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David Lee leaving Dolphins for Ole Miss

David Lee did wonderful work in bringing to the Dolphins the signature offensive package that helped carry them to the playoffs in 2008 -- the Wildcat package.

And in doing so the quarterback coach did something perhaps no NFL quarterback coach had done before: Find a way to make your offense more explosive by removing the quarterback from the equation.

Well, Lee is taking his Wildcat scheme back to the college ranks where he first used them. Lee has parted ways with the Dolphins to become the offensive coordinator at Mississippi a source confirms.


 This is a good thing for everyone.

Lee, you see, put his stamp on Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne the past two years in that Henne became a tireless worker. Henne spent countless hours preparing. Henne knew the playbook and his assignments and reads backwards and forwards.

But ...

Lee, a cautious sort, seemed to turn Henne into something of a cautious, undaring kind of quarterback. Henne didn't often dare go with his gut or heart and simply fling it. He trusted the book instead of his eyes.

And that turned Henne into something of a robot. It clearly did not work. It needed to be broken up. And now it is.

The Dolphins may not be done. There is an obvious need to upgrade the special teams and Assistant head coach and secondary coach Todd Bowles interviewed with the Dallas Cowboys lately.

It is possible Darren Rizzi, who took over as special teams coordinator when John Bonamego was fired could also leave. But just as likely he will stay while the Dolphins look for more help as in a fulltime special teams coordinator.


I'm told he will stay with the Dolphins. That's good. He's got a lot of work to do with a young secondary that limited mental mistakes in 2010, but struggled to catch potential interceptions that could have changed the direction of games.

The Dolphins thus have a opening at offensive coordinator and quarterback coach and could be looking for a special teams coordinator.


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You should try becoming a weatherman, Bill. You don't have to be right in the business very often either.

LMAO at the guy that wants to hold Sparano and company responsible for their mistakes but thinks he can get a free pass for being wrong all the time....hilarious!

It figures. I go away for the day and Mando has a live blog. For a week I've had a bunch of questions to ask and the one day I get my chance, I'm gone! Oh well (f*****g da**it son of a b**ch bad luck).

Ross just came out again and said that not only did he not contact Cowher or Gruden but neither did any member of the Miami Dolphins organization.

I understand Armando doesn't believe him because he supposedly was told by someone he trusts that they did (speak with him) but come on already. Ross has said this about 3 times in the past two days and no one has come out and said they have proof that he's lying.

Not one rep on Cowher or Grudens side has said this is false and we have not been presented with ANY evidence whatsoever to the contrary. So after the mistakes the media made I'm sorry to say this one is a wash. They don't want me to believe Ross but I should believe them? Why exactly?

My Offseason:

Sign ATL QB coach Musgrave to be the OC


DT Paul Soliai
G/C Rich Incognito
RB Lex Hillard


RB Darren Sproles
QB Shaun Hill
T Daryn Cooledge
CB Champ Bailey (has ties to Nolan)
C/G Ryan Khalil


Trade down to mid 20's to get 2nd back

1st- QB Jake Locker
2nd- G Rodney Hudson
3rd- RB Daniel Thomas
4th- TE DJ Williams
5th- ILB Casey Matthews
6th- RB Derrick Locke
7th- C Tim Barnes

Can Julius Pruitt be the speedy receiver that has been needed?

Can Will Allen still be productive and stay healthy

Possible releases/ trades

Channing Crowder
Vernon Carey
Anthony Fasano


Those sound like similar numbers to what Eli Manning and Drew Brees have done over the last few weeks too. Do they suck or are we giving them a free pass?

Andy NJ, yea, I'm blaming David Lee AND Dan Henning. Haven't changes my mind all year. If Henne struggles under new coaches then I was wrong. But until that happens I put 100% of the blame on them for the way they coached him. Yes I do

@ Aloco,

if we had Ted Ginn we wudn't be talkin about Hartline rite now! lettin go Ginn was a HUGE mistake! WR & PR???? AND WHO WE USING NOW?? PATRICK COBBS??? NOLAN CARROLL???? PLZ..................

I second that Andy. No one is on the sidelines and really has any clue what a QB coach does. We did know that Dan Henning stunk it up and that even with a conservative playbook Henne managed to play hot potato with the football and gave it to the other team.

