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Dan Henning takes another step in his career

It has been a week of breathless anticipation by fans and participants alike, as folks have been waiting to see what goes down with the Dolphins head coach job. And in the midst of offers to Bill Cowher and talks with Jon Gruden and talks with Jim Harbaugh and more talks with Harbaugh, we have overlooked the other news.

Dan Henning has left the Dolphins.

Henning, the offensive coordinator in Miami the last three seasons, agreed with coach Tony Sparano that it would be best to part ways, a source close to Henning said Thursday night.

It is not clear if this is a retirement or simply a parting. Henning, you see, is said to want to take some time to reflect on his current situation, but may remain open to future work if the right opportunity comes along.

Henning has served 31 years in the NFL and five of those with the Dolphins, the last three under Sparano. He was previously the offensive coordinator in Carolina, the New York Jets, Buffalo, and Detroit. He was the head coach in San Diego (1989-91) and Atlanta (1983-86).

Obviously the Dolphins now need to hire an offensive coordinator. But at this hour (check the time stamp on this post) the team has not fired Sparano nor made a contract offer to Harbaugh.


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Paging David Lee...please report to the principal's office. David Lee...

If this isn't going to happen with Harbaugh (and I'm starting to wonder) then Ross should at least put out a feeler to Jeff Fisher, who for some reason is till "under review" with that nitwit owner of theirs.

He may just want to jump ship for the right deal.

Either way let's go out next year and kick some ass. We improved today either way with the exit of henning. Whatever happens with head coach we are a better team already

observer: (@ 8:32 PM)

I would remind you that


"are trying to do something good" too !!!

They should try turning off the
at Sun Life Stadium and help the team succeed.

I officially apply to be the HC of the MD's.

It won't take me three years to figure if my offense can score and my defense can stop teams from scoring.

Ireland's meeting with Ross must have gone like the scene in "Team America"...now s*c K my c*[K...ok, you can stay one more year...

Guys, Lil Aloco is on his 4th can of paint thinner, I'am sure he thinks he saw there is a press conferance tommarrow.....

Reports out of California say Andrew Luck's decision to forgo the NFL Draft came 2 hours AFTER Harbaugh's meeting with the President of Stanford. Read what you want into it. Could be nothing, could be something.


" . . . he's prolly chillin at home playing soduku on the toilet."

That's why I read this blog. No other reason.

Let's go get Cable before somebody snaps him up!


Whoops, forgot an "A."

Neither do we MD's, pecos bill.

Guys Lets take a look at past collage :GREAT" coaches that have graced the NFL, Butch Davis,Steve Spurrier,Nick Satan, What do all these guys have in common???, They all failed miserably in the NFL and are now back in the NCAA, Is there any Collage coach in the last 20 years that have amounted to something???????Help me out here....

We can meet and agree on that Ashevillefinfan,,,,,,,

Where is Home?

Did he go with the birds?



There is no place like Home.

That tin foil hat didn't help Home...but at least he tried.

I guess tomorrow meeting is to celebrate Dan Henning departure I going to be there holding the door open LMAO!!! Now is it Harbaugh or ??????? I know it's not TS that's for sure.

Guys if you want home all you have to do his say his name 3 times(Like in beetljuice) And he'll appear.....

I am here in Bay Area. Harbaugh will be at Stanford or Niners. He's waiting for Niners to match. Check out Tim Kawakami on twitter.

Mutilple NFL sources indicate Harbaugh isn't sold on the Miami situation. Money talks, but Harbaugh's looking for reasons to look elsewhere.
web • 1/6/11 5:00 PM
retweeted by @thephinsider

ITS ALL HERESAY till think ink i signed.....

heard that the phin jet
left san fran
went to burbank ?
and is on its way to miami
this may be over soon

There use to be a time when reporters posted the news...now its all rumors and conjecture...never any facts....they should all shadduo until something is final

Not Really sold on this guy, If they cant get Cower or Gruden Id just assume stick with the fist pumper... IMHO..

Ok Cuban mence the difference is Harbaugh played 15 years in the NFL comes from a coaching family and he really wants to coach in the NFL, plus plus he is updated with this football era and brings in a west coast offense that works in the NFL! The other guys didn't play in the NFL only Steve play for a little while and he was a failer! Dude it's just my opinion don't get all worked up OK!

Great news I don't know what they saw in him anyway. Thats why he failed everywhere else he worked. good riddence

The fish enema is finally working. Parcell's should be the laughing stock of NFL. Now just get rid of that inarticulate micro manager and we can start healing this team. Talents not that bad, and I expect Henne will improve. I still think we should draft/trade for a qb. BUT, I don't think Henne is a bad as he plays. I blame coaching

Sucks pursuing a guy that by all accounts rather not be here. Made that same mistake with nick.just kept throwing money at him until he could not say no even though his heart was never in it

Wasn't Jimmy Johnson a successful college coach that won some SB's?


the Dolphins aren't able to put a feeler out for Fisher. He is still under contract with Tennessee and would be deemed by the league to be tampering. What they could do is ask Adams for permission to talk to Fisher but I figure the owner is going to want draft picks and or money to let Fisher walk.

Danny, No Problem, I remember him as a player, Just wonder if this group(Fin Fans) Have the patience to rebuild...., Cause if you think they wont be any rebuilding... Well lets just say there will be..., Then again even with the fist pumper, That Offense and special team needs rebuilding ....

