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Dan Henning takes another step in his career

It has been a week of breathless anticipation by fans and participants alike, as folks have been waiting to see what goes down with the Dolphins head coach job. And in the midst of offers to Bill Cowher and talks with Jon Gruden and talks with Jim Harbaugh and more talks with Harbaugh, we have overlooked the other news.

Dan Henning has left the Dolphins.

Henning, the offensive coordinator in Miami the last three seasons, agreed with coach Tony Sparano that it would be best to part ways, a source close to Henning said Thursday night.

It is not clear if this is a retirement or simply a parting. Henning, you see, is said to want to take some time to reflect on his current situation, but may remain open to future work if the right opportunity comes along.

Henning has served 31 years in the NFL and five of those with the Dolphins, the last three under Sparano. He was previously the offensive coordinator in Carolina, the New York Jets, Buffalo, and Detroit. He was the head coach in San Diego (1989-91) and Atlanta (1983-86).

Obviously the Dolphins now need to hire an offensive coordinator. But at this hour (check the time stamp on this post) the team has not fired Sparano nor made a contract offer to Harbaugh.


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Andy NJ, I respect you and your opinion and can talk to you rationally. I really and truly believe Harbaugh and especially Harbaugh's wife wanted nothing to do with Miami. Don't be surprised if he stays at Stanford, especially with the Luck story today.Gruden wanted 10 million, not worth it and I don't blame him for saying NO to Cowher and his total control demand. I don't think Ross is incompetent, just really and truly believe Harbaugh and his family didnt want to live here. Quality of life issue.

Mr. Ross, you wanna sell out games next year? Take that 8 mil you were gonna give Harbough, put a 1 in front of it, and sign Vick once he gets franchised. Yes it will cost you 2 1st round picks, but what the hell. Just don't let Ireland ask him questions about his mom...


I did say earlier that Ross was over his head when it comes to
Football. Just because you are a billionaire it does not mean you are good at everything. We can't win during the season or after the season. It sucks once you realize that the owner knows crap about football

I never knew Ross owned the old Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars of the USFL before researching his past tonight.

That's where his connection with Carl (I've never really won much of anything in the NFL) Peterson began as well.

Stuffed pie, you should be careful with the stupid talk. You might want to look in the mirror. You and everyone else said he's be gone and it's YOU who is wrong. What else are you going to be wrong about?

Night guys!.....

Good he suck's as a O.C

I'm all for a seance to get Joe Robbie in on this.

Stuffed pie, here's a tissue. Cause you didnt get your way everyone is stupid. Wahhhhh crying little biatch. Try acting like a grown up instead of throwing a fit like a little girl. Thanks for stopping by, here's your Pink Hello Kitty Shirt

craig m can't add 2+3 and get the right answer...all these dwarf brains that blame the oc just don't realize the oc has a boss, its the hc, and the hc failed 3 seasons x 16 games to correct the problem...we just got torched by belichecks 2nd stringers...just lost to 3 of the worst teams in the league...you don't get it..blaming the oc when its the oc's fault for letting it continue forever. dumb and dumber. must be the sun down there frying your brains or you were weaned on crystal meth,


As much as I love Tony S as hc, if I had to choose between him and you. I choose you buddy!

Now, if I had to choose between you and Jared. I would have to choose Jared. He makes much better meatball subs at Subway! LOL.........

I'm all for a seance to get Joe Robbie in on this.

Posted by: R & R EXPRESS | January 07, 2011 at 12:14 AM


I'm all for it, but Joe probably won't answer unless there's a LOT of booze involved.

My mom's best friend back in the 70s was JR's secretary and boy could she tell you some stories.

He almost got Shula to quit during a drunken tirade at an awards banquet, too.

But we sure did win a lot with him in charge.

Bring on the seance!

Craig M,

AGAIN, bro tell me why? He has done a HORRIBLE job with the offensive line. They have given him player after player to work with and he can't seem to even be competant enough to find the right 5 guys. He isn't an offensive minded coach and he knows nothing about D. What does he do so good that you think we can win with him? Ricky wasn't just speaking about himself he was talking about what the team has been thinking. Sparano got out coached by Jim Schwartz and Mangini.

Sparano has no balls. He didn't fix the offense and fire Henning mid season. He didn't step down after the owner said "sit and wait Tony I want to see if there other guys will come to Miami". He is just happy to be the Head Coach.

I have never been so dissappointed in this franchise in 20 years of being a fan. I have been through 1-15, drafting Tedd Ginn, passing on Drew Brees for Culpepper, and passing on Drew Brees for Jamar Fletcher. This is the worst I have ever felt.


Just thought about this. Lovie Smith and the GM were in the last years of their contracts this year. Were told to win or else. They get the best OC on the market, make some big moves in FA, and they win the division and get a bye in the playoffs. This could work out, you never know.

And with the 15th pick the Miami Dolphins trade down to number 24 and gain a 4th rounder. Whoopy!!! I can't even get excited about the draft. Time to watch the HEAT!