I am somewhat new to this blog but I am suprised people actually back Henne. Pocket Prescense and leadership is some of the worst I have seen from a Dolphins QB who has had this many starts and I am season ticket holder since 1992.

dolphin77 I saw someone at the sentinel had Mallet.

I've seen a few posters name the qbs they want but no one has had Mallet very high. I heard he's NFL ready and was wondering why people are down on him. I haven't seen him play so I'm really curious to hear what some of you think.

Newton will be gone unless he absolutely stinks it up tonight so between Locker and Mallet I pick Mallet based on NFL readiness. They say Locker might have a higher ceiling than Mallet but that he also has more risk of becoming a bust and we just CAN NOT afford to take a risk on someone like that.

But please someone help me out on this would ya?


Your plan is well thought out but why do we have to release any of the guys you talked about? Keep Fasano as a backup to Williams, sonce we're thin on TEs to start. I like your Musgrave hire, assuming he'd come. I'm not sold on Sproles and I'm not sold on Locker and don't like the idea of a 1st round QB. I don't see Champ Bailey coming, I don't love Shaun Hill and I'd like to see a WR taken in the 1st round. Otherwise pretty good!

@ Aloco,

dude, don't talk to me about how the Patsies work coz until we get a brady we ain't in the same class as them, so plz stop comparing us with the elite teams....................plz!

Craig M, don't bother. What these guys? should do is get on this blog and man up, apologize that you were wrong. Just like I did with Marshall and Dansby. People have more respect for you. Instead some of these guys WANT Miami to suk, just so they can be right and fill their egos, instead of wanting Sparano to do well. Really is sad.


Ok you just said 100% of the blame on a QB who struggled with being indecisive since college. Wow. I clearly see you aren't judging him but being biased toward him. At some point a QB has to be held accountable. After 30 starts he is not getting better he is getting worse and worse. The reason he gets worse is simple. Coaches have tape on him and see ALL of his flaws. They see him stare down receivers, have no pocket prescense to side step all he does is tuck and always run to the right for a whopping yard.

Henne just doesn't have "it" or any other attribute for that matter. He has a strong arm? What good is it if you are not accurate on deep passes. Yeah again over throwing passes and ints are David Lee's fault. Yeah right.

Is there anyone who has an opinion about the college qbs that doesn't start with "he" and end with "sucks"? I would really like to hear from someone who actually knows something about college football so we can all educate ourselves a little. I've never been into watching college ball for some reason (probably because my local teams have always sucked) so I would appreciate it if someone would enlighten me.


You're right. You missed all the fun I had with Joe today. He got his nose all out of joint because we don't see things the right way and then he got all into name-calling....it was quite hilarious! He said there was only THREE guys on here who haven't given up on Henne and then all these guys came out and said they hadn't given up on him. He looked like a real horse's a**. I'm CONVINCED him and Bill are the same guy! Such negativity!

Craig the releases/ trades are based on the possible salary cap imposed after a cba is formed. Carey and Crowder I really think will be cut in the preseason but I could be wrong. Based on the comments that I have read from Ross, Ireland, and Sparano they are going to a faster offense. It could be bs but that is the way they are talking. Locker will be a success if given the right coach. And why is everyone freaking out about Nolan possibly going to the cowboys? If he does leave maybe we can get some draft compensation. Remember we have Bill SHerriden as our LB coach (used to coach Steelers LBS). Im sure he can takeover if needed. I like nolan but he is not the only reason for the success. I really like ILB Casey Matthews to replace crowder he plays tonight. Daniel Thomas is a huge RB (I think like 6'2 228) that has really good vision. He almost always breaks the first tackle. I like him alot but you also need a speedy change of pace RB which is why I signed Sproles and draft Locke both can also return kicks

The Peoples GM, you may wanna check the statistics of Brees, Manning, Bradshaw, Namath after their first 25 games in the league. ALL of them had the same or WORST TD to Int ratios then Henne. Why does everyone want to forget the fans hated Brees after his 1st 3 years? He downright suked but everyone forgets that. Henne has to much potential, Ross said "stability and patience" with Sparano. Same as Henne

OHDolfan - another site? send the link - otherwise we all just think you are making things up.


I like the moves, just not sure we have to give them awat. Thye might be good for depth or at least until good replacements are found.


and bk,

I know some people are sold on Locker being good. I'm not there yet.

