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Dan Henning takes another step in his career

It has been a week of breathless anticipation by fans and participants alike, as folks have been waiting to see what goes down with the Dolphins head coach job. And in the midst of offers to Bill Cowher and talks with Jon Gruden and talks with Jim Harbaugh and more talks with Harbaugh, we have overlooked the other news.

Dan Henning has left the Dolphins.

Henning, the offensive coordinator in Miami the last three seasons, agreed with coach Tony Sparano that it would be best to part ways, a source close to Henning said Thursday night.

It is not clear if this is a retirement or simply a parting. Henning, you see, is said to want to take some time to reflect on his current situation, but may remain open to future work if the right opportunity comes along.

Henning has served 31 years in the NFL and five of those with the Dolphins, the last three under Sparano. He was previously the offensive coordinator in Carolina, the New York Jets, Buffalo, and Detroit. He was the head coach in San Diego (1989-91) and Atlanta (1983-86).

Obviously the Dolphins now need to hire an offensive coordinator. But at this hour (check the time stamp on this post) the team has not fired Sparano nor made a contract offer to Harbaugh.


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oh yeah, I am not going to purchae direct tv, not wil i purchase any of the crap they sell. Short of getting Brady, why do we care about this team? J-LO cmon that crap makes me want to watch less. How about 8 home games at 1 pm in the heat? Damn idiots!

I love when people say "why Pray tell" I'm going to start using that in conversations. it will make me appear worldly and debonair.

I guess it's time to start picking from the Cowboy Tree? See who's available fellas? That's all the "Two-Fista" do!

When the scedule came out last year we were all blogging about Ross giving away our home field advantage.

I know it was Henning and Henne's fault we went 1-7 at home this year, but still, I can't help wonder.

Ross has put together some body of work here so far...........................

Was the Tri-Fecta now the Two-Fista!



The Dolphins are Starting to remind me of that favorite neghborhood restaurant that is the best in the world...then the old man dies and the family sells it and they make change after change after change. The building is the same but now the food and decor all SUCK!


Why pray tell are SpOrano's shades so dark?

Don't you think he would still look like the blind leading the blind with a nice pair of new transition lenses for next season?

Do tell!

odin, LMAO!

Indubitably my good man

lets see...
sparano+penny= 11-5 (soft schedule and worse team)
sparano+henne= 7-9 (tough schedule and better team)
again sparano+2 year henne= 7-9 (not so hard sch. and better team)
mmmmm... i would replace henne than sparano this year... besides is a good idea to hire a rookie and unproven head coach, paying him 8 mill a year with any certanty that will be next season??... look no body is shoping, except us.... dallas kept garret, minny gave frazier a chance, may be there is a little more that we can see.... but the way they just mishandle sparano´s thing is sad... no class, the guy has been a gentleman and he didnt deserve it.

I have a dead cat named "Mr. Jupiter."

Word has it the dead birds falling from the sky were a result of being hit by a deadly flying object...Chad Penninton's Arm still attached to a football!


The real reason we are not winning is because we have 2 linebackers named Karlos and Channing.

Yes I would like to make a hair appointment for 10:am on Saturday...

Would you prefer Channing or Karlos?

Oooh! Decision Decisions?

I liked the **IDEA** of hiring Harbaugh but you just never know. He could turn out to be the next Pete Carroll.

The way Ross handled Sporano is a travesty and this worries me a little. It kind of reminds me of how Ireland treated Dezzy. Both issues could have been handled better and it just reeks of pure stupidity.

With that being said, in all reality, the REAL news is that Dan Henning is officially gone.

We can forfeit our entire draft and free agency period this year and still be head and shoulders above where we were at this year.

Good to see Tony is staying and Dan is leaving and Ross GOT SHAFTED!

Classless, egotistical way to do business.

If he wouldn't be labeled a quitter and hurt his chances of becoming an HC somewhere else I would hope Tony would have quit!

Look at Belichick with the Browns and what he learned from that and used with the Pats. Hope Tony learns from this and becomes a better coach.

nice 1st post Marc first thing that crossed my mind as well when i read that beautiful line

Tom Cable is available

Is anyone thinking Josh McDaniels for OC? Even if they didn't get along in Denver, he know how to use Brandon Marshall!

This can not be a bad thing! But I ask, is it enough? Time will tell once the "next" season ever begins?

I'll help pack up the office Henning! First I'll shred your playbook-wasn't anything in there worth saving.

If the Dolphins were really ready and well coached to play the Pats last sunday and if the players were really trying to win for Sparano then this TEAM REALLY HAS SEVERE PROBLEMS. THAT GAME WAS THE ULTIMATE PHONE IN EFFORT!!!!

Hire Brad Childress as offensive coordinator.

Thank God! Please let the door hit him on the way out. It was the Dolphins' bland, timid, and predictable offense that led to the team's 7-9 record this year. Let's bring in someone with some innovative and aggressive ideas to revitalize the offense, and maybe we'll see an improvement in the team next year.


If Ross is now keeping Sparano, get rid of Ireland...he's so inept! Bring in a smart whiz brain who can wheel and deal for talented players! Ireland doesn't have it.

Odin, glad you're back!

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