The Dolphins have put together a 5 minute sixty yard drive.
Henne is on fire with five straight completions for 45 yards.
Dolphins have the hot hand right now.
What's this??????????????
They pulled Henne and are going with the Cat on 3 and long.
Oooooooo a loss of ten yards.
Dolphin have to punt.

Yeah - thanks for those sweet memories Henning!
Get outta here!


Hey, whats done is done. In the end its only a game. One year from now we'll know who was right or wrong or what we should have done or what we'll need to do. I personally think TS only has a higher hill to climb than before. If anything all the drama of the past few days only makes the coming season more interesting. For sure TS will be under the spotlight with a magnifying glass. Will he come through? Time will tell.


Posted by: Deborah the Fat and Jolly Lesbian | January 07, 2011 at 12:21 AM

Sorry, you are not an elephant.
Please forgive me your Hippo-ness.


I enjoy your debates they are always well thought out and although I agree with your points on Gruden not worth 10 mil, Cowher wanting too much control and Harbaugh just not feeling the NFL, I get that.

But plain and simple bro what makes you feel like Sparano is a winner?

Goodnight from a happy season ticket holder. And don't worry stuffed pie, mommy will hear you crying and come tuck u in
LMAO at stuffed pie hole

My interpretation the far greater problem than Henning or Sparano has been the level of talent brought in. No one really knows for sure whether thats Ireland or Parcells. If its Ireland, that's the guy who really needs to get his ass kicked out of here. Henning 2nd.

I always felt Sparano is keepable he just needs to tighten up on gameday coaching skills! LOL..............

Andy...one thing I've been saying lately, is some people just prefer to be in major denial. They have unconditional love like a puppy has for its owner. They could find their wifes dress in the back seat of a rental car and still not believe she is cheating on him! I'm with you bro, but...nothing to do now but let the next season play out. For sure it will be a soap opera.

I know this is a bit off topic, but it would be great to visit the Herald's site without having pop-up ads invade my system EVERY TIME I CLICK ON A DIFFERENT PAGE, some of which have frozen up my browser and caused me to reboot. I know newspapers are hurting for cash, but do I have to worry about my system crashing every time I want to read about the Dolphins?


Interesting next season indeed. Im just hoping we're not turning into the 1976 Tampa Buccaneers right before our very eyes! LOL............

Comedy guy, um dude, turn off pop ups in your browser! You are probably the last person on earth that hasn't done that yet! I haven't seen a popup since the days of dial up!

Andy NJ, for me it's a simple answer. Stability. Even if we don't have a Super year next year, I like the players and the youth this FO has bought in. I believe in the long run they are building a good solid foundation that will make us a winning team for years, not just a one shot deal. I know some people don't understand, they are impatient, I just like the direction and feel we can build on that for another year. That's my point bro. Have a good night.

HAHAHA well the laugh is on Miami again. I am starting to feel bad for you jokers.

- The worst fans in the NFL
- The dumbest coach (Singletary already fired)
- The wannabe Dan Snyder/Jerry Jones owner
- Even J. Lo is washed up looking

Well at least LA will get a new team when you guys fail to sell out.



andy you sure youre not a jets fan. my take is that Sparano is not the guy but wad not the problem. henning was a puke. we need a harbaugh type but for OC not HC. i like the idea of bringing in Orton not Young. henne is a good with better training ansore tome yo develop. he needs a senior QB nit penny to guide him


Good deal, have a good one

comedyguy--I hear 'ya. It's beyond annoying.

With papers in such dire straits, though, it's probably something that will only get worse. Internet advertising is likely their only revenue stream that has growth potential at this point.

But it sucks, yeah. And, no, I'm NOT interested in seeing the "Nutcracker" at the Whiffenpoof Arts Center or whatever the hell is on there.

Air Mail - what have the jets done this year but show no class - sexting, foot fetishes - who's the laughing stock. manning is going to torch you guys and show exactly how old and tired your circus act has become

DB, one thing I've learned is not to chase things. Yeah, I have zero faith in Sparano, but still, paying record $ for an unproven coach...that doesn't ring right either. Basically, Ross failed to conduct a proper search, to perhaps find an 'acorn', instead he whistled through the star name list and got nowhere. Think about, despite Sparano, how much will be 'new; next season...this team is never stable enough to gel so I don't think they have a ghost of a chance to beat 8-8. Then maybe cooler heads will prevail and they will make the right moves...or maybe I am just dreaming!

I, am untouchable. Next time you fairys better try Cryptonite! What does Tony Sparano have a night light? Because the dark is affraid of Tony Sparano. Tony Sparano doesn't have Aids, but he enjoys giving it to people anyways. Realize who you are messing with. I'm Italian. You better watch your back. And Mr. Ross, you have a very talented wife. She has a pretty mouth. I watched the tape, she graded out very well. Couple things we need to clean up, but we'll fix that. I believe that, I really do.


You must be new to this blog. Anyone who I debate with knows I am a loyal Dolphins fan. I am just not a blind fan. Sparano has done nothing in Miami. He should of had the balls to say this is my team and Henning you are FIRED! He did nothing and has no credability left with this team. Ross fucccked this one up big time. IMO he needs to still be out looking for Miami's next head coach because Sparano has no respect left in that locker room.