I see your logic Ash...but...i think there is a method to these things....right now we are waiting for the Ts to be crossed and the eyes to be dotted....I hope

Gut feeling, Harbaugh or better yet, his wife, have no interest in coming here. Ross chased him out in California, not the other way around. And I also firmly believe that if this don't work out, Sporano stays, Ross already looks foolish, he will put an end to this and let Sporano stay. Just my opinion

You guys think Harbaugh isn't coming???? Well if it ain't him let's bring in who ever but don't let this current coaching staff stick around!!

Wasn't Jimmy Johnson a successful college coach that won some SB's?

Posted by: Marc | January 06, 2011 at 09:12 PM

Didnt he take that job in like 86 or something???, Need someone in the last 20 years.....

And he went 1 and 15 his first season, You think this group(The fans)Will put up with that??


I agree with you. I also think Harbaugh is going to end up in Denver. I think at the end of the day the opportunity to work with Tebow, in a week division, with an owner who will through money at him and other resources will be most appealing to him.

Graig, If he's looking for a weak division all he needs to do is look 20 miles west.....

Gruden wants 10 million, F him he won a Super Bowl with Dungy's team then destroyed it in 2 years. Cow-Head wants complete control, which don't work and he isn't worth it F him. Fisher is under contract and Adams would want draft picks, players or both. F him. If Harbaugh isn't interested then let Sporano finish his contract and try to fix this, which is what should have happened in the first place.

that report about gruden is false ,the dolphins thought for him to ask thr dolphins for 6 million was too much and they moved away .

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Dan Henning has left the Dolphins"

Are you sure ?!

Did anyone put a stake through his heart or cut off his head ?

I call call Bulls hit till I see the body...you can't trust the undead.

Soiled :)

one thing is for sure harbaugh isnt going back to stanford. they cant offer over 3 per, mia can go 8 per. his wife would kill him

harbaugh would be huge. inject some major life into our offense and hes been great with qbs. im guessing we have around a 50-50 chance at him. if not this team is a disaster with ts back

bill_cnnrs, hard for some people to believe but for some people, money isn't everything. Remember that

Its time for Ross to get on his hands and knees and beg Cowher to come. Fire Ireland and pay him 8 mil a year if you must. But there is no way you can just go to Tony, talk it over, and everything is ok. No decent OC is going to work for a coach who is on borrowed time. They'll be out of a job next year too. Same with free agents. They won't sign with a team who's head coaching job isn't solid. It could be a disaster for their career. See Albert Haynesworth. Ross fu#$ed this thing up from every angle possible.

yeah but for him 8 million to 3 million is an easy decision. hes had one goal all along and that was to get to the nfl. now he gets to choose between 3 teams. everyone knows the denver job is by far the best one . either way we are stuck with ireland still, whos def one of the worst gms in the nfl. reminds me more and more of spielman

Jimmy Johnson was a whiz draft kid, but not the greatest of Coaches.

everywhere i go now, tv or radio our proud franchise has become the joke of the nfl. and if they keep ts it becomes an even bigger one cause everyone knows he will be gone mid season

so true jon, bunch of lame duck coaches. if they are brought back i hope we go 0-16 and can then draft luck


From ESPN: 1. Two people who had knowledge of the meeting between Ross and Harbaugh say "there was no agreement between Harbaugh and the Dolphins, a short time later, Ross's plane left for Florida". 2. Adam Scheftler reports Denver is attempting to set up an interview with Harbaugh

Is it me or is J. Hairbag going to be the second coming of Little Nicky Satan/Saban? With a smidge of Cam Cameron....

Seriously...maybe we will draft another Ted Ginn Jr. with our first pick in the draft this year....

And now we are ready to pony up 7 Million a year because we didn't have the brains to get a decent OC???

We have people's wives diagnosing our Vanilla offense...

Chad Henne the Rick Mirer of 2010-2011.

The curse of Dan Marino continues. Dang you Jimmy Johnson!

OMG I just had a flashback of Henne tapping the ball with his left hand 15 times before he checks down for a two yard gain to a running back.

Oh, NOW there's a timeline! In the last 20 years! I see...Give it up dude. Noone knows

Stanford has 5 mil on the table per multiple sources. Closer to home, less work and pressure, Andrew Luck. You leaving all that for an extra 2 mil?


bill_cnnrs gonna say it again and again. His wife does not want to come to Miami. I don't care if it's 8 million or not. And 5 million from Stanford isn't chump change either.

From a pure entertainment stand point, make Marino coach for a year. And make sure Hard Knocks is there too. They'd probably go 4-12, but it would be must see TV. I would give up a years salary to be on the sideline the first time Henne checked down and threw a pick. The guy would never look another human being in his eyes again and would talk with a stutter for the rest of his life. Plus, they'd sell out every game with ease.

It's great that they are trying to improve this team by talking to Harbaugh but the same thing can be accomplished by keeping Sparano and hiring a new, fresh-thinking OC. Only problem is they need to start thinking along those lines because some of these guys will get snapped up very quickly. Get moving guys!

then what does he do next year jon after luck is gone, harbaugh admits openly the nfl is where he wants to be. if we dont get him u realize this franchise is in the shitter. ross better get ready to see 20000 plus empty seats

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