Another possible draft
Lets be realistic Henne will be the starter next year no matter what. It might be best to wait till 2012 to get a qb (next yr has a better draft class Luck, Jones, etc)

Still trade down in 1st

1st- OLB Von Miller ( I know but hear me out. We can move Misi to ILB and cut/trade Crowder). This also gives us another dynamic pass rusher

2nd- G Rodney Hudson

3rd- RB Daniel Thomas

4th- C Odowd

5th- RB Locke

6th- BPA for rest of draft

Andy we know Henne "stinks",,,,,now. Yes, this year he stunk. So did Steve Young, Brett Favre, and Drew Brees in their second seasons. They were all QBs that needed the proper pieces around them to help them become better. That and a little time because all qbs don't jump out of the gate.

With that being said I don't think anyone is calling for Henne to start next season if they are their not thinking straight. What I hear the people defending him say is that the Dolphins should keep him, draft a qb, and sign a vet. All to compete and let the best start.

It is incredibly foolish to use two second round picks in two consecutive years and give up on both of them. I understood why they gave up on White but Henne is a different story. They HAVE to keep Henne and if he becomes a third stringer so be it.

But I'll tell you this, I remember people TRASHING Drew Brees all over the NFL. He looked worse then Henne but showed glimpses that he could do certain things. The only reason San Diego gave up on him was because they had Rivers. DO we have a Phillip River sitting on the bench?

You give up on Henne and he goes to another team an excels it is going to be the biggest mistake the Dolphins could make. You hold on to your investment, let him compete, he doesn't win which some of you see as a 100% probability than he holds a clip board. No harm no foul.

Do not let Chad Henne become someones Drew Brees and further damage the legacy of the Miami Dolphins.

Andy NJ, when your coached to play tight, coached to "not make mistakes" coached to go through "every read", Marshall said it, not me, then that's how u play. So yes, if it was drilled into Henne to play that way, then guess what? He plays scared and tight, which leads to overthrows, INTs and all sorts of problems with mechanics. The underlying factor all points back in one direction, coaching. There is no bid there, Henne is a reflection of David Lee and Dan Henning. That's what the word "coaching" means.

Julius Pruit ran the 40 in 4.42 and 4.40

OHDolphan, I'm not saying it's definitely false but Nolan is under contract. It would be illegal for him to make a move like that without permission and the only way the Dolphins would give permission is if we got a couple of draft picks out of the deal. Assistant coaches and coordinators are only allowed to leave a team if the TEAM gives them permission or if their contract runs out.

He has the speed I wonder if we will use him instead of Wallace


I'm not sold on Locker all the way but am sold on a change at QB. Cam Newton would be ideal if he drops to 15 IMO Locker would be a steal if we were able to trade down in 1st to get him and get a 2nd back

They only keep stats of dropped balls if the pass is deemed by the league office to be "catchable". So to what some in here believe to be uncatchable balls the league disagrees. Not taking sides on anything, just sayin'.


I am an offensive asst. for a high school team and no that doesn't mean I know more then you or anyone else on this blog. I do have some insight on the QB position as a former D-I college TE. I coach the QBs, receivers and TEs.

There things you can teach and things you can't with a QB. You can't teach arm strength. Henne has that. You can't teach being a student of the game. They either want it or don't. Henne has that. But touch is something you can not teach. Especially not on the pro level. Henne doesn't have it. Leadership can't be taught. You are either a leader of men or you are not. If you fake it people it is obvious. Henne doesn't have that. And most importantly Henne has no feel for the rush or anticipation. This can't be taught and Henne don't have it.

The only part of Henne's game that can be improved is accuracy with proper mechanics and proper spacing of his feet which he does seem to be very narrow in tight in that aspect.

I don't know squat about pro personel but from my somewhat trained eye of watching D-I college breakdowns and the great offensive coach I work with now I don't think Henne has it.

Craig I appreciate your positive comments. It's nice not to have negative comments about my beloved team all the time. For the record as horrible as Henne has been this year I still think he can turn things around. I'm sure he was not 100% anyway not to make excuses. I wondering who will challenge him though. Just remember 1 thing on Locker. You cant judge a player based on 1 bowl game. It wouls be nice to see SParano succeed so he can throw it in the hater's faces

can we be honest, we can say all we want and strategize what we need to do, but Chad Henne has regressed this year. And that is not a good sign. im not saying its entirely his fault, and that with a new QB coach and new OC he can potentially be good, but I am saying that Henne, at this given time, is not the guy to lead this offense. Id take Thigpen over Henne

Craig M = BoobyD

phinphinatic is the website (link below). This site also did report that Harbaugh agreed to be the HC so not sure how reliable but most stuff has been accurate.