It will be nice to see the Patriots steal the Jets lunch and bang their little sister while Air Mail stands and watches helplessly.


Air Mail--

When the Pats turned you guys into green talcum powder to the tune of 45-3 a few weeks back, did the term "futility" come to mind?

Just wondering...


nah bro not a jet fan at all man. I just dont see how this move makes Miami better. I can't believe they stick with Sparano not after going on the search the way they did. Sparano is over his head and now has no respect either. Looks bad bro, looks bad.

Tony has to feel like that commercial where they are announcing the homecoming queen. 3rd place is a hot chick, 2nd place is a real hot chick, 1st place....is the retarded chick.

Air Mail

Go bother your own board. Sanchez is a fraud! And your front office will have their own problems after this season with all those high priced has beens

Mando, you got scooped! Sparano is staying as the coach according to nfl dot com.

hahahahah losers!

You guys are fuming, Andy you are in NJ come be a Jet plenty of room on the bandwagon! Dr robert blah blah blah

Nobody even respond to this clown. Jets are one and done.


Looks like rex's foot fetish crowd is taking over here! I'll leave them to themselves....ciao all...

So I just got out of a dinner meeting...WHAT?!!!

Oh God, was that my dinner or my heart that just fell out of my pants?

This is more than just an embarrassment, this is a disaster! We now have a GM who has lost all credibility and a lame duck HC.

Come on Ross, at least interview Nolan.

Lordy I hate the puke faced Ireland so.

Ireland over Cowher. really?

Only the Dolphins could have Fu*ked this up. But 1970 was so long ago.I was five. I am done with this joke of a franchise. I now live 155 miles from a real team andthey get my attention and money now KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. Out losers!!!!!

Yeah Im out fellas the immaturity has hit an all time high on this blog. Chat with you guys tomorrow.

It was Ireland, wasn't it? He asked Harbaugh about his mother, didn't he?

That's it! He was in cahoots with Sparano to sabotage the meeting!

The Jets are choking on the same Patriots exhaust fumes we are, they're just too delusional to realize it yet.

When your QB has a lower number than Chad Henne, that's not exactly a signal the Vince Lombardi Trophy will soon be residing in New Jesey.

Hey Deb and the Fattie! We DO make awesome fries, and we dont like the French either!

Go Fins and Go Sparano! Have some faith people! Cowher didnt win right away either and Jimmy Johnson didnt do crap for us even after his success.

Cannot believe they decided to keep fist pumper. No extension, whatis the motivation, at least extend him.

We are the champions my friends, we are the champions til thee end! No time for losing unless your a Dolphins fan! hahahahahahaa

CYA next time chumps! Dr Roberto we have hope, our season is not over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your season is already over for 2011 with this Sparano

and andy NJ go cry yourself to sleep you think you know it all!!! Oh Im so sad this is the worst ever hahaha

Et tu, Harbaugh?


This is a good article on the whole mess

have a good one guys

if the word is true that Sparano is coming back, this team is losted for next year. what a f'in circus!

i truly hope the fan base in Mia dont go to the games! show the Ross guy how he's annoyed the fan base

Air Mail,

The Dolphins are a complete mess right now and they still whipped the wets a s s. IN THE MEADOWLANDS-ROTFLMAO!

Rex humiliated himself and went viral on youtube, Westhoff got fined for "not cheating(LOL)". Your assistant coaches(esp. Alosi) are so ignorant they thought they could pull a fast one in front of 50 television crews, 80,000 fans and who knows how many viewers.

To top it all off, your QB couldn't even beat out Chad Henne for a starting job anywhere else in the NFL.

Chad Freaking Henne posted better numbers-Ah ha ha ha ha!!!!

When it comes to having no class, no brains and no chance, the wets and all their fans, including you, are experts.

PS: We're in total chaos, started Chad Henne and still whipped your sorry a s s e s, IN THE MEADOWLANDS-ROTFLMAO.

Open Letter to Mr. Ross-
I have been a dedicated fan for a very long time (over 30 years) why pray tell do I spend another 300 dollars this year (a pittance to you and your players I understand)on Direct tv for this "team" and "staff" you have put together. I understand we have a nice "d" and a couple of good OL. But scoring 4 field goals (when you can kick them) is not really the answer. How is fist pumper going to change this offense? He is the HC and he bears the blame for this miserable vanilla offense, not the OC, qb coach or the Offense itself. I knwo your priorities are a bunch of half wit entertainers.
Living in Patriot country, I see where priorities stand. They have a plug and play team. Remove moss, plug in Deion Branch. Danny Woodhead(who?) a force on 3rd downs. A crap defense, is COACHED UP to be great. THE FANS PAY FOR THESE SALARIES, PLEASE GO ON STRIKE, SO I CAN ENJOY MY THREE FAVORITE BOSTON TEAMS, SOX, CELTS AND BRUINS AND FORGET ABOUT THIS CRAPPY TEAM YOU CONTINUE TO TRY AND SELL. Sorry for the length, its been a long time coming. Guess I feel like Steve Buckley. :-).

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