah traing camp will decide, which means henne will not be handed the job. he has to earn it this time. good luck henne!

they won't get mcnabb now.

look for andy dalton or pat devlin. it's possible.

Henne a fragile child that played for his team with a sprained ligament in his knee. Henne that made sooo many 3rd and long conversions when the cat didn't work. Henne who came in and took an 0-3 team to at least a contender for the play-offs. Henne who passed and set a record for 17 consecutive. Henne who passed for 3,000+ yds his second playing yr. Henne who played behind a tinkered to death OL and 0 run game. Yeap let's draft one on these other guys Mallet seems to be a favorite. After all no-one cares he was Henne's back-up at Michigan, or Cam the guy that steals and cheats, none of these guys are as good as Henne!!!!

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