As far as the permission, I understand that was part of why the letter went to the league.

Don't know - I just hope it is not true.


clearly you havent watched any game jake locker has played this season. the guy is a wr convert waiting to happen


Again a good mock! I like the idea of drafting an OLB and moving Misi inside. Well thought out. Only problem is I don't see a TE and there HAS to be a TE this year....no excuses!


You make a fair point. Many guys struggled early in their careers. I just can't recall a guy regressing the way Henne has and become good. Some guys stink, stink, slightly stink and then boom. Henne was down, up, down and DOWN. For the record I am a Michigan fan. I wanted Henne to succeed. I just don't see it. I am not a "TOLD YOU SO" kinda guy. I will admitt if I am wrong and myabe Miami goes and drafts Julio Jones or Justin Blackmon and Henne now has a ton of weapons and blows s**t up but I just don't see it ever happening with him. Again, hope I am wrong.

I remember Bill Walsh recalling a conversation that he had with the great Dan Marino. He said that he wanted to pick Marino's brain concerning what he saw downfield and if he worked through his progressions. Marino's reply was, "Coach, I just see the open guy and let it fly." Marino just had "IT!" You cannot coach having "IT". Marino also said that he believed his receivers were always open because the perfect pass couldn't be defended. I'm not sure a coach will ever get Henne where he needs to be.

HUGE....is quickly becomming the most over used word on this blog....over taking the word ELITE by a slim margin.....


A trade for Kolb requires the CBA to be done by draft date, probably not going to happen. I doubt Philly trades him this year without getting benefit in 2011.

Our options are bringing in a FA and drafting a rookie to challenge Henne, that's really all we got for 2011.

I want to see who the new OC is first, and then names can be filled in.

I'll say this, I would like to see Henne get a chance if we are going to open it up. Lee and Henning destroyed everything he had going for him after his first season. They tried to make him Phil Simms, but we didn't have the OL or the running game to support that.

Sanchez had a worse rating and he is God???, he has great OL, two solid RB's and one heck of a D to go with it, as well as an OC who understands what he is good at and what he is not good at.

Lastly, anyone who thinks Thigpen is the answer, needs to step off the ledge

please do not get jake locker he is not an NFL QB

Cubanito, EHHH.....no...nice try!

bk, yeah I get tired of people trashing my team all the time. This is supposed to be a blog for Dolphins fans....some fans!!

A really good friend of mine, who watches a lot of college football thinks Locker is going to be really good. I respect his opinion. I'm just not seeing it yet.

Nick saban makes me want to puke...what a clown

Denny and bobbyD12,

I am not one of those "TOLD YOU SO" guys. I want Henne to succeed. I really wish some QB in Miami finally pans out. I just don't see it EVER happening. He doesn't do nothing but get worse and worse because there is more tape out there on him and teams see what he does wrong and they jump on it.

It's possible Henne was forced to play "tight" but at some point grow some balls and start making throws and plays for your team. We gotta agree to disagree bobby. Saying coaching is 100% problem shows no accountability. Henne is equally at fault for a 7-9 record.

here's the thing about Jake Locker, he makes plays primarily with his feet rather than his arm, and he has played significantly worse this year than he did last year.
I'm not an expert, nor a fortune teller. But I just dont want to experience another bust at QB, and I fear locker may be same song different verse

Andy NJ, if Henne comes out and has a good year next year, hypothetically speaking, who would you give credit to, Henne or the new coaching staff?


I'd be happy with either one of those offensive weapons at WR.

Bobbyd12 I want to add to your point about playing scared. I'm not saying this is what happened only that we have to wait and see under different coaches.

Someone you were talking to brought up Hennes over and under throws. The thing is, if you're being drilled every day to be scared of the turnover you ARE going to overthrow receivers because you are trying to avoid underthrowing into an interception. And yes I agree that a player who is taught to play conservative (scared is what I like to call conservatism) is going to play tight.

I played hockey in college and my first coach was a freaking nutjob. Any little mistake you made he was screaming and slamming his fist on the boards. Now some players played fine through this but there was a few of us who had a really tough season. We were down and I seriously thought I had lost my defensive mojo. In comes our new coach with an entirely different philosophy and I had a GREAT sophomore season. We won our championship in my junior season and our team moved from Div 2 to div 1 status when I was a senior.

That is what a different coach does for some players. Not every player is the same and good coaches know how that. Players are individuals and good coaches like Belichick know how to get the best out of each and every one.

People's GM,

Good points bro. Some things can be corrected with Henne but even if their corrected do you think that will be good enough?

No Andy I definitely agree with you in a way. Henne stunk this year and does not deserve anything. He has to prove he can progress rather than regress before he gets a chance at anything other than keeping the bench warm for our new QBs.

But I still think the people saying we should just cut him are not thinking straight. And the people saying Thigpen has more of a chance than Henne are not seeing the big picture,,,,or the little picture (you know, the one that Herm Edwards painted of a qb so small he had to revamp his entire playbook to roll him out most of the game because he couldn't see over the offensive linemen on short throws over the middle).

People's GM

I don't agree with the Leadership part, last year he was a leader by the end of the year, this year he wasn't allowed to ever lead because he couldn't even audible most of the time.

I agree with the rest, but those areas improve with confidence in yourself and from your coaches

Let's pray it happens

If I were GM I would trade Chad Henne and Channing Crowder for 2 third round picks. Then I would trade this year's #1, two of our #3 picks, and next years #2 to move into the top 5 to get Cam Newton. He is the real deal and will show it again.

The People's GM....I haven't seen your posts before, but your logic impressed me. I have coached little league sports, football, baseball, soccer, basketball......but as a coach, you see those imponderable qualities. I am of the belief that: "It's amazing how much you have to know, before you realize how little you know!" I agree with your points, those things that are gifted, innate and separate from teaching or coaching. I have more than 34 in law enforcement, I taught many years at the police academy, I saw the same thing in cops you see in football players. That experience helped me coach. Good comments, though some may not agree! For whatever it's worth......

I'll be honest I am just a fan I am not a scout but I do read and do alot of research about college players. I just try to educate myself on the players that might be playing for my fins. Do I think Locker will be a great NFL QB IDK! However, a draft is a gamble anyway not even a top 5 pick is a lock for success. There have been many busts and many triumphs. Only times tells on which it is. I really like Andy Dalton but I know not many scouts are high on him. Watching him play it seems like he is a true leader. He kinda reminded me of Doug Flutie but more accurate. I just hope Ross will bring the fins back to glory. You can talk all the smack you want about him. He admitted to his mistake like a man. He also is very passionate about making the fins contenders again. For some reason I believe him


I would credit both. I would say the coach did a good job with Henne but also Henne learned from past mistakes and stopped making the same mistakes. It's going to take a transformation for that to happen. Staring down receivers and pocket prescense are his achilles heal more then anything. I get the point you are trying to make. At some point as a professional QB you have to take the game into your hands and do things your way if you see things aren't working. They weren't going to bench Henne at all after the Chicago game. Thigpen showed what he was capable of, nothing. Henne should have owned up and made it happen and he didn't.

And btw I wasn't on Henne all year. Go check the history of the blogs. I was with Henne being patient. I was telling people give him time to mature at the position but after the Baltimore game I was starting to turn and even his occasional good game vs Tenn and Oak didn't do it for me. I wasn't buying the fools gold.

know "how" that is just know that. That looked bad and I know no one cares but it bothered me, had to fix it :)

Craig, I didnt know you were in the coaches meetings.
couldnt audible?! this is the NFL, if your qb cant audible at the line of scrimmage than he doesnt deserve to be playing. QBs learn how to audible in JV, give me a break. Chad Henne is not a leader, it is evident week in and week out, and his mindset when running an offense has changed to the point where he is significantly hindering point production and morale of our offensive players. The guy had a great college career, and so did Ryan Leaf, but the NFL just isnt for him.

Mr. Ross's plan is in full effect....all of the fall guys are being removed from the Coach Tony's feet....there will be no cushion at the end of this season....No Dan Henning to to blame the season on....no David Lee to brain wash is QB...and soon enough...no chad pennington to come save the day...if only for 2 plays.....

Coach Tony has been given all the rope he needs....

Nice post Redsky. Good to see you in here sir!


I posted around the draft occassionally and got switched to night shift for a few weeks so it kills time lol.

I can see your connection with your law enforcement training. There are certain things people have and certain things can be learned and taught but not everything.

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